Interview 1589 – Larken and Amanda Rose Discuss The Jones Plantation Movie

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Interviews | 9 comments

Larken and Amanda Rose of join us once again to discuss the production of a feature film based on “The Jones Plantation,” an animated short that Larken Rose released eight years ago. We talk about original animation, the resonance of the Jones Plantation allegory, how the idea to make that short into a live action feature film originated, and how people who want to contribute to unlocking more minds can contribute to the funding of the film.

Watch on Archive / BitChute / LBRY / Minds / YouTube or Download the mp4

The Jones Plantation (animated short)

Larken and Amanda on The Corbett Report

Jones Plantation Feature Film fundraiser on IndieGogo

About “The Jones Plantation” Script

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“The Mirror” by Larken Rose – Patreon

“Jones Plantation” Feature Adaptation Pitch Podcast with Larken Rose, Amanda Rose and Andrew Treglia

James Corbett interviewed by director Andrew Treglia about voluntaryism


  1. this was huge when i watched it all those years ago. that and stefan’s ‘the story of your enslavement’. waaaay back when he didn’t stump for fucking trump.
    unfortunately my zeal and enthusiasm went off the charts. ‘everybody wants to know this!!!! i must save the world!!!’ hehe.
    nope. just another confused slave getting nuked from social circles ranting about shadows on the cave wall…….. sigh.
    then reality started to sink in. ok. change tactics. one mind per year! a realistic goal! re-motivated…..
    i have a friend who saw it. but it was instant. well, the usual queries. but a very quick awakening. one human.
    i’m glad you folks are seeing a new interest in freedom during the scam. and i’m gonna shoot the larkins some dough. to be honest though…. i’ve given up on folks. they like slavery. it makes them feel comfortable and safe. tucked in, tight as a bug in a rug. wrapped in a lovely, smallpox laden, covid safety binky. eyes firmly squeezed shut.


    • Yeah I know how you feel. When I was young I wanted to change the world but now I think the world can go f*** itself. They love slavery they vote the same crooks in time after time after time and attack and ridicule anyone who tries to point out their slavery. As you note, it’s been going on since Plato’s time so am I weird in finding comfort that nothing has changed in all those years? The human race has not evolved ethically or spiritually in any way and it is incumbent on the individual to see truth for themselves?

  2. Hmm. When you parallel this to the world scene, I get the idea that James Corbett and David Icke both have fallen short on describing who the actual players are and what they did.

    Cecil Rhodes had some speech by another that he based his approach on – the Jones Plantation sort of rhetoric.

    The founder of the roundtable was HRH Edward VII, concisely evidenced by Webster Tarpley in his book “against Oligarchy”. He also published two video lectures onto YouTube that are excerpts from his book, possibly on his own web page too. One was about Edward VII and how he started WWI. The other lecture tracked earlier geopolitics and is titled “the Venetian Conspiracy”.

    Over the years I have downloaded and saved over 700 vids from YT and other sources. Ask me if there is something you want…


    • John Ruskin was who Rhodes was quoting. I might be able to find the quote..

  3. Do either of the Corbert Report or Larken Rose have a 501c3 we could donate to?

  4. I really appreciate James doing this 10/28 Interview 1589 – Larken and Amanda Rose Discuss The Jones Plantation Movie.

    I was surprised to hear about such a low cost to bringing about the film. 125k is not a lot of money on a relative basis.

    I am a strong advocate of dissemination to the unaware.
    I feel that dissemination of valuable information is what changes a culture and society for the better.
    In fact, it may be the primary tool which does.
    Societies tend to cling to status quo. Dissemination helps society to de-cling from the status quo of ideas.

    The Jones Plantation Movie can be a wonderful dissemination tool.
    I plan to support it financially. While I have very little dinero, I plan to throw some that way.

  5. James W I am not so sure if it is the third world that is about to be purged. They have been relentlessly raped by the west for centuries and for the most part know how to survive this kind of tyranny. It is us in the west who are about to be purged and the fluoridated, media brainwashed zombies are marching right into the oven.

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