Interview 1554 – James Corbett Documents the Collapse of the COVID-1984 Narrative

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Gary Null interviews James Corbett for his radio program on the dramatic collapse of the coronavirus narrative. Now that the major institutions pushing the COVID panic are admitting that the virus is not an existential threat and the lockdowns were not necessary, what does this mean for the future of the COVID-1984 police state and the ushering in of the new “biosecurity” paradigm?

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  1. I had a prophetic dream that the vaccination administration clinics started catching on fire!

    • I like your use of the word prophetic. I’m guessing that vaccines are a line for you. For me, it would be mandatory. Liberty does require you to accept that people have the right to be as stupid as they choose. As long as they don’t harm others in the process.

      • Yes. Of course a door to door affair is also possible, in which case it would be best to train the Doberman to spit the needle out afterwards.

        • Better make sure the Doberman doesn’t swallow the vaccine as well. Wouldn’t want him transforming into some Resident Evil zombie dog!

        • Wonderful dream!
          I can just see a door-to-door vaccine pusher. Mobs would make quick work of that person. And who ya gonna call in the U.S.?…Defunded unarmed “police”.

          • I’m guessing there will be lines forming outside those clinics by all the kool-aid guzzling sheep. No need to go door to door. Just don’t allow people to work/shop/travel without their vaccination passport. Of course, at that time, I won’t be found anymore. But no actions until they do force people, such as the passport idea. Their body, their choice. Though I think taking a gene altering vaccine about a stupid of a choice as you can get. Oh well, it’s not like we have a shortage of stupid.

            • Jim Bob says:
              it’s not like we have a shortage of stupid.

            • Never even heard of flavor-aid before. Must be some furin idear! Mine’s next Thursday. Guess that means we are both cancerous and on the cusp of schizophrenia!

  2. Great interview! I would like to point out one flaw in it however. The narrative is not collapsing. It is still being controlled. True, if you look, or even think for yourself, you will get that impression; but how many people does that encompass? I’d say far less than 1%. Bad news for the controllers comes out? Change the narrative to protests. And still keep the covid narrative going at the same time. They did the same with the swine flu. They even do it every year with the normal flu. And it works every single time. So it’s hardly falling apart. This is something they’ve learned to expect, and know how to overcome with ease. The powers that cower understand just how the slave mind works, and they know the free mind is powerless to counter it to any extent.
    Also, even if you doxxed every covid stazi snitch, those same people would not learn their lesson. To learn requires a thought process. Those cretins don’t have one. They’ve nurtured their own Pavlovian emotional response their entire lives. They’ve made a career of chaining their karmas.
    Boris something (a commenter here) put out several short videos recently (WTF with the comments disabled!?) and in one stated they are crashing the system. I would hope that is obvious to most here, but I question what little faith I have left in people. In short, the cave in which the shadow show is being shown is going to be experiencing a deliberate cave in. I feel as if I am standing just outside the entrance (I am preparing a number of tiny alternatives outside the cave) and waving at any who glance my way to get out while they can; but to no avail. At some point, and very soon, the explosions will be set off, and all those choosing to stay inside will be lost. As will many standing too close to the entrance. Personally, I think the best strategy is to build our own realities outside the cave, in that fresh air and dreaded sunshine, and to prepare for when the state inflicts open war against us. I should probably substitute obvious for open, as the state is already in open warfare against us. Remember, the very first sentence in the Samuel Griffith edition (the best translation by far) is “war is of vital importance to the state.” The state needs war as it is force. And it will get that war by hook AND crook. As usual.

    • The commentator I partially named is BorisaRed.

      • Isn’t there a way to have comments without them flooding your inbox? I’m sure no successful channel can possibly read all theirs. Also, yours hasn’t yet reached that level in which you have to worry about it. Where is it filmed? Beautiful country, though not enough trees for me.

        • Thanks. Never been to that area. Went to Palma dead Mallorca in the mid-80s, but I think that’s the extent of my travels in Spain. It is beautiful though.

          • – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly –
            The Sergio Leone Trilogy

            Was shot in Spain, primarily because it was 25% cheaper to shoot there as opposed to Italy.

            It had shots in the northern part and some shoots in the southern. I don’t know about Alcante.

            I watched the film on DVD on June 1st. The other two films prior.
            By the way, the Civil War battles in the west, south of Sante Fe, New Mexico are based on true events. General Sibley.

            Spain & Clint Eastwood comment

          • I had always thought clint’s spaghetti westerns were shot in Italy. By the way, JP on today’s Morning Monarchy show, played some of the comedic car pandemic skit by JP. Confused yet?

        • Ah, but the names are good references! Also, the land does shape a person’s culture. That land has no doubt produced some very tough people.

  3. These interviews are necessary. If not with these names, with others standing up for this idea.

    Many people, including researchers, haven’t been able to find a single article showing that the virus has been isolated or much less that it can produce a disease. I looked up these articles and I haven’t been able to find them either.

    Epidemiological studies can show correlations, but do not demonstrated that A is causing B. For that, other types of studies are needed. Taking into account that this “virus” has destroyed the world’s economy and mental health of population, one should expect to have irrefutable proofs supporting the mainstream narrative. So WHY do we keep listening to dozens of possible hypotheses based on the assumption that the virus is producing any disease if there seem not to be proofs of that?

    Honestly, when I have listened to Gary Null saying “I believe that the virus exists” and then base the whole explanation on this BELIEF I just couldn’t hear more of the interview.

    • Exactly, and this is very dangerous. Many alternative media seem to be controlled opposition at this point, even if it is involuntary and they try to do their best to help people. I have to say, though, that it is much easier to explain to somebody that “coronavirus is like a flu” than to say that “the virus has not been demonstrated to produce any disease”. This is something to take into account when talking with people who are not into these topics.

      By the way, a couple of weeks ago I wondered about how media “informed” about the polio outbreaks in the past, so I searched for newspapers of these years. I was very surprised to see that the history is repeating again. They also portrayed doctors and nurses like heroes who were facing the death to save the kids, people were waiting for a miraculous vaccine, and so on. It was a very interesting exercise to do.

      To be honest, I am one of those who think that “elites” are very powerful and know most of what they are doing, but of course this idea could have been introduced in my mind by movies/documentals/videos, “education”, books, etc. I am not talking about the front puppets, but about those who are behind of them.

      That’s the best advice to give to ourselves and to others: “remember the OFF button”. It is extremely important. It made me think about this essay by Greg Jackson: “Vicious cycles: theses on a philosophy of news”, which was a very good lecture.

    • As long as everyone keeps pretending there is a virus, the narrative is definitely not going to collapse.

      I wholeheartedly agree with you. In fact I would adventure to say that most of the hypotheses about this topic, mainstream or not, are thrown in the “air” by the same people controlling everything we are seeing. The same people that can make the whole world to implement the same measures at the same time. It is scary and impressive when you think about it.

      I am afraid that the coronavirus narrative is already well stablished and the only thing that can change is the perception of people about it’s severity, the usefulness of measures (lockdowns, masks…), and so on… and it will only depends on how the media manipulates the public.

      • amenetusien,

        I think that there are many well-meaning scientists, like Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Witkowski who support the idea that there is a virus since there have been other SARS viruses who are not deliberately trying to manipulate anyone. They happen to support the idea that germs can cause disease, which to mean seems just as valid as the “terrain” is weakened and thus disease develops.

        Germ theory is very well established and there is convincing evidence to support it, such as experiments conducted by the Nazis on humans to show that people get sick from being exposed to a “germ”.

        Because the idea that infectious germs can cause disease, trying to say otherwise without a theory that can be proven using the scientific method in this day and age would not work on a practical level.

        I have not found anything so far that shows that germs do not cause disease and I am not saying that that is the only mechanism, as the “terrain” both inside and outside the body certainly has an effect. Science pertaining to the body is not characterized definitively, as far as I know, the science is kind of “soft”. That has been my experience as an undergraduate when I studied molecular and cell biology. So there is the flexibility to develop new theories.

        But the fact remains that people see and experience a person coughing and having symptoms and then developing the same symptoms in the absence of substantial environmental pollution. I am not referring to the geoengineering but even with that being a constant, it still appears that people in contact with others who exhibit symptoms can get sick with identical symptoms.

        Also, even during the time of the plague, when no geoengineering was taking place and there was no 5G technology people who came in contact with infected people and material (body fluids)(not all but many) would get sick and die from it. I don’t understand how that can be explained by terrain versus germs. Why did millions of people die from the plague or smallpox if there wasn’t an infectious particle? Has this been addressed? Are there experiments that show that germs do not cause disease?

        • cu.h.j, thanks for your answer.

          I am well aware of all of what you are saying because, as I stated in other comment (obviously with so many comments it is impossible to read everything!), I have done research with viruses in a laboratory at a molecular level. Saying that, I have to say that even if I carried out experiments with the virus, I have never seen one, just the cytopathic effect of these. I had a tube allegedly with millions of virus particles, I added this to the cells and then I saw damage. Was it the virus? I can’t be sure. If you read protocols you can see that most of them (I can’t say all, of course) assume that there is a virus in the tube, but it is just a belief by the researcher because nobody take a look at the content using the electron microscope… which is normal because experiments would be veeeeery expensive. In the past weeks I took a look at the experiments that I conducted and, again, I can’t be sure that I was “infecting” with a virus. The tube content could be a pollutant, as far as I am concerned.

          Saying that, and let me clarify that, I am aware that with this data I can’t say that the germ theory is true or not. This exercise that I did was just to assess critically a very different idea of what I had studied, and that I had been shown to be an absolute truth during my education. I have doubts about both theories? Yes. Do I believe in one theory or the other? No. I simply can’t be sure. You talk about specific cases, and I agree with you that it is critical to look back at the history of diseases (for example the plagues that you say) to discard one theory or the other, but there are some books which have done this with surprising conclusions. One of them is “Fear of the invisible” by Janine Roberts, another one is “The invisible rainbow” by Arthur Firstenberg. Again, I am not going to believe in something because I have read it in books, but it is interesting to know other points of views.

          What I wanted to say in my previous messages, was not that there isn’t a virus, or to try to convince someone of one theory above the other. Just forget these theories for a moment, because it doesn’t matter. The two questions are: are there studies that have isolated this “new” coronavirus? If there are, do this virus produce a disease? This is basic. If the germ theory is true (and I am not taking any position), scientists still have to demonstrate what I am saying. This is not my opinion; it is how the experimental demonstration of cause-effect works according to certain conventions in the field.

          I hope I have explained myself, because today I have a headache and when it happens my English get much worse!

          • amenetusien,

            It is concerning that no new “COVID” “virus” has been isolated. Excuse my ignorance, but has any “virus” been isolated yet? If not, that is indeed bizarre and highlights the need for more study.

            I know there was a scientist who was quite prominent during the HIV/AIDS era who said HIV does not exist. Yet, I know that people have come into contact with “something” via body fluids that appears to have made them sick. I have known a few people with this disease, one of them died in the 1980s. So there appears to be some mechanism of disease occurring that responds to the antiretrovirals (some people don’t need them, never develop AIDS-the non-progressors).

            Isn’t this the same thing with “Covid-19” or the “virus” that supposedly causes the symptoms? I mean people recall coming into contact with people who had respiratory symptoms and then later got the same symptoms. There appears to be some relational association between exposure to “something” and then some people getting symptoms.

            In the absence of a clear mechanism or explanation for why that happens, I think people may be inclined to think there is some causal relationship going on. I am not saying there is because I am not a research scientist and I am sure your knowledge outstrips my own. At the same time, it seems intuitive that there is some “link”. Similarly how some parents noted that their children got sick after receiving a vaccine, the association between events.

            Even if there is no definitive proof (I know this has been debated and I have not looked into rigorously) but I believe that vaccines can cause this syndrome in some children even if it cannot be proved conclusively. Maybe it has been, I don’t know, but my point is that though correlation does not equal causation, it may make a syndrome more likely to occur. It may be involved in some way that has not been codified and may not be codified because biological science is so complex and there are so many degrees of freedom (in my understanding at any rate).

            Thank you for taking the time to respond, I really appreciate it, to learn thing I may be unfamiliar with and think in new ways.

        • [Part 1]

          First of all, please don’t thank me for that! It is my pleasure to have a kind conversation with someone about this topic.

          I have to clarify something regarding this “isolation” topic. I don’t know if this virus has been isolated or if it has been demonstrated that it can produce any disease. What I am saying is that people (doctors, journalists, researchers and non-professionals) haven’t been able to find these studies. As I said, I also looked up for them and I couldn’t find them in specialized databases, like PubMed. Logic tells me that in a topic so important that has changed the world, these studies should be much easier to find and should be in the first page in any search. But if somebody have these studies, I would sincerely love to see them, because I don’t have anything against one theory or the other, I just want to know the truth.

          About other viruses, I can’t really say if they have ever been isolated. Some researchers claim that they have never been isolated, but I haven’t had time to search for every virus which is said to exist. I have this in my mind as a possibility but I have no way to know for sure.

          Regarding to AIDS, I have read about it in the last months but, again, I lack a lot of information to form a firm opinion. In fact, I have never known someone with AIDS, so I don’t have real life experience with the disease. Nonetheless I found this video ( which might interest you and that might encourage you to follow some “clues”. The first interviewee is Kary Mullis, one of the inventors of the PCR. What I read in different texts about the disease, summing up, is that the researchers associated HIV with the AIDS without real evidences and what really kills people is something else (“what” depends on who you read).

          I agree with you: if someone see cases of people getting sick “with” the coronavirus and then others in contact also fall ill, it is normal to think that there is a relationship. But we can’t say that it is the coronavirus for the reasons stated above. For example, 90-95% of world’s population is an asymptomatic carrier (I am talking from the mainstream point of view) of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). If most of the people who have died in the last months is positive for EBV, can we say that EBV is the cause of the respiratory disease? We can’t. People can say: “yes, but EBV doesn’t cause the symptoms associated with the new coronavirus, the mechanism of infection is very different -and a long etc.-“. And I agree with that, but: is there evidence that the coronavirus can produce this respiratory disease? Here is where it lies the importance of carrying out the experiments to demonstrate causality.

        • [Part 2]

          Nonetheless, I have to say that epidemiological studies are being very strange. I won’t get into this very much because it would get very long, but in Spain there is an ongoing study being carried out by the “Instituto de Salud Carlos III” (the PDF of the study is at the bottom of the page… but it is in Spanish) where they evaluate the seroprevalence of IgG anti SARS-CoV-2 in the population. As I say, it is not a finished study, but they publish the results every 2-3 weeks, I think. Until now there have been two rounds. In the first round the result was that 5% of Spanish population had antibodies against the coronavirus. In the second one, the percentage only was of 5.2%. How is it possible that it has only increased 0.2% (and first of all, is this increase significative?) taking into account that people is now working again, kids are outside and things like that? Remember that this coronavirus was supposed to be very dangerous because it was very contagious and was going to flood hospitals with patients. Not only that: in both rounds the seroprevalence was higher in “non-presential workers” (those working from home) than in “presential workers” (those who went to work). How come that people who should have been more in contact with the virus has less antibodies against it? These and others are results that I can’t explain.

          Can you please explain me what did you mean when you talk about vaccines? I am not sure if I understood you! I think that you meant why some kids/people sometimes develop symptoms when taking the vaccine of the disease they are trying to protect. If that’s right, I don’t have an answer and it’s a very very good question and something to search about.

          To finish this long long message (sorry about that!), I think that there is one important thing to take into account. When we talk about “theories” we are actually talking about mental constructs derived from imagination which try to explain the data that researchers have observed using certain experiments. There is a big step from the “objective” to the “subjective”. In other words: we make a mental video/image of what we thing is happening based on observations. The main problem with science and people in general is that we stick to theories and not always to the observations. This is totally understandable, but all of us should be more open to question everything. I just wanted to share this thought which helps me to explain my position on the whole “theory 1” vs “theory 2”.

          Have a nice day!

  4. the following article & excerpts, straight from the horse’s arse (New York Times)

    Guaranteed Ingredient in Any Coronavirus Vaccine? Thousands of Volunteers

    Two sisters in Missouri were among the first to have an unproven coronavirus vaccine injected in their bodies. If it makes it to market, it would also be the first DNA vaccine for any disease.

    Not long after researchers completed their work with mice, guinea pigs, ferrets and monkeys, Human Subject 8, an art director for a software company in Missouri, received an injection. Four days later, her sister, a schoolteacher, became Subject 14.

    Step 1: A shot with computer-engineered DNA
    Step 2: A series of zaps to ‘steer the DNA’
    Step 3: Wait for side effects
    Step 4: Wait to see if it’s deemed safe, and whether it actually did anything

    • change & growth can be brought about in many ways, what works for one person may or may not work for another, one size doesnt fit all.

      • victoria says:
        Change & growth can be brought about in many ways, what works for one person may or may not work for another, one size doesn’t fit all.

        I, too, enjoy Voluntarism Neighborhoods.

  5. The Lancet used dodgy data and had a Hydrochloroquin study halted for safety reasons but have now withdrawn the paper

    Don’t know if the Sapna Desai ( is related to Sapan Desai the scientist who has refused to hand over data. More Bill and Mindy connections and the Population Council.

  6. Robert, thanks for the anecdote. It really demonstrates how the state will go after people, just for an agenda.

  7. Just to corroborate my sister is a nurse up North, she told me that they mark down all deaths as covid if they tested positive no matter what they die of.
    She was the only member of my family that hugged me when I visited and seems much more clued in to the reality of the situation.
    As a nurse in the TA, working in the pop up hospitals in Iraq and Afghanistan, she knows what that war was really about.
    Now she is enjoying the clapping and discounts so I hadn’t the heart to tell her she was being used again.

    • Again, I love hearing these anecdotes.
      They give me insight.

  8. You certainly have a talent for speaking, no nonsense delivery and a great voice too

  9. In this Gary Null “Interview 1554 – James Corbett Documents the Collapse of the COVID-1984 Narrative”, I really appreciated Corbett restating the timeline of events.
    This timeline, as we witness now, is easily forgotten.

    Timelines easily fade away.
    It was with the 9/11 Event and what followed.

    Even this short period (2005-2009) is lost.
    During the researcher activity and activism circa 2005 through 2009, the timeline of events has faded. By not having that context, even some proponents of 9/11 Truth get side-swingled into invalid areas.

    Anyway, I am glad that Corbett retraced events.
    And, also, again, Corbett “repeats the message”.

    “swingled” – beat (flax) with a swingle
    a wooden instrument like a large knife that is about two feet long, has one thin edge, and is used for beating and cleaning flax.
    (Swingle has other definitions)(context here plays on “swindle”)

  10. Please interview dr Andrew Kaufman, its not really possible to create viruses in a lab because viruses dont work the way we are told, we create them in our bodies as a response to toxic substances like vaccines, food, water, cosmetics etc… They clean it up and we get flu like symptoms when we expell the toxic elements.

    The Emperor has no clothes and we need to show that and not spread fear.

    • What Anarchon said. Andrew Kaufman videos that will help you know where he is coming from are “Anatomy of COVID-19” then “The Rooster in the River of Rats” and then “Panel with Judy Mikovits and Marcy Kravat”.

  11. Please interview dr Andrew Kaufman, its not really possible to create viruses in a lab because viruses dont work the way we are told, we create them in our bodies as a response to toxic substances like vaccines, food, water, cosmetics etc… They clean it up and we get flu like symptoms when we expell the toxic elements.

    The Emperor has no clothes and we need to show that and not spread fear.

    • Then how would you explain the work of Judy Mikowitz and others?

      I think what she says about her own work in gain-of-function virology is true. And the warning she is giving now about this warp- sped covid vaccination is crucial.

      I have watched a number of interviews with Dr. Kaufman. He is very well spoken and obviously very intelligent.

      But it will take a lot more evidence for me to absolutely disbelieve there is no such thing as a virus.

      Also, I think this issue and focus becomes “planes vs. no planes”. We are getting mired in the minutiae.

      • I agree with you lovetodust about more evidence showing that viruses don’t exist, not just the fact that one has not been crystallized. There has to be another explanation posed that can be shown to be false. It has to conform to the scientific method to convince mass numbers of people.

        Also, there were plagues/epidemics that existed prior to any geoengineering and 5G. How could those be true if there are no “germs” that cause disease? And why do people get better with antiretrovirals? How can we prove those don’t work? I have not seen that done in fact to the contrary have observed them work.

        • All previous viruses are also a lie, Spanish flu was caused by vaccines injected into soldiers.
          HIV / AIDS was a result of treatment for gay people called AZT.
          We get flu like symptoms and diseases from chemicals in vaccines,food, water, air and cosmetics and if you read any label you would know that you injest chemicals everyday.

          Theres not only Kaufman, but a lot of evidence like false tests, diagnosing other diseases as covid, killing people on purpose etc…

          Wheres that virus except in the media?

        • Yes, I think along the same lines as you cu.h.j. I like reading your posts and what you have experienced and observed first hand.

          I am more concerned right now about what will be happening going forward and how I will negotiate. I know I do not have to accept the vaccination, but there may be consequences and I am preparing myself for that.

          At this point I am banking on the fact that the virus has never been isolated as my retort to people who question. That’s pretty simple. So how can you confirm tests or create a vaccine against it?

          But it is going to be a hard sell to the general masses. Soooo much propaganda. I read alt/independent media all day so I am in a certain frame of mind in my daily life at home. Then I go outdoors and I still, after 3 months, feel like I am in the twilight zone. It seems like MORE people are wearing masks. And still doing the 6 foot boogie.

          Well, the challenge for me is to stay in the present, get out in the sunshine everyday. Exercise, eat right, stay hydrated, take the vitamins and talk to friends.

          I called my hair salon for a haircut but when told I had to wear a mask said “I’ll wait”. I called my doc’s office just to get some blood tested to see my blood type, not for covid, but when told I would have to have my temp taken, wear a mask, answer questions just to get seen I said”I’ll wait”.

          I made 3 bumper stickers and put them on my car: ALL LIVES MATTER EVERYONE’S ESSENTIAL and STOP CONTACT TRACING.

          My little bit for the cause.

      • ‘..Also, I think this issue and focus becomes “planes vs. no planes”. We are getting mired in the minutiae….’

        haha, just posted that earlier..great minds think alike! Lol
        If the people in power can keep us fighting over less relevant things they need never fear relevant pushback

        • Yes, I saw that after I wrote it, Duck.

          Just lately I realized that part of the propaganda machine MUST be to sew confusion and uncertainty. It is so basic to the plan. I see that in the 9/11 movement. So it has helped me discern that in this situation.

          Which is why I appreciate when James and others strongly suggest that we research on our own.

          Just being aware that disinfo, misinfo, confusion and lies are an integral part of any pysop helps me not panic.

  12. Texas anecdote from last week

    I’m shopping at a natural foods grocery store which has a vitamin department. All employees are required to wear masks. Some customers had masks on and some did not. The store still has the social distance ‘X’ on the floor when checking out with the cashier. No one that I noticed appeared stressed or worried.

    In the Vitamin Department, I knew the clerk who was helping a customer. The woman, a native of Ghana, was not wearing a mask and was asking the clerk about iron supplements. I squeezed in close to also get to the same shelf and grab some zinc. Their topic of conversation shifted to melatonin.

    I politely interrupted and proceeded to tell them about what some Doctors are doing with melatonin for Covid and how it can help with general inflammation.
    (Hat tip to Debra.b – )

    All three of us were engaged in conversation about COVID and the mess. The Ghana lady told us about a remedy and/or prevention that is being used in her country by many. She even showed a photo of the pot with its ingredients.

    Simmer the skin of a pineapple for about 20 minutes, add long black pepper, ginger with skin, cloves, cut lemons with skin.
    Genuine anti-COVID Ghana tea.

    I surmise that Bromelain (skin and core of pineapple) play a role in this remedy.

    I always enjoy these type of conversations with strangers. I wrap up my shopping and checkout. Of course, I loudly talk as I mention Corbett Report/Gates after I had gracefully segued into Bill Gates. The cashier lit up on the Bill Gates topic. So did the customer behind me. The cashier got out her pen and wrote down the Corbett Report.

    As I was leaving, I passed some cashiers who knew me. I asked one how her arm was doing. (It has problems. Yours would too, if all day for years you grabbed items across a scanner.) We started discussing the masks. They hate wearing them. Sometimes they get headaches and just feel bad. I empathized.
    I told ’em that I would write the head office about the masks.
    And I will. And, believe me, sometimes writing a blazing letter to corporate and/or phone call changes things…I’ve seen it happen personally on a number of occasions.

    • HRS, interesting anecdote. Would like to put a bug in your ear about the ghana tea. Bromelain is an enzyme. It is not possible that boiling the pineapple rind for 20 minutes would yield a tea with bromelain activity. Enzymes are destroyed by heat, among other things. In addition, since this fake epidemic is the common cold, likely the ghana tea did nothing. All you have to do is wait a few days to get over the cold, just as people have been doing for thousands of years.


      • Well, I thought of that simmer regarding the Bromelain.

        Possibly, the heat may dismantle some of the Bromelain in the rind, but certainly the innards of the pineapple (core) are going to be eaten…not trashed like they do in the U.S. There is bromelain in the core.

        The heat on the skin may also bring out other aspects, or cause a chemical reaction between the pineapple skin’s constituents.
        Heat always accelerates a chemical reaction, and can often double the reaction time for every 10 degrees C.
        Perhaps the bromelain reacts with inlaid quercetin or other bioflavonoids /nutrients.
        (If one takes quercetin, the literature also recommends bromelain to help it take hold.)
        Who knows?

        Quercetin acts as an ionophore for zinc, per a study.
        This is how Hydroxychloroquine works.
        There may be a vast host of nutrients which act as ionophores…they just have not yet been studied in the science literature.

        Cloves have some of the highest ORAC value of any food.
        The ORAC value is extremely high…off the chart compared to other foods.
        Again, as usual, I just had some cloves in my green blender smoothie.
        Parasites – Cloves are often utilized in controlling parasites, especially the eggs of parasites. There are all types of parasites…many are in the blood or hide in biofilm and hide in the heavy metal areas of the body. Hulga Clark posits that they play a role in cancers.

        ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. It’s a lab test that attempts to quantify the “total antioxidant capacity” (TAC) of a food.

        Lemons help to alkalize the body. They tend to help minerals absorb because of their acidic pH.

        Ginger. Everyone knows ginger has many great health properties.
        Long black pepper. This is well known for its “Piperine”

        This Ghana concoction is very, very healthy.
        If a person wanted to boost their immune system, this is a real winner.

        Please do not Hijack my comment with “virus is a scam”.

        I am gonna take that conversation up down below on this thread.

        • Wow! I feel healthier just reading that.

        • This is not *your* thread.


          • ccuthbert2001,
            You are being a “spam” jerk and disrespectful.

            • I fail to see how ur arbitrary “request” to me constitutes some kind of obligation on me. Ur insult cements my stance.


            • I’ll leave it there with your last comment (12:41) and your insistence on being a disrespectful, bad-mannered jerk.

              I am only sorry that you do not recognize your poor graces.

              As for me, now after this last comment, you would be one of the very few people I would stay away from at a social event.

              Have at it all you want. Enjoy the misery of bad manners.

  13. Virus – No Virus Conversations
    Look ya’ll, I am fine with whatever a person wants to believe.
    I don’t give a rat’s ass.

    I can assure you that James Corbett has read many of the “no virus exists” comments.
    After all…the guy can read.

    However, I do take exception when someone hijacks a comment because they do not believe the same as you regarding this “Virus – No Virus”.
    I don’t care what side of the fence you are on.

    I do NOT have a problem with discussions.
    I have no problem with civil back-n-forth contentions.

    I want no part of this “Virus – No Virus” discussion. Have at it.
    But leave me out.

    As for me, I am gung-ho health remedies.
    My focus is on what methods have been shown to be successful in addressing some of the symptoms of victims in this COVID era.
    Such as this very, very long list on connected threads…

    God forbid that I use the ‘V’ word in describing health symptom or in describing the fear or the era.
    Oh no! The “No-Virus Antifa crowd” will come and jump all over my comment.

    If someone wants to negate everything because another used the word “virus”…well, that is their own choice. Have at it.

    But I am giving everyone fair warning that I will use the word “virus”.
    Do not mess with me, just because I said that word.

    Do not reply to my comment when I use the “virus” word.
    Post it as a general reply if you must, but not as a reply on my comment.

    • I agree, the “virus” “no virus” conversation does not change the fact that the lockdown was/is wrong and can be divisive.

      Based on my observations working in a hospital, I believe there were a “virus” and people presenting with respiratory symptoms and they did not have the flu based on lab tests. Thus there was some syndrome I observed that was a real thing. Regardless of the cause, it presented like an infection, not an environmental poisoning in and of itself. Because of my observations, I concluded that there was some infectious disease going around especially since 2 of my coworkers got sick after being exposed to patients that also had respiratory symptoms.

      Both recovered, both worked night shifts so were immune-compromised and one with morbid obesity (they were in the ICU on a respirator for several days). Flu can indeed also cause severe disease, so the comparison to a sever flu seems logical to me.

      It does not matter if someone believes in a virus or no virus to be able to listen to other points of view and work together to stop this tyranny.

      • If it doesn’t matter, than why the upset when those of us with the science background say there’s no virus?

        It actually matters that there’s no virus, btw, since the basis of the mandatory vaccines is the assertion that there is a virus.


        • ccuthbert2001, I have not read a debate between knowledgeable scientists “virus” “no virus” so I am inclined to base my conclusions on what I observe in the field.

          Even if there is a virus, how does that validify a mandatory vaccine? I think a better strategy would be to form an alliance against forced injections with people who are not convinced there is no virus. There are probably more people who believe there is a virus/something infectious going around and being overblown.

          I do not believe in forced vaccines and think that an alliance can be formed to stop this and one of the best ways to divide people is to essentially tell them they are “full of shit” for believing in a virus. If it’s not an infection what is it?

          I have caught colds and other viruses by coming into contact with people I observed coughing or barfing and logically deduced that I caught what they had. It has happened multiple times during my life, so I am inclined to believe in germ theory because I have experienced infections on a visceral level, both bacterial and viral.

          I have had friends test positive for “HIV” and develop immune compromise, I have treated patients with this condition and the antiretrovirals help them. So, why is that if it’s not a virus, how do the meds work? I have another virus (NOT HIV) that lingers that I occasionally take an antiviral for and it goes away. I have also modified my diet or reduced stress to boost the immune function in my body. I have not read an explanation that there is no virus that I have experienced multiple times in my life.

          Just because I happen to believe in viruses because I have caught identical diseases from people I have come into contact with does not mean that I think mandatory vaccines are necessary. Forced medication is unethical and there can be unity around this idea and allow for respectful debate with actual scientific evidence in support of “virus” “no virus” in my opinion.

          Having said that, I am curious to find out you think “it” is if it’s not a virus.

        • ccuthbert2001,
          I like you. We have joined together in many great conversations.

          What my protest is about, has to do with “interjecting” a “virus” or “no virus” claim which is inappropriate for the comment’s discussion.

          This SUB-Thread is about the “no virus” contention and open season for discussing both sides of the issue.

          However, if a seasoned professional such as cu.h.j makes a segregated anecdotal comment on the main thread mentioning the word “virus”, her comment is not about the topic of whether a virus exists. Her comment is about her observations.

          I have read her observations since she first appeared on Corbett Report Forums. I have found them very informative. I have read the observations of many, many medical practitioners dealing with sick people during this era. They jive to me.

          This SUB-THREAD deals with the “no virus” topic and any discussion about it, i.e. “virus” vs “no virus”.

          While, I am not getting into that argument, I am making it a point to keep it off the plate of folks’ comments who just want to communicate what is going on in this era.

          • Respectfully, who died and made you James Corbett? Maybe you and that supercilious md should be paying James server fees…

        • Additionally ccuthbert2001, I mean no offense to you or your opinion, just because I am inclined to believe in germ theory. Just because we have different opinions does not mean I don’t value your opinion or cannot investigate evidence to the contrary.

          I have been trained in parsimony being a nurse that is based on western medicine, that the simplest explanation is likely to be true regarding the disease. I also have a bachelor’s degree in molecular and cell biology so I was trained in germ theory and I was convinced because no alternative researched-based evidence was taught.

          Based on parsimony, it seems logical to conclude that there is an infectious disease going around. With that said, I am capable of making errors in thought being human but think freedom is more important than truth with a capital T.

          • I personally don’t care if there is a virus or not. It’s what’s being done in the name of it that concerns me. And while my degree is a MLA in history, I don’t buy the germ theory. We are constantly bombarded by them, and our bodies fight off infections of all types 24/7.

            My self-training has been in herbs. I’ve cured several skin cancers, my arthritis, MRSA, etc. I haven’t seen a “doctor” in nearly 30 years, and only found 2 before that who had the slightest clue. This includes those making my friends and family sicker.

            However, there may or may not be a virus. It certainly isn’t that virulent. Even with all the numbers being gamed at every level, it appears to be a bad cold. Personally, I don’t understand this argument. It doesn’t need to exist. It just needs to be THOUGHT to exist. So, on that rationale, even a common cold would suffice. What’s important is that the agenda being pushed isn’t to any of our liking.

            • I agree with this. I think infection includes the “terrain” both external and internal. I do believe microbes and viruses exist because I have experienced them. I have usually caught things when I was either under stress or was not getting enough rest but normally my immune system works very well. In fact, I have only had a flu-like illness twice in my 40+ years on the earth.

              I have been exposed to “Covid-19” multiple times at work and have not come down with it so far and know and have observed mild or no symptoms in most people who come for testing.

              I don’t think there is any rationale for a vaccine even if there is a “virus” nor are there any reasons for lockdowns and shutting down society.

          • cu.h.j, I understand your pov. It appears that many if not most medical workers have this pov. I think it’s so hard for med workers to challenge their preconceived ideas because it would seems to make their “expert” opinion null and void, and they may feel that all their good work is wasted.

            It seems to me that doctors/nurses responsibility is first to relieve the distress of the patients in front of them. Their job is not to research what’s causing disease, their job is diagnosis and treatment, ie relieve symptoms. Western med is especially concerned with the symptoms. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this, as long as this situation is recognized, as long as the med system as a whole understands that mds/nurses can’t know first hand what causes disease since they have done no research into the question. It’s not a failing of mds/nurses, it’s in the nature of their work.

            All your statements about viruses are logical fallacies, coming no doubt from years of believing in viruses, working with sick people and confusing that with proof.

            The truth about da covid, however, can’t be found in a hospital. It can be found by reading the journal articles from the various research groups. These groups have asserted that there’s not only a virus, but that it’s novel and deadly.

            The burden of proof is not on me to show that there is no virus, or what else could be making people sick. The former is impossible (can’t prove a negative) and the later can’t be done without research which I can’t conduct.

            All I can do is read the journal articles and evaluate them. And I have. And they are junk. None of them has demonstrated a virus, none has demonstrated that a “novel” virus is causing this disease.

            The virus psyop is crucial for population control. Without a virus, people would demand, as you have, to “see” what’s causing illness, and there would be no lucrative answer from the medical cartel. Without a virus, there’s no need for masks, no need for antisocial distancing, and certainly no need for a mandatory vaccine. After 40 years of concerted propaganda starting with the granddaddy of them all, the HIV/AIDS hoax, all the medical cartel has to do is yell virus in a crowded theater and as we’ve seen, the audience becomes hysterical and does what they are told without the slightest shred of evidence. That’s the power of the virus lie. That’s why it needs to be dismantled.

            • ccuthbert2001,

              If there is no HIV/AIDS or no virus, why do people respond to antiretrovirals? I have 2 friends with HIV who respond to them. There are many people who take these medicines and the “virus” is treatable. This is not everyone, some never get sick, but some do.

              Also, back in the time of the Black Death (bubonic plague) which I know is bacterial, not viral why did people get sick if a “germ” did not cause the disease. There was no 5G or geoengineering at that time.

              How does the idea of “no virus” account for prehistoric epidemics? You have no duty to prove anything to me, but I just don’t see how germ theory is wrong if the plague existed and other diseases existed back before all of the manipulation of the environment that exists today?

            • ccuthbert2001,

              also please take no offense at my response, I do not mean to offend or anything, I just would like to understand more because with HIV I have known people who have gotten AIDS and the only thing that worked was the antiretrovirals. However, if there is something else to try, it would be great to know about trying to help people who have HIV/AIDS and improve their condition.

              If you have any links that would be very beneficial, I have 2 friends who are taking these meds and I know they are pretty toxic.

            • cu.h.j, You seem to be getting hung up on a loop: if sick then virus, if sick then virus. Maybe to step out of your loop, you could ask yourself, “How do I know what I know?” As in probably all cases of psychological operations, it is very important to identify how you came to hold the “facts” you think you know.

              You think there is a corona virus. Why? Because the habitual liars in the govt and media told you so. Why do you believe habitual liars?

              Where is their evidence? Their evidence was research papers published in scientific journals. Read the articles. You’ll find in most cases they don’t demonstrate that there’s a virus and they don’t say that this non existent virus causes disease. They are long on speculation and short on evidence.

              No one can “prove” there’s no virus. All we can do is show that the people who say there is one haven’t proven it.

              HIV is exactly the same situation. The whole HIV/AIDS scam started with a Gallo press conference. Science is not done via press conferences. No virus was isolated/purified and no connection between this fake virus and disease was shown. Just like with da covid, Gallo showed a electron micrograph with an arrow pointing to junk with the caption “virus,” the press swooned and the public was brainwashed.

              Point your search engine to “the Perth Group,” “David Crowe” and “Peter Duesberg” and start reading. Go to Jon Rappoport’s webpage and read everything.

              Most people who had AIDS probably had it due their toxic lifestyle. Others developed AIDS due to the drug they were given for their nonexistent disease, AZT for example.

              I don’t know about the antiviral drugs you’re referring to. But I’ve read many times over the years that people with AIDS can cure themselves. They can stop making themselves sick with their toxic habits, by detoxing and by getting healthy nutrition. Disease is mostly caused by toxins or poor nutrition, or both.

        • Litigation and refusal en mass are a good way I think. There is no reasonable reason for the vaccine since it’s more akin to seasonal flu. The data points to that being a fact. Plus the proposed vaccine is being rushed and is experimental.

          • Also medical exemptions and opposing a vaccine that uses gene therapy. The mechanism of the mRNA vaccine which is new has never been used before and is very troubling.

            On top of that, there are documented side effects and adverse reactions to vaccines that may be unforeseen and people should have a choice. This comes from the assumption that the intentions are good, to prevent disease, which I highly doubt. Nevertheless, the state will pose the vaccine as something beneficial and an argument from that viewpoint is that 1. the “virus” does not warrant this. 2. The first SARS vaccine was a failure. 3. It’s rushed and experimental. 4. Forced treatment is unethical.

            I think that these types of arguments from the presumption of a “virus” may be more effective with the state because I don’t think the “no virus” idea will be accepted by mass numbers of people because there has been no research to indicate the absence of a virus.

            Even if no virus has been isolated and the argument has merit, the scientific community might not accept it unless research studies prove this point.

            Studies would need to be conducted based on experiments to show that the virus does not exist, unfortunately. Therefore other arguments must be made.

          • Couldn’t reply to your other comment as there was no reply button. I’ve never had the flu. But we both know there is a rationale for the vaccine. We just don’t like it.

          • I fear litigation won’t work–corrupt judges–and refusal en mass? Like refusing to shutdown and stay home? If those are our alternatives, we’ve got a hard row to hoe.

            Possibly refusing to call the jab a vaccine, since apparently it won’t be a vaccine but an attempt at gene therapy.

        • There are plenty of “corona virus’s”… covid might be a hoax in that its basically a bad flu.

          If its ‘real’ as an actual virus, or not, is about as important as the “Planes/no planes” 9/11 debate in that the things being pushed in its name are NOT justified even “if” it does exist and even “if” it was super deadly

    • Roxanne, You are absolutely correct… “people should be able to speak freely in the comments area.”

      Perhaps “Spam” is a better term, I should have used.

      I don’t have a problem with segues or gentle glides in another direction or jokes or most replies.
      Actually, I don’t even have a problem with someone mildly mentioning that they don’t buy the “virus” narrative in replying to my comment.
      Sometimes my reply comments will anger others. Or others will become angry at something I said in a comment. I can handle that. That comes with the territory.

      But I do have a problem when people rudely, with all caps, push a proselytizing message distracting from the flow of thought, as a reply to my comment.
      It is bad manners. Poor etiquette.
      It becomes disrespectful.
      It uses another’s comment entirely as an agenda to proselytize.

      If folks want to proselytize “no virus”, I am okay with that.
      Just don’t snag onto my comment with spam.

    • Hello HRS,

      A long time since I wrote you the last time. I hope you are doing great!

      Since I posted about this “no virus” position, I would like to answer you about it, just in the case that you read my comment and misunderstood something.

      My position is not that “there is not virus”. My position is that 1) it seems that it hasn’t been isolated and 2) there are no studies showing that the virus itself, if isolated, can produce any disease. This is critical. Extremely important. At this point we have no answer to the question: “is there a virus?” I have worked with “viruses” at PhD level. It doesn’t make me an expert, of course, but I know the mainstream theory of viruses and immunology from a broad perspective (it is just impossible to know everything about these topics because in a molecular level it gets wild and there is A LOT of information) and most of the things we are seeing are not science and protocols are not being respected.

      I feel that this is very important to know for people because the whole lockdown, curfews, masking, social distancing, vaccines, and so on, relies on that idea.

      I am not talking about treatments, of course. It is a fact that there are people who get sick, so they have to get treated -if they want- or change their habits (eat good food, breath fresh air, etc.).

      If someone wants to negate everything because another used the word “virus”…well, that is their own choice.

      This sentence might come from what I or robert.t said in previous comments. We (at least I) didn’t negate everything that Gary said about it. I just said that I stopped watching the video (which doesn’t mean that I won’t watch it). That an opinion might be wrong, doesn’t change the fact that many of the positions that they are defending can be right… of course not! But it is true that building knowledge on not-proven hypotheses, is like building castles in the air, and very very dangerous.

      • Reminds me of the Eddie Murphy herpes skit in which the newest strain causes your head to explode! If you remember it, you’re an old geezer.

    • His breath exercises rock! But, while I agree with the cold shower, I can’t stand them!

  14. Supply Side Deflation – Save the Insurance Corporations-2019 (SSD-SIC-19).
    Down here it was a nice weekend, thousands went down to the Lighthouse to hang out and walk around, see faces and people, it was a good time. Some with masks, some with out. The Government flipped out, local TV put out a news blitz saying the waterfront is Closed, It will be patrolled and violators punished. Moreover the non-esential part of the economy including the malls, will stay closed until September. The Gov. is punishing the populace like an abusive babysitter. From SSA-BA-Brazil

    • nirvanna,
      Thanks. Anecdotes like that give me a perspective of what is really happening.

      • down here a prominent hospital went under two years ago. Because of the Corona-Cold the Gov. reopened it and staffed it. When you go in no one is allowed to accompany you or visit. So there was this case of a wife who was admitted to this hospital, every one trusting she was going in to be cared for. After a while the husband later told the news that he had talked to his wife via a borrowed cell phone from a kind nurse, And he said that he had a good conversation with his wife and the family was relived. The next day the husband got a call form the hospital saying that sadly his wife had not resisted the corona-cold and had died. The husband went bananas. Went down to the hospital and raised hell. Called the local news too. Went on TV laid out the whole story. This went on for days. The family was given a casket for burial. When they opened the casket it wasn’t the mans wife. This situation has never been resolved. The woman was fine and then gone. Eventually the hospital gave a lame excuse that there was confusion at the morgue is all. The news dropped the story. There is a lot more like this. Unmarked cars disappearing homeless people. Funeral parlors not burring anyone. Hospital in Manaus being turned into a school for lack of business? None of what is happening coincides with the mainstream narrative.

    • Don’t listen to anything people may say that Brazilians don’t like Americans or america, they love us and our country, across the board. They are stupefied when they find out i am ex-pat, and the first thing they ask is why would you leave the U.S.A? and i tell them in the states things work great (relitively great) but the evil works great too. Down here nothing works well, not even evil works well down here. there is so much corruption that the upper/business class are so corrupt, that when the company that was awarded the contract for supplying the ventilators(48million Reais is no chump change), They just Kept the money out right and not one ventilator was delivered. Probably saved thousands of lives, by not putting people on those death machines thanks to absurd graft. That’s why i say not even evil works good down here.

      There is no pandemic if one does the math. What percentage is 440,346 dead(Lets give the officials the benefit of the doubt that all those dead counted are the Gods honest truth died of cov-sars-2) out of 7,000,000,000 people on earth? If my math is correct (and it may not be so someone please double check) that is 0.00629065714286%. aprox sixty-two tenthousandths of one percent, a pandemic does not make.

  15. Thanks for your comment! I am no expert about anything. I don’t know of anyone “infected” with sars-cov-2 “refuse to use the cv19” moniker!!!!! Social engineering at it’s barefaced maximum. The powers that shouldn’t be are really boosting up their agenda and exposing their hand in my opinion! What do I know though?!

  16. Same Jed. I’m in NY and I refuse to put that poison in my body. After listening to the interview, I looked up what Gary was referring to. So, from my research, there isn’t any law that mandates vaccines, “yet” in NY. What has been said, is this: “State Bar Group Calls for ‘Mandatory’ COVID-19 Vaccinations, Regardless of Objections”

    There has been push back from many people pertaining to this change and rightfully so.

    “New York, in fact, is now in a declared public health emergency, with over 24,000 deaths due to COVID-19,” she said, and “nationally, deaths from COVID-19 exceed 108,000.”

    They are really trying to use the above as a reason to mandate this. Those who are in favor of this crap, always say the same thing. No one individual is more important than the population as a whole. And the same regurgitated rhetoric that states that although vaccines may have side effects, the benefits greatly outweigh the risks.

    I’m not buying what they are selling.

  17. I have looked for someone to post the Solari Report and the interview with Dr.Tenpenny. They discuss many of the topics brought up, above in the comments.
    Has anyone published any Kochs Postulate study of SarsCovid virus.? If you can’t replicate its not a virus. Its a short lived weapon. The next one will be worse.
    Dr. Tendency describes the Iron/ hemoglobin block. Blood therapies that stop it in its track.
    The interview covers many frequency issues I have chirped about in the past from the work of Elana Freeland . TV. Poppy Crum. Subliminal messaging. Its one of the scary aspects of this tech-trans humanist power play that occurring.
    THEY, THE PERVERBIAL THEY ARE ALL IN. WAKEY WAKEY ITS NO FAKEY. This is a war on humanity and its live ..NOW.

    Must see TV.

    • I saw this interview, gbw. Enjoyed it. I check in with both Tenpenny and Fitts twitter sites each day.

      I like how they come at several issues surrounding the plandemic from their respective specialties.

      I feel like I have had an accelerated course in virology, economics and medicine in the past 3 months.

      I think both women make a lot of sense. And they have been at this a long time. They seem to have walked the walk, when it wasn’t (and when is it?) popular.

  18. See also:

    [SNIP – no links without titles and/or explanations of why people should be clicking on them, please. -JC]

  19. 2nd wave of corona in china being announced in this chinese news clip

    I didn’t watch it all but the first story is about the planned 2nd wave.

    and if shit isn’t off the wall enough already, the disciples of lucifer are announcing a march for 6-21 for a one world government.

    scroll down the page some to see the announcement:

    All of this is a huge psychological operation unfolding.
    The lockdown and then the riots
    6-21 –> 7-5 march for luciferic one world government
    They are going to run another lockdown with this announcement of a 2nd wave in china and then when things “open up” again the fucking shit going on in the streets is just going to get worse. Then they will most likely activate the right wing nazi groups.

    While thinking about this an old Queensryche song came to mind, Operation Mindcrime:

    The whole album is story about mind control and a contrived revolution.

    And then I couldn’t help but remember Truth Streams video called,
    The Characteristics of an Initiation Ritual:

  20. I saw this interview, gbw. Enjoyed it. I check in with both Tenpenny and Fitts twitter sites each day.

    I like how they come at several issues surrounding the plandemic from their respective specialties.

    I feel like I have had an accelerated course in virology, economics and medicine in the past 3 months.

    I think both women make a lot of sense. And they have been at this a long time. They seem to have walked the walk, when it wasn’t (and when is it?) popular.

  21. Just reading ‘World Revolution’ by Nesta Webster… a subsection of french revolutionaries allegedly had a plan to Depopulate 1 or 2 thirds of the population, and some wanted to make the survivors ‘Khamer Rouge’ style in labor colonies… agenda 21 is part of a way older line of Bat$4!t crazy thinking then even I thought
    It was all there… no private prop, no science, no arts, no luxury trades…

  22. If you engage Andrew Kaufman you will find him not so much arguing about the beliefs of Germ Theory vs. Terrain Theory as getting us all to ask “What at bottom are our beliefs about COVID-19 based upon?” Real scientific skepticism is not that complicated. And for the fans of Judy Mikovits the last video here is a panel with her and Andrew Kaufman.

  23. I work in the NHS and tomorrow I have the chance to get an antibody test. I am keen to take the test because I expect this would be a chance to show how the immune system has fared at protecting from the virus. Also, my understanding is that if the number of cases goes up (indicated by the antibody test), then the death rate goes down.

    My concern is that the consent form for taking the test specifically states that “there is no evidence that having detectable antibody makes you immune to reinfection” and also that the records are stored, can be accessed by GPs and may be used for other studies. I wonder if this will just lead down the route of constant vaccination history and proof of immunity/vaccination being held by and checked by employers (eventually). What do you think? Has anyone found more information on the current antibody test being run by the UK Government?

    • I have no idea about UK testing but personally I would never voluntarily put myself into the hands of a government doctor, nurse, tester or anyone. Who knows what they might do while they are messing around with me.
      Not to say that I wouldn’t be curious to discover if I have already been exposed to it. I suspect that I and many others have. But unless I meet an anarchist doctor or something I am content to remain ignorant.

    • “Also, my understanding is that if the number of cases goes up (indicated by the antibody test), then the death rate goes down.”

      If I were you, I’d run in the other direction as fast as I could.
      First of all the tests are unreliable.
      Samples from papaya fruit and goats have tested positive!

      You’ve mentioned the privacy issues.
      Positive or negative, your results will likely be held indefinitely.
      You have nothing to gain and much to lose.

      Let someone else be the one to lower the death rate. 🙂

      • Thanks for the comments. I think I may try to find more details on the scope of the study before I commit. Its a shame the wording is so vague.

        I get the impression that there won’t be anywhere left to run, in the UK if an immunity passport style system is rolled out. The NHS would be an ideal place to look to start it though, if you were in control of a mandatory passport system; the NHS is one of the biggest employers in the world. If a nurse is forced to have a vaccination and ‘paperwork’ to work, then why not use that same paperwork to get the bus home in the depth of winter when they eventually put that in place.

        They’ve clearly built the infrastructure for the passport system by separating goods and services from customers. Businesses will be tempted to do anything to be able to increase there footfall up from a few people per hour. Customers would be tempted to do anything to get into a warm shop when its chucking it down with rain.

        I’m sure the tests for the virus are unreliable; I saw colleagues in the hospital go down for a few weeks some had positive and some negative tests. Also, some patients who were positive looked very well. I am not sure about the accuracy of the antibody tests though.

        The shortcomings of testing aside, these studies work best with large numbers of participants. I don’t think anyone else will be running antibody tests, so this may be the only chance to demonstrate the efficacy of the human immune system, before they tell us that the immune system is broken forever and now we need a jab and a chip to get to the world running again.

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