Interview 1542 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Interviews | 68 comments

Welcome to the 406th episode of New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Bill Gates Worked To End Livestock Production, Pushed Lab Grown Meat

President Trump Readies Bailout For Nation’s Food Suppliers

Bill Gates Among 117 Foreigners To Be Decorated By Japan

Please Stop The Ride

Story #2: New Microsoft Bitcoin Mining System Set to Transform BTC Mining

Episode 145 – You Are Being Gamed

Video: Bill Gates Gets Pied In Belgium, Circa 1999

Story #3: CT Cops Cancel Spy Drone, Showing Resistance to Medical Martial Law Can Work

Updated Press Release: Westport Police Department Statement on Drone Pilot Program

California Cops Heckled As They Tell 93-Year-Old Couple They Can’t Sit in Chairs on the Beach

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  1. Queen LizardBreath II got in first!!

    Bill Gates becomes honorary knight

    “Bill Gates, the billionaire chairman of Microsoft, received an honorary knighthood today for his charitable work and his achievement in creating the world’s most successful software company.

    Mr Gates and his wife, Melinda, met the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh at Buckingham Palace for the ceremony. Despite receiving the KBE, or Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire, Mr Gates will not be known as ‘Sir’, a title reserved for British citizens.”

    • London Real had all of their broadcast outlets banned for the recent David Icke interviews they did. They had to go private in order to continue reporting. Is finding a way to independently spread information really lame? I am sure I have heard JC say multiple times that we shouldn’t expect to keep finding his reports on outlets such as YT.

  2. I really appreciated this Good News Next Week segment.
    Sharing these type of tactics and “wins for our side” help to facilitate them, and also to add a little luster to life.
    God knows we could use some luster.

    I look forward to Corbett’s “Bad Billy” series.
    Gates has a self-image like a biblical “Lord of the World”.

    While it could never be proven, I am inclined to believe that Bill Gates planned and financed this whole shebang.
    All this was no accident. Not all of it. No way. Someone was throwing gasoline on the fire. erh..well, a lot of folks have been throwing gas on the fire.

    • A possibility that I read about is that Gates is a front man for the Rothchilds, who may be funding, via Gates, the shenanigans going on right now. If that’s the case, Gates could be easily disposed of when his work is over by either a) a hit man, or b) the angry masses. Is this theory too way out there, or is it feasible? What think ye?

  3. My city in the UK has its own digital currency and has had for a few years now (where you can spend locally and support local businesses, wonder how they have all fared the last few weeks?!), but it looks like the places opening up (very sparsely all over the UK) are not accepting cash, card payments only, some only drive through, or delivery so online ordering. I did visit a local DIY establishment that had not shut down a couple of weeks agi, same thing there, order online, click, collect (take some ID with you to prove you are the one who ordered the goods, they were just taking the digits off our passports and driving licenses, etc) Lots offering huge discounts and vouchers…

      • Maybe you have more sunshine there in SW USA.

        Also, Albuquerque NM banned 5G, at least according to Arthur Firstenberg in his book, “The Invisible Rainbow”. He also points out that all previous pandemics have co-incided with a rapid diffusion of electrification or of radiation, such as radio waves (1918), radar (1948), satellite (1968), and 5G (2020). Have other cities in NM or AZ banned 5G? Dr. Thomas Cowan MD develops this rational 5G-pandemic hypothesis in his ten-minute summary that has gone “viral” –

        Unfortunately, and possibly predictably, this hypothesis has been denounced by the mainstream media as a … “conspiracy theory”. Check it out, if you dare, before they delete the video. Another MD who develops this thesis is Dr. Andrew Kaufman MD, who would make an excellent interview for the CR.

        • The point is that 5G can cause illness in some people.

          Did it cause the recent respiratory illness in Wuhan, South Korea, northern Italy, NYC, or anywhere else? I don’t know, but it may have been a factor in the illness of some people.
          Are the symptoms of “covid-19” even unique in all cases? If not, then how do we accept the conclusion of one disease-one cause-one virus?

          The risks of 5G on the health of some people have been demonstrated in hundreds if not thousands of studies. One possibility is that the combination of the severely polluted air in Wuhan and the recent 5G blanket in Wuhan caused the original illness. If so, this is what the CCP may have tried to cover up, not a virus.

          This hypothesis (polluted air + 5G = respiratory illness in some) makes even more sense, if you listen to talks by Drs. Thomas Cowan MD and Dr. Andrew Kaufman, MD. Let us use the science to question the scientists. It is the “health science” that is claimed to be the basis of the lockdown.

          “If you look for the truth, then your health will follow.”
          – Dr. Herbert Shelton, MD

    • nexangelus says:
      My city in the UK has its own digital currency and has had for a few years now…”

      If you get a chance, would you post an article link to that city in the UK with its own digital currency here…
      (As a reply to the comment)

      I want to log this trend.
      We may have more communities going towards their own currency solutions.

  4. Value for who?

    Gates made value by thieving what became the basis for the windows OS.

    Again Value for who?

    “If that is the way he was treated when we was creating massive amounts of value, I don’t totally blame him if he holds a grudge against humanity. ”

    Dude, you are out to lunch!

    So a pie in the face from 3 men justifies his attack on all of humanity?

    You obviously have no idea what is going on here and what the bigger picture is and how all of this fits together.

    The people want “nihilistic destruction?”

    The people don’t want nihilistic destruction the damn luciferic “elite” do.

    You need to spend some time getting the spider web from off your head.

    I suggest you start here:

    “When the spider weaves a web all around your head, then you let them win”
    – that is me quoting me from The Spider, Armadillo and Doe

    • There are many smart achievers who could change our way of life for the better, but only a few become billionaires. I suspect that the reason some talented creators become enormously rich, while many others are barely known about is the same reason that some politicians become enormously powerful while others (eg Cynthia McKinney) are sidelined.

      It’s like the old Mephistopholes story. At some point they are offered huge financial incentives if they will move in a certain direction. But they only get offered these incentives if they are compromised in some way, so that they can be controlled. Bill Gates is a puppet, similar to Tony Blair.

    • How recently did Mullis die? Was it a suicide? Will James be doing a requiem?

      Also, what’s the deal with Dr. Judy Mikovitz? Wasn’t she trying to do something ethical, but Fauci was trying to cheat? I saw an interview clip where she explained how Fauci had tried to do something unethical with a study she was working on. She is also against healthy people wearing masks.

  5. My partner in life is stuck in Wyoming with her daughter and son in law who happens to work for the Rock…Foundation. We have been communicating and every time I pass on a hopeful bit of news, like the reopening of the economy on the fact more people have died of flu and homicide, or at the hands of State police, sheriffs and town Cops than Covid19 she gets a surmon by daughter and the fascist son-in-law about how good it will be to control such kind of thinking.
    I sent her this and stated i like the 9 principles here and asked her to see what the Nazi thought. Americans will get this probably more then non-Americans. This use to be a country a nonAmerican would risk dying to come to. Not so much nowadays.

    The principles.

    I told her not to loose any sleep over it, its just politics. If they complain about it then something else is surely going on.

      • “I’d say it’s not because humans are fundamentally interpersonal that they are not also individual.”

        Yes, but we can only be individuals if we are interpersonal (well, is Tarzan human individual?). Hegel’s approach also provides better explanatory power for interaction of individuals in society.
        Society is not formed just because individuals freely associate in the pursuit their goals. This approach can hardly explain why individuals sometimes act in a way that doesn’t bring them benefits, moreover it can also be detrimental.

        If we look at Hegel’s master-slave dialectic then the only way to resolve it is instantiation of freedom (if it isn’t existed before). When both recognize each other’s freedom situation is resolved, win-win.

        Kind of unfulfilling relations, you say…what to say…hope it’s not so hard to cope.

        Very interesting situation with responsibility and freedom in Chinese. They don’t have an exact word for freedom, in this context they use a word that also means responsibility. When Japanese introduced word freedom they put it to the word licentiousness.

        Responsibility is very highlighted today, particularly in libertarian thinking it is stated as an absolute. It’s not. By the time one becomes an adult lots of things happen, many are out of control of individual, still they affects individual. No need for exuberant imagination to find some that are detrimental to individual for whole life.
        It’s not necessary to go to extreme to find things that are beyond full responsibility. PMS is nice example, sometimes it really goes far away ….. and everybody involved has to find a way to cope, because that is the best solution.

    • MBP. I was not aware of Glenn Beck when I was educated to develop these principles. Maybe it was propaganda. If so Rockefeller principles are just as valid. So why proceed in protecting our principles as they protect their principles.
      Maybe Beck pulled these out of his…hat when the career was going south. I don’t know much about Beck. However these principles are a good start at life and hardly come from hero worship. Unless you mean people that jumped from airplanes, being shot down bombing Fascist armies in WWII.
      You mean just Glenn Beck or Leader type, worship as the origin of these principles and those people who need to be told by their heroes what form their principles will be? I have to agree. I would be afraid of any individual, sect, cult or politic that must be told what their principles must be. Jeez am I describing current affairs?. Killery, Sanders, Trump, Biden drones who wait to be told what to do and what to think?
      Maybe that’s what Mik is getting on about down the page?
      DeCartes and Hiegel will take a bit of ciphering, hold on…………… . . . . . . . . . . . . .

      • So you don’t like these principles ? Like the Rock- Nazi defending his employers rights to not be crimped like he crimps other peoples style?
        I will return to my statement. Non Americans probably won’t get it. Americans probably will. What do i know. I just needed an example of preferd principles. But someone from the segregated south may have been educated differently and the Master slave dielectric maybe their normal. That could explain defending the likes of Rock-Brothers and the Clintons, Gates and Bloomberg.
        I had some great post WWII educators. Oh….. ……Propagandists. Not sorry. But I am sorry that they would have been fired had they taught us about TPTSB after Kennedys murder. We asked a lot of questions and got zip in TPS-Billy Mitchell Elementery. Maybe that why I got a lot of principles that are counter to Commie-Fascist Un-American principles.
        It may not matter soon. All we have to do is change our thinking and we will be on the winning side. Free country isn’t it?

        • MBP. Step-Nazi Son in law works for one of the global resource wealth extracting Rockefeller Foundations. I call him the Rock-Nazi. He showed me once the area in one of his countries where illegal mining was going on. He proudly claimed coordinating a military strike to stop them no good theifs from stealing his employers rocks.

          You are so sweet to reciprocate. I had a hard day watching the F-16 hospital fly over in my humble berg. The odd thing is there in the sky was 10+ chemtrailing tankers above the lowbrow flying Power Jet Aces that buzzed the town Hospital. I wa stuck across the street in the Ok. Tax Commission transferring car titles for2 hours and saw the show.

          • MBP . I thought of you today at the tag office.the hypocritical part of my day was when the tax collector was telling a prole that they have been open all the time. There was a sign on the door to not come in if more than ten people were in the waiting areas. Someone forgot to tell the 6 workers behind the counter that they were to be part of the 10 total.. There was 16 people in the office the whole 2 hours I was there. Sounds like French management of the tag office. Huh?

            Now on to Mik’s DesCartes and Hegel.

        • MBP. Can I have a glass of Languaedoc too while your up?. Must be tired. Im having difficulty thinking this Human rights thing through. Thanks Mik! I liked the DesCartes and Hegel.

          • Trimera du`MBP. Taxing? No! Inoculating Oui! Like every other Commentidor. No aspirin!
            On the whole drinking solitare may be a vice, however it should be considered a sin to have Soupe `a Loigion without a good red. On investigation we here in the boonies have some enterprising proveyers of fine Languaedoc reds , direct from LA Propriete Pour Moulin Gassac, Famille Guibert, Pinet France to my fair city.
            40% Syrah – 30% Grenache – 30% Cardigan
            100% syphonceicating!
            Thars not all I will say today. Their seems to be a new delivery system in the chemtrailing. Yes James we will get CoVo-2.0.
            Probably from the sky. My little nothing LG-UK410 does have a great camera. Its so good it takes pictures all by itself. All the time , I keep the two lenses covered , all the time. How ever it has improved so I can see the picture but can’t open or erase it from my gallery. When I try it disappears into the cloud. I have been down loading pictures of the sky since I got this camera. Their new delivery system is markedly different compared to previously recorded anomalies from the sky. This is the only reason James should ‘build ‘ a visual gallery to this site. Otherwise we would suffer puppy-kitten- flower-watercolour and Aunt Edna’s bloomers on the clouthsline photos. Got to go check the soup now.

    • “The more I love humanity in general the less I love man in particular. In my dreams, I often make plans for the service of humanity, and perhaps I might actually face crucifixion if it were suddenly necessary. Yet I am incapable of living in the same room with anyone for two days together.”

  6. ***** 5 Stars in its category…

    YouTube Channel Really Graceful gives a smooth, easy to digest, history of Bill Gates.

    “Who was Bill Gates Before Microsoft?”
    (15 minutes – well spent)

  7. Dear James,

    I think a point that should not be overlooked regarding the drones is this: even if the evil chinese-made drones allow the evil Chinese to spy on Americans, who the hell is sending those frickin’ drones over US cities? So how can anyone from US media point to the Chinese? Never mind the implication that if the drones were US made…..Whoever made the drones and hence can have a backdoor to exploit it for spying on Americans, it never could become the 21st century version of a Trojan horse if US authorities didn’t pull it inside the gates. Which also begs the question, what again are US authorities going to the drones for???

  8. You got to be kidding. His dodgy software held back computing 30 years. His equally shady business practices ensured that his software prevailed instead of the much better alternatives. He would have been stopped by the Anti-trust cases in the late 90s if it wasn’t for the bribing of shady people in authority.

    The only mistake the pie-throwers made is not mixing salmonella into the pies.

  9. I think Bill Gates was raised on lab-grown meat.

  10. I’ve heard from normies that my reading-with-understanding is tainted with conspiracy mindset. Low hanging fruit, just mirror the question back.

    Regarding Chinese technology fear is not unsubstantiated. It’s possible to build hardware backdoors and there is no way to find it, literally. Ok, use of backdoor would hardly pass undetected to very dedicated and equipped observer.
    Of course US is doing the same. Hackers have found some undocumented instructions in x86 processors.

    • The ultimate weapon in this war is software for building hardware.

  11. Its Saturday night. This is what should be on the list. Alex she said she wanted to meet you when her other guitar player left. She will be over around 10pm. Get yourself presentable. Psssst ….. she loves avocados. She carries a hammer with her everywhere see goes. You ought to hit if off being a nail and all.

    What a voice!!!

  12. A.M. yes she lives near you. How was I to know no more bosahinas? sounds like your still in love with that old siren. I would like to know if you have a name for your Axe. Also AxMiha ? What is its origins? 20 questions I know, but in artistic parlance words, meanings , pictures? What’s it mean. You got a lots rungs to your ladder, as you stated people don’t realize how big Brazil truly is or how high that ladder goes.

    Woman? Mama told me to shop around.

  13. Trimera! Bone jour e bone noir. A who and a that. You really are an Englease teacher. Comprehending those subtle differences will plague the masagenist into reform. With care I shall proceed with who and a better self. Mercy me.

  14. AuGratin? Oui!MBP. I grow onions. Egyptian, white, sweet, yellow and the most delicious novo- green. And yes the Languaedoc from local purveyor was also very tasty. Guryere for the Gratinee. The pan was lacking. No bakers here. Otherwise table for one on le’deck.
    What’s to become of the arts in this time of cholera? All I can muster looks like Goyas dark times, Saturn devouring his son. Sumtin’ good needs occur. Shared a smile with CQ yesterday. That was sumptin. Can’t think of what it was today though.

  15. MBP. Portifino… You will have arrived when you arrive from what I hear its warm and pleasant. Of course they speck a funny language there……..zzzzzzz chio.

    PS its Sunday. Stir up some frog leg soup why don’t ya. Weakended ones last in the pot. Cheezzy eh.

  16. MPB, I may’ve shared a smile with GWB yesterday, but today I’ll share a grimace with you over the “that” instead of “who” mistake too many people are prone to make.

    Once I wrote to a wildlife sanctuary offering to edit the letter the director writes for the quarterly magazine. Without fail, this director calls every animate being a “that,” whether he’s referring to a male or a female, a human or a non-human. He declined my offer out of fear that I (or any other editor who had offered to help him over the years) would tamper with his writing style. The way he sees it, correcting a few wrong words doesn’t result in more donations to feed the sanctuary’s hungry mouths. The continued “that’s” (is the apostrophe needed?) drove me batty for a while longer, but I finally adjusted, because his stories about rescuing emaciated, ill, lonely bears and tigers and lions and other carnivores from rundown circuses, roadside zoos, and private backyards are so gripping.

    Speaking of “gripping,” I found your two posts on Chomsky’s gatekeeping just that: gripping. No matter how many solid, peer-reviewed 9/11 studies Noam has been shown by AE911Truth, he continues to pooh-pooh the evidence. It’s hard not to predict he’ll respond the same way when handed the new Hulsey Report, which proves it was impossible, despite what NIST says, for fires to have caused WTC 7’s collapse. We’ll soon find out. 🙂

  17. Did the person who gave us the link to the superb Andrew Kaufman interview on London Real ( mention that near the end, at around the 1:54:40 mark, Dr. Kaufman responds to a question from host Brian Rose by advising that citizens turn off their TVs and that he then says . . . okay, you ready, everybody:

    “Look at the real journalism that’s out there now — people like this platform and people like James Corbett, who are doing really thorough, thoughtful analysis, well-referenced analysis, and they’re reporting on what’s really going on. Or do you own research. Look at the source materials, like I have.”

    Either it’s time for TCR director James to give a casting call to Dr. K. or . . . they’ve just had a tete a tete that James recorded and will be airing soon? Oh, James . . . .

    • Hi CQ,

      Hope bonding with your sister is going well!

      colosseum who had shared the link did mention that further up the comment-stream.
      Keeping my fingers crossed that you`re right in your assumption..

      • Aha, so he did, Chapati. Props to you, colosseum!

        Now that I know (h/t to pearl and mkey) how to press Control + “F” to do a word search in the comment section, I’m a little daunted by the fact that there are so many Corbett corona pieces to choose from. On what page do I hunt for “Kaufman” and find the exact comment I’m looking for? I mean, his name is probably all over the place. We wander through so many different corona comment threads in the course of any given day, it feels like we’re in a maze. But not a daze!

        The good thing about a second or third mention of a superb interview is that the repetition may nudge fence-sitters and forgetters to actually watch it. It did me. Not only that, but I knew, one minute into it, that the retired hospital admin friend I’ve mentioned here before would love the good doctor. Sure enough, he declared Dr. Kaufman his favorite medical expert yet. Slowly, slowly, slowly, the truth seepeth out.

        Yes, the sister bonding’s going great, thanks; wishing you the same, Chapati.

        • Ah, debra.b, that must’ve been the other time I saw the “London Real Kaufman” reference — from Miss Terious on the GATESHEALTH thread. Thank you!

          FYI, when I pressed the CNTL + “F” keys and typed in “Miss Terious Kaufman,” #comment-81929 didn’t belong to Miss Terious. (That was something from suzt.) Miss Terious’ Kaufman reference is actually here:

          But who was first chronologically, Miss Terious or colosseum? I’m sure you’re all dying to know! 🙂

          Well, let’s see. Miss T. posted her “London Real Kaufman” comment to GATESHEALTH on Saturday 5/2/20 at 3:05 PM Japan time. Corbett published GATESHEALTH on 5/1/20.

          As we know, NWNW, which we’re all on right now, always comes out Thursdays in the US. Turns out colosseum posted the first “London Real Kaufman” comment here, on NWNW, Thursday 4/30/20 at 11:10 PM Japan time. It’s #comment-81424.

          So, the gold medal goes to . . . colosseum, with props to Chapati for finding it.

          And the silver medal goes to . . . Miss Terious, with props to debra.b for finding it.

          If we want to get super-technical about it, Miss Terious’ comment was 242 comments after colosseum’s.

          That’s a lot of comments in less than 48 hours. Which proves that the real winner is truth! She (truth) is circling the globe a lot faster than she used to, despite the lockdown of the world’s population and the slowdown of the world’s economy.

          Lies last only so long as they’re believed. Thanks to Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Brian Rose, James Corbett, James Evan Pilato, and every single supporter of theirs who’s spreading truth, those lies, like balloons filled with hot air, are being burst . . . and their remains buried at the dump, where they belong.

          • You’re welcome, debra.b. It was a silly contest that I conducted, but it kept me out of trouble!

            And speaking of “welcome,” aren’t you kind to welcome your fellow newcomer AJ (below).

            You know how it feels to be embraced in the Corbett coterie (hmmm, my love of alliteration is getting the best of me; hope “coterie” is better than the alternatives, clan or cadre or cabal! 🙂 ).

            Oh, just as I was thinking of saying hello to AJ, as an afterthought, I realized that we’re in the Corbett club. Or is that just as bad as all my other lame attempts at describing what we are?

  18. The “reply” button is getting as far away from the most recent comment as the moon is from earth (too far for man to travel between them? ha!).

    MBP, when you wrote “typo-time,” I immediately thought of something I noticed you wrote (which I wouldn’t be revealing now except that you brought up the subject): In the questions you addressed to Victoria, do you see a word that has two different spellings, and you may’ve chosen the not-exactly right one? 🙂

    As for your “they’re biographies,” would you believe I didn’t see it because my eyes are so tired they’re barely slits now.

    Re Q about “that” being indicative of a deliberate gambit to deny our humanity, I’m not the best person to ask, because I think it’s as important to use “who” for non-humans as it is for us humans. Not that I think species — especially humans with nonhumans — should ever be merged into one body, no matter how many chimeras are produced (sickeningly) in labs. Hmmm, I suppose the chimeras are a trial run for the synthesis of humans with machines.

    And all of this unnatural experimentation, come to think of it, seems to stem from a perverse attempt on the part of the created to play the role of creator. Or, rather, of THE Creator with a capital “C.” That will never happen, in reality, any more than the clay pot will ever become the potter.

    Guess I got off track a little. Or a lot.

  19. Another great episode of NWNW!

    As a new subscriber I’ve got to ask, is there a list of all the books which James and James have recommended over the years? I’m trying like mad to find one they both had recommended some months back. Somehow it disappeared off my wishlist without a trace.

    • Hi, AJ

      Welcome! Maybe you can give some details to what the book`s topic is about?

      I too had some deep dive search when looking for JEP and JC book-mentions on NWNW about lyme disease

      Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons
      Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government’s Secret Germ Laboratory maybe by coincedence you might have looked for exactly these two 😉 (but i doubt it..)

      Probably there are other commentators who have more infos on bookrecommendations.

      For now here are mine. I only know of JC recommendations which might help you with your search;

      episodes (also check the SHOW NOTES):

      What’s On Your Bookshelf? – Questions For Corbett #035


      An NWO Reading List

      • Hello Chapati,

        Thank you for those leads and willingness to help me figure this one out, and those books you mentioned sound right up my alley. However I’m still not finding the book I was originally looking for. It seemed to have a fairly broad focus, but it was a look at a “scientific” elite affecting the development of society. Without knowing too much about it, I believe it had something to do with a technological and possibly transhumanist agenda they had for mankind.

        Strangely enough, I also recall that it was written by a father and son writing team.

        This book was in my wishlist/saved shopping cart on two of the largest online retailers and it has since vanished without a trace from both. I probably shouldn’t be surprised, but I’m still trying like mad to find this book.

        • Welcome AJ, and howdy Chapati! I don’t personally know the book, but doing some digging, could it be “Science On the Verge” by Andrea Salteilli and a compilation of other authors?

          There was also a broadcast with Keith Knight and Patrick MacFarlane sharing their book recommendations. “Science on the Verge” was mentioned there as well:

  20. Wow or Mom. I just dropped in… Americanos yes we deserve it. No question there. You have a party you have a responsibility to clean up afterward , don’t you? Yes you do.–qUOI
    Thanks for clarification. Fascinating how the gears of the clock turn the hands of time. You still got something to say. Say it in your gift. I should use my own notions. Im weightless so minding my own business is out of the question. BoBo the Clown says sleep, Dream. Listen to Roy here.

    How can we describe this surreal time without surreal language in describing it? Can we restore gravity to this present weightless mess that has become. Whether it was forced on or occurred organically to us by our own doing will take time. The few musts are being destroyed by agents. Food, water, clean air. This needs to be first order of business. Take care of these, good health and mental heath follows. The fog thins and we find our way forward.
    I have been ranting on Wilbur Ross. Chemtrailing. Ken Caldera, David Keith. All I see is talk about Who, Gates Vaccines and CDC. That’s backwards to me. Clean water, Air , and Food cancels out CDC and fake health concerns. The wool is over the eyes and the sting has made us foggy. Something good needs to occur. In the logical order of solving this mystery. Wakie Wakie. First ask ” Shall I rise” yes now on to step 2.

  21. Yes, MBP, “exacerbate” it is.

    And I agree with your “clarification” about “who-that.”

    Peanuts (salted) are the best kind of nut. The Gibraltar macaque atop your hogblog probably agrees with us.

    If your French speaking is as fine as your English writing, which is wayyy above par, IMHO, then I’m sure your students find no fault, unless they spot an occasional sign of “sloppy haste” (the first word of which I rarely detect in your prose).

  22. Its 2:43 am in Osaka.
    MY thoughts wither away as a mockup
    Of ideas how to counter our lockup
    Its almost as bad as waving the flag
    At a game of soccer.
    With the set of the moon
    You will see release of the tune
    Its bound to come soon
    When our overworked Editor resumes
    At 7:02am in Osaka.

  23. Alex its funny you should ask. See poem. And then you gonna freak when my comment is released from moderation. It is funny you should ask! “…how you guys see all that? ”

    Just happens. Part of the experiment.

  24. “but I absolutely have no intellectual amo to talk about it. Damned damnation! To have the idea and not be able to speak it.”

    At least you can play it! Those be deeeeep, choppy waters, and I’m still pissing in the baby pool. What little I’ve gleaned about Hegel was via that speaker I so often point to (who basically distilled thousands of years of evolved platonic philosophy subversively functioning in religion [pick your flavor, it matters not] which, look around, hasn’t served humanity well at all) and through Leonard Piekoff’s book “Ominous Parallels”. So much intellectual nuance and spiritual gas-lighting to guilt man into sacrificing his birthright of intellect, reason and common sense (resulting from real life experience) to serve the common good.

    Poor spider! Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time! It’s weird. I’m like you, Alexandre, in that I rescue and relocate all manner of creeping things. I’m not afraid of snakes or bigger wild creatures. The weird part is that the few times my body has had some kind of reaction to an overload of an herb or chemical, one of the ways it manifests itself is through spider nightmares! Like this one I had which is most prominent in my mind was where I was standing at the threshold of a dark, dusty barn and looking all around I see all these webs holding blackish-green metalic spiders, and right above me is one such web/spider that lunges down at me at which point I woke up in a panic and cold sweat. But when I’m awake, no such fear! Anyway, don’t mind me…couldn’t resist butting in with my observations prompted by your all’s interesting conversation.

  25. 134th comma, I love it! Back when I was dipping my toes into the philosophical waters, I invested in a used series of paperback books by W.T. Jones called “A History of Western Philosophy” divided into time periods: “The Classical Mind” starting pre-Socrates thru Aristotle, and beyond into late classical; “The Medieval Mind” covering the new religious orientation, Christianity’s formative years thru the end of the middle ages; “Hobbs to Hume” covering the renaissance, reformation, science, Locke and others; “Kant to Wittgenstein and Sarte” covering the age of reason, Kant’s theory of knowledge and value, reactions against his theories via Hegel, social philosophy etc. (Whew!!) And all I managed to accomplish was 1/2 of chapter 1 of the first book. (What a wretch am I!!) But skimming over these chapter headings, I find my appetite returning, particularly the medieval period and Kantian theories in the age of reason.

    I seem to recall learning that when Plato fled persecution (to India was it?), that he picked up and adopted many teachings there, which explains a particularly fascinating commonality between Hinduism and Calvinism, and that’s the belief there are 3 classes of “elect” (most Christians would be shocked by the idea of 3 classes – there should only be one!) Ah, now I’m pissed off again and should stop here. Suffice to say, thanks to this conversation and now that I have so much time on my hands, I’m going to make it my goal to delve deep into what makes the western mind tick!

  26. Alex. I think it spoiled while in detention.
    O ye O ye O
    Its off to work we go. Ok . Micro managing our daily routine comes with a sequential stream of decisions. You said ” I realized then you need a big preparation to even read the stuff” BS Alex and I will explain. What is your first decision after leaving dream land and returning to consciousness.? Pearl you listen too. First thing. SHALL I RISE? Yes or No. You either have the will to rise or will to stay in bed. Your will is your truth. You possess the will at all times and in whatever your next encounter may be, to thyme own self be true. That is why you will read or will not read a book. Where from then come the excuses, the justifications and whatnot that get a hold of you. Subverting your will away from your truth. TPTSB’s propaganda convincing you to lie to your self. That’s the battle for any one of your next moves. I truly believe anyone can accomplish anything if so willed by truth. It all starts with SHALL I RISE. Carry on..RISE.Love you two.

  27. Im learning alto here! QFC. is this here an happy accident in your creation. Did you have this in the design of TCR. Learning Manifestation? We are creating a new news.
    Alex. Isn’t that an Ad Mans / Propagandists Job ? To learn you away from the truth with lies or learn you away from the truth with the truth. To stop you in your tracks or send you to a door. CHomsky! There is a wonderful scene I think of from West Side Story. , ‘Gee Officer Kropky ” everytime I hear Cromsky. Gate Keeper. Door #1 door#2 door#3 Lets make a Deal. You learn all sides then will you be a Machiavellian or a Christ like Prince
    .Will it

  28. Alex. This is the only ID-Inter-Developmental class lecture I remember. The eye popper was instructor wanted a person to be true to thyme self. To follow your convictions totally. No matter which side of the coin you support. The Saint or the Psychopath That earns you a degree.- aint that crazy? Pearl that’s The Western Mine that Academia is promoting. Doesn’t take a 5 year old child to know we will be better off to reject that craziness. Technocrats with Degrees. That not learning that’s propaganda of the worst kind. Carry on…

    • Hey self. See what they think of ‘OSMOSIS’. Read the content of the book. What your conscious mind doesn’t get your sub- conscious mind will absorb and save and work to understand. It just took 30 years for me to see or to be illuminated to the fact the Academy Ivory Tower supports the Machiavellian as much or more than the Diogenes. ( funny how Bacon spells it Dio-Genes, two genes. Split personality.)
      Absorb it and nature will sort it out in your head.

      • Alex. Yes that was for you and me. Osmosis ! Read read read it will be better then the old saying ‘” I devoured my books and leaned only that it gave me diarrhea. ”
        What have you forced yourself to do lately? We should compare notes. That No mistakes piece has become my favorite. Just the right length. Just the right flavor.

        • Alex. Did you see all the Wilber Ross information MBP dug up. I lost it and can’t find it. Going Batty looking for it. This nothing doesn’t have f- key . Its a nothing. A surf slide boggy board would be better.

    • “No matter which side of the coin you support. The Saint or the Psychopath That earns you a degree.- aint that crazy? Pearl that’s The Western Mine that Academia is promoting.”

      There ya go! Western Minefield you mean, right?

      • Right Pearl. We always had half the country on our side. The shining beacon everyone wanted. Why have they taken to destroying that part. Peace on their terms? They may have other plans, like existence on their terms.
        Be innocent as doves and wise as serpents. That could cut both ways.

  29. To thine own self be true. Yes, very good and something I often exhort my youngins’ to do, until I think about human predators, parasites, cowards and liars. Then I add the loaded quantifier (which begs volumes more) “And do no harm.” The things which I used to do, being true to my younger self, I look back on now and am ashamed and by which have reaped painful consequences. I think there are such strong ideas woven into our human fabric, like determinism, that can appear kinda romantic, lofty and beautiful, but also have devastating, deadly and nihilist effects. Just now, I’m reminded of another exhortation: Be innocent as doves and wise as serpents.

    MBP, your spider dreams!! There can be no doubt that had mine been as violent I’d at the very least suffer a cautious revulsion for those 8-legged creatures. On second reading of your description, I laughed picturing your spiders on zip lines. But it’s not far off! Just last week the family and I were talking about the different kinds, their amazing capabilities, and how one of those funny little jumping spiders was literally repelling off the side of a cabinet door to the face of another, like a mountain climber. A cartoonist could have great fun with these mental images!

    I’m so touched by your compliment. Thank you. I’m afraid my wanting to learn more is hobbled by an excruciatingly anemic attention span and general laziness, but responding to GBW’s encouraging reflections, I WILL strive to live up to your better image of me and RISE UP to apply myself further.

    Alexandre, what an awesome challenge! Keep it just below 500, eh? That’s assuming I’m equipped with sufficient comprehension and articulation. You’re too kind!

  30. Alex I must agree this bunch has a stick up their arse, maybe a hand. Mechanically working their jaw to line up with the script. ” …economy blah blah… All caused by the virus…”
    Of course it has nothing to do with the bankers they are just reacting , some may have been clairvoyants.
    Your killing me here… !
    Still have not found MBPs reports on Wilbur Ross. I got more info to add to that compost pile. Anyone? Generally , Im a techno deficient General. I have led campaigns with less . Your help is appreciated.

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