Interview 1604 – John Titus on Central Bank Digital Currencies

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A tectonic shift is taking place in the monetary paradigm right now as central banks around the world gear up to shift us into a system of central bank digital currencies. Joining us to break down the history, context and ramifications of this idea is John Titus of Best Evidence.

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  1. To paraphrase something I heard in a crime Drama
    “Con men don’t usually kill, but when they do its conceal their crime.” more cheerful is that THESE water filters are really good and cheep and now they make more then just regular lifestraw…get a life straw and shove it in your car or closet.

  2. Thanks for this interview, I’ll have to listen to it for a few times to let everything sink in.

    Money is the ultimate religion and as such a method of mind control. I think it’s high time we start shifting the discourse in such a direction that is more reflexive of the underlying reality. Lest the pendulum keeps swinging.

  3. This was a fabulous interview. I am very glad James Corbett introduced Mr. Titus to the Corbett Report.

    I watched Titus’ Mafiacracy part 3 about the Reserves. I am still a neophyte with all this but I am slowly catching on. Good stuff.

    Speaking of Tectonic – I just read an article at today’s “Defender Magazine” at Children’s Health Defense site by Dr. Mercola – about the 5 top people/organizations listed as “dangerous” and “extreme” with regard to “vaccine hesitancy”. Very scary stuff.

    I commented there that I would pass the word on the article. I also noted that James Corbett has been doing great work on this subject.

    I cannot link but if you go to Children’s Health Defense you can find it there. Or I imagine on Mercola’s site.

    He mentions James Corbett in the article.

    “Top Five Sites Targeted as Security Risks”

  4. re: Hyperinflation v. Black hole spiral Deflation

    I’ve contemplated this many, many times and Mike Shedlock “Mish” expounded upon this claiming “Deflation” would happen since before 2008. Long story short, it’s 12 years later and we’re still stuck in a steady upwards inflation.

    In general and in the long-term, what can anyone do to prepare other than to protest in order to stop them from doing what they’re doing? Short-term: maybe a backup generator would help, but only as long as you have gas/propane and most will power very little and definitely not your whole house.

    Sorry, if I don’t have a easier solution to your question…

  5. You will be pleased to know that I too watched all of the videos from “Money As Debt” and have a local copy of the videos.

    Two years ago in a multi-week dialog with Paul Grignon we discussed the project and a possible user community. Nothing came of it. It is hard to promote a monetary system where no money is made on the manipulation of money. Perhaps one day a driver project will come. A description video is on the site.

    • T.Y. James for bringing Titus on. Also, for the set of three documentaries mentioned in your Show Notes: ‘Money as Debt 1, 11, 111.’ Well-researched work, clearly explained for all to understand. All three applicable to our present situation as well as the many documentaries on this topic, including your ‘Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve.’ Disheartening that so many do not understand this Banking System that has wreaked global havoc.

  6. Excellent stuff.

    Could I suggest the following for people looking for a deeper understanding

    1. Banking 101 (Video Course) 6 part high level

    2. Can central banks really control money creation?

    3. A snapshot of global CBDC efforts

    4. Digital Currency Revolution

  7. #QFC

    I am intrigued how dirty money will work in the new presumably blockchain based Fedcoin (or whatever) world. While there would be no need to fly planeloads of cash to buy weapons to supply to armed groups in exchange for drugs, nor would it be possible to hide these transactions.

    So how are the arms dealers, people smugglers, child pimps and drugs smugglers going to continue their global trade? As this is a major part of the global economy are the PTSB suggesting an end to these hugely profitable ventures? Personally, I doubt they are.

    So James, has anyone considered how global black markets will survive when the new digital currency emerges? Would this suggest that other cryptocurrencies might become the vehicle for this criminal activity? Or are we to believe that the people who have traditionally made the most money out of these global criminal enterprises are now proposing to end them?

  8. I did not get this Corbett Report on the day it was sent out.

    It should be so obvious by now that the value created by the bulk of humanity is expropriated by a criminal class and used to both benefit this class as well as to insure its safety through power.

    Capitalism is a system of economics that is destined to have a crisis every seven to ten years. and historically it has.

    Now, in the age of Finance Capital where debt is bought and sold and peonage is the conditions experienced by most, the Casino economy rules.

    And in the Casino economy, much like a real Casino, you can go in and play any game of chance, be it blackjack, craps, machines or whatever, and the house always wins. Always.

    And you can’t cheat because they have hi-tech cameras and tracers and so every time you sit down, you lose.

    And you cannot leave th Casino either. From Bentham’s perch they have you occulated from the moment you enter and in the real life Casino your only way out is death or fight.

    This is history. What has changed now are the means of production and surveillance, making it easier for the ruling class to control everything from health and money, to travel and communications and everything in-between.

    I guess in the Casino economy you can always go to your room but then when you need money better have chips for the Cage or risk being thrown out and starve.

    Quite a sticky wicket this class based system is. Those who create value always chasing their historical tail while the elites spin into new opportunities.

    The only way out is to unite and revolt. Yet too many people are go it aloners due to the culture of going and being alone.

    Many people like Covid lock down for they have been so alienated as ‘users’. What other criminal enterprise uses the word ‘users’, oh yeah: drug dealers.

    So people sit in isolation and watch the collapse, wondering what might emerge,with little imagination to even conceive.

    Time to rise up. but it has been time to rise up for 10,000 years.

    Perhaps the human experiment has faltered.

    • weilunion

      “.. Yet too many people are go it aloners due to the culture of going and being alone….”

      Thats sadly NOT the case… IF hat were the case there would BE NO lockdown.
      People have been trained to be compliant and follow social demands set for them by the Elites… THAT was the who point of schooling- to create a class or workers vying for the boss’s favor (Or the commissars) rather then numbers of self motivated producers in their own small business and farms.

      “..Capitalism is a system of economics that is destined to have a crisis every seven to ten years. and historically it has…”

      THAT is not a bad thing- what happens is that the bad producers are driven out of the market and new people take their place…. the problem is that the government gives help to SOME people in the market while regulating others out of it.

      “..Now, in the age of Finance Capital where debt is bought and sold and peonage is the conditions experienced by most, the Casino economy rules…”

      🙁 Sadly true… Usury leads to slavery every time

      “..Quite a sticky wicket this class based system is…”
      Class is natural and inevitable because some humans are smarter, luckier or work harder then others. Also not everyone values the same things so division is inevitable and healthy

      “..Perhaps the human experiment has faltered…”
      THAT is how the elites think, the human race is not an experiment… its LIFE.
      even the NPC’s enjoy and value their own lives. Its

      • “Class is natural and inevitable……”

        Yes, this is the predominant view or assumption and is the biggest hurdle we face in going beyond inequality of opportunity, basic human rights and freedoms.

        It is subjective confinement at its best, unimaginative at its worst.

        It is pure libertarianism and look around you and see for yourself if it works. It is the tragedy of the commons.

        As to alienation, probably the best book written on America’s sickness, which is alienation, is:

        Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community

        As Wikpedia quotes:

        “…is a 2000 nonfiction book by Robert D. Putnam. It was developed from his 1995 essay entitled “Bowling Alone: America’s Declining Social Capital”. Putnam surveys the decline of social capital in the United States since 1950. He has described the reduction in all the forms of in-person social intercourse upon which Americans used to found, educate, and enrich the fabric of their social lives. He argues that this undermines the active civil engagement which a strong democracy requires from its citizens.”

        The book is a classic the facts are indisputable if one is truly aware of American culture. Just because people go out to eat or go to bars does not erase the terrible destruction wrought on human lives due to the cultural sickness that always accompanies class societies.

        The for-profit dungeon that we are told is necessary and reflects human character has destroyed civic involvement with the privatization of self.

        A more narcistic culture is hard to find and a more alienated one, among so-called modern societies, does not exist.

        As to elites and how they may think of the human race, well, we know.

        The sad part is that most Americans, perhaps most people, do not even see themselves as a species.

        The American Exceptionalism is now rancid, the manur is piled too high for anyone to believe in it anymore.

        The Great Reagan economic experiment, for we are being experimented on, has now reaped its harvest.

        Look around, for goodness sake! Time to start reimagining a different world.

        • weilunion
          (CLASS) “….It is subjective confinement at its best, unimaginative at its worst…”

          No, its the natural order of things. Any society INCLUDING hunter gatherer will have a hierarchy. The modern world is unique in that for all its faults social mobility is at a historical high- very few peasants got rich in the middle ages and very few will rise under Neo-fudalism

          “..Bowling Alone..”
          It is TRUE that people now lack the social interactions that they used to have OUTSIDE of official ones. THATS why they are weak and unable to organize…. if a guy you knew was trustworthy because knew him at Church OR if you saw your blood kind and worked with them on a regular basis then you could have solidarity.
          NOW days people just see each other at work and play on screens the rest of the time and dont really know anyone well enough to talk to about serious things or on whom they can relay to back them up or help them anyone
          Think what happens in a tight knit community when the government tries to do bad things…. compare that to suburbia

          “..The American Exceptionalism is now rancid, the manur is piled too high for anyone to believe in it anymore….”

          America WAS exceptional… people with nothing in common were able to live in it without breaking up or ethnic cleansing each other…(except the indians, LOL).
          Its sad to see it go back to being like the rest of the world for the rest of history

        • I think America does have some exceptional people and culture that has influenced the world in a positive way. Look at Jaz music for example and Jimmi Hendrix. The UK had the Beetles so they produced some exceptional artists too.

          But our constitution is exceptional, if only we never allowed the federal reserve. If you have a statist construct, the US is the best in my opinion. But I’m biased, being an American. I’m not ashamed of being one either.

          • cu.h.j)
            “..and Jimmi Hendrix. The UK had the Beetles ….”

            Hmn… That was probably not the US’s best export.

            The whole music /drug/hippe thing appears to havebeen a big social engineering experiment to move us into into the Brave New World…. Ithink an LSD type drug will make a comeback now they can control our media feed on a more personal level.

            If you want more info on that kinda think while he’s still on Youtube you should listen to the late Dave Mcgowan or get his book (“Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream”)

            • have you ever tried LSD yourself?

              people who take LSD tend to question authority, question structures of power and social constructs, and experience reality and think for themselves.

              it’s not in the interest of the powers that want to be, to promote LSD, it doesn’t promote people being docile sheep.

              • Reflector

                The 60;s were a failure because the dose was uncontrollable “in the Wild” but, as Tom O’Neil showed in “Chaos”, Manson was able (with provable CIA folk as helpers) to work very effectively with a more controlled environment.
                What do you think Google will be able to do when they know everything you see,hear and read?

                If you think the CIA started dosing people with LSD because they wanted to free folks minds I have a bridge to sell you 😉

                BTW…kinda cool,
                Take a look at this guys mind map of the MKUltra/drug revolution

              • @duck

                what an egregious comment:
                “The 60;s were a failure”

                what does that even mean? of the billions of people on the planet, each is doing their own thing, going their own way, what does it mean for a 10-year period to be “a failure”? it sounds like you have a very biased, narrow-minded view of the world.

                disingenuous comment:
                “If you think the CIA started dosing people with LSD because they wanted to free folks minds I have a bridge to sell you ?”
                i think no such thing, and that’s not what i believe, kindly don’t make things up and attribute such views to others, it’s dishonest.

            • I have to disagree with you about LSD. John Lenon before LSD was much less enlightened and had much much less influence on social issues. If he had never dropped LSD, he would have never been so dangerous to the establishment.

              LSD and other psychedelics have profound benefits for people with depression, terminal diseases, and people who stagnate mentally.

              I can attest to the benefits of psychedelics including LSD for my own depression and it was profoundly helpful.

              I think the CIA tried to use LSD for mind control and it backfired. This is why it’s a schedule 1 drug now, they don’t want people enlightened. They want people on meth, crack, and heroin. If I wanted to buy some LSD I’d have to go on the dark web. If I want to buy some heroin, I could go downtown and easily score.

              • cu.h.j
                “.. I think the CIA tried to use LSD for mind control and it backfired…”
                As I said in the post above, it failed because the dose was in a non controlled environment. Manson was able to control the environment and was very specific in who got what drug at what dose.

                If facebook can change peoples mood by adjusting their feeds what do you think Google can do to an LSD user?

                As for John Lennon… how did that ‘enlightened’ (or should we say selfish?) generation turn out? What did they achieve? Materialist corporate consumerism and the breakdown of family and social structure…do you think people in 1950 would have put up with HALF of what the boomers children do?

              • Tom O’neil talks about Mason and his spook links in his book “Chaos”

                Hmnnnn…. found this in an article on Jolly West

                ‘…He’d also supervised a study in Oklahoma City, in which he’d hired informants to infiltrate teenage gangs and engender “a fundamental change” in “basic moral, religious or political matters.” The title of the project was “Mass Conversion,” and it had been funded by Gottlieb….”


              • John Lennon was assassinated so we don’t know what might have been. If you have never actually tried LSD or magic mushrooms, then you may lack the perspective to understand the possible benefits. LSD is mind-expanding in many users. It helps people see beyond the material world, to see beyond the “powers that shouldn’t be”.

                There are some people who are literally stuck, they can’t wake up. LSD can help them, but it’s only good to show possibilities, not as a maintenance drug of any kind. Meditation is a long hard way to achieve similar benefits, but many people don’t have self-discipline.

                LSD and psychedelics are much less harmful than alcohol and tobacco and actually can have lasting benefits for many users.


                A Picture is worth a thousand words…. Lennon and his wife wait for the maid to finish making the bed during their “Bed’s for peace” ‘protest’

                That generation in a nutshell

                As to LSD… if thats your thing I dont care…but it WILL be used, as Manson used it and as mushrooms were used in the mystery religions, to brainwash and make people suggestible thanks to googles ability to PERSONALIZE your feed during trips

            • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I always appreciate hearing different points of view.

        • weilunion,

          Decades of red-scare indoctrination made people unable to understand some things. And also, most of the people in developed countries are quite well situated, mostly they are looking just at their backyard, they can’t get something is fundamentally rotten. Titus nice example, his analysis would be much better if his scope would be the world. I don’t expect from him to include bad influence from other social constructs.

          A friend, European, who lived in US for long time said that there is no society in US, just individuals. I think we are all going towards that, ‘rona hysteria helps this tendency a lot. Looking at what is rewarded by nowadays system, anti-social behavior is rewarded, there should be no surprise.

          • Yep,and entire post-WWII global fascist movement has been built on the Socialist boogey-man.

            Using the ‘red scare’ the US first wanted to partner with Hitler and leave Britain in the dust but then other arrangements were made.

            If it was not for the Soviet sacrifice in WWII the US would be owned by Germany.

            These narratives continue, unabated, and now have led to actual fascism in the US and elsewhere.

            Titus is broaching some very highly complicated material. It is not easy to absorb, not to mention abstract on a global scale.

            As for the interior life of Americans one can only generalize from experience and other points of view.

            Americans are a tremendously unhappy civilization. The narratives are rusty, the Hollywood machine reduced to glorified violence.

            Suicide has exploded within twenty years as has legal drug use.

            The mortality rate among Americans has dropped in the last thirty years. It’s about 78.6 now.

            There is no education and the tools of dystopia, the alienation machines that reduce people to ‘users’, is hardly the envy of any society.

            It is sad to live at a time when the crumbling is avalanching and the ignorance is rising.

            And as you state, an anti-social society creates rewards for anti-social behavior. Corruption corrupts absolutely.

            We are all ‘users’ now. It is a global phenomenon as we enter into the Age of Rust, decay and darkness.

            • Weilunion
              “..If it was not for the Soviet sacrifice in WWII the US would be owned by Germany…”

              True…but since the Soviet Union was practicing “Socialism-in-one-country” (National-Socialism….lol) and had already murdered via the holodomor (and during the civil war) MORE people then Hitler did in HIS camps its kinda hard consider them oppressing Europe for 50 years much of a win.

    • i would question this assertion:
      “Capitalism is a system of economics that is destined to have a crisis every seven to ten years. and historically it has.”

      i don’t see any evidence for that.

      if you examine the last couple of major financial crises (2000 dot-com crash and 2008 real-estate bubble crash), they are crises of central bank money printing, which caused massive mis-allocation of capital.

      central bank fiat money printing is the culprit here, not capitalism, these are 2 entirely separate things.

      capitalism is perfectly capable of existing outside of the central bank money printing world, using sound money, for example.

      • Yes, good and you should question all claims for evidence.

        The crisis that faces capitalism, and has since its conception back in the 15th and 16th centuries is the crisis of overproduction.

        As capitalism is wage slavery, wages must be kept low to provide profit for the capitalist. But this presents a problem.

        The workers cannot buy the goods if they do not have large enough wage.

        And that is where credit comes in, debt.

        But the capitalist must continue to expand and produce for no capital can remain idle!

        And thus we have the class struggle between those who own the means of production, and those who sell their laor to those who own it.

        Every eight, nine or ten years, save perhaps the 1960’s, capitalism produces crisis.

        And then it goes on to profit from the crisis it creates. Shock doctrine.

        Take a look at some of the crisis’ noted on Wikpedia.

        I do not know how old you are but capitalism went into deep crisis in 2001, dot com, again in 2003, again in 2008 and of course, behind the fake corona scare, again in 2020.

        But corona propaganda hid the fact that capitalism never recovered from 2008.

        For futher information see Econonomic Crisis in general.

        • @weilunion,
          this is such an absurd comment, i hesitate to reply.

          a few points i will make:
          capitalism has been around thousands of years, longer than money has existed, it was not conceived of in the 15th or 16th century as you claim.

          there is no such thing as a “crisis of overproduction”, if too much of a good is produced, the price will fall, thereby dis-incentivizing the capitalism from producing more of it. basic supply and demand.

          capitalism is not “wage slavery” (whatever that even means, it sounds like a victimization pity-card buzzword), there is no slavery involved, participation is voluntary, and in fact with automation and robotics, expect labor to be less of an input in a business, and perhaps even non-existent in some.

          again, your comment about “capitalism produces crisis” is incorrect, it does not, and you’ve presented no evidence to support that, you’ve merely made an assertion.

          as i mentioned in the comment that you replied to (perhaps without reading it):
          if you examine the last couple of major financial crises (2000 dot-com crash and 2008 real-estate bubble crash), they are crises of central bank money printing, which caused massive mis-allocation of capital.

          • there is no such thing as a “crisis of overproduction”, if too much of a good is produced, the price will fall, thereby dis-incentivizing the capitalism from producing more of it. basic supply and demand.

            What about the interference of the state apparatus, the invasion of the market mechanisms that are being offset by subsidies and over regulation?

            We should not mistake capitalism for crony capitalism.

      • reflector
        True- there is a natural growth cycle and a cycle of destruction as inefficient capital is destroyed and new players move into the market… THAT not a bad thing UNTIL Bankers start gaming the system and using fake money to prop up bad companies and buy up stuff in the depressions they time to suit themselves…. bad money drives out good and bad companies drive out good ones under what exists thru Central bank trickery.

  9. What is being described by Corbett and his guest is gradualism. Dialectical changes.

    This is why one cannot stand in the same river twice, as Heraclitus the ancient Greek philosopher so presciently noted. It always changes.

    The only thing that does not change is change itself.

    So gradualism is one form of change.

    Over time, historically, states of social and economic being change. But they are always changing, we just often to not notice it.

    This gradual change is change, but gradualism eventually changes into something completely different, due to gradual historical change.

    In this context take collapse or crash.

    Take steam. Water must gradually boil and as it does it changes and eventually the change terminates with ‘steam’, a complete change.

    The steady changes in the class based system of transactions, both foreign and domestic, has now resulted in a system too difficult to manage. So,like boiling watr, it will take its own form of ‘steam’ and this is the drastic change — the crash to flush the system clean. And we will pay for it.

    Those who rule will soften up the public with Madison Ave. propaganda but eventually digital will rule. It will be too convenient and a generation will probably be brought up swaddled in technocracy.

  10. RobertT
    “..My concern is the proliferation of zombie movies, whereby we are hardened to killing our kin and neighbours because they are now infected and thus no longer human..”
    A review of how movies have covered just that subject, as well as Pandemics and then a major detour into Larry Brilliant and some of the other folks who did some weird stuff with Pandemics, internet, culture and Contact-Tracing.

  11. Henry Dent
    His claim to fame was correctly calling the end of the Japanese boom in the 1980’s.

    This is a very interesting interview on Kitco News.
    Harry Dent: Stocks to crash 40% by April and won’t rebound for decades, here’s why (Pt. 1 of 2)
    (21 minutes)

  12. Yet another social construct is also very detrimental to society, huge private property. I’m talking about 0,001% percenters. It’s as bad as banker’s money.

    I’m not sure that things as they are can’t go on. Since 2008 we think it’s impossible, still… More and more I’m convinced it’s just about belief, trust, acceptance and absolutely nothing else. Screw economics, bs. Therefore, they can print as much money as they want.
    It’s just very convenient time for them to get even more control, nice time to reap fruits of their propaganda.

    Basis for next monetary system could be carbon indulgences, they “cannot” be inflationary, they are inherently sustainable.

  13. i wish the guest would have been more specific about what he meant by “a crash” coming – a crash in the economy? in the stock market? in the dollar?

    i found his comment about augustin carstins’ indelicate approach to be analagous to him doing a belly-flop off the high-dive board, to be hilarious.
    here’s a photo of mr. carstens, for anyone curious:

  14. What have the likes of schwab, largarde, Georgieva and others been saying for months? lets not let this “health crisis go to waste” and boy do they mean it. The fiat currency system is finished. World debt current sits at 272 trillion $. Largarde has said as early as mid Jan 2021 the ECB will have a CBDC. The Bahamas already has one, china are trialing 2 at the moment, thialand are jumping to one. 80% of Cenral Banks around the world are ready to go. John is right, there is a big crash coming, the powers that shouldnt be will create it, Problem, Reaction, Solution. And dress themselves up as the saviours of the world. Schwab has been hinting at a cyber attack and who do you think they will blame, yep, China, Russia, N Korea and Iran, the usual suspects.

    What technology do banks require to run a CBDC? they need blockchain, hello crypto currency!! Brian Brooks, head of the OCC in the US has said regulatory Clarity coming in 6-8 weeks regarding crypto. The S&P Dow Jones saying crypto indexed on the stock market 2021. The gold standard is coming back. If every country has its own CBDC, the US $ has no significance.

    The whole system is going to be flipped on its head. The IMF, BIS, WEF etc are just nutting out the final details. Its coming, make no mistake about that.

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