Interview 1534 – Derrick Broze on Building the Counter-economic Underground Railroad

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Derrick Broze of joins us to discuss his escape from the US and how he is now preparing to build his own counter-economic network in Mexico. We discuss decentralization, agorism, and the importance of building freedom cells as the world faces the greatest crackdown on free humanity in our lifetime.

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  1. Still at the river, but felt that it was worth my battery use to comment here. First of all, everyone assumes the powers that cower will be strong enough to implement all these measures. Since resistance is already forming in northern Idaho, this is not a given.
    Also, one should keep in mind the Pentagon’s scenario of deploying troops around major cities due to unrest. This will happen if the 32% unemployment numbers become reality.
    Again, I implore all to plant gardens and to coordinate them with their neighbors. Some high yield plants include eggplant, squash, cantaloupe, and watermelon. By coordinating, you can not only get higher yields and greater variety, but you are establishing community.

    Jimbob; who is also noting polar opposite reactions from rural and urban people. Also, get some chickens for eggs!

    • Santa, I’m worried that a slave mind doesn’t require a strong master to keep it subdued. But on the brighter side, you have a nice fruit salad going on there. I’d never put the watermelon on a list of high yield plants.

      • Oh yes, with just a half dozen plants I normally get about a watermelon a day. And with a little moonshine that makes for quite a party when you plug it that way!

    • I’m more of a lysander spooner guy. I don’t need no stinking paper to tell me what my rights are! By writing down God’s Law, they were able to blasphemy it.

      • By writing down God’s Law, they were able to blasphemy it. I Shot Santa (2020).

        Great sentence!

      • I’m only out here until it blows over (which it won’t) or it blows up (which it will). But there is no way that I’m going to stick around a whole town full of people freaking out 24/7 about this. People aren’t going to think until the noose is tightened on their necks. At that time I’ll quit being an island. An island located in an area that holds no strategic value and has only me for miles. Hardly think I’ll be taken down before the masses in towns. Which do have strategic value. I chose this spot for a reason.

        And while that wasn’t me on the shooting target, I hardily agree with the idea. Though I would use Rudolph as my target. Never ate reindeer.

        Jimbob; who now has an urge to eat reindeer. Looks like it has a good bit of fat on them. Sounds delicious!

        • I disagree. My environment scares most people and isn’t worth their efforts. By being in town, I would be in their sights and in danger of snitches. Here, I am safe and have many miles to hide and strike from. Also, the rural folk are much different from townies. And, if I wanted to strike an urban area, I can travel undetected and do so. I am utilizing my strengths to their maximum advantage in this manner. I can assure you that I have good reason to choose the location I have chosen.

        • JimBob,
          I have been following your strategies and concepts on different comments.
          I’m with ya.
          We gotta play this whole shebang smart, like “The Art of War”.

          Each has his own environment and situation.
          We best be clever in how we approach things.
          We all should share our strategies.
          We have that advantage.
          It is a very good one.

          JimBob, Keep sharing your perspectives.
          But I’ll pass on pine cones for toilet paper.

          Enjoy the rain.
          I get some tomorrow (Saturday).
          I doing the garden/yard stuff today…dirty and sweaty…just the way grandmas like it.

    • I’ll be off to the river in a couple days when I get some more work finished. I assume you are a not into Christmas? I never celebrated it growing up and that’s confusing for people when you tell them your Christian lol. People would ask if I was sure when I was a kid? I’ve learned now that I was one of the few who weren’t confused about holidays that are called “Christian”. Glad others are going out to the river during the elitists plandemic. Orders haven’t stopped me, it’s just activated me. Doubling the size of my vegetable garden this year also.??

      • I just pulled the name out of my politician brain cavity. Never really been a fan of saturnia either. I give gifts whenever I want and don’t like anyone telling me when I have to! Not that I’m crotchety.
        Glad you’re ignoring the mandate. I’ve been drinking fresh river water since I’ve been here. Called black water because the tannins are fairly heavy. Don’t even purify it. That’s reserved for city water. Which is the only water that has made me throw up. Our town’s water is actually listed as non-potable. Yet few filter their’s. I’m sure it has nothing to do with all the health problems here.

    • I agree with your comment about Idaho. Contrary to popular belief on the internet there are still people out there that aren’t going to allow lines to be crossed by the government. American redoubt area is definitely one of those areas and it’s spread out pretty good. I plan on moving there as soon as I can. Not everyone comments on the internet and not everyone is watching YouTube or mainstream media and I’m not talking about the Amish either.

      • Despite all my disgust with fluoridians, the rural population isn’t freaking out like the townies. At least not when I last checked a couple of weeks ago. I wonder if all the 4G is a factor? Or it could be that country folk stay connected to nature more and are less likely to spend all their free time on video games. Which I know many people in my age group who do. Personally, from my interactions with them, I believe most do so to hide from their problems rather than face them. Odd people, those video junkies. Not saying video games are bad; just the fanatic response to them is disturbing.

        Jimbob; who has been called various forms of disturbed on many occasions. If I had feelings, they would have been hurt!

        Will find out tomorrow if rural population is freaking out now. Going to store 7 miles away for company and the restaurant. Can’t get reindeer there, but the restaurant has ham!

  2. I’d be interested to know how he’s dealing with the water situation in Mexico. Is he buying only bottled water? Or maybe he has a water filter?

    • Drink beer. You don’t know who bottled the water, but the fermentation process supposedly kills anything bad in the brewing process. Spent a lot of time in Mexico before the cartels ruined it. Actually, I drank everything but water there. The fresh squeezed orange juice was amazing! Also, some of the mescals are better than the top rated tequilas. And some taste like kerosene, so exercise caution.

      I always brushed my teeth with the water though. The worst effect was a low grade fever for a couple of hours. I did that to strengthen my immune system and inoculate my body.

    • When Corbett went to Mexico in mid-February 2020 for Anarchapulco,
      the water situation in Mexico came up on the Open Thread.

      Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) for Montezuma’s Revenge

      Who knows? Could it handle the ‘Rona?
      I guess a person would have to catch the coronavirus, then try GSE to see.
      I’ll give it a shot when I get the ‘Rona.
      Or maybe I have already had it. Dog gone.
      (just playin around)

  3. I guess failed states have their advantages (well, as long as they are miserably failing). Good luck, Derrick.

  4. I think that South America would be a very good place. I don’t think that South America will “develop” soon but if they do that, this development would take place in urban areas. I don’t see how the Andes, Patagonia and areas like these would become high-tech areas.

    The same happens with countries with a big extension. I can’t imagine how the entire Russia or Mongolia could become high-tech… In my opinion megalopolis are the future and remote will be left to die. If this is true, it would be a good opportunity for those who want to live “in peace”.

  5. I am curious about Canada, taking into account how big it is and how low demographic density it has (just 4 pop./km2). If you would want to settle in a remote area with some people, would someone tell you something? I have seen the satellite view of random areas of Canada and they look literally empty… not even little towns.

    I guess that you wouldn’t want to go to a remote area, but I’m trying to get an idea of ​​the control that governments can get in places as extensive as Canada.

  6. Hello wylie1,

    Just answering the last part of your comment: in the last days I have been searching for alternatives to Telegram (I have been using it for years) because I got two messages from their official account telling me to “stay home”, which made me feel angry. In this search, I found that Telegram is not as good as people say and most of the them recommended an app named Signal.

    At this moment I am trying this app and the only privacy concern is that they ask your phone number (Telegram too), but the rest is quite good. You can see the comparison of many messaging apps in this website:

    • I also use an open source application called “silence” it supports end to end encryption of SMS messages to other people using the app. No Internet plan required. Of course the Telecoms still know who you are talking to as the encrypted messages will be sent over the regular network.

      • Thanks, I will take a look on that! The real problem is making friends and acquaintances to use alternatives apps. I have had hard times trying to convince them to use Telegram, for example (and most of the times unsuccessfully).

        About the Telecoms, you can just buy a sim card without telling them who you are. In Spain everyone has to give their personal information, but I have a few UK cards for work stuff and they are not under my name. In fact, they are not under any other person’s name (which would be illegal). If you are interested, tell me and I can give you more details.

  7. South America & Central America – A few tidbits
    Of course, there are a fair number of Corbett Report Members from South and Central America. They could always give a person insight into what’s up.

    A few examples:
    Alexandre – Brazil
    weilunion – Ecuador
    sjb – Ecuador
    There are others from other south of the border countries whom I have seen on the Corbett Report Threads.

    In fact, “Nathan” is from Ecuador. Corbett was once interviewed by him.
    Recently, with Corbett’s article “This IS The Global Reset. Prepare Accordingly” at the Corbett “Recommended Just For Fun”, Nathan tells us “YOU WONT BELIEVE WHAT THE GOVERNMENT IS ORDERING YOU TO DO”.

    Anarchapulco – Connections & Networking
    A person can pick up the scuttlebutt from other like-minded folks about what is happening and what others are doing.
    So, local and distant Voluntaryist or Anarchist groups might be a resource for folks.

    I do know that there have been several endeavors for setting up independent “anarchist-minded” communities with plots of land in some countries.
    That said, some of the deals turned out to be pretty sour and I think some folks lost money or got screwed.

    I should mention, that just like any community, anarchists are not immune to having someone within the group pull dishonorable actions.
    I know of several occurrences.
    And, sometimes, some folks go hormone-crazy unstable when certain stresses or mindset-goals get to them.
    While each of us have our own faults (and I’m the worst), it is nice to have friends who have a decent, honorable character and heart.

    One of our North Texas 9/11 Truth Group Members goes to Argentina occasionally. I believe he owns a small hotel there and a plot of land in a planned “anarchist-minded” community. The last I knew, the community was still pending as far as buildout…just empty land.

    For those that don’t know,
    James Corbett was down at Anarchapulco 2020 in mid February.

    Living on a boat…
    During Anarchapulco 2020 (I forgot who made the video), but an interesting video interview was about a couple who lived on a boat anchored off the shoreline of some southeast Asian country.
    No taxes…that sort of thing.
    They had to leave when they started getting hassled for documents.

    • I remember seeing a video of a couple who have built a house (completely by hand, no power tools) on a lake in, if I remember correctly, Canada. The guy was fising through the floor in his living room. I think they lived on a purchased land, though. Well, lake on purchased land.

      Living on a boat like structure has its upsides, surely. You simply pull up your anchor and head out to a new neighborhood.

  8. North Texas Communities

    Here is one community which anyone can join…
    Voluntaryists of Dallas Ft Worth
    https:// www.
    “Not Governor” Patrick Smith is the Organizer who basically helps fund this group.
    Patrick Smith spoke at Anarchapulco. He is a small guy, so a lot of folks might have missed seeing him walk around.
    I am a member of “Voluntaryists of Dallas Ft Worth”, but honestly, I have never been to a meeting. Most meetings were at a restaurant/café, but that is out now.
    I know some of the folks who are members.

    North Texans for 911 Truth also known as “North Texans for Truth”
    Anyone, Anywhere can join.

    Conversations are behind the “sign-up wall”, because we don’t want them open across the internet. Sometimes, open comments can be used as a weapons by the other side or have phone numbers…You know what I mean.

    As many Corbett Report Members know, I have often spoken about this group.
    This group has kept its roots and heart for over a decade.
    A great group of folks, from all walks of life, from all age groups and a vast array of perspectives.
    There are Corbett Report Members who are also with this group.

    And on occasion a great member from another country will show up at a meeting…
    Example: One fellow lives on a large island off the coast of China. He showed up one evening, and we picked his brain as he told us about his personal experiences taking GcMAF.

    Typically, the group has get togethers at a Dallas greasy spoon restaurant which only takes cash – no credit cards.
    But, of course, times have changed.

    However, folks still get together at someone’s house.
    They just park discreetly down the way.

    • About Meetup
      Sometimes going to might prove beneficial to find like-minded folks in your area.
      Keywords like “truth” “anarchist” “voluntaryist” are probably good.

      Certainly you will see “permaculture” and things of that nature…some folks use meetup as a network for their business endeavor. So, many meetup groups now-a-days are a ploy at trying to market a product or service.

      It takes repeated searching when you go to Meetup. Meetup will toss up a variety of results, and often what you are looking for is there somewhere, but takes repeated searching.

      Actually, I have several issues with Meetup Corporate…

      Meetup charges a lot of money every six months if you want to start one, but you have the advantage of their Meetup network which exposes you to others in the community (if Meetup doesn’t curb their search / interest requests).

      The folks with controlling Meetup have their own political bent and mindset.

      In fact, my emails to my group are completely censored. It has been that way for about 4 months.
      I have been back-n-forth with the Meetup Service Team, who smile at their New York City office while they tell me there is nothing that they can do about it. (I think that the office has free beer and other things at their canteen)
      Sometimes the service people will say: “Just change the words in your email until it goes through.”
      How do you change the words “Good Video” as an email response to another Group Member.
      Anyway, the censorship of my emails started occurring after I had sent some group emails exposing some of the Meetup & WeWork weird stuff.

      After Trump was elected, Meetup put forth the “Resist Campaign”.
      Basically, anyone anywhere could start a “Resist” Meetup for free.

      Meetup was bought up by WeWork. The history behind WeWork is pretty wild. The Founder really went nuts with all the free money. What a scam. Softbank (Japan) has (had) a huge investment stake in WeWork.

      All that said, Meetup might be a tool for some folks to hook up with others in their area.

  9. Has everyone forgotten about the bodies being lifted into the trucks by forklifts outside Elmhurst Hospital in NY, just over a week ago, on Sunday March 29th 2020? and then AGAIN in exactly the same spot, in front of loads of press (hear the shutters click in the background on the video here) for the world to reel in shock to, exactly TWO days later, on Tuesday March 31st 2020?

    Isn’t it puzzling, that we’ve seen no more videos or even heard any more reports about freezer trucks and forklifts since then, DESPITE supposedly increasing numbers of victims.

    Is it just me or does anyone else find this suspicious? It was clearly shock and awe in the early stages, and now watch as the whole thing is gradually played down.

    ‘This is for real’ guy was my first inkling that there was something afoot, and will forever remain with me as the ‘They took the babies out of the incubators’ equivalent of the COVID-19 staged event.

    I’m sorry if I have repeated my posts over this, but I feel it’s important to grasp how quickly things are moving with this situation. I think it’s valuable to pause for a moment and reflect on how ridiculous those videos are beginning to look, only eight days after they were presented to us.

    • PS Don’t get me wrong, I know there are people dying, but it is very far from what we are being led to believe is the world-shattering killer-virus which stopped everything and lost millions their jobs and liberty. It’s the flu, dressed up as a big baddy. The expression I keep thinking of is one I heard Chris Bollyn use a few times, ‘You have been deceived’.

      • The facts seem to change on a regular basis with COVID-1984

    • There is another video here of Elmhurst hospital high quality wandering around Bellevue on April 3, 2020. Its a 40 minute clip.

      Toward the end of the video, there is what appear to be a staged media event with the workers coming outside clapping with the fire department trucks and Media. Here is the link to that section of the same video.

      Film Your Hospital on twitter

      Have a close look at the content which is being posted to twitter on the hashtag #filmyourhospital . Citizen journalists are visiting those same hospitals that the media are reporting ‘death and chaos’, only to find them largely empty and not busy.

      • Thanks for posting, TangoFox. I watched the entire piece. Youtuber ‘Lincoln Karim’ deserves an award for filming this. It’s like everyone is sleepwalking and can’t see the fascism unfolding in front of them. As you say, the part from 22m 0s is where it gets stomach-tighteningly worrying. Who ARE those people?
        That pack of grinning women, all gushing their love and laughing their heads off, when INSIDE said hospital we are expected to believe there’s abject horror, bodies piling up and no end in sight. No forklifts required today though, eh?
        When he goes over and questions them, they have absolutely no clue how to respond, like they weren’t briefed on this part of the exercise. Are these crisis actors? What are they doing there? How are they getting all this free time in the middle of the most horrific catastrophe the world has seen in generations? And importantly… Where are the dead bodies?


    • It is legal in some states.

      April 7, 2020
      Ben Swann YouTube Channel
      Gold Inside Paper Currency? Way To Actually Reign in the Fed?
      Ben interviews Jeremy Cordon the fellow who helped to start it.

      • The Utah Goldback is the first local, voluntary currency to be made of a spendable, beautiful, physical gold.

  10. The website is not working for me, I could not receive a confirmation email after I first signed up and can’t get past login.

    I was planning to forward the details on, but I would like to know if it works first.

  11. Hey James and everyone else, good luck getting through this. It is not as if we have all been silent or un-supportive of truth, as we see it.

  12. Near GeneralBottleWasher’s Turf…

    Mid-western United States – Northeast Oklahoma
    Mid-Continent Liberty Festival for a STATELESS SOCIETY

    MidFest may be the liberty festival for you, if JackFest (Arizona), PorcFest/Forkfest (New Hampshire), AgoraFest (South Dakota), AnarCon (Virginia) and Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest (Michigan) are too far away.
    Contact MidFest about any other similar outdoor non-events to be listed here.
    (NOTE – LINKS to the other Anarchist websites mentioned above)

    Camping is not considered an essential business and all private campgrounds are required by the governor’s mandate to be closed until April 30th.
    So, MidFest is rescheduled for October 10-11.

    MidFest will be 10-11 October 2020 on the scenic Illinois River north of Tahlequah, OK

    (HRS comment: Beautiful country with the river. I have stayed at a cabin with my family name on it at another camp about 6 miles away.)

    Website hosted by

    See also www

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~
    Mike S. of Delaware County, Oklahoma posted the above notice at
    Voluntaryists of Dallas Ft Worth

  13. is an organization devoted to achieving a real 9/11 investigation through world-wide grassroots mobilization. Organize 9/11 truth folks already existing to go get more 9/11 truth folks. Derrick Broze mentions people out there that feel alone amongst their friends and family. He mentions exiting the building and congregating communing RIGHT NOW at locations around the globe. I’m in. is too. We’d like to suggest an interviewee to be a part of this very important discussion. How might we go about doing that? Thanks.

    • According to the folks in the Sandiego911truth grp – they and CO grp remain strong—most others remain infiltrated. I hope they are wrong about that but they have 15yrs experience with that evolution and infiltrators that are, by now, household names. It’s an impressive history.

      I agree that the un-infiltrated 911groups are well-oiled machines and that might be a good place to start engaging.

  14. The following aligns very well with this THREAD,
    Interview 1534 – Derrick Broze on Building the Counter-economic Underground Railroad

    A brief Message for Assholes
    Dan Dicks of “Press for Truth” Interviews ‘Urban Farmer Curtis Stone’ regarding SOLUTIONS
    (32 minutes)
    (Asshole message in first couple minutes)

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