Interview 1521 – Derrick Broze Fact-checks the 5G/Coronavirus Hypothesis

by | Mar 6, 2020 | Interviews | 67 comments

Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance joins us to discuss the hypothesis that 5G is responsible for the symptoms associated with the coronavirus outbreak. We discuss the identifiable facts and the notable shortcomings with this hypothesis, and we contrast that with Derrick’s documentary, which lays out the no-nonsense, no-speculation truth about the dangers of 5G.

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The Conscious Resistance

The 5G Trojan Horse

The Speculation Around Coronavirus and 5G

China’s Battle Against Coronavirus: 7 Takeaways

Maduro: The coronavirus is a possible biological weapon against China and the peoples of the world

Virus is biological attack on China and Iran, Iranian civil defense chief claims

Derrick Broze on The Corbett Report


  1. On the best source for scientific research:
    I could not find anything related to viruses.

    They publish all reports, also about health problems
    and cancer, but have no relationship with viruses.

    • My “archive” on health related problems due to EM-radiation.

      I am qualified to write scientific papers on it,
      but the resistance is far too big to get through.

      The main problem is that heat is considered the only damaging factor.
      But there are many other factors.
      For example we can see on cellular level, that EM-waves cause alternating
      electric fields strong enough to force ions through the cell’s
      sensitive membranes.

      • RF burns HURT, I touched a hot antenna on a HAM radio that was not set up right and it felt like my fingers were on fire for a second.

      • RIGHt. Many symptoms, when they rolled out 5G here in San Diego, my eye sight deteriorated within weeks after I finally noticed the antennas in my neighborhood which I walked for hours as any good dog parent would do. Now I need reader glasses on the same screen. But worse: Headaches, evening, night, morning. Skin that was hot and cold at the same time. Skin that seemed to pull back over my skull. NO sleep for nights. And perhaps also skin that kept itching like crazy. And my eyes hurt in their sockets. One of our dogs got an infection and went into kidney failure, her brother didn’t. My husband is fine too. BUT, I always suspected I was EMF sensitive since in the last few years I always had sleep problems in the US and headaches at night, while any time I visited Europe (which has much lower allowed exposure limits), I slept like a baby with a quiet head. I assume that the proximity to those microwave antennas (it need not even yet be millimeter waves but the close proximity to the 3 or 4G microwave transmitters) upped my symptoms. At the height of my symptoms (before I realized that plenty of small cells were all over our neighborhood), I could have worked as an EMF meter: Bathroom and garage (close to the smart meters), kitchen and living room (full of dirty electricity like dimmers and electrical equipment) made me feel miserable and pulled my face over my skull (or so it felt). After I had the dimmers and smart meter removed and I avoided walking in our neighborhood, I found peace again. Now, we drive to a 5G antenna free (rich people) neighborhood to walk the dogs (so much for a sustainable ‘smart’ city) and keep local walks fast and short. My eye balls still hurt on most days; my sleep is still out when we once every blue moon stop at an outdoor coffee shop or meet family for a meal. Personally, I can’t wait to get out of this city into the country, but until then I have to protect myself and those around me.

        • Those symptoms are clearly not caused by heat.

          I am a bit sensitive too, far less severe reactions. WIFI feels irritating in beginning and numbing after some time. The numbness can be addictive which is why I think people like WIFI.

          It is criminal how these mobile-radio-towers are often near schools or elderly houses. Forgetfulness and dementia is one of the consequences.

          The problems that you describe seem similar to radar-injuries. Something that is still top-secret.

        • Dr. Mercola uses silver sheets or a silver blanket.
          I wonder if products like ‘Silvon’ or ‘Miracle Sheets’ help with electronic fog.

    • Update:
      There seems to be a virus that is activated by EM-waves.
      Could be via electrochemical processes of the body.

      Exposure to a 50 Hz electromagnetic field induces activation of the Epstein-Barr virus genome in latently infected human lymphoid cells.

      I never heard of the name: “Epstein-Barr” before, but seems genuine.

  2. I’m glad you’ve delved into this. The lesson in how to approach scientific journalism doesn’t fall on deaf ears. I love the idea of learning to be comfortable with perpetual states of uncertainty. <<<< That is a valuable message that everyone needs to hear.

    However, the idea, as far as I understand it, was NEVER that Covid-19 and 5G are one thing.

    Trojan horses need a skin, otherwise you can't hide the payload.

    The hypothesis is that a weaponized pandemic (even if it is death toll low, hype high) would be a perfectly workable cladding to the 'equine gift,' especially if it sweeps over the whole of the civilized world, through which to instrumentalize high-frequency 5G for its capacity to effect targeted murder.

    As the Strangelovean strategist might conceive: When the Covid-19 comes to town, then the political neutralizations (using 5G hidden beneath a guise of natural phenomena) can be executed in a concentrated, random or strategic manner as it suits the guiding principals, be they Homeland Security or the Gates Foundation, or whomever has inherited the legacy of Cecil Rhodes, however you wish to put it.

    The point is that there would expressly NOT be "a clear connection" which Derrick is seeking.

    Any truly sustainable Trojan Horse, worth its investment at this scale, would be able to maintain its 'sheeps clothing' in perpetuity.

    That's how military tactics in the mode of globalism and plausible deniability work at their most optimized.

    Look at it from the view of the individual in the internet audiences, attempting to scenario plan for themselves (because there are no institutions that can be trusted.)

    If each of you were to come down with dry-cough-flu-symptoms and you have the choice between admitting yourself to (A) a hospital enabled with 5G and (B) a hospital that's not enabled with 5G, which one will you visit for your saline drip and your vitamin C shots? If you get ill, do you stay in town, or do you sweat it out at an airbnb in the country?

    That's the simplest question that people must try to grapple.

    PS. To Derrick's hypothesis about Houston, even if Covid-19 sweeps over Texas, the 5G would likely not be used to decimate (for instance) black communities, there right now, …because black communities in the region are largely voting for Biden (against their better interests,) and that would be counter productive in the short term. The hidden weapon won't be used where it is not expedient to use it.

    PPS. I really love your work, James. But why still no address of Professor Francis Boyle and his evidence? Given your reliance in other contexts on the expertise of the NYC DOB employee John Young (for instance), the fact that you would refrain from discussing the expert opinion of Boyle in this context seems slanted or incomplete. I hope that changes.

    PPPS. Can't wait to watch Derrick's Doc. Thanks for pointing it out. Keep up the good work guys.

  3. Well said, Qno.

    I observed the same slightly mirror-blind issue with this video. It’s a little smug.

    Dana Ashley may be slightly alarmist, paranoid, and amateur, but there’s an implicit and frequently explicit preface in her work “I might be wrong; check for yourself.” In her probing video that is referenced as ‘the most viral,’ for instance, I never got the impression, as James and Derrick appeared to, that she was equating Covid-19 and 5G. She was merely pointing out two overlapping Venn sets.

    Extra points for Hamlet’s idiom.


    • I stand corrected. Smug isn’t quite the right term I was seeking.

      While Derrick & James are generally autodidacts in their respective fields and they’ve earned their credibility without the confirmation of externalized authority, they still have the ability to fall victim to the curse of the specialist. In the realm of journalism that amounts to protecting the discipline one adheres to for credibility and applying it to other realms in which the discipline itself may effect blinders. Journalists must conform to first sources and corroborating evidence. This falls apart in the short term when applied to ‘legally’ secret content.

      So James does a great job at uncovering cover-ups from years past, with increasing veracity as time passes, simply because of long-removed leaks, disclosure, & time-release declassification. But as far as conjecture about emergent phenomena and fresh clandestine news goes, a journalist finds oneself in a live theater of information war, and so certainties about anything diminish significantly.

      As we get into hi-tech weaponry, in which portions of 5G technology – with its millimeter waves and phased arrays – fall under classified info, one must consider the virtues of other tools. This gets away from ‘conspiracy theorizing’ per se, and drifts into the broader field of ‘Espionage Phenomenology,’ in which understanding of what’s possible (and then what’s likely) is based on first principles and knowledge across disparate disciplines. Sympathetic resonance, for instance.

      Within an EP mindset, one must consider a physical world that is frequently denied by physicists, again, due to the blinders of specialization. Theoretical physicist, nuclear physicists, cosmologists and the rest are all blind and dumb to the realities of EM, aka plasma, physics. The former write the journals and tell the news papers what orthodoxies are tolerable. To the latter, action-at-a-distance is not superstition, but a cold hard reality. The Tacoma Narrows Bridge illustrates a principle, not an aberration.

      To this point, Derrick suggested that the incidence of Covid-19 should be tracked with 5G presence, I suppose imagining the hypothesis is “5G causes Covid-19.” But that doesn’t grasp the nature of it. The thing that ought to be tracked is the “high-incidents of death presumably resulting from Covid-19 coincident with the presence of 5G,” but this should not be taken to mean, “where there is 5G, Covid-19 death with follow.” If the potential for murder is endemic to 5G tech, as theoretically it is, then one would expect it to be used as any hidden targeting murder weapon can be used: intentionally and without exposure.

      Naturally, conjecture about corporate and military planning is repugnant to journalists who preserve their status by avoiding un-confirmable facts. But a lack of evidence never stopped military planners from running scenarios in defiance of orthodox fallacies (ESP anyone?), and it shouldn’t stop us from 2nd guessing them.

    • Corona is related to a group of viruses that have a
      “crown” around them on the scans.

        • I love your humor Octium.

          I guess Autumn is on its way down under.
          It’s an upside down world, especially where you are at.

          • Yes, it seems that it is that time year again when we lock two people together in the thunderbox, armed with chainsaws where the winner, after a fight to the death gets to keep the toilet paper.(takes everyone’s mind off the plague)

            • ha! That’s great!

  4. Thanks for this, but you overlooked the possibility that the origin of the respiratory illness is the combination of the severely polluted air in Wuhan, the recent protests about the air pollution there, and the recent 5G rollout in Wuhan.

    Jon Rappoport is a freelance journalist who has investigated virus panics since 1976. His website in Before you denounce the theory of the 5G factor, I suggest that you read his articles there (no youtubes). He points out various specific anomalies of the official versions.

    If you are afraid, then individually you can strengthen your immune system in simple, natural ways, such as abstention from alcohol and tobacco, vitamin c (citrus fruits), vitamin d (sunshine or certain fish oil), and others. Let us resist the fear-mongering, but be healthy or become healthy. This is how to resist. The mind can only be healthy if the body is first healthy. A healthy mind in a healthy body can bring a healthy spirit.

    The greatest risk is that the fear will be used to impose a medical martial law or forced vaccinations or both, it seems to me.

  5. As I recall this Dana person said the video was for entertainment purposes only. Whether or not, there are issues worth investigating. There are many things we don’t understand.

  6. It could be due to many factors. This article says 5G is contributing to it.
    I saw another video and she said it could be due to sulfur dioxide/pollution in wuhan.
    It could also be due considering anyone who is sick such as pneumonia as a case thus making the numbers larger than they are. I think this is most likely cause.
    I also think a strong possibility is that china recently had mandated vaccines recently thus making them sick. Why would china due this? No more protests in hong kong?
    I also do think the weaponize ones are used agaist the Iranian leadership.

  7. I am so glad that James interviewed Derrick about this subject, in order to re-emphasize certain key aspects surrounding journalistic integrity and providing well-sourced material.

    Because I often follow the Corbett Report comments, earlier this week, I noticed the conversations surrounding “5G and the coronavirus”. I followed Corbett Member Pearl’s link to Derrick’s “The Speculation Around Coronavirus and 5G “ and loved listening to Derrick. He is a very caring guy, and sharp. I also watched parts of the video in question…I just couldn’t stomach watching the entire thing…and so skipped around.

    He really made things very clear as to his perspective.

    I am puzzled though.
    Not by Corbett and Derrick, and their conversation.

    I am puzzled by some of the comments on this thread.
    Some of the comments don’t seem to jive with what was talked about by Derrick in his video “The Speculation Around Coronavirus and 5G “, nor with the points these two guys made here.

    Corbett and Derrick never said, “You can’t speculate nor posit a theory”. Just, please, label it as such in some way.

    Anyway…this is what I admire as an example of Journalistic Integrity…
    “Either you accept our offer of a carpet of gold, or we bury you under a carpet of bombs.”
    Listen to James Corbett talk about that famous quote.
    QUEUED video
    (taken from “Interview 1520 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato”)

  8. I wonder if Houston was picked to be the 5G pioneer because Crown Castle is based there.

    Crown Castle towers lead the way in implementing 5G technology
    uploaded February 2, 2020
    KPRC 2 Click2Houston

    “The infrastructure is necessary, but how we put that infrastructure in, in order to blend it into the existing aesthetics of the community, is really important. One of the places that I think we did a good job of this is if you go downtown [Houston] and you go to Discovery Green, we put in small cells, which are connected by fiber, those are places where the wireless carriers are broadcasting their spectrum, and they’re hidden so well I don’t think anybody would even notice. We’ve hidden them in things like lights and other existing infrastructure, so it didn’t change the aesthetics of Discovery Green but it did bring a service to the community.”

    This video was shared with me yesterday. I found it well worth the watch.

    5G High-Band DANGERS & Reality
    uploaded March 3, 2020
    Theoria Apophasis

    • Manbearpig! Hello! What fun your English class must be!

      Are you looking for any books for class? Have you ever read Woman on the Edge of Time by Marge Piercy? (it is kind of rough in spots) I may have already mentioned it in a comment here somewhere, I apologize if I am repeating myself. It was suggested as a positive view for a Brave New future.

      And then there’s The Circle by Dave Eggers? That one is like a 1984 for our time and tech.

      I too thought of Poppy and her friends when I watched the theoria apophasis video. And I saw the link that you found and had shared below. Very interesting!

      On the gizmodo article, and I could totally be wrong, but when I learned about this sort of Speech2Face stuff, I just figured that, I would expect that by now, they have a healthy collection of data involving our voices and our faces, with geolocation, and that they could write some code that would connect the video they know with the face they know. I might be way off, the pictures in the article don’t look so spot on, but it really just made me think it would be an easy enough thing to do that could be passed off as something fancy.

      “The researchers do address ethical considerations in the paper, namely around the fact that their system doesn’t reveal the “true identity of a person” but rather creates “average-looking faces.” This is to ensure that it isn’t an invasion of privacy.”

      Does that mean they dulled down the faces generated, for privacy? What good would average-looking faces be?

      • I’m excited you are going to be reading Woman on the Edge of Time, manbearpig! I just started what I believe is sort of a sequel to it, He, She and It.

        You really should get a copy of The Circle! The movie is nothing compared to what’s in there. I did watch it, probably a year ago, and I remember finding it wanting indeed.

        I’m behind in all sorts of things, I apologize for the delay in my reply, my computer crashed 2 days ago, I lost oodles. It’s making me think I should rethink my strategy for videos and things. I was squirreling things away to get to cover them another day as I got the time. I might try out less filing away, more sharing what I’m looking at in quick and simple videos. See how people respond to that. That’s what I’m thinking right now anyhow.

        I’m also reading the section on The Magnetisers – The influence of imagination in curing disease – in Mackay’s Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, while I wait for the mailman to arrive with another book that should go with the “quick and simple” thing I’m building in my brain.

        Take care, manbearpig!

  9. I did not get that impression. Not at all.

  10. Great post James and Derrick. I watched Derrick’s Documentary and it is really excellent. I have a video on my YT channel of a lecture by Devra Davis MD in 2015 that explains the dangers and effects of Microwave Radiation on living tissue and it is scary enough but that was the era of 4G a small fraction of 5G. I do have one issue with Derrick’s Doc and that is on Diabetes and Fatty Liver. Both of them are caused by High Fructose Corn Syurp for which we can blame the Cuban Revolution and Fidel Castro whose resistance to the “Devil of the North” continues even after his death a few years ago. The source of cheap Maple Sugar ended in 1960. On Nov 21, 1963 there was a Bottler’s Convention in Dallas and the featured Speaker was none other than Richard M Nixon. That is the basis of the “Whole Bay of Pigs thing” of Watergate Fame and why he never came up with a coherent explanation of his whereabouts on the 22nd. By the early ’70s HFCS had been invented and about 20-25 years later the incidence of Diabetes and Fatty Liver began to rise and on Y2K it skyrocketed and my conclusion was HFCS was the cause. A week ago yesterday I heard two fascinating lectures by a world renowned Nephrologist that explained this in depth in Grand Rounds that confirmed my conclusion on HFCS and I have heard several lectures by a World Renowned Endocrinologist at the University of Florida who has studied the rise of Diabetes, Obesity and Fatty Liver extensively who has been saying the same thing for over a Decade. Here is the link to my YT channel and the lecture by Dr Davis:

    Also here is the link to the US Patent on COVID19 issued in 2015 to Justia Corporation:

    • Thanks Doc,
      I got distracted, because I did not know about Nixon and Dallas.
      You stated:
      “On Nov 21, 1963 there was a Bottler’s Convention in Dallas and the featured Speaker was none other than Richard M Nixon.

      Evidently Joan Crawford, widow of Pepsi’s former chairman, was also there.

      …Kennedy was on his way to Dallas, but on November 21 Richard Nixon was already there, to attend a meeting of the American Bottlers of Carbonated Beverages. After losing the 1960 presidential race to Kennedy, Nixon had lost the 1962 California gubernatorial race to Pat Brown. Now he was a partner in the New York law firm of Nixon, Mudge, Rose, Guthrie, Alexander, & Mitchell, where Nixon’s friend Donald Kendall, president of Pepsi, was a client…

      …On the morning of November 21, Nixon met with reporters at the Baker Hotel in downtown Dallas. He noted that Kennedy had lost support in Texas, which was true; indeed, that was Kennedy’s main reason for visiting the state with his Texan vice-president, Lyndon Johnson…

      (SIDENOTE: Baker Hotel – I watched the controlled demolition of The Dallas Baker Hotel in June 1980. The small town of Mineral Wells, TX, where I spent my High School years, still has an old tall Baker Hotel. )

      …“We were going to do something about Castro in Cuba,” Nixon told the reporters. “We were going to do something about American prestige abroad, and also about sort-of-permanent unemployment” (then 5.7%). “We find that on all of these issues there’s been no action.” Nixon added that Johnson’s “stock is not as high in Texas, at least from what I’ve seen, as it was. In 1960, Lyndon was a help. In 1964 he might not be.” A Dallas News headline the next day blared, “Nixon Predicts JFK May Drop Johnson.”….

        • Are you sure that’s Jack Ruby? Has this photo been put through facial recognition? Ha ha.

          I does look like him. Small world.

          • No, I am not sure.
            Glad you asked.
            I’m taking it as face value from what was on the video and also a few spots of the internet.
            It does resemble Jack Ruby though.

            • Online there are so few photos of Ruby, one of them being the photo you posted. It’s undated, but looking at it, Ruby’s face, though similar, looks to be a little thinner, narrower jaw, thinner, pointier nose.

              I’m not convinced it’s Ruby with Prescott and Dick.

  11. I understand your scepticism about the possible association of 5G with the Coronavirus especially as it looks more and more likely that this is not just one but a series of genetically engineered viruses targeting the ‘enemies’ of the US. This was documented extremely well this morning on The Last American Vagabond (Deadly virus cover up?).
    However, just because the virus outbreaks are real viruses / bioweapons does not mean that 5G cannot be exacerbating the outbreaks by reducing human immunity and making the virus more virulent. Please see the article by Paul Doyon ‘China 5G and the Wuhan Coronavirus’ at this link which lays out the scientific evidence with over 100 references supporting this theory.
    You may also be interested in the wealth of evidence of a military/ government cover up of the effects of microwave frequencies.I was
    struck by the lack of information out there about the decades of
    military research conducted by the US Navy Medical Research Institute,
    NASA and the USSR which shows that the US Government was well aware of
    the effects of microwaves – frequencies between 1 GHz and 100 GHz in
    the 1970s and 1980s. The Senator Blumenthal interrogation of telecom industry spokespeople shows that politicians think no research has been conducted. In fact it has been ongoing since the 1940s but it demonstrates that microwaves are extremely harmful so they have covered it up. The most serious effect
    was death!
    Microwaves also caused heart arrythmias which could be very serious
    for patients with cardiac disease or pacemakers. After all they were
    experimenting on fit military personnel and they still experienced
    serious side effects.
    We need to show how deep and serious the cover up is. Their own
    documents prove that EMFs are dangerous and that steps should be taken
    now to stop the 5G roll out.
    The NASA document ‘Electromagnetic field interactions with the human
    body: Observed effects and theories 1981’ can be found at:
    The Navy Medical Research Institute document from 1976 was to be found
    online on the website but has disappeared. It is
    often referred to as the Glaser or Glasser report and is officially
    Zorach R. Glaser Patricia F. Brown and Maire S. Brown
    Naval Medical Research Institute Detachment at Naval Surface Weapons
    Center Dahlgren Laboratory Dahlgren, VA 22448
    Project No. MF51.524.015~0030
    The USSR research which was declassified by the CIA can be found at:
    The report is classified as L/7298 and the title is ‘Translations on
    USSR Science and Technology Biomedical Sciences (GUO 28/77) Effects of
    Non-ionising Electromagnetic Radiation’. It is dated 8/3/77.
    I have all the documents as pdf but do not know how to send them to
    you as they are too large to email even on onedrive.

  12. To Alex and Wylie1, Homey,” the impressions, hit on something, more to the story, those who cannot deal with not knowing”…… You must come to understand the rebellion, rebellion of the son against the father. The rebellion of the subject to the king.
    Absalom, Absalom! It may be the greatest literary truth , as a metaphor for today’s struggles. As to knowing the unknown. During any time or era. That. And this is only speculation on my part, that is what connects Corbett and Brose to the cause. My cause, your cause. There is always a cause. (This is where bold would be a great feature on this POS device)

    James needs to elaborate some day on this CAUSE.

    • Well smoky , yo tango nada arreos lascearda o deracha. Thanks anyway I do appreciate the info. Grasias

      And since its Saturday night again. This is for the BUMP BUMP s having a beir in the crowd. You boys might enjoy this…

      P.S. do you have an hour stolen tomorrow in Brazil too? Or has Bolo done away with such as daylight savings time.

      • Okay Smoky, we need to exchange places. I will get to know your sister and you can get straightened out in a New York minute by Sue. You can sleep till noon here cause the sun does not come up till 1pm. Honest.
        You will however have to get your NorvoC19 vaccination for today we had our 1st virus case and the world will end in a few days. Better hurry no need to burn daylight on this one.

      • GeneralBottleWasher
        I enjoyed Haley Reinhart || Live @ 885FM || “Honey, There’s the Door”.
        Nice calming, nightclub music. …and soothing as I wake up this morning.

    • zyxzevn.
      I am going to copy your post and place it on the weekly newsletter.
      It will help keep a timeline of events.

  13. That’s quite a lot of useful information you have there, thanks. It sure looks like we haven’t evolved much past the days of old when bloodletting was employed.

  14. Ooohhh! ManBearPig! , you are a regular Indiana Jones for scratching away the overburden to expose the gold hidden beneath.

    Great find. I noticed in the abstract it indicated a wire mesh exasperated the ganglia detrimental effects. Only When an electrical charge is applied to create a magnetic field does it counter the microwaves destructive force. I hope I said that correctly. Mkey had explained Faraway cage sometime back and the size of mesh to counter waves but a charge and field will be needed on millimeter waves.

    Here get your battery powered tin foil hat today ! Will be better than a surgical mask for what ails you. @ *

    *not responsible for content or outcome.

  15. The fact is media has been activated without preforming basic tenants of journalism , Who,What,When,Where,Why and How of COVID 19 and investigated Electromagnetic and other pollution’s effect the the Electro-chemical Hydrogen Beans is unknown other than conclusions based on manipulated, cherry picked or contrived data !
    Makes me wonder if a worldwide open source data based spread sheet would possible ? and how many columns would spread sheet take ? how would you get data and , how long would questionnaire be ?
    We can never expect lame stream to publish Vaccination records of casualties or antibiotic or other drug usage of Beans effected ,or not effected from same environment , and also questions about the environment they occupied including electrical and chemical pollution detailed by composition ,frequency and daily exposure !
    Finding control group of unvaccinated hut dwelling Beans to complete a survey may be difficult if not impossible !

    • Finding control group of unvaccinated hut dwelling Beans to complete a survey may be difficult if not impossible !

      It would also be completely immoral, supposedly, since it’s assumed vaccines are the best thing since people started washing hands and emptying their latrines right onto the street.

  16. Great find.

    Around that time a lot of research was done.
    And many found health and psychological problems.

    But for some reason, it has all been set aside.

    Maybe there was some kind of “consensus”..

  17. Is it possible to stage a ‘terrorist attack’ (non-bio) during the COVID-19 fear campaign, or would that be a no-no, simply too much for the public to take at one time?

  18. This link from stanford list coronavirus under a common cold. &

    It isn’t coincidental that this virus appears out of nowhere when our monetary system (petrodollar) is failing. This is about medical martial law. They are blowing it out of proportion. I predict the blue states (Washington, Oregon, Commierfornia, NY, etc will have these quarantine centers first because blue states are more docile. That is why Commiefornia has mandatory vax to attend school now.

    Mandatory vax will be coming. I’m more scared of the vax than this… Supposedly the vax they are working on will change your DNA! See for truth about this.
    The elites will get all their agendas met with this vax. Cashless society (claim paper money is spreading it), mandatory vax, chipped to measure your temperature to check if you have a virus, medical martial law, lose freedom of internet since it will claim false info about this virus is on the internet. Also, they will escape the blame of our debt based fiat currency which is failing. Rather this over hyped virus will be blamed.
    One thing this video didnt address is 60 hz from 5G preventing oxygen getting into hemoglobin which can cause similar symptoms.Houston may not have activated their 5G at 60 hz.

    I also think the weaponized version is being used against the Iranian leadership.

    • Agree completely – is an excellent source of information.
      The truth? Who knows? Does the truth not always have a point of view? Is there any such thing as absolute truth?
      According to Jon Rappoport (, the most likely origin of Wuhan flu is the combination of the severely polluted air in Wuhan and the recent 5G (millimeter wave frequency) rollout in Wuhan. The air is so polluted in Wuhan that there were protests last August, protests that were then repressed.

  19. No one has addressed if geo engineering is causing flu like symptoms. They have increased their geo engineering recently. Should look up the air quality of these regions with “outbreaks.”

    • Truth seeker, Tony Heller had a video awhile back showing the two areas of northern Europe that where anomalies of high temps. All around these two anomalies where colder than normal or normal winter weather. Without ground observations and reporting who could build a case. However my stepson sends pictures of the grandchildren daily from southern Swissland and in the sky background chemtrails are present often. I asked him and he says he never sees them and doesn’t know what Im referring to. So there you go.

  20. Bad air quality matches up with these cases. Look at Wuhan, china. It has very bad air quality. See here.
    Look at Milan Italy. It has been getting worse air quality since january, 2020. Before that it had better air quality. Milan air quality is worse, but not horrible to china, iran, and wusan. It had good air quality before 2019. Were they geo engineered to have bad air quality ?
    If you look at both iran and china at this site they have the worst air quality.
    So another possibility is geo engineering can be partly responsible for these respiratory problems. It could be complicity of their medical establishment to consider anyone with respiratory problems as a case. Hence, use broad definition. Like in the news here, you will hear terms like suspected case. Means nothing.
    They are doing more geo engineering recently. I noticed they are trying to cover the whole skies in the US. So many people will have respiratory problems and go to the hospital. They could be listed as a case. Interesting how the CDC claim they don’t have enough test kits to determine if someone has it. I don’t think that is accidental. They want anyone with respiratory problems to be classified as a case so they can scare more people to eventually be quarantined and take that mandatory vax they are working on.


      Interstitial lung disease (ILD) is an umbrella term for a large group of disorders that cause scarring (fibrosis) of the lungs. The scarring causes stiffness in the lungs which makes it difficult to breathe. Some example of ILDs include:

      Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
      Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis

      ILDs can be caused by exposure to hazardous chemicals, certain medications and medical treatments. In most cases, the causes are unknown. Lung damage from many ILDs is irreversible and progressive, meaning it gets worse over time. In some cases, it can be slowed by certain medications. Occasionally, people with ILDs will be recommended for lung transplants.

  21. I would like to add this voluminous study (over 1000 pages!) by R. Kostoff by Georgia Institute of Technology: The Largest Unethical Medical Experiment in Human History (

    This monograph describes the largest unethical medical experiment in human history: the implementation and operation of non-ionizing non-visible EMF radiation (hereafter called wireless radiation) infrastructure for communications, surveillance, weaponry, and other applications. It is unethical because it violates the key ethical medical experiment requirement for “informed consent” by the overwhelming majority of the participants. The monograph provides background on unethical medical research/experimentation, and frames the implementation of wireless radiation within that context. The monograph then identifies a wide spectrum of adverse effects of wireless radiation as reported in the premier biomedical literature for over seven decades. Even though many of these reported adverse effects are extremely severe, the true extent of their severity has been grossly underestimated. Most of the reported laboratory experiments that produced these effects are not reflective of the real-life environment in which wireless radiation operates. Many experiments do not include pulsing and modulation of the carrier signal, and most do not account for synergistic effects of other toxic stimuli acting in concert with the wireless radiation. These two additions greatly exacerbate the severity of the adverse effects from wireless radiation, and their neglect in current (and past) experimentation results in substantial under-estimation of the breadth and severity of adverse effects to be expected in a real-life situation. This lack of credible safety testing, combined with depriving the public of the opportunity to provide informed consent, contextualizes the wireless radiation infrastructure operation as an unethical medical experiment.

    Although the direct correlation between 5G and coronavirus is not explicitly stated, Mr Kostoff remarks that this coronavirus epidemic may have been facilitated by the debilitating effects of the wireless radiations on the immune system:

    “Appendix 5 shows the potential contribution of wireless radiation to the opioid crisis and potential contribution of wireless radiation to exacerbation of the coronavirus pandemic.”

  22. As a person who is sensitive to thoughts and feelings, I think we should consider that the undisputed fact that millions of Chinese individuals submitted to staying in their homes and apartments, in spite of probably not having adequate food and supplies. Their minds have been conditioned to be fearful of what they are told to fear. In this case they seem to have been locked in their homes by their minds. Undoubtedly their bodies and minds have suffered from this government imposed quarantine.

    Apparently the Italian people submitted to the quarantine until they ran out of food and then like normal people, left their homes to secure food.

    If the entities who were able to assert their tejas (prowess) to such a degree in China want to assert similar tejas here in the West, they will need to create something more fearful than a cold that sometimes has complications.

    • Barrels of water approve of this message. But I love how they close the article by saying there aren’t any links between 5G and health adverse effects. Not that they looked, mind you.

  23. That’s one interesting source. Thanks for pointing it out.

    • The very idea that such a suit of sensors would require 5G to operate, that argument can’t take any scrutiny. If first responders really needed stuff like that, provided they have sufficient funding, they would have already have something similar. Be it over classic wireless or 4G. Or 3G, for that matter.

      This propaganda business is really getting lazy.

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