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Welcome back to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Allegiant Stadium In Vegas to Be America’s First Pro Sports Venue to Open Cashless

Wikipedia: Personal Seat License

Story #2: High-Flying Drone Drops Bags Of Cannabis Over Tel Aviv

Video: Slaughterbots

Story #3: Rebuilt After 9/11, World Trade Center Threatened Anew By Coronavirus

New Yorkers Flee NYC “In Droves”

“9/11 Didn’t End On 9/11” – Lawyer Says First Responders Falling Victim to COVID-19

“Has Anyone Here Watched Robocops?”

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  1. I think of Demolition Man when James talks about cashless, biometric, morality based distopia.

  2. Here we gooooo “Are masks kinda like a vaccine?”

    Read between the lines here and you read the continued perpetuation of the “Vaccine is the only way to go back to normal” myth, the “Masks really work!” myth, but also linking masks to vaccines to soften the public to vaccine mandates. We, and by “we” I mean the 90% of people I see in public wearing masks, have accepted the masks, why not mandate the vaccines? It is all for the “public good” right??? If not mandate vaccines, then well a mask is “kinda” like a vaccine, so you can wear your mask forever until you get the vaccine…

    My family and I are NOT liking what is forming here, not even a little. I have already been asked to leave multiple businesses for not wearing a mask and my state (in the US) does not even have a mask mandate. Businesses, particularly national/international chains, are becoming willful arms of enforcement for the unelected “health officials”. I have already vowed not to put another penny into the businesses that have basically kicked me out, and I am trying to give my money more to non-compliant businesses, though these are few and far between. Some competition has to remain after Bezos/Gates and Co monopolize almost everything and I want it to be those that at the very least did not deputize themselves to enforce health mandates on their customers.

    I know I don’t have to ask, but anyone else feeling this? What have people been doing to counter this?

    • L.
      I am really with ya on this topic of MASKS in the U.S.
      As for me, I blatantly avoid wearing them.

      Until last night, I was unaware of the…
      “Hugs over Masks” campaign

      I like that campaign.
      In addition, I have been putting out flyers and signs; placing “Corbett Report” ads in local newspapers; sending out postcards, letters and emails, and speaking up every chance I get.
      Big or small, every action counts.

      I do not want Australia and New Zealand tyranny here in the U.S., because it becomes almost too late to effectively stop the momentum.

      • Yes! love the idea of flyers and all of that. My wife actually stuck 8.5 x 11 stickers on the inside of the stalls in the target bathrooms with infographics on the adverse health effects of mask wearing. I guess we just have to do more of what we can. We keep meaning to make corbettreport bumper stickers and flyers with the Gates stuff and more on them. Too easy to put off, but it is feeling more and more urgent by the day. I almost feel like we are paralyzed by the power of the “one authoritative voice” that the establishment is able to have and we forget that a million voices are more powerful as long as they speak up.

        I have 3 boys and none of them will grow up to accept the “new normal”. I feel like that is part of it too, the war for the minds of the next generation. We gotta fight!

        • Gurerilla Info-Warfare

          L. says:
          “Yes! love the idea of flyers and all of that.
          My wife actually stuck 8.5 x 11 stickers on the inside of the stalls in the target bathrooms with infographics on the adverse health effects of mask wearing.”

    • Welcome to the fascist new normal. The government has the people doing their bidding. Someone must be laughing their ass off and rightly so.

    • I am thinking of GeneralBottleWasher…

      August 19, 2020 News
      Tulsa World
      Anti-mask group sues city of Tulsa, alleges masks cause oxygen deprivation

      A Tulsa optometrist and some area business owners have filed a federal lawsuit to challenge the city of Tulsa’s mask mandate.

      The group, led by Robert Zoellner and ThriveTime radio show host Clay Clark, named Mayor G.T. Bynum, Tulsa Health Department Executive Director Bruce Dart and the Tulsa City Council as defendants in the 33-page federal filing alleging masks cause oxygen deprivation.

      The duo and others met in Jenks to announce the lawsuit that claims Tulsa’s mask ordinance creates an “oxygen deficient atmosphere” under Department of Labor guidelines. Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines define oxygen-deficient atmospheres as having below 19.5% oxygen content, according to the filing.

      The suit further alleged forcing individuals to work in such an atmosphere “has been proven to cause irreparable physiological damage” after only 15 seconds of wearing a face covering, despite a July report from the Mayo Clinic that stated such concerns were inaccurate.

      Plaintiffs claimed in the filing both they and their employees experienced “migraine headaches, shortness of breath and dizziness” while wearing face coverings. The group is representing themselves along with James DeCristofaro, who was identified in the filing as a New York attorney not yet admitted to practice in Oklahoma.

      The lawsuit further alleges the city’s mask ordinance was unconstitutional in that it violates the 10th Amendment, Ninth Amendment, the Equal Protection Clause, Fourth and Fifth amendments, as well as being void for vagueness.

      A city of Tulsa spokeswoman said the city won’t comment on pending litigation.

      A medical doctor in Ireland went viral online last month after tweeting a video in which his oxygen levels never changed while wearing six masks. The video has been viewed more than 20 million times.
      (See EMBEDDED Video)

    • In the UK, no one has made me put a mask on. No one has commented and in fact I have explained to a few folks that trying to work out what the hell they are saying through their masked faces is nigh on impossible, so a few have taken them down or off to speak to me. Not on the bus, not in the gym, not in the shops, nowhere…my kids find it harder to be non-compliant as they are afraid of kick back. I have had none. Yet. It is frustrating though and the new rule of six here after sports venues/events/gigs and other things opening up is just freaking counter productive to the economy and life getting back to where it should be, the stupid *insert appropriate swear words here*

  3. In this episode of “New World Next Week”, James Pilato briefly mentioned schools back in West Virginia.
    Corbett Report members should see this…

    Dr. Fauci is brainwashing kids in the school classroom (VIDEO)
    (12 minutes)

    BrainPOP is an online interactive teaching tool employed by many schools around the country.

    This BrainPop link originally came as a result of an article at MERCOLA.COM

  4. I recently came across Dr. Stefan Lanka, he’s a German scientist who got confirmed by German court that the existence of a measles virus has never been scientifically established.

    Dr. Lanka also states that there are no pathogenic viruses. That none of the supposedly pathogenic viruses has ever been: purified, biochemically and genetically described, and that none of these supposed pathogens has ever been proven as cause of the supposed resulting diseases.

    He’s definitely worthwhile looking into.

    There are a number of law suits happening against the current covid deception: E.g.,

  5. John Tits spoke about coins in one of his recent videos. As it turns out, coins are not issues by FED but by the treasury mint. My mind was pleasantly surprised by this realization.

    What’s Behind the Fed’s Manufactured Coin Shortage?

  6. My opinion about Q-anon is that it’s a new age religion because it assures its followers they don’t have to do anything, just sit tight and wait for someone, be it Trump or whoever, to do the work. The core reason why we are where we are is that we have been standing by for a loooong while. Standing, watching and abiding. Action matters, it’s the final stepping stone to freedom.

  7. Your conversation about the predators connecting disparate information via media marketing is SO completely accurate. They used the exact marketing ploy on the day the buildings went down.

    I was driving to work, at that time, listening to NPR. An anchor came on telling of the plane hitting the first building. No one knew what was happening. They reported it as an altered flight path and possibly a confused pilot, at first. The sensationalism went on all day long. When I was driving home, again listening to NPR, they were reporting the 9/11 disaster AND right on the heels of the report they began talking-up how Sadam Hussain was a terrorist, obviously connecting the two stories without saying so. When I heard NPR do this I had the first indication they were being controlled by the predatory class and that they were lying like dogs. I was not even awake then! However, I did know something about marketing.

    The very next morning, my friend who was teaching high school said he walked into his first class and all the kids were talking about how we should go “bomb the hell” out of Iraq and Sadam because he blew up the WTC. It took only one night for their willfully ignorant/stupid parents to make the connection the predators wanted them to make and inform their children. The kids took it right to school, too. I can’t tell you how upset my friend was hearing them. He attempted to calm the situation by saying that we didn’t know who did the deed; we only knew the buildings have come down. They began, literally, screaming taunts like banshees, attacking him, in the classroom saying their parents told them so it was the truth. He could not calm them or have an exchange of ideas. They were rabid.

    Needless to say, he left teaching a week later with the statement that there was too much stupidity among the average individual and he no longer wanted to deal with their spawn.

    For me, it has been a 20-yr uphill battle of research, learning and inculcating the information from the predatory class’ mindset–evil at it’s worst–to understand what is happening on planet earth. But it was that one NPR 9/11 moment that turned the tide toward that POV.

    We can hope that others will see. However, we have the teacher’s experience to note.

    • When I said “I’m saddened by my friends and family getting duped by lying bastards”, the wisoned auntie responded “people are idiots”. Indeed we most all have idiot moments or habits to reflect on, but some more than others.

      My best guess is that its related to what version of “self awareness” one is running. when evidence surfaces that challenges a large scale narrative that could suddenly throw out assigned trust (in authority or info source or,,), a very rare sort will immediately laugh or softly cry, releasing tension that formed when the fallacy was lodged; some people will say hmmn? and take their time, perhaps do a conscientious triple-double check, and after a gestation, will let go of the useless original beliefs; the vast majority will go into dissonance, often resulting in a mighty tanty until the thought or news fades, and then go back to other slothen distractions, and lastly an equally rare as the first soft crier will be the sort that perpetrate these deceptions in the first place: beings that have lost their humanity, who thrive on aggressing anything in their path, all in the name of justifying or sharing their pain.

      so how to upgrade? and is it possible to share updated operating systems (help other discern)?

      to upgrade, in my experience, mostly takes a mix of courage and rational-visceral flow. the courage is what most come short on. Thats because most dont believe they are lovable. plus it takes practice, which can add up to lotsa hard knocks. But having the courage to have a go, come out front, with feeling, and then own the results, is a kind of risk taking that can add up to just enough hutzpah points to have the capacity to run a finer operating system. This is well told in many spiritual warrior type stories.

      As for helping others decide, Ive tried a lot, and mostly failed. I think It is the place of the highest levels of teaching, the ability to inspire/lure one to ask the question that the teacher would like to ask. to change belief, the subject has to be thinking that they chose – came to conclusions on their own. or
      then as Shamans are accounted of doing: being able to bring someone to the brink of psychological annihilation, only so they might know death, at least as much as is possible without actually dying,, it aint for the faint hearted.

      much harder to swim up-stream than get washed down-river eh?

      • Since 9/11 I’ve learned only one thing for sure. You can never tell anyone anything. They must learn it for themselves.

        Some can be lead to a point but breaking conditioning (which is what is happening) takes a personal effort, an ah-ha moment of recognition. NPR provided that for me.

  8. Question? Is anyone on this forum in Mexico? I’d like to know where you are and what is going on in your area with any information you can provide about other areas. Thanks much.

    • I am in Mexico. In a ‘red light’ section on an irradiated aquifer with lots of yank expats that forced the locals into mask fascism. If youre asking about the news stories regarding non-stop crematoria, do I need to say its BS? And I worry about how Mexico seems to be a testing ground for the fascism – we’ve had mandatory masks outside the house since April and now sanitation spray stations cordon off the plaza. I’d love to know whether JC thinks that Amlo went to US fir a summit with the T to sign new NAFTA. Except Trudeau is still hiding out so how can they have signed a trilateral? Was Amlo inculcated at that meeting?

      • Mexico is a big place. Where are you? What state and town? I’m not familiar with the “non-stop crematoria” story.

        Sounds like what we are experiencing here via the fear-mongers wrapped in plastic. I assume you are not in one of the ex-pat gated communities? Thanks, in advance, for any info you can provide.

  9. Anyone pushing the phoney left/right paradigm is controlled opposition. Although in Jones case the motivation is probably to make money out of it.

  10. I would like to offer my sincere congratulations to James Pilato. As someone who has had to work for himself for 24 years. I too understand the challenge. And also like James. I too am a baseball fan.
    Not like I used to be of course. Hell, you’re not allowed to experience the game (on the professional level) like you could in years past. I know that not too many people understand this. I think Pilato does. But I really fell in love with the game as a young child. Little league and junior varsity. I was a rabid SF Giants fan and then compromised my principles by accepting the Rays when they came to the town I settled in. American League?
    Over the years as I learned more about life and was treated like a criminal by being wanded and asked to remove hats and having pockets emptied just for the privilege of being able to watch a baseball game. I took my love for the game and stayed home. For many years I listened to games on the radio. (Still my preferred way to enjoy a sports event) and followed the team in the standings. For the last five years or so I haven’t been able to stomach the propaganda and now I might check the paper on Sunday’s.
    Sometime during the season last year (though it seems like so long ago) my friend and associate who is also in the marine industry obtained a couple of tickets for an afternoon game and offered me one. Mostly because I really like the guy who is a total statist and also the only guy that I ever refer because I have never heard anyone speak ill of him in twenty four years in this small market.
    Anyway, after the predictably humiliating ordeal to enter the place I was rather surprised to discover that my cash was useless at any of the concessions. You could still use cash for the hawkers roaming the stands if you wanted to settle for crap beer.
    Anyway, that’s the point of this incredibly trivial post.
    Tropicana Field was cashless last year and nobody talked about it.

    • YES. I almost forgot! James had an anniversary. And what an anniversary. Your work here on Earth has been and hopefully will continue to be a huge help to humanity.

      You’ve done a fine job James, provided an amazing service to the planet and we all love you for it. Happy Anniversary, guy!!! Keep on keeping on.

  11. James,
    Uncle Joeseff F, the good Dr. has said (aptly I believe) in essence: that “an all digital currency cant work because of the threat of EMP”. It would seem a worthy point to consider when projecting that being one of the dominator agendas.

  12. shit interview but interesting to hear the doctor appealing to emotion over and over. awful. this very much reminds me of the climate BS. this is a science based trade. somehow if you belong to this tribe, you believe these facts. oh the other tribe? you believe this. good grief. very strange. this doctor advocates for new zealand’s model and against the deadly swedish model.? ha! science!

    • Agree. IMO, the Swedes have/had it going on without locking down their people. Yes, they had deaths of the elderly before they understood the V targets. They took care of that by protecting the old/infirm. What did the NYT do? They framed the Swedes as bad, deadly, whatever because they took a different path and it worked.

      The Swedes calculated the number of deaths that would occur over the entire country and it has been as it was calculated. NYT even reported this number but left out all the details of how the number was calculated and why. And yes, the economy in Sweden still suffered. WTF? 193 countries are shut down. Only propaganda gives half the story. Any Western country’s economy would show signs of decline if everyone else is shut down and you are open.

  13. “Scamdemic” is a misleading term that suggests what’s happening is imaginary or contrived. It wouldn’t be appreciated by folks in places like Bergamo, Italy, the Bronx, and many, many other places around the planet, and especially by hospital workers in “hot spots.” They would definitely find the term offensive. “Pandemic” applies.

    If you believe all news sources everywhere are controlled by some single group, all news stories orchestrated by it, all members of all news organizations forced to adhere to some hidden party line, you may as well believe in the existence of Galactic Councils. Certainly no end of propaganda and misinformation _is_ part of the mix and there are times when many major news organization _do_ toe some “mainstream” line. Yet even there, some retrench — look at PBS, for example, with Bill Moyers’ series on WMD and the Invasion of Iraq — too bad this came out afterwards, not at the time. Maybe that was cowardly, but it shows how non-monolithic things can be.

    A great deal of chaos and unpredictability typically accompanies human affairs while those of wealth and power often do entertain schemes of control, whether effective to some degree or not — that’s been true for thousands of years; no surprise (look at Assyrian resettlement plans for conquered populations).

    They may attempt to take advantage of spontaneously arising events they didn’t create and it’s definitely true that some of them, from time to time, also engineer events for their nefarious purposes. They may seek to take advantage, too, of business/technology developments, but there’s always a degree of chaos and unpredictability in that sphere, too. (Anyone who doesn’t work in those areas may not fully appreciate this.)

    You can sketch out the plans and organizations of those who would control, to the extent that anyone can gain access to them, and this can be useful and illuminating. At the same time, it’s useful to remember how much is spontaneous, unpredictable, chaotic, and controlled by no one, and how even the best of plans can go awry. (As one example of endless, take a look at the Schlieffen Plan.)

    • “…f you believe all news sources everywhere are controlled by some single group, all news stories orchestrated by it, all members of all news organizations forced to adhere to some hidden party line, you may as well believe in the existence of Galactic Councils…..’

      Considering how few people own the majority of the news sources its no big issue to maintain ‘dynamic silence’ of people that the owners dont want to be noticed.. Rabbi Feinberg of the American Jewish Committee in 1947 is SAID to have come up with the method but I imagine it goes back to the first days of regular newspapers and media.

      Very little is chaotic in the modern western political world, if it was then the US would not have carried out the same policies internal and external thru THREE presidents.

      The covid scared the hell out of me when it started but its really done nothing worse then a bad flu. If your not sick or old you have little to fear, however, regular cold and flu season will be bad because everyones immune system will have gotten lazy

    • Oh sweetheart, you really do not know what is happening here.

      After two decades of research I can say, without hesitation, that your argument reads as that of an intellectual who puts all mental emphasis on events “just happening” (nothing just happens, EVER) due to individual human failure, greed, corruption and/or irresponsibility rather than looking for the concrete path that the money travels.

      Once you follow the money, find it, to whom it’s going and to whom they are connected/married/related you find there is a monopoly by one group of humans, we are currently calling the predatory class, over the rest of humanity. What you have stated here, eloquently btw, is all true but not the truth of our world. There are rules and attitudes from the masses that hold these people in place, at times. But make no mistake, they are running the world from an enslavement model which is only possible because of their wealth and the influence/power that has been garnered via their greed and corruption to begin.

      EXAMPLE: We are all being locked down by the authorities because they belong to the predatory class. They fear them. Ask President Wilson.

    • “Randemic” applies? Which version of the term? What are exact conditions under which a pandemic is declared?

      News sources don’t act in unison? How then in matter of days all the mainstream news sources for the entire western world started using same terminology, immediately knew what was going to happen if we don’t obey and initiated a fear mongering campaign that put 9/11 to shame?

      • MKEY–EXACTLY. Half the public just doesn’t seem to get this point. NO individual NO country, NO law enforcement agency or government has the power to do what has been done on the world stage using the covid tool. There must be coordination and enormous influence/wealth coming from a central location that can create fear and sell it in the MSM. Why? The predatory class owns the freaking MSM. If that were not so the UN would not have hired 10K people to eradicate the anti-covid competition.

        THAT POWER IS UNELECTED, folks. It is in front of their faces and they either can’t see it (low IQ) or refuse to see it–willfully ignorant. Either fact results in the same product.

  14. Alex Jones will tell you enough to make you think he’s serious…but he will shift the details or exaggerate so that you look like a putz when you talk about it. He is a good gateway but a good chunk of people just follow him and dont get any further.
    Making normies think anyone who talks about government over reach is a ranting screaming Alex Jones likely is just a bonus.
    Q anon is also a joke or a psyop- I heard an idea that its actually a way to track public opinion, This video hits the nail on the head
    He has kinda a dark outlook….


    Israel would totally drop weed on Palestine to keep them quiet and demoralize them, but I suspect that the international reaction would be either horror at their drugging the population or people wondering why as the economy goes to hell and society crumbles recreational drug use is being allowed more.

  16. I doubt that Bill would find get much out of a video like this:

    But I have an advantage perhaps because I escaped the clutches of the indoctrination center early.

    I find that I often get a lot from videos and articles that challenge my imagination.
    Don’t let the title of the video throw you. It ties lots of things together.
    I don’t know who the creator is.

    • I totally get how the disappearing wings put you off. I appreciated that part because it illustrates how how much chaff there is out there. But I didn’t stop the video when it showed something that I don’t think is true. Especially a video like that which goes in all kinds of directions and doesn’t have a narrative that is trying to convince me of anything. Just a whole bunch of stuff to think about. Much of which I am convinced is true.

      I don’t know anything about Mad Malloy. It sounds like you do. I just found the channel recently because it started mirroring (?) the Suspicious 0bservers morning space news show from themtube which I have been boycotting. I was delighted to see that so I subscribed to the channel on Bitchute.
      As far as this video goes. I’m sure that he isn’t correct on everything but hell, this very episode of NWNW is 33 percent wrong. I am not about to give up on either of the James’ over that mistake.
      I think that the video I linked to is worthy of attention. I am sorry that you feel it was a waste of your time. But I have a feeling that you didn’t waste too much of your time on it.

    • What about all those people who had seen a missile until the talking heads corrected them and explained that what they were seeing were actually planes? Because official story.

      • I don’t care either way. I’m pointing out that while many claim to have seen the plane, others claimed otherwise. Until they started falling in line. For the homeland.

        As far as videos go, there’s quite a bit of evidence at least some of it was forged. I’m mostly referring to the “disappearing wings” thing and the bottom up video showing two guys talking in the foreground who don’t react to a plane flying over its top speed a hundred meters over their heads. Not until the “impact”, that is.

        But of course, the entirety of that video could have been a forgery, we’ll never know.

  17. a little over a month ago, in response to a question about alex jones i wrote: first time i watched jones, around 15 yrs ago, i felt like puking… could hardly tolerate his act. eventually viewed more videos & checked out infowars, concluded he’s controlled opposition. today, i found Alex Jones Gives Us a Sign…

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