Interview 1574 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome back to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Robocop Is Here – New Police Helmet Scans For COVID-19, Biometrics

Police Use Facial Recognition Smart Helmets To Conduct Indiscriminate Surveillance At Airports

WNEM TV5 Video: Flint Bishop Becomes First US Airport To Deploy New Technology to Fight Spread of COVID-19

Remember the Plot of ‘Robocop’: Tech Corp Takes Over Detroit’s Police Department

Story #2: Full Membership List of the CNP – The Christian Right’s Secretive, Powerful Council for National Policy – Published For the First Time

PDF: “Council for National Policy Member List”

‘Urgent’ Request Sent to States In Push for Coronavirus Vaccine Delivery By Nov. 1

Story #3: Lawsuit Targets BofA, Credit Suisse, Bayer Over Disastrous Monsanto Acquisition

The Hidden History of Bayer

Bayer + Monsanto = A Match Made in Hell

Media Monarchy Search Results: Bayer + Monsanto

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  1. Great point that predictive programming is not the be all and end all of the use of movies. Often it can simply be a writer carrying things out to their logical end. I recall watching Brazil from Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam. Opening scene with a news broadcast having a politician talk about the war on ‘terror’ describing it in sporting terms. Came out in the early 80s, but you would imagine that almost predicted the new norm in the wake of 911. But really it may just be a smart character with an understanding of political science, seeing the forest for the trees even back then.

  2. There is a radical difference between “science” and “scientists”. They are not the same as one is based on evidence and the other on paychecks. Equating the two is deception.
    I recommend groups like the Thunderbolts Project that point this out clearly and with evidence.

    • Correct. Anti-science is as bad as scientism.

      Science is a process one can trust through verification. So trust science but not all scientists

      Sad few even understand the scientific method.

      Very little critical thinking is prevalent today,in our post-enlightenment world of disenchantment and oppression.

      As to technology and technocracy: as long as the means of production, the technology of life, is privately owned by a few corporations it wil be used to oppress not to free

  3. Ewok Dance Party

    At the end of September 3rd’s “Interview 1574 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato – COVID Robocops Arrive in Michigan ,
    Corbett says:
    ”…if we ever start an idiom duo act, we should call it Ewok Dance Party”.

    “Idiom” has a variety of definitions which is appropriate for the word itself.

    Idiom – DEFINITION #5 – A style of artistic expression characteristic of a particular individual, school, period, or medium:
    e.g. – the idiom of the French impressionists; the punk rock idiom.

    Derivations – [1565–75; < Latin idiōma < Greek idíōma peculiarity, specific property]
    [Late Latin idiōma, idiōmat-, from Greek, from idiousthai, to make one's own, from idios, own, personal, private;]

    CONTEXT – “Ewok Dance Party” – analogy

    Around the 19 minute mark,
    Corbett discusses the “good news” of the continuing collapse of Bayer/Monsanto,
    “…Generally speaking a large corporate EMPIRE like this does not just go down without machinations (meaning “plots” or “schemes”) behind the scenes…”

    “…I can see the EWOKS dancing around the funeral pyre of DARTH BAYER…
    …and I feel like the Jedi on the side.
    I know this isn’t the end of the story…the full ultimate victory of good over evil, it’s not quite complete.
    But I am not going to sit there and spoil the Ewok’s Dance Party, because we need something like that at this time….”

    Then Corbett talks about the value of educating the public.

  4. Robocop (1987) : “I’ll buy that for a dollar!”

    Annie (1982) : “You bet your bottom dollar!”

    Time Bandits (1981) : “Your money or your life!”

      • Hey HRS,

        I don’t want to take you away from your good works here on TCR, but I’d wager you might like some of the conversations on, especially if you like learning new things, current events, discussing ideas you won’t find most other places, educating/debating tribalists, and finding creative ways to smack down asstrolls. The larger the site gets the more folks above the tribalist nonsense are necessary to teach the sheeple how to wake the flock up.

        Recently I’ve been trying to raise funds for WikiSpooks and we’re developing a new roadmap under the new WikiSpooks management with crossover WikiSpooks/SaidIt community projects, etc. It’s not a pressing urgent story, but if you have the inclination, maybe you can lean on Corbett to interview Robin, the new lead admin of WikiSpooks and/or magnora7 the founder/admin of SaidIt who’s an expert on the Rothschilds, and of course Reddit/social media – and now DDoS attacks.

        This fall I aim to finish my project’s first draft, and then I’ll be sharing it everywhere, far and wide, getting everyone on board with the concepts, seeking feedback, and building support to take it up to the next levels. I know that’s cryptic, but it will make more sense when a first draft is completed. Maybe even JC might review it, or at least mention it as an example of a subversive cautionary tale.

        NOT to be confused with Jason Goodman.

        • Cool Jason. I’ll give it a lookover.
          Thanks for the tip!

    • belushi (no idea i was as stoned as john): “how much for the women ?”

      • “How much for the women ?”

        circa 1980
        The Blues Brothers are trying to recruit another band member who works at a posh restaurant.
        “Joliet” Jake and Elwood Blues (John Belushi & Dan Aykroyd) employ disgusting manners in order to convince/extort the employee to rejoin the band.
        (3 1/2 minutes)

        The story is a tale of redemption for paroled convict Jake and his blood brother Elwood, who set out on “a mission from God” to save from foreclosure the Catholic orphanage in which they were raised.
        To do so, they must reunite their R&B band and organize a performance to earn $5,000 needed to pay the orphanage’s property tax bill.

    • The push is likely motivated, in part, by market concerns. China is already offering its vaccine to countries whose tallied populations exceed 3 billion. Russia announced that they have a vaccine ready to go. No doubt, those heavily invested in the potential profits, Fouchi, Gates, the CDC themselves to name a few front line profiteers are anxiously watching their coveted multi-billion dollar vaccine pie being carved up by ChiComs and the Russian interlopers.

  5. Looks like Bayer needs to label Roundup as a “Covid Vaccine” so they get immunity. These execs need to be fired for simply not having basic damage control strategies. :/

    If you’re looking for things that you personally can do to scale back the influence/wealth of the powerful (In the US, Russia, China or anywhere else.), AND at the same time increase your own, start with these 10 things:
    1) Save at LEAST 10% of all you earn. If you are not saving at least that amount you are no better than a slave living for what your master gives you to eat! (Get yourself a free PDF copy of “The Richest Man in Babylon”: Easiest book you’ll ever read on personal finance and is taught in parable so enjoyable to read as well.)
    2) Keep your uninvested money in physical form. Either in Gold, Silver or, more pragmatically, physical currency (Remember in the most recent financial panics in the US (2008), Cyprus (2012), Greece (2015), etc. people were trying to get physical cash, not Gold or Silver.). If you must use the banking system only use Credit Unions or Savings and Loans. Keep only as much currency in it as you need for expenses over the course of a couple of weeks or a month tops (Business owners will need more because of tax and logistical reasons.).
    3) Read “The Politics of Obedience”. It will open your eyes to more possibilities of action than I couldn’t possibly list here. It is very easy to read (Half hour if you read REAL slow. 1 Hour, also if you read slow, if you include the forward by Rothbard).:
    4) If you’re a wage slave paying down a lot of debt talk to an attorney about bankruptcy. You are doing your patriotic duty by not repaying banks. Fractional reserve banking is fraud so don’t lose a single nights sleep if you don’t repay another cent of it! (
    5) Speaking of being a wage slave, if you’re getting a refund at the end of the year then you need to change your withholding status so you OWE at the end of the year. Why give the government a free loan for a year while you are paying 100+% from a payday lender?!?! Society trains you to be a slave, that doesn’t mean you actually have to be one!
    6) When possible use physical cash when you purchase things. This helps by a) making it hard for the powerful to profile you and add you to their metadata. b) allows those so inclined to reduce the power of government by being “tax neutral”. c) supports the poor by making merchants obligated to accept cash through your free market choice to use currency, as opposed to governments tyrannically passing laws forcing merchants to accept it (

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    • Good advice but most people do not have two nickles to rub together.

      The best thing to do is overthrow the existing order.

    • Tucker is a nice,little fascist who promotes Proud Boys.

      James, the CNP has been around for over thirty years and it is far more extensive than reported by Max Blumenthal at Grayzone.

      Here is a site for viewers to see exactly who and what they are.

      There are nine parts.

      Yep, Alex Jones is a member.

      Members of the CNP have included: General John Singlaub, shipping magnate J. Peter Grace, Edwin J. Feulner Jr of the Heritage Foundation, Rev. Pat Robertson of the Christian Broadcasting Network, Jerry Falwell, U.S. Senator Trent Lott, Southern Baptist Convention activists and retired Texas Court of Appeals Judge Paul Pressler, lawyer and paleoconservative activist Michael Peroutka,[8] Reverend Paige Patterson,[9] Senator Don Nickles, former United States Attorneys General Edwin Meese and John Ashcroft, gun-rights activist Larry Pratt, Col. Oliver North, Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, philanthropist Elsa Prince (mother of Blackwater founder and former CEO Erik Prince and Trump Administration Secretary of Education Betsy Devos), and former California State Assemblyman Steve Baldwin

      What Grayzone published has been knowledge since 2016.

      They are ascending. Almost all of Trump’s administration is a member or connected to CNP.

      Paul Weyrich, along with William S. Lind, both are fascists and admitted Christian monarchists.

      They have pushed the whole idea of ‘cultural marxism’ and have used this meme to divide America and beyond.

      In Lind’s 2014 novel “Victoria,” knights wearing crusader’s crosses and singing Christian hymns brutally slay the politically correct faculty at Dartmouth College, the main character’s (and Mr. Lind’s) alma mater. “The work of slaughter went quickly,” the narrator says. “In less than five minutes of screams, shrieks and howls, it was all over. The floor ran deep with the bowels of cultural Marxism.”

      They are Christian, theocratic fascists and they are driving US policy.

      They are the antithesis to the CFR. Hardly no one knows who they are but they are responsible for the narrative regarding war.

      Domestically, see Anders Breivik, the maniac from Norway is a good example and follower of CNP.

      They are mainlined within the culture of the US.

      • “They are Christian, theocratic fascists and they are driving US policy.”

        I’ve been learning about various christian movements the last few weeks: the most recent being the National Reform Association who wants to put God and Jesus Christ into the US Constitution. Apparently, all the societal chaos is because America has veered from her “christian roots”. If we would all just get on the same page (chapter and verse!) and get a theocracy established, then God will shine his face upon us and bless us. But what I’d like to know is what will they do with all of us who take issue with the dualist philosophical premises which guide their biblical interpretations? History teaches us over and over again that bloody outcome. God forbid these people get a foothold.

        • Yep,these evangelical Zionist Christians with their play book mysticism hide behind billionaire non profits.

          You might wish to read Leo Strauss. Strauss was a philosopher who taught at the Chicago School,same school the neocons graduated from.

          Strauss represents what the Christian fundamentalists believe and advocate. That people need religion. That they are uncontrollable without religion. Strauss is the philosopher of the 20th century that, like most dictator whisperers, tell rulers how to use religion to tame a mass of people.

          Strauss said he could read Plato and find the clues to control of the masses of people. No kidding.

          Of course, as Falwell Jr. has revealed once again and what we know, these people are not Christians, they do not believe in helping the wretched of the earth: they are the wretched of the earth.

          Sinclair Lewis wrote: It Can’t Happen Here, in 1932, regarding fascism in the US. He stated that fascism will come to America in the form of a cross wrapped in an American Flag.

          Boy was he right.

          All part of the big lie

          “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

          — William Casey, CIA director, February 1981

          • Excellent summation, weilunion.

            “Strauss said he could read Plato and find the clues to control of the masses of people. No kidding.”

            Yep, exactly. Masterfully subtle and insidious doctrine.

    • Mkey,
      That Tucker video hit on a lot of good points.
      It is nice to see in this Tucker facet of the mainstream media, WHO and Bill Gates are demonized, along with other authoritarians and their charade.

    • I watched this too. I liked it. Sometimes I think he does some good shows for an MSM talking head. To be honest, I like Tucker’s show sometimes, especially the ones he did on the lockdowns.

  6. Bayers acquisition of Monsanto is really Monsanto’s acquisition of Bayer.
    How does a corporate board most easily cover its trail of mass human poisoning. Ans: by way of fake corporate acquisition & then change jobs.
    What are ex-Monsanto board members doing now? Sitting on which other boards? Working for the CDC as policy makers? Taking adrenochrome?
    Is Bayer too big to fail? Did Volkswagen merit a $14 billion fine by a US court for building super efficient high mileage diesels? Can VW fail?
    Mercedes quality collasped after it acquired Chrysler. Wonder of wonders.

  7. If we take the vaccine, and it kills us along with the virus, will the CDC say that the vaccine worked?

  8. I am all for vaccination free choice. But…. seems to me, in order to avoid the vaccine, one would need to establish a new economy and a new community in a new area totally separate from the “regular” world. I note that Derek Brose of The Conscious Resistance is intending to do just that by purchasing land in Mexico and moving there permanently with others of like mind.

    I’m not doing that. And I expect the time will come when all ares outside my door will be OFF LIMITS unless I am deemed COVID SAFE.

    I would be interested to hear opinions and possible strategies to deal with the above scenario while remaining vaccine free.

    • yes, I’m with you 100% on this one. I’m glad I’ve had some guns I bought in the past because they have been harder to get lately here in the US.

      • I am with ya’ll.
        I still have a small “purse” or “sock” gun which I bought 30 years ago.
        I want something larger.
        I was talking to my son the other day who has a war chest and connections to other people who have guns.
        I’m seeing if one of the kids in his family wants to sell me one of their extra guns. The 12 year old boy might…he’s got a rack full of guns.

        Pulling a gun on someone is something I hate.
        I once had to.
        (Thieves had grabbed a $1,000 cash. It was dark. They wouldn’t give it up. It got intense.)

        I really like to avoid dead bodies. Mine and others.
        So, I just really don’t want to get into a scene where I need to pull a gun.
        Pulling a gun…That is the last Tower in the castle. (The Donjon or keep.)

        That’s why I want to do what I can to inform others now.
        Right now, that is the solution which is best.

        It is not a solution to do nothing now to better things, while just waiting till things get worse then trying to solve it with a gun.

        • In my opinion, it’s good to have a gun as a backup. I really believe people have the right to bodily autonomy and freedom from physical harm like and that the right to self-defense is a natural law. Thus, since in the US we have a constitutional amendment to bear arms, might as well use it this time.

          Violence has been with humanity for a long time, and the state doesn’t have a monopoly on it, in my opinion. The fact is that people don’t want to risk their safety and comfort and the army won’t be forcing US citizens to get a vaccine if they know that US citizens will stand up for themselves, including using violence to do so.

    • How about getting a vaccine exemption from a doctor. I’ve had bad reactions to vaccines, so got one for myself. If they don’t listen to it, I’m going to get an attorney. If that doesn’t work, if they try to force me, I’m going to pull out my guns and go out in a gunfight because to me a forced vaccine is akin to rape and I won’t let anyone do that to me.

      • But I don’t think not getting the vaccine is the problem.

        The problem will be when they say “OK, you have a medical or religious exemption. Fine. You don’t have to get the vaccine”

        BUT – without your vaccine certification/covi pass you will not be able to board a train, plane, boat, subway, bus. You will not be allowed in doctors’s office, hospital, school, maybe/probably your job, and the list goes on and on.

        I’m not worried about not getting the jab. But I do contemplate how I will negotiate life without it. My only concern is monetary. Will they really be able to control my finances.

        I will not worry excessively today. But I will try to prepare and plan.

        I don’t see myself buying land in Mexico either. But you never know.

        • Not getting vaccine. I realize this may affect my life in not being able to travel, etc. At 70 years old with health issues, it is easy for me to say there are things worse than death.

          I don’t have a gun, but rather wish I did right now.
          I would shoot someone trying to force a vaccine on me.

          • Guns are not the be-all and end-all of weapons, they are just relatively humane. Plenty of improvised weapons can do the job, for example if someone is permanently blinded in both eyes they will not be administering vaccines for the remainder of their lives.

            • That’s very old testament of you. But to disagree would be foolish.

        • Those are good questions. As far as I know, that is illegal and it would be great to speak with an attorney.

    • My vote is on a semi automatic combat rifle. You probably will not need that much ammunition, at least past training purposes.

      • The AR platform is excellent, lightweight, accurate, relatively easy to shoot. M1 carbene is also good, not as good as the AR but perhaps easier to obtain now. Lightweight rifles are easier to use for women and other people who are smaller framed with less musculature.

  9. remember when it was common knowledge that invading Afghanistan was fool hardy at best. that empires literally died there. i believe they called it the death of empires or some shit. i remember zbigniew bragging how he drew the russians into a quagmire there……yet…. the same fella, with face straight. advised the managers to do the same thing. hmmmm. kinda strange…..

  10. Agreed, James that anarchism is the goal. But there are very different flavors of this word we call ‘anarchism’.

    For social libertarians one could watch the following video and find out what we mean.

    The issue is not the model society, it is the fight to get there. Anarchism will be a stage of historical development and we probably will never see it, though we fight for it.

    • the start screen not boding well for the video sir. i will press play hoping for an explanation.

  11. chat needs a widget. back way back tragedy and hope had an ok one. james

  12. Perspective of a Croatian living in Iceland
    visiting Berlin on August 29th

    I enjoy your demeanor, perspective and how you inform us about different things.
    I was curious about Iceland. Wow!

    I’m still watching. Had to take a break.

    • March 19, 2018
      Corbett Report’s 7 minute report
      China Banning People From Transit for Bad “Social Credit” Scores

      The slow-motion train wreck of “social credit” systems and the “gamification” of society has moved to the next stage.
      Now the Chinese government is going to start barring people from flying or riding trains if their social credit score is not up to snuff.
      China may be the test case for these ideas, but they’re already being rolled out in other countries.
      So what are we going to do about it?

      The emphatic tone in Corbett’s voice highlights the fact that this World agenda was not “hidden”.
      (7 minutes)

  13. Still waiting for that film literature order episode on AKIRA guys 🙂

  14. An enormous number of Trump supporters aren’t lining up for a ‘Trump vaccine’.
    They don’t even view it as a ‘Trump vaccine’ – they view it as an untrustworthy pharma/gates/fauci ‘vaccine’ being pushed by the ‘left’, and they view Trump’s Operation Warp Speed as nothing more than strategy & appeasement (the same reasons he stopped mentioning Hydroxychloroquine – strategy & appeasement).

    Trump has heavily pushed therapeutics. He knows most of his supporters are anti-vaccine. Which you can observe for yourself by watching Trump rallies where he mentions vaccine progress and only a tiny segment of the crowd applauds.

    And virtually every single time Trump mentions vaccine progress, you can see his reluctance & lack of genuine enthusiasm, and you can see him immediately draw attention therapeutics, and state with genuine enthusiasm that they are as promising, if not more promising, than a vaccine. And he frequently expresses his preference for therapeutics over vaccines.

    • I had this funny thought which probably is in poor taste…

      Q has a rendition like this:
      – Reverse-reverse-psychology 5-D Chess with AI superchargers –
      Yes, Trump is faking vaccine support, but he knows his supporters won’t take the vaccine.
      This goes along with Trump’s secret Eugenics plan to eliminate the liberal party.
      If Trump can get all liberals to take the vaccine, then the die-off of liberals will offer no opposition to draining the swamp.

      • Hahaha
        I’m ruling nothing out at this point.
        I haven’t seen much of the Q stuff yet. Though I see Q slander all the time.

        What I have seen a lot of lately is raw MSM feeds.
        I’ve been forced to watch hundreds of hours of footage of Trump, governors, mayors & others over the past few months.

        I’ve gone from being on the fence in regard to Trump to being almost entirely certain that Trump isn’t simply another puppet president.
        If you saw the same footage, I suspect that you’d arrive at the same conclusion.

        I don’t yet know what exactly is going on with Trump, but it really really doesn’t look like he’s just another puppet, as is so often assumed by conspiracy/truth researchers (with very good reason).

        As things stand right now, I’ll be voting for him in November, and working to get others to vote for him.
        Not because I’m expecting him to drain the swamp, but simply because he is presenting so much opposition to the scamdemic (and other NWO agendas). And, well, just look at who’s going to be in the White House if Trump doesn’t win.

        I normally only vote for third-party/independent candidates. This will be my first time voting for a ‘Republican’ party member.
        I did almost vote for Ron Paul though.

        Anyway… I’ll link you to all of the raw MSM footage I’ve been watching, after I’ve finished downloading it all.
        Then you can be converted to a brainwashed Trump supporter like I have.

        • I am with you on this and am voting for Trump this year. I don’t think he’s as bad as the opposition and I don’t think he’s a puppet. Nevertheless I recognize the cronyism and I am not fond of his support of Israel. I’m also not a statist but recognize that this transition won’t happen overnight and I absolutely hate the Democratic Party pure corrupt evil. I’m just not convinced Trump is a complete fraud or that voting is pointless. There isn’t enough evidence that it does nothing at all in my opinion

          • @cu.h.j

            Just keep in mind that the NWO terrorists use both parties.
            W. Bush and daddy Bush were both NWO puppets.
            Even the current Republican governor of Texas appears to be an NWO puppet.
            It’s definitely not as simple as Republicans – good, Democrats – bad.

            With that said, there are quite a few Republican politicians (governors, mayors & others) backing Trump’s push to end the shutdowns, and, as far as I know, zero Democrats.

            As far as Trump’s character and his other views go, I don’t even care. One candidate is blocking the scamdemic to a degree and may continue to do so, while the other candidate essentially is the scamdemic. Trump is simply the only option.

            The same way many people voted for Trump to keep Killary out of office, many will vote for him now to keep scamdemic Biden out of office.

            By the way, what if people hadn’t voted for Trump in 2016?
            I think there really might have been a war with North Korea, and there would have been zero opposition to the scamdemic. Not to mention the Paris agreement withdraw and many other things.

            • AnimalsArentFood,

              Good to keep that in mind. It’s bizarre that I find myself voting for a republican. I’ve always voted for the Green party candidates until I learned about the Green New Deal scam.

              I am of the opinion that voting does help because even though I would like to exist without government or limited hierarchy, that will probably not manifest in my life-time and so I want to support candidates that will enable an environment that allows more resistance. I think the democrats are completely in line with the technocratic takeover and I hate “woke” politics nowadays. Identity politics is like cancer in my opinion.

              I have been watching John Titus videos and he was discussing quantitative easing that started happening prior to this COVID scam. He has a series on youtube called “Best Evidence” that is outstanding to understand how the fed is robbing Mainstreet. Perhaps Trump can’t stop it or doesn’t have the sophistication.

              I think Trump is a simple traditional businessman, not the same ilk as the Deep state politicians like Killary and Obama, Kerry, and Bush. I don’t think he was ever in Skull and Bones. So I think he’s kind of an outsider that does have some genuine concern about the United States.

        • I will not vote, period. I personally don’t cotton to Trump, nor politics and the State in general.

          But I gotta hand it to ya’ll, because you speak your mind and make your own decisions. Ya’ll might get some flak from other Corbett Report members, but so what?!

          • @HomeRemedySupply

            I agree with the view that nobody should vote with the expectation that voting is the rout to fixing everything (or even much of anything for that matter), but I don’t agree that we should refrain from voting entirely.
            The election system, surprisingly, does appear to still function to some degree, especially at the lower levels, and it appears to still be possible to get significantly less evil people into office.
            It appears as though things would be much worse right now if nobody had voted for Trump and Killary was in office for the past 3+ years.

            • @Fact Checker

              I’m not going to try to convince you of anything.
              I previously held the same view as you in regard to rigged voting and I’m open to reverting back if that’s where the arrows once again point.
              At present my observations and experiences have shown me that I was very likely previously mistaken about the voting, and that Trump is likely not simply another puppet president.
              Should it turn out that I was wrong — that the deep state was actually running an uncharacteristically sophisticated ruse, and Trump was actually just the best actor the world has ever seen — I will still have no regret, since the alternative would have been a vote for scamdemic Biden.

            • Pardon for my intervention in this conversation, but I don’t think there is evidence for this. Circumstantial perhaps, but Trump is not that sophisticated. If you have followed him at all, the man is not that sophisticated, ie does not present like a psychopath like the Clintons, et all.

              I have no hard evidence either, but one thing I trust more than anything else is my gut instinct and I don’t think Trump was chosen to win the election. He presents opposition to the agenda. He would not like the hate from the MSM. The man is egotistical and the amount of hate the man gets shows that he’s disliked by the deep state.

              If what you say is true, that everything is rigged and we are all doomed, the AI figured it all out, etc… Then why bother with this at all. Why even try to do anything at all, might as well have some fun now and give up, right?

              When people become so rigid in their thinking and communities become an echo chamber then how can anything get done at all?

              I remember James had a podcast years ago about logical arguments. No one has shown that voting is completely useless, perhaps election fraud occurs but it does not entirely negate a democratic process. If it did, JFK would have never been the president and the US constitution would have been shreaded years ago. To be honest, I think people need to appreciate the small amount of freedom they still have and use it to prevent this takeover because it’s not set in stone…yet.

            • Forgive my oversimplification but I thought that the best way to transform the world into a Anarchist civilization was to make it obsolete. To ignore it out of existence. To find a better way to organize society.
              How can that objective be furthered by supporting the very thing that must be eliminated. The system that maintains a monopoly on violence.
              Unless and until government, or The State undergoes a fundamental transformation. As in adopting the NAP universally. How does it make sense to validate it?
              I completely understand that there is a possibility that one person is objectively less harmful than another. But it is the State who imbues them with the evil power to participate in ruling others by force. That is a constant.
              If the aim is to make our enslavement a little less onerous as we watch everything go to shit. I don’t think it’s worth it. Suffering delayed is not necessary better. Perhaps the sooner things get really bad, the sooner more people wake the hell up and take their lives back.
              Perhaps this really is a limited opportunity for a great reset. But not the kind of reset the psychopaths are speaking of.
              The kind that we are all presumably working towards.

              I have been accused of and admit to being an idealist. And I know how high a price taking a stand against government can be. But I really don’t think that there has ever been a better opportunity to create a peaceful, worldwide, ideological revolution. And I do think that there may not ever be another.

            • Cu.h.j.
              Have you never thought that JFK was only elected to allow Johnson to become president? This is what I have concluded….

  15. I agree completely. The statement you’ve made about the vaccine has been my experience as well. The self-identifying Liberals/Dems are totally freaked also for the exact reason you’ve stated. They “refuse alternative information” because they do not assign ‘authority’ to it. Nanny-state.

    The rest of us, whatever identity we choose, are not interested in taking a vaccine that is likely full of God-knows-what purposefully and where the formulators have already put laws in place to protect their profits if we get ill and/or die from taking it. At least, that’s been my experience in speaking with people who are not covered in plastic. I’ll take my chances with covid. Safer.

  16. Interesting Bayer conversation. Don’t think for one tiny little second that Bayer didn’t have a clear plan, knowing they would face legal issues. The sudden retirement of their CEO Dekker should tell us that much. Bayer = Bilderberg. Bayer had to know that a forced economic reset was coming and formulated a strategic approach to keep their predators wealthy and influential after the fact. Remember, it’s all about the money and the power that can be gathered and retained from having it.

    Consequently, I would not count on them “going down” in a manner that would allow humanity to actually exhale. Yes, they should be watched closely.

  17. Ewok Dance Party?
    Naw, for me it’s more like a Eloi Dance Party.

    Do you remember the Elois from the book Time Machine by H. G. Wells?

    Out of laziness I will quote Wiki (I know….my bag):

    By the year AD 802,701, humanity has evolved into two separate species: the Eloi and the Morlocks. The Eloi live a banal life of ease on the surface of the Earth while the Morlocks live underground, tending machinery and providing food, clothing, and inventory for the Eloi. The narration suggests that the separation of species may have been the result of a widening split between different social classes. With all their needs and desires perfectly fulfilled, the Eloi have slowly become dissolute and naive: they are described as smaller than modern humans, with shoulder-length curly hair, pointed chins, large eyes, small ears, small mouths with bright red thin lips, and sub-human intelligence. They do not perform much work, except to feed, play, and mate, and are characterized by apathy; …
    Periodically, the Morlocks capture individual Eloi for food; and because this typically happens on moonless nights, the Eloi are terrified of darkness.

  18. Uh, James, Yves Smith is a woman, or passes as a woman, or do you know something I don’t?

  19. Hey James Evan Pilato:

    FYI I’ve played some bizarre and brilliant bastardized versions of Super Mario 1 2 3 and World. Apparently some build kits and level editors for these games floated around the geek society. Like creating custom levels for Lode Runner on Apple II.

    But these Mario games were more than just rearranging the bricks turtles platforms and pipes. One inserted your choice of Mega Man, Samus of Metroid (bikini clad version) Link from Zelda, Sonic Hedgehog, Commando and some other foreign characters into the 8 Worlds of the original SMB to attempt to rescue Princess Toadstool in their unique way.

    A series of custom games gave Mario the Port teleport window gun. One version allowed Mario to fall into the floor port out the ceiling back into floor indefinitely accelerating which eventually resulted in awesome transformation of Mario with rainbow hair permanently powered up and able to explore new secret levels which was awesome.

    There were endless remixed Super Nintendo Mario World games available with New power ups and strange morphs of Yoshi and mind bending surreal graphic switch ups of the hazards and goodies.

    The Covidiot game looks like another Mario World build. A really gross uninspired one.

    I’m sure they would object if someone tried selling them, but i don’t think Nintendo cares about them doing it for free fun on older releases. Hopefully they will notice the shitty Covid one and condemn it for being humorless propaganda. And perhaps someone will create an anti Covid version in which you can dodge needles liberate muzzled sheeple destroy Monsanto GMO farm takeover and hurl your smartphone into a volcano.

    • I like that. The crowd ‘convinced’ the cops to stand down for the sake of liberty.

  20. I have seen that floating around. Looks like a red herring, to be honest. Who (whoopsies) knows what that data is supposed to be showing.

  21. I saw it also the other night.
    In fact, I sent the link to local Fox News asking “What’s this?”

    But I did not want to post it at alternative media nor Corbett Report, because like mkey pointed out: “Looks like a red herring.”

    • A red herring is a very conspicuous strawman, placed there to capture attention and introduce more instability. In my view, this is in the same vein as talk about this virus being man made. You end up with a lot of people talking a lot of crap and that helps proliferate confusion.

  22. For years, trying to reconcile “Glyphosate” is NOT cancer-causing, but on the other hand, “Roundup” is: I came to the conclusion that the “inert ingredients” and the “active” ones are actually REVERSED.

    That means that if you test “Glyphosate” nothing dangerous happens….but spray the whole “roundup” package on, and Bingo: Cancer. So…when we read all about the “studies show GLYPHOSATE is not dangerous…was this a tricky move on Monsanto’s part to HIDE the truly Active ingredients, which also likely are the cancerous ones? Certainly that would allow Monsanto to tell the truth if they did this, b/c NOWHERE that I have found actually shows what those “inert” ingredients actually are.

    See this from 2019: just one of probably HUNDREDS of examples. They mention “GLYPHOSATE” not Roundup:
    “The EPA says glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup, doesn’t cause cancer. Others aren’t so sure
    By Holly Yan, CNN”
    (Glyphosate is NOT the main ingredient in Roundup….”inert ingredients” are 98.983%, and “glyphosate,” GLYPHOSATE, ISOPROPYLAMINE SALT is 1.00%.)

    That means that if you test “Glyphosate” nothing dangerous happens….but spray the whole “roundup” package on, and Bingo: Cancer. So…when we read all about the “studies show GLYPHOSATE is not dangerous”…was this a tricky move on Monsanto’s part to HIDE the truly Active ingredients, which also likely are the cancerous ones? Certainly that would allow Monsanto to tell the truth if they did this, b/c NOWHERE that I have found actually shows what those “inert” ingredients actually are.

    See this: (from the CA label database):
    “Chemical Information
Code Name Percent
2739 NONANOIC ACID 2.00000
Total 100.00000%”
    So: Does ANYBODY know what these “inert” ingredients are, and are THEY Carcinogenic? If we don’t know what they are, how can we know?
    BTW….after the Vaccine in the fall, who knows what “genes” we’ll have running around our biology?:
    “Monsanto called the IARC conclusion “inconsistent with decades of ongoing comprehensive safety assessments.” The American Soybean Association and National Corn Growers Association also denounced the finding. CropLife America, a trade association representing pesticide manufacturers, says, “It’s important to remember that glyphosate acts on an enzyme that exists only in plants and not mammals, contributing to the low risk to human health.”
    Yes, I do know what inert means, but does it really mean harmless in this case or not? Are we being fooled?

  23. Thank you for this video. Sharing on my Facebook group.
    This is what peaceful protest looks like!

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