Interview 1562 – James Corbett Tackles Event 201, The Great Reset, and the End of Humanity

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James Corbett joins Ernie Hancock for his regular weekly appearance on Declare Your Independence. This time they discuss Event 201, fact checking, the plan for a new constitution, and much more.

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  1. Hi – this is more a comment on your recent Higherside Chats interview: I think the “Bill Gates isn’t a doctor” argument is risky. Over the past 10-15 years, Gates may have spent 2-3x+ as many hours in labs and learning from expert immunologists and epidemiologists than the average Dr.

    It’s like saying: James Corbett isn’t even an historian.

    • OK, so perhaps it might make more sense to highlight these omissions is in his advocacy for a vaccine solution? Also (and I’m no apologist — just interested in accuracy); Gates is a businessman, and one of a boatload of people making kagillions off a messed up healthcare system. Are there _any_ examples of business people actually trying to disprove/undermine their own billion dollar deals? I doubt it. They pretty much all say it’s for the greater good, or else they don’t say anything.

      • Yes, the privatization of everything — schools, health, utilities, roads all of life. And with this you get the government that you hate so much: the corporate capitalist state not run by ‘the state’ but by a star chamber run by privatizers who live off the concentration of wealth.

        You think they are going to regulate themselves or that you can actually live alongside them but apart?

    • Ok,but he has a huge vested interest in pushing his lucrative Big Pharma vaccines and products…i prefer the research and information from more independent scientists,not plutocrat-paid scientists…no matter how many hours a businessmen like Gates spends with his employees(yes) in labs,he is a big walking-talking conflict of interest.

      • I completely agree. And I think _that’s_ what should be emphasized in trying to discredit his actions (as Corbett has done brilliantly), not the fact that he has no medical training (which I’m arguing is somewhat not an accurate statement).

    • In regards to your question as to who gates answers to, I consider it more of a giant committee. Like interests, and all Jockeying for position.

    • Thank you for this extremely thoughtful reply, and I 100% agree with you that hands-on experience and complexity thinking are essential to even getting close to understanding health.

      a couple things:

      you wrote: “it is correct that one can be self-taught on many things.”

      I would bet you a good bit of money that Gates has probably spent 50-100+ hours fully suited up in labs with extremely knowledgable experts getting the full explanation of numerous research and development projects. In many respects this is kind of apprenticeship, though the goal is to understand it deep enough to know how to monetize it on a global scale.

      A lame analogy: say someone wants to learn the cello. They may never take formal lessons but if they hang out with Yo-Yo Ma in the studio on a regular basis for 15 years, they’re bound to pick up some stuff.

      • There is a huge difference between scientific training and history/literature and similar fields. Medicine is not something that can be self taught. Medicine is a practice and skills and experience are learned though doing not just “studying up”

        The fact that Gates knows or should know that we don’t need a vaccine for this disease should raise a red flag in their mind. James Corbett studied literature and can probably learn history on his own. Gates would need to go to medical school get a license and practice medicine to be a doctor.

    • hahahaha

      “……respect the other and let him finish before you start talking.”

      But that would be so old fashioned, that’s from boomers times.

      I’m not boomer but remember times when anchors behaved differently. Your observation is very profound, I think it deserves more contemplation than all the gateses and rockefellers of this world. My intuition tells me part of Solution is there.

    • I was going to say the same thing. Thanks for bringing this up, Jennifer.1

      It is frustrating to listen to these conversations and I think it’s disrespectful (or maybe quite self-centered) to interrupt like that. So call me boomer and old-fashioned but I think listeners get more information from not hearing these kinds of interruptions all the time. Occasionally, okay but this guy seems to be in the habit of interrupting.

      • Sorry to say, I would not even watch the video when I saw it was Mr. Hancock.

        I really just cannot tolerate the interrupting and the “yelling”.

        I would imagine it was a very informative interview but it becomes so grating when people interrupt and speak so loudly.

        But it seems that others enjoyed it, so c’est la vie.

  2. The rule in Satanic-Magick workings is that the individual or group creating the desired event must always tell the recipient what they are going to do,tell them in some manner…giving the recipient(us) the opportunity to refuse the working….no refusal=consent.
    See Mark Passio,a former Satanist,for many videos on the wat Satanists work…
    The Cabal,the highest level controllers on the planet,use Satanist tactics.
    So,there is the reason for Gates’ pre-pandemic pandemic simulation.

    • It just pisses me off. I won’t talk to the mask people either. They have sided with the enemy. Ignorance is a choice.

      • Yes masks are not based on scientific research but rather a “compliance test “ as JC aptly pointed out. People are complying with tyranny and going along. Many think “ignorance is strength “. These are the same types of people who would turn their neighbors into the gestapo. This is the dark shadow of humanity the cowardice and willingness to do what is easier.

      • Yes masks are not based on scientific research but rather a “compliance test “ as JC aptly pointed out. People are complying with tyranny and going along. Many think “ignorance is strength “. These are the same types of people who would turn their neighbors into the gestapo. This is the dark shadow of humanity the cowardice and willingness to do what is easier.

        • The cowardice and willingness to do what is easier.

          Yes. A lesser enemy I can’t imagine.

      • I think you have a healthy attitude towards the mask beasts. I haven’t been put in a position I have to defy a mask order. Probably a good thing.

        By the way, I’m enthralled with the book Chaos! Never read anything about it before, nor do I have any idea who most of the players are as I’ve never kept up with the Hollywood and music scene. Less than a hundred pages in, and it’s too fascinating to put in my usual rotation in which I read a chapter or so and then pick up the next book I’m reading. I know, but a strange person like me would have strange ways! Have a feeling that Charlie might be the least important person in the end. Thanks.

        • But those were brown people! And godless commies to boot. Just got into the Phoenix part. Though I have no regrets, since what I learned is about to be invaluable; I can’t believe I was naive enough to think I was doing a good thing when I enlisted.

          This book has a plot of twists, rather than direction. At least so far. I’ve never read anything like it. I’ve always avoided Hollywood, music, and true crime books before. And this one is all of them and more. But I’m so fascinated by it. Thanks. I owe you for this one.

        • I bet he isn’t any more! At the moment he is going through a massive conspiracy by the prosecution to derail justice, to cover for the crimes of the LASO, to conceal CIA/FBI crimes, and so on. It’s like he’s microdosing red pills while he’s writing! This book reads like an everybody done it. He’s even lost faith in the news stories he relied upon so much in the beginning.

      • I understand your point. In places with air pollution I can understand the rationale but to prevent a respiratory virus in the outdoors is not substantiated with scientific data-as far as I can tell. I wear a mask inside to buy things because I have to but have my doubts about that as well.

        I do think wearing one in a hospital makes more sense. I like wearing one at work and like putting them on a sick patient who is coughing. I don’t like getting sick but am not afraid of Covid. In fact I would like to get some immunity to it. I think it’s healthy to develop immunity via exposure. I’m pretty healthy in a physical sense.

        Regarding surveillance a mask may make it harder to ID people. And it’s an extra barrier for social interaction for people who don’t like to feel vulnerable. But the mask is wrong! It represents compliance with a lie the acceptance of tyranny and supports the destruction of civil liberties.

        The vaccine is right around the corner and that will be the next thing Big Brother has in store for us…then repeat again and again. At some point we will have to say no because it’s the right thing to do-to refuse.

        • Living outside, I get dirtier in the first hour of my day than most do in a week. I cook my fish in the fire, ala Bushman style, and use green palmetto leaves for plates. Wash in the river 2 to 3 times a week. And drink water straight from the river. Never sick. We have to train our immune systems. Mine are constantly undergoing a special forces level of training. The average person is too terrified of a germ to be healthy. And you can’t ever make them understand that.

        • There is definitely a learning curve. Being by yourself is the most difficult part. I enjoy it now, since I’m so over the mass stupidity I see in people now.
          I’m also amazed at the advice I get from people on what to be afraid of out here. Apparently every critter in the world is constantly yearning to eat me. Silly me, I only worry about biting insects! Malnutrition and starvation can be real issues, but people are always “instructing” me to be terrified of things that don’t matter. This is a very rural area, and I doubt there’s a half dozen people here who would last a week. A big part of our societal ills in my opinion would be resolved if people just got back into the woods every now and then. But they’re too scared. Or too busy with their video games. Oop! Rant alert!

  3. Revolutions and civil ears are always coopted. I’ll be declaring a blood feud.

  4. Most if not all govts. of whatever stripe are now captured institutions now involved in criminal enterprise. Anyone of a non corruptible nature cannot remain in govt. service, politician or mandarin, and be expected to fulfill their duties or last in their position. “It” is rotten to the core and the people are on their own if they only knew ‘it.’

  5. Ernie Hancock monopolizes the conversation; keeps interrupting James Corbett. Annoying. I wanted to hear what James had to say.
    I clicked delete after a few minutes of Hancock’s nonstop monolog.

    • You chose to miss a lot.

  6. I loved this interview. So much passion! I think Ernie hit the nail pretty square with the pension subsidy angle. I never even considered that possibility.
    I also don’t think the powers that cower care. Why should they? We all allow them to write our narratives. Their only power is that we allow them to control our belief in external authority. And people eat it up because they’d rather have a big Mac than think for themselves. That’s why there will be so much death.

    • The corporations are the government

    • I like Ernie as well. He’s not afraid to be himself. That’s rare.
      Don’t underestimate yourself. Survival really boils down to taking just one more step. Don’t let your fears write your destiny.

      • You’d better. And you’re welcome.

  7. At the 10 minute mark, James talks about “I guess I should” do something about Event 201.
    I agree.
    Actually, it could be an addendum to The Bill Gates Series.
    Event 201 is the WTC 7 of the Coronavirus “Crisis”

    • I’ve always felt they are vastly overstating that mind control. Everything would change if they had the abilities they claim.

    • Mind reading article is a pile of crap propaganda piece.

      Following sentences show author’s attitude.

      “At what point do we remove a person from society because their brain activity deviates from what is considered normal?”

      “Delgado’s goal was to relieve the world of deviant behavior through brain stimulation and produce a “psychocivilized” society.”

      “Psychosurgery, notoriously prefrontal lobotomy, also has a tragic history of abuse.”

      This idea is always present with mind reading:
      “Neuroscientist Marcel Just and colleagues at Carnegie Mellon University are using fMRI brain imaging to decipher what a person is thinking.”

      With fMRI brain activity can be seen, we can see something is processed in the brain, but what is processed, what are exact thoughts, is beyond the reach of fMRI, EEG, XXxX,….., beyond the reach of “scientists” and it will stay there most probably for ever.

    • just gotta buy the book, find out more about benefits of mind control, which i know very little about… some of it “non-invasive” but not really, there was no choice & so much of the time child rape integral. as an adult, hv seen “new” brain/body tech emerge which i remember was utilized for programming & trng/experimentation/torture in the 1960’s & 70’s incl my having to use on other children (& animals) starting at early age ∞ mk-ultra techno at govt & private institutions: virtual reality headsets, mind control helmets & headbands, mind-mapping, over-ear “hearing aid”, stereo headphones, strobe lights, holography, flight simulators, astronaut training, eeg, mri, wada test, ect, tasers & other es, isolation tanks, underwater labs, night vision goggles… in the mid 60’s began using crt terminals connected to massive mainframe computers — data input, analysis, programming/trng incl playing space themed & war type games.

      shiver to think whats been going on covertly, behind the scenes for the past several decades… no doubt numerous “advances” to be gradually & incrementally introduced to public as “new” via medical & military industries, eventually mainstreamed to the masses. hmmm… dna vaccine, how long in development? not exactly gradual intro, but hey its plandemic scamdemic time ~ godspeed?

  8. All revolutions need an organized mas of people. Who is organizing people against privatized life?

  9. For anyone who is interested I finished a new Living Room Session called, “The Great American Hypocrisy.”

    –In episode 6 of The Living Room Sessions I speak about the hypocrisy of America and of its secret society origins. America has always been a free country in name, but never in practice, always under the guidance of the hidden hand of the social alchemist and debt slave financiers who have managed America and her people towards “The Great Work of the Ages,” the new world order.

    It is kind of long 2:18:02 but I read from 3 very important books. The Secret Destiny of America, Tragedy and Hope 101, and Secret Societies and Psychological warfare.

    Enjoy and til next time…

  10. James, have you considered the possibility–perhaps you have mentioned it in a recent interview i have not yet heard–that, once an injection has been administered to the bulk of humanity, a real illness might be released on the public to which those vaccinated might be immunized, so as to eliminate through disease that part of the public that has refused a “vaccine”?

    • no doubt the injections (“vaccines”) will contain pathogens & the ultimately the potential for mind control Dr Vernon Coleman is warning about

      but a next step, after the injections have been imposed, might be to eliminate that part of the population that refuses injection. easy enough to do with a pathogen for which the innoculated might have some immunity.

  11. Morgenthau Plan is what its looking like for small companies, Marshal plans just for the large ones.

  12. Just thought I’d mention that the increased obsession with sanitation is probably going to lead to a spike in antibiotic resistant bacterial infections.

  13. Hey debra.b, thank you. I just watched it, and recommended it to the one person in my life that will watch and appreciate. lol

    I don’t know if you have ever watched the videos on Children’s Health Defense. There is a great series of videos (6 so far) with Polly Tommey and Bobby Kennedy. They chat every week and the series is great.

    I also watched a recent video of Polly on a show called Under the Wire from Australia hosted by a woman named Meryl who runs the vaccination injury organization in Australia. Great interview from June 7, 2020.

    Polly Tommey has been educating about vaccine injury for over 20 years. She was instrumental is getting Vaxxed and Vaxxed II produced. She has a 24 year old vaccine injured son. She is great to listen to.

    I get so much information from members on Corbett, and from reading various twitter feeds (though I am not on twitter myself), Catherine Austin Fitts, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, and Del Bigtree.

    Thanks again for the link.

  14. So does this mean Trojan will be introducing face condoms?

    • Just remember that far in which idiots lined up to see who could wear a condom over their head the longest. S fad I fully support.

  15. I remember reading about that “Couples should wear face masks during sex, new study insists”, and around early June posted a comment regarding it. The concept seemed so silly for an intimate act.

    Coregasman orgasm that happens while you’re doing an exercise. (“core” exercise)

    Remember the SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE VIDEO – Featuring The Old Man and Talking Head

    We were commenting about the therapeutic value of recalling past pleasant memories.
    The 5th Grade came up for me. This was more than 5 decades ago.
    That night, upon going to bed and even as I was waking the next morning, I was replaying so many 5th Grade memories that they easily could fill a book. I focused only on the 5th Grade. I was impressed with myself at the vivid nature and many recollections. Prior to going to bed, I had taken some supplements (B Vitamins, Niacin, lecithin, N-A-C, etc.) which may have helped oil the mental gears.

    5th Grade
    Sometimes, on the weekends or evenings, I would ride my bike over to my elementary school grounds and its nearby creek to goof around. On the playground, they had a tall pole with a thick rope hanging off the ‘T’ bar at the top. One evening, after supper but before sunset, I was at the school grounds and started climbing up that rope. There came a point where it was a tough strain to pull myself up higher. As I struggled slowly, I started to feel a somewhat pleasant but weird sensation in my loins. The intensity grew until finally there was an emission with the accompanying very pleasurable, pulsing sensation.
    I didn’t know what to think of it.
    I never told anyone about this phenomena.


    • (…continuing…)

      This east Texas era was during black segregation and the backdrop of my town looked very much like the “To Kill a Mockingbird” film, but toss in a little southern Louisiana humidity, overgrowth and character.
      So, I really did not know much about sex at the time, but from what Mom had told me.
      My Dad was out of town desperately working to feed four young boys, I being the oldest. My Mother had tried to explain the sex act and female anatomy to me and my brother. We started laughing and saying, “No way am I ever gonna do that!”
      ha!!…Funny how we change our minds.

      Through the school years, off and on, I ended up with some upper arm strength. It was something I kept to myself, and as I started dating girls or utilizing the right hand, the exercising went by the wayside.

      There was a time once when I was in the 8th grade that I noticed a neighbor girl in her backyard climbing the clothesline pole. I could tell. I could tell by the slow motions and hanging strain that she too was experiencing a coregasm.

      I did not even know the word “coregasm” until a few days ago. When I woke up the other day after remembering the 5th grade, I started to research the internet to see if others had the same phenomena.

      • Me too. I was laughing to myself about this kind of stuff when I remembered it.

        Your stories always are so interesting.
        I have noticed that my relatives, especially the Italian blood, who hail from your part of the U.S. also have a strong interest in singing and music.

        “Prince and the Revolution”
        During the early mid 1980’s, I was in the apparel business as I traveled the country. I saw thousands and thousands of women.
        Prince was definitely on the minds of a lot of women. When they talked about him, their eyes would get glassy, and I swear some women seemed to drool.

        Exercising the pleasant memory muscle. I think it can have therapeutic value. Also, I am amazed at how far back one can remember.
        Memories have shown me something…
        Each of us, we write our story.

  16. Yes! Her name is popping up a lot more lately.

  17. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on ME..

  18. given fair warning, i went directly to the study & also checked the dictionary ~ there really is only one “n” in “annals” of internal medicine, tsk-tsk they need to go back to school. then i very nearly had a heart attack, quickly shut my eyes in disbelief, how can this even be listed?! safe masturbation tips from planned parenthood

    once i get my valium prescription refilled i will read the ONION ny post article

  19. Our local government is a literal crime syndicate. They run the drugs, sex, and everything else. State and feds have been to them before, with no changes. It truly is a kakistocracy. But it falls this year.

    • The presenter says, “Major documentary confirmation of something many of us have come to know for certain in recent times: the entire COVID-19 world-shutdown is part of a live training and simulation exercise run by the unscrupulous WHO and United Nations, as documented in their Global Preparedness Monitoring Board’s annual 2019 report and their International Health Regulations treaty of 2005—which 194/or 196 countries signed off on—which pretty much establishes a Global Government (of the WHO & United Nations, & the high-level international GMPB) along with their sponsors, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Wellcome Trust, & other unnamed donors.”

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