Interview 1550 – Catherine Austin Fitts Exposes The Injection Fraud

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Catherine Austin Fitts of interviews James Corbett about his new documentary, Who Is Bill Gates? We go beyond the focus on Gates to discuss the syndicate that he is leading, the business model it relies on, and the new form of collateral that will underlie the digital economy: the human body. Don’t miss this vital conversation that fills in the missing pieces of the puzzle and draws back the curtains on the real purpose of the injection fraud.

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Who Is Bill Gates?

Episode 286 – Rockefeller Medicine

The Injection Fraud – It’s Not a Vaccine

Biosecurity and Politics (Giorgio Agamben)

Deep State Tactics 101 with Catherine Austin Fitts (Part 1/6)


  1. Wow! I’ve never been more impressed with Catherine! She put together many links I was totally unaware of. I do disagree with her on 3 of them though. 1- I don’t think Gates went off his leash. This has obviously been helped along by them, and seems in line with their objectives. 2- I don’t think this operation has been sloppy. One of Murphy’s Laws of combat is that all plans go to hell after the first shot is fired. It’s a very fluid environment. Speed is more important than precision. Plus, they are keeping the population unbalanced by the Floyd riots. The first reason I could be wrong on, but not on this. 3- courts, law, and any local elections don’t help. The courts don’t care about law around here any more than I do. And those elected officials answer to their city manager (US. Majority here) who is owned by the people who really run your town and county. But those are only 3 points, and the rest just set my mind on fire! Good job Tennessee!

  2. It’s not on Barnes and noble. And since I use a Nook, I’m going to pout!

    • greetings Duck, do i understand correctly? our ancestors, the zeta reticulans & macaca fuscata monkeys became addicted to washing sweet potatoes, which evolved to current obsessive-compulsive human hand washing that will carry on for generations to follow (has also altered dna & rna b/c potatoes were eaten) & it all began as a scientific experiment by new age behaviourists.

      if im totally off base, that ok cuz the pic’s a real nugget ~ love it!!

  3. Good interview on the dollar. While she is obviously very knowledgeable, I couldn’t help but note that she does interpret it on a national scale. But I don’t think nationalism is the area we are being herded. In either case, the dollar is toast.

    • No problem, I thought you expanded things quite well.

    • On the dollar, I was referring to Anne. The dollar is still toast though, and for the very same reasons she gave. The only thing holding it up is our faith in the guns that are pointed at our heads. I am about to watch the video, but am now thinking about a saying we had whenever a stock tanked really bad and then regained some of its reversal. A dead cat bounce. In the long run, which could be weeks or months, it won’t survive. It was already weak before the covid bailouts, the massive (historically so) unemployment, and the destruction of small businesses. While charts make great bullet points for selling stocks, it’s always the fundamentals that win out. And now to watch the video! Thanks.

      • I can certainly testify to Wall Street being rigged. I worked in an investment banking firm, a small brokerage firm, and as a financial planner. Luckily, I left. Rigged far beyond your imagination. Most brokers don’t even know as they’re mostly just salespeople. I was just in the belly of the beast, so I glimpsed it a bit more. Five years and I know I only scratched the surface. There’s a reason Wall Street has the relief on it showing demons sacrificing children. I’ve never seen it personally, just through a Jim marrs video, but it is a black hole of a rabbit warren.

    • I think you posted the wrong link on Catherine. In it she is warning about the decline of the dollar. This time due to the fraud of offbudget books.

  4. Thanks for this interview, James. I read the Corbett Report and CAF’s twitter every day – in fact, a few times each day.

    I think that the two of you got right to the core of what is going on. And it is scary for sure, but we have to look at it and understand it in order to negotiate our way around it, through it, and hopefully, over it.

    I appreciate your stance on not focusing on the new insanity taking place in the United States. It is BEYOND cartoonish. To watch reporters, IN MASKS, going on and on about the looting, with flames in the background- it’s cartoonish at best and thoroughly disgusting at it’s worst.

    Last week I was a grandma killer and this week I’m a racist. What will they think of next?

    Talk about kumbaya – all the mask wearers and people of color- all in this together. AND with the National Guard and US Army to help! Perfect!

    Just to be clear – I am not a racist, and I believe everyone’s life matters, and I am, at my age, certainly aware of systemic racism (and classism and sexism and ageism) in this country. But, I think, if I were a person of color right now I would be furious that the color of my skin was being so thoroughly exploited by an obvious phys-op. We are looking at professional looters and paid protesters. And the mainstream media that aids and abets.

    I think this farce is a disgraceful disservice to the Civil Rights movement of the 60s where people of all colors put their lives on the line,and in some cases lost those lives. To watch the films of the March on Washington and several speeches from back then, and then to watch what is happening today is a very very sad experience indeed.

    If white mask wearers are so concerned about people of color they should read Catherine Austin Fitt’s reports about prison privitazation, funded by Harvard Endowment, under Bill “Contact Tracing for Americorp Kids” Clinton’s administration, which resulted in mass incarceration of young black men. They should read Gary Webb’s report about the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles which targeted black citizens. They might begin to understand that “racism” in this country is big business and goes far beyond police brutality.

    By the way, if you haven’t already, I would suggest reading Catherine Austin Fitt’s story – Missing Money: A Personal History, 1989 – 2019. It’s a long read but absolutely fascinating. You really gain the knowledge of how things work in the world.

    I must be at 500 words so I will sign off. Thanks, again, James.

    • Went to subscribe to her site, but I’d have to cut back on my books if I did. I’m sure it’s worth $30 a month, but it’s a bit lower on my priorities.

    • lovetodust says:
      Last week I was a grandma killer and this week I’m a racist. What will they think of next?

      I guess you’ll be one of those folks who doesn’t want a Second Renaissance & the Great Reset.

      If people have not seen this, they should take a look…
      …90 seconds video and also •The Great Reset launched by World Economic Forum and HRH The Prince of Wales

  5. To me, what is fascinating about all that is happening is the set up for the upcoming brief reign of the AntiChrist. In the report on Bill Gates, it was amazing to see there is already a technology for a stamp that could be used for the Mark of the Beast. Of course, there is a conspiracy against us. Satan is the god of this world, but Jesus has overcome the world system. Those of us born of the Holy Spirit will be removed to heaven before the real holocaust begins.

    With regard to dealing with Covid19, all 3 of my children are traditionally trained health care providers—2 MDs and 1 APRN. They want me, at age 79, to isolate, wear a mask in stores, and to wait to go to restaurants or enclosed places until there is a vaccine. Not sure how safe a vaccine will be, but I do know I’m better off protecting myself from this virus which appears to be man made, is deadly, and spreads easily. Should I become infected and die, I know where I am going and that it’s a better place then here.

    Meanwhile, I trust that God is in control, has seen the end from the beginning, and is the one I look to for what I am to be doing each day and the one I know is on my side. I appreciate the work to expose what is going on behind the scenes but do not think we can control God’s timing of a new world order which will be short lived. I’m so looking forward to returning with the Lord Jesus Christ as He sets up His 1,000 year reign with Satan bound until the end to test those whose hearts will be exposed to not want to serve Jesus. Better than science fiction, God has disclosed to us in the Bible a great deal about His plan for mankind and where we are headed.

  6. Off topic as usual, but really graceful on youboob just put out a nice video on covid lockdown separation and the exact opposite on the riots. Makes some very good points. I can’t link to it on my phone, but it’s titled “You already know what comes next”.

  7. He’s not stupid or out to save the world. He had to fight like a panther on PCP to get to his position. It also requires a great deal of knowledge about how the business world works to get to his level. I certainly wouldn’t want to be in his way. Gates looks up to him partially for his brilliance.

  8. Don’t know why you are referring to her as “Mr.”but whatever.

    In terms of her positions on Wall Street and government, perhaps you should read the story I referred to previously in a post.

    She left her position with the Bush administration because of the fraud she witnessed, and attested to, and started her own business, which was vanquished by the DOJ and others. She spent 11 years in litigation.

    Unless I am wrong, she’s walked the walk.

    • “ Don’t know why you are referring to her as “Mr.”but whatever.”

      A childish attempt to be insulting I imagine.

  9. Vandana Shiva – ?Questions arise… Club of Rome & Climate Change

    James Corbett has spoken about her in past episodes.
    Use the SEARCH BOX on the Corbett webpage entering Vandana Shiva

    However, in mid April 2020, “Vandana Shiva” came up in the comment section.
    Corbett Report Member ManBearPig brought up some interesting things about Vandana Shiva.
    James Corbett also gave us some tidbits in the comment section…
    QUOTE (with links at source)
    “Actually, just for the record, she is a member of the Club of Rome (see here for example). And she recently co-signed a Club of Rome letter blaming SARS-Cov-2 on climate change.”

    Here is the Corbett Report Member conversation with humor…

    • Vandana Shiva – my added note
      From about a decade ago, I often would read or watch videos of Vandana Shiva. She presented some very valid and concerning information.

      It is information and awareness which I seek.
      If the source has stains, it doesn’t mean all the data is untrue.
      There are other activists (for example, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.) who have a different perspective on Climate Change than I do.
      But I won’t diss them for the good things which they have done.

  10. Two of my favorite reporters speaking together. Nice!

    Human testing of the vaccine (injection fraud) jumped the gun and now look at how it went. Another reason for everyone to reject this.

    JUNE 02, 2020
    Moderna’s Guinea Pig … “Sickest in His Life” after Being Injected with Experimental Vaccine

    By the way, there’s an excellent new film out just today by Dr. Kaufman called “Hippocratic Hypocrisy”

  11. Regarding 6/5/2020 Interview 1550 – Catherine Austin Fitts Exposes The Injection Fraud

    Just for me personally, sometimes when Catherine Austin Fitts talks about things, it becomes too nebulous for me. A bit hazy – not clear, void of underpinning support.
    And sometimes it becomes dispersing as the conversation suddenly shifts.

    At the 32 minute mark, I appreciate Corbett politely redirecting the conversation. Unfortunately, I felt a bit short-changed as I don’t feel like Corbett got to fully express what was on his mind.

    Don’t get me wrong. There were some good points brought up in this conversation and it was thought provoking.
    I occasionally visit Catherine Austin Fitts’ website. She has some good stuff.

    Of course, I’m not the sharpest kid on the block.
    My taste-buds don’t work well. Sometimes, people have to show me where the meat is that’s in the sandwich.

    • Agree with this observation. IMHO CAF is a good analyst and presenter but is less polished to my ears as an interviewer – case in point being interupting some answers and the numerous distracting utterances of “right”. Kudos to James for maintaining focus during this.

      That said, some good nuggets in this. The points regarding COVID having the appearance of a rushed job certainly struck a chord of agreement with me, alongside of the potential relationship with de-dollarisation.

    • HomeRemedy, I agree with you. Catherine can be a little long winded. With that being said, she definitely has great points and I do agree with a lot of what she said. I definitely agree when she brought up how we finance the the elite and looking for ways to get around the system via the black market.

    • Now if Covid is a bio weapons attack, here are some dots that I have not seen examined anywhere else. These may have absolutely no relationship to Covid, but my spidey senses were tingling when I found them

      1. Outbreak of Respiratory Illness at a Long-Term Care Facility
      July 12, 2019

      Third person has died after respiratory illness outbreak at Greenspring Village, Fairfax officials say CDC has tested 17 samples but has so far failed to identify the cause.

      July 18, 2019

      Another Respiratory Outbreak Found At Burke Retirement Community
      Health officials do not believe the outbreak is connected with the one at Greenspring Retirement Community in Springfield.

      Jul 18, 2019

      2. Deadly Germ Research Is Shut Down at Army Lab Over Safety Concerns
      Problems with disposal of dangerous materials led the government to suspend research at the military’s leading biodefense center.

      Aug. 5, 2019

      3. Gold investors will also be aware that the Gold price in USD took off around this period in Jun 2019 – coincidence or front running insider dealing?

      • Interesting stuff.
        The Gold coincidence is also worth noting, because the markets aren’t based on logic and fundamentals, as we all have been seeing.

        • The market is based on the FED. But fundamentals ultimately triumph.

    • @HRS

      I appreciate the candid observation.

      I recently bought myself the christmas present of a Solari subscription (as I appreciate much of the intel her and her team put together, especially in the hard copies of her bi-annual intelligence reports).

      One thing I am curious about is CAF’s opinion on voluntaryism/anarchism (given her background).

      I posed the question as part of the “Ask Catherine” segment that members can engage with on her site and should receive a response tomorrow.

      I will update if/when she shares her thoughts on that topic if you are interested.

  12. I agree. I have my silver coins and small amount of gold.
    Gave some to my grandkids and son/wife.

    I also gave them Goldbacks which is a paper currency infused with real gold, legal in some states. Yes, the paper has gold embedded in it.
    Ben Swann details the Goldback here…

    • The GOLDBACK is a much smaller bill than the dollar.
      The 5 Goldback is a bit larger.
      They fold easily and you don’t have to worry about them getting too frayed or torn. It is negligible wear.
      Covid Cooties could easily be cleaned off.

      The Goldback would not be viable to counterfeit.

      I like the concept of having small denominations of precious metals which are a standard issue and well recognized.

      Unfortunately, the Goldbacks are so unique, that folks want to keep them rather than spend them.

  13. Keen understanding and insights from Catherine and James!

    Her analogy of how “they” are trying to install a “backdoor” into the human-being is spot on!

    There are certainly working towards creating the “new man” – transhumanism.

    1. nanotechs sprayed in chemtrails along with aluminium and other heavy metals to dumb down the population – increase in alzhiemer’s disease and bee die off are signs of this.

    2. vaccine contains nanobots and gene editing capabilities to finalize the nano-network with in the people who take it

    3. microchip – biochip – is the computer processor to the whole system

    4. and of course it is plugged (neural link) into the matrix network through 5g wireless tech.

    I did a talk on this at my old website One Heart Books years ago called “To Mind Control the Masses” reading from military white papers that talked about doing this, relating it to the overall program called “the revolution in military affairs.”

    There is a copy of the page up at way back machine and you can download the mp3 file for up to 7 days from a file transfer site here:

    and the resource pack that has all the white papers I quoted from at the link to the original archived page here:

  14. There were things mentioned “the brain-machine” by CAF and JC mentioned “the singularity”. I recall listing to a podcast on transhumanism before but I don’t recall the particulars.

    So the mRNA vaccines could be used as a control device that they could just flick a switch and control us or kill us. Very creepy. Do you think this technology actually exists though? We have no way to know. My understanding was that AI and robotics were still pretty rudimentary and that understanding of the human genome is still in its infancy.

    This kind of technology would have to be classified.

    • It is just mind-blowing to me that this could exist, the technology to control us on an internal level, and get rid of us when we are no longer useful. I have no doubt the “elites” would do this, they are psychopaths, but that they could be so close to the goal is very frightening.

      • @cu.h.j

        They do not need nano-bots, quantum dot tech, graphine or transhumanist genetic alterations to engage in wireless mind control/brain influencing tech.

        Have you heard of V2K tech? It is not a myth and that tech has come a long way since it was invented.

  15. Schmitt,
    What part of Oklahoma are you in? I’m familiar with Oklahoma.

    GeneralBottleWasher is up near Tulsa.

    • My Father’s side of the family is from areas near or in Oklahoma City, but I have been around different parts of the state through the many years.

      “North Texans for 9/11 Truth” is full of like minded folks.

      We have a YouTube Channel of the same name.
      If you search with our group name, you can see many photos.

      Our group is also involved with the Fluoride issue.
      You see a lot of folks from our group taking action in the videos.
      I built this website, (but I really am computer illiterate).

  16. What are you doing?

    • Hey wanderer

      I live in the SF Bay are and in SF not too much rioting or destruction here. I brought a few guns up from my cellar just in case though actually my husband insisted on it. But so far so good.

  17. What I’m doing is trying to find out more information about how to stop a mandatory vaccine and also working because I still need to eat. I bought some land and want to build a house in another state outside of CA. So I’m gonna build my bug out spot. I’ve stocked up on some emergency food, diversified my asset portfolio with precious metals and crypto.

    I agree with CAF that the law can be used sometimes successfully at least to prevent a mandatory vaccine. I’m not going to get the vaccine, but I still want to be able to work as a nurse in a regular capacity for the money, to be honest. I like to have money and be able to support my family. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I don’t want to go broke, so I’m going to find a way to avoid the vaccine, the internal Gates O.S. Yuk!!

    And, I’ve been having a good time with some friends lately too, laughing, drinking, hiking and more. Stocked up on some fun psychedelics too. Just enjoying life.

    • That’s great to hear cu.h.j.!

      • I’m fishing. Screw that shadow show on the cave walls.

        • I take Borisaman’s point. It does seem like we have been getting screwed since Caesar was a boy and likely as far back as when Noah was in the shipbuilding business. What else is new? In the words of Billy Corgan, “despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage”. The difference with 2020 is that the tools are much sharper now. There are definitely things I am doing to protect what’s important to me BUT if they really want to roll it out, they will push that button. I do wonder who they will ask to fix the toilet though.

  18. it may be that a part of warren (dissociative identity disorder?) desires to help the world, then again his public persona could simply be an act, or perhaps a combo of the two. that said, im certain he’s aware of the hell he’s helping to create & sustain… the harm he’s doing in tandem with other elite luciferian globalist criminals.

    all that said…

    ahhnold is the real power, the financial terminator genius… Popis/Beschreibung

    the world’s second richest man und the world’s most respected investor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, held a meeting in Sept at one of the remote rural settlements in Buckingham County, England, with considerable influence on financial markets & the world economy at all. Names such as Nicky Oppenheimer, head of the De Beers diamond empire, World Bank President James Wolfensohn, Nokia CEO Jorma Ollila, Kirk Walden of PricewaterhouseCoopers und Lord Jacob Rothschild appeared on the guest list. During the two-day session, ahhnold advised all participants in the meeting that fraud und business on the edge of the law must never shtop. World corporations & financial institutions have a duty to ensure consolidation und recovery of financial markets. Pictured from left, Warren Buffet, Ahhnold Schwarzenegger und Lord Rotschild

    *possible translation errors, no machine ist perfect ϟϟ

  19. Thanks, James and Catherine. Great interview.Just for the record.I can see the big picture and thanks to your ‘Gates’series what initially’felt’ wrong was understood when the why was explained in great depth. Thanks for your excellent points,’Wanderer’ and ‘I shot Santa.’I wish I could afford to suscribe to Solari too! Also thanks for the heads up about Vandana Shiva and the Club of Rome,’Home Remedy Supply’.I did my due dilgence but it didn’t take much talking to corroborate it.Very disappointing, I had a lot of time for her.

  20. As we know from our Saturday nights at the drive-in theatres, a Texas Chainsaw is scary as hell.

    A fellow in far, far south Texas near the Mexican border, the Valley, grabbed a chainsaw to chase away protesters from a business.
    (brief Twitter clip)

    Not shown on this clip, the police came shortly and calmly talked to the chainsaw guy.

    Around 200 people gathered outside of McAllen City Hall to protest the death of George Floyd in the sunny afternoon.
    It was over 90 degrees F (32.2 C).
    At 4:30 pm, protesters went home.

    No police were there at City Hall.

    McAllen is about a 10 or more hour drive from the north Dallas area, depending on stops for gas.

    The Rio Grande Valley area has one of the poorest economies in the state. However, it is known for its farming, because many crops can be grown there year round.
    In fact, I have distant relatives who farm there. In the early 60’s, I visited their farm.

    • The buzz of all these protests will fade away.
      Right now, it seems just a news cycle and a current ‘fad’ for many.

      How many of the current protesters know about the Kent State shootings and the protests that followed?
      Now-a-days, the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. is plastic-coated.

      If you have not seen this James Corbett video, it is a historical classic. Video of William F. Pepper will be one for future archives.
      Truth At Last: The Assassination of Martin Luther King

    • So Texas ain’t changed since I was there!

  21. Charlotte Iserbyt who wrote about the dumbing down of the school system also has links to the establishment- skul n bones and all would expect people really who tell you how things work to really KNOW how things work.

    The ‘establishment’ is just the people who have power… usually power and wealth passes down in families (also in organizations/cults/clubs/ect) and I expect that the evil grandfathers of the current crop would be horrified by some of ideas their descendants have and (should they succeed) even people like Gates would be horrified by what his tec will REALLY do.

    Most people live in the ‘now’ and dont think or care what 100 years ahead looks like.
    The Press-titutes, armed running dogs, and even politicians would never follow their masters wishes if they could actually imagine what kind of world their kids and grand kids will live in.

    • I take it you haven’t met many presstitutes. They only care about getting their face on the tv. Fun fact: if they ask you a question, give them the answer they would love to air. Make sure it is the establishment answer. At the end, they have to ask if they can use it. Pause, and then say no. The look of disappointment is priceless! Got them twice that way. I’ve had a wonder life being all me.

      • lol… will try that if i get a chance

  22. I appreciate the bit about beware of anyone that the media describes as a “genius”. Were Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes a “proprietary”? She is described as a “genius”.

  23. Have there been any discussions or research on whether there could have been any collusion on the part of Microsoft to have worked directly with P-Tech on the backdoor access on top of what was already known to be written in by P-Tech?

    • P-Tech
      James Corbett might know.

  24. If the CIA no longer serves the interests of the American people, why is it still around? Who or which part of the US government has the authority to shut down the CIA?

    • The CIA never served the interest of the American people. It’s precursor the OSS was founded by Skull and Bones members, look them up if you don’t know who they are. Kennedy was in the process of shutting down the CIA because of the Bay of Pigs fiasco, they killed him because of it.

      Allan Dulles, who was the head of the CIA at the time was fired, he later was one of the key figures in the investigation on the Warren Commission.

    • Karen.I,
      Once a Federal government agency or law is enacted, it becomes virtually impossible to completely dismantle it.

      I do not know of any U.S. Government entity or agency that serves the best interests of the public, despite what they claim or the media says.

      In fact, most Agencies do the exact opposite of helping the American people. For example, the CDC, FDA, and EPA are deliberately destroying the health and well being of this nation…just a biographical history of the heads of these agencies tells the corrupt story. With COVID, they wanted a high death count and curtailed any effective health remedy for it. Anything to get the death count high.

      Monday June 8, 2020 starts the landmark citizen lawsuit against the EPA over Fluoride
      If citizens prevail, it will have an impact.


  25. They are using Fear and that is what we have to extinguish. James does not like FDR, but he told us several decades ago that “The only thing to fear is Fear itself”. This is the Bugaboo, the Fear, and that is where we need to put our emphasis. The Democrats are scared rabbits with Trump Derangement Syndrome, which BTW needs to be added to the DSM V, and they are the problem. That is why they went to an invisible enemy, because it is very hard to get out of peoples heads.

  26. More on Alternative Energy

    From real-world experiments we see new possibilities in fusion energy
    that are well hidden behind a think layer of very strong science denial.

    Safire project

    Fleishmann Memorial project (FMP)

    What we see are multiple things:
    1. When exposed by strong electrical currents, Elements transmutate to other elements. This already happens in lightning and in fusors.
    These are low energy nuclear reactions.
    But this works only well under certain conditions, which seems to relate
    to neutrinos.
    The FMP calls it slow neutrinos, which is similar to that we
    need slow neutrons to get fission.

    2. The nuclear reactions do not only produce heat.
    They also can deliver energy by creating a large electric charges and currents.
    The charge could be stored in some kind of state that
    appears neutral to the environment.
    These could be EVOs or plasmoids.
    In Safire the reactions can maintain a current.

    3. On the sun both take place:
    electricity creates fusion and fusion creates electricity.
    This combination create very strong currents on the surface of the sun,
    which also causes sunspots and solar flares.
    The NASA always reports about the strong magnetic fields from
    these currents, especially in the flares.
    But for some weird reason NASA never accepted that electric currents are needed
    to get a magnetic field, while this is a basic scientific fact.
    From the Safire project it may be possible that low energy nuclear
    reactions create a sustained current at the surface of the sun.
    When these currents reach earth, we can see the Aurora,
    and get lighting & storms.

    All 3 can be seen in direct observations and have been tested in laboratories.

    Yet, simple fusion also means cheap energy.
    And this is why I think it has always been pushed away
    and attacked severely by Pentagon’s funded science.
    It also “breaks physics”, because most of our progress in physics
    has been frozen by the Pentagon(?) since the world wars.

    • You go a few steps too far.
      My criticism is on the impossibility of some mainstream
      theories about the sun. And these can be observed directly.
      The adaption is very simple and easy.

      That there are many more problems with astronomy is clear.
      IF they can not even get the sun right, they can not be believed
      for anything further than that.

      You are describing very old theories, where “everything is electric”
      and the universe only has an electric energy source.
      I think Tesla liked that idea, and some more people.
      The mainstream astronomy, however, just denies the existence of
      all electric interactions. As if it does not exist.
      That also has a historical reason.

      I moved from astronomy to “plasma cosmology”, which is just based on
      down-to-earth physics, and can still explain most things that
      we see.
      It is astronomy without the fantasy.

      Now further to secrets of nuclear physics

      In some areas I suspect deliberate suppression of knowledge.
      The low energy nuclear reactions are very critical to our
      energy-supply. And there is where we can see immense
      resistance. Mainly from people that do not want anything
      of this to be studied.
      And because it is different from the mainstream understanding
      of nuclear physics, it was very easy to push away.

      Here is an interesting topic:
      Can we transform the elements from nuclear fission
      into less harmful products, and get energy from it?

      The channel relates to many top secret projects.
      In the video: Filimonenko worked under secret programs,
      developed Pd – D cold fusion.

      So it is reasonable to suspect that many more of such projects
      have been developed further.
      These kinds of projects should be run by 50 universities and
      be funded with millions of dollars.
      Because it helps our environment, and our energy supply.
      But of course it isn’t,
      because it is top-secret.

      Instead we fantasize of invisible objects that probably do not even exist.

  27. Good for you James, not getting pulled into the Dem-Repub frame or the “Trump is going to save us” scenario. She did show later that she knows those ways of thinking miss the point. I think some people know better but the old ways of thinking slip out sometimes.

  28. Catherine, every time you say Contact tracing it sounds like you are saying ContRact tracing. You are traced from your cellphone. Julian said that maybe a decade ago. Bill Binney quit NSA right after The Crime of Sept 11, 2001 because he knew we were being traced totally. His system traced without revealing who the American was at the other end of the phone call. The person who replaced him was a manager at the corporation at the center of the Crime, SAIC.

  29. SAIC is Science Applications International Corporation, but the real criminals are THE CORPORATION itself because a Corporation can hide things deep inside of a maize of subsidiaries and/or Holding Companies.

  30. I don’t see Russia being sucked into something like this. They are too strong mentally and fiercely independent and have been attacked and ripped off by the Empire twice in the last Century but they came back. I don’t see them letting something like that happening again. They plan on Fusion Energy and are working towards it. The US quit working on Fusion in the Mid-’80s. I have no doubt that Russia will do it and when that happens they will have free Energy and be able to sell it to the rest of the Planet far cheaper than the cost of Oil.

  31. Now that the smear job on HCQ has been exposed Gates/Fauchi/CDC won’t be able to force their vaccine control system on us. I will be 77 in December and don’t have too many years left so I won’t have to put up with this but I see this falling apart just like the Random Guido Coup attempt in Venezuela, Russiagate, Ukrainegate and the rest. The Empire can’t pull these crimes off anymore.

  32. Some excellent feedback on this very eye-opening report. Guess I’ll throw my two-penneth in too.

    I’ve been a conspiracy researcher for near 40 years now. I’ve come to a conclusion that the olde axiom of, “There’s plenty of room at the top but there’s nowhere to sit down” is quite relevant here.

    There are basically 3 ways to control a society, however large or multi-cultural and they are, through religion, through economics or through fear of war. Curiously there are also 3 main avenues of power that correspond exactly. They may be some overlap between the 3, but fundamentally they are as this in my opinion:

    1. The military/industrial complex: The military,the primary industries of mining & agriculture and the secondary industries of manufacturing and logistics.

    2. The financial sector and the corporations: The Banksters, Oligarchies, Monarchies, Big Pharma, Oil, Energy, international trade.

    3. The religious bodies: The Vatican, secret societies, satanists, druids, New Age & other Gnostic or pagan ideologies.

    Each of these 3 branches of power acquisition require there own source of funding. That’s why groups 1 & 3 utilize the illegal drug trade. Group 2 do it through Big Pharma. Each also have there own forms of intelligence agencies. Military Intelligence ( an oxymoron for the most part), the “5 Eyes” intelligence agencies, the Jesuits and Catholic confessionals etc.

    The COVID-19 Plandemic was a test case and I agree it seemed ill planned, badly orchestrated and somewhat beyond the control of those that created this faux crisis. I’ve worked for some 2nd tier ‘royals’ who know the royal family of the UK intimately. I’ve also met high up military types and corresponded with some of the religious hierarchy of this world. They all have this is common: They could be clinically diagnosed as narcissists, sociopaths and/or psychopaths.

    These people may act polite, but in reality have no concept of the average citizen. I would not be too harsh to say that they revile the citizenry and treat them as serfs.

    Currently these 3 factions seem to be vying for prominence and power. Should they ever start working together for a common goal, as the Bible states will happen under the Anti-Christ, then the world win truly shift and all personal freedoms will be lost.

    That’s about it from me for the moment. Keep up the excellent work James.

    • I guess this is part of the psychopathic traits: to show incredible charm in all public occasions (think about Obama). After all, a psychopath is obsessed by the idea of being adulated by the same masses he despises (what a contradiction!).

  33. “What I try to impress on people, is it you’re going to have to say no. And you’re going to have to decide which is more important, your life or your freedom”

    Powerful words from Fitts.
    I too believe that the globalists have under estimated the power of individuals. We are many, they are few, and now we know who they are.

    James, thank you for the emphasis on this new power source. Yes, I agree that these new regulations are in part to bring about a new power source for the 21st century and it’s non proliferation. Or even the next two centuries.
    I have an account I want to share of a scientist from Los Alamos laboratories say:
    “We have a new type of reactor the size of a sedan, that can power an entire city with very low costs. Funded in part by . That’s all I can say about that”.

    This is a well known fact that they’ve invested heavily in a new type of reactor.

    I salute you with a vow.

  34. Violence isn’t what the state wants. Not intelligent, focused violence anyway. They love stupid looting violence. But not people lynching mayors and the like. They fear that above all else. And unless the people have the will to do such, they don’t really care what you do. When you take violence off the table, you’ve defanged yourself.

  35. One might wish to look at the work of Sheldon Wolin,who recently passed away.

    “Wolin throughout his scholarship charted the devolution of American democracy and in his last book, “Democracy Incorporated,” details our peculiar form of corporate totalitarianism. “One cannot point to any national institution[s] that can accurately be described as democratic,” he writes in that book, “surely not in the highly managed, money-saturated elections, the lobby-infested Congress, the imperial presidency, the class-biased judicial and penal system, or, least of all, the media.”

    Inverted totalitarianism is different from classical forms of totalitarianism. It does not find its expression in a demagogue or charismatic leader but in the faceless anonymity of the corporate state. Our inverted totalitarianism pays outward fealty to the facade of electoral politics, the Constitution, civil liberties, freedom of the press, the independence of the judiciary, and the iconography, traditions and language of American patriotism, but it has effectively seized all of the mechanisms of power to render the citizen impotent.”

    I am reminded of the quote attributed to George W. Bush’s henchman, Karl Rove:

    “People like you are still living in what we call the reality-based community. You believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality. That’s not the way the world really works anymore. We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you are studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors, and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

    Karl Rove

    Ruling classes throughout history have always stated the above.

    Let’s prove them wrong.

  36. Meanwhile we have a crowd submission evaluation and yet more dubious government modelling in praise and celebration of – what? – a country score competition for the most successful private intrusion and lock-down enforcement.

    The “Lockdown Rollback Checklist” of “The Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker (OxCGRT)”. The Wall Street Journal: Measuring the Strictness of Your Lockdown: A University Boils It Down to One Number.

    “Note that these indices simply record the number and strictness of government policies, and should not be interpreted as ‘scoring’ the appropriateness or effectiveness of a country’s response. A higher position in an index does not necessarily mean that a country’s response is ‘better’ than others lower on the index.”

    But – – wait, is that doublespeak in how this data then is used?

    Look at the little victory dance we Canadians can do with all of that, all the while padding our backs at our unquestionable submission to government overreach:

    “B.C. has made extensive use of modelling and planning in our decision-making process, including the Oxford Stringency Index.”

    Aaaah, more graphs with lines shooting straight up into the ozone IF WE DON’T……

    Wow, here is the next load of garbage covered under what is made to look like serious science.

    As the crowd’s eyeballs gloss over. I mean, this has got to be correct, right? All these graphs and stuff and coming out of a University and Government Authorities??!!

    • Cooking the stew. Folks, how do I deal with my propaganda enlightened / empowered numbed and virus flag swinging 95% neighbours I can’t talk to anymore?

  37. Not sure whether this has been mentioned before, but this lady gets through the excruciating experience of “Contact Tracing” training and she reports what it is all about (documents and sources included).

    Judge for yourself:

    This is obviously primarily relevant to the American audience, but as we all know, whatever happens there may have substantial reverberations across the globe.

  38. It has been said that Idiocracy is a documentary. We must stop THX1138 from becoming a documentary too. Although i am sure that in many places on the planet (and off) it already is a reality.
    Thanks Mr. James, Thanks Ms. Catherine. They don’t control what we think, but they control what we think about. You both are helping to give us more to think about.(with no less than two dangling prepositions in one comment!)

  39. Thanks Wanderer. I thought that’s what Catherine meant by “perfect collateral” but as I had never heard of it, I was hoping humans aren’t that depraved. Alas, I was wrong.

  40. James I’m a Northeastern guy and followed Chapman and Forecaster for years and need some help.. May seem like a strange request but looking for death announcements for a Skier that apparently passed away unexpectedly in late February while on a ski trip to Japan from an avalanche. Now talked to Catherine in the past and kinda connected.. Not just ordinary guy named after my father.. Now he was involved in setting up companies in China with the globalony mafia including the port deals in Seattle and LA on the container parade platform and laundry cycle (arms drugs police state funding). Dillon, Read? Hey Not a spook actually yelled at the film division for spooks.. hey get back to me.

  41. Just last week I was further pondering how the intelligence agencies and the many secret societies fit in with the technocratic agenda.

    Were the technocrats really able to get all of them on board with the agenda?

    Then, over the past few days, a clearly orchestrated attack on Free Masonry has begun to take shape.
    Perhaps not all of them were cool with the agenda after all.

    • @AnimalsArentFood

      There is never consensus within the echelons of material power on Earth.

      We are talking about multi-generational conmen, murders and racketeering specialists. They are self-interested and always guided by fear that another one of their peers will take their stuff (this is true regardless of the veneer of opulence, confidence and unity some of the plutocrats may project outwardly).

      At the top of the realms of material influence on Earth is the group that has their grasp on the electrogravitic craft and orbital DEW tech.

      They are those select few (who are also among the controlling interests at the BIS, IMF, WB, Blackrock and Vanguard Group) that managed to get their hands on the tech first, and with it, they hold the other plutocrats under constant threat of kidnapping and death (in order to force them to fall in line). For a time the group of the nastiest plutocrats with the nastiest tech were called PI-40 but more recently my sources indicate the committee now has about 300 members (though again, a select few of those 300 are the nastiest and most psychopathic/misanthropic ones, and they use the tech they have sequestered to bend the others to their will).

      Advanced MILAB operations carried out by paramilitary forces are utilized to kidnap and encourage any members who do not want to go along with what the dominant members are wanting to do at any given time. Those that do not capitulate encounter sudden health challenges.

  42. I think CAF makes a good and obvious point about the “vaccine “ being a fraud and there may be legal issues related to purported mechanism of it being “gene therapy.” I presume that even the most pro vaccine individuals would be reluctant to take a “vaccine “ that involves modifying protein transcription via mRNA. It’s kinda like an injectable GMO. I’m hoping that this provides an avenue for litigation. I would certainly explore this if receiving this “vaccine “ becomes a prerequisite for societal interaction.

    I don’t think people should be forced leave society to avoid being a test subject in this experiment. Why should individuals who generate income in a “mainstream “ capacity give that up . It’s wrong. People have a right to earn a living and travel and have access to things “normies” enjoy. People should not have to live on the margins. Fuck that.

    • cu.h.j
      You make some excellent points.
      I hear ya about the vaccine and GMO.

      I also gotta highlight your statement:
      Why should individuals who generate income in a “mainstream “ capacity give that up .
      It’s wrong.
      People have a right to earn a living and travel and have access to things “normies” enjoy.
      People should not have to live on the margins. Fuck that.

    • @cu.h.j

      Fuck that indeed.

      I had an interaction with an Australian cousin recently who was one of those in my family that were all over me during the height of the scamdemic/lockdowns/injection propaganda telling me that I am “irresponsible”, “letting down the masses”, “anti-science” and “on the wrong side of history” because I would not get injected.

      I sent this to her:

      “I just wanted to check in with you (since some time has passed and an increasing amount of data and evidence has been coming to light) to inquire if you still hold the views you expressed in your messages and comments to me regarding the experimental synthetic mRNA injections that were fraudulently marketed as “vaccines” and the discriminatory and fascistic government mandates related to them? Now that we have had 2 years to allow the truth to come to light about corporations like Pfizer and 2 years to observe the unprecedented increases in heart issues and “turbo cancers” in those that received the injections, I just wanted to check in to see if you have anything to add? I am curious if you still endorse said injections given all that we know now, and if you still “personally think that (I am) letting down the masses” by having refused to receive said injections?”

      She was quick to respond and said:

      “I am definitely not interested in having this conversation again. My comments were made because you compared being subject to vaccine rules to being a victim of the Holocaust. Incomparable. What’s happening in Gaza is an actual genocide, which I haven’t noticed the same response to from you. I do not presume to know your status on the genocide, only to say that you haven’t given it the same energy online as you did to covid restrictions, which you likened to a genocide…Restrictions were in place to protect the most vulnerable and you have not been forced to get them. I stand by what I said absolutely. Vaccines have been an amazing progression to support human life and health. I never made claims that the vaccines wouldn’t have any side effects. Not everything is black and white. I know someone who has been affected by the vaccine and I know someone who has been affected a lot more by covid because they were not vaccinated. I’m happy to have other conversations with you but this one will not get us anywhere so I will not be responding from here.”

      It is amazing to me how brainwashed people still are, always being herded to be cheerleaders for ‘the next thing’, despite everything that has come to light.. I guess once one drinks the koolaid it is quite challenging for them to admit they were part of a death cult.

      • I’m appaled that she’s siding with Gaza and their Hamas murderous overlords, who are definitivelly not controlled opposition, instead of those lovely Zionost settlers.

        • @mkey

          It must be exhausting for her, flip flopping around always trying to “be on the right side of history”, always trying to find the most mob mentality approved / socially accepted “righteous” side in a conflict to become a cheerleader for.. like an endless game of musical chairs. What a sad way to live.

          My response to her was this:

          Thanks for clarifying. The truth is that (as is also the case with the fraudulent genetic injections you are so enthusiastic about and the corporations behind pushing them on the public) all forms of modern warfare are a means for profiteering and eugenics (genocide) operations to move forward. This is true regardless of what side of a war you cheer for. For more pertinent data on this reality you can read this essay:

          (no response back from her yet)

          Thanks for the comment.

          • As an aside, historian David Irving goes into detail of deconstructing the term “genocide”, which from his point of view skews the argument (i.e. in favor of killing people of specific race) from the fact that these killings are of, regardless of race, color and creed, innocent people. He refers to it as innocentcide and once you think about it, it’s a very accurate word.

            Genocide is quite a buzz word, throwing innocentcide as them would certainly leave people puzzled.

            • @mkey

              I like it. I shall try throwing that curve ball at the statist cheerleaders next time one of them steps up to bat.

              What are you thoughts on the word “democide”?

              I have used that term off and on when referring to the genetic slurry injection campaign as, dare I say, it felt more ‘inclusive’.

              • Democide is also more accurate as we are witnessing the culling of the people. And it also has the advantage of not being a loaded trigger words.

      • I think you’ve done enough to try to warn people even family. Some people must learn from experience and it is a waste of energy to even discuss it with some folks. People will reap what they sow. I’ve made some bad choices with what I put into my body and people tried to warn me and I made my choice had the consequences and learned by experience.

        • @cu.h.j

          Thanks, I agree.

          My reaching out to her was more just to give her an opportunity to change her tune before I write something that entails my experiences with my blood family during the past 3+ years (as part of my healing process) that I will be publishing for the world to read.

          I am a firm believer that even the most deluded and unpleasant people have the capacity to change, so I attempt give space for them to do that when ever possible.

          Now that she has made her position clear I can go about writing and healing with certainty and clarity (in the hopes that sharing my experiences can offer not only a sense of solidarity and not feeling alone to others who experienced similar ostracism, but also offering a mirror to those who may currently be choosing the path of a bully or a coward to see what they are doing, through reading of my families choices, so they can instead choose a different path). Thus, her response was a helpful result towards those ends.

          I have made bad choices too, none of us are perfect, and it is my belief that through both looking in the mirror and offering to hold up a mirror to others we are inviting the opportunity for better choices to be made in the future.

          Thanks for the comment.

          • I think writing can help get things out and that’s good for clarity and resolve.

            I do believe in autonomy and that people have the right to make their own choices and for me as long as the person isn’t trying to force or coerce me into something, I’ll give them the same respect.

            On the other hand, if people are trying to shame and shun me and I think they are some kind of authoritarian, I may have a hard time having them in my life as a real friend. At least you’re upfront and authentic about how you feel. I just never spoke to people again who showed their authoritarian streak. I didn’t even give them the chance.

            That’s one of my weaknesses. Lack of trust and very hard to show vulnerability and take risks with people who have made mistakes.

            The people who went along with wanting to shame and force people into taking injections, to me, showed something very dark inside of them and for me that flaw was enough to not want any more to do with them period. I am probably wrong to have those kind of standards but I hate authoritarians.

            • People who would turn me in to the government or be okay with someone coming into my home to force jab me are not worth my time. When I saw that in people, I cut them out of my life. As a result I am much more alone than I have ever been.

              • I felt like I was living in the movie “Invasion of the body snatchers” with the pod people. That’s a fun movie. I might watch it again. It brings a bit of humor to this nightmare.

              • @cu.h.j

                I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, perspectives and experiences. You hold up a valuable mirror for me to see aspects of what you describe in yourself, within me as well. Thank you.

                When it comes to the pod people (like the 98% of my family that were hardcore injection fanatics and liked to try and bully and use coercion and sort of Amish “shunning” tactics to try and get me to fall in line) I have set clear boundaries and called them out on their cowardice and abusive behavior one on one. That being said I also told them that while i may have trouble trusting them and relying on them again in the future (given their betrayal in favor of capitulating to government carrot/stick tactics) I would not completely cut them out of my life like they did to me.

                So, if they wanna earn my trust again, I am willing to try. I don’t know how long it would take, but i`m open to the process.

                I am grateful to be able to communicate with thoughtful and honest people such as yourself in this community. Thank you for being you.

              • @Gavinm:

                I think many people were pushy and wanted people to go along because it would validate their own choices.

                It’s sort of like a person who drinks too much trying to get everyone else to drink much more than they should. That way their own character flaws don’t stick out so much.

                I really dislike when people do that though in any context. If I say no to something and don’t want it and they try to push me to do it, I get angry. It’s sleazy salesman behavior and it’s very off putting to me. People should own their choices and if they want to do drugs or take vaccines over and over and stay in their home for the rest of their life, they should go for it. But to get others to do stupid and unhealthy things so they don’t feel like a moron pretty lame IMO.

              • Also, I have friendships with people who took the jab for whatever reason but they never told me I should take it or that they would not speak to me unless I did so. I gave them an opinion and sent some information by email and that was about it. I have friends who I just don’t discuss this with at all. They don’t want to go there and it’s fine.

              • @cu.h.j

                On a more positive note, one of the things I will be exploring in a talk I just recorded for this conference ( ) is how my decision to speak out on the realities of the systemic corruption in government during the scamdemic and allow my moral compass to guide me may have resulted in some relationships ending, but it also guided me to connect with new people and form more meaningful relationships with people more aligned with my ethical priorities and interests.

                I was pretty nervous when recording it knowing how many thousands of people I am gonna be addressing in the permaculture community, but I hope it will inspire others who have been timid to be true to themselves thus far, to find the courage to stand up to bullies (whether they are government thugs or family members) and speak truth (even when it is unpopular).

              • > They don’t want to go there and it’s fine.

                Sorry to burst your bubble, but no, it’s not fine. It’s pretend play. A situation where we act (no truer word has ever been uttered) as if everything is normal, provided anything of substance is not spoken.

                Many people will react with scorn toward what they don’t want to hear and therein lies the proof of the true power of speech. As the old adage goes, the reality is spoken into existance.

                Don’t take this as criticsm, but as encouragement to speak your mind. Nobody wants to lose friends, but at what cost should a friendship be maintained? Besides, cutting of someone until they had a chance to reconsider is one of the majestic acts of love there are.

                On my end, with my friends I take the oportunity to fire some bullets often, where I have to adjust the caliber and rate of fire depending on the crowd.

                Some people when taken outside of their usual group will be more open once the social pressure has lessened. Some will ve very deffensive and easily triggered. Some will be extremely obdurate. Others will be very open to an honest discussion.

                The latter group is there for keeping our sanity in check, we have to concetrate on the other groups if the tides is ever to be turned.

                I obviously can’t report great success. Election time is neigh so I’ll try beating that dead horse again in the coming months.

              • mkey,

                I think you are right in what you say, that there is tremendous power in the spoken word and it is critical to speak. I should have said more and given people a chance. I was so angry and my feelings overwhelmed me. I hope that the creator or god (if that exists as a consciousness) can forgive me.

                I also saw my husband lose his job because he spoke his mind openly. He held nothing back and said exactly what he thought, that this was tyranny and it was wrong. I am proud of him for doing so. After that we had to live on one income and I said very little at work openly except to get my exemption from the jab.

                When I did speak with some friends about it and they said what was being done was right I just couldn’t believe it and ended the friendship. I was at a loss for words and I wanted to cry and also ring their neck with my bare hands. Some believed everything they were told and were actually afraid to see me without a mask. One of my siblings would not discuss it with me. She knew it was wrong but couldn’t handle the conversation. Anytime I broached the topic, she changed the subject.

                I really respect and admire people who stood up to it openly and shared their authenticity. I hope that in this new year and being on better footing I can do better.

                I appreciate your candidness and your thoughts.

              • @Gavinm:

                Thanks for sharing the link. I’ll check it out. Thanks for speaking your mind. It does encourage more people to find their voice.

            • I’m not saying that I don’t interact with people who went along with the madness and/or may be authoritarians or even sociopaths since I do work in mainstream healthcare. But the relationship is professional only, not personal.

              I will say that many doctors and other health care workers I work with do respect bodily autonomy of patients though. I have to respect those people who upheld that fundamental ethical standard.

  43. One of the best works I’ve ever read (Spooner’s No Treason essays). Larken Rose’s The Most Dangerous Superstition is a close second.

    I hesitate to call any principle the GUT (Grand Unifying Theory), but this principle of proper delegation of authority is as about as close as it gets. I can think of very few things that this principle doesn’t cover, or questions this principle doesn’t answer. I use it every opportunity I get.

    • It’s so important one has to wonder how come your best chance to get introduced with it is to stumble into a youtube video. On a good day, so that you don’t just glance over.

  44. Catherine asked “Why?” a couple times the government(s) would shutter small businesses and destroy a chunk of the economy. James pointed out that it is no puzzle, because they never cared about Mom & Pop businesses in the first place. But Catherine also answered her own question when she referred to the business man in Texas who said “I don’t need you” (meaning most people, workers) and suggested everyone can be replaced by AI robots. With 40 million people out of work in the US, that’s just a small sample, an experiment if you will, of the Big corps not needing us. And they’re doing just fine.

    • Vanderv,
      Very interesting. I’m at a wonder from your and HomeRemedySupply news from Japan.
      HomeRemedySupply says:
      01/12/2024 at 2:42 am
      The Nikkei Stock Graph –
      (Click “50 yr”)

      Having taken a look at the employment figures. Maybe I’m reading this all wrong but the unemployment stands at 2.5%. That’s incredible. So did the American industrial complex move to Japan ? from China to Japan?

      I guess I should listen to this interview that seems yet to be posted on TCR.

      • What,dates times, jeez am I lost in this. Never mind. Time is a river, and you came drown in the quick as well as the stagnant.
        I did in joy reading all of the above, but got distracted on doing two things poorly.

  45. I somehow missed this video, and only just saw the reposting of this story on Global Research. I even wrote to James he ought to have CAF on the show and he beat me to it by months. NOW I will listen and enjoy.
    Thank you.

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