Interview 1552 – Derrick Broze Announces #ExposeBillGates Global Day of Action

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James joins Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance to discuss the Global Day of Action to #ExposeBillGates, set for this Saturday, June 13th. We discuss the reasons people need to act on the important information that is coming out about the Bill Gates-funded agenda to control the world’s population and what we can all do to help spread the word.

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Announcing #ExposeBillGates Global Day of Action on June 13, 2020

Who Is Bill Gates?

Bill Gates Web of Dark Money and Influence by Derrick Broze:
Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3


    • For serious Investigative Researchers…

      It would be interesting to track down written documentation and verifications surrounding this story.

      • That Corey’s Digs article was good. It had some very interesting links and sourced documents on Bobby Rush.

  1. I made a flyer for this with QR code links to the Corbett Report documentary series. Let me know what you guys think and if you have any suggestions for improvement.

    • I like it very much Cloudkicker.
      Great layout and succinct message. Love it. It is fine as-is.

      Perhaps having the script would be a nice addition if it fits easily and is simple. That address links directly to all four videos. No need to put the http or www .

      Maybe following put a phrase “with transcripts”, but that might not be crucial and could make the script too busy in a marketing sense.

      What would work for me personally, are images which will print well in grayscale.
      I will only use black ink for flyers.

      Printing color is very expensive.
      I won’t do it. Not for flyers.
      I will use black ink, via a toner cartridge to save costs.

      But some folks will print color flyers. I have seen them do it.

      On past color photos which I used for black ink flyers, I had to play around with the contrast and brightness in a black-n-white grayscale rendition. It took some time. And it is not really my skill set. When I got the lighter shade, acceptable for black ink, then I placed the photo on the flyer.

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      As aside to any Corbett Member…
      When I was reading the comments at one of the alternative news websites which had posted Corbett’s Gates video in their news feed, a variety of commenters mentioned that they wanted transcripts.
      Some comments said that they were interested in reading, not watching a video.
      It surprised me. And gosh…if someone clicked on the video they would see the link to transcripts.

      Anyway, it is worth noting that some folks prefer reading over videos.

      • Thanks for the feedback HRS. I didn’t want to make it look too busy but I do like the idea of at least adding the URL to the Gates videos. As for the color, you make a good point. I’m gonna print it in black & white to see how it looks. I think the thumbnails of the videos are crucial because it hints to the professional quality of the videos which should elicit more interest. If you want to collaborate a little on a version that works for you, that you will use, I am more than happy to do that.

        • Stay true to your own unique creativity.
          Your eye for marketing is sharp! I noticed that the other day just after you posted it.

          I agree with you 100% on the thumbnails. They purvey a concept.

    • I like it very much too! Great initiative! A tip of my hat and kudos to you!

      Apart from HRS’ comments, the only suggestion I can further think of is making the correct sequence of the four parts a bit clearer. I think I would put ‘How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health’ in the upper left corner and ‘Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate the World in the upper right corner of the flyer.

      On the other hand, if you only have one single QR-code (and maybe one picture) on the flyer that links to, then the sequence of the four parts would not be important anymore because the site on the Corbett Report then will give you the correct sequence anyway.
      And it would have the additional bonus of making it look less busy, if that is what you aim for. This would make more room for the other suggestions.

      Anyway, these are just my thougts, you are better suited I think to know what works best since you already have invested effort in it.
      And again, great work Cloudkicker!

      • Thank you for your input, Oscar. I plan on re-sequencing them and numbering them as well. I think an alternative version with one QR code link to is a good idea and could provide room for a link to Derrick Broze’s articles on Gates as well.

    • I had not actually seen the page until today so I was unaware of there being any sort of sequence to the series. I will re-sequence them accordingly. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • Yes agree with brianb. They should be ordered 1-4 as James intended and mentioned in his conversation with Derrick so that those unfamiliar with the eugenics agenda don’t immediately cry ‘tin foil hat’ before they get the background info on Gates first.

    • for anyone interested in (documentary on some of) the crimes of the pharma-mafia, dept. vaccination:
      Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe (2016) (#1)
      can be download (as *.ISO) from

      you may check out memorable quotes in IMDb, for a start:

      Gates Bless!

      McCopies & D.Stribute !

      #1) BEWARE: not easy to stomach; may take several sessions. Imho.

      some notes (book tips, links, thoughts):

    • No insult taken at all. I have never made a flyer before in my life so I appreciate all the input. Later today I’m going to create an alternative version that will work better for black & white print and I’ll keep your suggestion in mind. Thanks!

    • This is wonderful. Very easy to send and distribute over whatsapp.

      Do you know if there is a way/app (?) to translate the videos in Spanish to distribute this in Spanish speaking countries?

      Thank you!

  2. Hi to all!

    I’ve been thinking some time now about what the best way is to convey complex topics, such as the topics being discussed on the Corbett Report. I think no-one is beyond redemption when it comes to letting someone understand what needs to be understood. The message just needs to be tailor-made to your audience. If you write an article about a topic (but this also applies when you tell someone about a topic) then I think such an article (or spoken message) needs to have the following ingredients:

    1) Pedagocial.
    I think the article has to be constructed in a pedagogical manner. In other words: don’t assume any knowledge in your audience. There needs to be a build-up. You have to start at the beginning.

    2) Basic Topics.
    Focus on basic topics first, not contemporary topics. Your audience still has to acquire a body of knowledge you allready have but they don’t.

    4) Easy.
    Keep it as simple as you can without sacrificing your core message. You’re audience is probably not interested in reading a lot on the topics that you value. So make it easy for them.

    5) One topic.
    Stay focused on one topic per article.

    6) Short.
    Don’t make the articles too long. Make it so that it maybe fits on one Letter-sized paper. Remember to “kill your darlings”. Remember that almost everything you say, you can say even shorter. This really is true.

    7) Authorative references.
    Make sure you put in references that are as authorative references as you can because people have to be able to convince themselves what you are saying is true when they follow up on the reference (just don’t put in too many references because you’re not writing a scholarly paper).

    8) Put in the work.
    Spend enough time to write these articles. I think that if done well, these articles can be pieces of art. You have to put in the work though.

    9) Inviting a friend to read: make it personal.
    If you have friends who have a political view that is utterly rubbish, then make it personal point that they HAVE TO read your articles (but only if your articles are indeed very good). You can say for example: “Let’s have dinner, I’m looking forward to it. By the way, I do want to discuss something with you. But I would like you to read something first.”

    10) Quality above quantity.
    You don’t have to write down one article a day in this manner, you can write down one article a week or even a month. Just get it right.

    These are general principles, but they can be applied successfully, I think, when you try to get the message across about Bill Gates & vaccines. And with a proper build-up you can get across even more complex topics like part 4 of this series.

    Good luck to all!

  3. Well, I’m back at the river again, so I’ll be sidelined on this one. River’s swollen though due to heavy rains. And I get to cross one of its creeks tomorrow in my raft to get to my camp. Already have had to wade through waist deep water to get to this point. Obviously punishment for not being involved. So don’t sideline yourself, or the same might happen to you. Pay no attention to the fact that I’m having a blast! That’s totally irrelevant.

  4. What I know of the crisis

    1 – the virus came from a laboratory developed by gain-of-function.
    2 – the crisis is a false alarm
    3 – the governments use it to implement a security state
    4 – the technocrats use it to get more power
    5 – the banks use it to steal more money via bail-outs
    Est >$?0 trillion
    6- the corporations use it to steal funds
    Est $5? trillion
    7 – the pentagon use it to prepare new invasions
    Est #3 trillion?
    8 – the medicine industry use it to sell a non-existing /non-working vaccine
    Est $1 trillion
    9 – the political tech companies use it to enforce complete censorship
    10 – doctors and scientists are censored and blocked
    11 – fake doctors and fake scientists take over science

    Weird side-effects:
    a – the working medicine are suppressed by medicine industry and its scientist
    b – numbers are changing all the time, while almost no testing is done
    c – small companies are shutdown by government
    d – daily propaganda
    e – unnecessary and political targeted lock-downs
    f – Release of prisoners
    g – Mass psychosis part 1

    Followed by Fake revolution
    A – Riots and Looting
    B – All police are now called bad people
    C – Biased media
    D – No criticism allowed
    E – Mass psychosis part 2.

    So where does Bill Gates fit in?

    His idea of reducing child-deaths seems nice.

    I think he is:
    part of the technocracy (4);
    plans a security state (3);
    is a fake scientist (11).

    With as final goal Population Control.

    • My plan to change the crisis:

      The Corona virus is a False Alarm

      I think we should start by calling the corona virus a false alarm.
      Based on the data that we have now, we know that it has
      spread much more than predicted, and killed far less people than predicted.
      Many of the people that died already had complications.
      Instead we should have kept the people at danger apart.

      We will certainly know in a few weeks, now the “demonstrators” have
      spread the corona as much as they could.
      If it is really that dangerous, it should kill 10% of the old people in
      the democratic party.

      There is a working medicine

      The availability of a working medicine can also help.
      In most cases Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) works within 8 hours in 90% of the cases.
      If used early. In combinations.

      There were some articles that claimed that HCQ was bad,
      and did not help. All these articles have been revealed to be bullshit.
      The latest retraction from a high-level journal has woken up a few doctors.
      The data (and more) was completely faked.

      The bad science and censorship on this medicine has costed many people
      their lives!
      This should be called out.

      Laboratory origin

      After most people understand it is a false alarm, we should call out
      the laboratory origin of the virus.
      This needs some more support of high-level scientists that are specialized
      in this area. But from what I can understand, it is similar to 9/11 free fall.
      Viruses do not simply mutate that way.
      But it is standard practice in the lab.

      Bad medicine industry
      With this information we can explain and proof that the medicine industry
      is a bad actor. And that it has scientists under its control.

      Population control
      After that we can see that instead of helping humanity,
      the real goal of the measures is population control.
      They are just using the virus as an excuse to implement them.

      By calling the virus a false alarm first,
      we disarm the bomb of fear that they have
      placed in the public mind.

      Who released the virus
      Was it an accident?
      Did people release the virus for population control?
      Were the plans simply lucky to predict this outbreak?
      Was the virus designed to be much deadlier?
      Will we see a deadlier virus in the near future?

        • A simple message to the public, “it’s a false alarm” “an exaggeration” “a means of control” “the crisis is a lie” are what comes to mind when I think of “Covid 19” Even working with people who test “positive” for it and present with symptoms, a few severe requiring ICU but the vast majority minimal symptoms, has shown me just how disgusting this whole thing is.

          I would never have imagined society would shut down for this. The 2017 flu season was worse in my assessment. There were lines outside in the parking lot to get into my hospital. It was bad, overwhelming, and no shutdown. Anyone with the slightest amount of common sense left in their brain knows something is amiss.

          A person does not need to have the intellect that JC has and many of the members here do to know that this crisis is based on lies. To generate mass interest, the message has to be simple to draw people in. Then they can learn more as their interest grows.

          This issue is at least as important as the issue of police brutality, in my opinion.

          Anyway, I like your thoughts.

          • Everything of the crisis is manufactured

            1. The infected are allowed into the country

            2. The deaths are increased due to bad treatments
            New York Undercover Nurse Confirms Criminal Hoax Coronavirus
            (Also posted below)

            3. Working medicine (like HCQ) is withheld.

            4. Working solutions to stop spreading in beginning were omitted
            The virus has now spread to 50% of the population.

            5. Good and quick tests are not done
            But most of these tests also give false positives and false negatives.
            Usually tests are performed on antibodies, that are similar to vaccines.
            The virus is also similar to SARS and other Corona viruses, so
            there may be a huge mix-up.

            6. Numbers are completely exaggerated and fictional
            JC covered this in Lies, bigger lies… covid statistics

            7. A lot of deaths are with Covid, not from covid.
            Only 22% of the Covid-deaths in Italy were from covid.

            8. Fake news and staged news.
            To keep everyone scared, and divided

            9 Vaccines containing Corona viruses or SARS-anti-bodies.
            From Judy (Plandemic movie) we learn that vaccines made via mice, can
            contain viruses of the mice. Some of them can be a corona variant.
            Some vaccines can cause diseases by themselves.
            According to the Pentagon, people with flue vaccine had increased
            chance of getting the disease. (Or were misidentified as
            getting the disease)

            10. The virus was manufactured
            See YT-channel Peak Prosperity for good academic analysis of that.
            Sadly, the doctor thinks that the virus is very dangerous.

            But the good news is that the death of one addicted man
            by the hands of an old friend, has cured the virus,
            and lock-downs are no longer essential.

    • I also think it is interesting that while there is rioting over black deaths in his own country, he has to go to other countries and kill black people as well.

    • hello,
      thanks for your compilation. it could lead to interesting discussions. there is lots to say here, but i have to go to bed. so just a first point. you say:

      “5 – the banks use it to steal more money via bail-outs”

      indeed, the banks are very crucial, as they connect straight away to the eugenicists. but i believe their objective to steal is much worse than you imagine. i think it is not about money, but about property. with the lockdown they managed to get the whole world economy on its knees. anyone with an active loan is very much dependent on a working economy for their income. without that, the banks will come and take their property. virtual money is exchanged for real property, worldwide.

      this is the way the money scheme always works, they create a loan, but they dont create the interest. only by acquiring part of other peoples loans can you pay your interest and some others can not. ok, unless there is an exponential growth of the economy, that always ends in crisis.

      but now, they have taken the system to its ultimate level, no more economy, everyone world wide will default and lose their property to the banks. this is the biggest robbery in the history of mankind!

      • I’ve heard this from other nurses I’ve worked with from NY. They told me hospitals were overcrowded and they have no staffing ratios and there would be hallway ICU patients in the ER. This is pre-COVID. In contrast, California has staffing ratios and better working conditions.

        I spoke with someone who worked a contract in the ICU in NY during Covid who said that he had 11 patients at times. In California, the ratio for ICU patients is 2:1. In short NY hospitals (probably a lot of them) were shit holes and they are still shit holes. It’s no surprise they had bad numbers (in addition to the padding done). Plus the city air is bad. I’ve been there and it’s nasty.

        If you have people packed together like sardines, poorer health with more air pollution, and shitty hospitals, logically you’d have poorer health outcomes.

        In my city, however, we have not had a different situation. My hospital census is still low. Most of the Covid hospital admissions are for people who are already elderly and have at least one pre-existing condition and most of these people recover on top of that.

        We had a few young folks admitted but they recovered. The health care system here was not overwhelmed, therefore,
        there is no logical reason to continue this lockdown. Plus the hypocrisy of the rioting being okay but people going back to work not allowed is insane.

        This whole thing is infuriating. People with no health issues paranoid wearing masks on an 80-degree day. I am starting to lose faith in humanity.

      • Thanks Qno. I would love to see a pic of the flyer posted on your car. I think having more t-shirts and bumper sticks with this type of content is brilliant. My anti-5G shirt has sparked more than a few conversations.

    • Thanks for your input. You may have a point about the “please” part, however, I don’t want to start overthinking it even though I kind of agree with you. The red titles are still legible in greyscale but I might make an alternative version that works better for black and white print.

  5. “ Pay no attention to the fact that I’m having a blast! That’s totally irrelevant.”

    I won’t let it cross my mind again. Especially not tomorrow afternoon when I am sweating over a hot 1989 F900 diesel parked on a blazing hot blacktop pretending to be a mechanic while replacing the water pump that gave up the ghost yesterday.
    Nope. Definitely won’t be thinking about cool running rivers and shady cypress trees while I am busting my knuckles and contorting my body into a greasy claustrophobic engine compartment.
    Not envious at all.

    On another note. I just watched a video on David Icke’s channel on Bitchute that I found very compelling.
    It was mostly an interview with a nurse from Florida who somehow found herself loaned out to Elmhurst hospital. A “epicenter” apparently.
    The nurse is obviously an independent thinker and outspoken in her job. But she also captured undercover video and audio as she witnessed what to any sane person amounts to murder in her hospital.

    I have been known to be gullible on occasion and admittedly am a sucker for crying ladies. Especially pretty ones. But this 37 year old retired active duty military nurse struck me as sincere and credible.

    I keep making the mistake of believing that I cannot be surprised anymore.

      • John Kirby does the interview with the nurse, Erin Marie Olszewski.

        The PRESS and the PUBLIC PROJECT is mentioned in the video.
        John Kirby as Director and Editor.

    • If it makes you feel better, I do have to contend with yellow flies. Also, it’s about 90 (Fahrenheit or real degrees) with 10k% humidity. Couldn’t watch the video as my dumbphone no longer works with bitchute.

      Also, just heard on the ag report on our local radio station that meat packing plants are now working at 95 to 98% capacity. Yeah! Bite me soy burgers!

      • Jim Bob, Are the chiggers bad?

        Here, it’s been hot and dry (no rain for more than a week).
        A few days back, I watered the yard/garden without first putting on my anti-chigger juice concoction. The got me. Of course, you don’t find out until hours later when the itches start.

        Normally, for mosquito bites, I use powdered papaya enzyme or bromelain enzyme or any digestive enzyme (also found in store-bought “meat tenderizers”). The enzymes break down the proteins associated with the mosquito bite inflammation. Works great. Just dampen the bite and rub the powder in…tenderize the bite.

        But with chiggers, it doesn’t.
        Chiggers secrete an enzyme which dissolves the skin into a liquid slurry, then they suck it up. They have “super tenderized the skin into melting mode”.

        And dang, they like to find the tight spot, thin skin areas. They crawl pretty fast.
        I think they prefer a dry hot environment over a wet environment.

        • I can’t remember getting any chigger bites here. But the yellow flies and ticks make up for it. Worst for both that I’ve ever seen. Skeeters only bug me when they bite. We have all kinds, but the black ones are painful.

        • Have you heard about the mosquitoes that they are going to use for administering vaccines? Spiro did a video about it yesterday.
          They are planning to or have already released genetically modified ones here in Florida.
          Scary shit.
          I am OPositive and am always a favorite target of the little monsters.
          Long sleeves and deet forever I guess.

          • Steve,
            That deet can easily absorb into the system.
            I think it is pretty nasty stuff.
            It has been known to affect the nervous system.

            You may want to try some non-synthetic chemical approaches.
            Here is a recent SUB-THREAD on mosquitoes

            There are a variety of natural products out there as a body mosquito deterrent.
            Most are made from essential oils.
            Personally, I don’t like feeling oily.

            If you want a water based tea, you might want to experiment with making a tea from herbs like cloves, fresh rosemary, and others. An Indo-Pak store can be a cheap source. They often has some herbs such as Indian black seed or onion seed, etc.

            • Thanks. I really don’t like deet either except for how well it works to repel the little bastards. I have heard that its toxic and would love to find something that works as well.

    • Saw the video on youboob, thanks HRS, and was livid at those doctors. I haven’t seen a doctor in about 30 years, as I’ve rarely seen any evidence that they are competent enough for me to trust anything they say. I always love it when they say I would change my mind if I got hurt/sick. I’ve battled cancer, MRSA, broken bones, etc. And my cure rate is 100%. Their telling patients they needed ventilators reminded me of a friend who had bone cancer. The docs said he’d die in a few months if he didn’t get chemo. Which was supposed to help him last 5 years. He believed them and died a horrible death within a matter of weeks. I’m angry. Guess I’ll leave it at that. Thanks for the link.

      • Hospitals – For profit enterprises

        One thing that many Americans do not understand, is that most hospitals must make a profit. They are owned by a corporate entity.
        Money is the motivation. Surgeries and chemo are high profit treatments.

        WFAA-TV Channel 8 in Dallas did an Investigative Report about the blatant dangers of vaccines in February 2001.
        (8 minutes)(Worth Watching)

        The lawsuits looked to be a sure win against vaccine makers! After 9/11/01, The Patriot Act was put forth before Congress. Both the House and the Senate agreed NOT to sneak any other non-related legislation into this voluminous Patriot Act. However, the top ranking Republican Senator Bill Frist did sneak in legislation which essentially made it impossible to sue the vaccine makers.

        Senator Bob Frist owned HCA (Hospital Corporation of America ) which at the time was the largest hospital chain in America with over 400 hospitals and surgery centers.
        HCA itself was filled with corruption. In 2002, HCA was involved in the largest fraud settlement in US history.

        The Dallas Attorney in the video, Andy Waters, founded the law firm for which Michael Connett is employed. Michael Connett is the main attorney in the current EPA Fluoride lawsuit going on this June 8th week and next.

        • More about Senator Bob Frist…
          Alliance for Human Research Protection
          Advancing Voluntary, Informed Consent to Medical Intervention

          Homeland Security bill – Pharma Immunity on Vaccines
          Fri, 15 Nov 2002

          The Homeland Security bill that passed the House includes sweeping last minute provisions attached to it that have nothing to do with the war on terrorism. The provisions put the interest of pharmaceutical industry giants above the health and welfare of the public.

          Of particular concern is a White House-backed provision that would give pharmaceutical companies immunity from liability for adulterated products–such as drugs and vaccines–even if the manufacturer is willfully negligent in using adulterated products! According to the new bill such items would could escape from liability lawsuits, simply by being designated by the head of the homeland security department as “necessary for security purposes.”…

          … Eli Lilly could be the first beneficiary of the Homeland Security bill would immunize the company from legal action by parents who suspect that their children’s autism was caused by the mercury-laced vaccine preservative, thimerosal.

          The sweeping provisions of the Homeland Security bill–including exemption from Freedom of Information provisions–can be interpreted as an opportunistic move by special interest groups to suspend citizens’ legal rights and protections.

          As Dallas Attorney Andrew Waters told the Washington Post: “The industry has seized the opportunity presented by a Republican House and Senate to immediately pass legislation to get the industry off the hook. To me, it looks like payback for the fact that the industry spent millions bankrolling Republican campaigns.”….

          • People always tell me I’m crazy when I tell them law and order is the enemy of liberty and justice. You just validated my opinion. I am of the opinion that if we had no laws at all, but simply had everyone armed that crime would be a whole lot lower. Not to mention how much more polite people would be!

        • The Father in the News video is a good personal friend of mine.
          (I do not want to put his name on the internet for all to see.)
          He is very aware.
          Some good news… I met his son when the kid was about 17 years old. The kid is in fantastic health.

          The Father has helped our 9/11 Truth Group, especially when we had a big event at the local college in his area. He was also a volunteer Fire Fighter.
          EVENT – Architect & Engineers Rally to the Dallas 9/11 Truth Event of July 11th
          (5 minutes)

          • A few TIDBITS about this event:
            Everyone pitched in and made displays and stuff and manned their stations.

            The opening voice you hear is the actual radio ad which I ran.
            Rob, a member of our group and old radio guy, did the voice over dub and helped set it up.
            Rob is originally from Big Springs, TX where I once lived. We would swap stories. His Dad was in media, a strong Republican and knew the Bush Family personally when they were living out that way.

            When the TV FOX NEWS came to the event, I sent Rob to handle the interview. You see the TV interview in the video.

            On the radio ad in the beginning, you hear the words
            “Scientists and Engineers for Integrity”.
            I just made up that name for our promotion of ads.

            At the time, I built a website which promoted the event, and would link to the website in any online promotion.

            I was banned from having any further events at the college. Technically, per our space-rental contract, I could not use the name of the college in any promotion, and technically I was supposed to have all advertising first approved by the college.
            I did none of those things.

            I probably made many Professors nervous, because I put flyers under all their office doors and sent personal emails to them inviting them to the event.

            I’ll shut-up now.

  6. I know many of you are excited about this expose bill gates day of action.

    I myself think it is strategic blunder simply because of the color revolution taking place in America and other places around the world.

    You have the mind bombed protesters, blm, and antifa agitators and then the police who are doing messed up shit as well. I would stay away from those people because there is no reasoning with them – they are stuck in their limbic mind and driven by their emotions, you are not going to get across to them and most likely will get yourself attacked by so called protesters or police.

    I have seen unmarked so called police kidnap a women and take her away in an unmarked car. I have seen guys who have high jacked tanks and what happened to Dan Dicks a few days ago is just one sign of what could go wrong out there. If the police didn’t escort him out of there he could have been beaten to death, I have seen videos of that happen to others as well come across the feed on bitchute.

    If you do go out to do this stay the fuck away from them protest areas, anitfa has taken over a 6 block area in Seattle. These assholes are getting intel from somewhere and I suspect they have handlers from the CIA and state department. This is the set up of the new isis in america.

    Dan Dicks getting attacked by a bottle as a mob surrounds him:

    This women is on the right but she is calling this socialist revolution pretty straight:

    Videos of what is going on out there

    This is only the beginning… so if you do go out there, stay vigilant and observant, stay free and may the Creator guide and protect you!

    • Mind you co-opting an already co-opted movement can be quite fun sometimes!

      Usually there are ‘leaders’ that you can’t get to because they are government agents, however you can still often reach some of the people that have been sucked into the movements.

      For example, anyone interested in black issues should already be aware that Planned Parenthood has killed more black people than the cops have.

      Once you get them to acknowledge that, then you can tell them about daddy Gates involvement in Planned Parenthood.

      And of course, Bill & Melinda gates funding of planned parenthood even today.

      And then wouldn’t hurt to mention the number of brown people parallelized by his vaccines.

      • I don’t know about that octium, so many of those protestors are so mind bombed and trapped in dialectical thinking that there is no reasoning with them at all. These people think they have got it all figured within their group think programming, in reality they don’t know shit.

        Once the mob mentality kicks into gear you better be a good runner and a fast one at that, cause if they catch you, they could very well beat you to death.

        Here is just one example I have come across:

        and here is a situation Dan Dicks found himself in:

        These people had info that he was a “nazi white supremacist.” I suspect these people are manipulated through their cell phones, with tweets and shit like that. If their handlers get word about what you are doing there – they could easily turn the mob on you.

        The truth you have to show them is beyond their false paradigm. They won’t be able to be reached in that group situation. Maybe alone, one on one would be a different story, but in that group mob mentality; fuck that. Stay away from those fucking people – your free mind is worth more than a million of those mind bombed idiots, to the human race.

        If you choose to still do so, proceed with extreme caution!

        • You can’t fix stupid or those that embrace ignorance. Which is pretty much the same thing. But you can mock it. Which I love to do. The looters are either of that category, or they’re provocateurs. Stupid in both cases as the latter are always eliminated afterwards. Me? Just waiting.

    • Timing won’t ever be good. We are also outgunned, and outmediad (yes, it’s a real word. I invented it myself!) by the state. But so it always goes for the resistance. However, they aren’t calling for large protests.

      • A single person can take a city. Just by shooting transformers and the like. Would cause riots bad enough for the state to show irs colors. Just a thought.

        • Just to be clear, as it seems you are claiming I’m leading, or drawing a sword, I am not advocating starting anything. But at a certain point, people are going to have violence inflicted upon them. And it is coming even sooner than I had thought. It is for that time that I offered those words. Too many are so afraid that they call being prepared for it warmongering. War sucks. And we will have it because of the cowards who are too afraid to consider it. If others want to die without a fight, I say good riddance. But I won’t.

          I wrote this response because your comment doesn’t state clearly as it being an accusation against my comment, or the state. Which has been at war against us for months.

        • If I’m wrong, I apologize. But after duck lied and twisted my words, I’ve become a bit touchy.

        • Oh. Guess that’s my bad. And you’re right. None of us ever utilize our full power. Maybe it’s because we no longer have any phone booths to change in.

    • If there were antifa near me,I’d go. But those little soyboys and soygirls wouldn’t like it. Sorry, but I hate Nazis and would enjoy pounding on them. Not saying I recommend it, but it works for me.

    • Where ever they are going with the de-fund the police plan isn’t good, it is going to create a vacuum; what they are trying to do with that vacuum could be a number of things

      1. They are trying to create a race war:
      with the vacuum there all of the demoralized black people would consider it to be time to take what ever they want from white people setting off a crime spree of black on white crime. That in turn would activate all of these nazi types that have been converted over the past so many years from that hitler propaganda piece called “the greatest story never told.” That documentary served to nullify the facts that hitler was a tool of the globalist and of the zionist as well. All you have to do is go read some of the comments over on bitchute, there are so many racist nazi types over there, it is like a plague, its the price of free speech, so be it. I suspect some of those nazi posters are intel bots, one of their names is “android1_ez,” it doesn’t sound like a name a nazi type would pick but rather some egg head working for the cia. Anyway, a race war in america would be an utter travesty, so many innocent white and black people would get caught in the middle and it would create a festering wound that would never heal for generations, if at all. Part of the nwo plan is to kill off the African people, so if they could do it under the guise of a race war they certainly would. Black people in america wouldn’t stand a chance in such a situation after the war set in and those nazi shitheads would be more than happy to exterminate them. I hope it doesn’t escalate to that.

      2. They could use it bring in a private police force like military contractors, that would be bad news as well. Talk about zero accountability. Those kind of people would be up to all kind of bad business.

      3. or like you said in the post below – bring in the robocops – pre-crime system!

      The real answer to the problem is to de-militarize the police, create a new jurisdiction for them to operate in (meaning to be a police officer you have to give up certain rights to operate in that capacity, like the right to privacy) and hold them accountable to their oath to the Constitution. If they infringe on anyone’s rights at all then make the punishment heavy for it. Then the police force would attract more honorable individuals instead of the testosterone meat heads that get an ego boost from their so called authority.

      But that isn’t going to happen in this atmosphere of manipulation that is taking place now. It is like the jerry springer show on steroids that has taken to the streets.

      Meet the warlord of “free” seattle:

      • I see that(both white and black are working together) but with the way the media is covering the events it is clear to see that they are pushing the narrative towards a race war. The blm narrative is basically racist with the whole take a knee thing and white privilege garbage. Then you have people like black israelites who are calling for the enslavement of the white race, they are a fringe group, but the welfare hand out culture that was created by the likes of pres. johnson created this mentality among African Americans that they are owed something(this in turn only enslaves them further by making them dependents) and in ways they are, but not in the materialistic sense they have been fooled into. Ultimately they are owed the truth and to live their lives without outside influence or manipulation. It is a huge story that if ever covered clearly could fill it’s own encyclopedia. Blm/anti-fa and so many other factions are just obscuring a very real problem and historical situation. Ultimately everyone are slaves and victims of the new world order and their false ideologies are obscuring those facts away from the real common enemy we all share. Divide and rule.

        On the note about the unmarked police, I have seen a video of a women being taken away by unmarked police in unmarked cars. This is setting up a very dangerous situation.

        One side fuels the other towards the planned synthesis.

  7. Bi-metal backed currencies have an inherent flaw in that the price disparities must be artificially fixed. This always leads to hoarding or manipulation. And screw the constitution! It didn’t work the first time. No state is all I’ll accept.

    • I don’t. It was in the list presented. I rejected this system in 2010.

      • What I actually did was outlaw myself. I’m no longer bound by the laws of the system. It was a formal oath to myself. It freed me (emotionally) from the rules of their game. And the fun I have with the resulting mindset has been immeasurable!

  8. Guerrilla marketing
    I love it.

  9. One thing which I am doing is just very simple.

    Landscape view on a Word document
    (or two or three pages, later taped together for my rear windshield).
    Super Huge bold font.
    Black ink.

    I plan to use masking blue-tape for the multi-sheet sign to the window on the back of my SUV. Clear tape to join the pieces of text from the pages together.

    Smaller, one page versions, I may just use as flyers…such as when I go to the grocery store or wherever.
    No other script.
    Just “”.

    I might do other things.
    But this is easy, quick, simple to do.
    The message is simple.

  10. Excellent idea Alchemist with the social media influencers. Whether we like it or not Facebook and Twitter are still the dominant way to reach the masses, especially youth.

  11. Thank you, Derrick Broze and JC for your efforts. Particularly with the planned day of action. It still might be a good idea to capitalize on the momentum generated by the “color revolution” in the US and abroad, even if it’s contrived. Of course, being more mindful of safety.

    There may be some people who can hear. I remember during the 2016 elections when people were so pissed about the election of DT I participated in the protests and felt the outrage and someone said to me on social media that my efforts were misplaced, that I was not seeing the bigger picture of how the “elites” were manipulating people.

    This stuck in my head and at first, I rejected it and thought she was wrong, how could this be? At first, I thought it was impossible that a small group of people could manipulate the masses but I have always checked things out to be sure. I have never been the kind of person who supports a position blindly if presented with evidence to the contrary and that is when I found JC’s material on youtube in 2016 and I watched and watched video after video and JC provided evidence with a logical argument.

    If I could listen to an alternative viewpoint given rational and reliable evidence, why wouldn’t another person be capable of doing so?

    • You express this viewpoint perspective of an average individual very well.
      Once a person becomes first “interested”, then followed by actually looking at Corbett’s evidence-based logic, then there can be a mental shift.

      • Alchemist says:
        “Interest is key.”

        I completely agree.
        Two successful components of marketing are:

        Attract Attention and Interest

        • Marketing? A soft form of mind control. Truth should stand on it’s own without any chicanery. People need to wake up on their own volition, without it an individual freeing their own mind is not possible and certainly not possible under the influence of psychological manipulations such are marketing.

          Bill Hicks on marketing:

          And some George Carlin for good measure:

          • Well, I guess that we should not draw attention and interest to matters of substance.
            No flyers or bumper stickers for Corbett Report…
            …no nice graphics and video presentations – just plain monologue with a black screen.

            When a person applies for a job, they certainly do not want to draw attention to their skill set.

            We can certainly limit population growth, because the opposite sex should no longer attract and interest their counterpart. Should a woman not try to attract men by how she dresses and polishes her looks?

            In my mind, those two components (Attention and Interest) of marketing do not make marketing a bad thing.
            These two aspects are part of a method used to deliver a concept or idea.

            (Attention and Interest)
            Those two aspects ACTUALLY are integral in any communication where there is a sender and receiver.

            I will continue with using these two tools of marketing.
            Just because some folks use marketing as a deceptive agent, doesn’t mean that it is a bad thing when Sara’s Restaurant advertises their homemade apple pie.

            • HRS,

              You wrote — “Well, I guess that we should not draw attention and interest to matters of substance.”

              — not what I meant at all, in fact you failed to understand the context.

              Quoting you again — “…doesn’t mean that it is a bad thing when Sara’s Restaurant advertises their homemade apple pie.”

              — that is called advertising, not marketing necessarily.

              If Sara just made a pie and put a sign to announce the pie was here and for sale, made it pretty however she wanted, that is advertising. If she got into adding subliminal symbols, studying who was the best target segment of society, studied them and then created a campaign to sell her apple pie to them using psychological coercion – that is marketing.

              Marketing – “2.The strategic functions involved in identifying and appealing to particular groups of consumers…”

              Notice in the definition – “strategic functions” and “appealing to particular groups…” that is called targeting.

              None the less, my point was that this knowledge about the new world order and its plans is something that people have to free their own minds from – the disease of it effects them on the mental level fundamentally. I heard people in the past talking about using subliminal methods to “awaken” people and if you do any real study into marketing and the science of it from bernay’s onward you will realize it is tool of mental coercion. It’s an oxymoron, for lack of a better word, to think that you can mind control someone into freedom.

              Ultimately this leads us to the fact and understanding that the world is a reflection of the mind of the people. To free ourselves from this collective dilemma of the new world order disease, it is individuals who must free their own minds. Sharing knowledge is important and a must, but to use marketing is not to help free someone, but to create a branded follower, a slave of sorts, which is the exact opposite of being free.

              I hope that clarifies it for you and explains where I am coming from in regards to marketing.

              “None but ourselves can free out minds.”
              “Know Thyself”
              “…and the truth shall set you free.”

      • Yes indeed, interest is key. The desire to learn and expand. I also found that JC presented his material so logically with evidence in the show notes. He also is quite well versed in logic with evidence-based conclusions. I have always been the kind of person that finds comfort in logical arguments even if things are uncomfortable to accept, facts are facts. 2+2 is always 4, never 5.

      • I hear ya’ll about Interest or inquisitive or curiosity.

        My take…
        An individual’s “general interest level, general curiosity” is a barometer of “aliveness”. The quality of “being interested” is probably at the core of one’s life force.

        Rocks can be interesting. But they can’t “be interested”.
        Life “is interested”.
        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
        HomeRemedySupply’s confession: The above is taken from a comment on this 2017 thread …

        Wonderful episode!
        Also in June, but from 2017
        Episode 318 – A Decade of Dominance

        10 years ago a lowly English teacher in a one room apartment launched a website no one knew about on a clunky old laptop. Today you know that site as “The Corbett Report.”
        Join James for this special 10th anniversary edition of the podcast as he reflects on the history of the site, and what is possible when a motivated individual with a passion is supported by a community.

        • Riots and Fighting and Turmoil

          James Corbett predicts:
          “…I do know this
          …There is going to be a divided public that hates the other half of the population…
          …a lot of hatred…
          …The New World Order that the psychopathic elite want to create is predicated upon people HATING each other….”

          QUEUED VIDEO (from above link)

    • Because most people aren’t interested in the truth. They reject other opinions out of hand. They prefer the comfort of a lie, and so they embrace ignorance. They use the excuse that authority figures not only know what they’re talking about, but they care about them as well. It basically boils down to surrendering to laziness. And their cognitive dissonance knows no boundaries.

      • I think you’re correct. Is it years of conditioning, social engineering? Or is it a basic human quality to do what is easier? Who knows but regardless of why exactly, this fact makes it harder to achieve a free society.

        But I do think a small number of people who know the truth can make a big difference and can shift the paradigm. We can figure out how to do this and win, at least win in the sense that we can live freely. This is my hope anyway.

        • I know you are right. The fact that a small number of people rule is proof that a small number can unseat those ruling. It has always been thus. And afterwards, the rest will either be dead, or they’ll have learned. If I didn’t believe this, I wouldn’t be here.

      • Sure is down to laziness.
        So I wrote # Expose Bill Gates on my t-shirt today as part of my protest for one. I went about my daily business I even had a walk round Kilkenny. Took a picture and uploaded it to Fed book.
        I got a good response but one chap asked me about this Corbett guy and it was obvious he’d done that stupid fact check.
        Here it is, terribly sad

        He called JC a right wing conspiracy theorist. So yes that was the level of fact checking.

        I think you need to have a thick skin in this game but I get woefully protective when I hear such nonesense

        • Amazing how so many people don’t ever use their supposedly superior brains. Honestly, I have given up on them. They either give me that conspiracy excuse, or that I’m a know it all, or my personal bile inducer, nu-uh! Nowadays, the first thing I do is look into their eyes. If they are vacant, I get them away from me as fast as possible. My all-time favorite was this guy who, after I updated him on the virus, and threw in that it was a political move to take away basic human rights, said he was glad it wasn’t a serious health threat. No concern about the political aspects at all. We’re so far into it now, that if they’re too stupid, or lazy, to figure it out; then I don’t care about them at all. We live in an idiocracy, and I’m siding with the eugenics people in that the herd needs to be culled. But I want freedom, not a technocracy, afterwards.

          • Yeah, leave em off. Does your raft have a side car?!!

            • My raft is actually meant for children! When I put my backpack in it, I generally don’t keep my feet inside. It’s not very safe, but since I carry it on my back, it’s my best option. Though the river is running way too fast right now to go down it.

              I really don’t understand people anymore. I hate to sound so cold, but how can I care about people who don’t even care about themselves? It’s so sad.

              • I’ve been doing visualisations. I have wings and I fly to a hilltop and there I meet with those who have been working hard to bring freedom, we sit there quiet and we recharge.
                You could imagine all the people you hold dear floating upstream in a state of pure peace, away from the madness, far far away.

            • Funny. I’ve had a wingsuit design developing in my head since the summer of 2003. I’ve about figured it out now. I want to build it, and eventually land it. At night I fly it, and I involve a lot of people I already know, and others. The fact that I believe it’s even possible to even try, that the infrastructure still exists, is my hope.
              My deepest hope is this won’t be a civilization crushing event; but a rebirth. But I don’t think it will be bloodless. All nations were built on blood; and as you live, so shall you perish. Problem is I know so many people far to enthralled with the shadow show to make it. Ultimately, this is the war. The survivors will be those who leave the cave to freedom.

              • It’s gonna be tough alright, I’m trying my best not to separate from people who I disagree with, that is part of this mess we are in.
                I have another level to my quandary too. As a follower of the Buddha’s teaching
                -abandon evil doing
                -practice virtue well
                -master your own mind
                I’m no where near reaching perfect enlightenment but I understand worldly suffering will always be there.
                Many buddhists can be passive and think they think that getting involved in politics is futile. But being passive is not what the Buddha taught.
                I have to fight using all the tools I have, before this becomes a world where people are subdued, brain chipped, cold hearted.
                Bill and Co’s world leaves zero chance for anybody to be pulled out of the swamp and find peace.

            • Part of the oath of a Buddhist monk (I believe this to be so at least in Thailand, but you can find inferences to it in many Buddhist proverbs) is to do no harm. But once you try to practice this, you discover it’s impossible. This is to teach non-attachment towards outcomes. Bare bones explanation. Even the eight fold path to righteousness follows this process. It is impossible to have the right vocation, thought, and especially results in this world. Of course, the battle is inward. But applies to outward as well. I found the teachings of Buddhism an amazing way of healing one’s self, while serving as a guide to dealing with the world of Mara. But ultimately, to be free (or enlightened) is an individual choice. Our attachments to the choices others make can only cause more suffering. Both to ourselves and others. I say let Mara have her world. It’s in a dark, dank cave anyway. There is a far better world outside. On that note, I’ll end with a Christian saying: Many are called, but few answer.

              • Jed, once again thwarted from a direct reply by the lack of a reply button on your comments. Spiracy!

                Loved the jokes. I used to use the Zen method of poetry writing to deal with my issues. Just write what flows out. Amazingly effective. Haven’t looked up the Zen person you’re referring to, nor have I read the Montauk Project. Though now it’s going on my wishlist. No nook for the next 3-4 weeks though, since I broke my screen. Sucks.

              • I think it’s allowable to kick someone up the arse if your intentions are good ?

              • I’m thwarted also Jed, that’s a cracking joke ?

              • Jed has some great ones.
                Really brightened my morning.

        • lizzie says:
          “So I wrote # Expose Bill Gates on my t-shirt today as part of my protest for one.”

          Way to go!
          Hope your boyfriend doesn’t get jealous when the guys look your way.

          • Cheers mate.
            Boyf was walking around with me so that was very supportive.
            He is not as into bringing down globalists as I am, yet as a small scale dairy farmer he hates what Billybones is doing with food in a lab. So we can agree on that.

  12. Awesome. I’ll do the same.
    I currently have all of mine set to THERE IS NO VIRUS KILLING PEOPLE, but I’ll change them to various Gates-related statements on the 13th, including CORBETTREPORT.COM/GATES

  13. I don’t think that you’ll find too many people who will disagree with you here. The trick is how to get the masses of humanity to listen to the Corbett Report and wake the hell up.
    Speaking of which, I was sitting around the office this afternoon having a beer and practicing the Socratic Method while socializing with a group of people who graciously allowed the old guy to monopolize the conversation.
    It was as enjoyable and productive a conversation as I’ve participated in quite a while. Left me feeling slightly optimistic.

  14. I am going to make a request that will surely elicit a few “okay boomer” thoughts. But would it be unreasonable to request that when a themtube video is recommended, that it be accompanied by a brief explanation as to what the video is about?
    I know that its silly but it really pisses me off that youtube employs censorship. All I can do to fight back is to not patronize them as much as possible.
    I haven’t watched television for many years on principle. I don’t vote. On principle.
    I do cheat on rare occasions and log onto youtube to watch a diy video or when I need a backing track because Bitchute has no search engine.
    Just asking that you please give me a clue as to what its about so I can judge if it is worth compromising my principles.when you recommend a youtube video. 🙂

    • I’m forced to use youboob now as my phone won’t play bitchute. But I’m getting a new one soon as there are so many other problems with it. I know, ditch the phone comments are coming, but battery banks don’t charge laptops. And my phone stays in my hammock. Which is my home.

  15. Was playing with some words, and made a poem.

    Are you ready to
    pay the BILL
    at the GATES
    of HELL?

    you will
    you will
    pay with your body
    your children
    and never be well

    For a disease
    that may kill
    They pretend
    To protect and save

    They will take your money
    for vaccine or pill
    It is forced on you
    and make you a slave

    Resist the fear
    and the drill
    Look at the facts
    and see through the lie

    Because behind
    the fake-news mill
    There is no reason
    to you to comply

    Refuse to pay
    the BILL
    at the GATES
    of HELL

    And you will,
    you will,
    stay healthy, stay sane,
    be free and live well

    Feel free to use the concept, copy/share,
    change some words
    and/or make a song from it.

  16. Loved that video. I disagree with him about teachers though. They are busy with paperwork, but they teach nonsense. It was teachers who tried to make me learn the idiotic new math of the 70s, in which they added tons of stupid additions to a math problem. I just said screw it. It was teachers who taught us lies dressed up as truth. And it is teachers who ruin minds so that colleges have idiots to work with. Idiots made by those teachers. And teachers who have the power to poison kids who dare fidget in their classes. But I digress.

  17. The U.S.. Strong horse has a link to a video a few comments above.

  18. I would love to participate in #ExposeBillGates I am heavily censored in Michigan and do not have the resources to find any events going on until after they happened. Nor do I know how to promote them.

    Happy to be part of Corbett Report, would appreciate any resources.

    Also I have noticed that with the very little activism that I do, I am on list for extra checks through security and banking. I have no criminal record.

  19. 50 flyers distributed

    It’s noon Texas time. Just finished putting out 50 flyers on the driver’s side windshield of cars in parking lots. It didn’t take long.
    I have more printed, but will do those another time.
    In fact, I probably will continue putting out flyers for many weeks down the road.

    FLYER – Black ink – Landscape view – Full page
    60 point Arial Rounded Bold – Centered on the page – 2 lines
    The script really stands out, like a sign on the windshield of the car, for all those who walk by.


    #ExposeBillGates Twitter was trending.
    ha!…some Fluoride Drinkers are popping up too.

    • I had planned to make a whole bunch of posters/flyers. I had a bunch of drafts drawn up & everything. But I ended up having to work.
      I was not happy about it.

      I did manage to get a couple of them mostly done before work.
      Better than nothing.

      Download Link


      They’re in PDF format.
      If you don’t have a PDF viewer with decent print options, use Foxit Reader from 2005 (new versions aren’t trustworthy).
      When you print, make sure the print options show that it’s going to print to 1 page.
      Also a good idea to select the option to fit to printer margins, otherwise some of the poster might get cut off (depending on your printer).

      • Nice black on white with image.
        This should help a lot of folks who want black ink.
        Thanks AnimalsArentFood.

        For me, at this time, I am gonna stay with what I got.
        The parking lot looked like all these cars had signs on their windshield.
        Anyone driving or walking down the rows could easily see and grasp the message of ExposeBillGates and then Corbett’s link.

        • I’d tell you you’re awesome but you must know it by now.

          And, yeah, there’s definitely something to be said for a simple text flyer (like the one you provided instructions for). When a flyer gets cluttered with too much stuff and becomes too noisy, some people’s brains will automatically lump the flyer into the ad category and tune it out.
          Not to mention creation time savings and ink savings.

          I didn’t even know about the ExposeBillGates hashtag/slogan til after I uploaded the above posters/flyers. I’ll be sure to include it in the next batch.

  20. Happy Birthday!

  21. I hear what ya’ll are saying about the many folks who buy into “Bill Gates is a good guy”.

    Here is my take:
    This “Bill Gates Scenario” is like 9/11 Truth back around 2006 / 2007.
    During that era, getting folks to look at the 9/11 Cover-up was sacrilege, a violation of what was sacred.
    In our current 2020 era, talking about the 9/11 cover-up is dramatically different. Many, many folks know about the cover-up. Heck, PBS is now running a 9/11 video.

    I was on the front lines and in the streets during that 2007 era.
    James Corbett remembers it well.
    We all cut our teeth on it.

    The word does get out. The public mindset does change.
    It starts to snowball after awhile.
    This gives me hope during the Bill Gates era.

    I’ll add this…
    This first time or two a newbie is presented with “Bill Gates as the Devil”, that newbie may get angry and sarcastic. I was angry when someone first mentioned that “9/11 was an inside job”.

    The more times that people hear the message about Bill Gates, the further we advance.
    “Repeat the message” is my mantra.

    So, let folks get upset that we say sacrilegious FACTS about Bill Gates.
    Move on.
    There are a lot of folks willing to listen.
    It is a numbers game. Contact lots of people. Pretty soon, those folks will also help in contacting lots of people.
    It really is a numbers game.
    We just need to continue getting the word out to lots of people.
    Repeat the message.

  22. Ya da man!
    That’s some reach brother!

  23. June 13th was also the day in 2019 when NY school children lost their religious exemption for vaccines. We gathered in Albany to protest a vote by the NY Bar Asociation.They were planning to vote to make the covid 19 vaccine mandatory for every Nyer, no exceptions. Only about 300-400 of us showed up. AND.. the bar association, citing our presence and “safety issues” voted to postpone the vote until November. Not a perfect win, but still a win.
    It was a great way to acknowledge Expose Bill Gates day!

    • I love hearing this.

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