Interview 1560 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome back to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Colorado Adopts Mandatory Vaccinations for School Kids

Colorado SB20-163: “School Entry Immunization”

Bill Making It Illegal to Forcefully Microchip Employees Passes Michigan House

Bill Requires Employers to Keep Implanted Microchips Voluntary For Workers

Michigan HB5672: “Microchip Protection Act”

Story #2: BLM Protests Have Not Led To Spike In Coronavirus Cases

COVID-19 Planning Considerations: Guidance for School Re-Entry

CRISPR Gene Editing in Human Embryos Wreaks Chromosome Mayhem

Our CRISPR Coverage Since 2015

Story #3: Iran Issues Arrest Warrant for Trump Over Killing Soleimani

Esper Saw No Evidence Embassies Were Under Threat

‘Bombshell’: Iraqi Officials Say ISIS —Not Iran— Likely Behind Rocket Attack Trump Used to Justify Soleimani Assassination

Official ISIS Newspaper ‘Thanks God’ for Trump Killing Iran’s General Soleimani

CONFIRMED: Israeli Supplied the Key Intelligence for US Assassination of Iran’s Soleimani

Did Soleimani Kill 600 Americans? – Questions For Corbett #050

TikTok Denies Sharing Indian User Data With Chinese Government

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  1. No Corbett Report or Media Monarchy next week? I’m jonesing already!

    Personally, I’d be surprised if our entire societal structure doesn’t fall apart by the end of the year. Imagine a global Somali. Yet, even though many democrats have espoused communism as a good thing,(Bernie Sanders, the actress Cynthia Nixon) there are still an unbelievable number of people who support their stances while denying this to be the case. I know this movement differs in some regard from communism, but it is closest to it than any other.
    I am increasingly amazed at how much this situation resembles atlas shrugged and fountainhead. I don’t know how many members have read them, but her insights into the mindsets of the groupthink crowd were amazingly prescient. Envy being the dominant emotion. I’m not a fan of her philosophy, some elements of it were so fundamentally wrong as well as her own intellectual dishonesty; but those 2 books and anthem are worth reading. Plus, they’re incredibly good reads. Her abstracts are a different story.

    • And to think that English was her third language! Russian and French being her first two. Her abstracts were a nightmare to read though. Like many academics, she was overly fond of making what she wrote incomprehensible. A great command of language, but in her papers she covered up a lot of b.s. with her words.
      I disagreed with her philosophy, and her belief that creativity comes from logic. And never read anything she wrote that blew Nietzsche out of the water; other than her saying she did. But she was incredible!

      • Yes. And she probably truly mastered all of them. She was arrogant, but the flaws I mentioned are all I have. Which puts her way more than heads and shoulders above me!

    • Yes, musing over the love affair with faux economist Ayn Rand.

      “If you’ve ever had the feeling that there was something fundamentally sociopathic about Ayn Rand’s philosophy, you may have been on to something. Apparently one of Ayn Rand’s early “heroes” was a serial killer named William Edward Hickman. When he was arrested Hickman became quite famous — the talk of the town, so to speak, but for the entire country.

      We shouldn’t assume that Ayn Rand admired everything about Hickman.

      After all, it’s not unreasonable to find the oddly admirable quality in even the worst human being. On the other hand, those “odd admirable qualities” can be found more easily in people who are more admirable overall. The choice of William Hickman cannot be separated from the reasons for his notoriety — and it does appear that what she admired in him was not something innocuous, such as being good to dogs, but rather precisely the qualities which made him a sociopath:

      What did Rand admire so much about Hickman? His sociopathic qualities: “Other people do not exist for him, and he does not see why they should,” she wrote, gushing that Hickman had “no regard whatsoever for all that society holds sacred, and with a consciousness all his own. He has the true, innate psychology of a Superman. He can never realize and feel ‘other people.'”
      This echoes almost word for word Rand’s later description of her character Howard Roark, the hero of her novel The Fountainhead: “He was born without the ability to consider others.” (The Fountainhead is Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ favorite book — he even requires his clerks to read it.)”

      And wouldn’t Bill Gates be admired by Rand? After all he has the same sensibilities as Hickman and Rand?

      Isn’t he Rand’s John Gault?

      • All you scholars above ; thank you for the knowledge offered up on the “Faux economist”{Weilunion}.
        In ponderance of such knowledge I wonder how much propaganda is knowledge really made of. I from this
        ( poorly) in a question posed to me. A simple question ” Are we angry because we see a ridiculous masquerade , or do we see a ridiculous masquerade because we are angry?
        Knowledge of something, to me,
        (imho) becomes useful when your survival is dependent on it.

        • Well thank you Debra.b! Happy 4th of July. Its great for the 4th to fall on a Saturday night.

          A little music to calm the nerve after every double-down rotten deal THEY pulled this week.
          All this pshyco-sonic pounding we are taking is unbelievable.
          You go ahead and offend someone with your music choices, just try as hard as you can. I bet you won’t ruffle this crowds feathers. No way.
          I must credit MBP with the question. It really got me thinking about that point in the grand scheme of things when you put on your angry glasses and take another look. Whole new level of reasoning . Hope you like:
          An American in Paris by G. Gershwin. 1929.

  2. perhaps the dead zone 2003 episode should be titled “vaccination”? instead of plague ~ school children get infected, virus ground zero linked to china, & suggested cure is chloroquine. symbolic imagery — american flag flying, waving in the breeze in front of bldg which camera pans on & shows banner open house noon today – summer science fair. then a man & boy – father, & son carrying a world globe while walking towards school entrance. indoors at the fair, johnny’s son science project: solar eclipse. johnny has vision of children getting sick, from girl blowing bubbles. sheriff initiates lockdown drill

    pandemic ii is vaccination?

    the show was initially aired 7/13/2003 ~ 7/4/5

  3. I got a good laugh out of the Guardian’s plea for money. Claiming they stood for democracy, civility, and truth. And that they were independent journalism. A dollar a month on patreon is all they ask. But the articles reveal just another example of how 1984 didn’t go far enough.

      • Funny how they never mention the rising average ages in developed countries, lowered fertility rates world wide, or even access to clean water. Just controversial drugs. Or that the mortality rates in the poor countries more than offset their birthrates. Or that you could put everyone in the world on a half acre of land each, in Texas.

        • Totally. And it’s also funny that the Gates Foundation report on which this article is based has been removed, as the site is “currently undergoing maintenance”.

          Actually the article does make a reference to rising average ages in developed countries in this statement:

          “The huge African youth boom is a strong theme in the report, where in a world of ageing and shrinking populations, Africa’s demographic bulge could be an asset…”

          • But of course this bulge doesn’t affect the need to control growth.
            They also don’t compute the decline (or really collapse) in marriage. This due to cultural influences like militant feminism and MGTOW. Also the economic influence on marriage. Nature has a way of balancing things out, but these moronic geniuses can’t figure that out.

            • I’ve thought about this issue a lot, and in my opinion it’s definitely due to economic influences. In developed countries you work to pay for your old age. For most people, there’s little money left over so they can’t afford to have too many children.

              In developing countries, surviving children look after you in your old age.

              One equation that developed countries have overlooked is that due to the way the pension system works, young people are still needed to pay the pensions of the old who have worked hard. That’s why social engineers like the Gates see African youth as “an asset” and why old folks are (arguably) being killed off in care homes.

          • Yes. And those pension funds are in deep trouble, and have been for many years. Local, state, federal, and private. Not to mention It as, 401ks, insurance, annuities. They don’t have that much time. I get a VA pension now, but I don’t see that lasting much longer. Imagine the death toll when they no longer pay out SSN, foodstampss, welfare. And the rioting will make what we’ve seen to date by the outrage mobs seem like a picnic. Once the bubble really busts, you’ll see horrors beyond comprehension.

            • Sorry, but no reply button. Most retired vets aren’t the problem people think they are. Very few were in combat arms. And very few of those that were, were your typical government slugs. Also, many have fallen into drugs or worse. And not to mention old age. Very few will be a problem. I plan on being one of them.

  4. I liked the “bodily autonomy” focus of this 7/2/20 “Interview 1560 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato”.
    This trend of the State exerting more and more control of our bodies and social behavior is a technocratic wet dream.

    Some Good News…
    June 30, 2020
    MarketWatch by Nicole Lyn Pesce
    WATCH: (brief videos in article)
    Rand Paul boils Dr. Fauci’s coronavirus response down to ‘we can’t do this, we can’t do that’

    A Senate hearing over the nation’s coronavirus response got pretty heated on Tuesday, with Sen. Rand Paul questioning whether the country’s top infectious disease experts have been doing more harm than good during the pandemic.

    “It is a fatal conceit to believe any one person or small group of people has the knowledge necessary to direct an economy or dictate public health behavior,”
    the Republican and libertarian from Kentucky said during the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee hearing.
    “We shouldn’t presume that a group of experts somehow knows what’s best for everyone.”

    His argument was that health experts and government “planners” are weighing in on subjects and expressing opinions that affect everyday public life before getting all of their facts straight.
    “It’s important to realize that if society meekly submits to an expert and that expert is wrong, a great deal of harm may occur when we allow one man’s policy or one group of small men and women to be foisted on an entire nation,” he said…

    “All I hear, Dr. Fauci, is, ‘We can’t do this, we can’t do that. We can’t play baseball.’
    Well, even that’s not based on the science.”

    — Sen. Rand Paul
    (and much more….)

    • July 1st, 2020 Wednesday
      via Yahoo via USA Today at Austin American-Statesman
      by Nicole Cobler

      Texas lieutenant governor says he’s done listening to Dr. Fauci:
      ‘I don’t need his advice’

      AUSTIN, Texas – Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said he will no longer listen to Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the nation’s top infectious disease experts, as coronavirus cases and hospitalizations surge in Texas.

      “Fauci said today that he’s concerned about states like Texas that skipped over certain things,”
      Patrick told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on Tuesday.
      “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. We haven’t skipped over anything. The only thing I’m skipping over is listening to him.”

      “He has been wrong every time on every issue,” Patrick said.
      “I don’t need his advice anymore.”

      “We stepped back on the bars, which I think was the right decision,” Patrick said.
      “In my view, the worst thing we could do is lock down Texas again.”

      But Patrick argued that Texas’ low death rate shows the state doesn’t need to lock down again.

      “We’ve had 2,424 people die and New York has had over 31,000. Even California has had almost three times as much as Texas, and … those two states have been locked down the whole time while we have been open,” Patrick said.
      “So locking down doesn’t work. If it did, those two states would be doing better than Texas.”….

      • It is funny, because I just read the comments section of that article and they are blasting that governor and most are proponents for the lockdown, masks, etc. They brought up how there has been an uptick in cases in Texas. But the number of cases doesn’t really mean much, IMO. The media hypes that up as if it means that the number of deaths are going up exponentially. Majority of people will not die from this and a lot of people won’t even show symptoms. But I digress.

        • You are very much right, “cases” equals bullshit. They are making up numbers and putting them all under a single column titled “cases”.

          – people who were “tested”, even if it took a dozen tests for a false positive to show up
          – people who had “symptoms” (like a bit elevated body temperature)
          – people who were in “contact” with any of the above

        • J-Smoove. You are so right!
          I have noticed a lot of trolls on Yahoo. Especially for the Democratic party.
          Yahoo Finance bashes Trump and Republicans even in their OpEds.
          Yahoo pushes the COVID scare / pro-vaccines and other agendas.
          I am surprised they ran this article.

      • There were also several well-known scientists that contradicted Fauci, like Dr. Witkowski who has repeatedly said there was never a need for the lockdowns, particularly closing schools and shutting down the economy.

        He did say it might be good to protect the elderly and infirm and allow the healthy population to develop herd immunity (by going on about their lives) and that there is no need for a vaccine. Other scientists have also said this and there is evidence like you listed showing that lockdowns do nothing but cause economic devastation and deteriorating health (mental and physical). It’s obvious these lockdowns aren’t based on science and anyone with a working brain that uses evidence and logic should see that.

        I think the fact that the medical community has gone along with this is shocking. Obviously these morons are just following along they won’t admit that they were wrong so they keep the lie going even though it will destroy the world economy. I wonder what all these masked morons walking around will think when their unemployment runs out and the economy collapses and they have no job to go back to.

        I do know that some people are going along because they have made more money staying home and they hated their jobs. They probably feel obliged to fake it.

        • Amazing story, Deb. Wow!

        • Wow. That’s incredible. I have never heard of an employer do something illegal like that. It’s against the law to pretend to be a nurse. In fact if the board of nursing found out she might face disciplinary charges. Posing as a licensed professional outside of a person’s scope of practice is both illegal and unethical.

          Having said that perhaps she was afraid to lose her job and she thought the risk was worth it that might include the death of the patient. In short I have never heard anything like that before.

          My hospital has Covid units and to be honest we have had almost zero people die without substantial health issues and advanced age. I had a colleague take a travel assignment in NY and he said it was bad…lack of staff. Pre Covid NY hospitals are terrible though.

          Back to your friend. She probably shouldn’t say anything to anyone (the nurses she worked with) because if they reported her to the nursing board she might get in trouble unless they state changed the law overnight.

          That’s scary though. I can’t imagine going into an area of work where I had little expertise and being “thrown to the wolves “. Glad that she is able to take classes in many states schools stopped in person classes.

          • Debra.b

            Thank you for your kind words. I don’t feel brave, quite the contrary. I wish I could be more outspoken about what I think but fear I might lose my job. Health care providers appear to be going along with this Covid 1984. If I already had substantial savings and near retirement I would be more outspoken.

            I’m still at the beginning stages of preparation so hoping I am not too late. Take care and thank you again

  5. Vaccinations in Italy – the situation

    Italy has a long history of political resistance against forced vaccination both locally and nationally. Despite the constant vilification in the MSM of those who fight for the informed consent to vaccination, more and more activists are making the waves in the alternative media.

    In recent history, there were 2 significant events that raised the awareness of the dangers of vaccines and the shadowy role of Big Pharma:

    1. Italy joins the steering group of Obama’s “Global Health Security Agenda” ( whose aim is to foster the use of vaccines around the world over the period 2014-2019. This was reported as a blatant act of national submission to BigPharma under the auspices of the Obama Administration.

    2. Soon after he event in 1., the former Health Minister (Beatrice Lorenzin) starts to push a new vaccination policy for the country that resulted in this law, passed in 2017:
    The law pushes the number of mandatory vaccines for children from 4 to 12 and strong forms of punishment for those parents who do not comply.

    More recently, the strongest grassroot Italian anti-mandatory vaccination movement (Movimento 3V) has made the waves by having one of their appeals published in RFK’s Children Health Defense’s website:

    • Given that Italy has the oldest population in Europe, it is only natural that over 65 flu vaccination has been an easy sell, given also the fact that Italy still retains one of the least privatised health services in Europe (and therefore you can get a vaccine free of charge).

      If you have seen Plandemic, Dr Mikovits mentions that there is a correlation between the high flu vaccination rate in Italy and the high Covid-19 “contagion” in the country:

      (min. 15:35)

      And this is related to coronavirus strands already present in the H1N1 vaccine. I yet have to find other data that back up her statement (hence I’d consider it a theory), however it is not unreasonable to think that the high flu vaccination rate in Italy may be the cause of multiple problems.

      • 9tH,

        If Dr. Mikovits was right, we should be able to see a correlation between the coronavirus cases distribution in Italy and the vaccination coverage. I haven’t looked into it yet, but I find it really strange that most of the covid cases are concentrated in Northern Italy while I would expect the flu vaccination distribution to be more uniformly spreaded.

        But thanks for the videos, I am gonna check them out today.

        As for Sara Cunial, she has now repudiated the 5-Star Movement (who she belonged to) and joined the “Gruppo Misto”, that includes all Members of Parliament who do not belong to any official party. In my opinion, she is neither leftist or right-wing, but mostly anti-establishment. She basically pushes all the original ideas of the 5-Star Movement (no-Euro, free-vax, no-5G to mention a few) and she exposes (a lone wolf, in the Italian politics) most of the globalist agenda.

        As you probably know, YT removed one of her parliamentary speeches where she exposed Bill Gates’ plans and ID2020. This was quite unprecedented as YT censored a public speech of a democratically elected MP, equating her to a “conspiracy theorist”.

        Last week, she organised a national event called R2020 in order to aggregate all forces in Italy that share some anti-globalist ideas:

        (in Italian)

    • Alchemist,

      Byloblu is surely the biggest independent blogger in Italy with daily videos and a large number of hosts covering all different topics, from politics to science to philosphy:

      He’s got his own share of censored videos in YT and slowly moving to his independent platform (like many).

      I would mention many others, but through Byoblu, you will soon discover all the others 🙂

  6. Trump is not in any danger from the warrant but the underlings are based on past events. Even Bush after he left office had to cancel a trip to give a speech in Switzerland. The CIA agents arrested in Absentia by Italy can’t travel outside the United States. When Trump is out of office he won’t be able to go to Ireland to his golf course.

  7. Have a blissful and peaceful vacation break and thanks for all that you do, you are angels of light to me.
    I’d like to point out a facet of the coronavirus scamdemic that a lot of people may not be aware of. The structure for helping and aiding people with special needs and their families in the United States is being completely dismantled. My husband used to work for a private company that worked through grants to help special needs students in central Massachusetts and they shut down in the early days of the coronavirus panic never to reopen. He used to live near another school that I’m going to link an article about below. I think a little bit more investigation should be put into this, considering that the Nazis targeted people with special needs as the first to be exterminated in the rise of German fascism in the 1930s.

  8. Don’t forget to buy Greta Thunberg’s new book, “no one is too small to make a difference”! I’m sure she wrote it herself.

    • after the brain chip update, greta wrote the book all on her own. many hv asked if the book’s title is a shrewd & cunning allusion to Size DOESN’T matter? the truth is we wanted ppl to think about it, we are recording & storing private data permanently.

      • Hilarious! Though I’ve noticed women do care. Just not as much as men. Or it’s more like guys and breasts. Not as big a deal with guys, but it doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy them! I wonder why they always assume guys that are well endowed have no motion? Not saying where I fit, I’m just perpetually wondering about everything. Super nerd am I.

        • duly noted mr. iss ~ super nerd & outlaw. we are non-judgmental, whether you fit in, is of course a question only you can answer & of course may vary.

          a brilliant idea of yours has just now been brought to our attention False Flags Matter

          • Awesome! Though I was hoping king James would do it. But he never responded to my email on it. And my answer has varied in the past. Though never in cases I intended to be found out in. And in both directions. Adventurous, outlaw nerds have strange lives. Who would’ve thunk it?

            I’ll be ordering one on the first.

      • checking database… update to banana hammock loaded & noted, we do not answer questions.

    • July 2nd, 2020
      Ben Swann
      Ghislane Maxwell Arrested by FBI!
      Is She The Center of The Entire Epstein Case?

      (12 minutes)

      Two senior law enforcement officials say that Ghislane Maxwell was arrested on charges that she conspired with Jeffery Epstein to sexually abuse minors and is expected to appear in federal court later Thursday.

      The six-count indictment in Manhattan federal court alleges that Maxwell helped Epstein groom girls as young as 14 years old, going back as far as 1994.
      “In some instances, Maxwell was present for and participated in the sexual abuse of minor victims,” the indictment says.


    This from Dr Berg on youboob. It explains why so many exhibit no symptoms from covid. Excellent channel which makes understanding your body’s organs, immune system, etc. easy. He also covers a lot of herbal remedies, though he mostly focuses on keto and fasting. I tend towards the keto diet style, but all those styles just make eating hard.

    • Thanks Jim Bob.
      Dr. Eric Berg DC is good!
      Back in early March he had a great anti-Covid line-up of supplements. It was spot-on.

      • I always watch his videos. If schools taught like him, we’d have a totally different world!

  10. Look what they installed on everyone’s smart phone silently while everyone has been distracted.

    Although, let’s be honest, your phone has been tracking you and listening to you for years. But they don’t need to hide it now.

    • I bet Cuomo regrets inviting them! He looked dazed through most of it.


    Deceptive headline implying all vaccines are mandatory: “New York Ends Religious Exemptions For Required Vaccines”

    A hyperlink to the bill mentioned in the above article states the rule only applies to school children AND
    “The law provides an exemption
    from the immunization requirements where a physician certifies that the
    immunization may be detrimental to a child’s health.”
    (See under “Justification” subheading)

    A judge recently upheld this decision:

  12. Well, well, such exquisite timing. I’ll follow your queue.


    The link is pointing the the part of today’s presentation from the highwire which helps put masks in the perspective deltammon so aptly described.

  13. MASKS
    Most of the video below is about masks.

    ***The beginning of the video has some great clips of these “authorities” and “experts” saying that masks provide no protection against Covid.

    During the last half, former Ottawa Professor D. G. Rancourt (now with Ontario Civil Liberties Association) impressed me.

    It is a long video, but one can skip to segments.

    June 25th
    The HighWire with Del Bigtree
    (2 hours)

    • I am heartened by your comment, Stronghorse. But as CR member Alexandre recently stated on another thread, facts don’t matter anymore. Fear (of the virus or of being shamed) is cracking the whip and driving people to the edge.

      Lately, I’ve been reminded of this sickening social experiment:

      I’d like to believe that had I been the newbie in that room, I’d’ve asked what the hell was going on, called it bullshit and walked out. But I’ve never been tested until now. So far, I’ve not worn a mask. Last week, when it was mandated that customers must wear masks into the grocery store, I switched to curbside pick-up. Days ago was my first time ever using that service. Not having a smart phone to text my “parking space number” I got out when the employee loaded the car next to me and let her know I was there. As I waited, I had my windows open and door open for the fresh air to pass through, then when she arrived with my groceries, I got out and helped her put the bags into my vehicle. In light of this executive order, do they expect me to be wearing a mask in that environment, in 90+ degrees? If so, then I’ve got (4) choices: 1. comply (not gonna happen); 2. don’t comply but stay put in my vehicle, hollering out my greeting & thanks from the driver’s seat, thereby enabling and solidifying anti-social, anti-human interaction; 3. stay home and wait for things to get progressively worse as the days tick by; or 4. ignore the order and do as I did the week before and wait for the deafening shrieks sure to follow (and God knows what else).

      So the few businesses I frequent will lose me. So what? I’m just a drop in an ocean of compliant people.

      • BUMP
        Pearl’s 3 minute video on herd behavior.
        “Social Conformity – Brain Games”

        Pearl, I really, really, really hear ya about this Texas heat and wearing a mask! And the new mask mandate makes it ‘unwelcoming’ to venture out amongst our fellows.
        What native Texan wants to even put up with the hassle?! No true Texan wants to be around that weirdness.

        Texas has changed over the decades.
        Personally, I believe part of the State’s “attitude change” is the very massive influx of people from other more liberal-left states. Another factor might be the educational system, especially universities, where some of these “new” weird societal concepts are bred.

        Following the MASK MANDATE
        The TEXAS GOVERNOR’s Twitter comments tell the tale of native Texans.
        ~~~ “You would’ve surrendered to Santa Anna.”
        ~~~ “As a Texan, and I think I speak for a lot of fellow Texans, we feel highly disappointed and very betrayed.”
        ~~~ “I WILL NOT COMPLY!!!!!!! Never going to happen. YOU, are a shame to Texas.”
        ~~~ “I do not consent and I Will not comply. Wearing a mask lowers your O2 sats and increases your CO2 levels. I wrote PPE OSHA compliance policies as a Safety Director. Get your facts straight!”

        in a video, ‘the last question is’: “Would ya say that underwear will stop a fart?!”

      • Pearl,
        Anecdote – Masks
        I was out and about today. The heat today, July 3rd, is sweltering. My sweat dripped. I went into a couple places.
        NO MASK ON.

        I had already printed out the Governor’s order, page 3.
        I was gonna use the “exempt” health clause if I got confronted and in a jam. Wearing a mask ain’t good for my mental and physical health, but I don’t have to explain my medical condition, because that is lawfully private.

        The very large grocery store was packed with folks, at least several hundred people. It was crowded. Most everyone, except for maybe 3 people, had masks on. At one point, I was next to a maskless guy. I told him, “Glad you aren’t wearing a mask. It’s a joke.”

        At checkout, my cashier was a Vietnamese lady who is a 5 year friend/employee from my closer-to-home small grocery store. She was very excited to see me. We had an exhilarating chat. I never can make out all her words because of the accent, but I can catch the drift. Her mask made it almost impossible to get the audio, but I caught the flavor. She repeatedly stated that she hates wearing the mask.

        While rolling out my cart, I am again next to the maskless guy I ran into earlier. We rant. Like usual, I mention The Corbett Report repeatedly. He shows me the ADA (American with Disabilities Act) on his phone that he will use if the “mask police” come.
        Being hot, we soon both made for the cool car A/C to get home.
        This 4th of July won’t be like others.

        • The people in my town are so compliant it’s sickening …

          If a door greeter at one of our stores told a customer “You must bang your head against this brick wall five times before you can enter the store. Maybe it will knock some sense into you!” they’d probably say:

          “Yes, of course I’ll do that, if it’s for the public good. Anything else you’d like me to do?”

        • cool anecdote HRS!

          last week i claimed medical condition at sprouts, & was let in… albeit a terminator cashier started saying sh’t, so i politely tho rather loudly schooled her. it was a fairly busy morning, i was the only one going maskless, on the bright side none of the customers tried to mask shame me like what happened at co-op.

        • Always interesting to read your happenings out and about, HRS! I also appreciate the link to the order which informed me that I’ll still be able to do curbside without wearing a mask, just keep the “social distance”. What’s that Voltaire quote about believing absurdities?

      • I’m so sorry, Debra. That had to be humiliating. 🙁

    • Hey Stronghorse!

      Ya’ll are getting some warm weather up that way.

      I completely agree with you on the legality of “Executive Orders”, but I ain’t gonna wrestle in the courtroom on that one if I get a citation. I may call my attorney, if the money is a wash.
      But I don’t plan on getting a citation.

      I really hear ya on the OSHA standards. I think this is a real plus for us.
      I printed out some OSHA pages which I will give as handouts to cashiers or use if I need to if the “mask police” come.

      Enjoy the Holiday my friend.


    • Most of Eu failed nation states do not even have executive order AKAIK, that is more of a transatlantic democratic thing. We have these “civil defense boards” where quasi politicians (selected by politicians) sit and make “decisions” which are initially formed as “recommendations” that quickly (because the people are unruly heinous bastards) get upgraded to “demands”. These are not even laws, just opinion pieces put forth by unelected “officials”. And nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care.

  14. I think bodily autonomy in Australia is gone. Prime Minister, Science & Tech Minister, Chief Health Officer among many others are all saying that nothing will go back to normal until theres a vaccine. Including more specifically the outgoing CHO Brendan Murphy saying that our borders won’t open until there’s a vaccine.

    Under the declared state of emergency in Australia, this is the currently in force national and state (my state Victoria) legislation. Both Acts give the government the ability to mandate a vaccine under a “Public Health Order” or “Control Order”. Under the laws, those who don’t comply can be fined tens of thousands of dollars, arrested and jailed.

    Don’t worry though, the government can’t use force to enforce the orders… they can just extort, kidnap and lock you in a cage if you don’t comply.

  15. When you think of television, you also have to remember the upgrades they made around 06-07. This allowed them to have several layers broadcasted at once apparently. The several hundred patents on subliminal programming have truly turned the boob tube into the hypno toad of futurama. This could explain a lot of the acquiescence. In effect, all those who watch a lot of tv are mind controlled.

    • I do watch some TV series online, I don’t own a TV or have subscriptions to those TV channels, etc. Even if it is stuff I choose, whether it is on my phone, laptop or other screen (I think the screen is the thing isn’t it? Eyes focus on that thing, that place, those pictures, that light) I feel zombified and also the compulsion to binge watch is high. I mean it was once a week as a kid, now you can watch anything you want in any amount, etc….yes, there is a dulling sensation – Charlie Brooker kind of captures the essence of the screen thing (virtual reality included) in loads of his episodes of Black Mirror…they stick this little disc to their temples, their eyes glaze over and they half sit half lie limply engaged in what is on the screen or in the virtual reality…I know, I know talking about TV programme to explain the addictiveness of it. It dulls your senses, makes you feel half asleep, it is like a drug.

      • Yes. Whenever I go into town, I check into a motel for the duration. I usually don’t even turn on the TV, (or if I do, I don’t make it past the hundreds of choices on the menu). I find if I’m not actively engaged in it,(watching for themes, etc. Anything that keeps my mind positive, and not just passively watching) then I want to do the same.
        While it’s but one of the states tools, I think it’s a major one. Everything about it is designed to hypnotize you.

  16. TEXAS
    Masks – At Noon Friday July 3rd – It is a sad day in Texas

    Like the fall of the Alamo, true Texans wept when they heard the word…

    Executive Order 29
    NOW, THEREFORE, I, Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas, by virtue of the power and authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the State of Texas, do hereby order the following on a statewide basis effective at 12:01p.m. on July 3, 2020:

    Every person in Texas shall wear a face covering over the nose and mouth when inside a commercial entity or other building or space open to the public, or when in an outdoor public space, wherever it is not feasible to maintain six feet of social distancing from another person not in the same household;

    • deltammon says:
      “…hope that this truth will come out and win.”
      …and just then…
      Two bald eagles flew in front of my car, playing with each other and doing flips.

    • TEXAS
      Governor’s MASK mandate response – July 4th
      Dallas – Ft. Worth area

      City of Rockwall Mayor Jim Pruitt says: “We are celebrating freedom.” The 4th of July parade and fireworks will go on. There will be NO enforcement of the Governor’s mask mandate.

      Collin County’s deputies will NOT cite anyone for being maskless, and the County also proclaimed that large gatherings of people can occur outside.

      Denton County, Sheriff Tracy Murphree said that his office will not enforce the governor’s mask order. “I believe the Constitution trumps everything, and I believe in personal responsibility.”

      The Dallas County and Tarrant County Sheriff’s Offices both said they would leave enforcement of the governor’s order up to code enforcement.

      The Mayor of Cleburne Scott Cain said, “I just issued a standing order approving gatherings of 10-100 in Cleburne. Fourth of July for friends and neighbors is alive and well in Cleburne as we celebrate freedom.”

      (Thank goodness. Some folks tienen huevos.)

      • HRS and all,

        I’ve been missing you guys, so am taking a little break from a project I’m working on to read a few comments here.

        Simultaneously, I’m listening to this archived-from-yesterday livestream from two Texans — Mark Anderson of Republic News Broadcasting and Ron Avery, a truth activist/architect from Seguin:

        HRS, you will definitely want to hear this. (Everyone else, too.) Mark and Ron show charts that they got from a recent meeting of Collin County, TX, government officials.

        The charts display an entirely new (and expanded and onerous and insane) definition of “cases of” and “deaths from” you-know-what.

        Toward the end of the hour-long show, Mark makes up a wonderful word: “myth-odology” in place of “methodology.” Yes!

        My biggest takeaway from this program: I now see, more clearly than ever, why Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test, “had” to be silenced — had to die (mysteriously) just a month or two before the October 18, 2019, Event 201.

        • Thank you so much for your warm wishes, debra, and more of the same to you and yours.

          Excuse my brevity! Gonna make a quick comment (further down, in answer to CreativeLife) and then scram — maybe scream, too! 🙂

        • CQ!
          Great to hear from ya guy! I bet ya are swimming in that Houston heat and humidity. I am definitely going to watch your link on Sunday.

          Ron Avery ! Yes, I know the guy. He is wonderful, very friendly, and always willing to help. Ron brought a scale model of the World Trade Centers 1, 2 and 7 to our 7/11/2009 event in Collin County at the local Collin County Community College conference area…

          Architect & Engineers Rally to the Dallas 9/11 Truth Event of July 11th
          On July 11th, from hundreds of miles away, six architects and engineers came to the Dallas area to help rally support for an all day 9/11 Truth Event.
          Building 7 Gone in 7
          this Building 7 Symposium took place at a conference center in the Dallas suburb of Plano, Texas and was sponsored by members of North Texans for 9/11 Truth.

          The venue encompassed three theatres, with films and presentations running in each room for 12 hours. There were 9/11 exhibits, special guest presentations, scientific articles, government documents, more than 14 films screening, along with experts, architect, and engineers on hand for Q&A.
          A center piece exhibit was a scale model of The World Trade Center Towers and Building 7 graciously brought to the event by an architect from the Austin / San Antonio area. At a scale of 1 inch equals 30 feet, this model, which includes surrounding streets and the bridge, is 4 feet square at the base by 5 feet high.

          Special guests included Lt Col Bob Bowman, one of the country’s foremost authorities on national security and past director of the Star Wars Program during the Ford and Carter administrations…
          … Engineer member of, Derek Johnson, delivered a fascinating presentation about an important aspect in conducting a REAL investigation concerning the fate of Building 7…
          …For the first time anywhere in a public venue, this event offered a film screening of the new documentary release: ANTHRAX WAR….

          VIDEO EVENT (5 minutes)

          (The opening voice you hear is the actual radio ad made by a member.)

          • HRS, that’s quite a rally you guys hosted eleven years ago. I certainly recognize the name Bob Bowman. His untimely departure from earth’s scene is a big loss to 9/11 Truth and to humanity.

            Your mention of Lt Col Bowman reminds me of this week’s 9/11 Free Fall guest, Randy Vanadisson, an ex-military man and libertarian activist in Washington State — and a member of the Libertarian Motorcycle Club (

            After you finish watching Ron’s livestream! 🙂 I think you’d really dig what Randy has to say to Free Fall host Andy Steele:

            Hint: The show opens with Randy explaining what happened when Sacha Baron Cohen hijacked a conservative event in Olympia, Washington. Seems Cohen tried to turn it into a racist rally.

            In this clip (which I found just now), the speaker accuses higher-ups on the political left of being behind the Cohen prank: If you do a search, you’ll see that every MSM account of the incident is a far cry from the reality as vouched for by Vanadisson.

            Hot Houston’s humidity is bearable. How’re you holding up in Dallas?

            (I hope my links-laden comment gets through moderation before Corbett officially goes on vacation, which I’m guessing will be after his IF editorial comes out today!)

        • This is indeed insane. Real pandemics don’t need to rely n fudged statistics, oppression, virtue signaling and whoring in the media.

  17. Yes James, James and Broc, I think I am going to take a media vacay this week too…even researching alt media does take its toll mentally. Have been feeling the fatigue of it all again, I admire you peeps for keeping your shizz together!

    Some links to the UK vaccine stance and related news…

    Vaccination links:

    Coronavirus: Compulsory vaccines in the UK and other rumours fact-checked:

    Does coronavirus act permit mandatory vaccinations?:

    In Leicester there is a local lockdown, everywhere else is opening up, but not here:

    I thought the tracing apps were not working, etc, so how have they collated this data, etc?

    Oh and whole of UK masks on public transport, in confined spaces made mandatory last month sometime, except for disabled folks and those with COPD, etc:

  18. NHSX is a creepy organisation that appeared early last year – the digital and data side of the NHS. We have different rules governing our health data in Scotland, but I will certainly be keeping an eye on it. I rarely take my phone out with me these days and I won’t be getting any track and trace app.

  19. I don’t have children and I live in the UK, but the daughter of a good friend of mine has had an HPV scare. She is in her early 20s, and it’s been a nightmare for her, as she was unable to get any treatment for it during the lockdown. Luckily she has now had the “all clear”.

    With the panic over, I asked my friend if her daughter had had the HPV vaccine when she was at school. She said “Yes, but it was for a different strain of HPV”. I didn’t want to comment too much because it’s so difficult for parents to know what’s best for their children. But it seems that our teenagers are having their health put at risk to have a vaccine that gives them only limited protection.

    • Hi Minnie,

      I posted this in another comments section but I think it may be helpful and you could possibly pass it along for those who aren’t that familiar with HPV and their vaccines:

      They are still at it with the HPV vaccine. According to WHO, “Most HPV infections clear up on their own and most pre-cancerous lesions resolve spontaneously”.

      And yet, they still push to have so many children to be vaccinated before their teen years. I just saw a commercial pushing this propaganda. Nothing about these vaccines are very safe. They fast tracked that Gardasil vaccine for approval from the FDA, knowing that it had adverse side effects and gave them to thousands of children. In 2008, Judicial Watch put out a report entitled “Examining the FDA’s HPV Vaccine Records” The report states that there had been over 8,000 cases of adverse health effects and at least 18 deaths within 2 years.

      And oh of course this: “Gardasil is not 100% effective against all HPVs. It is designed to protect against only four strains of HPV, even though there are over thirty strains including at least fifteen that can cause cancer.”

      • and this:

        The below was reported in 2012:

        “VAERS data show that Gardasil has been associated with 24,184 adverse effects and 111 deaths since its debut in June of 2006, including seizures, anaphylaxis, paralysis, transverse myelitis, LouGehrig’s disease (ALS), acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM),opsoclonus-myoclonus syndrome (uncontrollable movement of the eyes back andforth and jerking movements of the extremities), brachial neuritis, loss ofvision, postural tachycardia syndrome, facial palsy, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, chronic fatigue syndrome, blindness, pancreatitis, speech problems, short term memory loss, miscarriage, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune disorders, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, abnormal Pap smears and even cervical cancer”

    • minnie and debra.b I was going to reply about my experiences with rejecting vaccinations earlier, in the UK. Both of my children who are adults now, were not vaccinated (although I did agree to the heel prick and Vit K) I struggled with paediatricians, school teachers (the HPV vaccine caused a to do at my daughter’s highschool, they were trying to coerce her into having it despite several girls having on the spot reactions to it) and I lost two friends because of heated arguments about my choices and opinions. I was likened to an ignoramus who should be locked up. Telling them it was through months’ long research and reading all the literature on vaccinations (this was back in 1998 when I was pregnant the first time), not just the ones in the GP’s office quietened them down. My ex partners both had opposing views to me on these issues. It has been a hard and sometimes lonely path…my elderly father refuses the flu vaccine every year (he has emphysema and is not on oxygen even though his lips turn blue on exertion), so there is that…the health visitor I had when my two were babies supported my decisions and even told me about alternatives…she did not push vaccinations…


    SANTA FE, N.M.- herr Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham announced the state vill NOT be entering phase 2 to begin month ofv July due to rising COVID-19 cases.

    Reopenings are on hold until at least July 15.

    herr governess said several things must change in the new public health world order.

    Face coverings continue to be mandatory, but enforcement vill be severely ramped up, it vill be painful.
    Businesses must require customers to wear face-coverings. Violators are subject to $100,000,000,000 fine.
    14-years quarantine for all out of state travelers into New Mexico, you vill be required to run drugs for cia.

    Phaze two includes the reopening of bars, massage parlors, jeffrey epstein’s ranch, theaters, und non-tribal casinos.

    heiress michelle ma belle said the state is in danger of moving backwards. She said if trends do not stabilize, indoor dining, gyms und occupancy limits at retailers could face new punishments, incl electric chair.

    gubbermint also mandated New Mexicans MUST enjoy the 4th of July by avoiding groups & snitching on those who dont.

    • Victoria, I enjoyed your rendition.
      The Mask Issue is really being pushed across the U.S. It is as if they are trying to make it a new normal, a neon sign of public compliance where only outcasts do not wear a mask.

    • im sorry to hear things are so difficult, debra.b — glad my humor brought a smile. im also struggling, its like a past/present/future matrix & currently the air is thick…

      small businesses sure are getting the shaft, many were having problems long before 2020, but more & more permanent closures this year, such as in april ~ Albuquerque’s The Cooperage Restaurant to close for good

      not looking forward to whats next, when i saw what was happening in china, i felt like screaming… it was from a place of fear & horror, childhood “2020 prophecy” mind control programming of what’s to come. there is still fear, but its anger & sometimes murderous rage… which the idea of having to wear a mask can bring, that makes me wanna scream/yell…

      • such a wonderful reply debra.b ~ thank you :))

        yes yes yes!! i absolutely 100% totally & completely agree about opposing emotions naturally existing together, doesnt sound strange to me in the least & hv also repeatedly experienced the process of healing from the struggle ~ albeit quite often, extremely polarized programmed/”enhanced” emotions esp love/hate.

        whilst i can relate to the type of psychic stuff you describe, my abilities got messed with when i was young & it has taken a long time to come to peace with. that said, i dont recognize as psychic, mind control scripted “visions” which were hypnotically embedded, incl year 2020 “prophecy” programme ~ which is also an internal world.

        no doubt, with abuse there’s always manipulation ~ sometimes obvious, others times difficult to identify. when i read your comments its so clear to me you hv done a huge amount of healing work, inner strength shines thru ~ honesty, empathy, integrity & insight… beautiful flow.

    • Hahaha! Love the accent, Fräulein Victoria. For a second there, I thought you were having trouble with your “v” key. Thanks for the smiles.

      • ? amazing pearl !! how in der verld did you know about van 990 ~ itsa vild ride… in the end i alvays hv to pull fräulein janis out from drivers seat vhere she has passed out und grab my “v” key from ignition svitch.

          • itsa classic tale of how vishes do come true, und be careful vhat you vish for… secret vround tables held verldvide, from bohemian grove to headquarters luftvaffe und der vatican to langley area 51 und roswell in order to grant fräulein janis request. she took & still takes trips in das miraculous motorvagen vhich ist better known as foo fighter (vhat a blast to drive!!) ➼ skyrockets to ze Half Moon in the night time sky, seven stars, heaven’s eyes, seven songs on seven seas… ze 4th track on fräulein janis final album Pearl & continues performing on ze half moon, at club 27 vith her band me und mein kurt cobain & jimi

  21. What are the homeschooling laws in Wisconsin? I chacked for Colorado and it is legal, although I don’t know how difficult… In Ireland the laws are pretty forgiving, for most, when it comes to homeschooling and there’s quite a solid community of homeschoolers. If it is just schools mandating vaccines that could be an option?

  22. You mention that public schools will have forced vaccines to enrollment but what about private schools?

    And that is part of the rub. Gates is the leader in the world in financing private education through charters and online learning.

    Now, with DeVos, the Miseducation Secretary of the US telling the public they must use their tax monies to subsidize private schools due to Covid, the march is on.

    One thing Obama did for the ruling class that is hardly known let alone written about: he privatized almost all education through very devious means like charters, vouchers, tax credits, etc. And he did a fine job.

    Now, public schools are starved for money and add to this, the parents of many students seeking entry of their children into public school, have vaccination issues to deal with.

    Take a look at what Gates is doing in Brazil now with the help of the World Bank. He is forcing tablets on students and making their teachers pay him for the tablets through predatory loans.

    “World Bank pushes privatized distance learning in Brazil
    By Eduardo Parati
    29 June 2020

    In the first week of June, Rossieli Soares, the secretary of education of São Paulo, Brazil’s largest industrial state, announced the purchase of millions of dollars of digital equipment for teachers, to be subsidized by the World Bank. This initiative follows the model developed by this agency of international financial capital—in partnership with billionaire philanthropists like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, as well as giant education companies—to put in place low-cost private education programs in Asia and Africa.”

    “The World Bank loan to subsidize the acquisition of thousands of tablets and computers by teachers was promoted as a way to “facilitate their work.” Under conditions of increased financial hardship and mass unemployment, the loan, to be paid for by the workers themselves, is designed to introduce new obligations on the digital platforms for an already overwhelmed and ever-poorer workforce.
    Such platforms will be made tools not for better teaching, but to widen performance evaluations, which will be implemented through mass measurable criteria. These criteria are designed by the same private sector organizations that have been campaigning with high-level government education officials and representatives of international financial interests for more distance learning platforms and large-scale exams.”

    Gates is not known to many for his efforts, especially in the 1990’s and 200’s to privatize all of American education by funding to the amounts of hundreds of billions into promoting charter schools.

    Now, with the World Bank, he will plunder as many Third World Nations as he can, stealing their education, replacing education with traceable tablets of mis-learning, taking of medical schools, medical supply companies and destroying what we used to term: the public commons. Basically what happened in New Orleans after Katrina and that which I write about extensively in my book on charter schools, their history, economics and politics.

    Everything to be corporatized with Gates and his people as private politicians and lawmakers.

    • I too am a teacher and was for some thirty years.

      You are right when you point to the Reagan administration as to wanting to privatize. Bennet was the big proponent and went on to start K-12 Inc.However,like Social Security the elites couldn’t do it.

      When Obama became their vessel, they drove the 650 billion dollar business into the hands of privatizers big time. And made it into an industry while starving public ed.

      And Gates donated the largess for the efforts.

      You can read about the charter school scam under Obama at

      And remember, charter schools did not start until the mid 90’s. All under Clinton and then right into the hands of little Bush who was so fixated on war all he cold pass was no child left behind.

      No, it took Obama to privatize education,both elementary and college, and of course he built his course on a wretched past.

  23. Very good question. So, they will use mental gymnastics and say it isn’t the same because you aren’t harming anyone (besides a child). When you refuse a vaccine, you are doing a disservice to the well-being of the public and you are being selfish. Refusing a vaccine due to not wanting toxic materials being placed in your body, sounds logical and reasonable. Just not when totalitarians tell you otherwise because it doesn’t fit their agenda.

    • The reason added by flammable is one I haven’t heard yet and is particularly insidious.

      The usual reasoning I hear is that everyone who can be vaccinated has to be vaccinated to protect those who can not (due to health considerations). Both of these reasons rest on the “what if/could happen” canard. It could happen and therefore we must take every risk to maybe prevent something that might happen from actually happening and having possibly some effect on someone.

      Just try to imagine a top billed thriller or horror movie that tried to envision this line of thinking. For 90 minutes you would have people locked in a house stressing over a mass murderer who most probably isn’t there wile people outside go out and about their business.

      This is an incredibly poisonous way of thinking that allows further bastardization of the concept of personal responsibility as motivation, decisions and actions take the back seat to “what if/could be”. In the world of what ifs and could bes everyone is a potential murdered and therefore guilty and therefore has to atone at any cost to their personal wealth or health. Or that of their families and especially those whom rely on the protection and wisdom of their guardianship, in which they trust blindly.

      One of the very basic principles of the germ theory is that there are billions/trillions/whatever of viruses/viral strains. How can we expect then that a vaccine, which is typically built to counter one strain (assuming it worked), can do much to put a dent in the world of threatening viruses?

      Further, if there are untold number of viruses, how could we ever be certain that a virus is “new”? New as in “brand new, unused, unopened item; where possible, provided in original packaging”. If we can’t be certain that a certain strain is new, how can we justify the concept of the patient zero? How can we justify contact tracing? How can we justify the irrational fear of the new? All of these premises have their foundation on the concept of a “new strain”. Without it, everything falls apart.

      Further, the theory tells us the virus mutates quickly. How do we then expect the alleged 18 months it takes to develop a vaccine will be able to even make a dent? How many times will this alleged virus mutate in the given time frame?

      I understand I’m posing a lot of questions here, but a common denominator answer can be applied: bullshit.

  24. Vaccine FILM Release date: July 8th, 2020

    The well known Dr. Andrew Wakefield will soon be releasing his new movie entitled:
    “1986 The Act”

    You can see the trailer at the above website.

    “1986 The Act” is an important film about the truth behind the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation program and vaccine makers who have immunity from prosecution.


      The film “1986 The Act” will also stream on a new free speech platform called “Sphir”.

      • He’s a nice grounded guy. Easy to talk to and joke with.
        I escorted him into our VAXXED Event in Dallas.

        I also talked to Dr. Wakefield about the Dallas based, year 2000 nationwide Vaccine Thimerosal Class Action Lawsuit which almost was won, except for a last minute law change with the Patriot Act.

        When asked, I gave Wakefield some contact information of people who I knew involved with this class action lawsuit.

        The FLUORIDE issue has sideways attorney ties (Waters Kraus Paul) to the Class Action Vaccine Lawsuit of year 2000.

        • No, I did not meet REF, Jr. ha!
          But I did meet Wakefield.

          Your comments are always great to read wherever they may be. You are so ‘real’. Thanks for being you.

    • You’re welcome. His target audience is different than James, but he puts in as much effort. I like the way he keeps hammering away at the basics. Of course, with the youboob crowd, you have to#

      • If you like flashlights, I found one a few years ago by oolong. It was on the side of the road. They use the rechargeable batteries used by vape mods. Small, but powerful. Looked them up one day and there about 70 bucks! The size of a mag light, but indestructible. Worth it, though I don’t really use it much. In the woods, I usually go to bed when the sun sets.

        • Buck knives are always hard to close. Found one of those too. It’s the redneck Cadillac of knives.

          Friend of mine lives on St. John’s island. Said military there last night and they wanted trouble. Doesn’t know if they got it yet. Am worried for her. Our time is fast approaching. We shall be victorious.

        • Debra,
          Buck Knives
          Sometimes there is a “lock” which keeps the blade out.
          It is to ensure that the blade won’t fold in while using it. That is an important safety feature.
          I still have a finger scar from the 5th grade while playing with a non-locking cubscout knife.

          Check to see if there is a thin strip of metal which acts as a ‘spring’. It might be hiding within the recessed hollow where the blade fits. If that’s the case, use your thumbnail to bring the metal strip against the inner side while closing the blade.

          Other folding knives have a latch, a button or a folding flim at the top in order to lock the blade outward.

          I have more than 4 dozen assorted knives lying around…from switch-blades to Bowie Knives to German made to pen knives to throwing knives to old Civil War era. My grandson got another 3 dozen or more from me over the years as I cleared out some of my crap.

          But I won’t get in a knife fight with Jim Bob. He said his knife was bigger than mine.

          I might intimidate some of the neighbors when they see me out front gardening while using a massive Bowie Knife. I pretty well ruined the thing, but it ain’t no good not being used. It is fun to throw into the ground.

          Years ago, my 10 year old son smuggled a switchblade across the border from Mexico.

  25. CreativeLife, thanks for posting that brilliant “busted” article by Makia Freeman, whose website I only recently became acquainted with. Found a number of other helpful articles there; it’s hard to stop reading them. It’s like eating peanuts: It’s impossible to stop at one. 😉 Oh, and your comments are very compelling, too.

  26. Hi James. On 4th of July 2020 Slovenian (Republic of Slovenia) Prime minister Janez Jansa (yanez yansha) twitted this message ( is predom. mine)

    Until an effective drug and / or vaccine against # COVID19 is available, the world and We altogether have only two options for action:
    1. drastically stopping public life, closing borders, limiting contacts, depression …
    2. mandatory use of the mobile application for movement-control in public

    Below he retwitted a twitt from the Slovenian Government twitter where some of the current “covid numbers” in Slovenia are mentioned:

    – number of testings: 1456
    – positive results: 30
    – hospitalizations: 6
    – number of patients in intensive care: 0
    – daily dismissed from the hospitals: 4
    – deaths: 0

    It is self-evidently ridiculous and crazy enough to demand “mandatory use of the mobile application for movement-control in public”, and even more crazier to demand use of such application for EVERYONE. That is what is really at stake here.

    Bye. Miro
    ps..Best wishes to you, to James Evan Pilato and to every nonconformist soul around.

    • Wow, those numbers are really flying high. 0 intensive care, 0 deaths; can it get any worse? And that’s with the juiced up statistics. More than enough to justify the false dichotomy in the opening.

  27. deltammon,
    Thank you so much for the anecdote. It highlights how the mask issue can be an emotionally charged, dramatic, polarizing issue.

    In my perspective, anecdotes trump news articles.

  28. Possible Canard Rumor-mill – “1994 Denver Airport Mural depicting children with masks”

    You will get a lot of search results with “Denver Airport Mural masks 1994”.

    Here is what says (and who knows?…maybe they were the ones who first instigated the canard, in order to debunk it.)

    Canard – Definition – a false or unfounded report, rumor, belief or story. A fabricated report.


    One local brave warrior in the fight for informed consent on vaccines is…
    Jackie Schlegel, the Executive Director of
    Texans for Vaccine Choice (TFVC)

    Texans for Vaccine Choice

    We promote the preservation of personal liberties and informed consent by opposing measures to limit vaccine choice rights or discriminate against those who exercise such rights…

    Our Focus
    is on advocacy and education, which takes the form of fighting against patient discrimination and holding public and private entities accountable for accurately representing vaccine laws and exemption rights.



    First an apology to everyone if I’m behind the times…I don’t remember hearing this specific connection mentioned, but if so, I apologize in advance.

    A SECOND apology in advance: I always talk too much so I will probably have to post this to two different comments, I and II….sorry.

    If Monsanto “OWNS” genetically modified seeds, WHO (no pun intended) “OWNS” genetically modified HUMANS??

    Where does this neural link come from?:

    1. This story describes what is, for now just a small roadblock…’s obvious that science has already accomplished gene mutations in animals: (CRISPR Gene Editing in Human Embryos Wreaks Chromosome Mayhem)

    2. It’s already established that MONSANTO “OWNS” their own genetically modified seeds, right?

    3. If SEEDS are “OWNED” by their “creators”, then why aren’t HUMANS “OWNED” by their “creators”?

    “The scope and eligibility of patents for genetic sequences have been debated for decades, but a critical case regarding gene patents (Association of Molecular Pathologists v. Myriad Genetics) is now reaching the US Supreme Court. Recent court rulings have supported the assertion that such patents can provide intellectual property rights on sequences as small as 15 nucleotides (15mers), but an analysis of all current US patent claims and the human genome presented here shows that 15mer sequences from all human genes match at least one other gene.”

    Controversial U.S. bill would lift Supreme Court ban on patenting human genes

    By Kelly ServickJun. 4, 2019 , 10:50 AM

    “*Update, 5 June, 11:30 a.m.: In the first of three patent reform hearings, Senators Coons and Tillis said they didn’t intend to upend all restrictions on patenting human genes or other basic research discoveries. “Our proposal would not change the law to allow a company to patent a gene as it exists in the human body,” Coons said in his opening statement. “We do not intend to overrule that holding of the 2013 Myriad decision.”

    But the witnesses at the hearing had different interpretations of the bill’s text. The intent to preserve Myriad is “inconsistent with the legislative text that’s been put forward,” said patent policy researcher Charles Duan of the R Street Institute in Washington, D.C., in his testimony. The proposed language could make it possible to patent many kinds of “pure scientific research,” he said. “I don’t think that’s the intent, but … that’s what the language does.”

    It seems to me that most of the controversy I can find revolves around “natural” human genes..NOT genetically modified ones.

    In other words…maybe the courts and the congress don’t want anyone “owning” natural human genes, but do they object to ownership of “modified” genes?

    I’m not going to say that I’ve done all the research to define the facts here…just raising the questions, but it raises an important point:

    4. If “creators” of MODIFIED genes “OWN” the rights to organisms that contain them, why would that principle NOT apply to HUMANS?

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  31. WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON HERE? (continued)


    4. If “creators” of MODIFIED genes “OWN” the rights to organisms that contain them, why would that principle NOT apply to HUMANS?

    IN OTHER WORDS: If a person, corporation or psychopath can successfully inject their “owned” genetic material into a human, Does that mean that


    5. If #4 is correct….What does that mean? What does “owning” a human being mean? Everything I know tells me that

    Ownership of a Human Being is defined as SLAVERY. (right?)

    6. IS IT POSSIBLE that if any of this reasoning can be reasonably argued, then is is possible that “ownership” of modified Genes could represent the bridge between the goals of ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER goals and those who would protest and resist those companies that would own the basis of our foodstocks?

    Could Anti-Bayer/Monsanto activists join hands, hearts and efforts with Black Lives Matter groups in an effort to defeat slavery TODAY…not just the memory of slavery from Decades ago?

    Could this help steer these movements into a more united, more productive direction?

    These are just thoughts and questions. Again, I apologize if this line of reasoning/ questions have been hashed out before.

    One final note: in all the flack I personally received as a leader (board member) of a local Tea Party organization years ago, NOTHING compared to when I called a meeting to help UNITE the Tea Party groups with the 99% / Occupy Wall Street crowd.

    Our STATED GOALS were at least 75% in agreement with the 99%, but the media portrayed them as polar opposites, and the infiltrators inside the TP group I was part of went completely Bat S*** CRAZY when I tried to pull that one off, LOL!

    That union likely would have completely revamped the US political system, IMHO. That’s why both 99% and the TP had to be destroyed.

    I said just one more…sorry….

    Who else would jump on the bandwagon if we could get it rolling?

    Maybe anyone who opposes forced alteration of the human genome in LIVING HUMANS:

    Anti 5G groups?
    Anti Vaccine groups?

    Who Else? I’m not sure.

    I’m not sure if my logic is flawed. Someone, everyone, help me out here.

    Thanks, Peace, Out.


    • Thanks, that’s really refreshing.

      at 4. and 5.

      Law is a bitch, it goes with best customer. I’m not interested about bitches.
      Outright slavery is very ugly, so they will provide nice looking package. Genetic enhancements for humans will be expensive, therefore just for the rich. For the poor they will provide credit lines, something like student loans. Or maybe, a voluntary contract that will give them a certain share in person’s income.
      Btw, aren’t student loans as they are in fact a kind of slavery (90% slave, 10%free).

      “Could Anti-Bayer/Monsanto activists join hands, hearts and efforts with Black Lives Matter…”

      “Our STATED GOALS were at least 75% in agreement with the 99%, but the media portrayed them as polar opposites….”

      People nowadays hardly see outside their own small field of interest, hence it would be very hard to form some unified position, some overarching goal. Just summing this movements, without some glue, won’t work.
      I’m amazed how people on both sides of divide are incapable to realize that both are right about some things. We are wired differently and we emphasize different values. But most of these values are not mutually exclusive. People are led to believe they are.

      A big obstacle is also decades of barneysenism that produced people of structure Super-Id, Ego-Consumerist, with at best case atrophied Super-Ego.

      Let me propose a solution that sounds extremely naive:
      Anti-Lying Coalition

      • mik,

        Thanks for the time and attention to reply. You’re right, and nothing likely to actually unite those divided is simple or easy. Your Coalition is a great “naive” idea, LOL! Maybe we can contact the folks at the BM Gates Foundation who run the Death Panel appointments to put a “reasonable” board together….who knows, maybe we can even get a few tens of milllion$?

        Did you see the first post I of II?

        Yeah, there’s nothing to get ’em out of the woodwork than to propose reasons why we should remain friends. The only other thing that worked like that was when we got the AG of Louisiana to get an opinion on an illegal tax after all the “bitches”in all the agencies told us to go f ourselves, and “you’ll have to sue us” if you want to do anything.

        Fact is they’re lucky they didn’t go to the small boxes for RICO tax fraud, which is exactly what I told them. (Subtly is not my shining attribute.)

        At the end of the day, a miracle happened: the AG actually penned an opinion that basically copy / pasted our argument that we put in the local paper the night before the election as to why the bus tax was illegal, and that was AFTER they went ahead and passed it. The state assessor “bitch” told us that their legal opinion wasn’t public record b/c it was just an election, not a law yet. That’s a crock of Bovine Feces.

        (Its amazing that almost EVERY reference to this has been erased from the net….confirmation of what JC says: Keep a copy offline and print it.)

        Anyway the AG turned it over and gave back 30m$ to the taxpayers and for the time, stopped the gang from destroying the Homestead Exemption in the state. That was nothing but a question after question after question campaign….all we had to do was ask the right questions to the right people and not give up.

        Yes, call me naive, I am, and stubborn….and a conspiracy theorist, which is a compliment, LOL.

        Did you consider unwilling genetic modifications? You’re right about the rich doing designer babies, etc, but the major though was that many new technologies are designed to alter us without consent.

        If nothing else, as a naive neophyte, imho change comes with few on a team, not ranting crowds or burning buildings.

        “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

        Margaret Mead

        When the AG announced they were reviewing the tax AFTER IT ALREADY PASSED, you wouldn’t believe how many “helpers” came out of the woods….we had to design a test just to keep ’em busy while we waited for the decision….only 1/20 was sincere, if you can believe that

        BTW, only two of us were involved in that effort, more would have been redundant and maybe dangerous.

  32. Forced vaccinations in Florida are not too far away I fear.

    4. Ordering an individual to be examined, tested, vaccinated, treated, isolated, or quarantined for communicable diseases that have significant morbidity or mortality and present a severe danger to public health. Individuals who are unable or unwilling to be examined, tested, vaccinated, or treated for reasons of health, religion, or conscience may be subjected to isolation or quarantine.
    a. Examination, testing, vaccination, or treatment may be performed by any qualified person authorized by the State Health Officer.
    b. If the individual poses a danger to the public health, the State Health Officer may subject the individual to isolation or quarantine. If there is no practical method to isolate or quarantine the individual, the State Health Officer may use any means necessary to vaccinate or treat the individual.

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