Interview 1606 – James Corbett Tackles The Ultimate Question

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What does it mean to be human? As we tumble head first into the WEF-branded, Klaus Schwab-figureheaded, Bill Gates-bankrolled 4th industrial revolution, that question, once the stuff of science fiction, has taken on new urgency. If we fail to provide an answer, the technocratic eugenicists who are seeking to engineer humanity out of existence will do so without hesitation. Today, James Corbett joins Julian Charles of The Mind Renewed to discuss the Great Reset, the future of the human species, and our role in disobeying orders and derailing this agenda.


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  1. Hi James

    I find it general more helpful to view conspiracies this way: (my examples are of course debatable)

    Conspiracy Notion: Description of a possible conspiracy (e.g. Flat earth)

    Conspiracy Hypothesis: A testable prediction as a consequence/part of a possible conspiracy (Jet fuel does not melt steel)

    Conspiracy Theory: Collection of confirmed hypotheses (e.g. 9/11)

    Conspiracy Fact: A conspiracy that has been confirmed over and over again (e.g. Cointelpro)

    One common feature for facts, theories and hypotheses is that they are all treated as fallible – the likelihood of error might vary greatly, but they are still regarded as something less than absolute truth.

    Thanks for all your great work.

    Und now let’s rezet zee rezetters!

    • Conspiracy Theory: Collection of confirmed hypotheses (e.g. 9/11)

      If the hypos are confirmed, then like assumptions they become facts, not hypothesis nor conspiracy.

      Conspiracy Fact: A conspiracy that has been confirmed over and over again (e.g. Cointelpro)

      Yes, a good example. Cointelpro is a fact and its implementation is also.

      “One common feature for facts, theories and hypotheses is that they are all treated as fallible – the likelihood of error might vary greatly, but they are still regarded as something less than absolute truth.”

      I would argue one must seek to falsify the theories. And as such, yes, they are all fallible.

      I agree that they are less than absolute truth but then again, what is absolute truth?

      I am a lawyer and what we wish to do is prove beyond a reasonable doubt or use a preponderance of evidence rule.

      Critical thinkers do not believe in absolute truth.

      We do believe in being open to new evidence which means in critical thinking, we actually seek and look at points of view critical of our own.

  2. December 7, 2020 – Monday

    World Economic Forum Delayed Until May, Will Take Place In Singapore, Not Davos


    Singapore’s quest to cement its reputation as the “Switzerland of the East” has just received a huge boost as the World Economic Forum, the international NGO that hosts the eponymous week-long conference in the Swiss ski resort town of Davos. To the financial press and readers alike, the annual event, which has been held every year since the early 70s, has simply become known as “Davos”.

    In more recent times, the annual extravaganza of panels, events, private parties, etc. has become synonymous with the global monied elite. Every year, the forum attracts not just business leaders and financiers, but academics, politicians, the press – commingling in an orgiastic freak-show of glad-handing and excess.

    Every year, big shots from around the world fly to the Swiss mountain villa in droves, their private jets landing and departing by the thousands, as they gather to discuss pressing international problems like ‘environmental sustainability’, creating a picture of hypocrisy.

    Those same jets will need to travel a little further, to Singapore this year.

    Last year’s forum went off without a hitch, since Davos is the first major event on the calendar in the new year, typically falling in the latter half of January. But this year, organizers have deemed it prudent to delay the event until May, since most of the westerners who typically constitute the vast majority of the audience should already have been vaccinated by then…at least, so they might hope.

    Of course, since May isn’t exactly ideal ski weather, it’s understandable that the forum will need to move this year. And the choice of Singapore, which successfully suppressed several outbreaks rooted in the city-state’s community of migrant workers, makes sense…

    …it seems presumptuous to schedule this type of an event for May when they could just host an all-virtual series of panels, like pretty much everybody else has done this year.

  3. Referencing around the 1:02:00 minute mark of the podcast…

    Revolve: Man’s Scientific Rise to Godhood by Aaron Franz
    PDF for free download

    By James Corbett, Editor of The Corbett Report –

    What does it mean to be human?

    As a young boy that question struck me as the stuff of Star Trek, the type of inquiry that would provoke an arched eyebrow from Commander Spock or a head tilt from Lt. Commander Data. Not, in other words, a topic for serious debate.

    Growing up in a household dominated by males (myself, two brothers and my father), my poor, beleaguered mother had to put up with all manner of action movies, crude comedies, and of course Star Trek, always Star Trek.

    Like many a young nerd, I was hooked at an early age on this strangely utopian fantasy of a post-racism, post-scarcity, (mostly) peaceful future. And like many a young nerd it instilled in me a fascination with space, a love affair with science, and a conviction that all the world’s problems will eventually be solved by technology.

    I ended up pursuing that pre-programmed fascination all the way through to university where I began my academic indoctrination as a physics major. Three months later, getting decent grades but hating every minute of it, I changed my major to English literature and thereby decoupled my life forever from my imagined future of lab coats and Bunsen burners.

    But the question was to make its reappearance soon enough: What does it mean to be human?….

    • Thanks for sharing this excerpt and the download link. I just read the Foreword and a particular passage stood out to me:

      “This is the human condition: to be born, to struggle, to learn, to grow, to fail, to die. It is a hopeful story because there is the chance to live up to our humanity, to nurture our minds, to live our lives as free men and women. We will die, but without our humanity we are never truly alive. This is what the transhumanists, posthumanists, cyborgians and their ilk wish to destroy. Our humanity, in all its glory and all its frailty.”

      “…and all its frailty.” Those words hit me hard. That is truly a large part of what it means to be human. That life is here and then it is gone, in a flash. Life if fragile naturally, and we should relish that aspect of it. It sucks sometimes, but it is also great! We can’t cling to life no matter how hard we try–it is always slipping through our fingers, never to be fully grasped. I think that to try to remain ever youthful and everlasting, as tempting as that may seem, would be to destroy what it really means to be human.

  4. Great discussion. Thank you.

  5. while following the interview along with workshop tools abuzz,,,(with apologies that my quotes are not letter perfect but I believe the meaning and intent are close enough).

    “surprisingly enough we’ve had no lockdown in Japan,,” ; could that be related to china’s relationship to Japan? Thats running with the theory that jinping & co. are orchestrating the global economic assassination by uninformed consent, letting ones enemy destroy themselves or wearing themselves out until weak enough to be taken easily (pennies on the dollar style).

    Your “Big Eugenics insight”, that is “a group who thinks they know how and therefore should lord over others”, is essentially identical to Krishnamurti’s definition of any/all politicians: “someone who thinks they know whats better for someone than that person knows them-self” which is also incidently the job of a conscious lover: “to give the beloved what they want before they realize that they want it themselves..” W. Orage “On Love”

    “if we do not have a basic statement of what it means to be human then we can be written off”. poets and monks with the aid of demi-gods (Upanishads) have been trying to nut that one out since days of yore. I think the good news is that we are a work in progress, which by definition cant be stated, defined, isolated, smashed by cyclotron for a quick peak at the train wreck, nor can it “be written off” perhaps written of, but never precisely written.. No, to state or be in stasis is only part of humanity, the imbalance of the golden mean is what we often identify with as “beauty”,, humans have or ARE imagination which includes the facility to create, which can never be put in a museum or logarithmic code. We ARE trust, We care. we resonate with beauty, we can even pretend to be machine like, but if we choose that its likely just a symptom of having piloted ones spaceship (body/mind) recklessly or been given some bad fuel, thereby some cylinders have stopped firing,,

    You championed “The power of organized disobedience”; is this some psyop your foisting? Isnt that exactly what the bushy shwabamas are up to?: they’re super organized and extremely disobedient in the realms of morality and ethics; ah good old maleable english, she’s a dangerous power tool.

    “we need to say NO”; no thats not it,,? (got myself there), A Terrible-two toddlers most common word is often the one they’ve heard the most: “NO”. I dont mean to promote circular argument, but it is good practice to strike out into positive intellectual ground on occasion, you know, engender gratitude respectfulness joy,, human stuff, along with your “meat & potatoes” (of the bad guys are lurking) I do appreciate when you finish with some desert.

    “change the narrative”, i agree, thats the penultimate task to avert the culling which would likely leave the survivors in a state of bottomless grief. why not follow kubrick’s lead and pull the plug? I havent watched more than a few minute glance of main stream TV since the 80’s, I think its helped.

    You and others are helping keep the window of even the possibility of avoiding the rat poison open, Good & Thankyou James.

  6. in general I’m with you, but for the record, with respect for the potency of meaning, and to keep language from losing power by flipping intentions,,: The word “Clever” is used in aboriginal pigeon-english to name their most revered highly initiated people: A “Clever-man or woman” is the one who can see the unseen, steer weather, can heal or destroy remotely,, these are the culenderos the medicine woman the shamankas the ones you want to stay on best terms with. the Resetters maybe tricky bastards pulling cunning stunts but they aint “clever” by the longest shot. just sayin.

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