Interview 1539 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to the 405th episode of New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Here’s What You Need to Know About Australia’s Coronavirus Tracking App

Alberta’s “Bill 10” Is An Affront To The Rule Of Law

LGBT People In Japan Worry Getting Coronavirus May Result In Outing

Story #2: Neo-Nazis Nab 20,000 Leaked Email Addresses, Passwords From WHO and Gates Foundation

NWNW Flashback: Rita Katz Deserves An Oscar Nomination (Dec. 3, 2015)

Suspicious S.I.T.E. To Release Another ‘Bin Laden’ Tape (Nov. 27, 2007)

Microsoft Pulls Ad Featuring Marina Abramović Over Conspiracy Theory

Video: Deleted Microsoft Ad With Marina

NYC Mayor De Blasio’s Social Distancing Tip Line Flooded With Penis Photos, Hitler Memes

Russians Launch Mass Virtual Protests Using SatNav Application

Story #3: Colombia Mass-Producing Ventilators Using Open Source Techniques

Colombia Close to Having World’s First Open Source, Low-Cost Ventilator

Original Jerusalem Post Story: “US Department of Defense Give 1 Million Masks To IDF For Coronavirus Use”

Edited Jerusalem Post Story: “Israel Brings 1 Million Masks From China For IDF Soldiers”

Some Doctors Moving Away From Ventilators For Virus Patients

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  1. Good news:

    Chloroquine does help against Covid-19 in hospitals,
    and is used there.
    It already saved many lives.
    (There also may be a lot of other working cheap treatments)

    BUT now corporation will throw away BILLIONS of dollars to approve it.
    And they will do ANYTHING to make us believe that it has no working at all.

    As it was shown in previous studies that it worked against SARS,
    we can now clearly see that the Corporations and the “science”
    produced by them is completely corrupt.

    There is also no covid-19 vaccine, and maybe there will never be.

    But the corporations will sell anything and call it a vaccine.
    Because BILLIONS of dollars are for grabs here.

    Good news 2:
    It is getting more known that the virus is not as deadly as hyped.
    And that many deaths were mis-categorized.
    Especially when large group tests show that the virus is widespread,
    without causing any deaths at all.

      • It is interesting to note that media headlines often trumpet Big Pharma solutions.
        Today (Thursday 23 April) the stock market originally was climbing, but then drifted down.

        What was blamed?
        Stocks cut gains after report Gilead’s virus treatment disappoints in trial

        Stocks pared earlier gains Thursday afternoon after the Financial Times reported that a potential coronavirus treatment from Gilead (GILD) flopped in a trial.

        The Chinese trial for Gilead’s antiviral drug remdesivir produced results that did not give meaningful conclusions on its efficacy, according to the Financial Times, citing World Health Organization documents accidentally released. The study – which was remdesivir’s first randomized clinical trial – ended due to low enrollment, and Gilead reportedly disputed the characterization of the trial’s results.

        Last week, a report that provided upbeat anecdotal data on remdesivir’s effectiveness in treating patients with COVID-19 in Chicago had sent stocks on a tear….

    • Thanks zyxzevn! I am glad you mentioned that.
      In recent days, it has been very noticeable how the mainstream media is suddenly dissing on Hydroxychloroquine. They cite a study which is silly at best…it can’t even be called a study.

      Good News Next Week – I am very disappointed
      Actually, I am very disappointed in the reporting for “Good News Next Week”.

      The successes of these alternative health therapies against “the sickness” has been snowballing.
      The mainstream media is doing all it can to discount these therapies,
      whether to demonize them
      or to omit saying anything at all.

      What gives?
      Why the omission of this Great News?
      How come these alternative therapy successes which overwhelming outrank the Authoritarian Medical Complex are not even mentioned as good news on “Interview 1539 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato” ?

      I would think that saving lives and making folks well is a spit-in-the-face to this Plandemic Lockdown.
      And these alternatives are Open Source.
      Any individual anywhere can apply them (and do).

      Scores of Referenced Successful Alternative Therapies for COVID-19

      • One example of many…

        Recently in ITALY
        ~~ Miraculous success with first study of 36 COVID-19 Patients with Ozone Therapy
        ~~ New larger Ozone Therapy study involving several hundred patients has been started.

        (NOTE: Always the Medical Mafia Complex tries to suppress scientific studies on non-patentable cheap alternatives to health. Thus, it is astounding that this Italian study was approved.)

        Like the lead Doctor Amato De Monte points out:
        ~~ With Ozone Blood Therapy, there are no adverse side effects. Never. – It is completely safe.
        ~~ It is extremely simple and very inexpensive.
        ~~ It is non-patentable.
        ~~ It has been shown to improve many, many health conditions, along with a person’s general well being.
        ~~ Veterinarians and Dentists also utilize it with incredible results.
        ~~ …and much more.

        I should mention that the 36 study patients were lined up to be on ventilators, but were grabbed just prior to intubation.
        ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Why “Ozone and Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy”
        is The IDEAL TREATMENT for COVID-19 !
        Explained, Summarized and Demonstrated in 4 minutes

        April 11, 2020
        Dr. Clifford Fetters, MD of “Health and Wellness of Carmel, LLC” Indiana
        “Treating COVID-19 with IV Ozone therapy”
        (4 minutes)

        • Ya know… I am going to rant some more.

          “Flatten the curve” only means to slow down the spread of the Cooties.

          The real thing which folks should consider is that there is a strong likelihood that eventually a large portion of the population has already had the Cooties or will get the Cooties.

          That translates to the fact that many folks who follow the alternative media will either get the Cooties or know someone who does get the Cooties.

          So, if a relative or a friend’s friend gets the Cooties and it starts to get rough, such as hard to breathe,
          what are alternative media followers going to tell them?…
          …”It’s not a virus”…”It was made in a lab”…”Gates is using this to push vaccines”…”Our freedoms are being taken away”.
          A lot of help you are, Mr. Conspiracy Guy.

          If a person goes to the hospital with Cooties…well, then good luck getting out alive.

          There are many health solutions out there for someone who gets sick, even when it gets kind of rough with the breathing. Things that can be done at home.

          EXAMPLE-Look at this young fellow Brandon, a paramedic, who is well aware of natural methods. He experienced fatigue, body aches, high fever, followed by a shortness of breath.

          (…more ranting below…)

          • (continued rant)

            But you sure don’t see these solutions being discussed with any depth on Activist Post and other alternative media websites and YouTube Channels.
            I guess the alternative media is much like the mainstream media in that it feeds on sensationalism and tang. If it doesn’t have tang and fury, then I guess it is not appealing to audiences.

            My point is…
            All these alternative media places will help no one in the broad public who is scared of getting sick.
            If the broad public is worried about getting sick in a major way, then they certainly will not be receptive to information about “mandated vaccines being a bad thing”.

            Personally, I think that “The Powers That Should Not Be” do not want an embryonic alternative media movement towards natural, safe, open source health remedies in the face of this Cooties thing.
            If it went embryonic, the PTSNB would likely squirm.
            They sure did when Hydroxychloroquine as an ionophore of zinc was first mentioned.

            TPTSNB want the alternative media to rant and rave about the injustices, corruption, bio-weapon, Central-Plandemic-Economy and any theory the alternative media wants…
            …because it has no effect on “The Powers That Should Not Be”
            — they still got control as long as folks fear Cooties.

            • Homey you are close to enlightenment. If you like Replace the fear and the placebo with your true mind and heal thyself. Take your ending statement to its logical conclusion. Great rant.

            • HRS, I thought of you just now when I watched Del’s latest HighWire show and was inspired by the hundreds (?) thousands (?) of Texans who have been protesting this week at the State House in Austin (see from the 1h15m to the 1h21m mark).

              So I went looking for your name on a recent post and found you here, expressing your dismay over the entire media’s lack of interest in simple solutions. I hope you’ll be heartened by the thoughtful comments made by the Texans whom Del interviewed at the state capitol — as well as by your friend GBW’s uplifting remark. I think he’s encouraging you and everyone take the idea of a cure for disease a step further, beyond the matter-based construct into the mental realm, where thoughts from a higher-than-human source really do determine what we experience.

              Time for me to sign off and go listen, belatedly, to the two Jameses in the video above these comments.

              • Thanks CQ.
                That episode had a lot of content, including a clip from that YouTube video of the Respiratory Therapist whistleblower that keeps getting censored.

                Austin, Texas Protests with Del Bigtree interviewing protestors – 1:15 minute mark

                BIG NOTE: One of the first guys he interviews, and later you also see excerpts of statements, is with
                Texas Right To Know

                “Texas Right To Know” did an April 2 Press Release which got picked up in the media about
                Texas Right to Know Calls on US to Consider COVID-19 Ozone Therapy After It Shows Promise in Italy

                More on OZONE updates at their website, including:
                “International news outlets are reporting that clinical trials with ozonetreatment for COVID-19 are being conducted in China, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Romania and Turkey.
                The trials being conducted in other countries are by approval of hospital ethics committees and through patient informed consent”

                Their pdf has a good timeline.

              • Del Bigtree used to work on “The Doctors TV Show” as a Producer.

                Here is
                Clint Eastwood’s Daughter Receiving Ozone Therapy
                on ‘The Doctors TV Show’

                (4 minutes)

              • Feb 9, 2020 –
                Calgary, Canada
                Dr. Melina Roberts explains
                Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy

                (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation UBI or BioPhotonic Therapy)
                (2 minutes)

                Dr. Melina Roberts is the Clinic Director of Advanced Naturopathic Medical Centre in Calgary.

            • Excellent points, HRS. Weeks ago when you first posted Dr. Brownstein’s interview with Christopher, I forwarded that together with the one featuring Brownstein & staff to my mom. She has regular appointments with a chiropractor so I suggested she ask him to refer her to like alt doctors in her area, especially if a prescription is needed to get a nebulizer, she’d need that thing yesterday. She watched the vids and responded with a resounding “Wow!” followed by a string of heart emojis. I do need to follow up with her on that…

              Anyway, take heart. No doubt there are many of us reading, listening and following your links. Keep planting those seeds.

              • Another great Anecdote!

                This is the kind of action which Corbett Report Members can do in order to better conditions.

            • (My Note: I mentioned “Activist Post” in my rant up above.)
              ACTIVIST POST – April 25, 2020
              By Laraine Abbey-Katzev RN, MS, CNS
              (Master’s degree in biology/clinical nutrition)

              Can We Combat COVID-19 With Nutrients?

              …Always consult a physician or knowledgeable health practitioner before instituting any COVID-19 therapies. Individual situations vary greatly and there are no ‘one-size-fits-all’ treatments. COVID-19 is a serious, potentially fatal, disease…
              …The protocols that follow are for general informational purposes.

              Many physicians treat acute viral infections, with 4-days (then stop) of very large daily doses of Vitamins A (100,000 IU) and D (50,000 IU),
              also using zinc along with Vitamin C, the latter of which should be continued indefinitely while symptomatic and for 36-48 hours after symptoms subside–as in the Cathcart bowel-tolerance dosing protocol.*
              That treatment has also been used with COVID-19, and along with nebulized iodine and food grade peroxide diluted to 3.5% for lung symptoms.
              Other nutrients—including selenium and NAC (n-acetyl cysteine) are often used,
              as well as additional oxygen therapies of injectable ozone or delivered rectally or vaginally. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has also been reported as helpful…

              …Very large dosing intravenously (IV) with vitamin C has also been used successfully around the world in the treatment of toxins and viruses, including COVID-19…
              The Orthomolecular Medicine News Service article “hot off the press” entitled “Vitamin C Evidence for Treating Complications of COVID-19 and other Viral Infections” serves as a reading guide…

              …I would strongly recommend 400-800 IU, as vitamin E reduces tissue requirements for oxygen (O2) and thus is O2 sparing…

              … Videos of Dr. David Brownstein’s recovered COVID patients…Del Bigtree

              …We didn’t have to die or lose our economy to disease. If our population was in better shape nutritionally, we wouldn’t have all those chronic ailments that caused COVID-19 co-morbidity deaths.

              Isn’t it time to shift away from the ‘drugs-to-treat-disease’ paradigm and embrace the ‘nutrients-to-build-health-and-immunity’ concept?

              In my opinion, it’s nothing short of criminal that these treatments are not ‘standard of care’ in mainstream medicine….
              – SOURCES and REFERENCES and Helpful links –

      • Right you are, these options should get some light shone on them. Honestly, I don’t see this methods specifically effective for Covid-19 (whatever it is) but a general method that can give you a nice boost.

        I looked locally, clinics that offer these services are quite expensive, but I wager that has more to do with how the market is setup and lack of competition in the area.

        • I like Ozone and UV light blood therapy, because of its broad scope including anti-aging (keeping the telomeres long longer).
          In the U.S., I can get both for $300.

          Some U.S. Doctors charge near $250 or $200 for just Ozone.
          Most any Doctor that offers IV Blood Therapy, will offer Ozone.
          (IV drip therapies can include Vit C, glutathione, B vitamins, a mix like Myers Cocktail, etc.)
          Where my ex-wife and her daughter go, the clinic has a large windowed room full of cushion recliners with rows of people getting IV Therapies.
          They charge $175, but discount if you buy a bunch of sessions in advance.
          The place is always busy. All day. Full of people getting IVs.

          A person can do Ozone Therapy at home in a variety of ways.
          My machine arrived today.

          But a persona can do other things at home when confronted with a rough illness. Dr. Brownstein, Dr. Mercola, and many others have suggestions on supplements.

          For COVID Crud, it seems that a Nebulizer with Hydrogen Peroxide is a real winner. Some folks add Lugols Iodine.
          I got my Nebulizer in the mail earlier this week for $45. (The drug store can’t sell them in Texas…needs a prescription.)

          Evidently, the COVID thing which hits folks the hardest is when breathing is affected. The Nebulizer seems to handle that quickly.

          In the past for potential lung infections, I would use a salt inhaler, or sometimes I would just use (GSE) Grapefruit Seed Extract by putting some drops in my mouth and inhaling through my mouth.

          • Wow! What a cool, cool Anecdote!

            (Slight spelling correction: H2O should read H2O2
            H2O2 is hydrogen peroxide.
            H2O is water.)

          • suzt,
            Humans thrive with access to tools, and your post is like a well sharpened one, immediately useful: to receive practical/concrete info, helps streamline everything. I will aspire to that standard.

            Booglbere (“good-thankyou”, from aus central east coast)

          • That reaction you got on RX sounds similar to what I got at the bank when I told them I don’t need a credit card.

            “What do you mean you don’t need it”

            Never spent one second in debt and that very fact boosts my immunity like crazy.

      • April 23rd at The White House & UV Light & Ozone & a patient’s fever

        Prelude: With UltraViolet Light Blood Therapy, a small amount of blood is drawn and then passed through UV light. This kills parasites, bacteria, fungi and viruses in the blood. Then the blood is put back into the body. In short, the body’s immune system now has a much better recognition of pathogens and goes to work. The results are miraculous with no hyperbole.

        From “The White House” YouTube Channel
        4/23/20: Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press Briefing
        – William N. Bryan of Homeland Security’s “Science and Technology”

        QUEUED VIDEO (8 minutes, or more)

        At the 25 minute mark of the video, a “Best Practices Slide” is shown.
        It highlights three important factors on how to attenuate a virus.
        Heat. UV Light. Disinfectants.
        (Actually, Corbett Report Members already know this, but I guess it takes Authorities to make it “true”.)
        About a minute following the slide, President Trump makes some comments about using UV Light and a disinfectant inside the body.
        I want to underscore a correlation:
        Solar Light = UV Light
        Disinfectant = Ozone
        Heat = Patient’s Fever

        To me, this again validates Ozone Blood Therapy and Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy, and also the anecdotal facts that Covid-19 patients who have been taking things like Ibuprofen to reduce body fevers tend to get dramatically worse.

        • Homey that speaker just made a mockery of the shelter in place stay at home dictum of Anthony Fauci. The virus loves dry indoor spaces, dies in sunlight. All those experts need crucifying for all the wrong and absolutely opposite directions for prevention and protection. The ignorance is astounding. Only matched by the press and stupid people. I was wondering about the story today in the Lee Enterprises News. April 25th. Trump was blasted for suggesting patients should disinfect their insides. The maker of Lysol had put out a press release to warn people against drinking Lysol disinfectant. How dumb can you be? I guess they are out there in numerous quantities. Now I see where it all originated cause this guys talk was not mentioned.

        • You are right GBW. There is no telling what kind of IQ “normies” might have. Where is common sense?
          Headlines were saying that Trump said to inject BLEACH.
          He never said that.

          I’m no fan of Trump. But here is the transcript for which he got butchered in the media.

          TRUMPS says:
          So I asked Bill a question that probably some of you are thinking of, if you’re totally into that world, which I find to be very interesting…
          So, supposing we hit the body with a tremendous — whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light — and I think you said that that hasn’t been checked, but you’re going to test it.
          And then I said, supposing you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or in some other way, and I think you said you’re going to test that too. It sounds interesting.

          Acting Under Secretary Bill Bryan says: We’ll get to the right folks who could.
          The President says: Right.
          And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning.
          Because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs. So it would be interesting to check that.
          So, that, you’re going to have to use medical doctors with.
          But it sounds — it sounds interesting to me. So we’ll see.
          But the whole concept of the light, the way it kills it in one minute, that’s — that’s pretty powerful.

    • all right 67 , the MSM Lee Enterprises April 22, 2020 published a story with the headline.
      Study : No benefit from malaria drug.

      Of course down in the 2nd paragraph it goes on to say the nationwide study was not a rigorous study. 368 patients from the ICUs of the Veterans Hospital. What a fraud, study and Headline. I wouldn’t be suprized if it was administered to the patients after death in an attempt to raise the dead.
      It said 28% died with the malaria drug and regular care and 22% died with an anti biotic and regular care. It looks like 50% died from regular care! To add insult to injury they finish with the malaria drug made no differance in the need of a ventilator. Well that is a known fact here in Oklahoma. Vet hospitals are where you go to die.

      • If they can administer tests post mortem, why not alternative treatments and off label drugs?

      • ha!
        GBW says:
        “Well that is a known fact here in Oklahoma.
        Vet hospitals are where you go to die.”

        You are spot on about the VA study.
        As much as I despise Chris Martenson for pushing Techocratic Controls, he did an okay job on talking about the VA Study
        Debunking The Veterans Study on Hydroxychloroquine

        • Thanks for video.
          Could be on the #propagandawatch

          The news (and these studies) are directly killing people
          by publishing false stories on these working treatments.

          • 67 as you stated earlier. ALL FOR A BUCK. Homicide.

        • Good catch mkey.

          One of the Study’s Authors Took A Research Grant From Gilead, Which Is Developing A Hydroxychloroquine Competitor To Treat Coronavirus

          See my comment third from the top of this Thread with the Thursday 4/23 Financials headline:
          “Stocks cut gains after report Gilead’s virus treatment disappoints in trial”

          SOURCE (Hat tip to Tom Kirkman at )

          The media is more interested in dead bodies, than they are in helping people.

            • When will the people get wise to concerted information dumps in the media? Doesn’t the old saying go something like: “fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”? Well, how many times has it been now? Is the viewership stocked to the brim with gluttons for punishment?

              Can I stop talking in questions? I guess I can.

  2. Regarding the Ventilators Story of “Good News Next Week”…

    On Corbett’s article Thread (“Are You Prepared For the Infodemic”)
    Corbett Report Member abrig left a link to a video about
    “a respiratory therapist that’s blowing the whistle.”

    YouTube has since scrubbed that video.
    They also scrubbed the source video. (The source video channel was a good one, just a regular guy.)

    Here is a YouTube copy someone made:

    • That video was deleted. I believe this is the same video:

      Watch “Respiratory Doctor Exposes FAKE VIRUS PANDEMIC” on YouTube

      I’m sure this will be deleted, also.

      • You’re Smooth! J,

      • A short EXCERPT of the CENSORED VIDEO on The Highwire with Del Bigtree
        “a respiratory therapist that’s blowing the whistle.”


        Back when the copies were first being made, I went to the Source YouTube Channel and listened to one of his other videos. Same voice. On that video he was quietly venting about what is going on globally and how our freedoms are being taken away. Just a nature photo was shown throughout the video. He is a regular guy. I have since tried to find the channel, but can not remember the name.

        You can tell that he lives in the south. I think Georgia.

        The censored video was about 12 minutes. He was alarmed at all the insanity with the ventilators and weird non-standard medical procedures being done in hospitals. He was alarmed at the entire world insanity and lockdown and economy (e.g. our children will never be able to pay the debt) and all the things we discuss at Corbett Report. This is some real “Illuminati stuff” as he phrased it.
        I think that he said that he had been a respiratory therapist for many years and has never seen procedures like this.

  3. Has anyone else seen this??? It is on the website for Sanofi, a huge pharmaceutical company. Press release of April 16, 2020. I can’t link it but easy enough to find.

    The title of the press release will tell you all you need to know! But read the press release anyway.

    “Sanofi and Luministics to join forces on developing breakthrough COVID-19 SMARTPHONE-BASED-SELF-TESTING” (upper-case mine)

    All we have to so is spit on the phone, or stick it up our nose I guess, and hopefully, after 30 minutes we’re good to go.

    I’m not kidding. Read it.

    • At the White House Briefing area
      50 seconds – Don’t miss this!

    • Whatever is going around, I doubt it’s one thing. “One cause, one disease” is a seriously flawed paradigm.


      Highwire follows up on this event, whatever it as. The propaganda is regrouping by moving the goalposts, as ever. As if nobody understands that higher spread of this whatever it is will inevitably lead to a significantly lower CFR.





    • I hear you,Noahsark, but realistically what is the alternative?

      I have commented here before that I only got a tracphone 8 years ago because there were no payphones left ANYWHERE and I needed a phone when caring for my nieces and nephews.

      I kept that tracphone, just buying minutes each month until a few months ago, when for the 9nth month in a row I was told by tracphone that the reason I was having so many problems accessing my minutes is because it was an out of date phone and did not support the current technology.

      I researched another tracphone but did not like any of the options.

      So,yes, begrudgingly I purchased a second hand iphone. I am a single person, live alone. I need a phone I can rely on. I drive long distances, need the coverage. And although I HATE texting and only do it when necessary, it is much easier to text on this than the trac.

      I think the horse is out of the barn on this one. We need phones.

      What would you suggest? (I’m serious)

      • 30 years ago almost no one had a cell phone except for people with alot of money.

        People have lived a long time without phones let alone land lines.

        You can get a land line phone or use skype through a desktop. I am not sure how a computer “phone” works but I know years ago when i used skype you could make phone calls with it.

        I am a land line – old fashion phone man. I never had a cell phone because I knew what they were from the get go and besides that they give me headaches. Someone can get too close to me with one and I will get a headache right on the side that the phone is on.

        It is pretty simple. The hard part is mustering the will power to break the addiction to it that it, itself fosters, that in itself is a reason to get rid of it. How many people use it for a map that tells them where to go. Because of it people have become spoiled in just winging everything because the phone can tell them where to go when traveling and the phone can remember things for them.

        It is such a insidious device. I have a friend that I grew up with who died a few years ago from a strange cancer that started in his neck on the side that he always used his phone. To me the phone caused that – emf and microwave frequencies up against the head is a bad idea. But people are doing it…

        There are so many reasons to stay away from these things despite the most urgent one now that they are going to use these things to tether people to the technocracy they are building. Later the function of the phone is going to be implanted – why let them get any further. Get rid of the fucking thing!!!


      • continuing…

        It is using you – you are not using it – it is designed that way.

        In the end it is up to you of course as all things are – but in reality that phone is not giving you a choice – it is more of a trade – you can use it to talk to people while along the state is using it in many more unforeseen ways and you pay for it. What a sham because the trade isn’t worth it at all.

        People are so addicted to even having the thing “encase of an emergency” again people are always giving themselves away for the sake of safety and

        The human being is being destroyed by their fears and having fear used against them – people continue to sell themselves for safety and convenience.

        Ultimately you have to get past the fear of not having access to call someone at all possible times. Me I don’t know what that is like – I never had one – I go out and have a problem – the Creator will take care of it – things will work themselves out. I am not an invalid and neither are you. And there are always good people out there willing to help if there is a problem. If you really needed to call someone – you could knock on someones door and ask to use a phone – most people will be happy to help.

        Without it you will have to plan ahead something that the cell phone has eliminated for alot of people – call before leaving and plan ahead. Map out your course before setting out on it and so forth.

        • Hi Noah

          I don’t want to hijack the thread but will address your thoughtful reply.

          I do still and have always had a landline.

          I drove across country and back by myself years ago without a cellphone. People thought I was crazy.

          I do all my travel plans ahead of time and write out the directions in bold lettering. And keep them right beside me in the car. I don’t use gps because it’s too confusing to me and I own an old car so it does not have the capability.

          In theory I agree with you, but at this point in my life, I want a phone with me when I travel, particularly at night.

          My phone does not own me. I forget I have it sometimes.

          They may be able to track me, but it doesn’t mean I have to do what they say.

          I understand what you mean, though. And who knows that at some point I might change my mind.

          • As in all things it is your choice…

            You stated this in your last post…

            –>”In theory I agree with you, but at this point in my life I want a phone with me when I travel, particularly at night.”

            This points to a fear that you have – it would be good to inquire within yourself about what the fear is, face it head on and let it go, wither you keep the phone or not.

            Please understand that I say that for your upliftment; not to denigrate you.

    • Was testing the img tag.
      James, please enable images or create a section of the site for user image/meme posting (linked externally hosted images of course, not using your server/bandwith).
      With other sites becoming so heavily compromised/censored, I think it’s time to make this site more of a hub.

      • =======>FOR JAMES TO CONSIDER<=======

        It might be a good thing for there to be a Corbett Report Forum

        PhpBB is free open source forum software that can be installed onto
        the server James is using and then images can be posted there as well as so much more; and of course the images would be hosted off site at an image hosting place.

        It could really serve as a real intelligence hub to all of this knowledge.

        The only problem would be moderation – James is swamped as it is with work to do I am sure – so adding having to moderate a forum is most likely out of the question.

        But it could work if a long time subscriber that James would choose would be willing to moderate it and it can be another added benefit to being a Corbett Report subscriber.

        • Just do it.
          I guess there is open source and free forum-solution out there.

          Name it CR Subscribers Forum.

          I believe James won’t have complaints to use comments section here for inception of such a forum.

      • AnimalsArentFood,
        Just post the url.
        That is what most folks do with images.

        I gotta say…if embedded images in comments ever occurred, the Thread would turn into a spam visual flood of images and memes, and the printed word would lose its character.

        • For most of the population, text is largely a thing of the past, and understandably so since the human brain is geared for images and an image really is worth a thousand words (and is almost always more memorable than a thousand words).

          I think the images/memes would liven up the comment section, but would also make the comment section appear less serious/professional.

          A separate section for images/memes is probably the way to go.
          Noahsark723’s forum suggestion is probably a good one, but I don’t expect James to spend time on anything like that (or an image/meme section for that matter) in the middle of this plandemic.

        • I agree.

          The Corbett Report is one of the best comment sections in media.

          It is serious, thoughtful, and witty. It represents a variety of world views.

          We are bombarded everywhere with sights and sounds.

          I think we get enough image from Jame’s and Broc’s videos.

          Just sayin’.

          • Yeah, that seems to be the view of pretty much every one who comments here.
            It’s just a matter of weighing the pros & cons.

            James doesn’t have monetized videos so the more subscribers the better, and the wider the appeal of the site, the more subscribers there will be.

            It’s nice to have a cozy little corner of the Internet composed almost entirely of serious, intellectual researchers, but is it the smart choice?

            If we try to maintain barriers/deterrents for the ignorant masses then we’re helping to keep those ignorant masses ignorant.
            We end up with a well informed, open-minded, critically thinking minority, which is certainly lovely, but — as this plandemic has made very clear — is also incredibly dangerous.

            We corbetteers could learn everything there is to know about TPTB and their plans and still be destined for forced injections and chip implants because of being enormously outnumbered by people who know nothing about TPTB or their plans.

            So, yeah… retain a comfortable haven that appeals to a tiny minority of the human population, or sacrifice some of that comfort for wider appeal.
            Obviously that’s a choice for James (and perhaps long-time heavies like HRS) to make. Definitely not someone like me who contributes almost nothing.

            I can tell you though, as I alluded to above, it’s getting increasingly difficult to share James’ videos on other sites because of censorship from site admin/owners and coordinated bots & shills/astroturfers. Additionally, as I’ve mentioned before, for whatever reason (I have guesses), most corbetteers rarely share any of James’ work on other sites.

            • AnimalsArentFood, I wouldn’t know whether JC’s material gets shared elsewhere because I rarely visit the comment section of other sites.

              What if we were to all devote a few minutes — time we’d ordinarily spend thanking our host and encouraging one another — to searching out other sites on which we can supply a link to Corbett’s latest offering?

              I’d be willing to do that in the comment thread under a Jon Rappoport blog post — though not too often, ‘cuz it might look contrived if I parachute in from out of nowhere and contribute nothing except a TCR link. I’ll come up with a way to be not so obvious . . .

              BTW, I’m sure I’m not the only one who shares Corbett’s contributions one-on-one with friends who agree to read/watch what I send. They, in turn, may be forwarding them to their friends, for all I know. Hope so!

              • Yep, sounds good.
                If you only have time to do one or the other, I’d definitely opt for the link sharing.

                Though, of course, it doesn’t have to just be James’ latest work.
                Keep a list of your favorite videos, new or old, and share from that list.
                Try to always keep link sharing in mind so that, if, while browsing the web, you happen see a post, comment, article or page related to a topic that James has covered in the past, you can post a relevant link rather than an unrelated link might be interpreted as spammy.
                James has covered so many subjects that you can often do a web search for ‘corbettreport’ followed by the subject (eg, “corbettreport” JFK, “corbettreport” NAFTA, “corbettreport” Kissinger, etc) and you’ll get a result that you can share.

                Also, as you go, build, in a text document, a list of sites and login credentials (for those that require them) to speed things up even more.

              • Sounds like you’re super-organized, AnimalsArentFood.

                Thankfully, so am I, with a clearly marked folder (in Outlook) on each topic covered by James or anyone else whose articles or videos or podcasts I want to keep.

                Will let you know when I do my first drop-a-Corbett-link in Jon’s comment section.

                Thanks for providing the incentive!

  5. Probably this isn`t the correct comment-section to post this on
    (jumbled brain full of todays binge watched & listend videos and podcasts can`t find the correct spot for this below-zero relevance observation of mine over this “climate change” merge JC pointed out early on during the outbreak of this crazy new era)

    I received a Meme on April 22nd desplaying earth with a face smiling and hugging a gray (supposed to be) cheerful – openmouthed virus, saying

    “It is Earth Day. This years award “Largest contribution to environmental protection” is given to a virus.”

    at least it didn`t say “ice bear protection”..

    ..But ofcourse, a local brainwash newspaper wrote out what the meme had implied;

    On Monday the price on the futures exchange for the American oil brand WTI fell below zero…
    ..In the longer term, however, the question arises as to whether the corona crisis might not reinforce a change in behaviour triggered by the climate debate, which would have a lasting effect on oil consumption.

  6. I was on Bitchute watching one of Brian Young’s videos and felt compelled to leave this comment. Please forgive me for reposting it here but it sums up pretty well how I am feeling about now.

    “Thats the thing. It is no secret that this is a hoax. Those of us who are critical thinkers have known all along and we’ve been telling everyone we know about it. They called us crazy conspiracy theorists.
    Now it is all over the corporate media. Every day more doctors and government officials are admitting that the numbers are bull. Even the sheep can no longer maintain that this is about a virus.
    And Yet they still want to follow the orders of their masters.

    This scheme to further, or perhaps complete the conditioning of the human tax cattle has worked magnificently for the powers that shouldn’t be.”

    Then upon reading down the comment section, which I wouldn’t advise, I read the simple question “have you seen this?”
    I hadn’t. I don’t remember hearing about this but I suppose that there is a lot I haven’t heard about. But this shocked me.
    It is a short, 4 minute or so video that appears to be someone lecturing people about creating a virus and vaccine to inoculate people from fanatical behavior. There is a 2005 time stamp a it also says DOD. It claims to be a leaked video. If they were working on plans like this 15 years ago. I can only imagine what they are capable of doing today.

    I sensed and share JC’s frustration in this NWNW episode.

    • MBP, and all this we share with a worm.
      Even the worm knows better.

      • I am relieved that others who are much more informed and intelligent than I have debunked the video. Thanks guys.

      • “Is his debunking really that conclusive?“

        I tell ya, I just don’t know what to believe anymore. If it weren’t for JC and his subscribers and maybe a few other alt news people I would be completely adrift. With deep fake videos and such how is it possible to navigate through the sea of information and disinformation?
        Not too many years ago I probably would have been even more skeptical of something like that video. Hell I was completely sure that the official version of 911 was true.
        These days I am finding it difficult to immediately reject even the wackiest of theories.

        I have been feeling lately like I just want to pull up the virtual covers over my head and just hide from the world.

        Makes me wonder if thats not by design.

      • Steve, I think West CAN be successfully debunked.

        There’s a technical writer at AE911Truth named Chris Sarns who wrote a point-by-point rebuttal of the WTC microspheres debunking video that West produced in October 2018:

        Chris emails his 12-page PDF rebuttal to inquirers who write to seeking AE’s comments about West’s video. Feel free to write to that address and ask for Sarns’ comprehensive rebuttal.

      • MBP. We can return to the Experiment.
        Having a conversation with a worm will produce the same understanding as having the same conversation with the gene. The worm is a system and a gene? Shall we split hairs until we know? How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?
        On the count of three I will clap my hands and you will awaken . one..two…three….
        Wait go to the balcony first …now think of all the alchemy that went into the
        ‘ getting ‘… people (too) to the balcony.
        Look out your window. How many are on their balcony clapping? Same argument in action. Simple huh?
        I have never seen a worm clapping. I have seen worms on balconies but never clapping.
        Faith in the alchemy is like clapping on the balcony. Its a con man-{bear-pig} trick.

      • MBP. Kick off the shoes and let me massage those sore hoofs. Fill the glass and relax to the music. Languaedoc Gawl-lee . I might join you. Move over. What a frigging week. Look at that sunset.

      • Alex it found me. MBP was at the experiment again. You should see some of the Cochina Dolls of the Hopi Blue Corn Maiden. They look exactly like the Chinese in her dream. The chaos in her dream is the eternal struggle of light, dark. Winter , summer. Pole shift north to south. She is the harmony at the dividing line between the two. Isn’t it obvious? It hurts her heart but she endures the pain of transition for everyone elses benefit.
        You on the other hand are something quite different. You are a giant armadillo. Above or below. Comfortable in either place. You bring it all together like a conductor. Harmony is the outcome of all your hard work.
        Me Im just a worm.

      • What a pygmy armadillo you pictured there. You will need a cage bigger than that for a Giant Armadillo.

        These Armadillo are so large they are only born through ciscerian births. Pay attention.

        Saturdays for music Sunday is for fun. How do you spot a frog with a weak end ? They don’t work on Sunday.

      • MBP if you figure it out let me know so I know what I was saying.

        Ok enough. The frogs with weak ends bust their ass every time they jump. So how do you tell? They grow wings to compensate their weak ass jumping. The ones with wings.

        Start using your wings MBP. Learn to fly.

      • Alexa. A roach? Maybe in a long way around the barn understanding. MBPs reluctance to develope her spiritual gift is cannon fodder to her real artistic gift. That self effacing Gawl is somewhat frogish but Gawl-lee what do i know. She is an expatriote and the orthodox frogs will always bust ass to keep her wings clipped. Jeez look at her neighbors in the frog pond. They are just jealous of her real talent and intelect. I’d like to buy her talent for what they thinks she’s worth and sell her for what she is really worth. Kinda like you.
        Naw! Im just joshing ya and waxing my mustachioed toad in this surrealist needle tail.( that is a thread ) your on to me. And Im out a here cause I probably stirred the boiling frog pot to long. I hope the frogs with wings fly out before they wind up on the dinner plate. Yum.Yum. Macaroni.salt and Macaroni.

      • MBP. Please tell us what that is. Words for me come out of the aether like pictures came out of paint cans thrown by Jackson Polick.
        I know this is of importance. How ? I don’t know but you do. I know the battle is for our minds…understanding more will help deciefer the world the PTSB don’t want us to know to much about. They, IMHO is how they think and act. Say like, one half a step up or down in the normal frequency band of normal understanding. Hidden in not-so-plain sight. The ol’ illuminate’ thingy.
        Your half a step ahead of us, when you tear into a ‘ thingy’ you got a great control over perception conceptual realization where on the whole , I wish I had but don’t.
        All the answers can be found half a tic up or down on the dial. Always on, always broadcasting as Aleksandr stated above.
        Do you wonder where No- Soap – RADIO came from and landed here. Then is James social gaming us. A honeypot stuck on our nose? Easily marking us as….? Tracking? Illuminating?

      • You can tell Im a little disturbed today. The Commie Stazi Mayor rolled out Contact Tracing as though its normal and acceptable and good and like its always been and is and has been good always. One nudge too much.
        All run by a growing bureaucracy at the Health Dept. No elected officials but Authority experts now in Surveillance. Apprehension, confinement and prosecution and fines for non compliance.
        No mention of ditch the phone and the whole thing collapses into a chip.

      • I love the deeper message of this song.

        Bob Marley was such an intelligent, sharp, wise man.

        The deputy is the upholder of the law, and that law is the law of Creation. It is the common law in ways… that is why he did not shot the deputy.

        The sheriff is the enforcer of the law, and the reason it needs to be enforced is because he is of those who are trying to subvert the laws of Creation with the laws of “man”, it is the law of the high seas or the pirates and it is admiralty law. That is the law that we live under all over and that is the law of the un world court.

        So Bob shot the sheriff with his message and eventually he knew the truth would bring babylon down.

        “So we refuse to be – what you wanted us to be – we are what we are and that’s the way its going to be – if you don’t know…”

        • Thank you for enlightening me about the deeper meaning behind both of these Bob Marley songs (shot the sheriff and babylon), Noahsark723.

          • You are welcome. Reggae music came to me when I was in 12th grade after playing guitar all through high school. So eventually I spent a good year – reading the bible and the Teachings of Rastafari. And when you understand those things plus the history of Jamaica you can see that the Rastas are the burning spear of Tussant Le’Oveture, I believe his name was. Tussant was a great African leader brought over on the slave trade i believe what was Papau new guinnee. The soldiers of europe had a real hard time with him and his message spread through the area and found its way to Jamaica and come up through the marroons and shanty towns of the Jamaican country. Garvey picked up the spear and ran with it – he is what the Rastas will call a John the Baptist or Moses of these times. Marcus Garvey was a wise man who sought nothing but to improve the conditions for Africans in the west and most importantly wanted all european influence removed from Africa and that all Africans would return home to create their own civilization without outside influence. That was no a no to the minds of the hidden hand and so the spear continues to burn through the generations of the people until it pierces the heart of the great dragon.

            Mystery babylons doom is coming – they are the ones that are going into captivity not the people, the table is just about to turn, Their destruction that is coming… because they have broke the laws of Creation – so everything they have sown they shall reap.

            “The singers and the players on instruments shall be there…” – Pslam 87

            Bob’s message is so important in these times as well as so many other Reggae Singers and Players…

            The Rasta’s are a wise people!

            You have to listen to what he is saying real close – Capelton is wise as well… Babylon Use Dem Brain:

      • @mik That was interesting and enjoyable. Thanks for the link.
        Every time I take the opportunity to listen to a university lecture I wonder to myself how my life might have turned out had circumstances been different or had I been less rebellious in my youth and stayed in school long enough to at least graduate from high school.
        I have always loved learning but I certainly put myself at a great disadvantage by being such a contrarian.
        Nevertheless I yam what I yam and I will keep trying to absorb as much wisdom and knowledge as my remaining years will allow.

      • MIK, Stanford says it all. The continuation of Blood Purity Eugenics. Would I be correct in assuming that PureBloods have no defective genes. That fixes in their minds the Authority for them to deal with eliminating defectives from the species? Crazy Shit is appropriate.

        • GBW,

          please tell me, if you meet a guy from Germany, is your first thought nazi? Or a guy from Russia and first thought commie?
          Or, thanks god, you don’t meet them and you have no problem?

          Otherwise this is series of 20+ excellent lectures.

          • Mik. Touché. First thought. This person is way smarter then me i speak no Rusky or Arian and they have taken the effort to speck the hardest to learn language in the world, English. You got to respect that. Look who Im talking to now. Eh? Your English is almost as good as mine.
            Your native tongue?

            • I’m not native speaker.

              I guess, logic you are presenting now can be transposed and applied to Stanford and conclusion could be made you’ve been unnecessary dismissive.

  7. In a way it’s a bit obvious what needs to be done. If your house is infested with rats, you could :-

    1. Do nothing, wait for the rats to chew through the wiring and burn your house down.
    2. Write a petition to the rats asking them to leave.
    3. Make a sign “Rats leave now!” and protest outside your house.
    4. Elect one of the rats as your “representative.”
    5. Get a cat, lay some poison and traps.

    • Right off the bat I’m not buying that. @30s it tries to sell us on S Korea being a ‘proxy state’ to the US, in a tone that assumes we’ll all agree.


      No Sale.

      • “…sell us on S Korea being a ‘proxy state’ to the US,…”

        It was proxy state, now is vassal state, fact.

        You don’t have “to buy”, you can put head into sand, facts will still be there.

        • I was drunk when I typed that. I apologise.


    • A subject I know way too much about.
      Studying K-Pop was a hobby/illness of mine for a long time.
      Bookmarked for later.

      • I watched it. It’s not a bad mini doc but it’s also not very good.
        It’s the sort of mini doc you get from someone assembling, into video format, what they gathered over a short period of time from web searches and other people’s opinions, devoid of the comprehension that comes with with long-term study or immersion, which is especially critical when it comes to the subject of K-Pop and South Korean entertainment where it’s hard to differentiate between transparency and next-level deception.
        As a result, this mini doc contains both true information and false information.

        • I got this video as a philosophical perspective on k-pop and not mini doc about k-pop.

          Tell us about false information.

          • Hehe, I actually started to type out which statements & perceptions were false and why.
            I was only a couple of minutes into the video and already had a wall of text. I would’ve had a small novel and a lost day by the time I finished. Had to abort.

            Thanks, by the way, for posting that video. Only occasionally does someone try to dig into and reveal the negative or hidden elements of K-Pop and I’m always interested to see what they come up with.

    • This whole channel, Cuck Philosophy, is pretty good. His review of Sam Harris’s The Moral Landscape is a devastating must watch, if youre into philosophy.

      • Harris’ proposition is obviously failure from get go, well you must have some basics in philosophy to conclude that. I enjoyed dissection made by pro very much too.

        The guy also references his work very well.

    • I am not well versed in the Assange story. At the very least I am suspect of it and him maybe because I am not well versed so I take a cautious stance towards him.

      When Corbett did the interview with Jason Bermas not to long ago- They talked about Assange and Corbett expressed his mind about him saying that he wasn’t so sure of Assagne when Bermas thought other wise because of this or that in regards to what they were talking about. I don’t remember the specifics.

      But let me point out some very important words that I wrote in the comment you are referencing…

      “…IF SO then the whole assange torture thing is just a stage show.”

      You see the words – IF SO – that means that I am on the fence about him because I am not 100% sure either way.

      Just like were I wrote this about the hacker group:
      “These guys SEEM legitimate – BUT TIME WILL TELL as in all things.”

      See, SEEM and BUT TIME WILL TELL, as a similar stance meaning, I am not really sure about this hacker group and that in due time it will become clearer if they are legitimate or not.

      You quote “… Are you just interrupting an adult conversation that grownups are trying to have about an urgent matter, or is it something else? Did you run around telling everyone that Saddam used to be a CIA asset instead of protesting the Iraq invasion?… ”

      I didn’t know there was a conversation going on here about assange – I was just making a passing remark in regards to what the hacker group was reporting in the link i posted about wikileaks.

      And yeah Saddam maybe never stopped working for the Cia – these people will kill their own children to further this agenda – that is how sick they are. …and I don’t know how protesting ever stopped a war. It is a misnomer that is leaned upon too much in these times, That protest has any validity or value. The whole world protested the iraq war of 2003 – it didn’t do shit. But if everyone knew Saddam worked for the Cia well that may have had an more prominent effect on the situation, but that is the crux of the problem isn’t it? – not enough people know the truth of these matters and are ignorant of these subjects.

      Again to address you questions – I didn’t say assange was this or that – but expressed that it was up the air for me.


    • continuing on…

      Just because he is in prison doesn’t mean that he is what he is proclaimed to be – my point being is that it could be a tactic used to make him look legitimate when in fact he may very well not be.

      Again, James has even expressed his own suspicions about assange without going into detail about it at the time in the interview with Bermas, do you wonder why? or is assange to be worshiped and defended.

      “…It’s fascinating how often people resort to fallacious debate tactics when arguing about Assange.” …

      I wasn’t resorting to any tactics at all – just saying as I stated – but you, on the other hand, maybe correct in your stance on assange or you maybe fooled and caught in admiration of him, and if so you are caught in what I would call the savior complex. and IF SO then you are the one that needs to be careful.

      I am just saying – this isn’t an attack…

      Iron Sharpeneth Iron every time!

      • ManBearPig,

        Thank you for clarifying your post for me, I appreciate it!

        It came off as being in defense of assange with out the context of what you know about the assange psy-op.

        No, it didn’t ruin my day at all, words are words to me, they aren’t bombs or sticks or stones – just words; they really don’t hurt at all… but then again, weaponized language is a whole other subject.

        Again, thank you for taking the time to clear this up because it pushes me in the direction that assange is a psy-op. It am certain that snowden is a snow job.

        The hidden hand has surely put alot of effort into disinformation campaigns in myriad ways to fracture the minds of the awakening people. I have seen it first hand with the trump psy-op here in america.

        Enjoy your Languedoc and musical medicine!

        till next time…

    • BUMP – Top Grade Video

      (Read the YouTube comments. The reporters are being dissed.)

      You are right! It is very good.
      This is ABC KERO-TV, channel 23, out of Bakersfield, California

      This California perspective is very profound.
      Dr. Erickson points out how the routine health system is being dismantled as staff and operations are cut.
      He gives a good overview, and also goes into the stats for New York and Spain, Sweden, Norway.
      Erickson compares the stats from the flu.

      !! He discusses immunology!! (Around 19 minute mark)

      The mantra which the public holds onto…
      FEAR !

      Dr. Erickson says:
      “The major component is fear.”
      “We have never seen where we quarantine the healthy.”
      “That means that you have a 0.03 chance of dying from Covid-19 in the State of California.”
      …96 % recover…
      …millions of cases, small amount of deaths…
      “It’s similar to the flu. I’m following the science.”

      …and so much more…

      • Part 2
        Dr. Dan Erickson of “Accelerated Health Care” talks about the impact of the coronavirus on Kern County.

        (12 minutes)

        “It’s time to go back to work…
        …not models – Data is saying that.”

        You can tell reporters watch too much TV.

        • I insist that folks listen to the last 2 minutes.

          • We need an enforcer around these parts. Watch this now. Or else….

            • Hahaha, mkey! HRS would make a great law man — insisting that we obey him if we know what’s good for us. ‘Cuz I wouldn’t have watched otherwise. (It helped to read alexandre’s take first, though.)

              Am sharing this clip with friends, thanks to “Texas Ranger” HRS!

            • “If you stomp on our freedoms. That has one ending. And thats violence.”

    • I am watching this video now and it’s SUPER!

      He is stating everything that I been talking about here for the past few weeks.
      These are two M.D.’s.

      1. Quarantine Yes/No? No.
      2. Face masks/gloves? No.
      3. The seasonal flu is just as deadly as Covid-19. He’s got the same stats that I have.
      4. He’s got the immunology background to back up what he says.

      I would encourage ALL Corbetteers to watch it. Powerful stuff.

  8. At least in my country, the answer is simple: if you haven’t heard it from the news, Whatsapp, Facebook or any other mind-destroyer social media, relatives and so one, when the police would see you walking on the streets they would warn you and tell you that there is a lockdown. I am pretty sure that they wouldn’t fine you the first time, but if you “break” this home arrest a second time, then the fine would be sure.

    I don’t agree with what I am going to say, but I am talking from their perspective. We are the ones who have to know what rules or laws are being approved at any time that could affect us, in order to know what we can or can’t do. That’s why it is implicit that we have to find a way to know that.

    Again, I absolutely disagree with that, but that’s the way this terrible system works.

    • I have heard a factoid stating US tax code is 72000 pages short. Whichever code I start to read it soon becomes apparent that I break the law every day, fines far exceeding my earning capcity. Of course, there are no victims of my actions in sight but law is the law, one ought abide.

  9. Read this comment somewhere (maybe under Truthstream Media’s new “ritual initiation” video?) and wondered if any enterprising researcher on this thread knows how to find the song and the full lyrics:

    DR CREEP RAP MUSIC 2014 > LYRICS: “it’s 2020 combined with coronavirus, bodies stacking, the first war of the vaccines”

    • Wow, that was fast, MBP. Thank you.

      Hard to believe that predictive programming pops up in places that are so, well, unpredictable. Not that I’ve ever heard of this band. But I wonder why the fans who DID hear this song back in 2013 or thereafter didn’t notice the date, 2020, and issue warnings to everyone on social media platforms? (Oh, that’s right: their warnings would’ve been suppressed and algorithmed to the bottom of search engine offerings.)

      Snooping around just now, I found a catalogue of clues to 9/11 (we all are familiar with some of these hints, but I don’t know how many of us have compiled them all in one list):

      Maybe what we need is a team of “truth” researchers whose job (or hobby) is to search for, and flag, every video, audio, photo, and text that seems to be pointing to an upcoming “event” — then use a plethora of pre-planned avenues to get the message out to as wide an audience as possible. That way, many of us would be prepared and could possibly prevent the predicted event from taking place.

      • I just now read this in the Perloff article you linked to earlier:

        “In October 2019, the British hard rock band ‘The Darkness’ released an album entitled Easter Is Cancelled, certainly an interesting bit of predictive programming.”


        “Easter Is Cancelled”

        I die in vain
        I have lived to no avail
        The path forks before you
        Drive in the final nail
        A thousand years of chaos
        And a thousand more
        Pestilence and famine
        Violence and war
        Rise of the arseclowns
        Burning everything
        We cannot trust the air we breathe
        And the birds no longer sing

        Easter is cancelled
        No more death and no rebirth
        Peace on planet earth
        Easter is cancelled
        And the children do not dance
        Give the world a chance

        Peace on planet earth

        Tell me children
        Can you live with what you’ve done?
        Aren’t you disgusted
        By what you have become?
        Mesmerized by evil, feasting on their lies
        Too high on the smell of your own fear to realize
        Spreading disease so they can sell the cure
        Goodness is always diluted, evil is always pure

        Easter is cancelled
        No more death and no rebirth
        Peace on planet earth
        Easter is cancelled
        And the children do not dance
        Give the world a chance

        You wait a lifetime for an angel
        Demons tearing you apart
        Consequences of betrayal
        In the end you break your own heart

        Easter is cancelled
        No more death and no rebirth
        Peace on planet earth
        Easter is cancelled
        And the children do not dance
        Give the world a chance

          • Oh, good for you, pearl; I’d glanced right over that.

            The name of the group, “The Darkness,” is a “dead” giveaway, isn’t it?

            Interesting that they premiered “Easter Is Cancelled” on YouTube on April 4, 2019 ( and at the same time announced that it would be the title of their sixth album, to be released on October 4th — just two weeks before Event 201 and the Wuhan games:

            One could find a sinister meaning in the names of many of their songs in the album: “In Another Life” and “Laylow” could apply to what the world is experiencing now.

            How interesting that the previous name of the band was “Stone Gods.”

            Good to know darkness has no source and no power but is merely the seeming absence of light. (I say “seeming” because, as we know, light from the sun is never really absent, just temporarily obscured.)

            • Wow. That album cover! Jesus breaking free from the cross (which means no resurrection, no new birth)? Dead, black-eyed “saints”? Don’t they wish.

  10. Guys, fifty years ago I met an old man who had worked in a hospital during the Spanish Flu; his job was to go around, opening the windows that the sIck soldiers kept closing. They knew then they had to get rid of air bearing the virus…that idea is totally forgotten today.

    I am kind of stuck in Europe—I came here in February, for a week of work and I am still here, waiting for the death of liberty…or the resurrection? Horrified about the reckless mismanagement of the Plague. So I started a website telling stories by friends who are doctors and then I observed lies and contradictions between different “authorities” and finally published them TODAY.

    Check this out, there is NO PLAGUE in Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Everyone is out, bars are open, etc. So I tried to explain that.

    What I can’t explain is the conflict between WHO and CDC, and why would they want the cashier ladies to get ill—they are forced to work without the protection of even a $5 face shield! So I must publish photos showing how cashier ladies are working without protection from the customers’ Cooties. I need photos, please, showing the reckless mismanagement of the Plague.


    • Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi of “Accelerated Urgent Care” in Kern County, California refuse to wear masks outside.
      They say the longer people stay inside, the more their immune system drops.
      When the lockdown is lifted, sickness of a broad spectrum of ailments is likely to increase because the society’s immune system is being compromised by the “stay in place”.

      “Nobody talks about the fact that coronavirus lives on plastic for three days…
      …water bottles…
      …Where did you get these?…

      …your food wrappers…
      …your gloves…
      …your mask…

      A fomite or fomes is any inanimate object that, when contaminated with or exposed to infectious agents, can transfer disease to a new host.

      The entire scenario of Authoritarian Lockdown Regulations is not supported by science nor by common sense.
      It is silly.

      • Erickson and Massihi are right, about not wearing masks outside. Masks are unpleasant to wear, they get wet, they give you rashes. The S95 cut into 80-year-old skin. I put it on only going into a store or talking to someone at close distance.

        Hang out the mask in the sun, outside the window, or sterilise it as will soon be discussed in my website. And by the way, $15 dust masks are quite comfortable to wear on long flights.

        However, hats off to those nice people who agree to discomfort and wear masks just because they have a sore throat. And congratulations to Koreans, Taiwanese, Hong Kongers for their great success:
        Hong Kong 4 deaths/7 millions people
        S. Korea, 240 deaths/52 million
        Taiwan 6 deaths/ 24 million

  11. Back in the days when I first started trying to wake people up about 9/11 I found the “Patriots Question 9/11” website to be really useful.

    Not only was it a good starting point to do research but it helped counteract the claims that anyone who questioned 9/11 was just an Internet armchair expert who knew nothing really.

    I think it would be really useful to have a site like that related to people who have spoken up about Covid 19.

    Does anyone know of such a site?

    It would be good to validate that if people claim to be doctors or nurses that they are who they claim to be.

    • Also like Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Indeed these types of groups do drop peoples defenses to receiving and absorbing this type of information.

      • Octium, you are right, and I try to do that in, using personal doctor stories, medical/statistical sources, and news sources about lockdown lunacy.

        I have so far advised my friends, doctors in very poor countries, that it is better to omit names and towns, in order to be able to report without fear of being fired.

    • The last half of this recent documentary is like a drum beat for war.
      “1st documentary movie on the origin of CCP virus,
      Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus”

      Some of the cast…
      Professor Judy Mikovitz
      Anthony Shaffer (Yes, the 9/11 Shaffer)
      Former Brigadier General Robert Spalding

      In 1999, the People’s Liberation Army published a book called “Unrestricted Warfare” discussing how weaker nations can fight against stronger nations in the context of modern warfare.

      Author Qiao Liang wrote “After the first Taiwan Strait crisis, we realized that if Chinese and American military fought head on, we are at a disadvantage. Therefore we need a new strategy to help our military tilt the balance of power”

      The Federation of American Scientists expressed concern saying that the CCP has advanced chemical warfare projects, including research, development, manufacturing, and weaponizing capabilities.

      Gen. Spalding thinks China wants to be the best in biological weapons.

  12. More good news. Tens of thousands of people who didn’t go to the hospital won’t die from hospital mistakes. Iatrogenic death is responsible for a minimum of 250,000 a year in the United States alone. There are many other medical procedures outside of the hospital that kill as well. Some estimate up to a million deaths a year in the United States alone. I’m sorry All the people that didn’t go for essential services add up to a lot more people not dying. Hospitals will go under from no business people will find other natural safer cheaper ways to heal themselves. Their medical Monopoly is caving in on itself. Backfire!

  13. #MSMPropaganda

    Bill Gates On Coronavirus: ‘It’s Going To Be A While Before Things Go Back To Normal’ | TODAY April 24, 2020

    “…Gates has likened this fight against COVID-19 to a world war, except this time we are all on the same side.”
    —TODAY anchor Savannah Clark Guthrie

    Translation: give up your freedoms, your privacy, your human-to-human contact, and the other things that make you a dignified human being, and we’ll win! It’s all for the greater good…

    • I saw videos of the motorbikes and sand shovelers at the skatepark last night. So cool. I love the citizen response…to hell with the local mandates.

      ANECEDOTE – Mandated Masks
      Thursday I was in a bad mood. You probably saw my rant way up on this Thread. It’s the damn Dallas County mandate to wear masks when going in a store.

      I first discovered the mandate on Tuesday the 21st, when I went to my neighborhood convenience store (really it is a liquor store) a block away. I always chat with the owner and we joke. One time, a few weeks ago, I asked how his “Corona” (the beer label) sales were doing. He said that actually Corona sales have increased.

      As I was about to go into the store, posted on the door was a notice from Dallas County that all customers must wear a mask, and that all employees of the establishment must don a mask. I read it and entered – maskless.
      Sure enough, everyone had a mask on except for one other customer.
      The owner looked bad behind his mask. Beaten. I tried to cheer him up by saying “At least you are on the edge of Dallas County”, meaning that likely the enforcers won’t mess with him too much.

      So Wednesday, I made a choice to go to my usual grocery store close by in Dallas County, rather than one a little further away in another County without the mask mandate.
      My aura was flashing “Don’t you ___ with me!”

      I walk in without a mask. All the many staff had their masks on, save for two, one girl with a frown of disgust and one, my friend, Rodriguez (not his real name).
      Only one other customer of many had no mask. A cashier actually wore a face shield.

      I did my shopping and stopped to talk to Rodriguez over in the meat department and we talk for about 10 minutes.
      We go back as friends about 6 or 7 years ago to when he worked the meat department at another grocery store 40 minutes away while I worked in the Vitamin/Supplement department. At that store, I would give him stacks of 9/11 Truth DVDs/Brochures so he could give them to his friends.

      Anyway, Rodriguez had his mask hanging on his neck as we chatted. We talked about how they are bringing in the global control. As usual, I plug Corbett Report. He told how the police came in the other day to check on the mask mandate. Geez! Finally, I told Rodriguez that I better zip out of here before I cause a scene or get snitched on. I want my groceries – not a hassle.

      Anyway, the mandate really ruffled my feathers.

      • Man, things are getting increasingly ridiculous. I’m glad you said f it and went in there anyway. There always has to be the first one who breaks the rules and shows everyone else it can be done. Here in California the UPS store was requiring masks or bandanas to enter. I had neither so I had to drive all the way back home to get one just so I could mail something. Grinds my gears.

        Seeing those dirt bikers and skaters really made me smile. The human spirit will not be crushed.

      • You always tell us that you love our stories, but we love yours even more, HRS. I hope being able to unload your feelings here, knowing that your circle of friends will understand and agree with you, mends the wound and makes you feel all better! 🙂

        P.S. I don’t know of places that mandate masks in Houston. When I go into a grocery store, I smile a lot and say hello to staffers and strangers; I think they smile back under their masks! Happiness and kindness are infectious, I hope!

      • You are one bad contrarian Texan and you won’t ever be any good. Keep up the good work.

      • You should see my neighborhood market, Homeremedy. It has gotten progressively more insane every single day for the past month.

        I finally bought enough food that I only go in there once or twice per week.

        The staff are wearing SWAT TEAM plastic see-through face masks that cover their entire face from forehead to chin. WITH REGULAR FACE MASKS UNDER THAT!

        Police officers in the store always. A new set-up to pay for groceries where everyone waits in ONE LINE 6 feet apart. You know it’s 6 feet because of the big red you-can-stand-here spots on the floor.

        There are new signs and flyers up on the entrance to the store everyday. So there are about 20 different signs now! I finally noticed the latest one requesting face masks (though everyone but me wears one already).

        I am now the only person among staff and shoppers whenever I stop in there who does not wear a mask. Same with absolutely every place else I go.

        I am prepared for the day it becomes mandatory in order to shop. I carry an extra large clear plastic trash bag with me. If I am stopped from shopping I am going to put the plastic bag over me covering my body head to thigh. And when people look at me funny I am going to raise the bag and say WELL,NOW I LOOK AS CRAZY AS YOU.

        • I would pay good money to see their faces as that scenario from the closing section of your comment rolls out. Getting a space suit (60es style) would also be a nifty way to go shopping while being extremely stylish. You could also fake the moon hop for extra strange looks cast in your direction per second.

    • This people’s action agrees with me, it agrees with me a lot. They should have hired contractors of their own to write a nice message about self fornication in big font in the beech sand. Possibly visible from space, just to counter the one in Qatar (or is it Saudi Arabia?)

    • Camille, I waited patiently the entire seven minutes for you to blast these snoops.

      But when the video ended with your “Please Stop the Ride” sign front-and-center and no sound, I realized that you didn’t need to say a thing. They said it all for you.

      We need look no further than these poor lost souls for modern-day examples of the “whited sepulchers” that MBP and I talked about recently.

      Thank you so much for finding and sharing. You’re so alert!

      • The original video is 4 hours long and has quite a bit more in it.

        CGI U 2020: Combating the COVID 19 Crisis (Full Recording)

        I have all sorts of time stamps from watching it.

        Thank you for watching!

        • Camille, does the opening of the full-length video (, showing all those sincere, adorable, but credulous young people from around the world, plus the description of the video (below), frustrate you to the hilt and sadden you to the core? It does me. Such deception. Such a shame.

          “As part of CGI University 2020, President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton brought together leading voices in public health, government, and philanthropy to discuss the COVID-19 crisis and how we can work together to overcome the complex health, economic, and societal challenges that it presents. The program also explored ways we can continue to support each other and build resilience in our communities — and how students can be part of the solution.”

    • When I opened up YouTube on a browser, your video was in my “Recommended”.

      I love the slow motion voice towards the end.
      It captures the agenda.

      • That’s fun to hear!

        I have to give full credit for that slow motion part, and the WHO guy, to my mom. I was showing it to her before I uploaded and she insisted I add those two things. She’s a great help to me!

    • I hate to break it to you, but you probably ate the other one. Did you first burp when the doc slapped your butt?

    • The horrible propaganda outlet NowThis just put out a piece on the Clinton event I used in my video.

      CGI U Empowers Students to Tackle World Problems

      • Camille, we can only hope that certain comments under the video will cause the duped young people to pause, think twice, do a little research, and find out the real facts behind the facade that is CGI.

        This one might wake up a few of the ignorant innocents:

        “mike maceda: More like the old blood-suckers need new voices to continue their blood sucking.”

        By the way, I don’t believe that the new-to-me psyop site “NowThis News” really has 679K subscribers! Surely that number is artificially high!

        All Corbett supporters who see your posting here, Camille, and who have a YouTube account can hop on over to NTN, “dislike” the propaganda piece and call it out in the comment section.

        • CQ. Very clever idea. Lets do just that. 10,000 times.

    • Happy to be able to help, my friend!

  14. Nobody Told Me – John Lennon (official music video HD)
    (4 minutes)

    Nobody told me there’d be days like these
    Strange days indeed

    There’s Nazis in the bathroom just below the stairs
    Always something happening and nothing going on

    Strange days indeed

    • Haha, HRS. Didn’t really knew you had it in you?

      Posting such a vid?

      Thought you were just some square from Tex Ass.

      Oops. I meant Texas.

      Dick Cavett. Andy Warhol. Woah!

      There’s UFO’s over New York, and I ain’t so surprised.

      You know, HRS, I’m waxing so nostalgic these days, it ain’t even funny.

      Got “Desolation Row” reverberating through my consciousness, not to mention “Ballad Of A Thin Man”:


      Thanks for so many of your alternative health tips. Goes to show there’s still plenty of sanity left. And, you know what? All this is going to blow over in a few months, or so…. They’ll flip a switch to return things to normal. Simple. Like presto! What exactly did Pavlov’s dog do when his master snapped his fingers?


      Keep on….

      Keeping on!

      • “Thought you were[…]from Tex Ass.”

        I’m Texan, born and bred. Them be fightin’ words! Our idea of fun is kickin’ hippies’ asses and raisin’ hell! ?

        Just playin’ with ya, Candlelight. Where’ve you been?!

        • Ha ha, pearl. Thank you kindly for that sweet Redneck song! Yessam! E for eggs, R for redneck. Whoo, golly! Kick them hippie’s asses!

          To answer your question, I just took a break for a week, or so. A person can experience a bombardment of overload at times, transported as we are to the sometimes sunny climes of Western Japan, fighting covid all the way!

          Anyway, don’t you take nothing for granted. In the meanwhile, be well and stay safe.

          For real, though, take good care. I mean it. Even if it’s a sliver, as the man says, you don’t want to be that sliver, for you or your family’s sake.

          Bottom line, pearl.

          • Once again, wise words which I promise to take to heart and apply. Thank you.

            To further lighten your heart, here’s the backstory to that song by the man himself. HE was the hippie gettin’ whooped on!


  15. According to immunization experts, the optimum rate of coverage for many vaccines, known as herd immunity, is about 90 to 95 percent.

    Good enough for me.

  16. Reading this thread this morning, this old Paul Simon song came to mind.
    No predictive programming but thinking back on the music that impacted me as a young man, I am starting to realize why I ended up here.

    Just for fun and memories.

  17. I am sorry: this is in French, but Raoult is in hot water with the “ordre des medecins” (=AMA). He runs the risk of losing his licence to practice because hydrochloroquine and azithromycin have not been ” scientifically validated” to treat Covid-1984 by the real quacks (ordre des medecins).

    “What is of the utmost importance is not the life of the patients. We are above such frivolous details. What matters is our religion, i.e. money. Oh sorry, I meant science, of course.”

    Moliere is still alive.,8862467.php

  18. Eugenics reference,
    Here’s a site that tracks military acquisitions ( that gives population predictions for now vs 2025. example: the USA 2017/327 million, 2025/100 million. I wonder which m with an odel they were using?

    It looks like an arms dealer’s reference. Or some more seasoned browser may be able to verify it authenticity for us,,?

    to repeat how I got to this linked page: start on the home page, put in desired country in the site search bar, this will link to a new page that says “no results”, but it will be in the “equipment” folder, switch to the “country” folder, et voilla.

  19. I heard the military uses the same gps tracking for soldiers crossing into enemy territory, to an accuracy of 2m. so if we all stand apart 2m the tracking of each person will be more managable for the Hal.

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