Interview 1594 – Goodbye YouTube Party!!!

by | Nov 10, 2020 | Interviews | 68 comments

Q: What’s the biggest event of the year? A: The Goodbye YouTube Party, of course! Join James, Derrick, Ryan, Dan and Josh as they celebrate being kicked off the enemy’s controlled information platform (well, everyone except James, that shill!). We look forward to pioneering the next phase of the development of the independent media and share our ideas about exciting new opportunities for sharing information outside of the grasp of the controlled Big Tech social media oligopoly.

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  1. I have a theory that one reason the CorbettReport has not been taken down from YT yet is because James has been warning us that this day would come and urging us to consume his material from his website, for so long now, that his website now presents a significant competition to YouTube – for a certain “market sector”.

    I generally watch CorbettReport videos from the website, as I’m sure many others do. Maybe I’m imagining things, but when a new JC video comes out and I don’t watch it on YouTube because I’ve already seen it on JC’s website, I seem to get more reminders of it from the YT algorithms. I wonder if they are torn between banning material they don’t like and beating competition that threatens to take viewers away from their site.

    Derrick Broze makes a good point where he talks about all the non-independent media stuff that people want to watch – videos about make-up, sport etc. I’m crazy about climbing, and climbing videos keep me hooked on YouTube. Though I tend to watch them in the evening when I’m relaxing, so I’m getting into the habit of going to YouTube in the evening to watch “fun stuff” and looking at other channels during the day.

    Maybe an enterprising person could develop a website offering links to new independent media material, a kind of independent news feed, so everyone can go and see the latest headlines, instead of having to trawl through several different websites to find their favourites. Is this how the new platform that Derrick Broze mentioned works?

    • I have been a HW/SW Engineer since the early 80s. I remember when I upgraded to my shiny new 300 baud modem. I was an an initial user of Netscape. I remember people using AOL and I thought why in the world would anyone have a curated view of what’s out there. I have never used any (anti)social media. I follow links and follow links and bookmark sites I like. Is there any reason why intelligent people need their web experience curated? Strange.

      • You are correct. However I reserve search engines for finding plumbing repairs or music. I guess when I was younger, I did use search engines. I do have starting points as you said.

        • When I use youtube links I don’t sign in so they don’t know who I am.

          Oh, they have a pretty good idea 😉

      • The distinction being that, if you rely on individual sites to guide you, you are being curated by authors you are following to some extent anyway. Regardless of the angle from which you look at that, it’s not the same as being provided a very narrow peeping hole into the world through a search engine.

        Of course, the search engine will provide access to a far larger index of information.

    • I share your enthusiasm, James. Great time to be alive. And unvaccinated. Didn’t bring my party hat so used a folded napkin. It’s interesting to watch the way energy flows, whether during sporting matches (which I haven’t watched in years), the performing arts, or how one feels on a particular day. The energy during the exchanges with yourself, Derek, Dan, Ryan, Josh was at its peak, moving freely, effortlessly. Everything said that needed to be said, articulated clearly, precisely. Much different than during the round tables when Edmonds was trying to co-opt you for NewsBud. Negative flow. I think the Spooks got to her either before, during or after publication of “Classified Woman”. My theory concerning your youtube longevity: It’s a dominant, superior quality, alternative information location where comments can be monitored and contributors ogled by squinty eyed NSA trolls.

      You probably aren’t familiar with Jane Roberts/Seth. Jane, one of the few authentic channelers in my opinion, began receiving information shortly after the JFK assassination. I’m not the only one who thinks the Seth material is significant. The entire volume is archived at Yale. Seth said two things that have remained imbedded in consciousness (rare at my age as most everything else leaks into the ether, dispersed by the four winds): 1) “You create your own reality. There are no exceptions”; 2) “Everything is symbolic.” The aphotic cabal occupying the apex of the predominant Cyclopic power pyramid knows this.

      You introduced a new word into my political lexicon a while back: kakistocracy. Government by the worst. How many were taken in by Obama? I was initially. Couldn’t imagine someone that “progressive” could be elected. Then, looking at his funding, I knew what to expect. Did anyone see the news clip when Joan Rivers was purloined by a news team as she entered her building? – “Do you think the country will see the first gay president or the first woman president?” – “We have it with Obama. Let’s just calm down. You know Michelle is a tranny.” – “I’m sorry, excuse me, what?!” – “A trans-gender. Don’t get excited. Everyone knows”. I didn’t pay much attention. Until Rivers died unexpectedly during a gastrointestinal endoscopy when an additional procedure was performed for some kind of biopsy involving her vocal chords. Oooops. Dead a month or so after the remark.

      Don’t know how many presidents have been pedophiles, but Biden should get a Dino on that score. Would a “normie” even consider that information? Perhaps a new category, James. But not if you intend remaining alive.

      Anyone of my generation (born during WWII) lived through the Camelot years with JFK. Vaughn Meader was the standout Kennedy imitator at the time. If you want to revisit his “First Family” album, here’s the link –
      Still hilarious. When JKF died, so did Meader’s career. A crime on both fronts.
      From my perspective, JFK was the last authentic US president. The rest have been imitators.
      No matter what happens, I intend to keep a sense of humor.

  2. When they started saying there could be terrorist attacks in June 2001, I thought, “what are they up to?” and thought about delaying a trip. On the return there were minimum 50 people dressed in robes on our flights all glaring at us, and thought about the earlier warnings and wondered why there was such a heavy-handed message being sent in such a way.

    When I could not find the information I needed after 9/11, I found Amy Goodman, and thought maybe she would be going into the places no other journalist was going. Then I realized the con involved with ag and dem now.

    When I found the voices several years after 9/11 I thought it was great that the internet was providing access to real info. PS ALL of you were late to that story. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think any of you were on that story from Day one. Which is not a criticism, but an observation. Some of us knew before the towers were destroyed.

    When they turned off the comments on the main front page channels on the internet, I knew that all the theories were about to be made real. I knew biden would be selected.

    Then we had covid, and a media that is nothing but a front for the changers.

    Volunteerism is a great goal, but it will not change the current situation tomorrow, and that’s what we need.

    How do we take over the MSM? Seriously, how do we target a major network station during a prime time telecast to take it over and refuse to give in.

    this is the programming people want. So often when I speak about subjects to people who are truly victimized by current society, the information is stimulating to conversation and they are glad to hear the thoughts.

    No one believes anything going on. We MUST approach all news as we are the mainstream, because we are.

    MSM exists to convince people what everyone believes. That’s it. And it lies so much, people are leaving it except for old people, lazy people, a majority of Jews and the liars leading the story.

    it’s time to realize we are the vast majority, and act accordingly.

    • I agree that what we have to say is stimulating to conversation.

      I am also thankful for the the critics as I can get taken over by state terrorism and align my thinking as directed, forgetting my independent observations.

    • >Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think any of you were on that story from Day one.

      Had if right on day one. Same with JFK assassination, WMDs in Iran, Douma chemical attack and the corona virus. This is what I distributed right after 9/11. Folks thought I was a nut case.

      The government lies to the people

      This is true of all governments throughout time. They lie because they believe that the people would not support their actions if their citizens knew the truth. The bigger the lie, the more likely the people will believe it. Let me read a quote:
      The size of the lie is a definite factor in causing it to be believed, because the vast masses of a nation are in the depths of their hearts more easily deceived than they are consciously and intentionally bad. The primitive simplicity of their minds renders them more easy victims of a big lie than a small one, because they themselves often tell little lies but would be ashamed to tell big ones. Such a form of lying would never enter their heads. They would never credit others with the possibility of such great impudence as the complete reversal of facts. Even explanations would long leave them in doubt and hesitation, and any trifling reason would dispose them to accept a thing as true. Something therefore always remains and sticks from the most imprudent of lies, a fact which all bodies and individuals concerned in the art of lying in this world know only too well, and therefore they stop at nothing to achieve this end.
      ~ Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf

      One of the more recent lies has to do with the reason that we invaded Afghanistan. The dominant paradigm is that the US is seeking out the terrorists that attacked the World Trade Center. The truth is that the US had planned the attack since July 2001. The intransigence of the Taliban in allowing UNOCAL and other investors the rights to building a pipeline from Turkmenistan to Pakistan put this plan on the drawing board. The tragedy of September 11 just gave the excuse to go ahead with the plan to ouster our former clients that were set up to extricate the Soviet Union from Afghanistan.

      Another lie in a related issue is that of calling the prisoners in Cuba, unlawful combatants. It is claimed that they had no insignias on their uniforms and thus do not deserve prisoner of war status. The Geneva Convention relative to treatment of prisoners of war states that this is only one of six conditions where belonging to any one of the six categories is sufficient. The other categories leave no doubt as to their status. This move by the US government shows a deep lack of respect for international laws and a lack of a desire to co-operate with other nations.

      [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

      • Yes, it’s true, there were a handful of people. I knew, because I had been in a 7 year relationship with someone who is NOW in management at CalTrans. he is an engineer. he took me to a twin tower demolition in SFO. For years, waking in the morning, the book on the shelves I always saw was “Why Buildings Fall Down”. While waiting for the event to take place, boring, we sat on a hillside a mile or two away with a view down to the demolitions. He explained how a building is like a living thing and all of the redundancies of construction making every bit of it interlocked, connected, more secure, repeated tied-in connections that make it hard to demolish buildings, so when a building is over a certain size the only way to destroy it is demolition, because hand-destruction of a building is not feasible when very large. This normally quiet socially awkward person had the attention of everyone sitting near us. I completely got it.

        Funny thing, I knew the morning of 9/11 and he refuses to discuss it. His family is CIA for sure, sister head of Bank of America creating policies that eliminated zero percent APR and she retired at 50 something and sailed around the world. Sister and brother in law sail the world, involved in Antarctica RESEARCH.

        I am in travel. Airlines are the KEY to getting 9/11. The focus is almost everywhere else, because the airline industry is a closed field, unknowable to many outside of travel.

        Who helped usher in TSA and the shift away from freedoms? AIRLINES.
        What were the weapons used to distract from the planned demolitions? AIRLINES.

        • Yes, the CIA has a history of taking out whole planes to get just one person.

          Interesting how a year after the attack it was shown that an airline could be hacked from the ground. I think there was a Bruce Willis movie with that as its theme.

          • In 1996 there was a news story in Australia about a Boeing 737 style plane flying transcon, taking off, landing, completely remotely controlled. Another story that went to the memory hole. I read the story. I knew it was true already, when I was hired at American Airlines in 1990, we were already using instruments to land and take off, and they talked about the ability to do it remotely, so it’s not an unknown, just something they need to deny.

            Currently, and this is VITAL to get, Agencies have enabled Airlines, through collusion, to begin charging fees. First the big agencies had to put as many small agencies out of business or in bad shape so they couldn’t survive a shut down. They did so by charging one fee per booking, regardless of the number of travelers. So a Production (a big field of travel in which I am deeply involved) will travel 10-20 people at once. A big agency would issue all of those tickets on as few records as possible to charge as few fees as possible. Big agencies could do this because they were given special “deals” from the airlines to offer services that would validate the charging of fees. Once the buyouts were complete and the mega agencies were born, virtually indistinguishable from the now-handful of US airlines, the big agencies started charging fees per ticket which made it a uniform practice in the field of travel. THAT is when airlines started charging fees, the ground was set.

            Last June, I was invited, possibly in error, to attend a meeting about NDC, New Distribution Channels, which are internet based tools that facilitate the bookings for people who want to book direct on a website. First, they get a company’s CFO and others to cotton on to the idea that they can better control their costs if they require employees to use a particular online tool that will restrict what is presented to the traveler to only those options that meet the requirements (mostly financial) of the company paying for the travel. Continuing next comment…..

          • ..This is continuation of below.

            When I was hired in 1990, we were told we had to be nice to travel agents, but taht the long term goal would be to eliminate travel agencies, who were viewed as a drain on the airlines, even after they stopped paying commissions one month before 9/11, further weakening and destroying small agencies, making the field ripe for the picking for the now-handful of MEGA agency owners.

            So late June I was invited to this meeting about NDC and it was very clear this is meant to do two things: Normalize booking travel on line and not going through an agent, which also benefits airlines who are producing the SAME TECHNOLOGIES to eliminate as much of THEIR workforces as possible. This was estimated by one of the two presenters as a Major Shift in travel that will take place in the next 10-14 months, they were just working on the final bits to make it fully useful. Practically before she could finish speaking, the man co-leading the meeting said “No, more like 8 months.”

            that’s the time line for Covid. We are all in lock down mode so the airline arms of the industrial military complex can launch their new products, so agents will be a thing of the past.

            This lock down is meant to be the final nail in the coffin. How am I surviving? Barely. But before all of this took place, I would very likely have been the top selling individual travel agent on the planet.

            The year before I would have been at the top of the list, an employee of an agency who fired me (bogusly, I was given the blame for something someone else did, and she was given the role of saving the client, which I had done) was the top of the list and EVERYONE managed to let me know that the agency who fired me had the top agent in the US. So they weren’t suffering after bogusly firing their best agent.

            The next year I would have been way above those sales, but that’s when the focus was taken OFF Independent Agents, and the current agency who hosts me (because there is no one else who will hire the top agent in the world, because the LEADERS in travel are specifically targeting me) steals 25pct of my income, which is UNHEARD of, and did so with the lie that “i have several agents selling as much or more than you.”

            Our agency was just bought out by a huge agency, part of the announcement is that this mega agency was buying a 100 agent agency with 800 million in annual revenues. That’s an average of 800K/year in sales by agents. Last year I sold 5.23 million. Not to mention, the specific office that hosts me was listed as having between 8-10 million in annual revenue with 20 agents in a year I sold personally 3.77 million.

            Yes, personal story, but the rubber meets the road somewhere and I have a front row seat.

            From what I see, and having attended a meeting about NDC and how it will affect the product I use to book, but was stated, “We are thankful for this current lock down, in a way, because it has enabled us to get the product fully up and running and they estimate by feb/march.

            Covid timeline.

            • I typed that wrong. 100 agents selling 80 million. Not 800 million. Typo.

    • Indeed, just watch for who is shouted down, who is cut off, whose ideas are demeaned. THOSE are the people telling the truth, and the modeling of dismissive behavior is what dominates the deniers of truth.
      PBS has Doc Martin, a virtue-signaling, anti-social, “always right”… It is programming like this that has empowered the very same virtue-signalers who use that lie to paint others however they wish, because whatever they say will be accepted as the properly demonstrated response.
      The more scathing, the more right you must be.


    • No way. Please tell me you’re JOKING(Sick Joke) right?

  4. I recommend utilizing based on the old Reddit code, a news aggregator forum that happens to be a handy friendly truth-seeking central meeting place while also being federated (backed up and cross-posting) with other old-Reddit sites. There’s no shortage of all these guys being shared there (though now many are defunct YouTube links).

    Among other things, I’ve made a long list of YouTube alternatives:

    Within the year I intend to bring that list and MUCH else, tech-related alternatives and solutions and more, to (and mirrored on But first I need to finish my epic cautionary hard-sci-fi story that might change the world – or make a difference to those open to it. Plus I’m building my basement year-round garden with a server room in the corner.

  5. So great to see you all together. And so very important discussion. Keep the faith!

  6. Recently, I have noticed I’m visiting them boob less and less. Who would have thunk it?

  7. Dan, you are having playback issues on lbry because you use atrocious bitrate on your videos. You need to slim those suckers down 10 fold.

  8. Some of my takeaways from this conversation:

    – I share the feeling of the alternatives not quite having the full capabilities of mainstream platforms. Hopefully some of the issues (playback, website embedding, etc.) will be worked out soon so these alternatives are more practical. With the healthy competition growing, I am sure it is only a matter of time before we have several options that are much better (in performance, content, searchability, etc.) than the YouTubes of the world.

    – Derrick made a great point about alternative platforms needing to be more well rounded with videos for music, cats, how to fix your car, or whatever else to make these alternatives practical for all users. When they become practical for common, everyday use, then the the average person will stumble across the work of these fine gentlemen and that of other conspiracy realists.

    – Josh made an excellent point about content creators making excuses for not leaving YouTube because there are too many spread out platforms, when there are many mainstream platforms that they already post too (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc.). I think some of the excuses come from the fear of the unknown. Once people jump in the deep end they will see they can swim just fine.

    – This is a very exciting time. I can feel the energy that the newly sprouting alternative platforms are creating. The momentum is building greatly and since Covid-1984 it has become more and more obvious and apparent that popularity is growing. The alternative platforms were there before Covid, but now I am noticing this energy shifting. And more alternatives seem to be popping up every month. I think the media “controllers” have lost control and it is only a matter of time before these alternatives become more popular and gain critical mass.

      • I saved the .png link. That’s a winner!

      • I think Gootube is in a lose/lose situation with James. He’s refused to be monetized (it’s never been about money with James), so they can’t hurt him there. If they censor the Corbett Report, then they really look bad and people will simply go directly to the site. GT might lose more subscribers in a protest. “Did you hear they censored the Corbett Report? – What’s the Corbett Report? – You don’t know about the Corbett Report!? Go to his site!” Kah-ching! Five thousand more subscribers.

        The link by mkey is priceless! “When you try to kill everyone with a plandemic, but accidentally cause a worldwide awakening!” YES! What happens when the quantum computer they’ve been re-lying on fucks up and gets it wrong?

        There’s been speculation why they pulled the trigger so soon. Returning to “Everything is symbolic”: This year is 2020. If one is measuring eyesight, it’s perfect vision. Seeing things clearly. There might have been concern people were beginning to awaken so it had to be now or never. I find it interesting James initials are “JC”; like the man 2000 years ago who blasted the money lenders, scattering loose change everywhere. There was also “Gentleman James Corbett”, world heavyweight champ who beat John L Sullivan. James lived on Corbett Rd. Born 1866, died 1933.

        We may have learned by now it’s never about one leader. It has to be a decentralized awakening. Corona could be the lightweight catalyst the crowd has been awaiting to take on the controllers. Covid is not in the same class as James Corbett. I see a knockout in the 11th round, November 11, 2022.

        • Hello. I enjoyed being reminded about your reference to the man consumed with justified anger, that overturned the money lenders tables in the temple in Jerusalem 2000 years ago. A powerful reminder to us all.

    • scpat says:
      “This is a very exciting time.
      I can feel the energy that the newly sprouting alternative platforms are creating.”

      I LOVED how Corbett brought humor and fun to the conversation!
      He directed The PARTY very well.

      Did you notice how no one person tried to dominate the conversation? This was smooth and real. Real people.

      These are the kind of folks at the café table having a good time and discussing topics of substance. This is the type of group that anyone would want to join in with. It is welcoming, approachable and real.

      It should also be noted that most of these fellas have paid their dues as on the street ACTIVISTS. These are not Ivory Tower guys.

      • I agree. This was a nice conversation to listen to. All of these guys are sharp minded and good researchers and reporters.

  9. Hi James,

    Just want to ask if others are having the same experience as of yesterday. I cannot download any content from your server ( or even from YouTube. Also, a short while ago, YouTube removed the audio for down-loading. Enjoy the party. I am with you in spirit.

    • Oops. I can’t speak for ThemTube but this video wasn’t available from my server because I forgot to upload it! Should be there now.

  10. What is a good email alternative to Gmail? Thanks!

    • BewilderedBeauty,
      I hope another member gives you a better answer than me.

      I have various email accounts with different places.
      I even still have my original AOL accounts from decades back. is a pretty secure one. I think Derrick Broze uses it. I use it for specialized tasks.

      Some email addresses I use for junk stuff or subscribing on a website newsletter, because I get too much stuff.
      Often I will use Yahoo for that.

      I have a separate email address that I use for online orders. Another address for my financial stuff and credit cards.

      I have some very, very old gmail accounts, but I don’t remember what they are.
      There have been a couple occasions that I had to make a gmail email for my phone in order to access certain features. I have it written on a piece of paper in my phone file so I don’t forget it, because I don’t use it.
      There are some real tech savvy guys on this comment board. I am not one.
      Maybe one of them will volunteer better information

    • Yes, as HomeRemedySupply says, ProtomMail is the most secure. I’ve moved all my distribution info to protonmail after deleted my email to my distribution list. Also check out and

  11. He gets “normies” that way though. That’s how I found his material initially.

    • I think JC needs to wake up as many normies as possible. We need a large number of people who start to wake up. These times are unprecedented, in my opinion. But I understand what you are saying.

      • If teenagers and other young people see JC’s material before all of the conditioning, maybe he will be able to inspire interest. The propaganda nowadays and all of the distractions are mind-numbing. His material is very important to be accessible to a wide audience. I hate YT though. I think people should post the conscious resistance and the other censored journalists using a different user name just to share it. The work is very important, critically important. Humanity may not survive this if we don’t inform people.

        • I agree. Keep our communications going to reach others.

          Guerilla InfoWarfare.

          I believe that YouTube will have a lot of guerilla videos sourced from the folks at this Corbett Report “Goodbye YouTube Party”, but posted by other users.

          I see Corbett’s videos all the time, but under a different user name.

  12. As far as finding people’s content goes I’d like see the old 90s concept of the web ring made popular again.

    In case people don’t know what they are, back before search engines of any quality existed, web sites would link to other websites of a similar interest using a banner ‘advert’ that when clicked would take you to the next website. The ring part came about because you could keep clicking on the banner until you came back to the site you started with, effectively navigating an entire ring.

    The downfall of web rings came about because they required a central administration to add or remove sites from the Rings … the search engine companies acquired the ring admin orgs and phased them out in favour of their own products…web masters were then made to fight each other to death in endless search engine optimisation wars instead of the cooperative but still independent model of the past.

    Of course today, the ring configuration could be stored on a block chain, with the content sites hiding the technical details from the end users.

    • So that is what it was called. I vaguely remember those banners and clicking and exploring.

    • Ah the web rings yes. Back in 1994 I was doing a Computer programming course back in those heady days.

  13. Personally, my opinion is “Let YouTube pull the trigger.”

    The gun points at their own head.
    Once they kick someone off, that person ain’t coming back.
    They lose that resource, that content production source, forever.

    At the censorship finale, with YouTube moderators…It’s kind of like punch-kicking a brick wall with the ends of your toes. Later on, it is gonna really hurt.

    So, when YouTube finally does pull the trigger, we can laugh at them while they hop around.

    Schadenfreude is borrowed from German. It is a compound of Schaden, “damage, harm”, and Freude, “joy”.

  14. Yes, sabotage is a great strategy. We need to use multiple strategies, not just the ones that appeal to our moral codes, in my honest opinion.

    We need to be smarter than they are, exploit their media for our interests. Hit them where it hurts when they least expect it. They count on us using a moral high ground. Survival dictates we use multiple strategies to win.

    I wish we could hack into a CNN broadcast and play a Corbett report instead. If I was knowledgeable enough, I would do it.

  15. Dear Content Creators,

    Please ensure that whatever distribution systems you use for your video content allow it to be downloaded. PLEASE. I presume that you’ll always be using high quality audio. If you can provide both a highish quality video AND a lower quality video, I would very much appreciate that.

    See, I download the low quality video and can watch it after only a few seconds because I only need the download time to be shorter than the video playback time and have 1% already downloaded. No ‘buffering’ issues, skipping back in time is instantaneous etc.. Works really well.

    Then, if I think its really good/important/interesting I might then download the high quality.

    Anyway, Bitchute does not provide download so I aint goin’ there. Same with some of your own web sites. But, LBRY does, so thats good.

    Good luck outside the siloes, and thanks for your work.

    • Here’s a quick assessment of download availability from a PC/Laptop for Ryan and James. Not picking on Ryan, but he had lots of distribution systems in play:


      website: no
      rokfin: no
      flote: no (its a link to the website)
      3speak: no
      periscope: no (its an ‘app’)
      bitchute: no
      lrby: yes

      Compare with James:

      website: yes yes
      bitchute: no (but there is a magnet link, where there is not for Ryan)
      lbry: yes
      minds: no (but with a link to the website from which download is possible)
      youtube: not relevant

      And the winner is … everyone who provides at least one download option!

      • hugo.c, your comments on downloading are very important. Download/archive/repost & disc/USB/offline storage. These are key to keeping information available into our unknown future.
        At the moment only and offer ‘default’ download options, as far as I have been able to determine.
        Others require an “addon” or ‘copy-paste address in another website’ and the “magnet link” on Bitchute? Try right-clik, “copy link location” and paste that in a text file to see what you are triggering… no thanks. Besides, I’ve used ‘torrents’ but never got this link to work.
        The “addon” approach has worked well for me on u2b, intermittently requiring ‘update’ or replacement since u2b keeps disabling them.
        Image Quality? 720p when available, unless ‘visual’ is not relevant.
        Content quality? Much that I abhor is relevant and must be archived to provide understanding of ‘big picture’ for future viewers/listeners. I only watch some of what I archive. Proper categorization is essential for future retrieval.

    • For downloading from most of these sites, youtube-dl application can be used. It’s a simple commandline program, also has a gui.

      For youtube, simply add “pp” after “youtube” in the video URL and you’ll be granted access to several download options.

  16. Well done all and god speed. I’ll do my best to support all however I can.

    I think James is still on here as he links all show notes, so if they try and take him down he has an entire catalogue of evidence to contest. He could easily take on any form of ‘fact checker’ and if made public it could be very detrimental. So they might be trying to take down James by removing all the audience from the internet, hoping that the move away will disarm him.

    Anyway love to all and see you in the camps when they pop on up!

    • Yes, that’s it. 90 percent of people could be on Bitchute for news, but it doesn’t change the instant access given to the liars for homepages and search engines. If Yahoo and MSN and PBS and CNN all say the same thing, which are now alarming in their transparency of lies is what people see by rote, then that’s what they believe by rote.
      I have no doubt that not too many people voted for biden, he is a multiple time loser and faked being demented more than is actually the case. Maybe he just gets confused when being led through an earpiece. I think he came to power in the teleprompter days. Maybe his vision is slipping? Regardless, only people who hate trump and want to protect the clintons seem to genuinely be supportive of the biden candidacy, along with people believing trump is all the things the media has laid at his feet.

      It does not change the PERCEPTION that the public believes in a certain way, because of the uniformity of content across the MSM.

      Last night, I witnessed how the game is really played. yesterday I saw a story about tucker carlson running for president, his ratings having been recently touted. I never ever watch FOX news but saw the detestible hannity was going to expose something, but not knowing the channel had to search through entire list to find foxnews. I turned to the station and tucker was talking, with his new-found support.

      He stated that trump was down “only about 15,000 votes” in I think Georgia, and then he started listing a handful of dead people who voted. As if THAT was going to overwhelm the 15K he had just quoted. It was a DELIBERATELY feckless argument. In fact, Hannity did the same thing. Why this focus on a relative handful? Why even bring it up except to appear to be clutching at straws.

      I am no trump supporter, he unconstitutionally closed down our economy. But Biden clearly states the things that made me hate trump even more after covid would only get worse if biden came to power. At least trump was TALKING about going after the clintons.

      I believe that this proves the fix is in and has never waivered. They just like toying with us so we THINK we are being heard. To help keep us quiet and cordoned off to places where only our own choir hears the music.

      At present, the “big boys and girls” of the msm are able to prevent us knowing how very large our choir really is.

  17. Yes, as HomeRemedySupply says, ProtomMail is the most secure. I’ve moved all my distribution info to protonmail after deleted my email to my distribution list. Also check out and

    YouTube’s “Recommended” & toggling algorithms

    About 2 months ago, when I was at YouTube general, I was surprised to see “Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve” as a recommended video.
    This was the real Corbett video, not some other Channel’s clone.

    For a period of about two weeks more of less, it would occasionally appear in “Recommended”. I thought to myself, “Well, YouTube Moderators probably picked up on all the flak about their censorship of ‘Century of Enslavement’.”

    During this brief period, on occasions, other Corbett Report YouTube videos were “Recommended”.
    On two occasions, at the top of the “Recommended” was a “Corbett Report YouTube Mix”, you know…where YouTube has a string of related videos.

    Then, later as time passed, it all stopped. Nada. It was interesting to mentally note.

  19. Don’t forget that their content is reposted all over youtube and mostly easy to find. They are not blocking access to content as much as to the authors.

  20. I enjoyed the party guys! 🙂

    Mention was made during this video about the importance of
    supporting/funding Youtube alternatives.

    ‘Youtube alternative’ sites should be cautious of two things in this regard:

    1. Any individual making unusually large financial contributions.
    2. Any individual/business offering to buy out the venture, no
    matter how high the price.

  21. The time needed to generate such excellent quality podcasts is not inconsiderable. Broc West also does terrific work at what he does. I just have to say here that the 3 best Corbett Report podcasts I have ever seen is “The Requiem for the Suicided – Danny Casolaro”, “The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh” and “Crashes of Convenience – Michael Hastings”.

  22. First time poster, long time lurker.

    One thing the panelists seem to miss when discussing the need to improve these platforms… Themtube, Sh*itter, and Faceboot were all fed endless streams of cash from supposedly “venture capitalists” and “investors”, which we all know by now were the intelligence agencies and the CCP. The idea that a freedom and liberty platform that doesn’t conform to the global surveillance state will attract sufficient capital to compete with the mainstream platforms is a fantasy. And if the platform is able to grow and the developers are doing this for money… well, then they will sell out as soon as they attract the interest of the globalists.

    So anyway, the way I am handling this is 1) putting up with the deficiencies caused by growing pains, 2) being open with my soon to be devalued dollars and contribute to the platforms, and 3) be nimble at following the quality content.

    Oh… and I’m staying engaged with Sh*tter. I figure the more time they have to spend shadow-banning me is less time they will have to help engineer the Great Reset.

    • Is Sh*tter alias for Twitter? My pet name for it is Twatter, very fitting.

      But all of your points are right on the head. Funny-money does wonders for these ventures.

      • Yes… I confess I stole it from an episode of South Park.

  23. Note to James.
    I became a member and tried to pay you extra but you returned it. I never understood why. I wanted to send money but was afraid if I went through the website it would have been denied. Now that I have the PO Box, I have no money. One day, if things turn around, I will use that PO Box for BOTH Jameses.

  24. … a cordoned off, separate space, like protesters not being allowed access to venues where they want to voice their opinions, but roped off down the road and out of sight.

    Yes, we invite our own enslavement and willingly alienate ourselves with the fake belief that where you go the public will follow.

    It probably does, but if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around, does it make a sound?

    Marginalized means being outside the center, away from the “pulse” of things at the core. That’s what Bitchute and all the others are, because the main THING is controlled and nothing but lies.

    Even alternative sources CONSTANTLY refer to assumptions about “the public” based on the lies spread on Yahoo, MSN, etc. We forget it’s a fake construct top to bottom and STILL defer to it in many ways.

    it is utterly to be disregarded, but then, you are self-marginalizing.

    I think one of the issues is no plan. Ideas are great, but concrete plan to combat a gathering force of what can only be deemed evil is the only thing that will have an effect at this point.

    So welcome to the civil war they are guaranteeing? Who knows for sure, but the “out” is not going to be a change of minds without using the physical to UNITE and overwhelm this evil.

    I suggest a concentration on peace. What happens when 10K people storm a Legislative building? Some may be shot, but these military people are the children of the country they defend. If one is shot, then everyone storms and overwhelms and stops the military. it takes a VOLUME of people, but we can do it, and relatively peacefully.

    First thing, audit EVERY office.

  25. I bought a smart phone. It sits, plugged in, gathering spam. My vision is not good enough to use the small screen effectively. it’s difficult to find the little icons and then to know what they mean.
    A little puckish dyke Instacart Delivery person, pierced, tatooed, actively trying to look “male”, called to ask if I had gotten her texts about something not available. I said I don’t text, but what’s the issue? She replied, “If you go on our app…” I interrupted her to say again, “I have you on the phone now so what is the issue?” Suddenly, though the line was COMPLETELY clear and we have no hills here to block signals, she couldn’t hear me. I would speak, she would say “hello?”.. When the nasty little piece of crap got here had to take a photo of my ID for the wine, but there was not enough light for HER on my porch, though it was never a problem for any other delivery person, so she tried to hand me her phone so I could take the photo, a challenge to see if I even knew how to do that, but i was not about to touch this little clown’s personal phone. She looked unclean. She had to come into my house to take the photo herself. She left appearing very self-satisfied she had outed a non-techy. Me.

    • Interesting Anecdote WAYNED. Thanks.

      I hate the small print. Hate it.
      I also am older, and I feel like the design of smaller computer laptops and phones are partially meant to exclude the older generations.

      • I’m waiting for a friend to come over the holidays to educate me on how to use this particular piece of poison. Vision is obnoxious as you get older. And hips. I must walk more. We should all walk more, to our legislatures and empty them out so we can audit their offices in full view with total exposure. Then we can see which rats are willing to come back into the light.

  26. YouTube EMBED Function – A liability to past articles on websites

    This is one area where a YouTube Channel deletion can effect a long string of past articles or posts.
    Often, even the title of the video or author is not stated in the article.

    If one goes to 911blogger and browses different entries and comments, a person will start to see missing videos.

  27. He who wants to be well informed in my opinion has the duty to actively go looking for good alternative media. Times are over when you get important news served without doing something for it. This has been always like this in every kind of dictatorship. So, this is where we are now.
    I am thankfull for all you guys super important work. For longer time now I always watch your work directly on your homepages.You cannot wake up those who want to continue sleeping, you just do what you can.

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