Interview 1506 – Ryan Cristian on the Assassination of Soleimani

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Ryan Cristian of The Last American Vagabond joins us to discuss his ongoing coverage of the situation surrounding the events that led to the assassination of Soleimani. What is the context of this event, how are we being lied to, and what does it mean for the future of the middle east? Don’t miss this important conversation on the key geopolitical crisis of 2020.

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The Last American Vagabond

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Lies About Iran Killing US Troops in Iraq Are a Ploy to Justify War

Soleimani Was in Baghdad on Mission for Saudi Peace

Lies, the Bethlehem Doctrine, and the Illegal Murder of Soleimani

Russian foreign minister stresses that Soleimani’s killing violates international law

US Intelligence Reportedly Gives Israel Green Light To Assassinate Iran’s Top General

Iraq Votes To Expel US Troops As Iranian MPs Chant “Death To America”


  1. Great that you had Christian on. I’ve been following this very closely, and his “daily wrap up” has done a great job in providing background and context.

    Note that the “US Marine’s arrest Iraqi parliamentarian” is now debunked:

    What is very clear is that the US military and executive leadership have completely lost their minds. Caitlin Johnstone once said that the best thing about Trump is that he openly exposes what the US is. This may be the most clear exposure of pure power play, with no recourse to international law, decorum, norms or anything. Trump tweets to target 52 Iranian locations (to correspond to the 40 years ago hostage taking during the Iranian revolution) in which he will target Iranian cultural sites (war crime). Then in a later tweet that if the Iranians attack US stuff the US’s response may be “disproportionate”. This, as Christian has been stating, is straight out of the Israeli playbook in Gaza, and is also a war crime (collective punishment).

    But, the kicker to all of this is that, in his death, Suleimani may have achieved his objective to get the US out of Iraq. If you want to know more about him, there is a great interview on democracynow (which I have come to hate, but …) with a professor from John Hopkins Uni: 00:15:15 to 00:33:54. However, the following interview with a Guardian journalist is also excellent. i.e just skip the “news” section up front.

    And, the ultimate irony is that the efforts of the MEK supporting US warhawks against Iran have, by their actions, increased Iran’s power and influence in the region again, and again, and again.

    The whole thing is insane on so many levels, historically, legally, strategically, etc..

    Unless all you care about is war.

    • Thanks Hugo!
      The “Democracy Now” interviews were well worth watching.
      (meat and potatoes starts around the 14:40 minute mark)

      I particularly liked hearing from the Professor at John Hopkins University.
      She gave a good backdrop about General Qassem Suleimani, and his image.
      I did not realize that Iran was involved in fighting ISIS.
      The Colonel (at the end of the video) confirms her assessments.

      We have clowns in the White House (actually in all of Washington D.C.)

      The United States Vice President Mike Pence tweeted:
      (Suleimani)”Assisted in the clandestine travel to Afghanistan of 10 of the 12 terrorists who carried out the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States.”
      12:05 pm Jan 3

  2. Protest at the U.S. Embassy – Baghdad

    Like Corbett pointed out, I think that it is important to emphasize that about 3 days prior to the assassination of General Qassem Suleimani at the public airport, there was the protest at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

    It was NOT an “attack” on the U.S. Embassy.
    It was a protest with huge crowds.
    Sure…some folks were throwing rocks and pretty riled up.
    But the protestors were not shooting guns.
    In the video footage, the Iraqi Security Forces were there, calmly watching.
    U.S. forces were shooting off tear gas in trying to keep the crowds off the walls.
    VIDEO –

    One protestor was quoted:
    “Americans are unwanted in Iraq. They are a source of evil and we want them to leave.”

    I think that this protest event is significantly tied to the assassination of Suleimani.
    The embassy protest was a U.S. embarrassment on the world stage.
    After all, there were huge crowds.

    I believe that someone in the White House decided to slam the hammer down in order to send a message about any further embassy protests.
    That is my personal speculation on why Suleimani was targeted on Iraqi soil.

  3. This is a sad, disheartening note.

    Reuters EXCERPT
    The president also issued a threat to Baghdad after the Iraqi parliament’s call for U.S. and other foreign troops to leave the country in a backlash against the killing of Soleimani.

    “We have a very extraordinarily expensive air base that’s there. It cost billions of dollars to build, long before my time. We’re not leaving unless they pay us back for it,” Trump told reporters.

    Trump said that if Iraq asked U.S. forces to leave and it was not done on a friendly basis, “we will charge them sanctions like they’ve never seen before ever. It’ll make Iranian sanctions look somewhat tame.”

    ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~
    People and nations are soooo screwed.
    The U.S. can come bomb your people and infrastructure, set up shop, make rules and never leave.
    What can ya do?
    Ya are sooo screwed.

    Hitler looks like a puppydog compared to this crap.

    I hate to say it, but things are not going to get better with this type of game play.

    • Its a very bad sign that we’re trying threaten our former subject province Iraq… its a sign of weakness and if the US is REALLY that weak then use of force is way more likely and if that happens who knows where it’ll end?
      The open ended ‘IF you strike back in any way…’ becomes a get-into-war card any time they feel like using it.

    • HRS,
      I was just about to post this quote but see you have beaten me to it.

      “We have a very extraordinarily expensive air base that’s there. It cost billions of dollars to build, long before my time. We’re not leaving unless they pay us back for it.”

      This resonated with me because it can describe so many other situations that any given American president may inherit from former administrations. The specific line, “long before my time” really hit home with me. Simply, a president can’t just go changing the military industrial complex status quo (I’m not suggesting that he actually wants to). There is too much money involved. It is too deeply entrenched in the way business and government operate.

  4. 1)Trust RT for all the dirt on the US
    2)Trust The US for all the dirt on Russia
    3)Become depressed at how much everyone sucks

    • This does not work.
      US has been lying about Russia a lot.
      Almost everything in the US are lies.
      Know that the war pushing party is usually the biggest liar.
      People on the ground just want peace.
      Independent on the ground reporting is the only way to know what happens.

  5. For myself I am always looking at this from a wider perspective of the larger agenda unfolding, this is nothing more than the project for the new american century continuing on, what was laid out in their September 2000 publication of rebuilding america’s defenses just continues to play out ever since 911 happened, being the new pearl harbor, to conduct, what was called in so many military white papers – the revolution in military affairs.

    At the end of their list was to start a war with china. Since the BRICS economic agreement came about – war with Iran means war with China and Russia. The global agenda was always about using america as an engine towards world government and when the time was right; to destroy america. This will certainly escalate to WW3 unless the american people get their heads out of their asses and put a lease on the maga dog.

    This war crime that was committed only goes to further destroy america’s reputation in the eyes of the world(if there is any left at point) – when china invades and the red dawn begins the rest of the world will cheer on the destruction of america – all of this of course being part of the larger plot. Afterwards china will be used to brings the rest of the nations into the global government.

    All of this has always been leading to ww3 – it has always been their plan from just over a hundred years ago, if not longer. In fact, one could say that 911 was the real start of it from the clandestine point of view, because it is a war designed to bring the worlds masses into the global government.

    As far as I am concerned the intelligence behind this great deception and conspiracy is not human and this assassination is simply a small act in the greater tale unfolding; I don’t see its course changing unless the people wake up – but i don’t see that happening. There are the few who have truly freed their minds and then there are the snakes, liers, psychopaths and idiots at large;and that is including all of those who know of this conspiracy but have been suckered in by the trump psy-op and all of the cia agents like alex jones and clyde lewis to name a few…

    Only some grand act of Providence can stop this shit from unfolding as planned at this point…

    (2336 Characters, plus these few)

  6. I lived 2 years in Baghdad- was one of the first passengers on the reopened Tehran-Baghdad flight back in 1976 or 77.
    Both just normal human beings – not like the idiots in Washington.
    No to be too long – I also had a nap on Saddam`s bed on his cruiser Al-Mansur.Also – sightseeing Tehran in car driven by Sawak`s Moghadam
    ETCETCETC Yes – we were young and maybe naive – lots of stories and 99% positive impressions.
    Brothers – my heart aches.

    • Interesting anecdote.

  7. Happy New Year James (and Corbett world…). One thing to consider in reviewing the new word “immanent” being classified is to understand that this is the NWO mechanism that will drive 2020. After all, the entire U.S. Federal Budget is now classified, or, at least, classifiable if they don’t want anyone to examine it, or even portions of it (see FASAB 56). The powers that shouldn’t be have reached clinical levels of paranoia, projecting their fear (and guilt for what they have done, and are doing to…) of us in such ways as to magnify their desperation for secrecy and more power. This is what is so dangerous about this time. Their (tpt-s-b) internal terror, and its attendant disconnection (many of them have long-standing dissociative disorders) from humanity, makes their paranoia much more unstable and much more volatile. Trump is doing what all “presidents” do — protecting himself (we can only imagine what they have on him…much more than his relationship with Epstein) from assassination. If anyone thinks otherwise, s/he is not paying attention. They are heading to WW3…screw anybody who’s against that program. What a show!!!

  8. In analyzing the whole complexity that make up the inputs to the strategically important oil resource rich region of the Mid East perhaps we should also take a step back and view the larger scale as seen by the ‘pyramid cap.’ That would be their drive for a centralized world government and a completely centralized planetary human economy. How much does the interactions in this event play to the uni polar NWO, as exemplified by none greater than by the USA versus the multi polar world as exemplified by junior member Iran? The ‘cap’ can control both sides of the equation and can advance their globalist agenda along predetermined lines of tactical and strategic operations through either paradigm and stage a clear victory one over the other, a pyrrhic victory or a loss as timing and agenda present themselves.

    Governments serve as a BoD over the nation state corporations and owe their allegiance to those that can and do control the financial life of those corporations and the power levers within them. Quigley’s domination of the political of each nation. Not that these controllers are not incapable of making gross mistakes through their own prejudices or stooping to take part in lesser affairs. Just sayin’ that there is another scale to this that is not being talked about at all with any blame falling on the political class of stooges and patsies.

    Both state corporations are signed on in one fashion or another to the NWO protocols, Agenda 21 et al. One look at Iran’s newer central bvanl building, a reverse panopticon complete with all seeing eye atop should clue us in.

  9. It’s so very sad A great country (United States) once the most admired and respected country in all the world, now hated and disrespected. How very far we have fallen. We have become what we professed to be against. Terrorist and murderer of innocent people. This government does not represent the people of this country all we want is to live our lives and be happy, the same things the people of the countries we are terrorizing.
    America is not the home of the brave anymore. 🙁

  10. Thank you James for all you do. You are an amazing asset to truth. I donate to alternative media and will continue to.

  11. I am curious…
    Do you feel that the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad was “attacked”?
    Or was the scenario a huge bunch of very rowdy protestors?

    • Hmm.. how many people died during that “attack”..
      And how many people died during the US bombing attacks?
      And how many due to Israeli bombing runs (that went on for weeks,
      using US bases) ?

      I have no clue why the US found it necessary to kill more people.
      Unless they wanted to setup a future war as planned by Israel,
      or destroy the Iraq defense completely for a new Isis-like invasion.

  12. sherry.a,
    Thanks again for your insights.

    I know some great folks in the Persian community here.
    One radio lady knows about 9/11.
    Our 9/11 Truth group has mailed literature/DVDs to the local Persian Architects group.
    Years ago, I advertised in this magazine…

  13. January 2020
    The month the World shifted on its Axis.

  14. I had similar thoughts – and still do. My first reaction was “they couldn’t possibly have done that”. This isn’t a war-time casualty – it’s an assassination.

    It would not surprise me if all is not as it appears. Nothing is beyond the ken.

  15. Had to laugh at the mention of Zero Hedge. I notice a lot of mainstream
    propaganda pops up on that site. Zero Hedge is owned by ABC Media ltd. which,
    pretty much, explains everything.

    • Actually, I appreciate “Zero Hedge”.
      I know that Pilato and Corbett have poo-poo’d Zero Hedge before.
      And I also heard it here on this interview with Ryan.

      But I don’t care. Everyone can have their own perspectives.

      Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that every article on Zero Hedge is apostle written and gospel.

      I appreciate the Zero Hedge format.
      Quickly I can scroll down the page at any hour, and pick up headlines which give me an overview of current news or events.

      Some of the authors I detest, but even they, on occasion, offer a tidbit which I can then follow up somewhere else.

      Some articles are real winners, especially in the area of the economy and finance. I often see some good statistics and graphs.

      In fact, just tonight (wee hours of Wed. morning), when reading an update(s) about the Iran situation, graphs of the market were also presented. Gold, Oil, Stocks, etc.
      This was insightful. It showed a strong spike up, then hours later a reversal.

      Of course, Zero Hedge is not my only source of information.

      • New Year – ZEN

        Over the course of the past year, I noticed that I was becoming more and more sardonic.
        A bit too much strain on finding faults with things.
        Sure…places like CNN really ask for sarcasm.

        In the “Truth Community”, we often loudly notice those aspects which are ‘out of whack’.

        However, there becomes a gray area between “critical thinking” and being hyper-critical.
        I was even finding myself acting more like a curmudgeon with people I associate with.
        That is not who I am, nor who I want to be.

        For example:
        Some people may enjoy a Paul Joseph Watson rant.
        Maybe in a blue moon, I might take to it. But for the most part, I want to avoid that vitriol (definition: “cruel and bitter criticism” like sulfuric acid).

        It is not healthy. Not for me.

        More and more, I am avoiding an excessive amount of ‘fault finding’, but rather, focusing more on ‘understanding’.

        In this New Year, I am gonna try to find a better balance.
        Get a little of my Zen back.
        With things the way they are, I will need all the Zen I can carry.

  16. At 10:38 and also at the start of the beginning preview of the podcast, can somebody help me out here, because I’ve listened to it a dozen times and keep hearing Ryan Cristian say “Whether we’re talking about the Iraq war, whether we’re talking about the lies about Viagra and Libya…”



    Looks like I’ll be adding ‘hearing aid’ to my list….

    But,anyway…. Even simply using the microcosm of this comment board, it sure looks like these events are going to be really stirring up a cauldron of heated emotions as we head into WW3….

    The Orangutan, Jared, Bin Salman, Netanyahu, man, they got some hard-on for the Iranians, don’t they? Not to mention the simmering neocon collective, Wall Street, the titans of corporatocracy, and the European Aristocracy in general.

    Hindsight they say is 20/20.

    Let’s see if there’s a 2021 to prove it.

    Happy New Year!

    • Hi candlelight,
      I always like seeing your posts.
      Here is an old headline…

      April 29, 2011
      Libya troops ‘given Viagra to rape’
      THE United States says Muammar Gaddafi’s regime gives Viagra to troops to carry out rapes as the UN Security Council wrangles over Coalition attacks in Libya.

      Russia and other nations have argued that France, Britain, the United States and their allies patrolling a no-fly zone over Libya are going beyond the mandate given by UN Security Council resolutions. But the United States insisted that Coalition actions were within the resolutions.

      US ambassador Susan Rice highlighted the use of Viagra in the closed-door meeting as the debate intensified, according to diplomats present.

      Ms Rice said Gaddafi’s forces were “issuing Viagra to soldiers so that they go out and rape,” said one diplomat at the meeting.

      The ambassador did not give sources for the allegations. But another diplomat at the meeting said she made the comment as part of a debate with another envoy to highlight that “the Coalition is confronting an adversary doing reprehensible things”.

      The US mission did not immediately comment on the claims.

      Allegations of Viagra being given to Gaddafi forces have been aired in British tabloid newspapers. A doctor in the Libyan city of Ajdabiya said last month that Gaddafi troops had been given Viagra and condoms as part of a campaign of sexual violence.

      Margot Wallstrom, the UN special representative on sexual violence in conflict, issued a statement last week highlighting that reports of rapes in the Libya war have been “brutally silenced”…

      …As Ms. Rice left the talks she said that the claims made by critics of the Coalition actions were “not accurate” but did not comment further.

      France and Britain also strongly defended the Coalition attacks on Gaddafi targets in the debate.

      “The Security Council was told at the time what the coalition would be doing,” said a western diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity. “The bottom line is that the action has been saving lives.”

      Originally published asLibya troops ‘given Viagra to rape’.

      • Hello HRS,

        I thank you, kindly, for clearing up this mystery for me. I guess I can safely scratch ‘hearing aid’ off my needs list – at least for the time being. 🙂

        But, now that you mention it, I do recall the accusation about Viagra being issued to Gaddafi’s soldiers, the better with which to pillage and rape (using condoms, too?). The allegations had the distinct smell of “throwing babies from incubators” Bush era bullshit all over it. Simply laughable stupidity. Or, rather, just plain seriously stupid.

        Yet, nine years later, it’s truly good to know that the NATO Coalition had been, as quoted above, “saving lives”. And through their heroic actions, we now have a stable, peaceful Libya, prosperous, free of turmoil and united as one!….

        Good grief.

  17. I believe in this conversation Whitney Webb and her excellent work was recommended by Ryan. I enjoyed her latest article too. That said, ‘question everything’ was reminded by Ryan too.
    You can easily see mintpressnews'(mpn) anti-Israel, anti-Jewish bias but I watched something by Johnny Gat/Vigilant Intelligence just now. More of a conspiracy-theorist you can’t get. ZOG and everything.
    “Putin, Bibi, & The Bolsheviks”
    Around 5 min he mentions Webb and mpn or
    and references the following:
    “NOTE: I originally wrote this piece for Mint Press News. Its editor, Mnar Muhawesh, killed the piece, which caused me to sever my relationship with Mint Press, an outlet I’d contributed to for several years. These are hard blows, but ones independent journalists face regularly (I know I have).”

    In this other video Johnny Gat shows more evidence for biases of mpn, Muhawesh, Webb
    “Will Vladimir Putin save the world? 2”
    The first 15-20 minutes.

    I don’t wanna accuse or expose Whitney Webb. She might simply be fond of Russia or biased towards them. Johnny Gat presents a tweet that you could euphemistically interpret in that direction too.
    It is just an important reminder that outlets are not your own websites.

    Also, I may have made that assertion some time already but I wish to repeat, that I personally think Daniel Estulin is a Russian/Soviet secret agent/disinfo agent.

    The above mentioned Richard Silverstein published on Iran too the recent days. I will submit it into the other thread.

  18. Noted. Thanks Thomas.

    I guess the best way to short their stocks would be guaranteed World Peace.

  19. UPDATE January 15, 2020

    Ryan Cristian of The Last American Vagabond
    “Jimmy Dore Interview”
    – “Voting In A Broken System, The Two-Party Illusion & Tulsi Gabbard”

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