Interview 1595 – Derrick Broze Updates us on the Underground Railroad

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Derrick Broze of joins us today to provide an update on the counter-economic underground railroad which we discussed last year. The first group has crossed the border and more people than ever are looking to escape the Collapsing States of America and finding freedom elsewhere. We discuss the exit and build strategy, Freedom Cells, and how you can find out more about the growing number of people who are looking to start communities of purpose.

Contact Derrick at opurr [at] protonmail [dot] com

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  1. I’ve always felt a spiritual affinity to Mexico and have traveled there extensively in the past. My question for Derrick is, how are you handling having to be tested to go back-and-forth across the border? I am opposed to having nasal swabs etc. are you saying that this is just an inconvenience that’s worth it to go back-and-forth over the border?

  2. I hope freedom-loving Americans move to South Carolina because that’s where we’re going soon.

    As for those who decide to go to Mexico, I wouldn’t recommend it unless:
    – you can get affordable land,
    – you speak the language,
    – you like their rural and Mexican culture, and
    – you plan to stay there permanently as I doubt that border crossings will be allowed.

    Otherwise, I would choose greener pastures in the Southeast US where there’s plenty of rainfall (mostly around 48 inches of rain) to water your crops.

    • I’ve lived in SoCal my entire life, so I know what you mean about the southeast being a shock in humidity…hoping the mosquitos aren’t too bad there as we already have them all the time here in Northridge.

  3. On that note, I would love to establish a coop farm with my local community. I personally don’t have “farming experience” other than growing a few backyard vegetables and fruits, and I therefore think that it would be essential for agorist survival that people pool together their knowledge and financial resources to build and sustain a farm with goats for milk, cows for slaughter, horses to pull the plow, etc. Thoughts on this would be appreciated. Otherwise, we will be forced to take their vaccines and microchips just to purchase food at their stores.

    • gauntlet
      Free Advice (worth every cent)
      Get bantam Chickens…when they know where they sleep they will go back to bed at night. They live longer then full size chickens, are FAR smarter (then any except Buff Orpingtons) and eat way less, and find a good chunk of their own food if provided with enough space of the right kind (mine have a huge pile of leaves in their coup now which they will have fun digging thru for bugs and burrying themselves in)…. they are better then a soap opera to watch but ASLONG as you make a good coup and run are very low maintenance. In summer you will get about 2 eggs every 3 days and in winter far fewer.
      You cant keep chickens singly, as they are very social… if you dont have tree cover you should make a run, I laid pavers all around the bottom to stop things digging under (They dig that far to get thru)
      If you want something that takes care of itself mostly Chickens are the thing.

  4. Also, to start “community militias” so that you and your local community are armed and ready to take a stand with your neighbors, with a commitment to defend each other against oppression if the need arises.

    • FDRs 1933 “war” emergency introduced the the US to a new fiat $ system.
      The new system retained the old silver legacy mintage to help support the new revalued domestic fiat paper “scrip”. Today this “emergency” scrip has nothing behind it but raw military force & the Cabals assassins. It is still technically nothing more than emergency scrip, which; in the continuing emergency, pays your taxes and pays for everything else as well – not just in the US, but globally. Paper is as paper does. Electronic ledger entries is as e ledger entries does. The Cabals credit system works because we Peons make it work.
      The Cabal’s bank might be best viewed as a multi level $ skimming system. Their game is to take a larger and larger skim off the top until their selected whores in office are hung in the streets.

    • gauntlet
      “…“community militias” so that you and your local community are armed and ready to take a stand with your neighbors…”

      Being ready to stand together is more important then being armed.
      You wont be able to fight oppression militarily like that because you will all be depending on your area for food and shelter and its pretty easy for a professional army to run over an armed mob or just flatten their area from the air if it comes to that.
      The earlier you resist the more chance you have of NOT getting to violence, or at least ‘REAL’ violence and having to re-fight the Alamo or Masada

      • Agree. It’s best to be on good terms with the law enforcement where you’re living, make allies.

        It’s nice to be well-armed for protection but unless you have a nuke, there will always be someone who is better armed and equipped who can flatten you.

        If a group brings skills and resources and information the local population might be very supportive and happy to have you there.

      • Anonymint
        Thanks, ‘Schelling point’, new word and idea I did not know.

  5. Friends.
    These guys are such great friends to mankind, and on a personal level.
    Thanks fellas.

  6. Great job, Derrick and all the people contributing to this effort.

  7. I awoke this morning making calculations. Math has never been my strong suit so may need help with the figures. What do they have on the Dark Side? I see a shitload of money, 24/7 Bernays inspired propaganda, mendacious corporate media sycophants, an alarming number of stupid people. On the Light Side: creativity, intelligence, truth, unwavering dedication to the pursuit of liberty, humor, and Oscar Wilde. Yes, he’s no longer with us, but his skewed optimism lives on: “We’re all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” – “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken” – “Yes, I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight. His punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world”.

    True, many times he was his own worst enemy. Woe to those, high and low, who felt the sting of his rapier wit. But he lived his truth and his Light shines brightly still. I believe – “Anything worth fighting for, is worth dying for.” Many of us are afraid of death. It’s going to be the ones who can live with that fear, or overcome it, that make a difference.

    James has a few things in common with Oscar. Both went to Trinity College, Dublin, love/loved books, are/were impressively literate, and tell/told the truth. No matter the consequences.

    Returning to the bright side, here’s my theory: Light will always eventually overcome the darkness. Each has its place. In my 77 years meandering the globe I have watched hundreds of Light bearers (i.e., those in a position to move society in a positive direction) eliminated. Removed, one way or another, from the physical plane. What happens when that energy is denied expression? I believe it continues to accumulate until it explodes as a renaissance, shunning trans-humanism, burying the sterile AI machinemind technocratic elite, rejecting materialism, embracing spiritualism, while exposing the diabolical control obsessed murdering psychopathic cloven-hoofed parasitic excrement eaters (conjures an image) for all to see. Standing naked before us, they are driven from the land to crawl back into the gloomy caverns of their corrupt consciousness, dying from malnutrition for lack of sustenance, for we have finally conquered FEAR and overwhelmingly embrace LOVE.

    James, the energy generated from the meeting of minds with Derrick, Josh, Ryan and Dan, has recharged the body electric. After the interview with Derrick, watching the spikes driven for the Counter-Economic Underground Railroad, I can see this train is bound for glory. Get off the tracks NWO! We’re comin’ through!

  8. Just DON’T
    There are already enough damn Americans down here in Mexico exercising their hegemonic psychosis over everyone else. The real nomads left to get away from US BS not import it. The real nomads left 20 years ago.
    Oh dear now things have gone wrong in “the greatest country in the world, land of the free” they want to run away – After treating the world’s refugees like garbage? let them stay there and suck up what they inflicted on the rest of us.
    Mexico needs to build that wall pronto

    • Your comment comes off as racist when you say “damn Americans”. And what do you know about whether any expats who leave now will necessarily be “bringing any US BS”, as you say.

      Further, US citizens didn’t treat refugees like garbage. If anything, that was the govt’s doing, and as you can see by the globalist agenda, US citizens have comparatively little persuasion compared the multinational corporate globalists who are currently ruling over the world. Moreover, you make no sense since millions of refugees actually HAVE been let into the country — immigration attorneys can attest to this. (On that note, many tax-paying citizens would argue that’s part of the problem — giving lots of handouts to non-citizens / non-taxpayers.)

      Additionally, you pretend that Joe and Jane Doe caused the mess the US is in, which is totally incorrect as all they did was work and provide for their children over the past several decades. No, the problems were caused by the global elitists. You are either ignorant of this fact, a troll for the elite, or you potentially wish to hoard the ability to have a peaceful existence arbitrarily to only people who left the US 20 years ago. And what if someone left 15 years ago, would that be okay with you? And who the F are you to decide when someone should decide when someone should say, “Enough is Enough”, Mr. King Tyrant?

      Anyway, I’m usually against division of any kind, but with you I’ll make an exception and say, “F you, and shut your @$$ up!”, and go ahead and build your wall so you can be stuck in the filth I’m sure you’ll create yourself and then blame on others!

    • Refugees here get treated pretty well now, low-income housing, welfare, and don’t even have to learn English. I work in health care with a lot of these “refugees” and they have it pretty well.

      Cultural hegemony has some truth to it and the NWO directed the wars the US had been involved in. But many of the people in the US are actually pretty decent, aside from the psychopaths.

      The contamination of cultural marxism and postmodernism in universities has really created a lot of this psychosis you are referring to it. Many American’s just want to build their own country back up.

      • I have never carried debt for very long. In fact I have no debt and am building a second home. I also have a decent retirement pad but do help my family financially so might be in a predicament if this vaccine requirement is actually implemented. Im not the only American who lives within their means. But I agree many do live in debt their whole lives.

  9. First, you’re confusing cause and effect.

    It is true that US consumers used 30-year mortgages for their homes, but that was the EFFECT of the banking elites making it available so that many were forced to buy with a mortgage or worry that they’ll be forever left out entirely from buying a home. I believe in “voluntaryism” as Mr. Corbett said, and that “freedom” should always live strong. Do you not believe that consumers should be permitted to make voluntary decisions and suffer the consequences whether good or bad? Or do you believe that the nanny govt should dictate to people how to conduct their financial affairs? I know of TONS of Americans who bought homes on credit and have profited very well, and good for their luck.

    But more importantly, what does that have to do with the issue of whether or not it is moral for an American to flee the US as a refugee?

    “Mexicans did not gorge on debt and prefer to pay cash.” Good for them! They were smart not to get caught up in the hysteria of the “American Dream”…or was it rather that their economy was that much weaker and fears of corruption and potential bad loans from buyers with low wages (maybe even under the table) kept bankers from providing the loans in the first place?

    I again don’t understand the anti-American sentiment. You layer your argument with terms like “suburbanites” driving their “Volvos”. How would that somehow “ruin” Mexico and what’s your issue? That they’ll bring their hard-earned money? That they’ll bring their cars? Oh the horror!! “Let them stay in Minnesota instead.” Really??

    Anyway, I liked your previous posts, but your recent comment caused me to decide to ignore when I see you posting as I’m now wondering if you’re a troll for THEM.

    • @anonymint said, “What is wrong with being an elite if I could be seems that would better than being a slave?”

      Yes, I would rather be rich than poor, but I would not want to be rich in order to manipulate, control and enslave others, but rather to have the freedom to live my life the way I want without having others to dictate my fate. From your comment, it’s not clear if you mean that you would rather be an elite like Bill Gates who wants to poison, control and enslave people, or if you just want to be rich to enjoy your freedom. If you mean the former, then that is SCARY…it tells me the only difference between you and THEM is that you were not capable of obtaining that level of power. People like that should be shut down, marginalized, and ostracized from society and taken away from positions of power to the extent legally possible, and I’m hoping that’s not what you meant.

      Further, I don’t think you realize the problem with your comments and the person who posted as “southamerica”. From what you and he/she say, it appears that you sincerely don’t want people to be free.
      As an example, everyone knows that millions of foreigners have migrated into America. I for one have no problem with that as long as they pay their way – taxes, etc. and aren’t a financial or criminal burden on society. And I love that they bring their culture with them. Imagine if the Japanese didn’t bring their sushi, or the Chinese their Chinese food, or Mexicans their tacos and burritos, Italians their pastas, lasagnas, and pizzas. These are all great things.

      And imagine if they come hear with barely knowing a few words of English. Should they be ostracized because they prefer to speak in their native tongue because that’s much easier for them?
      Hopefully you see now that comments such as yours and “SouthAmerica” are negative in the sense that you want to control people, instead of letting them voluntarily decide their actions – as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. In other words, how does a Minnesotan bringing his Volvo to Mexico negatively affect you? Does driving a Volvo show superiority? For most people it’s a car to get around. And what if that person drove a Ferrari instead? Are you implying that you would despise and be jealous and bitter because he had a better car and was asserting his superiority over you? If so, it seems like your inferiority complex is the problem – not his car. And if he prefers to eat a dish normally served in Minnesota, that his parents would cook for him and reminded him of home up north, would you marginalize that person because he didn’t eat burritos while now in Mexico as a refugee?
      Hopefully, you see now how your comments are “SCARY” to say the least as you are perhaps subconsciously advocating for uniformity of all people, and that sameness eventually leads to the concentration camps when you get to the end of the rabbit hole.

      [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • @anonymint said, “In short, the elite globalists are very ethical and moral.”

      I was hoping that perhaps I misunderstood your argument and that you just misstated your beliefs, but you write very eloquently with precision, so I know I was wrong in that hope, and I now definitely see that you’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Just because the devils write a contract doesn’t make it ethical/moral. They are saying “we’ll give / force you to take a vaccine”…that’s unethical. They are saying that we won’t disclose the toxins/poisons in those vaccines – again unethical. They are then passing laws to release all liability. Again unethical.

      How do you not see that being forced to take a vaccine to interact in society which may sicken and kill millions/billions of people, profiting billions/trillions of dollars, and then not having any liability if people are hurt/killed is not ethical?

      YOU ARE A MADMAN!, and I’m ashamed that you were born an American. Further, you may want to check your bloodline because I think you may be a Rothschild.

  10. Bump – Anecdote

    suzt says:
    I support this strategy of community building as critical, no matter where we each are spending the night.
    Knowing my neighbors and establishing kinship is a minimum requirement.
    Ecuadorians taught me this… in Latin America there is still a strong tradition of solidarity, driven by poverty as communal solidarity is critical for survival.
    This is something we each can do today.

  11. If “they” is Derrick Broze on opurr email address, he said there were issues sending out emails, quite few people complained about not receiving a reply.

    Or maybe it’s the other thing, as you suggested lol

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