Interview 1556 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

by | Jun 18, 2020 | Interviews | 143 comments

Welcome back to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: US Coronavirus Outbreaks Spur Debate Over Personal Freedoms

Millions In Beijing Living Under An Expanded Coronavirus Lockdown As Fresh Outbreak Worsens

Story #2: A Skirmish in Galwan Valley – India and China’s Deadliest Clash in More Than 50 Years

Wikipedia: Galwan River

North Korea Blows Up South Korea Joint Office In Rebuke of Seoul

Video: North Korea Blows Up Liaison Office With South In Kaesong

Short Version of New Documentary SEVEN Begins Airing Today on PBS

How Will WWIII Be Fought? – Questions For Corbett #062

What in the World is Going On?

Corbett Report Search: “Kashmir”

Story #3: Interview Most Foul – Bob Dylan and the New York Times’ Effect On Man

Bob Dylan – “Murder Most Foul” (Official Audio)

Bob Dylan – “Murder Most Foul” (Lyrics)

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  1. im on to you sneaky boots!! hehe.droppin vids pre-loaded with cloaking devices engaged!!!
    i was wondering about your take on 2 topics. the first being the concept of “rights”. the Patrick from disenthrall really woke me up on the concept awhile back. the 2’nd topic would be this statist/religious concept of “justice”. which seems to be a huge stumbling block for most folk. community ostracizing and such ideas causing heads to explode……. anyhoo thx james. domo arigatou sensei!

    • Rights are covered in natural law. You basically have the right to do whatever you want as long as you don’t infringe on the rights of others. Which would be harming them. Unless they consent to it. As an aside, I would like to note that rights are taken (by yourself), while privileges (such as the Bill of Rights in the US, which were immediately gutted) are granted. And they mean nothing if you’re not prepared to fight for them. Which is why we don’t have many of our privileges.
      For me, justice can be brought to bear in a community, but it’s a tough nut to crack. So I have reverted to the age old practice of blood feud. It sounds barbaric, but it generally acts as a deterrent. When you know an entire clan is going to be out for your blood if you harm a member of another clan, you tend to think things over.

      As an aside, I despise capital punishment. Far too easy to abuse.

      Not claiming to speak for anyone but myself, just thought I’d share.

        • From my memories, it definitely does.

      • I know what you mean on the feud. It’s something we all claim to disavow, but we all engage in to some extent. If our current “justice” system wasn’t so unjust, and something other than a legalized slavery system, I might think otherwise; but there you go.

        And those cages should only be reserved for those who are such a threat to others that there is no alternative in order to protect others. Of course, that begs the question of just how weak those others are if one person can cower them.

        Supreme Court ruled we can execute innocents if the paperwork wasn’t completed on their schedule. Some justice.

      • I know it is soon coming this later month of June, so “Happy Birthday” to you two jokers, Jed and Jim Bob.

        A complete segue from the mention of “Health Teacher”…

        Way back when in the olden days, when I was in 6th or 7th Grade, our Physical Ed instructor also had to teach all us boys a short “health class” in sex education at the chalk board.

        The poor guy. He stuttered. Sometimes it was bad.
        Most students were fairly respectful about it and never made too much fun of it.
        The instructor had a very difficult time with sounds like ‘p’. His stutter would repeat p, p, p, p, p until the word finally popped out with a louder emphasis.
        So you can imagine the laughter in the sex education class when he spoke about the male anatomy.
        This part of the male anatomy comes us repeatedly when describing sex. So did the laughter.

        It was cruel of the administrator to put him in charge of that class.

        • Whatever is wild.

      • You are speaking in generalities. I take my rights. What others do is their business, but you don’t dictate my life. Since I’m doing as I damn well please, I am pretty damn free. And I’m never nice to anyone who tries to infringe upon them. I ain’t bashful with “authority” figures.

        • I think we are going to have to agree to disagree. I follow natural law because it’s more than what you think. You can jabber on all you want, but just try and make me do something I don’t want to do. Be glad to show you why I’m not a slave then. Maybe you should learn about natural law before you speak of it, for you make no sense whatsoever.

        • I take it that you’re just an asshat with nothing to offer but tearing crap down. And I give no cares as to your opinion. You are a slave to your own hate.

      • I think I understand what you are saying but I don’t believe that an individual’s liberty can be another’s domain. On a strictly literal level, then sure. Your freedom can be snatched from you in an instant by this corrupt system and the monsters that operate it. But so what? Your freedom can be snatched from you in an instant simply by fate.
        Thats why true liberty or freedom, (not really sure which word is more appropriate here), is more a matter of what we decide to think.
        James used a phrase many years ago that stuck with me and illustrates what I am trying to say. “Withdraw your consent”.
        Like I Shot Santa, I choose to be free. Even when I am complying with statist edicts that I loathe.
        I could choose to draw a line in the sand or fight to the death over one of the many ways that I am enslaved. But a premature death or being locked up in a cage will not bring me any closer to the pure freedom that we all would want to enjoy.
        Thats not to say that a time won’t come when taking that ultimate stand won’t be the right choice to make. Like when they try to jam a needle in my arm against my will for instance. But in the meantime I will enjoy my limited physical freedom and my infinite spiritual and intellectual freedom.

        • If your truly free, then you will remain so even if your stuck in a cage. I know most people believe they are slaves of an evil system, but they are wrong.
          The system isn’t even real. It’s our belief in its existence that actually enslaves us. Sure, everyone tries to convince us that it’s real, but it’s no more real than the Emporer’s clothes. It’s just a construct we adhere to in order to avoid liberty. For with liberty, we have no excuses. We have no comforting lies telling us we can’t fulfill our potential. We can just wallow around in a hedonistic orgy of ignorance. Which the system we call the state is more than happy to offer.

          By the way, judging from my one night in Volusia County jail, I wouldn’t last a week. But what a ruckus!

          • Thanks. Rather long piece, but since I broke my nook, I’ve gone nuts with my reading deprivation!

      • Yes, most people do not understand not only what Natural Law is, as a system of ordering human or any other sentient species behaviors, they also do not understand how human made law as morally relative and that the authorities back it with enough violence that they will kill you for any infraction of any of their laws if they feel ‘justified’ in doing so.

  2. I hope that James won’t ban me for this comment but what the heck. I kinda feel the same way about the Fab Four as he does about Bob.
    Paul Simon has been my favorite for about fifty years now. Where’s his Nobel Prize huh?

    Anyway, I totally agree that Bob had every opportunity he needed to make a powerful statement about the government in the interview and he chose not to. Or else he wasn’t allowed to say what he wanted to say and chose to be censored and didn’t refuse to be interviewed.
    Art can be powerful and speak for itself. But it is certainly more powerful still when it is backed up by the courage and convictions of the artist.

    • I can’t stand either. Weird Al rules!

    • Don’t really know much about his personal life. But I remember hearing lines like “…they shot my brother dead because he hated what was wrong”, (A Church is Burning) and “….where they roll you for a nickel and stick you for the extra dime”, (Paranoia Blues) and being taken with his lyrics.
      I have no illusions that Paul is any different than any of the others though.

      Has anyone noticed a distinct uptick in the angst levels recently? Tempers seem to be on edge and tact is taking a backseat to passion. Or perhaps it’s just my imagination.

      (Just reread your comment and realized that you were complementing the lady. (Duh, takes me a while sometimes).
      I will have to check her out. Gotta link?)

  3. Does anyone have a queued link to the Event 201 clip where they’re talking about the second wave?

    • Indexed at the bottom of the Thread – Corbett’s “Meet Bill Gates”

      Wuhan Military Games – Oct 18, 2019
      Event 201 – Oct 18, 2019
      …and more

      Little Bird,
      It is not queued. You will have to locate it.
      You may want to post the Queued Video here to share with others.

  4. Bob Dylan’s voice has always grated my nerves. And that long upswing in his voice? Gross! Very few of the Super stars are among my favorites. Steve earle still rocks. Of course, I grew up around the copperhead road type. Used to smell the mash while driving through a little hole in the wall between moultrie and Valdosta. Before they raised the price of sugar. That’s what killed the moonshiners. Lawdawgs being a bit scared of shotgun toting rednecks.

    • Had to look up that battle. I’m wondering how old you really are if you made him mad! Johnny winters. Switchblade Sally. Memories…. Country music took a long time to be undermined. And the Blues will always ring true.

  5. Published June 16th
    Ben Swann reports…
    Exclusive information. Multiple highly regarded scientists who have studied C0R0NAVlRUS say that the VlRUS has been manipulated in labs to better attach to human cells. Turns out, research on that very thing was conducted here in the United States until the research was banned in 2013. In 2014, the research appears to have resumed through funding to several labs in China through payments to Eco Health Alliance. We break down the timeline.

    Multiple Scientists:
    C0R0NAVlRUS Altered in Lab to Better Attach to Humans

    (13 minutes)

    • I know about the Ice Age Farmer with Curtis Stone. It’s good!

      By the way, the Ben Swann post is cut-n-paste. “Exclusive” and italics is his words, not mine.
      I guess you did not look.

  6. rights appear to be nothing other than an agreement between participating parties. after leaning on the idea of life liberty and property as a universal set of rights………..i’ve had to re-assess my idears y’all

  7. @ karlharvie
    Hey there Karl, whats a “jewtard”?
    I’m pretty old and I don’t keep up on all the new terms you young folks use these days. Could you please provide a definition for “jewtard” for me.

    • That’s pretty funny! Where do these people come from though? I expect them on youboob, but generally speaking, most people here use too many syllables in their words for them to comprehend. Just as ignorant as the klan, these Nazi retards break logic’s back in order to make their irrelevant points. I could see blasting Israel, but these morons can’t tell the difference between a state and a person. Almost as if they’re too stupid to have any sense of discernment. Must be their mongrel blood. Me? Pure redneck!

      • A turd with a turd stuck to it. Yabadabalicious! Not. And people wonder why I have so little faith in humanity. Most of us aren’t enslaved by some evil cabal, lurking in the shadows. We’re enslaved by our own hateful ignorance.

        • One thing for sure. Shit stinks.
          (Well, except mine.) 😉
          The whole room knows when shit is around.

      • Reminds me of peanut butter gone very wrong!

    • jimi? i thought his band was purple rain

      i like roy orbison, but not dylan b4 he made his name change, i was being cruel to be kind.

      • jimi hendrix was amazing!! my first inspiration for playing air guitar

        • The 25th Air Guitar World Championships has been postponed for a year.
          The next Air Guitar World Champion will be crowned in August 2021.

          The decision was made after careful consideration. Due to the worldwide coronavirus situation National Championships can’t be organized. Thus there aren’t national champions to be sent to the World Finals in Oulu, Finland.

          Is that Victoria in the header photo?

          • HRS
            thats my sister, she’s often mistaken for me & vice versa, we’re identical twins, but im 10yrs older & wiser & trying to get her to stop performing clapton’s cocaine so much cuz its taking a toll on her, she looked & sounded terrible the last time we gigged together i wept
            its disappointing there wont be a championship this year, but the coronavirus isnt ruining my career, i will continue partying all day & all nite, practice makes perfect! and i will be so totally ready for 2021, where once & for all i will prove to the world you CAN hold a gun & play air guitar at the same time, its actually the best damn way. dont try it at home unless you lock the cats & dogs outside or in another room, & be sure you have both homeowners & car insurance when playing air guitar while firing a canon in your garage AC/DC – For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) *excuse the audience members making devil horns sign, i bet most are completely unaware of lavey. if i must choose, i prefer the churchill peace sign, flower power.

          • Victoria,
            What you wrote…

            …is fabulously poetic,
            embedded with invigorating emotional inspiration!

            While my guitar gently weeps
            During these times, may we all play the Air Guitar.

          • Never could find the video that pointed out all the “noise” and what it symbolized, but it was a while ago. Pre-google.

            And the air guitar goal sounds more viable than most I’ve heard!

        • I got schooled big time by a video on youboob with his star spangled banner masterpiece. It had a timeline of things in it like bombings and the like. I’ve forgotten all of the items, but it blew my mind when I found it. I don’t really speak music that well, or math, but at least I realize it. The greatest guitar song ever. In my ignorant opinion.


          I had been worrying myself over war this morning, so that actually brought tears to my eyes. The above link was just underneath it. A nice commentary on the song and the power of love and the individual.

          By the way, went to the air guitar site to see your sister’s picture. Since you say you’re identical, I’d say you’re both quite lovely. But I say she should rock it like a hurricane!

          • that is an excellent link, beautiful insight, & while watching i was the one getting teary eyed.

            my sis dont listen to me, but instead of lending her money to buy coke which is making her broke, back in the day used to get it for “free”… what was i saying? oh she’s getting more & more comfortably numb, so perhaps an injection of scorpion venom would be good medicine.

          • Good video Jim Bob.
            Jimi Hendrix says: “We play it the way the air is in America today.”

            The purpose of the Air Guitar World Championships is to promote world peace.
            According to the competition ideology,
            wars will end,
            climate change will stop
            and all bad things will vanish when all the people in the world play the air guitar.

            That’s why everyone is invited at the end of the competition to play the air guitar all at once to save the world.

          • and… Air guitar can be grasped regardless of gender, age, ethnic background, sexual orientation and social status. absolutely true, i began teaching my daughter whilst she was in the womb, at the time i was a 17yo billionaire living in london’s victorian slums, with a common law husband & wife — ebony & ivory, everybody plays exceptionally well.

        • I can definitely see how the coke can be a problem. And yes, nothing is more expensive than free!

        • Weren’t we all fabulously wealthy when we were young? Nothing could stop us until we decided it could. Sure it’s just a coincidence.

          • ah, but what is wealth? for me, financial is but one aspect. love, happiness, peace, health… are the greater riches.

        • Yes. For me wealth is found in exploring (either by myself or through books), challenges, good friends and good food. And good weed. Almost forgot that one!

    • I must say, I am somewhat disappointed to learn that James is not a Dylan fan. But then, hey, we all have our own tastes in music.

      Yes victoria, dylan was/is a genius. For me it’s the whole package.
      Taken alone, sure, he couldn’t sing his way out of a paper bag.

      And yes Jed, his guitar skills are nothing to write home about.

      But songwriting was where his biggest talents lay.

      When you combine all these disparate skills, he was able to come up with brilliant songs.

      For me his absolute masterpiece was the ‘Blood on the Tracks’ album.
      James likely wasn’t born when it came out.
      If per chance you haven’t listened to it James, please do!
      There may still be some hope left for you. 🙂

      Each and every track on that album is a precious gem!

      • Fawlty Towers

        what i said about dylan was meant facetiously, in my mind knew what i meant, but how i wrote it did not make clear to others. when i said “phenomenal, incredible, nobody could match his genius…” i was talking about jimi hendrix. my opinion on dylan, he’s a tool, a puppet… & a good songwriter.

        • “at the height of his career, dylan was phenomenal, incredible, nobody could match his genius…”

          Sorry for not understanding what you wrote.

          Anyway. Yeah, I was a huge fan of Jimi too.
          The Beatles, Hendrix, Cream, Dylan, The Doors, Mulligan, Pepper, Tristano, Wes, Breau, Jarret, Oistrakh, Gould, to name just a few…

          • your kindness appreciated :))

            looks like you hv an eclectic taste in music. here’s some of my all time favs, tuff to keep the list somewhat short: pink floyd, fleetwood mac, aerosmith, queen, heart, eurythmics, the cure, norah jones, etta james, souad massi, ottmar liebert, theolonius monk, bb king, bob marley…

        • you are one righteous dude, Jed, & man that turban’s outta sight. so now i hv just gotta incorporate gum chewing & bubble blowing into my routine, retro rad ya know. and talk about a new dimension, for a couple hours minutes thought it was roy orbison on the drums, in dreams i walked into the follow up video, knew i’d been having a psychotic reaction … 1983 (not four) slam dancing at dead kennedys show, stage diving, floating… landing in a sea of hands, crazy.

          • in a panic i cancelled my double bubble bubblegum order which was 888,777,666,666,777,888 pieces then panic ordered again & cancelled/ordered/cancelled… which one is really righteous, the dude from “they live” or the gum chewing bikini chicklet?
            indecision tearing me apart, i adhered to the trusty modern ancient greco-roman saying ~ chao ab ordo ~ from confusion kick ass:

            assassin mind control digital photocollage collection

    • It’s short for karlvinski. An ancient Hasidic name. Known as Jewish hillbillies, they were notorious for their complete disdain for education.

      • The origination of names fascinates me…I’m enjoying your description.

        • By the way, my last name is Lunsford. It’s old English for Dweller by the river Luns. This from an age in which names were indicators of your occupation. Mine weren’t having none of that. I still get a kick out of that. Especially since I dwell by a river myself. As old Hank Jr. Sang; it’s a family tradition.

    • Karl,
      I don’t think you are familiar with Corbett. He has said over and over there will be a second, third, etc, wave. That is part of their (Gates, et al) stated plan.

  8. Geez!
    You are in the wrong neighborhood.

  9. My family is from Austria so I have Jewish heritage but was not raised to practice the religion nor am I a Zionist nor am I a wealthy banker. So it’s good to treat people on an individual basis and not assume because someone looks a certain way or is from a certain place or is from a certain ethnic group that they are a certain type of person.

    Identity politics is pretty toxic to people and I don’t really identify with that part of Jewish culture but if this were Nazi Germany they might try to put me in a camp so I don’t support hate for people just because people in that group may be a certain way.

    So there might be other “jewtards” here besides me

    • You got some great wit.

    • My ancestors weren’t that picky about genealogy, so I’m a universal race man. Of the redneck persuasion. But, like Indiana Jones, I really hate Nazis.

      Karl, your name might mean strong, but your mind is weak. Anyone who is unable to understand that every race/country is filled with a full spectrum of intellect, morals, etc. lacks the discernment to be mentally strong. You lack that finesse, and so you remain a slave of your own hateful ignorance.

  10. China India border clash.

    Two narratives to follow – compare and contrast and make your own judgement

    “India was illegally trespassing and constructing defense facilities across the border into Chinese territory in the Galwan Valley region, leaving Chinese border troops no other option but to make necessary moves in response. India wants to build an airbase in the disputed territory. It is worth mentioning that, under a defense agreement, between the US and India, both countries can have access to each other’s military bases and have the right to use in case of any war-like situations.”

    “From the Himalayan mountains to the South China Sea, China’s recent actions are redounding on Beijing in unforeseen ways and maybe pushing the encirclement it aims to avert. How that new dynamic will play out will be clearer once the Covid-19 crisis ends and countries take a clearer measure of China’s recent moves, including the killing of 20 Indian soldiers with crude implements over a contested, rocky mountainous border.”

      • Zerohedge has been through some stuff as of late.

        Google ads has done something to their revenue stream, and last I heard ZeroHedge was headed towards possibly doing another format…different type of website…or exploring more options.

        Months ago Zerohedge Twitter was removed, because Zerohedge cited some articles referring to Wuhan and the virus and it being possibly engineered or escaped. Zerohedge was labeled “fake news”.
        Finally, after the mainstream media repeatedly reported the same, the Twitter account was reinstated.

        Twitter Zero Hedge

        • Perhaps they should follow the example set by Mr Corbett.

  11. karlharvie,
    I’ll be glad when you leave.

    • mkey,
      Thank you so much for this!
      ReallyGraceful did an excellent 10 minute presentation which encapsulates so very much.

  12. There is even more evidence of your ignorance.

  13. Karl, I asked you to please tell me what you mean when you use the word “jewtard”. It’s a simple question and I truly want to understand what you are thinking.
    My name really is Smith. My mother’s last name was Baumgarden. Or something like that. She died when I was a toddler but I believe that some of her relatives spoke German and had weird tattoos on their arms. So I’ve always figured that I was half Jewish. Or maybe full Jew if you go the religious route.
    Anyway, if you are someone who judges others by their race or nationality or religious beliefs instead of by their individual actions and words, I would just like to know so that I can avoid interacting with you.
    If on the other hand you just ignorantly use the term to elicit negative reactions from people and are willing to quit that childish behavior, I would happily do my best to put it behind us.

  14. “Canada challenges norway and ireland to a hockey match to decide the COVETED UN seat.” first of all the coveted seat is stinky. some ancient fart ass has been sharting there for 900 years. 2’nd.the who? 3’rd really? theres no united nation building in new york. 4’th corbett lost hims fakin car keys again. 5’th with 98 % of the canadian population with irish decent its unlikely any will survive the next 10 months. (we did try to collectively die during the potato famine though surrounded by fish”……) 6’th trudeau cries whilst asking the trump for help. it’s recorded…..published…

    • Though surrounded by fish. Hilarious! And I’m a quarter Irish myself.

  15. Karl, I speak only for myself of course but I just want you to know that I will absolutely ignore everything that you post from this day on if you don’t man up and apologize to the entire community for your use of such an insulting and stupid term.
    I implore you to prove me right in thinking that you are smart enough to realize how fortunate you and I are to have the opportunity to engage with extremely intelligent and thoughtful people, (not me), here and how unproductive, juvenile and unnecessarily hurtful using terms like that is.
    Grow up, eat your words with appropriate humility and see what happens.
    Either prove me right in thinking you’re a man or prove what most everyone else is probably thinking. That you’re a punk.

    Again, only speaking for myself.

    • Yep. I’ll speak to it again. But just to verbally bitch slap it. These wannabe Nazi retards are the true bottom feeders. Naturally, face to face he won’t say anything, but here he is an ss trooper. As in super stupid. If it’s not a Nazi, but just an inbred idiot wanting attention, it’s just as bad, for that is the mentality those shits recruited. Funny how I never get to meet one face to face. I’d really like that.

    • Steve Smith,

      Try not to be offended by his comment. The comment is rather stupid, to be honest, and only highlights his own bigotry and it’s sad. My mom is Jewish, but never raised us as jews, so I don’t really feel a connection to the culture. But I understand why you would feel insulted because you have family that died in the Nazi holocaust as do I.

      But people I couldn’t give a crap what this jerk says or thinks about me or my ethnic background. Having said that, I think it might be some paid disrupter trying to prevent discussion by posting antisemitic comments. He could actually learn something new, learn to grow out of the bigotry if he wants to. It’s a real foul affliction.

      The name-calling is annoying and I think he should stop, but I don’t think you should be offended by it or hurt by it.

      Don’t let this turd hurt your feelings okay, even if he doesn’t apologize.

      • Thanks. I definitely won’t. I was never raised as a Jew in any of the foster homes that I lived in so I don’t feel a personal connection either. I would have reacted the exact same way had he chosen any other group to disparage.
        I just was hoping that I could appeal to his higher nature. Alas, it was not to be.

  16. “Can’t we all just get along?” Rodney King.

    Great report! Thanks James and James.

  17. It’s always fun to see the state chip in a little bit and sponsor the Corbett Report.

    • Oh! Octium! That’s good. Classic.

    • Lets just remember that when the state “chips in” somewhere it’s always the same people that pick up the tab. State never had and never will have anything of its own nor will be able to create new or added value. It’s loot, rape, pillage and murder aaaaall the way.

  18. I ain’t a victim, but you are an inbred. Maybe you should go back to prison planet. What you know is how to troll. Just a complete loser. We all know you blame the Jews for your sorry ass results in life. News flash! When you insist on blaming outside sources for your pathetic results, it’s because you’re not man enough to take responsibility for your own actions. The sign of a pitifully weak pile of shit.

  19. Your insistence in using the word jewtard, despite knowing it is repulsive to so many here, not only completely takes away from your infantile arguments; it just proves you to be a weakling attention whore troll. Not serving any purpose other than to satisfy your own childish need to feel important. Your not. Just another fool in love with their own ignorance. Rather than respond to you, I’ll never even read your words again. Once again, another person finds you so pathetic that they refuse to even acknowledge your very existence. Not like you really exist anyway.

    • I think we are that button. Had he wanted to discuss the holocaust in an objective manner, I would have gladly engaged him in it, as the official story is full of discrepancies, but he chose to go full retard. And no, I’m not a denier. I think the truth is far worse.

    • I am glad that The Corbett Report is being supported. Though I am somewhat surprised that anyone so ignorant or stupid to use terms that are guaranteed to alienate a percentage of the very people who one would suppose he wants to communicate with would be the sort of person to do so.

    • The day when group think becomes a common occurrence on the corbett report will be the day I’ll stop frequenting it. People have the right to express themselves, no matter the content and what anyone might feel about it.

      If you really do run into someone who you find is trolling, the one and only correct reaction is to simply walk away. Instead of gathering a posse.

      • mkey says:
        The day when group think becomes a common occurrence on the corbett report will be the day I’ll stop frequenting it.
        People have the right to express themselves, no matter the content and what anyone might feel about it.

        So true.

      • BUMP
        BUMP –
        Welcome to The Corbett Report! – COMMENT RULES

        Thanks you so very much.
        I did not know that Corbett had this video!

      • “…protect the integrity of the CR.”
        If James will see the need he will do it.

        For now it’s bearable, it has been worse some time ago.

        Trolls are cost of living here. In reality not much can be done. If you trow them out, they’ll come back with different nickname.

  20. Covid-19 is a false flag for sure: Certification of Vaccination and ID- 2019, our slavery is getting worse by the day. There will be a day when the medical tyrants tally up all of our genomes and begin extermination of the people who have an “over represented” genetic code like what happened to giraffes at the Copenhagen Zoo back in 2014.
    Sandy Hook was when I saw that there was no hope but to not participate. I was waking up, my wife went to visit her parents so I thought i would turn on the TV. I turned on the tube just as the Sandy Hook thing was getting started. We have cable with news channels from many different countries. So it was being reported as “multiple shooters” on all channels. then some time after noon but before dinner, the USA channels changed the reporting to say that there was “only one shooter” while the rest said there were “multiple shooters” simultaneously for the rest of the day. the Brazilian Italian french and portugese channels kept reporting “multiple shooters” turn the channel to the states and the story had changed “just one shooter”. I was glued to the TV. Around midnight the foreign channels changed their tune too, Just one shooter Adam Lanza. I think it is bizarre how much Adam Lanza and David Hogg look alike, different hair cuts is all, they have the same face and build. Sandy Hook was a fake not just a little, but all the way. Gotta manipulate the emotions of the masses if you want to get any social engineering done.

    • What convinced you that Sandy hook was not real? What were your thoughts other than the change from multiple shooters?
      You know domestic propaganda was legalized in 2014 under President Obama. The ‘transparency’ president.

      • I was convinced when people started to resurrect and came back to taunt the gullible sycophants.

        Sandy Hook children do Superbowl-Z

        And just for reference.

        Here are the names and pictures of the 27 victims, including 20 children, who were murdered that day.

        • So you didn’t read “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook”? It was fantastic, but most of the good youtubes have been removed that show facts that prove the school had been closed for years, photos of Lanza crime scene were staged, reported guns were not at the school scene, guns carried weighed more than Lanza himself, cars were all parked uniformly in the school lot, no other students seen leaving the school, famous photo of little kids led by policewoman were re-shot several times with parents standing nearby, film of coroner standing in front of the school with time stamp recorded well before the shooting, coroner statement to the press tipped the whole hand, United Way fundraising set up days before shooting, run by Lanza neighbor who ran local bank, who probably killed his own wife not Lanza’s mother.

          • There were a number of youtube channels that put together some very compelling photographic evidence that Sandy Hook as well as the Boston Bombing was staged.
            In fact it was the marathon hoax that opened my eyes and mind to the deception.
            All those channels are gone. And those people are silent as far as I know.
            These days I find it easiest and safest to mistrust everything.
            If the technology to create convincing fake photos and video exists today. How long did it exist before we knew about it?
            Although I will never forget the image of Carlos the cowboy hat guy running alongside the wheelchair which held the fully erect and awake guy who supposedly just had laid on the sidewalk for 7 minutes after having had his leg blown off without bleeding out or even turning pale or passing out.
            Carlos was helpfully holding on tight to the guy’s femoral artery though so he was fine.
            I don’t know which is more implausible. That they could purposely fake real photos and videos like that to appear so ridiculous. Or that they could perform such a sloppy acting job in such a big false flag.

          • I think all of what you list is trumped by millions of spectators of the superbowl event being flouted by resurrected dead children.

      • Ha-Ha-Há, Chrisel, your mind powers will not work on me, boy.

  21. The medicine Hydroxychloroquine that is shown to work in many cases,
    is now blocked .. now by the corrupt FDA.


    #Hydroxychloroquine studies conducted by Oxford and the WHO produced an astounding mortality rate 34 times that of other recent studies. As a result the FDA revoked emergency use of the drug in the U.S. Now, data shows potentially lethal doses of HCQ were used on trial participants. Dr. Jim Meehan details this developing scandal.

    So they decided to murder people by overdosing, to make
    the 0.1 dollar drug seem dangerous.
    They really are psychopaths.

    Send this to doctors that you know.

    • Thanks 67,
      Del Bigtree brings passion to the table.
      Previously, I had read about that gross dosage.
      Anyone with two brain cells should know about that dosage.

      During this COVID crisis, there have been all kinds of methods to covertly kill people.
      It’s so… …I am lost for words.

      • …”5 members of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation took part in the meetings that designed this trial….

      • Just saw that. Just think of the number of people who actually carried this out. They’re worse than Gates. They were the ones committing murder.

        I’m sure the FBI will be quick to arrest those murderers. Holding my breath.

    • Some of these recent bombshell-y videos have very odd IDs.

      • Oh man, thanks for pointing that out. I had to laugh when I read it.


          Finally! My luddite ass has figured out how to send links from youboob!

          In Spanish, with English subtitles. Perspectives from a doctor about the virus and its implications. A lot of information I didn’t know.

          • I don’t understand the fascination with the “origin” of this virus thingy. Even it if were “man made”, it’s not like it’s killing millions, is it? The entirety of this discussion to the whole covid affair is comparable to what 28 pages were/are to 11/9. For the source aspect to have any gravity we would have to be dealing with something that’s dangerous. The discussions about the source imply that we are, while event the pumped up numbers indicate that we are not.

            • I do agree with that, but she had a lot of nice nuggets about key players and the situation in Venezuela. It’s important only for historians and criminal prosecution, but that’s not likely or necessary. It’s not like that justice system is going to survive. What is being done in the name of it that is invaluable. And the tell in their strategy. Damn they! Sure is a squirrelly fella. Can’t never find one. Rascally rabbits.

        • HRS, JP will be playing in Addison. I used to go to that place. Had a comedian try and pick up my girlfriend there once. Didn’t work, though I was setup to fail.

          • I previously noticed the posting of the event. He ticked off some folks recently…the comments are all over the place.

            Ticking people off.
            Don’t we all.

            • I try not to. But I guess it’s just my nature!

    • I think I’ve heard on Peak prosperity, HCQ have small difference between therapeutic dose and toxic dose and that was confirmed by dr.Jim in the video.

      Unbelievable what those bastards have done….Mengele’s students.
      What would be appropriate punishment beside capital punishment?

      According to presentation, in Croatia doctors were suggested to apply:
      2x400mg first day, 2x200mg fore next four days. Presentation is from beginning of plandemic.

  22. Bob Dylan song:
    You don’t think The New York Times is going to admit that they have helped cover-up this story, if not part of the murder plot itself, for the last 57 years? They have lied and lied, kept the photographs, held back and edited the Zapruder film to delete the part showing the car nearly stopped for the final shots. Clare Booth-Luce

    MSM – none have reported the truth.

    • The last paragraph on the link article is bunk, but check out the comments.

  23. What deems the Kennedy’s terrorists in your eyes? What are your sources for such a claim?

    • I read your link. Your statement that the Kennedy’s were terrorists is not supported by any work.
      The mafia thought they (the Kennedy’s) were a threat to their organization, a position you ignore completely. The JFK ADM only catered to organized crime by initially trying to help business interests in Cuba, which also included non-mafia business interests, but that was early on.
      JFK established a decent relationship with both Castro and Khrushchev.

      There is a big difference in JFK’s leadership from the first two years to the last 11 months. You missed a lot that can be found here:
      JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy
      by L. Fletcher Prouty

  24. India / China
    Israel / Palestine
    USA / China
    Is there a country that’s saner?
    Have you seen this interesting video from the president of Belarus?

    • We will talk about this when it’s over. Sounds like he has a clue. Thanks.

  25. Awww! All those pretty fish. Our benevolent overlords must really love us!


    This is from a post by Felix rex on youboob. He shows the two tweets by time which directly contradict each other. Reading the comments you would think many are waking up, but consider the numbers in relation to the total population. Probably less than .5% have a clue. Though I ain’t impressed by the remaining 99.5%. Speed is of utmost importance in war. The narrative isn’t falling apart, the enemy is just conducting a massive offensive. Feel those butterflies in your stomach? That’s hell coming at ya. Whatever your line, it will be crossed faster than I imagined.

  27. Texas – Who will be the mask police?

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott said that local governments (cities & counties) may not order people to wear masks.
    Abbott: “No person can be required by government to have to wear a mask.”

    However, the Governor has said a provision in his orders allows local governments to order businesses to tell people to wear masks, by refusing service to customers without face coverings.

    Essentially, the governor has dictated rules to cities and counties. Part of the dictate is that cities and counties can dictate rules to businesses, but not individuals.
    Then businesses can dictate rules to customers.

    June 18th
    More here (with VIDEO)…from Ken Kalthoff NBC local
    Dallas County to Tell Businesses to Make People Wear Masks

    • Ken Kalthoff is the NBC 5 Dallas-Ft Worth reporter in the above article.

      April 2014, Ken Kalthoff reported on the story that some Dallas City Council Members wanted to STOP WATER FLUORIDATION.
      Dallas Councilman Sheffie Kadane led the fight to end fluoridation.

      Article with short video of several activists.
      Dallas Dental Society Opposes Councilmembers’ Support of Dropping Fluoride

      • I’ve lost several teeth due to fluoride, processed foods, and extremely hard living. I could get free dental care from the VA, but to hell with that. I’d rather look like a methhead. Currently, I am taking horsetail and an oak bark extract to try and regrow those with roots. Plus, my diet is very rich in minerals and vitamins. The ADA is as criminal as the AMA.


    Finally! My luddite ass has figured out how to send links from youboob!

    In Spanish, with English subtitles. Perspectives from a doctor about the virus and its implications. A lot of information I didn’t know.

  29. Government documents and other references indicate JFK was going to end the war in Vietnam; he should have done it right then but wanted to wait until after the election. It was small fry then, but morally JFK was on the right track.
    A memo drafted on November 23, 1963 was signed by LBJ expanding the Vietnam war.
    Yes, Bush was the CIA head of the killing operation, but so much still suppressed from the records; a big disappointment that Trump let them hold the papers back even longer.

  30. Holding Bob Dylan responsible for his failure to comment on the JFK assassination 57 years after the fact is quite shallow on Corbett’s and Piloto’s part. Dylan was 22 when that event happened, and he, like many others, was kept in the dark for years by the suppression of the Zapruder film and a narrative constructed by the mainstream media.

    And anyway, is it an artist’s responsibility to take a stand promptly when such things happen?

    You don’t like Dylan? Fine. But Lennon’s “I don’t believe in Zimmerman” line was from a song in which he expressed a lack of belief in many significant people, including Jesus, Elvis, and….the Beatles.

    You do great work, but this was not your finest hour.

    • You bring up some good points.
      I remember the era. For the most part, we were all in the dark.

      Personally, during the 60’s and early 70’s, I loved Dylan.
      Still listen to some of his oldies.

      But I loved most all of the music from that time period.
      It was a very creative era for music.

    • I think anyone who looks to professional musicians who are successful in the controlled market and expects them to be anything but puppets is making a mistake.

      • well spoken Duck. methinks the entertainment industry can be a blind spot for some ppl who are quite knowledgeable about globalist agenda. the loss of “hero” can be difficult, painful for anybody to accept. my awakening to the nefarious machinations came alongside remembering forced involvement (ritual abuse & mind control) w/ puppets in the industry, & puppeteers. took a long time to reclaim… there’s a great deal of music from back then that i love, yet quite a bit i simply cant stand ~ not so much b/c of old memory, but b/c the music is clearly luciferian.

    • Shallow? No. Bob wrote a song that carried a powerful message and then when given an opportunity to drive that message home or speak to those who might not ever listen to the song, he pussed out.
      That is either cowardly or the act of a player in the great drama.
      For me, a lifelong admirer, the interview negated everything that the song may have accomplished.

  31. This was my first comment on I am told that it awaits “moderation” before it can appear.

    I would have thought that would be the last place where public comments would be open to censorship.

    • Joe,
      Thanks for being here. We all welcome you.
      Great group of folks here.

      I am sure that Corbett gets hit with lots of spammers, and tricksters and jerks that first sign up. That may explain why the brief moderation.

      If you ever have a question, just ask anyone.

      A couple tips on comments…
      Try to keep them under 500 words. If you have more to say, just “Reply” to the first comment.

      If you have more than one link mentioned in your comment, it will go to moderation.

      Always describe a link. The more descriptive, the better. It not only helps the reader, but can also help is searching the item in case the link goes dead.

      Here is a Moderation discussion from the past…

  32. About a decade ago, my buddies Joe and Rob went to a book signing by John Perkins in Dallas.

    Joe had a nice looking small folding pouch of DVDs (9/11 Truth) which he tried to give to Perkins.
    Perkins took them, but you could tell that he really did not want to go in the 9/11 direction.

  33. ‘Second Wave’ is total BS. When will you review the Swiss Report?

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