Interview 1600 – James Corbett Explains The Great Reset on The Highwire

by | Nov 23, 2020 | Interviews | 42 comments

via The Highwire: HighWire goes to a place we’ve never gone before. Is there something more behind the global coronavirus response? Why are so many leaders using the same language when talking about the future of their countries and the world? What is the Great Reset? Journalist James Corbett joins Del to separate facts from fiction.

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  1. Hi James.

    I’m a new member but have been a free-loader for a couple of years and thought it was time I became a member and supported you in other ways than sharing your videos to others, and showing a couple of them to my students (which I got in trouble for). I love your work and you have been one of the most important people to help open my eyes.

    I have been e-mailing a history professor named Francis Connoly recently and was wondering if you are familiar with his documentary “Everything is a rich man’s trick”? It’s a long documentary, mainly about the JFK assassination, but touches also on other topics.

    I would love to see you interview him on the Corbett report, if you are interested in doing this I can give you his e-mail so you can contact him.

    Keep up the excellent work you are doing James!



    • Magnusio,
      I’m sure I speak for all of us… “Welcome! to the comment boards!”

    • I would imagine that most long time listeners to James, are aware of that documentary. Supporting the likes of The Corbett Report is a vote that counts and matters.

  2. Excellent as always!

    I’m happy you’ll be reaching Dels audience with this message!

  3. 11-year-olds & Informed Consent Behind Parent’s Backs? There’s Something Rotten In the State of [not Denmark] The USA. “#PeoplePower wins in Denmark while DC steals OUR children without OUR knowledge. Even Disney’s Ariel was 16 & love-stricken when she signed HER voice away… not an 11-year-old little girl.” #GetMadOrGoMad

  4. well done. glad some folks are recognizing your years of work. well done.
    tuned in locally to see how toronto was handling the second lockout. watched a fascinating fluff piece about ……… women should be renting their clothing instead of buying. you know, condos are only getting smaller…..
    fuck me this is actually going down.

    • Ha! Great line!

      As one who once owned a Women’s Apparel Wholesale and Retail operation, I hear ya! On opening day of our sales, we often had over hundred women outside waiting for the doors to open.

  5. 20:50 quote, some of it paraphrased

    none of that really get’s us to the frenzy, the way saying “your neighbor is going to get you killed. your children will die, if your neighbor doesn’t wear a mask.” or “your neighbor didn’t get the vaccine; [that] is now available to all of us …” – and I am waiting for this “and it is because of you that won’t vaccinate that we can’t open up our country …
    you gotta call out your neighbor that hasn’t got the vaccine…”

    perfectly formulated, especially at the start

    and this operation is, apart from Australia – in my perception – now in full force since some days in Germany too, with support for the youth/tweens crowd via youtuber Rezo yesterday.
    title: “Wenn Idioten deine Freiheit und Gesundheit gefährden…”
    “When idiots threaten your freedom and health…”

    It is not yet about vaccines but masks and demonstrations (and flash mobs) (and that police should treat them more harshly and it is important that people say responsible things – another vague hint at we need more censorship and we should stop listening aka don’t question, don’t think for yourself, obey).

    I have doubts that this (=this operation is now in full force) is something that the opposition actually realizes.

    Edit: you gotta call out your neighbor

    points out, that there is another dimension apart from obedience.
    we generally like to point out obedience and the problems that come with it and that in the end everyone is responsible for his actions himself.
    But the other dimension of cults or hyper-activated state (Mao students killing their profs etc) is the readiness of people to initiate violence themselves or enact transgressions and refusals on the spot (anomy) without a basis in former way of interacting and beyond was has become new law (on my mind I have: entry/access to facilities denied or with ridiculous rules.) (or people attacking another for not wearing a mask or in context of the USSA not raising the fist for a black power sign – and both the mask and the fist are kinda similar way of signaling it was with the “Roman salute” (I am of your worldview))

    And then there is: some part of the protesters crowds can be put into frenzies too, acting without thinking twice

  6. This is one of the best interviews I have seen both on Corbett Report and on Highwire. I have watched/read Corbett for 6 years, Del since the beginning of this tyranny.

    Del has a tendency to get very excited and loud during his shows – I love how subdued he was during this interview with Corbett.

    And it explained everything,didn’t it?

    I never try to wake people up but I am going to recommend this interview to a very intelligent friend of mine who thinks I’m a conspiracy lunatic.

    It was just great. Thank you James and Del!

  7. I have been waiting for Del to reach out to you, James! I hoped it was inevitable, and I’m so glad that he has begun to see the bigger picture. He has done some fantastic research and investigation into the vaccine issue, which has been very valuable, and I applaud him for that!!! However, there is so much more to be informed about, as we see here on the Corbett Report. Fantastic interview! James, thank you for all you do.

  8. Im starting to have serious doubts about these alt journalists who cherry pick quotes from published articles. Should these ‘normies’ go look up the links JC always provides, they’ll find the Harari article offers up such helpful ‘advice’ as

    “some of the most successful efforts to contain the coronavirus epidemic were orchestrated by South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. While these countries have made some use of tracking applications, they have relied far more on extensive testing, on honest reporting, and on the willing co-operation of a well-informed public.”

    And even more along predictive programming lines:

    “But to achieve such a level of compliance and co-operation, you need trust. People need to trust science, to trust public authorities, and to trust the media.”

    Is this REALLY how JC and DB want to educate the normies?

  9. From what I understand, the “officials” wanted to break up a meeting of business owners that soon turned to a lawful protests. All in all, the order followers were prevented from doing their job (order following) and since there weren’t ready to escalate they legged it.

      • That is quite a deep breath of fresh air, thanks for sharing.

        I don’t know about this company and probably won’t use their services, but still nice of them to do this.

        If you have a Twatter account, maybe you could direct them toward the site? For the URL just click my username, sounds like that type of thing could be right up their alley.

  10. One of my Twitter accounts was sacrificed to make this happen.
    Fortunately I have dozens more ?

  11. BUMP
    AstraZeneca-Oxford’s uses DNA instead

    Excellent post mpradio! Thanks.

  12. ManBearPig,
    Back then, I well remember you telling the stories in the comment section.
    It seemed so surreal. Haunting.

  13. Yikes. Thanks for sharing these links.

  14. Something really clicked for me in regards to what James explained, beginning at 18:07. The through line of the issues that we are told are the major issues of the world in the last several decades, those being anthropogenic global warming, global terrorism, and globally spreading viruses, is the supposed need for global government, or at the very least more centrally focused global power to deal with these “problems”. James did a really good job of putting those puzzle pieces together, which emphasizes the big picture. The same ideology and the same people or kinds of people have been striving for global government in whatever way they can get it, and the virus is just the new and updated way to get it.

  15. From the Klaus clip:

    “The Covid-19 crisis has shown us that our old systems are not fit anymore for the 21st Century. It has laid bare the fundamental lack of social cohesion, fairness, inclusion and equality….”

    What a crock of _hit!

    He is basically saying that all that has been done by authorities (old system) during the plandemic was a failure.
    And what would his royal emperor have done any differently as New World Order dictator?

    More ventilators, less ventilators?
    More tests, less tests?
    More lockdowns, less lockdowns?

    We’d love to hear this from you Herr Schwab!

  16. Can you get out of that country? It sounds creepy. My husband was showing me a video in Nice France where they were broadcasting social distancing reminders. It looked very dystopian and I was telling him that I was glad we weren’t there. Not that the US is much better, but we don’t have those other weird rituals going on, not yet anyway.

    I’m sorry you have to deal with this. It is very much like Invasion of the body snatchers.

    • I’m pretty sure she has since left France.

  17. England (U.K.) update:

    During his televised press conference, the prime minister suggested that a “vast majority” of people will be vaccinated by Easter but added that vaccination will “not be compulsory,” saying “that’s not the way we do things in this country.”

  18. I just want to point out that it’s standard practice to not do a double blind and instead refer to an existing vaccine as “saline”. That’s crime against humanity and should be trialed as such, if we ever get back to normal normal. Actualy, not normal normal, but normal normal normal.

    Back in abnormal normal, using vaccines to load these studies is the same as if a study was carried out to determine lethality of getting a bullet to the head.

    If your control was a group that’t doesn’t get shot at all, the study would prove that getting shot in the head was remarkably lethal.

    On the other hand, if for control you would shoot people in the chest, that would make it seem getting shot in the head is’t such a big thing, a foible.

    • They want us all equally ill and dying so there is some truth in that claptrap.

      I can’t wait to be accosted by a “doctor” on vaccine “hesitancy”.

  19. What level of coercion would be required? My line in the sand is getting beaten to a pulp. But I unserstand people will have dependables due to which they may become tractable.

  20. Many of them suffered unfathomable loss.

    When something breaks you down, like one mother Del had on his show all in tears after facing the reality her child probably would not have been injured by the vaccine had she done her due diligence, if you manage to rebuild you rebuild a lot stronger and bolder.

    Many of these people have been in hell and came back.

  21. This is one of your best programs ever James. Thank you.

  22. Very well done James, and Del. I sent a note to Del suggesting he keep learning from you James. Del has done some great interviews, but some were shills IMHO, and he didn’t seem to be aware.
    Go easy on Del James, he is a believer, and believers have some difficulty knowing truth from fiction.
    When Del started getting friendly with AJ and acting like him to a degree, I was saddened. “Great”, I thought, “an AJ want to be; just what we need.”
    Del is a showman, and IMO, doesn’t focus enough on the facts; too busy making fancy, perhaps.
    I hope James you will continue to help Del become more aware if not more informed.
    Again, very well done James!

  23. Ex BBC journalist Anna Brees here interviewing Professor Robert Endres from the imperial college London.
    They give the cold hard truth about lockdown stupidity and the professor recommends that we just stop going along with it.
    Anna Brees has just had two strikes on YouTube and as warm and friendly as she is, she is also fearless so YouTube better watch out .

    P.s. any ageing millennials + who remember Sue Cook from Crimewstch U.K ?
    Armed with Twitter this vintage BBC girl is ripping up
    the narrative and throwing tin foil sheets to the wind.

    • Thanks Lizzie,
      From Sue Cook’s Twitter, I liked this GRAPH…

      Latest data still shows mirroring whereby every increase in COVID labelled deaths has an equal and opposite lack of non-COVID deaths.

      That really tells The Story, as James Corbett might say.
      (Add one Covid death, take away one heart attack.) 😉

      • Stuff like that is always nice to see, but I don’t think data plays will end this nightmare, leaves too much leave way to interpretation. What’s worse, leaves a lot of wiggle room for cognitive dissonance.

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