Interview 1593 – Introducing Agorist.Market with Mike Swatek

by | Nov 9, 2020 | Interviews | 12 comments

James Corbett talks to Mike Swatek about Agorist.Market, a simple site for agorists business owners to list their businesses and agorists in general to purchase outside of the fiat money / banking control grid. We talk about the #BlackMarketFriday campaign and how people can use the site.

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  1. I want to give a salute to Mike Swatek .

    Not only does he play a role with the website “”, but he also is active with a variety of related Voluntaryist and Agorist actions.

    For example, he has played a role in the person-to-person MidFest – a Mid-Continent Liberty Festival for a Stateless Society in beautiful northeastern Oklahoma.

    I first became exposed to Mike when I saw a post at the Voluntaryists of Dallas Ft Worth Meetup Group.

    I think that possibly he has commented here before at Corbett Report.

    LINK to the above related stuff.

  2. I don’t have a business per se but I’ll put up some services I can provide to the world. Hopefully the red tape and licensing costs will be worth it 😉

    • I hope you have a Trademark and Registered Business name, along with Copyrights & Patents to your services.

      • And a retinue of fawning legal advisers along with a band of tax evasion acrobatics aficionados.

  3. Thank you Mike for the creation and James for bringing attention to it. I went ahead and submitted one of my businesses.

    I have been thinking a lot about this topic of the market place last Winter and at one point was scheming on how to create a website for locals where you could host skills and tools for trade and borrow. I took a stab at it and was extremely disappointed in my ability to put together a website of this fashion. Trying to build a house, work and other life happenings took over. But yes, thank you James for bringing up the fact that it takes ACTING upon the thought. Thank you again for taking action Mike!

  4. I appreciate the intention and passion of this model, but if it becomes a threat to the System, it will be stamped out. Individuals Representing Satan (IRS) will first use “tax avoidance”/”tax evasion” weapons. Websites can be downed with one phone call, and the alleged “security” of crypto has been demonstrated to be empty, at least against State-level malevolent actors (e.g., IRS, NSA, FBI).

    People need to build COMMUNITY in real life. KNOW who you do business with, KNOW who you can do business with. KNOW who will trade and barter with you now, or in the event of chaos. These will almost invariably involve small, truly-local businesses. You can approach a corporate business, but “policies & procedures” concocted by lawyers at a far-away headquarters will make your effort fruitless, even if local management is amenable. Don’t publish such information, except by word-of-mouth.

    • Von NutHaus is a con-man. His so-called “Liberty Dollars” were an overpriced scam, named that in order to mislead suckers. Had he simply offered Silver rounds, like hundreds of other companies, he wouldn’t have been put in a cage.

      REAL MONEY has never been out of circulation: both Gold and Silver coins and rounds have always been available, even after FDR “banned” the former in the US.

    • I would just like to point out that we have been down this road many times already. While this gig the FED has going is vrry sweet, introducing a limited resource as “money” would not resolve much, if anything at all.

      Similar to how it happened many times in history, money changers would have an excruciating effect on the “economy” by means of taking control of the limited resource.

      Having a limited resource as money would not help to hedge against artificial inflation due to dilution of the supply.

      Additionally, there is always an issue with hoarding of that what is apparently valuable, having ill effects on availability of money supply.

  5. A warning on Firefox popped up on
    Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead

    Firefox detected a potential security threat and did not continue to If you visit this site, attackers could try to steal information like your passwords, emails, or credit card details.

    What can you do about it?

    The issue is most likely with the website, and there is nothing you can do to resolve it. You can notify the website’s administrator about the problem.

    Just wanted you to know!

    • Depending on who knows what, sometimes browsers will throw a SSL certificate related error when accessing some sites. Is your browser up to date? How about your system clock?

  6. Black Friday is when corporations sell products at twice the price they should be instead of four times the price they should be!

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