Interview 1565 – James Corbett in Democracy Down

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When I was in Mexico earlier this year, I was interviewed by Drew Media for “Democracy Down,” a documentary that explores the future of human organization in interviews with thought-leaders across the political and philosophical spectrum. Each week, they are releasing the lightly edited raw interviews for this project, and here is the interview they recorded with me.

VIDEO COURTESY: Drew Media / LBRY / YouTube

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  1. Published July 20, 2020 by “Drew Media”
    Interview 1565 – James Corbett in Democracy Down

    This interview made in mid-February during Anarchapulco 2020 is top grade!

    If someone wanted to get an overview of James Corbett and the Corbett Report, this 36 minute video fills the bill.

    It is amazing how timely this interview is in July during this Pandemic ‘Crisis’, when the interview itself occurred prior to travel restrictions and the world gone mad.

    I really appreciate the referenced visuals added to the interview.

  2. He must be a seer to have made these remarks just a couple of weeks before his predictions became our reality. Everything he says makes you feel less solitary (or lunatic)

  3. People who keep saying pray are just lazy, you want to pray, fine, but do something other than that.

  4. We are not doomed. A lot of people will die, but liberty will win out. The state doesn’t have the imagination and passion that a free mind has.

    • Oh yes, just give up before it gets ugly. What a coward.

      • Your constant chant of all is lost, resistance is futile just shows what a coward you are. History is full of such examples. But slaves like you never make history because you quit before it even begins. Spineless little slaves never matter. You are the problem.

      • Yours being to give up. Pretty shitty solution. We’re done. Why? Because I hate cowards. Now put your mask on like a good little slave.

      • Fact Checker,

        do you believe a Perfect System, flawless system, is possible?

      • A remarkably interesting interview!

        You might be right that everything is lost, Fact Checker, but nonetheless, I will never go down without a fight.

        On the subject of psychopaths, I disagree when we are told that they make up just 1-2 percent of the population. Psychologists themselves have trouble identifying them. Anyway, psychopathy is evaluated on a scale which means that it comes in degrees.

        When I look at the Milgram study, I see that 62 percent of the participants obeyed orders to give electrochocs to fellow humans who were unable to remember data (the same study was reproduced on French TV in 2016 with an even higher rate of compliance). When I look at Zimbardo’s Stanford experiment, I can only shiver at the behavior of the “guards”, as well as that of the “prisoners”. When I look at Abu Ghraib, it reminds me of what my father saw at the end of WWII. And what about the so-called deep state? All of that, plus a life, not an ordinary one, I concede, makes me say that I believe that psychopaths make more than a few percents of the population. With the right leader, the majority of the people become psychopaths.

        To moderate this bleak view on humanity, I have also met real heroes who have literally given their lives for the truth and to save others.

    • I agree we are not doomed. They want us to think we are doomed so we give up and consent. Much of it is psychological if they can trick people to consent then they win. But the only ones who consent to this are the people who will be enslaved.

      • Agreed.90% of the state’s power is for the mind. And the ones like fact checker have already given them theirs. They quit before they even start because their minds are ruled by fear. They are the enemy. They may be legion, but I’m not afraid of cowards.

  5. Not true. Many have allowed others to think for them, but not all. What is doomed is the state.

    • Maybe you’re that incompetent, but I’m not. Your words betray you as a coward. Cowards always claim it’s hopeless. Fucking sheeple slave.

      • I just hate cowards. Coward. You can never be free. A free people aren’t fearful, that’s for tyrannical societies. What a loser. Just go take your vaccine since it’s so hopeless. Good little slave.

      • You stupid fuck. Talking about you not taking the vaccine. You buy all the propaganda about the power of the state’s technology, but have no clue about the power of free people. You believe all is lost, because you are ruled by fear. Which makes you a coward. You chose the path of fear and ignorance, and now you want to claim you have a pair. You are disgusting. You are the problem. Because you don’t love liberty enough to die for it. And so you chain yourself.

      • The only frustration I have is putting up with cowards. And you are the enemy. You have already given up. Coward.

        • Amazing dialogue there. It would make for a great scene in a film.
          Corbett always says he wouldn’t be doing it if what we though wasn’t important. We must do whatever it takes to get our heads happy, healthy and together.
          In theory if enough people got together, who think the same as we do, could we create a union?
          A fraternity where we have a certain power.

  6. Side note: what is the best free video downloader out there now for duckduckgo?

  7. You are making generalizations here, perhaps they are based on your feelings and experiences, but cannot make generalizations for humanity as a whole.

    If you have given up, get the vaccine, it will be easier probably. You won’t be asked to explain why you don’t want it or to go through any other effort, just complain about it after the fact.

    Much of war is psychological and if you have a weak mind and give up that makes it much easier for the enemy. I get the feeling you’ve already given up and it seems like you want other people here to give up and that makes me suspicious.

    • We don’t know what it will do and neither do they. It’s an experiment and I’m not consenting to take part in it. I think there will be far more resistance than you predict.

      I do think that there may be economic consequences to this, people will have to create their own economies outside of “the system” and that will be harder for people who aren’t used to this.

      We don’t know how this will play out. That’s a fact. No one can predict the future, so try to stay positive rather than dwell in the doom and gloom. It’s good to know where things are headed so that we can prepare and be ready for worse case scenarios just in case, but not give up by assuming they will win.

  8. I have read down through the thread here and I can agree what you both are saying.

    What if Fact Checker and I Shot Santa are both right, it is just that your perspective of the subject only encompasses what it does.

    The state is weak and this new world order that they are building is going to be even weaker. it isn’t going to last, if they get it and to me it looks like they are going to get it; but maybe the people will yet surprise me and there will be some grand act of providence to go along with it. None the less, their system is going to collapse – it’s end is utter destruction – one solar flare and it will lick the whole technocractic system down in a flash, it will not last, the earth won’t bear it…

    Fact Checker, your analogies are spot on when it comes to the ignorant masses. So many are going to blindly walk right into their pens with no questions asked, many more will do so in fear while knowing something isn’t right, but weakness of will and ignorance leave them blind to what it is exactly that has set up over them.

    But you forgot about those who know about this agenda, and there a good handful of us in myriad forms, and then there are those who are going to know that this bullshit isn’t right and they are not going to take this shit they have coming.

    I wonder at who you are though, your analogies are spot on and yet cold hearted. Makes me wonder, it is because that is your nature or are you one of “them” paying us a visit here on the comment sections.

    I am not sure either way, but the possibility of this jumps out at me.

    We are entering into a time where, lets say,that the wheel of “fortune” is going to spin because the reaction that is going to be coming from the people can not really be calculated – especially the ones who are not going to bow nor consent to this.


    • Continuing on…

      This is the time when the wheat is separated from the chaff and the mask really come off, then will really get to see who is really who.

      In the end these evil “elitist” fools are going to reap everything they have sown. The truth will cover the earth like the water covers the sea and then the judgement seat will be set. We are going to catch and chain this “dragon” that in ancient times fell to earth from heaven(OuterSpace) Everyone is going to have to face the truth of themselves. Those who have been involved in this great work of theirs is not going to like what they see… fucking blind fools!!! Greater fools then even those they have fooled into following them down. The greatest fools of all Creation!

      They will lose all, we will bear the cross of their ignorance and then we will rebuild and find a better way – those of us who make it through the storm and are birthed into the new age through the fires of their destruction.

    • I strongly agree. People can refuse to comply and fight if necessary. Just look at the civil rights movement and the movement in South Africa. There have been other successful movements for freedom. If they would have just given up and rolled over and wallowed in dread, there would have been different outcomes.

      People have the power to say know with all of their beings and succeed.

      • The one thing that distinguishes human beings from other mammals is our ability to reason. However, this is learned, it is not hereditary.

        Your citations of struggle, for civil rights in the US and for the end of apartheid ar all relevant and evidentiary for the claim that we are not cattle nor sheep.

        As Karl Marx noted, “We all make choices we just do not always pick the circumstances under which we make them.”

        I have found those libertarian-nihilists who tell me we are powerless, doomed, etc. are not found struggling for or against anything.

        The computer allows so many to opt out and now with social distancing the pressure is greater.

        If we choose to reason, if we choose to use our critical thinking capabilities we can undue the historical knot.

        The problem is that our choices, as Marx indicated, are not made in a vacuum. We must critique and rebel to find ourselves and another way to live.

        And we must situate our lives within history, not outside of it and surely not in some imaginary world of ‘free markets’.

        H.L. Mencken once said:

        “Ours is a time when people love machines that think and are suspicious of people who try.”

        We are caught up in history. The ruling class now owns everything. The only thing left is organized struggle for individual liberties.

    • Even if you were “one of them,” I wouldn’t expect and honest answer – but I am open to the possibility of it. You do have a cold, calculating way of seeing it and it is a bit reflective of how “they” do see the people, which is why I got that impression. Not saying it is the case because I don’t really know.

      I myself am against violence for the most part but there are particular situations where it is called for. Like the one that is approaching us.

      The way I see it, they are coming with a forced vaccination that is going to be a part of the technocractic transformation of mankind. It is part of this biological control slave grid they are building, which will be a part of the population reduction plan as well.

      So if they keep coming and want to force this shit on people – then I say violence is the only way to deal with this – because you can’t reason with tyrants and neither can you reason with their idiot order followers.
      If enough people stand up to this when they put our backs against the wall, the way I see it is kill or be killed. We really have nothing to lose in light of what they have planned for us. I am not bowing nor consenting to them. I rather die then live in the world they are building and I am not going to be corralled or scared into their bullshit game, so there is a time to fight and that time is approaching. If enough people stand up and bloody their nose so to speak when the vaccine vans start rolling around – then they might have a hard time finding people to go out and enforce this shit – it will demoralize them. If they kill me so be it – but they are not sticking a needle in me or any of my neighbors who don’t want it.

      On the other hand I do see where you are coming from when it comes to those who do promote gun play as you call it, as being agents because it is one of their tactics.But it all depends on the context always, context is always so important.

      I am all for the peaceful solution to this grand problem of this new world order, but the time for that is fast coming to a close. The ignorant masses are dragging all of us into a regretful situation.

      Never agitate for offensive violence, but in defense of ones life, health and liberty, in the right situation, I am all for it and see it as them giving us no other choice.

      So if they want to keep coming…

      • There is no way to plan for everything nor predict everything. As far as “them” administering the vaccine, you’re right, there will be people who really believe in it. Having said that, saying no and refusing and leading by example of resistance including legal and physical will make others refuse.

        Our society has many more followers than leaders, but a good leader can lead to strong resistance.

        I work with the public many times a week in health care. I have done this for years on end and I also know how “the masses” think. Many people are lemmings but there is a surprising number who aren’t. There are many people who say no to vaccines all the time, even people who one might consider “simple” people.

        There’s just no way to plan for every outcome on this scale. This pandemic panic is an exercise I think, social engineering to see what people do. I for one have no plan on getting a vaccine and I’m a nurse, I have the first contact with patients and I know they will try to implement it on us first. I am speaking with an attorney and another doctor about my legal rights in refusing and thus far what I have been told, I have a right to refuse it. So based on my experience of human beings, I think that you are wrong, ie the doom narrative.

        Lack of acknowledgment of the fact that you nor anyone else can make predictions with complete accuracy does raise suspicion as to your motives. Having said that, I doubt government operatives are as complex thinkers as you appear to be.

        • I couldn’t reply at the end of your reply but I have a few coworkers who don’t take flu shots so I really doubt they will be comfortable with this one. The thing about this though is the rush to development and if the mrna vaccine is used that’s experimental so in fact it’s not brave to say no. A person would be a fool to say yes. I don’t think it’s controversial to say no. This is one reason why I will say no because someone after me may also say no a person who was afraid.

          I strongly believe people have a right to refuse medical treatment particularly for this disease which has shown itself not substantially worse than the flu across the board. They have no solid science to support a mandatory vaccine. Not saying that is even justified but this disease is not Ebola or anything that is a real threat to the survival of our species.

          I will let you know when I am successful in refusing and how it went and if it was difficult. This time around I think it will be relatively easy. I could be wrong because I can’t predict the future but this is my guess based.

        • One more thing fact checker. You have no way to know what my employer will do. We have no idea a vaccine will even make it to market. I have to remind myself of this that I have no idea what the future will bring. For all I know I could be run over by a truck but that doesn’t keep me up at night.

          I try to focus on rational thinking and keeping my thoughts away from catastrophic thinking because it’s often wrong and I wasted energy dwelling on negativity.

        • You are right, sometimes, just refusing ends the matter. In 1995, I was in California. I was told that my daughter would have to be vaccinated to go to school. We went to a health center that had been indicated to me. They showed me papers and asked me to sign. I read them and said: you want to vaccinate her, you take the responsibility. That was it. We went out. She did not get the vaccine. She went to school.
          There are many ways to fight. It does not necessarily needs to be physical.

        • katiyi
          Great anecdote!

      • Sure – they have planned for all kinds of things. They bought enough bullets in the past years to shot every American a few times each. But what else is one to do when they keep coming with their technological chains? Bow to them, let them have their way?
        Should one just walk right into the trap? I don’t think so, because what is in that trap is much worse then fighting them and to die doing so. If I can take out a few of them before they get me than I lighten to burden for the rest who choose to stand up to them as well.

        It boggles my mind to see videos of the nazis rounding up people in germany. How there were only a few nazis walking out 20-50 people. They could have stormed them, a few would have died but they could easily overrun them and taken their weapons.

        I agree with you – we do need to know our enemy and know them well – without it we have no compass as how to proceed towards a solution.

        At this point I think we need to form councils and start brainstorming what can be done and then use the resources and skills we have among us to start making provisions for ourselves to live outside of this world they are building and survive past its inevitable destruction.

        • Yes, we do indeed. How could we go about that? Are there other online venues that allow for personal exchange or links to possible groups one someone is vetted to be a real person without nefarious purposes?

          I think we can and will ruin their plans. They don’t think so but they will have a big surprise when their plans fail miserably.

        • cu.h.j,

          I am not quite sure exactly – I do have ideas for now. Derrick Broze set up some site for people to communicate at

          What I think needs to happen is this:
          The time for research and education on these subjects is soon going to come to an end. The internet is going to get shut down or taken over… or if the electricity goes out all of it goes down. None the less, I think all of the real deal researchers need to create an open council where some brainstorming can take place that could act also as a hub for all of the aware people who know what is going on to add to the conversation.

          There are those of us who have land, all who are willing need to stand up across the globe and open up our doors to those who are willing to come and work that land to form communities that can be self-sufficient outside their system.
          There needs to be some vetting process as well to filter out unsavory individuals.

          I am sure we have the resources and skill among us to do this. Many hands make light work and we need to learn how to really react as if this is an unfolding chess game because in reality it is, if people continue to do what they have always done then this isn’t going to change – because the people are not going to wake up in time and so the research and education part of this needs to take a back seat and we need to figure out a way forward and make provisions for ourselves by working together. May be it will all turn into a cluster fuck if it happens – but we need to try and all of the known – true researchers need to stand up and bring their own internet communities together and begin to work out a plan.

          To keep on the research and information path at this point is akin to watching a bomb come in on us – commentating on it, warning about it without ever taking the steps to get the fuck out the way of coming down on our heads.

          To start out I would love to see Corbett, Ryan Cristian, Spiro, Rose and so forth do something of the sort to get things moving in the right direction so those of us in the know who are willing can come forward and offer what resources and skills we have.

        • That would be a good start to do that locally, but beware infiltrators. That is the biggest danger.

        • I agree, infiltrators is the main reason people would be shy about doing something like what I suggested, but there has got to be a way to sus those kind of people out.

          Sure, things would be done on a local level, but just as they have their meetings cfr, bilderberg and such – we should start having our own meetings where we can come together and get some real working solutions together with the whole community of awakened individuals.

          That way people could connect in each country and the land owners among us, if they are willing, could open their doors to people so they can get out of the cities and so forth. If we don’t organize among ourselves we are going to end up divided and scattered when they drop the hammer on us.

          We need to exit from their system and create another way for ourselves.

      • Cowards never see the reason to fight back.

        You believe that just because they say they will do a thing that it is done. That’s not pessimistic; that’s pure cowardice.

      • Well, you haven’t come up with any plans, so you expect things to just fall into your lap? No plan has been spoonfed here so all is lost? That’s what you seem to be saying with all of your posts here. Why don’t you go out there and find some options for yourself instead of just rehashing the doom narrative? Or is your purpose to sow despair here and continue the psychological manipulation of the state? Members of “the herd” sowing despair intentionally or unintentionally is a clever tactic but not everyone is susceptible to this.

        That’s certainly what the state wants people to think and their propaganda is in full force, but this shows me a weakness. I think you are underestimating the resistance and there are many people who will resist this and they will be the ones who live in a free world. Because so much of this bullshit is mental fuckery if you change the way you think options start appearing in your consciousness.

        In fact, JC said humanity needs to change its consciousness and you seem to miss that point. Perhaps a large dose of some mushrooms may help you shift your consciousness and come up with some solutions on your own other than “I will starve to avoid the vaccine”. Start growing some food then, then you won’t starve.

        • For sure instead just starving and laying down to die, why not get yourself a gun and get ready to take some of those shitheads out. If your gonna die then your gonna die, why not die with your boots on.

          Or grow some food… where there is a will there is a way.

  9. James, some time ago we spoke and you said- ‘when we talk about human freedom, what does it mean to be human’? How terrifying/creepy is this? I guess in principle it’s no different than a laugh track, BUT is a step towards removing us again from reality (virtual reality glasses, fake news, fake medicine that causes more harm than good, fake foods w/ GMOs:

    “No fans? Not on FOX Sports.

    Thousands of virtual fans will attend FOX’s MLB games this Saturday.”

    Part 2:

  10. I will continue our discussion started here:

    You evaded my question.
    That means something, maybe answering would end on a terrain unfamiliar to you. Maybe your narrative would lose any sense.

    Your analogy with cattle and ranchers is totally inappropriate.
    Narrative you constructed on analogy can work for awakened people in first stages of awakening, when anger and despair are prevalent.

    It is highly unlikely that something like this will happen.
    Ask yourself why such a enormous effort to propagandize the people. Although conformity makes people pretty much cattle like, still it’s very important what they think. Because unlike cattle they still have the ability to think, maybe not like Einstein or Socrates, but they most of the time know 2+2=4.
    Tptb know they must not relax, they must stamp out black sheep, they must be vigilant, because people can get eureka moment anytime, then they might turn into crowd and eat them alive.

    • I know you are speaking with fact checker but I must tell you that you made an excellent point that Humans are NOT cattle. We do have some animal instincts and undesirable behaviors but still have the capacity for reason and resistance. The Psyop part of this is in part that we are defenseless and they have all the power and that is not true. They need the propaganda and this shows their weakness. A system that is in complete control would not need that.

      • cu.h.j,

        feel free, it’s a public place.

        Constant need for propaganda shows we cannot be truly tamed.

      • They don’t have to trigger your fear. It’s your emotional foundation. All is lost. We don’t stand a chance. Resistance is futile. For you. Just because you don’t have a pair, doesn’t mean others don’t. You make yours the enemy. I’ve seen your type too often. You can’t win assure thing because you don’t have the balls to try. Just take the vaccine. You’ve no passion for liberty anyway.

    • Still no answer and now a different topic.
      Try to be more interactive.

      I’ve seen your reply to cu.h.j
      Your analogy is not good enough and as such helps you construct doom narratives. It’s not so straight forward with predictability of human response on inducing fear as you present.

      Propaganda is a tool for achieving a goal and also, maybe even more important, for preserving achieved.

      I’m also surprised with effectiveness of ‘rona campaign. Actually what is different now is quantity, scale, whole world, but not quality. obama, trump, brexit were about quality.
      Your attitude (“… like robotic lemmings….”) prevents you from seeing how many people don’t respect 6-foot-stupidity, how many people wear mask improperly with nose out and so on. Can this be interpreted as resistance? I doubt you would agree.

      You know, now, probably more then ever we need savvy and empathy, not disdain and hubris that are radiated from you.

      • I have seen this first hand. I have been speaking with the unmasked people more and many people think this is all a bunch of bullshit. These are just regular “normies” that see with their own eyes that there’s no existential threat from Covid. I think there are a lot more people who know this is a lie.

    • The only people I’ve spoken to who are going along are either stupid or followers, the kind that doesn’t question authority. There are many of them out there indeed, but there are more folks unmasked I’m seeing all the time in my area.

      Don’t get me wrong, people in crowds behave differently. Some may not want to be singled out and may not tell you what they think. I think the bulk of this is psychological manipulation.

      I think the best way I remain optimistic is to prepare for various scenarios. Lack of control is the killer of hope and optimism that is necessary for the enjoyment of life (in my opinion). Thus, I am preparing for each scenario, since I don’t know how this will play out. One thing I will say is that I think taking an experimental “vaccine” is a really bad idea, even a rushed “regular” vaccine is a bad idea so I wouldn’t advise doing that to make one’s life easier. The worst of all would be a tattoo vaccine that removed anonymity. Who the hell would do that? I would rather die to be honest and I really enjoy being alive, but I’d take death over that any day.

      If people take an experimental drug or something developed quickly without sufficient testing, they are asking for some potentially life-altering side effects. I like being able to walk for example. Who the heck knows what the side effects may be down the road. I’m not comfortable taking that chance and I think it’s foolish for anyone to risk that. Health is almost everything second to family, in my opinion. I like being able to walk, talk, see and hear, and think. I’m not risking that to resume to “normal” things were never really “normal” anyway. This just showed us what’s really up, like a rude awakening, a slap in the face. Now we know, time to prepare for different scenarios and practice some resistance because it might be the last real choice we make.

    • The majority are your brethren. Ignorant cowardly fools. Go join them. A thousand cowards are no matches for a single free person. How could they be? They run before the first shot is fired. Keep running, coward. Keep rationalizing your cowardice. You serve the beast system because you don’t value freedom. You sicken me.

    • And you do? You quit with the first bit of criticism. Much less pushback. Case in point. You took down all your videos right after our argument here. All because you claim everyone is a slave regardless of anything. Big bad nothing.

    • (I should have kept my mouth shut)

      I quit..criticism….took down all my videos….


      Santa, you need to talk with your dealer, some very bad drugs…take care

  11. alexandre,

    proponent of anarcho-primitivism? 😉

    You just have to be aware how tech can be used against us. Not necessary to the last detail. I think you are aware, so it’s just a matter of walk the talk.

    Cryptography is important technology that can protect us. Hide your messages in cypher and they can please you orally. Of course, we can go further what are their possibilities. At the end, it’s a game of a gun maker and armor maker, who will win. The one who won’t give up.

    • alexandre,

      I guess one of technologies you are against is also internet. No doubt, there is a lot of pure evil about it, but….

      back in the day, pre-internet era, I wanted to get some information. It was not available in my library, so I had to go to national university library. Then I had to search through cards, thanks god, librarians were cool.
      It was endeavor. Imagine if library hadn’t been in my home town.
      Today, a lot is at my fingertips. Not everything, because if you can find everything on internet your horizons are narrow.

      I think I would be very different person without internet, I became better with.

  12. Fact Checker,

    “I suspect Earth was seeded with invasive AI to wipe out the dominant species. This program tempted humans with with convenience and instant gratification”

    Mmmm, instant gratification….interesting…but that’s not new.
    It started nearly a century ago. When Needs were replaced by Wants and Desires. Barneys created a cripple: Super-Id, narcissistic Ego, atrophied superego.

    What was the main purpose of cripple creation?
    Creation of Consumer, a creature that will mop up all the crap corporations aka capitalism is producing.

  13. It’s really interesting this interview. I was actually thinking today that there is a definite parallel between state power and religious power, so the father is there to take care of us. I don’t mean spiritual, that’s another story. Somehow humans have hypertrophied the tendency to need a father and a mother all of their lives, this kind of authority and caring figure who replaces your parents when you grow up, so you don’t grow too much.
    Lately the definition of conspiracy theorist is much like someone who is more informed than you.
    I totally agree that people need to have a revolution of consciousness, first because I don’t see people having firm roots on the path and the objective, specially these days, so they get fooled by the first Trump, or I don’t know who, who promises to deliver something they don’t know exactly what it is because they know something is not right but they didn’t got to the bottom of it.
    I think Corbett’s work is exceptionally important and inspiring also. The only downside to me personally is that sometimes I get overwhelmed by the things he does, I’m not so far ahead in my liberation yet to be able to only do what I want and sometimes I can’t figure out how he manages to have the time to do such an extensive work and I feel disappointed with myself for not being able to get to where I know I want to be… But still, I think I need to figure out my way.

    • Don’t despair over where you are. Just seek truth and you will find it. But leave fear in a ditch. It’s a useless emotion.

  14. I’m in Spain too. It’s really amazing the situation in here and I think you must have into account that not everyone who was under Franco’s rule was unhappy about it, some people like this authoritarian figures and like this environment when they feel unsafe, because they don’t trust themselves or the others. Spain has gone through a very big campaign of fear. Some of these people have been educated through fascist values or by parents who have been educated during that time, they don’t even recognize fascism when they see it but they have reception to it.
    Right now some doctors are protesting about the current situation “médicos por la verdad”, but you can only expect limited things from them, they will still be doctors in the end of the day.

    I work in Spain for four years now and my experience is that the approach of these subjects in general, available in spanish (because lots of people don’t speak English) is quite superficial or new agie for my taste. Nevertheless there is a blog from a guy, whose name is Jesús García Blanca, called saludypoder that makes some interesting questions and tries to teach a little bit of logical thinking which I unfortunately think is more and more far away in the horizon.

    Considering the pollution of Barcelona and Madrid, the changes and the protocols, the clinical studies that have been in here, the numbers scare people and no one asks where they come from. People where divides before and they are used to either be pro catalan government or pro Spanish government. The duality of the social and political war they were in. I think this is being taken advantage of and the numbers in Spain are deliberate because of this situation. Everyone here is historical waiting for that “vaccine” they don’t stop listening being advertised 24 hour a day in the radio and every tv channel.
    Mandatory masks everywhere and very shitty economic situations being created by this is going to make of Spain one of the sites where they are going to test that shit.

    • All fascism, be it Franco’s or Mussolini’s, Hitler’s or Hirohito’s, Trump’s or the American Bund created longing for a mythological past. One that is created through hierarchical ideology.

      The one very strong component of fascism is the ruling class’s dreams of the return of a mythological past.

      This one of the appeals of fascist thinking, from the monarchical fascists and self-proclaimed primitive fascists to the Dark Enlightenment fascists.

      Mussolini promised a new Caesar and Rome,Hitler a mythological past of blood rights and Valkerie.

      We see this now with neo-fascism in Europe and the US. Steve Bannon harkens back to Julius Evola’s dreams of a mythological path. A medieval social structure of those who rule, those who pray and those who work.

    • I want to run around to every single yard in my town with the Black Lives Matter sign (about 90 percent of the town) and put a sign right next to it:


      Or I want to make a bumper sticker that says


      It just gives you an idea how LITTLE to NOTHING people know about the vaccine issue.

      I will confess – I knew nothing about it either until started watching links from covid videos. Holy Cow! It’s crazy.

      And people cannot accuse anyone of conspiracy theory because it’s right there = all true. No woo hoo – all facts.

      I think the vaccine situation is getting more play. It’s the one hope I have at being able to do some battle in this craziness.

    • Yes, I can see it perfectly because I am Portuguese and I don’t have a sentimental attachment to this Catalan story, maybe it started good but the fact that it is a top down movement spoiled it. I never trusted government, because my government is so utterly corrupt that I needed to be totally idiot to do it…
      I think this movement of “médicos por la verdad” os going to go in the same way
      People are expecting doctors to tell them what to do instead of learning to take responsibility for their health. Nevertheless there are manifestations in Basque country and other places that we don’t know about because the press doesn’t mention and when it does it’s to picture this people as fascist…it’s a sad state of affairs I have been caught twice by police without a mask and called out the police for criticizing a woman for wearing a mask in her chin when the policewoman who was calling her out was using it under her nose. The policeman who was with her told me to shut up unless I wanted a fee for not using it, how did I dare to defeat authority.
      These people don’t even see what is wrong with their line of thinking…
      The problem with the movement that is being generated in Spain is that Spain as a whole is a bit childish and is waiting for authority being it to tell them what to do or what not to do, always from.doctors, because they are scared, they either want the mainstream doctors or the alternative but please don’t take away mama and daddy.
      There are people who have doubts, more profund but you cannot call it a movement yet. Too few.
      Like Corbett said, the revolution of consciousness is the most important part. Let’s hope it arrives, I am trying to do my best from my part to activate logic in people’s minds but lately, and it’s not only in Spain, I feel that people are so full of information that they don’t receive yours anymore. The other day a friend told me I was gaslighting him, I didn’t know what that was but I thought. Oh my God. This is where we are getting at. It’s not that the information is not out there is that people have been literally programed not to receive it. And it’s an ego question, they don’t want to be the conspiracy theorist…

      • I agree with you. I met great people here too, it’s just they don’t represent the sadly unavoidable culturized mass of this country (the one you find slightly different in each country and the one about which you can generalize a bit), but then again portugal has it’s problems too and england also, where I lived for a year. so I totally agree with you. One needs to get out of their culture and start to find out what kind of shit they have been fed with to a start, then a much bigger journey can start:)

  15. Anecdote
    Yesterday, I had a friend and coworker (“ex-coworker” since our company is no longer) text me. He said that he has been watching The Corbett Report.
    He had to think back…“Who was it that told me about Corbett?”.
    While rap and the culture which goes with it is not my bailiwick, this guy has long been known on a true grassroots level in my area, with a relatively large following.
    He does come up with some good script.
    For years, I heard him practice while we worked.

    • A friend reached out to me after I’d been posting CR Gates series on my Facebook page, she said that her and her partner, who happens to be a BAFTA award winner for his documentary exposing witchcraft and they love the Corbett report. It really is a quality bunch of fans.

      • Oh! That is cool! Cool! Cool!

  16. Derrick Broze calling out misinformation in the “Truther Community”

    I really appreciate Derrick for many of his attributes, especially his on the ground activism and reporting.
    (I am getting ready for August 8th Activism.)(And his coming reporting of August 6th, 7th – Fluoride)

    Derrick always has good graces in his approach, but he will call it as he sees it.

    I am so very glad Derrick is bringing up Jeff Berwick The Dollar Vigilante

    I watched as Jeff deliberately gets into a fist fight at a party during Anarchapulco 2020.

    • The other day,
      Fawlty Towers said:
      “On this propaganda theme.
      Just a notice for others to be on the lookout for the
      ‘president of Ghana’ video circulating on the net now.

      It’s giving us truthers a bad name. Don’t pass it around!

      1. It is NOT the president of Ghana who is talking.
      2. The man is not reading a document taken from the Rockefeller
      Foundation website.

      Dollar Vigilante (Jeff B.) and Clive de Carle skipped any fact-checking
      on this and have included the fake propaganda in their recent videos.”

      • I have a local Texas friend who has a large amount of money.
        Years ago we were chatting. He knows Berwick and he knows people who were screwed out of money by Berwick. There were a variety of shady dealings.
        He was telling me how Jeff Berwick took him around to the girlie dance clubs with heavy, heavy partying during an Anarchapulco event (circa 2015 I think).
        I think that Jeff has some issues.

        • What is it? Can you give us a brief description of what the video is about?

          • Yes sure, it appears to be a group of Doctors and one in particular who has treated all her patients with Hydrochloroquin, zinc and some other medicine and hasn’t lost any patients. The title is “American Doctors Address COVID-19 Misinformation with SCOTUS Press Conference”.

            Seems quite interesting. It was on Facebook but suspect it will be taken down shortly.

            • Yeah, I just watched that this morning. Home Remedy Supply posted a link to it earlier in another thread.
              Hopefully if people hear the truth enough times they might start to believe it.

      • His Remedy Stores. After watching TDV for a while I begun to have the same thoughts as yourself.
        At best he is a source of entertainment and worst a fear salesman. He can be very cold hearted and offers very little in the way of solutions, unless you count buying bitcoin, gold and monero through him, real estate from his friends in Mexico or perhaps helping him on his solar powered yacht.
        Plus I’m always wary of men with dog children.
        He is off my Xmas card list

  17. I love the humor! I caught it right away. Quick wit.

  18. People have to change their consciousness. This you and I agree with, James.

    It is not about fighting ‘good and evil’.

    It is a class struggle.

    Real conscious-raising comes with struggle against that which is oppressive, be it spying technology, social arrangements, economic oppression, biological eugenics, etc., while at the same time struggling for that which is voluntary and non-oppressive.

    And this struggle takes place ‘with’ people, not alone watching videos, as I am sure you would agree. Knowledge only offers one that benefits of power. Action is needed. Critical decisive action.

    The problem as I see it is that liberation of the mind, not just liberation of social constraints, is earned and learned.

    With the means of technology, the means of production, in the hands of a small socio-centric psychopathic class, technology will always be used against us.

    And they are an organized class, globally, bigger than anything the Pharaohs could imagine.

    Only when we liberate the means of production from the control of the elites will we also unchain our mind. This cannot be done through solo individual efforts.

    Collectivism in the form of struggle against fascism and totalitarianism is a must to throw off the current social order. Organized action.

    And it is the means to assure voluntarism as another epoch or development in human society. It is dialectic — collectivism, as struggle against oppression liberates the mind to engage in ideas, such as agorism.

    But this is the point of view of anarcho-syndicalism.

    It is not enough to know your enemy, it is as important to unite with others and fight them. The problem with libertarian thinking is that if offers really no solution (other than a few consumer considerations) to what are giant economic and social problems.

    Without struggle, consciousness will continue to decline as the forces of production race ahead to entrap humanity within the steel jaws of enormous concentration wealth.

    Struggle is consciousness.

    • Thanks for posting this.
      #ExposeBillGates August 8th.

      I did 50 flyers on the last one.

      I also want to mention that people can purchase an online ad at their local newspaper to link to

  19. whoa dude, look at that thing!! woo… the gradient shadow background, trippy.

    so ya got me wondering, what else is out there… Scientists launch major new search for alien life in hope of finding evidence of extraterrestrials
    disinfo warning: mexico aint where the vla (very large array) is located, the telescopes are in new mexico

    also wondered if theres a connection of some sort between harry reid & laurance rockefeller — search engine query top result, im not exactly surprised… cia/dia stargate project operative Dr. Hal Puthoff Addresses the Society for Scientific Exploration

    The SSE is no stranger to the subject of UFOs. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena is just a new acronym for UFOs. Back a couple of decades ago Peter Sturrock – one of our founding members of SSE – arranged with (Laurance) Rockefeller to hold a weeklong workshop at the Rockefeller residence. We brought in the best of the UFO researchers, and then a panel of independent experts, and had a weeklong discussion of physical evidence related to UFO objects of which there’s a significant amount of data. Laurance Rockefeller hosted the whole thing. It was a wonderful meeting.

    … One of the reasons why it’s attracted attention at this point is the quality of the sources going public. Ex-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is the one who initiated the program. Top-rated F-18 pilots who encountered Advanced Aerospace Vehicles at close range were permitted to come forward and tell their stories, which up till now they hadn’t because they didn’t want to lose their flight status by reporting what they had found, at least publicly. And a number of significant Department of Defense and intelligence community officials have come forward to talk about the reality of this phenomena and the fact that there were programs going on. The program was nicknamed Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). People have had trouble trying to get documents out of the Pentagon by saying they want all documents on AATIP, and they have a hard time because that wasn’t the actual name of the program. “Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Application Program” is the actual name of the program. But AATIP was the nickname it went by.

    It began in June of 2007. The Defense Intelligence Agency was concerned about the fact that obvious observation had shown that Advanced Aerospace Vehicles – crafts, or drones of unknown origin, were flying all over the United States, over waters, in fact globally as was the case. So a Congressional budget was approved to address the issue behind the scenes. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid from Nevada was the one who was the initiator of the program, joined by Senator Inouye and Senator Stevens. These are the people who generally approve programs that were in the black, under high security, behind the scenes, and so they set up this program.

    • lori was the sister of killary’s mother. rocky racoon had a heart attack when he read the news oh boy, about unlucky mikey & the cannibals… nobody was really sure if he was from the house of lords.

  20. it’s regressed to witch burnin times. 10 people? safe!!!!! 15 people? virus!!!! petting dog. virus!!! petting pussy? virus!!!! try a gloryhole! lined up at restaurant? virus!!! sitting in restaurant? safe!!!!! it’s pure madness. pure manipulation. masks versus faces. trumps versus bidens. rats versus super cute ferrets. jalapenos versus scotch bonnets. carrots (easy win) versus parsnips. it’s saturday night dang nammit. gonna think about a wee bowl and the company of my gal and the furry folk. (not those furrys)

  21. I think it’s hysterical, too.

    But, y’know, it’s hard to laugh wearing a mask.

  22. Wearing the mask days you are a coward. Take your vaccine. We don’t need cowards.

    • Jim Bob,
      FlyingAxblade is my friend. I know from where he is coming from.
      There are some things of which most folks are not aware.
      By the way, he can throw those axes and do the simulations.
      Jim, trust me on this one…I’ll catch ya on another thread with skinny.

      • Those axes will do no good without the will to use them. He preaches despair. I’d gather my life would be considered a hard one, but I’ve never preached defeatism. No matter the excuse,those who submit are the enemy.

          • Can’t go wrong with iron maiden!

        • You guys do not understand the entire situation in this particular case.
          If you did, you would shut up.
          It would be like beating a little puppy and then throwing it off a cliff.
          I’ll address it later.

            • [SNIP – @ I Shot Santa: One of the very few rules of this comment section is that there are no ad hominem attacks on other commenters allowed. You have frequently and flagrantly violated this rule. This is your one and only warning to stop the personal attacks now. -JC]

            • And I one last thing. This is just the build up. There’s going to be unimaginable blood spilled. If he can’t take some words on a comment page,he’s already dead. His defeatist attitude is a cancer. Which spreads. But I should just let him spread it. And you can shove that baby killer bullshit up your kumbaya ass. Now take your moral pedestal and shove it right along with your baby killing bullshit.

          • He’s on a public forum. Preaching defeat. If the puppy is rabid,I’d throw it off a cliff myself. We all have our problems, but if he can’t handle this,then he should just shut up with his all is lost BS. There’s others besides him. Should they be forced to listen to a defeatist?

            • Jim Bob,
              Long have you been a friend, but…
              You are becoming a heartless asshole and are losing your humanity.
              I told you earlier that I would explain on another thread to appeal to your understanding and compassion.
              You do not wish understanding, only insults and death.
              Stay in the swamp. Humanity doesn’t need your kind.

              I am for humanity.
              You are for eugenics.
              This is by your own words.
              You have no idea whatsoever of the situation. You want to murder infants, because they do not meet your expectations.

            • Jim Bob,
              Only an asshole does not wish understanding.
              By your own words.
              You are a sheeple.
              You do not want to know the whole story.
              You only want what confirms your preconceived ideas.

  23. You say that as if their laws matter.

  24. Surveillance valley goes even deeper into its creation.

  25. I only harm those who harm others. I don’t think you are the type I would target.

  26. Funny! It’s not like I even know what country you live in. Oh, your mask is crooked!

  27. We don’t need no water
    Let the mother f#cker burn!
    Burn mother f#cker burn!

    Yes,a well mis-spent youth clubbing.

  28. There are always rebels. There are few of them. But they exist. Always. That is also human nature.

  29. That was very interesting interview.

    The notion of starting position on transition to free society…haven’t heard that yet from James.
    Extremely important question, hard one, actually is another hard question in disguise….bravo…the art of presentation.

    For transition word overgrow is nice, it’s just not specific enough, overgrow what, how.
    I like the idea of overgrowing the present system of control. We would like to be in control of things that concern us. That would be very natural, indeed.

    Disruptive technologies, ok, helps

    What an interesting thought: technology tend to change the manner in which we relate to each other

    Once upon a time a guy said approximately: development of society is related to the development of means of production

  30. Thank you. Yes, it is interesting!

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