Interview 1609 – James Corbett on Resisting the Great Reset

by | Dec 12, 2020 | Interviews | 33 comments

via In this powerful interview, John Bush talks to James Corbett of the Corbett Report to shine light on how COVID-19 has accelerated the insider’s plans to usher in a technocratic and authoritarian global government.

By better understanding the plans and agenda of the global elite, we can more effectively strategize on how to opt out and insulate ourselves from the “Great Reset”.

Topics in the interview will include 9/11, COVID tyranny, vaccines, the 2030 Agenda, The Great Reset, agorism, solutions, and the elite’s strategy of problem-reaction-solution.

The two will also explore how blockchain technology simultaneously offers hope for decentralization while also providing a means for those in power to better track, trace, and control the public.

You do not want to miss this in-depth interview!!


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  1. I too can’t wait for Corbett’s coming Vaccine “Story”.

    Interview 1609 – James Corbett on Resisting the Great Reset (with John Bush) was a wonderful embodiment encompassing the many important “take-home messages” of our times.

    One (of many) messages which struck a chord with me was at about the 29:20 minute mark.

    James Corbett says:
    “…I want to go back to something that you said there when you’re talking about your physical real life meeting (Dec. 5th – 50 people Freedom Cell Meetup) and shaking hands and spreading germs amongst each other.

    That’s actually important because let’s reflect on the fact again: This is about our health and safety but everything that they are telling us to do right now in order to keep ourselves healthy and safe is the exact opposite of what you would do for good health.
    Taking care of yourself and your system and going outside, getting fresh air and sunlight, eating right, and of course, interacting with other human beings so that we do share germs and get used to the germs that are going around in our community to get our own immune systems built up.
    The immune systems that are still effective 99.8 of the time or whatever it happens to be even if we do accept at face value SARS-CoV-2 and Covid-19 and everything they’re telling us about it — We know that it is virtually and, of course not 100%, but virtually harmless to people who are not octogenarians on multiple systems of life support.
    This is a remarkably mild form of virus that they are telling us everything the opposite of what you are doing: i.e. “Stay home. Stay indoors. Stay away from other people. Just take our medicines and don’t, don’t, don’t worry about working out or anything like that.”
    Again I just wanted to reflect on that because that’s an important part of what’s going on.

  2. I appreciate you highlighting the DEFINITIONAL difference between “Covid-19” and “SARS-Cov-2”, and the ways it can matter.

  3. Modesty blaized , why the big sell ?

  4. Great interview! I really like this fellow John Bush. He asked some good questions. I will look up his site.

    Thanks, James. The Corbett Report has introduced us to many other very interesting, informative sites.

    By the way, someone was singing your praises on Children’s Health Defense today.

  5. Perhaps however this requires consent. Resistance is building. The future cannot be predicted with total accuracy. Having said that it’s good to plan for the worst and be prepared for the worst case scenario.

    • Fact Checker
      Months ago, I thought that you straight-up told me that you were “just watching”, that you weren’t playing any type of activist role whatsoever towards bettering conditions. Something to the effect that you were just a spectator.

    • Actually, this time, this vaccine isn’t going to be mandatory for health care workers in my area

      I think that what you are saying is where this is going if people don’t stand up and tell these self-appointed rulers where to stick it. That might someday be the case, but this year I’m sure I’ll have a job even if I decline the vaccine. This gives me more time. I would have sued them if it was mandatory, but it won’t be.

      If you just focus on the negative only, that isn’t the full picture. I know this from being a severely depressed person, sometimes all I can see is the negative, and my consciousness narrows. It’s almost (not quite) like a psychosis, where nothing someone says can help, no matter what someone tells the psychotic person, they can’t see your point of view because they are stuck.

      It’s good to be a realist and to look at the worst-case scenario and I think that what you describe is what could happen, but I also think that we can stop it or change things.

      Nothing ventured, nothing gained. We can’t live only in our minds and must go out and do.

      • Arby,

        I have always been depressed, except when I was a kid and even then things were tough. But this has been the most stressful and depressing year of my life. The psychological assault on the public is being felt by millions or even billions.

  6. Does anyone know if there’s a mask you can buy that doesn’t harm the wearer? Where you aren’t losing oxygen, where you aren’t inhaling co2 you just exhaled, where it can make everyone else think you’re wearing a mask but the mask doesn’t do anything.

    • That’s funny Fact Checker.

      No I don’t know. It is a good question.

      You bring up a very important aspect for someone who wants to be an entrepreneur.
      A mask of that caliber would be in very high demand.

  7. Brandon Smith highlights an important aspect to all this…

    …There are aspects of the reset that are indeed fixed and that cannot be undone…

    … I do not see this, though, as a win for the elites.
    Crashing the economy is one thing,
    rebuilding it into the collectivist dystopia they desperately want is another.
    Everything depends on who rebuilds; maybe it will be them, maybe it will be us…


    Also worth noting, according to the article linked below…
    “The World Economic Forum has cut around 9% of its jobs in recent months and it seems to be entering a crash mode itself into 2022. “

  8. Wow, I can’t believe you would ask such a thing. One canNOT prove something does not exist. It would be proving a negative.

    The onus is on YOU and the pseudo science of virology to prove that a virus does exist. And they haven’t done that. You need to produce the research showing that:

    1. a virus was purified in toto,
    2. once purified, causes a disease, i.e.
    3. the virus is always found in people with the disease,
    4. the virus is never found in people who are without disease.

    You will not find one paper that shows these things. If you are not a biologist, you likely won’t be able to understand the papers and why they are all bogus. You can go to the first papers about this fake virus and post them and I’ll show you why they are bogus.

    We’ve been through this many times in the CR comment section, btw. You could also go to Andrew Kaufman MD webpage and watch his videos, or Tom Cowan MD webpage. The germ theory is incorrect. “Germs” don’t cause disease.

    • “The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence “

    • If you’ve ever actually worked in hospitals with sick people, you may have a different opinion about viruses.

      I am not a genius, but also not a moron and my practical experiential experience leads me to conclude that there are germs that are a factor in disease development.

      • flammable,

        I have observed patients present to the emergency room since last November with a type of pneumonia that was not associated with the flu. We were testing for flu last year in 2019 and the patients would be negative.

        Many of them had a normal white blood cell(WBC) count which indicated a viral infection since bacteria triggers white blood cell production (leukocytosis). Sometimes you’ll get bacterial pneumonia superimposed on a viral infection
        but early in the course of the infection, WBCs will be normal.

        I noticed some unique characteristics in the lab values of people with Covid pneumonia of many patients that I’ve mentioned before. These are elevated liver enzymes, elevated D dimer, elevated CRP, and I believe fibrinogen levels are elevated as well. I have not seen this in past years I’ve worked in the ER at various hospitals in different states. Maybe I just didn’t notice these before, but I’m usually very observant and thoughtful with patient data so I can provide good nursing care.

        Some people have said 5G could have caused these effects, but I think there may have been Covid cases in places without 5G (haven’t looked at this closely though).

        Also, I have had 3 colleagues develop Covid, 2 of them very ill and being hospitalized. The 2 that were hospitalized had those abnormal lab values mentioned above and one of them (63 years old) developed pulmonary embolisms because of the propensity towards blood clotting Covid can induce/or be associated with. The other person (30s, obese, night shift worker) was put in the ICU and on a ventilator and has not fully recovered after discharge (lung damage). They both developed a similar syndrome in close proximity to one another.

        My point is that I have seen multiple patients have pneumonia this year with unique characteristics that I haven’t observed before and I’m inclined to think it’s a new disease. I think the media and the reaction to this is hype and manipulation for an agenda.

        Having said all that though, these are observations and intuitive conclusions, not hard scientific proof. Being a nurse and having studied molecular biology and learning germ theory, I am probably biased.

  9. In this video James speaks about the testing of this upcoming (so-called) covid vaccine as being ‘ongoing’, & will continue over the next 24 months, but I think it’s much worse than that, for the usual basic level of trials, where the vaccine is tested on animals prior to humans, has been abandoned, apparently due to ‘problems’ with this stage and the supposed urgency in getting it out. Of course, this means that humans are most LITERALLY … the guinea pigs providing the test subjects for the ongoing tests.

    I discovered this through listening to a video by Amanda Vollmer, which I suggest we really need to get this information out immediately.

    • OOOPS! I have only just discovered the absolutely wonderful Amanda Vollmer, and have been viewing so many videos of late that the video to which I linked, is NOT the one I was referencing in my previous message. So I apologise for the incorrect link, and will now work hard to find the actual video (which most likely isn’t Amanda Vollmer at all), and hopefully ‘reply’ on a second attempt.

      In the meantime, here is another outstanding video (called Enough is Enough’) with Ms. Vollmer (be prepared for a little ‘language’) …

  10. From Ireland & Japan…with a hopeful sign.

    Published December 12th – Saturday

    “Red” Dave Cullen of “Computing Forever” with James Corbett
    Where The Great Reset Will Take Humanity (With James Corbett)

    (22 minutes)

  11. nice interview, listening this Sunday afternoon
    from Calgary, Canada ?? ☮️

    have a nice day

  12. Fact Checker
    “..All the Agenda-21/2030 programs are, first and foremost, MILITARY OPERATIONS. They’re not going to tolerate outliers..”

    I disagree.. they are primarily BANKING and CORPORATE operations… the military is the dog they set on people in the way of their goals.
    The Agenda 21 must follow, or at least pretend to follow, rules and laws and regulations that they create to help themselves BUT which even they must work inside.

    There may come a day that they can totally ignore those rules, but thats a long way off yet, if it every comes.

  13. Vaccination safety is the Achilles heal of this agenda.

    Dr. James Lyons-Weiler changed the data analysis methodology and has unequivocally demonstrated that vaccinated children visit the doctor more than unvaccinated children.

    The co-author’s medical license were suspended 10 days after this peer reviewed study was published and get this, the medical board that suspended his license before any hearing took place, commissioned this study. During the review process it was stated that if the public becomes aware of these findings it will impact the resistance to vaccinations.

    The CDC has been directed by legislation to conduct this study since 1986.

    I can’t imagine any parent who becomes aware of the conclusiveness of these findings will think the same about vaccinating their children. This could certainly help raise doubts about the current plans for global vaccinations.—The-Study-The-CDC-Refused-To-Do—-Interview-with-Dr.-Weiler-FCyn-Ufjqoo:5

    • “..I can’t imagine any parent who becomes aware of the conclusiveness of these findings will think the same about vaccinating their children…”

      Thats why pressure is growing to demonize antivax folks…but you have to accept that a great number of parents really don’t appear to care a great deal for their kids, or at least are not willing to suffer difficulty on their behalf…if the school mandates it then expect that many will just get the jab as long as the consequences are sufficiently far in the future

    • Vaccinated Vs. Unvaccinated: The Study The CDC Refused To Do — Interview with Dr. Weiler by Spiro Skouras

      ACTIVIST POST – 12/13/2020 (Study & other LINKS in article)

      COVID-19 has reignited the vaccine debate worldwide as significant portions of the population express their unwillingness or hesitancy to take the experimental vaccine. A vaccine that was developed in record time with rolled back regulations, limited oversight, as well as a limited scope in the safety trials.

      The vaccine manufacturers conducting the trials carefully screened potential volunteers, and carefully selected candidates to help them ensure a passing grade for government regulators and then mass distribution.

      In this interview, Spiro is joined by Dr. James Lyons-Weiler who recently co-authored a study comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated children. A study the CDC has refused to perform despite four different congressional bills which would have obligated them to conduct. All four bills failed.

      The fact that all four bills failed may not come as a surprise, considering Big Pharma is the largest lobby in DC. But the key findings of the study, may indeed surprise you.

      The study was independently conducted, peer reviewed and publicly funded.

      • The Spiro Skouras interview comes on the heels of December 10th Thursday’s show “The Highwire with Del Bigtree”.
        During that show, Del interviewed Dr. Paul Thomas, MD. The Spiro interview is directly associated with Dr. Thomas.

        The Highwire Bitchute Clip
        Vaccine Study Costs Doctor His License
        (36 minutes)

        Vaccine Study Costs Doctor His License

        Oregon Pediatrician Dr. Paul Thomas, MD has come under fire by the Oregon Medical Board for providing informed consent to his patients.
        After publishing a study using the data from his more than 13000 patients, the Oregon Medical, in an attempt to silence the highly controversial study results, suspended his license.

        #PaulThomas #InformedConsent #VaccineSafety #Oregon

  14. I asked my boss if they made a vaccine a requirement for work to please help us find a way around it. He said “Hell yeah”.

    I like my boss.

  15. Absolutely fantastic interview! I couldn’t emphasize more what Corbett triple underlines during the solutions talk. Just do it. Pick something and do it. Act. Grow a carrot. Talk about it. Learn about it, Grow more carrots, share your successes and failures. Not with the internet, but your neighbor. Then the internet. Build an actual community of real living, exchanging/gifting/chatting/whatevertheheck. Around your actual human body first. Then the internet if you so choose. Food and shelter first. Then everything else. Find yourself. You are going to enjoy this journey, I 100% guarantee you. It is very very satisfying. And it is the solution. And it has a billion different faces. You are one of those faces, and the ideas and creativity in your mind and soul are 100% important. To yourself. Which is the most important thing. Take back the power of yourself. Grow the carrot. Then talk about it. It’s that simple. Act. I beg you. For yourself first, then everybody else second. You are very important. And I’m damn glad you’re alive.

  16. Hello again,

    Apologies that my first attempt at this post (which I tried to delete in favour of this upgrade version) has not ‘deleted’ at all. Apologies also that it has taken so long to finally locate the video which completes the observation in my previous posts, as submitted around 21 hrs ago.

    This video is called “Many Doctors Address Coronavirus and Vaccine – Pandemic Not Real, Vaccine Dangerous”. The particular doctor who first explains that the WHO has authorized the process of vaccine development by drug companies, to bypass the stage of animal testing. This of course, effectively means the guinea pigs for this immunization, are literally the humans who will receive the vaccine.

    This is the reason the vaccine has been produced at Trump’s ‘warp speed’; in three months rather than the typical 24 months.

    On the video, the particular doctor who explains this well-hidden fact, is Hilde De Smet; the second presenter after Dr. Andrew Kaufman. What she states is further backed up by doctors later in the video.

  17. James – I have to disagree with your exhortation not listen to the beginning episodes. I’ve been with you since shortly after the genesis of the CR and never paid any attention to the amateur delivery or sound quality. It was your sincerity, knowledge, research and choice of guests which drew me in. I was also impressed with the time dedicated to your quest for truth once “the penny dropped”. Knowing you were doing this in addition to working full time as a teacher stimulated my own impulse to deep dive below the vast ocean of mainstream propaganda. I’ve listened to/watched every episode and I encourage those who are interested in the JFK assassination to visit Episode 144, the interview with Howard Hunt’s son. What happened in Dallas on 11-22 was the seminal event that drew me into my own research. Mae Brussell a big help in that regard.

    There was a comment during the interview with the suggestion to become self employed. I feel one of the most valuable currencies in the 21st century will be information. Combined knowledge especially. Using individual skills to compliment those of others within a community to jump start an enterprise. This has undoubtedly been mentioned previously, but if unfamiliar with the Intentional Community web site, here’s the link – There’s a variety of choices: co-housing, established communities, ones forming, a tab for searching states/countries, a Resource tab. A good place also for getting ideas about forming one’s own community.

    From my perspective, what is taking place globally is a perfect storm for deepening one’s spiritual foundation or practice. Meditation instead of medication I’ve found to be a better alternative. It was Thich Nhat Hanh who saved me in the early nineties when I sank into a deep, dark funk.

    Thanks to eternal soup for the Amanda Vollmer “Enough is Enough” rant. A Naturopathic MD with a healthy sense of humor. Here’s a link to her site –

    I would encourage all those finding themselves in a difficult predicament not to give up the ship. Keep bailing until help arrives or you find yourself on Resource Island. The alternative is sinking into the NWO abyss. When threatened with a fearful outcome, never surrender your sense of humor. Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset –
    Watch his hands. He’s reading the script but obviously nervous about the outcome.
    A shame Kubrick’s not alive to see this.

  18. I have a question, James. Do you have, by chance, any work done on the American Psychological Association? I mean, things like their ties to Guantanamo tortures, mind control programs, etc.

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