Interview 1590 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome back to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: How COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Are Rigged

Singapore Halts Dosing of Two Flu Shots After 59 Deaths in South Korea

Japan Gov’t OKs Bill to Offer Free Coronavirus Vaccines

Danish Newspaper Reveals Largest Study On Masks Rejected By Three Medical Journals

That Mask Is Giving You Lung Cancer

FDA Approves Gilead’s Remdesivir Despite Data Showing Drug Doesn’t Work

Some COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates May Make People More Vulnerable to HIV

South Korean Authorities Stick To Flu Vaccine Plan After Deaths Rise To 48

Deaths In South Korea After Flu Vaccinations Shouldn’t Stop Flu Shot Campaigns

Time Magazine Replaces Logo With Plea to ‘Vote’

Story #2: The Great Financial Reset – IMF Managing Director Calls for a ‘New Bretton Woods Moment’

A New Bretton Woods Moment By Kristalina Georgieva, IMF Managing Director

Cross-Border Payment—A Vision for the Future

Story #3: ‘The Purge’ Producers ‘Keep America Great’ Inside the Trump Admin

Hiltzik Strategies

Jared Kushner Hires Hollywood Horror Film Publicist Behind ‘The Purge’ to Head PR For New White House Office

Trump Adviser Hope Hicks Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Biden, 5 Supreme Court Justices Attend Controversial “Red Mass” (Oct. 3, 2010)

Film, Literature and the New World Order: ‘The Purge: Election Year’

Bob Murphy Analyzes “The Hunt” and “The Purge” Movies as an Anarchist

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  1. In this Thursday’s 10/29 “Interview 1590 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato”,

    I was extremely impressed with all the content that was mentioned during
    Story #1: How COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Are Rigged.

    I want to thank the guys for plugging MERCOLA.COM several times during this New World Next Week.

    For more than 2 decades I have been going to Mercola’s website, and at one time during the very early days, I participated in his online forum comment section.
    Mercola was so ahead of the curve that sometimes he would anger many of his followers when he strayed from a strictly health topic to a topic like 9/11 Truth.
    He was around prior to Google Search being “a thing”. In fact, prior to Google’s popularity, Dr. Mercola once had an article in the early days pointing out that Google was becoming a pretty good search engine.
    In those early days, Mercola provided cutting edge research on Vitamin D.
    Vitamin D was a “conspiracy theory” and it was considered crazy to think that this Vitamin could help protect a person’s health. I remember having debates on other forums during that time. I was an outcast for talking Vitamin D.

    Dr. Mercola has set up his own FACT CHECKER SERVICE !!
    Check it out…
    And NOTE…
    Corbett’s “Your Guide To The Great Reset” is featured in his October 28th, 2020 article.
    (Mercola has repeatedly featured some of Corbett’s videos over the years.)

    • I guess high time for me to start reading Mercola’s articles. I’ve laid it off so far at my own peril.

  2. This is 13 minutes well spent, and is a good dissemination clip.

    Released Thursday October 29th, 2020 via “The Last American Vagabond”.
    Derrick Broze narrates.

    The Darkest Winter

    This message is for anyone who has concerns about the upcoming U.S. elections, the potential for chaos and civil unrest, or those who fear what a “second wave” of Covid-19 could mean for the future of humanity. If you have found this message on your own please share it with your friends and family. If someone you care about recommended you watch this, please do so with an open mind.
    We are in the last few months of a tumultuous year and it appears there might be more unprecedented events on the way. As we near election 2020, it’s important to step back and analyze the potential plans of the Predator Class. Specifically, it’s important to understand a number of recent government simulations and exercises.

    • Have to agree with LibertyDan on this. Sure, Derek’s heart is in the right place place by making that Darkest Winter video, he’s just trying to warn people about what could happen. But I think in reality he’s just playing into the MSM’s hands, all this will do is spread fear and negativity. What those in alternative media need to do now more than ever is give people hope!


  3. Fascinating I didn’t know that. Thanks for sharing

  4. This is a question I am asking this community.
    Is it this simple?:
    DNA altering vaccine makes humans ‘patent-able-property’ of the ‘administering corporate agency’ taking ‘possession’ through “imminent domain” of all Earth “property”.
    Mandatory cooperation to include ‘new-FED-dough’ benefit awarded based on level of compliance with projected-technocratic-authority.
    Alternatives will be incompatible with ‘new-FED-dough’ “value” system based on compliance, not available through labor, productivity, ingenuity or creativity (which will be inadequately handled by AI, automation & mechanization) resulting in mass deaths, partially relieving ‘burden’ of humanity on the technocratic order.
    Take your pick. In or out.
    Retaining/remembering/re-implementing natural organic proven functional local interactions to sustain/enhance life IS LIFE.
    True global ‘living’ will return to local consciousness, away from whole-globe-at-once “globalism”.

    ‘Simplicity’ is not to be confused with ‘easy’.
    Thoughts on this speculation? It is a question.

    • dregeye
      “..DNA altering vaccine makes humans ‘patent-able-property’ of the ‘administering corporate agency’ taking ‘possession’ through “imminent domain” of all Earth “property”….”

      The people with guns, or some other mental dominance over you do not care what the law says… they will take what they can, kill whom they want and do as they please because they are ‘lawless’.
      They respect neither Gods law nor human law.
      If they enslave people by ‘law’ or by ‘fiat’ it makes it no more and less less ‘correct’

      They will treat people exactly as good as forced to and will leave us with exactly as much as we dont let them steal.
      This short film demonstrates wonderfully the basis of materialism’s viewon “rights” and “property” at 5 min well worth a watch.
      The farmer is not lying at 1:35 about why he owns the land… and the ending shows exactly how much man made law mattered to people like the American

      • Duck,
        The quote from my comment depicts the projected ‘authority’ of the technocrats to “justify” their “dominion” (only effective over the passive).
        What you state has always been the case and is today.
        The short film depicts a naive person confronting one who lacks empathy (psychopathic, made clear by his afterthought “I’ve got a feeling this IS a public footpath” acknowledging his hasty act of murder).
        Those inclined to violence will either act on behalf of the technocratic-state or on their own behalf outside the technocratic order. Two of the challenges to be considered when choosing “in or out”. There is no choice that avoids the risk of violent confrontation. Never has been.

        • dregeye

          I believe that the short film is a perfect picture of how the materialist world system ultimately works.

          “…We sleep soundly in our beds, because rough men stand ready in the night to do violence on those who would harm us” As (i think) Orwell says.

          The Farmer is an analogy of the motivated men WITH power, he desires to preserve what is his own.

          The Male Walker is also motivated, he see’s himself as as good a man as the farmer and is willing to fight for what he see’s as his right, or his share. However he is ultimately a fool because he thinks posturing and his self perceived moral superiority will win and is unprepared for the true reality that (as Mao says…) Power comes from the barrel of a gun.

          The Female Walker is analogous to the vast majority of people who are sheep like and dont speak up in the face of the harshness of either of the other groups, standing around and awaiting death without fighting OR running (she could have escaped easily)
          SHE chooses the path that you mention “…there is no choice that avoids the risk of violent confrontation….”

          The farmers may muse on right and wrong because…unlike the others, He is still alive.
          HE is in the position of being able to consider the morality of his position because he has triumphed… he likely thinks that “moral is what serves the strong”, or that its a ‘social construct’, btu either way he determines it in the Material world…though the sun setting perhaps reminds us all that time and tide wait for no man and a higher power will judge us all.

          • Duck, First, thank you for responding.
            With no intent to offend, I see your analysis of the “short film” as embracing ‘justification’ for the act of murder by the empathy-lacking “farmer” (a violent individual projecting questionable “property rights” with lethal force he then acknowledges as invalid in his own closing words).
            Duck, your closing paragraph tells me that you and I have extremely different “value” systems. It’s in your use of words like “right and wrong” “alive” “morality” “triumphed” “strong” and “a higher power will judge us all”, the last of which I consider a ‘cop-out’ to avoid taking personal responsibility for one’s own teachings/actions while on Earth in an organic physical form. An Earth-Being.
            If the neighbor down the road is murdering the son of THIS “farmer” while he and his companion are using a “public footpath”, would THIS “farmer” still be ‘triumphant’ in your view?
            Let us treat others as we want ourselves AND OUR CHILDREN to be treated.
            Mutual respect through personal empowerment with inclusive cooperation, refusing coercion.
            These are the principles I believe can facilitate resolution of all differences among peoples and allow natural health and abundance for all life, and is the closest thing to “rights” I embrace.
            What the “farmer” did was “right” only if the “farmer” wants his own children murdered in the same way.
            “still alive” if you consider being an unfeeling murderer “alive” in the same way a caring mutually respectful person experiencing community is “alive”.
            I’d say he’s ‘still breathing’. There is no indication of contemplation of “morality”.
            Is “strong” how you describe projecting lethal-force from a place of relative safety? I call that acknowledging his own weakness. Not even willing to ‘reason’ indicates fear and insecurity.
            How one’s personal “higher power” views/judges one’s own actions is that individual’s personal construct and involves no other being.
            I am. I take responsibility for my own decisions and actions. I am Earth.
            With full capacity for all evil, I can CHOOSE to be the nicest person I’ve ever met.
            I embrace that statement as true for each and every human.
            The unique ‘time’ we have entered as Earthlings presents many possible scenarios.
            A line from a song comes to mind, “How you live will always live on, As your way of life, forever*” encouraging me to “live” as in a timeless embrace of ALL life.
            *From LOVEBITES “Edge of the World”:
            The video includes [cc] subtitles to clarify lyrics.

            • Dregye

              “..Is “strong” how you describe projecting lethal-force from a place of relative safety? ..”
              Yes… IN THE SENSE that it allows the farmer to achieve what he wishes to achieve. His happiness or unhappiness are in his own hands…not the walkers.
              The ‘right or wrong’ of the Female walker or the Male Walker matter NOT ONE WHIT… they are like all those who do not have the ability and will to preserve themselves- fertilizer.
              Compare the position of the Maori who was able to fight settlers to a treaty vs the Aborigine of Australia who is generally in a far more miserable state.

              You are talking the position of the Male Walker and talking of right and wrong behavior without regard to your ability to enforce these values upon the world- the Farmers son in the metaphor is protected by threat of death his father would bring down on his slayers, just as westerners are less likely to be mistreated by governments of weaker nations who routinely mistreat their own citizens.

              Your moralizing about the lack of empathy is amusing to the kind of people who do evil… look at Ed Kemper who learned to use empathy to fool his victims.

              Now.. I believe that there IS a higher Judge who enforces an outside standard of behavior. But that judge sets morality, not me or any other human…any HUMAN centric ideas of right and wrong depends on who has the most power and who can use it.

              • For other readers, my initial comment was intended to invite speculation on FUNCTIONAL ways of relating as we make the choice to be “in or out” of the Technocratic order being implemented.
                (NOT to encourage the dissemination of violence-justification-and-promotion supported by a disassociated yet dominion-obsessed “higher power”, NOR to initiate a conversation with anyone who identifies humanity as “fertilizer” who is possessed by the peculiar thinking that would bring such a statement.)

                I talk my own “position” and no one else’s.
                Your seeming lack of respect or acknowledgement for anything that deviates from your own apparent respect/worship of empathy-less violent dominion projections and associated justifications for such behaviors while referencing a “higher power” of aligned violence, our fundamental “values” differ to an extent leading me to choose zero interaction.
                I don’t need people such as yourself to believe like me, nor do I have any interest in rehashing your projections which are inaccurate in reference to me and what I have written, nor your assertions relating to your “higher power” dogma.
                You avoided several relevant questions relating to your use of words, only choosing to reference one, and even that required qualifying with “IN THE SENSE that…” and ignoring the farmer’s own dead-son in my question.
                I sincerely hope that you never fall prey to the violent beliefs/behaviors you admire/justify/preach.
                You spelled my name inaccurately by capitalizing and leaving out a letter. Irrelevant? I don’t think so. I will simply end this particular exchange of ideas by saying I will respectfully avoid interacting with you in any way in future, including here in CR comments and will appreciate the same in return.
                I also invite you to acknowledge the lack of a constructive outcome from these brief exchanges, other than acquiring the knowledge that mutual avoidance will bring maximized compatibility for you and I going forward.

            • Dregye
              I dont worship or love the farmer, nor do I suggest that he is moral. Nor do I ignore the farmers son…

              1)I just pointed out that the farmer is the winner because he has the ability to do violence without fearing it.
              People who think that their morality will defeat a person in the “farmers” position over them will end like the Walkers.

              2)The Farmers son is, like the citizens of strong nations protected by the power of his Father, unlike the Walkers who had no power.

              3) I do NOT reject morality, nor do I think “right is what is good for the strong” … however, pretending that any human made law or contract matters or is enforcable WITHOUT the ability to force compliance is incorrect…. if a law is passed that all must be vaccinated it CAN ONLY be enforced by violence.
              Without police or public (as in ‘hue and cry’ apprehension of criminals) violence to support it no human created law is worth its own ink. EVEN in an anarchist society peace would come thru strength and ability to remove wrong doers.

              Either way, 🙂 good luck in your search.

  5. Maybe CBDC is not so worrisome.
    If the US treasury is virtually bankrupt, yet the USD is a reserve currency, a fiat currency, then if another currency or basket of currencies replaced the USD as a reserve currency, if it were convertible to gold, then why would that be so bad, even for the middle class and for people who save money?
    Sure, the USD would go down, but probably gradually, and maybe it is about time in light of the profligate bellicose spending by the USA, other NATO countries, and others.
    Will they prohibit cash? This would be much more disconcerting.
    What if the CBDC were backed by gold?
    You don’t trust the CCP to maintain the convertibility?
    Nor do I, but even if this were temporary, would this be any less stable than the current situation of a reserve currency issued by a virtually bankrupt, profligate government and then used as a political instrument to push opposing governments around?

    • The US dollar is
      a)the petro dollar and
      b)the Smart Bomb dollar

      When you dont really need dollars to buy oil and the US cant kill you if you don’t accept USD THEN the dollar becomes almost valueless… not over night, but as all the dollars shoved under (metaphorical) beds around the world start to get dumped it accelerates until your looking at something LIKE the Soviet economic collapse, or Wiemar German hyper inflation.
      Without the economic power to support it the US military goes the same way as the Red Army (you could buy uniforms in German markets dirt cheep for years after and for a while you could literally buy anything if you had cash for the troops stationed far from home)
      The USD will hold and hold and hold but (unless the US manages to create and maintain extractive empire) WHEN it goes it will be fast and (like in Russia) a few oligarchs will buy everything up for cents on the dollar while people starve.

  6. Taken from MERCOLA’s article linked in the show notes.

    QUOTE from Barbara Loe Fisher (4:50 mark)
    and You Alone
    will make the Choice:
    To Live Free or Die as a Slave.”

    Important Vaccine Message
    (6 minutes)

  7. Take-aways for me: political scripting, predictive programming, and “The only winning move is NOT to play.” I love you guys for being truth tellers.

  8. Re: the general selection, I know this won’t be popular among Corbett Report followers, but I’m voting – hear me out. From the time Trump was elected I have believed it represented a genuine factional divide in the Deep State, and that a crypto-Libertarian had been elected (his dad after all was a John Bircher). I’m willing to concede I may be totally wrong, and this is all a charade to ensure that the left, (of which I include anarchists, who have historically been designated on the left) will forever be discredited in the US. However, I’m applying Pascal’s Wager to this: if I’m wrong, then it won’t make any difference anyway, the agenda continues. But if I’m right, the guy who says he wants to cut the military, preserve states rights, fight against mandatory lockdowns, masks and vaccines, will at least prevent the guy that wants full scale fascism from being elected. Let me remind people, Trump’s administration has not started any new wars, they pulled back in the South China Seas, brokered peace treaties, and ignored every false flag opportunity to start more security crack-downs and wars – from the Las Vegas Shooting, and the Naval ships being rammed in the South China Seas, to the capture of the British Ship by the Iranians (and everything in between.) I’m not calling Trump himself a hero, I’m not even calling him a good guy, but I am saying he may be a real alternative to the WW3 Clinton/Biden promise.

    There is also another possibility if this is just a charade. We know that the ruling class crave permission for what they do – taking pleasure in making us choose which poison to drink. Well at this stage they’re testing the water to see if people will actually vote for fascism like they did in the 20s/30s. If Trump wins, it will indicate to them that they will have to at least delay their aspirations until they do not require the serfs anymore (you’ll know we’re there when they have an android who can look after a baby.) Yes it may be a sick game, but it’s no longer the Assange’s STD comparison, a choice between gonorrhea and chlamydia, it’s more like choosing between Don Corleone from the Godfather or Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs – and you can call me Stockholm Syndromed, but I’ll take the old-fashioned mobster for right now.

    • maggie
      I agree that Trump is a different faction and the more the elites fight the better for regular folks. I think he is the Julius Caesar to our Late Republic and will eventually fall and after conflict between the elites and Augustus type will end up taking over real control of the post democratic America
      I could be wrong though, I was sure Covid was going to be a huge killer virus too, Lol

    • As long as you are choosing lesser evil you cannot choose something good.
      Can’t you get it?

    • QAnon. The cult is working.

      • QAnon is for mentally weak people, just like communism and fascism

  9. Hmn… if people get into online rage mobs and boycott companies that do that I think most would cave faster then Chick-Fil-a did

    • I disagree. Corporations will march forward with the mandate, and citizens will soon find something else to rage about. People are too comfortable to give up their fried chicken just because a few tin-foil hatters are scared of a vaccine.

      • jtrower
        Corporations will go where the money is- they might have true agendas and motives and even value but they all ultimately depend on money. Now, if people are to weak and disgusting to use that power thats one thing but the power is real.
        The people who run Chick-fil-A had a personal religious position which they cucked out on for fear of loosing money…. Hollywood movies had to tone down their promotion of degeneracy after the Catholics boycotted them into the Hayes code.
        RIGHT NOW, under a somewhat free market capitalism WE still have a huge amount of power to bend them to our will… in many ways THEY represent a reflection of US the people who buy their services.

  10. From the makers of The Purge. (2 minutes) You cant make this stuff up.

    And if you like you can compare it to this clip from a movie that didn’t get made and Prodcuer was murder-suicided.

    As the 2 Jims were talking about the people involved in The Purge and politics I don’t think this is a co-incidence. Is anything these days?

    • BUMP

      Paul’s first VIDEO link above

      | Official Trailer [HD] | Coming Soon

      Uploaded October 29, 2020 – Thursday – by STX Films
      (10/29 is the same day this New World Next Week was uploaded.)

      Four years into quarantine the virus has changed and so have we…

      In the terrifying thriller SONGBIRD, the COVID-23 virus has mutated and the world is in its fourth year of lockdown.
      Infected Americans are ripped from their homes and forced into quarantine camps known as Q-Zones, from which there is no escape, as a few brave souls fight back against the forces of oppression.

      Amid this dystopian landscape, a fearless courier, Nico (KJ Apa), who’s immune to the deadly pathogen, finds hope and love with Sara (Sofia Carson), though her lockdown prohibits them from physical contact.
      When Sara is believed to have become infected, Nico races desperately across the barren streets of Los Angeles in search of the only thing that can save her from imprisonment … or worse.

      The first feature film to be made during COVID-19 in Los Angeles, and about the pandemic itself….

      My comment:
      Q-Zones – “Trust The Plan”. 😉

  11. So let me see if I get this straight: the vaccine aim is to create “asymptomatic carreirs”, those we fear the most!

    • Or is it?
      If I were one of the wierdos behind the whole thing I’d need to have a really deadly bug disseminated all throughout the global population but would also have to ensure it was a bug that wouldn’t effect me and my mates. Using a vaccine as the delivery vector would be the perfect way to do it.

      • Binary weapon… you infect Covid which messes up the bodies histamine systems THEN you hit with a 2nd agent that targets that system leading to all manner of profitable autoimmune diseases…its the South Africa AIDs pattern where you get paid for drugs and then, one day, you pull the plug on them and 1/3rd of the population dies off in a year or two.

        These are the kind of people who send AIDs infected blood over seas KNOWING its dirty.

  12. The case for Silver Coins
    (Story #3 – “The Purge” and the Election)

    James Rickards has an October 23, 2020 article out
    Silver Could Explode Within Weeks

    Do you have a flashlight, spare batteries and some duct tape stashed away for home emergencies like power outages or hurricanes? Of course you do. How about 100 ounces of silver coins? If not, you should.

    In an extreme social or infrastructure breakdown — where banks, ATMs and store scanners are offline — silver coins might be the only way to buy groceries for your family. This is one of many reasons why sales of silver coins and bullion are set to skyrocket.

    The upcoming election and its aftermath could witness social unrest that would make this summer’s chaos look downright tame. We might not even know the winners for several weeks after the election. Things could get very ugly.

    If that happens, shortages will appear and the price of silver could soar to $60 per ounce or higher from current levels of about $25 per ounce….
    As I understand it, currently the “premiums” for silver coins are not extremely low. (A “premium” is the extra fee which the seller charges.) Some dealers are having a hard time getting the physical metal.
    Premiums may actually stay in this higher range for years to come, especially if the silver spot prices increase.

  13. Trump could be the other side of a “Biden” coin. I don’t believe President Trump has ever declared himself a disciple of Jesus, a believer in the full gospel. Trump says he is a good person – and that, based on the evidence of his life and his political record within the last four years – seems to be true. In addition, he has chosen people as advisors who are outspoken about their beliefs in Jesus-
    and importantly including a Supreme Court Justice.
    Jesus said, “Satan cannot cast out Satan. A house divided against itself will fall.” Jesus also said, “You will know them by their fruit”. If Trump were corrupt – his actions would make it apparent. Trump can be brash but his actions have been upright.
    My hope and high conjecture is that Trump has been playing the “Illuminati” game as a strategist. Throughout history, God chooses and uses leaders to bring about his will be it blessings or judgment. To even have a president who calls abortion, human trafficking and treason for what it is – is to hear truth. And Truth brings light and exposes the darkness.

    • mcoller
      While Trump is the lesser evil compared to the organized global destroyers who own Biden he is in no way a ‘good’ person. The idea that a person who is not knee deep in filth could get that kind of power in the western world (maybe anywhere…?) is laughable.

      On the plus side he has at least NOT pushed for war, but is even more owned by Israel then the average President and is politically speaking Bill Clinton come again. He cant fix the economy even if he was willing to hurt the interests that profit from gutting it.
      He , like Reagan, will TALK about how bad abortion is but will do zero about it. By the time they overturn Roe vs Wade society will have reached the point that exactly zero states will ban abortion.

  14. Is it this simple?:
    DNA altering vaccine makes humans ‘patent-able-property’ of the ‘administering corporate agency’ taking ‘possession’ through “imminent domain” of all Earth “property”.
    Mandatory cooperation to include ‘new-FED-dough’ benefit awarded based on level of compliance with projected-technocratic-authority.
    Alternatives will be incompatible with ‘new-FED-dough’ “value” system based on compliance, not available through labor, productivity, ingenuity or creativity (which will be inadequately handled by AI, automation & mechanization) resulting in mass deaths, partially relieving ‘burden’ of humanity on the technocratic order.
    Take your pick. In or out.
    Retaining/remembering/re-implementing natural organic proven functional local interactions to sustain/enhance life IS LIFE.
    True global ‘living’ will return to local consciousness, away from whole-globe-at-once “globalism”.

    ‘Simplicity’ is not to be confused with ‘easy’.
    Do you have any thoughts on this speculation, other than “some people might kill you”?
    As in, how to navigate possible scenarios, examples:
    increasing local homeless populations;
    “fiat” Pension is sole income;
    friends anxious for proposed “convenience” of assimilation.
    We all want to “survive”, right? How do we define what that word “survive” means now? Matters previously conveniently ignored may confront us repeatedly or unavoidably.

    • Lets not mince words, freedom of choice has long gone the way of the Dodo. Along with it the freedom of expression, assembly and skepticism. Next up, freedom of thought.

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