Interview 1601 – Black Market Friday Roundtable

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Many people believe tomorrow, November 27, 2020, to be “Black Friday,” but they are wrong. Tomorrow is actually “Black Market Friday,” a chance for free humanity to flex its muscles by demonstrating its commitment to forming trading communities outside of the controlled fiat money paradigm. Everyone who is interested is invited to buy something via Agorist.Market (or anywhere else) using precious metals, crypto, local currency, barter, or any other medium of exchange that circumvents the controlled central bank fiat currencies.

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  1. 10947 dead due to covid in canada
    10781 dead due to covid in nursing homes
    166 dead due to covid outside of nursing homes

      • “10947 dead due to covid in canada
        10781 dead due to covid in nursing homes
        166 dead due to covid outside of nursing homes”

        Me thinks you are confusing things a bit?
        The first clip at 3:55 has the exact same numbers as
        3:40 CTV clip. They are both taken from the CTV with no changes.

        But you can’t compare them to the numbers you started this thread with.

        Your opening numbers are:
        “Covid deaths in Canada
        Covid deaths in nursing homes in Canada
        Covid deaths outside of nursing homes in Canada”

        The CTV numbers are:
        “Covid cases in Canada
        Covid deaths in Canada
        Covid recovered cases in Canada”

        • yes! look at the video dicks is playing. its small. but the time is there.

        • sorry. so in the first video dan points to a vid over his shoulder that’s playing. you watch and see it. and a graphic appears with the numbers i’ve described. in the later vid from the newshouse it’s different. cut out. i fucked up the time stamp in that i meant in the video above his shoulder the time stamp. not the dan dicks vid. on his video the point i’m making is actually at 12:05

          • OK padraig I’m going to help you out since no one else has so far, I’m a Canadian and I’m a nice guy. πŸ™‚

            The reason you are seeing different numbers is because the video Dicks is referring to is DIFFERENT than the one he puts as a link below on his page.

            Dicks refers to a CTV video that is 23:08 minutes long
            (or 25:08 minutes, I can’t tell if it is a 3 or 5).

            The CTV video link he has below in the page is different.
            It was recorded on a different day and is 22:41 minutes long!

            No one has messed with the numbers. Nothing has been altered. πŸ™‚

            • so he’s lying. ok. was wondering.

              • padraig what’s come over you man?
                Your posts are usually so cheerful, funny and enjoyable!

                No Dan did not lie!

                He commented on figures from a CTV News clip.
                That’s all. No lies.

                Not sure what you are trying to prove here, but nothing is amiss.

                Yes it does look like one of the CTV News clips was edited. It is choppy at one part.
                But that has nothing whatsoever to do with the numbers Dan quoted!

                You are grasping at straws.

      • it cuts at 3:53. ok. bastards. that’s pure Orwell. jeez

        • sorry for obsessing on this. it feels important to spot memory hole. there’s more important things.

          • I just did a little more detective work for you, because I feel your angst. πŸ™‚

            There were two separate CTV News videos.

            Dan Dicks is quoting figures that were broadcast on Monday Nov 16, 2020. If you look at the content mentioned in the video you will discover the stories were from that specific date.

            The other video that Dicks has a link to at the bottom of his page was broadcast on Sunday Nov 15, 2020.
            Among the many news items mentioned was a power outage across Southern Ontario. I just happen to live in Southern Ontario and experienced this outage. I was without power for 5 hours that day! πŸ™

            All is good padraig. You are simply mixing up TWO completely different videos that were created a day apart.

            So the ‘damning numbers’ came AFTER the first CTV News video, which goes counter to your theory of messing with the tapes.

    • I think what it means to die of “Covid” needs to be clarified though. I know that at my hospital we swab people who have died of heart attacks and head bleeds for Covid. I wonder if those are calculated as Covid deaths.

      What I consider a Covid death would be someone who was healthy who died of respiratory failure secondary to Covid. This has happened, less commonly now since they are using steroids and have stopped routinely putting people on ventilators.

      I also think that it would be more helpful for scientists to study who is actually susceptible to Covid in healthy populations to mitigate the risk, but this is not done.

      Everyone seems to follow these draconian lockdowns as a remedy to a disease that is likely not much more deadly than the seasonal flu, in my observations of other flu seasons.

      Even though the numbers are padded, you can still see a pattern, that this disease affects the elderly and people who already have diseases that put them at risk. Even though this is an undeniable fact, governments are punishing healthy people.

      It seems that governments could reduce their debt by reducing the elderly and sick populations in nursing homes. That is also criminal and sick psychopathic behavior.

      • thx. i’m more interested in the vid itself. it’s been altered.

        • Good points. I would also like to know.

      • “at my hospital we swab people who have died of heart attacks and head bleeds for Covid.”

        It sounds like you work at a hospital? I know there are some who do on this thread, this question is for all of you and anyone else who has dug into it:

        How many magnifacation cycles are being done for the PCR tests at the lab (s?) serving your area?

        Faucci says “cycling the test past 34x yields useless results”
        FDA says “we recommend upto 40x cycling of the sample taken”
        J rappaport says “Labs do not give their protocol details to doctors or to those who’ve been “tested”

        The paranoia is foisted based on these test results which maybe “useless”

        Portuguese court rules PCR testing is unreliable basis for quarantining ..

        • cool thx. i guess i’m directing this to video gurus. is there a way to find out if they’ve changed it? like obviously something changed. but in photography you can detect Photoshop shenanigans.

        • I’m a nurse in the emergency room so don’t know how they run their PCR tests back in the lab. I could try to find out how many cycles they use.

          I know the tests are very inaccurate though. There are a lot of false positives and false negatives, at least there were in the beginning. People testing negative in one nostril and positive in the other one. People testing positive one day and negative the next day.

          I’m curious if flu swabs were PCR tests too. I might ask the lab when I go back to work.

          • cuhj,
            Im curious as to what you’ll find at work. my understanding is that if the PCR magnification is so blown up then anyone with a small smattering of viral matter (all of us) can be said to have “it”, on top of the fact that the PCR method (its not a test), is not identifying a specific virus. Many report that the virus they say is being tested for has never actually been isolated, at all. The CDC cannot provide an isolated sample, so WTF are the Labs and inoculation workshops upto?

            Do they just look and say “yup, its a car” even though there have been thousands of versions that also looked like cars, but we know that a model T and a Mclaren F-1 aint apples and apples. As I learned from this thread: some bacteria is harmful and some helpful to humans.

            The vagueness of the bio-terror position that so many embrace boggles. something to do with the gift wrapping: its presented with grave seriousness, yet there appears to be science fraud everywhere one looks. Still, the gravity, they play their highest “trust me” card, and then spout garbage, yet so many accept that?

            Why wont labs list their protocols, surely they’re not protecting intellectual property, when there’s so much healthiness at risk?

            It looks like using the PCR test to claim, black or white, that people are or arent infectious, can be used or abused to get a desired/preplanned result?

            more dodgy brothers productions.

            • @vadoum, said: “my understanding is that if the PCR magnification is so blown up then anyone with a small smattering of viral matter (all of us) can be said to have β€œit”,”

              Yes, I believe I heard that they run 34 cycles. And I further believe they do that to radically increase the number of reported infected to keep the narrative going and also to later say we’ll have to round you up in your zip code, burrough, etc. because you are in a high infection area so you all will need to quarantine for XX days. Then you’ll never be heard from again.

  2. Thanksgiving was first celebrated by colonists that had a feast and celebration thanking god for his help in their recent war with the Indians. This day I usually play “STOLE MY LAND: THANKSGIVING SONG”

  3. I enjoyed this Interview 1601 – Black Market Friday Roundtable published on Thanksgiving Day in the U.S.

    Mr. Corbett, By the way, there currently is a slight typo at “Rountable”

    …”a chance for free humanity to flex its muscles by demonstrating its commitment to forming trading communities outside of the controlled fiat money paradigm.”
    I’ll give thanks to that.

  4. We’ve been raised to believe in principles of everyones deserved chances of liberty and pursuit of happiness. We were taught & promised that it was the most human way to be and that would be protected because it was “right” that all should have the experience of thriving. It was written in a Bill of rights, and there were numerous checks and balances in place, a splitting of representative power, judges and generals armed with gavels and nukes, all in the name of defending liberty, to ensure and protect that from nefarious types who historically had shown themselves to want liberty and happiness too, but only for themselves and a few others like them. those ne’er do wells wanted the liberty to have happiness at others cost. bad logic.

    and then, the general public who are generally a generous lot, and in general try to avoid conflict, and in general have the capacity to trust in others to do the ethical thing,,, they got ridden hard. The public tried to make a funny game out of the situation, but mostly signed away the best part of their waking days to serve a monetary pyramid scheme that has nothing to do with thriving. On the other hand, owning a mansion, a sports car and a yacht, or even a planetary chunk of citizens, are also not indications of thriving, yet those material or social manipulations are a symptom of what is pandemicing a big chunk of humanity.

    • thanksgiving cont..

      I’m seeing current human sickness as the mindset of submission to dominance as well as the will to be a dominator, both extremes of that world are examples of lost potential. Where-as its easy to empathise with the bottom bricks of the pyramid who carry the weight of the exploiters on top; one could say that the lessen’d chances of a healthy and stress free mind is a direct assault on liberty, and so that those on top of the monetary pyramid are also often at the swill bottom when it comes to their incapacity to feel loving connection and hold deep respect and reverence, for themselves, others, and the earth as a whole; many of them will talk it, but few walk it.. If a big portion of the 7billion are the sore that needs healing, the 1% uber wealthy are, or carry, the puss that needs getting rid of all together.

      There is hungry ghost behavior that lurks as memory demons within likely most of the species. It presents as pain or fear, physical or psychological, inherited or caused from trauma that was never resolved or fully felt/digested. Some use inert objects as a distraction from the ghost that rides them (I do heaps), this can placate physical discomfort, but the pain simply morphs to far more insidious symptoms like the impulse to ignore, aggression, over consumption, and vanity.

      The good news is that the cure for this global pandemic of unresolved trauma does not require electron microscopy or any machine that goes “bing”. The antidote, or the cure to get back to healthy humanity can start with opposite action, or the inverse of the dirty done, and choices that do not impede anyone elses chances of thriving: if one is ignoring the impact of ones decisions, one can climb the heap of one’s own daily habits and choices and look out upon the bigger picture. This is the learned and earned skill of self-awareness. it takes practice and as one pushes to be better at it there are traps and aids, shoots and ladders . We’re on a tightrope taking us towards beauty, the balance pole is weighted to the left with self love and to the right with love of others and the biome spaceship of which we are merely small pieces. Our feet (our land wings), are just being, simply on the job (try talking to your feet at the end of the day: “gee guy you shut me in those unbreathing shoes and socks everyday for the past 58yrs and now you decide to say hello with some oil and a rub, better late than never,,”). Our hearts are life’s longing: two footsteps and a heartbeat mate, thats prime reality for most; the rest of the drama is malleable, ..(with apologies and respect to those in extreme hardship circumstances)

      • thanksgiving cont..

        if you are materially poor, maybe it’s time to stop giving power and time/effort to abusive people claiming to be “the authority”, if they are supporting unjust laws or keeping you from thriving by selfishness or aggression or pride, they are not any “authority”.

        If you are materially rich, but think you’re above it all because you fought hard or got lucky, yet there’s still some question about what it means to thrive, or what it is that you REALLY want?, start using that massive wealth to improve the lot of others. It ain’t rocket science. and do we really need rockets if a byproduct is an environmental wound?

        We may have stopped and locked down for a good reason, and but it ain’t about reducing sharing viral matter (proven by the similar results of entirely different protocols); maybe it’s about having the pause needed to see that the old normal was headed for an environmental tipping point: the environment of our psychology, nearly losing its most precious gift, the capacity to choose the beautiful way, to experience a vivid imagination, and have original thoughts.

        As bent as our ancestory was, so too do we continue carry and propogate those same distortions, albeit renamed or buried in denial, ignored. Indigenous oral history keepers will tell us that the origins of “Thanksgiving” were simply a recognition of the fall harvest which had been going long before euro barbarians arrived with guns to steal their lands,, the way australian originals call “australia day” “occupation day” correctly. It was the day cook arrived in sydney harbor, beginning the 200 years of genocide and theft backed up by guns that still continues. spineless cowards.

        One of the favorite modes of us dominators is “rule bending” (a sure sign of habitual denial), we fall in love with our models of reality so hard that we need to bend the narrative to justifiy or support our beliefs, and often ignore or even destroy any others. That’s T & B supporters in a nutshell.

        The love of family, the sharing of abundance, the great themes that everyone (some more and some less) recognizes as “thanksgiving”, are wonderful mighty examples of how we can thrive together, but if we gather without also acknowledging of the rest of the pain we carry, then the tradition and the real visceral experience of groking its meaning may become another watered down nothing burger.

        Here’s wishing you and your family and beloved friends brilliant moments of connectedness in truth, beauty, health, happiness, and great peace of mind.

        happy thanksgiving,

  5. awesome quote from a true patriot…..

    If you live in a society where those who govern society and determine its path do not respect freedom of speech and freedom of religion, freedom of choice, freedom of assembly, and if there is no democratic process and no way to change the order of things by reason and peace and love and so on, and if, as a result of that, certain ideas in which you believe are being crushed, then I think the only way you can defend yourself against this violence is in using violence of your own.

    Pierre Elliot Trudeau (globalist liar)

  6. Just for the timeline record…

    Thursday – Nov 26
    Crypto Crashes Overnight As Whales Move Bitcoin To Exchanges

    In the biggest crash since March, Bitcoin prices collapsed by over $3000 overnight (from just shy of $19500 to $16300 at the morning’s lows)…

    …Many analysts had already warned that the recent gains were due for a pullback, among them CNBC host Brian Kelly and trader Tone Vays, who forecast a dip to $14,000 on Thursday; but while the rest of the crypto space is also under pressure, November remains a big month with Bitcoin up 25%….

    (Personally, I own crypto for the Agorism aspect. Not that I am against gambling nor speculating. It’s that it just becomes easier to lose money on the Wall Street exchanges.)

  7. The Saugeen Trading Community has existed since 1993.

    The STC is a regionally-based monetary system that endeavours to meet economic and social needs of the local community by providing a vehicle for the exchange of labour and goods.

    We promote self-reliance, community, responsibility, local autonomy and ecological sustainability. We support the spirit of cooperation and celebrate the diversity and abundance of skills and resources we have to offer each other.

    Check out

  8. What is the Saugeen Trading Community?
    We are a group of people committed to our part of the world and our community. In 1993, we decided to create an alternative economy, including our own currency called Saugeen Bucks (or saubucks). We are based in the Grey-Bruce area and represent many walks of life and vocations.

    What are saubucks?
    The saubuck both resembles and is different from the Canadian dollar. Each saubuck is considered to have the same value as a Canadian dollar, but no bills or notes are issued. Instead, an STC member transfers saubucks from her or his account as payment for goods and services received from another member. The transfers can be made by email, telephone (the Tradeline) or snail-mail. Saubucks constantly move from one account to another, never leaving the system, always providing a source of income to the members involved in trading. Saubucks work just like an interest-free credit card. All members start with a balance of zero and saubucks are created as needed by the people who use them. Each member has a credit limit of $250 for the first year and $1000 thereafter. Unlike a bank account, interest is not charged on debit accounts. However, members’ debits do represent both a commitment to the community and a legal obligation.

    Unlike the standard retail system, no portion of a saubuck leaves the community. If you buy a locally produced good or service with saubucks, all the money stays here to eventually recirculate around to you again.

    Using saubucks encourages local entrepreneurship and local jobs. It reinforces our mutual interdependence.

    And here thay say : “We don’t monitor what others do, collect personal information or have any involvement in transactions between buyers and sellers ”

    FUNNY that brave browser stopped 91 trackers at this site ! All from – pushing ads head over heals.

    Why the hell, don’t make a website, that contains plain text, and just give info.

  10. Yeah, I was thinking that an hour for an hour would be a fair way to trade, but I wonder out loud how people will decide to exchange goods for services as that will highly depend on the value of the good (food, tools, silver, etc.)

    Also, I mostly wonder if it will be possible over the next few years to transact business under both the current market paradigm (using money and a digital currency) and to also transact/barter with others in the Agorist community…and I tend to think the answer would be yes, but we shall see what requirements there will be to even have a digital currency account.

    In other words, if I want to operate a farm, then I could trade chicken eggs for goat milk. But I would still have to pay property taxes on the farm, so I would need a way to keep a digital currency account to do so.

  11. Getting older and buying stuff…

    I loved exploring the “categories” at AGORIST.MARKET
    Agorism and community are crucial components to liberty.

    I have always admired the independent-minded entrepreneurial spirit.
    And I have history on that front.

    All that said, as I get older, I avoid buying more stuff.
    Being financially poor helps in that perspective.

    Each passing year, I get rid of more and more crap which I have around the place and in storage. In the past 15 years, an outsider would drop his jaw at the volumes of the stuff I have gotten rid of. From furniture to collectibles to you-name-it.
    Literally tons of books. Just this past 18 months, I have dumped or given away over a thousand pounds of books (weighed on a scale).
    Every visit to my son’s place, I bring a carload of stuff.
    Two weeks ago, I again mailed a big box full of antiques, gadgets and knick-knacks to the step-grandkids. And I still have many more things to sort through.

    Each Christmas season, I beg others not to give me anything. Maybe a card, and I prefer that to be hand-done, not store bought.
    I practice this also. Prior to Black Friday, I typically mail checks as a Christmas gift to all the young ones, so they having something to shop with. I already sent a handmade “Christmas card” to the step grandkids which was a misspelled titled “Real Fancy Christmas Card” and looked like a 2nd grade colored drawing.
    All the grandkids got a token amount of money this year, and I explained that things were tight. If I had a gazillion dollars, I would be happy to send more. They were fine with it.

    When my Mother’s health declined and we 5 sons took care of her, her household was a huge sort-out. Even then, after all the sorting, there comes a point of overload, despite sentimental, collectible or historical value.

    I’m not poo-pooing buying and owning stuff. It is kind of fun.
    But for me, in this era, I don’t need the maintenance of it all.

    • We should remember that we get into this world without anything and we’ll leave it leaving all our our crap behind for any family to sort through.

  12. Hello,

    I am unable to enter the Agorist.Market Website, even with the search engine. I want to buy something today. If anyone has the link, please pass it on.


  13. is online now. I don’t think you will be able to get to it directly via the IP address since it’s shared among many sites. ->

    The dbrowser can be found here

    • Is the ‘’ only for developers as I found this out when I tried to sign in. How do I use the dbrowser for regular shopping. T.Y.

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