Interview 1555 – Rosemary Frei on How the High Death Rate in Care Homes Was Created on Purpose

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Interviews | 72 comments

Rosemary Frei has an M.Sc in molecular biology from a faculty of medicine and was a freelance medical journalist for 22 years. She is now an independent journalist in Canada. In her recent article, “Were conditions for high death rates at Care Homes created on purpose?” she examines how all of the rules and guidelines pertaining to elderly care, death certification and treatment of bodies in Ontario have been changed during the course of this “crisis” in order to increase the numbers reported “dying of COVID.” We discuss the reasons behind these changes and what they tell us about the real nature of this pandemic panic.

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Were conditions for high death rates at Care Homes created on purpose?

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    • While I would say some old geezers (I’m 60 next week so I can say that) have a lot of wisdom, many are just whacked as Fritos. But still, there’s nothing remotely decent with what they’ve done. And 99.99% of the people will never figure it out. I’m so glad I have the luxury of limiting my time around that 99.99%. It’s sad how we’ve degraded ourselves. You can blame whomever you want, but I believe we are responsible for ourselves. It has always been thus, and for a damn good reason.

      • We’re a callous people. How many deaths do we yawn over in our wars? And how many of those elderly are in those homes because it wasn’t convenient for their children to care for them? Look at the apathy towards entire groups of people in this country. Not just by race, but by social position. Prisoners, homeless, etc. The thought that we are in a war for our souls popped into my mind. And I doubt many would put up a fight. But don’t mess with our Wi-Fi!

        • When my own mother was at the point of needing help I begged her to come live with me. She had in-home health workers already funded by Medicare. She flat out refused. She wouldn’t say why. She lasted about two months in a group home. Maybe she knew. I will never know. Still, I would have enjoyed the opportunity to repay my God given responsibility to my mother.

      • Sometimes you can find a bit of wisdom in even the whacked ones. If you can decipher it.

        Happy early birthday Santa Slayer!

        “ we are responsible for ourselves”

        I agree…but….
        As I have been arguing with an “Alexa” buddy of mine who lays the responsibility for the world’s evil at the feet of the individual and religion while maintaining an annoying indifference towards authoritarian governments. The conditions and the environment that people are born into and are raised and live their lives influenced by must be considered when trying to figure out why they make the decisions and choices that they do.
        And what one superstition based system has had a bigger impact on the conditions and social environments than governments?
        While individuals are certainly ultimately responsible for their own lives and the choices that they make. Surely some responsibility can be put on those who use tools of propaganda, deception and manipulation of basic human needs in order to take advantage of the ignorance or desperation of some.

        • Thanks for the birthday wishes. Large, unmarked bills are also acceptable!

          I agree our life conditionings play a role as to how difficult it can be. But it’s also something we’ve all faced. But it still doesn’t absolve us of our own responsibility. It is always, regardless of your circumstances, your responsibility to save yourself.
          We can place blame elsewhere, and there is always plenty of that to go around regardless of whatever hardship we face. But this is simply victimhood.

          The old saying, “buyer beware” applies to the ideas you buy into as well. I’m not saying it’s easy to overcome, but really; life doesn’t care about excuses. It’s either you lived through the day or you don’t.

          One of the important lessons I’ve learned from living in the wild is that a million things are out to kill you 24/7. And it does no good to blame nature. Her heart is colder than a divorce lawyer. She doesn’t care either way. You just have to accept that you might get eaten by a sasquatch while your minding your own business. Not that I think it’s a pressing concern. And civilized life is no different.
          It isn’t about fair/unfair, right/wrong, or anything to do with morality. It’s being responsible for yourself, because your life depends upon it. It’s simply living or dying.
          Nature favors those who live long enough to reproduce. Life which follows behaviors that deny this generally don’t continue.

          • No argument here but to say that the only bad dogs I’ve ever known were made to be that way by the people who owned them.

            • May be true, but I bet you didn’t pet them. Also, how many humans do you know who were born and raised in an “enlightened” family. And bonus points; the clock is ticking, as pretty soon they’ll be at the point where they will have to suffer the consequences of their actions.

            • Steve, the one thing separating us from those who can’t see this situation for what it is, is our questioning the narrative. We weren’t satisfied with the narrative and started questioning it, while the majority just shrugged it off.
              I grew up in a time where Jesus didn’t hold your lynching black people against you, information wasn’t even available in our area to even know there were alternative views, draft dodgers were cowards, long hairs weren’t even seen. It wasn’t someone convincing me that this reality wasn’t correct, it was my own questioning that changed my mind.
              Has anyone stopped your friend from pushing some buttons on a computer to look deeper? Whether you think it’s fair is irrelevant. What is relevant is are they aware of the situation. We are all ignorant to a degree, but we also have the tools to combat our ignorance. How many open the toolbox? How many of us are brave enough to challenge our very perceptions of reality? I didn’t grow up in the best of circumstances, yet here I am. And I’m sure I’m not unusual in that regard. Many are called, but few answer.

            • @ I Shot Santa
              Funny how some comments have reply buttons and some don’t. What’s up with that?

              Anyway, I cannot disagree with anything you contend. Still I am reminded of that weird and thankfully rare Christian doctrine that condemns even those who never heard the gospel to eternal damnation.

            • Steve, there is a limit to comment depth. IMO it’s better this way, otherwise comments would soon become unreadable due to reduced width.

      • Actually, it was my way of avoiding another F word. It’s apparently evil, though I’m not sure how it’s supposed to do anything. Maybe I’m just not smart enough to figure these things out.
        And obviously I agree with you.
        People have had the opportunity to go on the internet for nearly 30 years. I know its been around longer, but it wasn’t widespread until porn kicked it off good in 98. And that’s exactly where they’ve stayed. They choose to let others tell them what to think. And the bill is long overdue.

  1. Oh! I really enjoyed this Rosemary Frei interview. She’s “real”. The interview underscores the agendas at play.

    A vast segment of Corbett Report Members will like hearing that this was mentioned:
    Koch’s postulates

    Koch’s Postulates
    to Identify the Causative Agent of an Infectious Disease

    Four criteria that were established by Robert Koch to identify the causative agent of a particular disease, these include:

    the microorganism or other pathogen must be present in all cases of the disease

    the pathogen can be isolated from the diseased host and grown in pure culture

    the pathogen from the pure culture must cause the disease when inoculated into a healthy, susceptible laboratory animal

    the pathogen must be reisolated from the new host and shown to be the same as the originally inoculated pathogen

    • Don’t they always violate it? Or rather have they ever validated a virus doing so?

      • I see it is very similar. And still hasn’t been done. Also, I couldn’t help but note the have your cake and eat it in it. As applied to the corona cold. Must produce antibodies. Which is how they originally claimed to discover the virus. Not by finding the actual virus, just the antibodies. Now, we also (at the same time) say that having the antibodies means you’ve already had the cold and are possibly immune.

        • River’s postulates are basically less strict than Koch’s, but they still can’t meet the conditions. Apparently, “purify” to these people means something completely different than it was initially intended. Koch is probably turning in his grave at an alarming pace.

          • Mikey, So is Daniel Webter. Bacon is dancing in hell singing the gayest of songs.

            • That’s funny!

    • “A vast segment of Corbett Report Members will like hearing that this was mentioned:Koch’s postulates”

      I’m not one of them.
      I have a problem with notion covid doesn’t pass Koch postulates. As I understand proponents of this idea don’t believe virus is causing covid.
      Actually, I haven’t heard what is their idea about the disease and causes. I would like to read/watch something concisely from this camp, something that has Kolmogorov complexity at least approaching to James’. I’m not interested in hoax proponents.

      From her article:
      “Note that COVID-19 would have to be diagnosed based on a well-defined and finite set of symptoms. The currently-used and excessively broad diagnostic criteria – such as pneumonia, or the combination of fever and cough – doesn’t cut it, because those are present in many other respiratory conditions.”

      Diseases like syphilis, lyme disease have both very very broad set of symptoms (present also in other diseases) are recognized as disease together with bacteria causing them.

      • Another “postulate”:

        In medicine 1+1 is not always 2. (True)

        Koch postulates are more like 1+1=2

        • I thought in medicine 1+1= mandatory vaccines!

      • I’ll start worrying about syphilis and Lyme disease diagnostic procedures when people start getting home arrested and their basic human rights violated over said diagnosis.

        How do you propose Covid should be diagnosed? Especially considering above mentioned home arrests and human rights violations.

        • Do you think that a correct diagnose would make all covid-insanities disappear?

          You look concerned about human rights.

          I think now we can see what human rights really are in this system, a thing that can be sodomized by any would be ruler/dictator.
          Human rights are mirage of having something valuable, while being at the same time empty-handed.
          I don’t need human rights, I need freedom.

          • It seems to me you are the most vocal advocate for masquerading around these comment boards. So, why don’t you tell me, what would it take for you to rethink the position? Diagnostics is not your cup of tea, OK. How about testing using PCR which is not meant for that use?

            Regarding the rest of your comment, I’m not interested in splitting hairs today, thanks.

            • “…most vocal advocate for masquerading…”

              Explain accusation.

              “…splitting hairs today…”

              hehehe, really??
              but would like something else

              “…what would it take for you to rethink the position?”

              oh man, what kind of nkvd loaded shit is this?

              • “Explain accusation.”

                You have defended mask wearing on several occasions on these comments boards. This is based on my recollection, if it’s misattributed hopefully you won’t throw one of your epic fits, but simply refute the claim instead.

                “hehehe, really??”

                Referring to -> “I don’t need human rights, I need freedom.”

                “oh man, what kind of nkvd loaded shit is this?”

                You asked:

                “Do you think that a correct diagnose would make all covid-insanities disappear?”

                So I asked:

                “So, why don’t you tell me, what would it take for you to rethink the position?” while referring to your stance on wearing masks. Not to mention your willingness to seemingly accept whatever the media delivers on death and its causes as well as assuming there is one cause to one disease. Covid being the epitome of a disease that has more symptoms and consequences than a stray dog has fleas.

                I have read your “reply” to what brian.s stated earlier/below. Your capacity to overlook important points far, far overshadows my willingness to invest time and effort in people who refuse to read. Kudos to brian.s for trying.

                This is my last reply to your comments. Trying to engage you on this occasion was an error on my part and I’ll take the opportunity to learn on past mistakes. Time is too valuable to spend like this.

                I wish you pleasant mask wearing, virtue signaling, crippled ideology discussions and whatever else you wish to entertain. Good bye.

              • mkey,

                “This is my last reply to your comments”

                I’ll remember this beautiful day. I’ll be spared of your malicious writings in the future.

                Making collage out of my statements is funny, isn’t it. That’s not producing stuff out of context. I guess you are teaching me how well rounded people should converse.

                From your writings someone might conclude I’m defending the worst covid laws about masks and that’s on the basis of your recollection. You accuse me without evidence and I shall refute, I should defend myself. This is nkvd style.

                Not answering to questions, answering with questions, bullying your way, that is your way of good faith and sincerity in debate.

                “… your willingness to seemingly accept whatever the media delivers…”

                What a malicious creature you are. Just by reading my posts here a benevolent person would conclude you misrepresenting me.

                “…invest time and effort in people who refuse to read.”(that’s supposedly me)

                Mkey, in psychology this statement is called projection, you ascribing to me what you are actually doing.

                “…crippled ideology discussions…”

                Hahaha, that’s bothering you badly, I know, hahaha. We have history, don’t we.
                There will be more, I promise, I will challenge your libertarian psyche, but don’t forget what you promised!!
                I’m not doing this out of malicious intent. I’m “way too red” for most people here, interesting for my friends I’m leaning to the right. It’s good for people to be exposed to different ideas and thought, I’m throwing seeds, maybe, maybe…

                Me on masks: Masks provide some protection. I have nothing against to be mandatory when lots of people are ill, but only in enclosed spaces where lots of people congregate (stores, public transport). Wearing mask otherwise, particularly outside is stupid.

      • “They just told you it did.”

        Are they lying??

        Did you notice some people have been sick, some died also?

        I asked at the beginning, I would like to hear coherent concise non-virus narrative of this spring disease.

        • The onus of proof is on the one making the claim. People are dying ALL THE TIME.

      • Once you see how the numbers are rigged; this virus isn’t impressive. So what if it’s a new virus, or if it’s weaponized. There is not a single aspect of it which deserves more than a brief mention in our news. It seems that the credit for the majority of the deaths attributed to it should have actually have been given to those who created the policies for how we treat the elderly and also the use of ventilators. Had both been conducted with any sense of true compassion, the lethality rate of it would have dropped to nada. And not to mention the cost in lives via crashing the economy. The cure has been the true killer in this pandemic. People can argue about the existence of the virus all they want, but it has been the reactions of the state which has caused the overwhelming majority of the deaths.

      • “You are right that many adopt binary positions that become polarised identities as if self-vindication of being right is the goal rather than correcting the problem.”

        I like this thought, it’s applicable allover nowadays.

        Regarding the virus-as-cause, I think for majority of viruses/bacteria you cannot say they are CAUSE for disease, to often other criteria have to be fulfilled, like minimal amount of virus load etc.
        Probably it would be more appropriate to say virus is one of necessary ingredients for disease.

      • flammable,

        I think it’s not acceptable to say “Covid is a hoax”.

        This thing is to serious to use vague language. The statement could mean everything is hoax. This statement can be deception in itself.

        Damn disease exist and it’s not just mild cold.

        • Proof, proof, proof. You don’t know what is causing which illness. This is all received opinion from govt/msm liars and you believe it?

      • MagicBullet,

        I’m pretty sure we also have professional disturbers with agenda.

        Agree, Peak prosperity is excellent resource.

        Although, corona fascism is a terrible creature that has to be unmasked, this must be done properly… I guess we are seeking for Truth. There is some truth in msm reporting, not much, but that little has to be recognized and never mind if they are the camp who deserves to be……

        I’m also annoyed with downplaying of how bad the disease is.
        Probably this comes from the need to destroy official narrative and when machete is brandished then some collateral damage is possible (but who cares, we are supposedly good guys). It’s not plague, neither kind of flu. It’s bad disease that could make some permanent damage, unlike flu or cold.

        “….making Covid was even less ethical”

        This aspect is most overlooked. I’ve heard from normies, that’s nothing special, they do this all the time (and why I’m so aroused…WTF), many were surprised when I transposed/translated ‘gain-of-function’ to bio-weapons.
        This kind of research should be forbidden, transgressors should be faced with death penalty. I would enlist myself for death squad lottery if need be.

        • MagicBullet,

          I agree it “can” be a bad disease in some people. I have seen a few more young folks with no documented health issues be hospitalized with a respiratory infection that was compromising the lower airways (the alveoli in particular) manifested as decreased oxygen saturation and increased work of breathing.

          One of my colleagues in the emergency department went to the ICU and was mechanically ventilated for 6 days. They did put her on a ventilator rather quickly which was unusual. They seem to treat this disease by putting more people on ventilators, maybe because they have a viral filter, I’m not sure. Regardless of why some individuals were mechanically ventilated more quickly than they would have been if it wasn’t “Covid 19”

          What I have observed more frequently is a large number of people with mild or no symptoms be positive for the “Covid 19” PCR test that we run in house at my hospital. I know this test has a high degree of inaccuracy though, both false positives and false negatives. It’s peculiar.

          Another poster that has a background in virology here spoke about the error in conflating correlation with causation and I think that is an important thing to keep in mind. However, I have witnessed a correlation between the test and respiratory symptoms, though it’s accuracy is questionable. What I do know is that it is different from the flu because the flu test has demonstrated to have less false positives and negatives over time. And people with “Covid 19” are negative for the flu test and the sick ones present with respiratory symptoms. At least this is what I have observed.

          Regardless of what “it” is, it appears to be worse in regards to potential fatality in persons with pre-existing diseases than last year’s flu and also potentially worse disease requiring hospitalization in some outliers with no pre-existing disease, some of these young people (late 20s-40s). Based on these observations I think it might be a little worse than the normal flu, however, more data may demonstrate this is not the case.

          Having said that, the 2017 flu was very bad and people were lined up outside in the parking lot of my hospital to be seen, some of them requiring ICU admission, even mechanical ventilation. From what I saw during 2017 the young who required mechanical ventilation had asthma or were very sick, to begin with.

          Therefore I think that there is no valid conclusion for lockdown or even media attention to this. I was shocked to have this blow up because this type of attention was not given to 2017 flu, nor other bad seasonal cases of flu in the past several years. It seems completely contrived, the reaction by the media, the lockdowns, the panic, and fear. People with masks, gloves, and some face shields walking around outside. Wow, I can’t believe the stupidity. The risk of catching a respiratory infection outside is highly unlikely.

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      • Yes, excellent MagicBullet. You are correct to repeat my statement.

        Now, as you did in that earlier thread as well as above, are you going to continue to post your unsubstantiated claims that you have cribbed from junk science articles as truth without the slightest proof?

        Or are you going to take my challenge and produce the journal article(s) that 1. show that there was an isolated/purified virus, 2. the electron micrographs showing that the sample is overwhelmingly homogeneous, ie not cellular debris, 3. the virus was sequenced from a homogeneous sample, 4. the proteins were analyzed from a homogeneous sample, 5. the “virus” was obtained from symptomatic patients and NOT from healthy people, 6. the “virus” causes disease and can again be isolated/purified from symptomatic patients?

        Your claim that it’s unethical to give da covid to show that it’s the cause of disease is truly ridiculous and emblematic of the hypocrisy of modern medicine. It’s ok to shoot people up with known toxic drugs that kill them, but don’t try to give anyone the common cold, no, no, no.


  2. Thanks Mr. James, Thanks Dr. Rosemary. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. We are living through the legalization of full spectrum criminality, but not all technocrats are evil, some are just in it for the money. This is insanity, Heaven help us.

    • Most crimes are economically motivated. Anyone looking at technocracy and wanting to exploit it for financial gain is still criminal in my book. How much further can you get from liberty and justice than technocracy?

  3. Great interview. Another strong lady standing up to tyranny! Thank you! This plandemic has to be exposed however we have to get the sheeple to actually listen!

  4. !!!
    …in the lead-up to his decease, the gentleman had been taken OFF dialysis.

  5. Repost of comment from previous thread, related to care home deaths pre Covid.

    These may have absolutely no relationship to Covid, but my spidey senses were tingling when I found them.

    1. Outbreak of Respiratory Illness at a Long-Term Care Facility
    July 12, 2019

    Third person has died after respiratory illness outbreak at Greenspring Village, Fairfax officials say CDC has tested 17 samples but has so far failed to identify the cause.

    July 18, 2019

    Another Respiratory Outbreak Found At Burke Retirement Community
    Health officials do not believe the outbreak is connected with the one at Greenspring Retirement Community in Springfield.

    Jul 18, 2019

  6. First thing that came to mind was Gates talking about the death panel.

    So glad James got this Interview and so glad he’s always such an incredible, skilled, prepared interviewer.

    I have to say, there’s such an enormous, ever-growing mountain of evidence indicating that this was a plan-demic — a technocratic terrorist attack on the planet — that I am worried they have no choice but to continue, full steam ahead, until they’ve fully captured the planet.

    • They don’t have to capture the planet. Our submissiveness gave it to them.

  7. Thank you James for shinning a light on Kochs Postulates. Royal Rife spoke of isolating a virus and the dedication to scientific integrity.
    If anyone cares to, it can be found at Joshua Parker’s Knowing the Truth website or through his Health Harmonics site.
    The Royal Rife story is nothing less than miraculous.

  8. Lest you think everyone is figuring out covid is more political science than rational science (something I’m not sure exists), the town of Live Oak in northern Fluorida is hosting its freedom festival this July 4th. It honors Korean War veterans (barely) and our front line defenders in the covid war. That’s emphasized. And they call it a war. Social distancing means you will stay in your car while they do whatever it is that they do.
    Also, on the same radio newscast (ABC), Jerome Powell of the Fed cautioned against Trump opening the economy.
    Lindsey Graham also got my teeth grinding with his speech saying being stopped by cops shouldn’t be a traumatic affair. But apparently only for blacks. Same newsspot. Like the cops don’t practice equal opportunity trauma.
    While I think we would be safer without cops, who aren’t compelled to protect us anyway, the U.N. coming in ain’t good. And we may not have to defund the piggies anyway according to REALLY GRACEFUL’s new video,will you submit. Atlanta already has 12 piggies quitting over the Wendy’s shooting. And this is apparently happening on a nation wide scale. Making my tumor leak! (The UN part, not the piggies quitting)

    By the way, I consider UN troops here an act of open war. Though I would respond by declaring a blood feud against the UN troops, I doubt I’d see them in my area.

  9. Off-topic; but like it.

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  10. I agree with much of your point of view and yet have seen “life” extended without consideration of the quality like people who will live the rest of their days on a ventilator in the absence of higher brain function. I personally hate having family members reverse a DNR and having to perform CPR and other procedures on people who wanted to die a normal death. I think in some cases it’s cruel to do that unless the person wants to be kept on a life support machine.

    But to make it only about money is wrong.

    • Yes, I agree, the elderly should have been more valued than they were. That is wrong.

  11. Finally some good news! ABC radio news. Here in Fluorida we had the largest 1 day corona cold spike. Gov. Dipslip actually said something intelligent. Said due to more testing and since it primarily affected one group that it made no sense to stop people from working. About time he said something that wasn’t crazy. In the beginning, he would constantly pose with the nasty guard and wax on how we should be scared. About time he grew a pair.

  12. I recommend bourbon instead of wine. Adrenochrome is old news. Even in fear and loathing in Las Vegas. But you do need a few drinks to get into it. As to its validity, I have no clue. And the same for finding people I can talk to about anything more complex than video games and sportsball.

  13. Follow the healthcare money

    Fake studies on Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)
    +FDA blocks HCQ
    Peak Prosperity 34:00
    First starts about Masks, which could be a solution.

    Also on zerohedge.

    The US healthcare also has immense high hospital bills.

    The obvious fake science that is used to block HCQ
    can red-pill many scientists that are interested in this topic.
    For me it made me completely skeptical of anything that the
    medicine industry and their fake scientists produce.

    • Thanks for this information. Good for Brazil to have so proactive parliament members.

  14. Fortunately, I already was a bit familiar with this otherwise I might be very depressed…

    The World Economic Forum has it all well planned out for us.
    Their We Forum (What irony) has an interactive circular ‘coronavirus’-like graph that displays interesting connections and projections.

    Click any graph point and explore to see what’s coming/going on.

  15. Regarding what she said at the 9:25 mark about quickly burying or cremating the bodies:

    This reminded me of the official Osama bin Laden death story. He died, we have no video or proof of how he died, and then we dump his body in the ocean never to be found again. But believe us, we really killed him. Don’t ask for proof.

    • Obama also said it was dumped at sea out of respect for his religious beliefs, because they didn’t want to inflame the Muslims. Yeah, right. So I googled it. And it was the top Google search term of the day. Don’t know if they still do that. It ain’t kosher for Muslims. Yep. I did that on purpose.

  16. what she says at 6:25 (6:15) has exactly happened in Sweden too
    elderly people from long-term care homes, elderly facilities or similar should not be transferred to the hospitals (via new guidelines)

    I stumbled about it via Angry Foreigner (youtube)
    his first video was convoluted, mixing things together that don’t belong together, buying NYT propaganda but addressing bloomberg propaganda righteously, which most of us(!) have fallen for so far

    His interview with so-called whistleblower doctor is then what I want to guide you to
    he has his own twitter now
    RT re-published his article in different languages
    he has a further witness to contribute
    and an attorney who rightfully contributes that every health worker applying morphine is the morally culpable first, not the one issuing the guidelines
    (many videos otherwise in Swedish and much crap, one probably doesn’t want to sift through. he is no media person but a healthcare professional.)

    that’s it. I think I mentioned it before under the catch word euthanization.
    this is so much like Brave New World, where they kill of the elderly at a certain age… …becoming phosphorus gas that fuels something, if I remember correctly
    disgusting and terrible

    • Oh, they were programmed genetically to die. In public wards. But they had lots of Soma!

  17. I live in New York City, and I have kept an eye on COVID statistics since they began the count back at the beginning of March. Approximately 50% of the people who were dying were over the age of 75. Children between 0 and 17 were practically immune. These percentages remained consistent as the numbers rose over time.

    For some reason, don’t ask me why, this reminded me of the Nazi T-4 Program, which was a precursor to the Holocaust we have all heard about. It targeted patients who were institutionalized due to mental or physical incapacities. Approximately 300,000 people were systematically murdered. Most of them were not Jewish.

    The program was justified by the amount of money it saved the government. It also served as a “rehearsal” for the Holocaust.

    I had read about the T-4 program years ago and was fuzzy about the details, so I did some Google searches and watched some YouTube videos. This documentary was the most useful to me because it did a good job of describing the program itself, but also talked about doctors who participated—especially Dr. Julius Hallervorden.

    Action T4: A Doctor Under Nazism

    I don’t have any evidence that the Scamdemic targeted old people in nursing homes for culling. However, I think that what this interview shows is that it is a perfect vehicle for murder. All you have to do is administer a poison that approximates COVID symptoms and you have the perfect murder. Nobody will look twice. So if you don’t want T-4 to happen (if it hasn’t already), you should insist on proper protocols for determining cause of death.

    • Just watched that video. Can’t quite bring myself to thank you for referring it. Hope you understand. Doesn’t seem that farfetched from the U.S.. Even before the war when we had our own sterilization laws. Plus, the hundreds, if not thousands, of inhuman experiments in the name of our Lord, Science!
      Have you ever noticed how so many supposedly genius doctors and scientists appear to be more like idiot savant beauracrats? It’s like they can only think in tiny steps. Like doctors who (this is the VA), when they “process” a patient, draw the blood and then run tests on it to see if whatever they’re looking for falls within a certain range. If it doesn’t, they prescribe some toxic crap. At the same time, many other doctors are doing the exact same thing, just for different areas. None consult with each other, and the pharmacist doesn’t give a rat’s patootie. Needless to say, drug interactions are a problem. It’s as if they can only see the task at hand; but through a much narrower lens than a real human being. And with absolutely no moral conscious. Like the real life scientist whom Kurt Vonnegut based Dr. Strangelove upon. The maniacs really do run the asylums.

  18. James thank you first of all for this wonderful website and incredible journalism that even the Italian folks at ByoBlu have given you a nod including Massimo Mazzucco, thats quite an achievement.
    We wanted to support you because lately your ” Episodes” are bordering on ” incandescent” in terms of intensity and determination, especially in the last year. Like Noam Chomsky there is way more to what drives you than simply forwarding the deeper layers of reality in the torrent of propaganda that is directed at us, lately this has become more and more evident.
    That was my husband and now from me: I have always loved your straight forward truthful shoot from the hip Journalism. Where we live, right now during the Time of Covid, I have come to realize that most people I know and love are brainwashed! The Zombie Apocalypse is Now. To see someone like you, with their eyes wide open, an intelligent, inciteful individual is Wonderful! Please continue with what you do; we need your voice and passion. Thank you so much!!!

  19. I believe he’s dead now. Or someone in the same business.

    • One of the people connected died in Africa. Not sure which one.

      • Oh no, it was the China virus scandal. I don’t think they reported how he died either. Just dead suddenly after getting a bunch of attention.

      • Not at the same time. This scandal is a few months old. So many scandals, so little time!

      • Yeah, it’s impossible to keep up. And yet the vast majority remain clueless.

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