Interview 1611 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: U.S. Capitol Overrun By Trump Supporters, Rational Discussion Ensues

A Message to New “Conspiracy Theorists”

Story #2: Extremists Move to Secret Online Channels to Plan for Inauguration Day in D.C.

The Chaos IS The Plan

Big Tech’s Freedom of Speech Purge Pushes People to Censorship-Resistant Blockchain Social Media

Story #3: FDA Admits PCR Tests Give False Results, Prepares Ground For Biden To “Crush” Casedemic

WHO (Finally) Admits PCR Tests Create False Positives

Risk of False Results with the Curative SARS-Cov-2 Test for COVID-19: FDA Safety Communication

WHO Information Notice for IVD Users; Nucleic acid testing (NAT) technologies that use real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) for detection of SARS-CoV-2

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  1. I want off this Ride! James C. really nailed it on the head with his ‘no-question’ prediction of the Rise of the Right Wing Terrror threat boogeyman by the powers-that-shouldn’t-be last week…
    Looking forward to the rundown in this week’s NWNW… Thanks, Jameses!

    • And in many ways it is a return to the vilification of “right wing extremism” of the 1990’s. This time around I fully expect them to use “domestic terrorism” as an excuse to crack down on the internet, freedom of speech and assembly, gun rights(here in the US), etc. Oh yeah, they’ll also lump anti vaxxers into that group for good measure!

      But you know what? I retain hope! I have no clue who JEP is hanging out with? Haha! Doesn’t sound like the kind of guy you want next to you in the foxhole! But everyone I’ve spoken to about this “event,” believe there was a certain level of bologna to it all, much like COVID. And these are individuals I would generally label as normies! Many of them roll their eyes at the comparisons to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. I hear more and more people talk of giving up MSM/Social Media and moving away from Big Tech. Which to me are great signs! Some people are just naturally decentralizing!

      • Don’t you mean the 80’s?

        That was the Reagan administration’s Jesus freak/’born-again-er’ era. I remember all too well. The right wing was SO extreme I didn’t even want to finish my last year of college because I had to sit in a room with them. They were mean, nasty, violent, shaming, blaming and RIGHT, by God!!!! Exactly the same today with the left-wingers/Progressives and Democrat extremists of the current covid era. Same coin–different side. One rises and the other falls off. Each condemning the other. Both ignoring their responsibility to the larger picture while continually braying like the asses they are.

        The way I see it, which is not news to the regulars here–If you take a side you can’t see beyond the boundaries you drew about you. The ‘Siders’ can neither see the obvious facts nor remember them from their firsthand experience or education. (No points for public education.) The politicos in the USA work for the corporations who, literally, bought them. They do not work for the public, PERIOD. If the majority could get this one thing we’d all be happier.

        • This is a very good comment. Very wise.

        • Ronald Reagan? 80’s? I think you need to chill buddy! I was merely referencing the so called “right wing extremism” of the 90’s, think Ruby Ridge or Waco, people/groups considered to be “anti government/anti establishment” by the Clinton administration. You can see an obvious rehashing of that by the establishment today. Anyone deemed anti-statist will be labeled a domestic terrorist from here on out!

          I no do not care about the phony left-right paradigm, it’s divide and conquer by the puppets of the wealthy elite as far as I’m concerned.

          Next time, please READ my comment. Thank you

          • Yes, I read your comment right the first time, and I agree. I think it is dumb to say “well politics doesn’t matter” and it is true about the false paradigms. But, until we literally have a bloody revolution, we have a pretty decent foundational document in the US, if only it were used for its purpose.
            My feeling is this is the final undoing of the Constitution.
            I never cared about Trump, quite the opposite. And in that, I rarely listened, I just did not care about what he has to say, it is generally to be dismissed. And to believe his words is to ignore his actions, supporting wars, building walls, etc.
            But I do care about the ability to vote, and thought this a chance to try to get back to paper ballots, manual public counting. I was stunned to hear Trump make those exact statements, of course, from the position of knowing he is being ignored.
            Stunning to see the media in all this, as they literally report trump as the opposite of his stated words quite often. Not that his words mean anything.

            I regret that jc and jep take the position that others have not done enough research, because from my perspective, they were very late comers to the 9/11 issue. Very late. While they were researching, many of us had completed that.

            I do not generally like the posture of being superior as seasoned researchers who know better. I prefer that we are all in this together, figuring it out as we go along, rather than what I see in many comments, checking your perspective against these guys who openly claim some kind of higher knowledge about things many of us understand possibly more deeply.

            not all of us want to have a website or be celebrities. I leave that to others, and I only make the statement about their late arrival to the seminal event 9/11 because I am trying to get them to see, they may be talking to people who are in fact just as well or better informed on some of these topics.

            popularity is a cruel mistress…

            I must admit a certain disappointment in the complete disregard for the election in the US and the media, because it is such a prime, golden opportunity to address the sum-total of much of the work I have enjoyed from these journalist. Excuse me, but Journalists. They are real.

            Not always right, worried they are getting too many compliments and now dictating by omission. Everyone has topics they don’t like.

            Still, given the extreme discord created by the enemy media, and the HIGHLY SOPHISTICATED WAY Trump has managed to ‘let’ things happen without a proper response, really has been like watching a slow-motion train wreck.

            We had a clearly stolen election, but no one is looking at BOTH sides to see how these losers gained so many votes, and that the numbers for biden are laughably false, because we would have to consider that he is the reason Obama was elected.

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            • I agree that there are many out there that are much more well versed in all things conspiracy, particularly those who were already truthseekers prior to 9/11.

              However, in regards to the election and politics, whilst most on here, including myself, can plainly see it for the fraud it was, spending too much time exposing THAT fraud is counter-productive.

              In the pre-2020 world when we knew things were rotten, but still believed there were many years before the final act, I’d be all for analysing and exposing the election fraud. However, there is a much bigger fraud going on now and far too many zombies that cannot afford to have even one second of their attention diverted from the primary goal of waking up.

              Even more frustrating is the fact that so many people feel compelled to protest the election, yet remain silent about the virus. As obvious as the election fraud may seem, it is nowhere near as obvious as the corona flu fraud, yet these protesters are oblivious to it. It boggles the mind, and is yet further evidence that everything else is only serving as a distraction, whether intended or otherwise, to keep people asleep.

          • “…chill buddy!” “Next time, please READ my comment.”

            Projection is a form of fear and denial. The comment was in no way ugly or accusatory of yours but rather questioned a date and gave a firsthand explanation of the 80’s–THE right-winger decade. The 90’s had incidents, yes, all do. However, as horrid as those were it was a left-winger ‘Clinton’ decade.

            James (CR) puts this forum out in space to purposefully capture an array of developing minds/spirits that form the planet’s learning curve–a vast one. I was one of those captures, myself, over a decade ago. I joined because I found people that had a deep understanding of overt and esoteric history as did Corbett himself. They were eager to promote learning and support those of us who wanted to move along that curve. On the other end of the spectrum there were individuals blocked by anger, declaring a need for action to support that anger. It’s clear where you are. There is no shame in this. There is a lot on the planet to be angry about.

            However, there is no room on this forum for being ugly to fellow posters because of some perceived slight. Disagree, yes. Inform, yes. Exchange and discuss, yes. Accuse those who have not agreed with you, no.

        • Actually, I believe it is proper to take “sides”, but not in the MSM sense of blacks v. whites, etc. Rather, the only “sides” people should be taking are: “Patriots v. Globalists”.

          1. This should go without saying, but if you don’t already have a gun, get one ASAP by any means.
          2. If you can’t find a gun online or at your local store, then consider asking a friend. I have a friend who has 34 guns, 5 of which are “off book”. Consider buying one of those if you don’t want the government to know.
          3. Know your personal “line in the sand” which you will not allow to be crossed under any circumstances. Is it taking the vaccine? Is it forced quarantine at one of their “camps”? Then, don’t let them cross that line.
          4. Know your enemy. I believe most of you have figured out that whites v. blacks (BLM false flag riots), and Muslims v. Christians (ISIS and 911 false flags) were theater to foment anger, riots, and civil war. (Most people just want to live their lives, raise a family, and be left alone, but it’s the small percentage of megalomaniac globalists that have an insatiable hunger to have it all.) They WANT us to kill each other to make their depopulation agenda that much easier. Don’t fall for it. The real battle is “Patriots v. Globalists”. Everything outside of that should be ignored and treated as false flag propaganda. We need every freedom-loving Patriot to unite and fight for freedom, so hopefully if you’ve been wronged by the other color, religion, etc. in the past, you’ll follow Christ’s teachings, forgive, and turn the other cheek, because if you’re reading this blog, we’re all on the same team.
          5. Learn to sew and treat a flesh wound. Hopefully, you avoid being fired upon or hit, but if you are hit, it may be treatable and survivable. There are plenty of videos online, and you may be saving your own life, or the life of your friends, family, and neighbors, and you would be a real hero and great asset if you have these skills.
          6. You already have a gun…great! Do you know how to use it? Have you tried it out at a firing range? Also, are you MENTALLY prepared to actually use it? This goes back to point #3 above.
          7. Run an invasion simulation so you know you are ready. In other words, you don’t know if you will be attacked in the middle of the night when you’re fast asleep. Are you ready to jump out of bed, grab your gun, quickly load ammo, and take a defensive position to fire back? Do you know from which perimeter of your home you will likely be attacked? My guess is that the attack would come from the front/curbside of the house, but don’t be so sure.
          [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

      • Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! Dan gets what I’m saying! This is clearly 90’s era terrorism redux! Except this time it’s much more insidious. Anyone and I mean anyone could be labeled a domestic terrorist under this new bio security state…the mask less, the anti vaxxers, those who spread “hate speech/disinformation/fake news,” etc. Luckily there are many people who reject all of it, the new silent majority!

      • Dates are irrelevant except for sequence, your information exact and right.

  2. I had my cousin text me a few days ago linking an opinion piece on Bloomberg Magazine, on why everyone should get the Covid Vaccine, because someday the technology could be used to stop cancer. I sent her back like 8 different sources and a normie explanation as to why I don’t trust the safety of it. Luckily though most people I know irl think the way the MSM is presenting the “Siege” of the Capital is ridiculous and baseless fear mongering. Thank God, twitter is not reflective of the real world, because there you’d think people on the left lived in a country that’s occupied by US forces and just saw a drone in the sky, as dramatic as they are acting about it.

    • Yes, a real false flag, and the most valuable kind, it was fomented and carried out by “unknown” actors on both sides with possibly some deaths to be used as propaganda for any momentary convenience.

  3. Every cent I’ve ever spent supporting these 2 awesome gentlemen has been worth it just to hear JC call himself an OG!I nearly pee peed myself!

  4. The Face of 2021??

    Watching this street video of a guy trying to talk some sense into people I came to a realization. Nothing really changed in 2020, as far as people’s behavior goes. We just can’t see their faces but now we can see that we can not see a whole lot of faces.

  5. just yesterday at bitchute i stumbled upon The Deeper Connections: Alex Jones & Joe Rogan Exposed… early on addresses information warfare. goes into military background, russia, & us ~ michael aquino’s role … Aquino was deeply involved in what has been called the “revolution in military affairs” (“RMA”), the introduction of the most kooky “Third Wave,” “New Age” ideas into military long-range planning, which introduced such notions as “information warfare” and “cyber-warfare” into the Pentagon’s lexicon.

    • Libertydan, when i read the New World Next Week title – The Infowar Intensifies, i was like oh how interesting & good grief, how can i not post video i stumbled upon day b4, felt like some kinda strange destiny. what really grabbed my attention starting at around five & a half min was military history of information warfare… whilst i was aware of satanist aquino’s mindwar paper, the video brought up related material which i plan to investigate, might lead to further understanding around programming/trng i got from him & pertinent mind control operations overall. atm feels like thats the main thing for me to gain from the video — which i downloaded as there’s definitely more stuff that correlates to my ritual abuse history… black magic & globalist agenda. thanks for sharing about waco, its something i hvnt done a deep dive into.
      methinks bitchute channel simply mirrored YT clip, comments are open at the bitchute page, & there’s a link to a document at scribed (trial subscription required to view) by video creator matthew north. it would of course be great if a list of all sources were freely available, & whilst i prefer such, for over 20 yrs hv viewed videos from a wide variety of ppl & agencies (incl “the enemy”) & will continue to watch some without sources b/c at times one can find real gems… & there is something to be said for the learning experience that occurs, doing the work of pulling out material to explore… knowing full well disinfo is a possibility, or even seeing it in play. thru the yrs, my recognition of disinfo has improved, that said ~ often still begins with gut feeling somethings amiss… incl full out intense bodily reactions — the first alex jones video i saw in the early 2000’s literally made me wanna vomit, & after forcing myself to view several more as well as checking out infowars i concluded he’s controlled opposition. so last yr i was like how fitting to find video of AJ using devil horns hand sign like a handler, subsequently uploaded

  6. The long lost associate of JEP’s was freaked-out by the propaganda machine’s “insurrection” language and hasn’t any critical thinking skills to deconstruct it? Agreed. GOD, how sad for him. Those like him require a ‘prescription by authority’ to act on or should I say, act out. I’ve no doubt he was told to do what he did by an outside source. Otherwise, JEP would have never heard from him. As well, is he deaf, blind, stupid? JEP has been creating alt-media for over a decade. Talk about not paying attention! Ostrich.

    I, too, ask where was the long lost friend when the self-identifying Leftists/Democrats/Progressives were destroying the USA, burning cities to the ground and murdering the public? Those so-called activists were not only allowed to destroy many cities in the USA but they were openly supported by their buddies in politics and MSM and even funded by corporate America, et al.

    On the subject of the fracturing of the US. I wrote a friend a few months back to tell him how polarized the US population had become, noting that I saw the first real indications of a USA break-up into regions.

  7. Hey guys. Where is the link to the Off Guardian article on the ‘covid case-demic Biden, false positive’ you mentioned?

    I went to OG but didn’t find it.

  8. Snow does not melt

    This is an interesting video. You probably won’t understand what the guy is talking about, it’s the usual tinfoil claptrap; geoingeneeirng yadda yadda yadda weather control yadda yadda yadda the are out to get us and so on.

    But he does appear to have a ball of snow (that recently started precipitating in this general area profusely) and holds a lighter under it for about 4 minutes straight, without one drop of water coming down. There are some blackened patches forming on the ball, which could be attributed to soot coming from the lighter gas, I guess.

    He also claims a strong scent of burning plastic can be felt al throughout the exercise.

    • What you are seeing is a white ball, out of context, being told it’s snow, not seeing how it was formed or where it originated being touched by a lighter.

      We do not know it is snow. We know he says it’s snow. We see a lighter. We see some black. He says it smells of plastic, but we can’t feel it is snow, we do not know when/how it was formed.

      Mind control is amazing.

      • Have you seen the end of the video? That’s snow texture.

        • ..and it has snow texture, but you did not see where it came from, so we go with the assumption about what is seen. yes, probably it is some aspect of snow and sublimation, but… we don’t know if it is pure snow, or really, what it is. All we know is what we are told. That’s as factually as it may be stated.

  9. I was intrigued by this when it made the rounds a few years ago. So I tried it with some of the frost from the little fridge in my shop. The same thing happens when you use a bic type lighter. Some soot on the ball of frost but no dripping water.
    I determined that while some of the ice crystals melted. The liquid was absorbed by the ball of “snow”.
    The same way so much flavoring syrup can absorbed by shaved ice.

    • If I had any of that white sky excrement on hand, I would like to test it out. We get snow about once in a decade, for a few days tops.

      But like you say, maybe I’ll get a fridge specimen.

  10. If there’s one good thing that came out of this whole fiasco, it shows who’s really in charge. For people with a working brain, it shows that the president and the people aren’t the ones who make the rules and run the show.

    If people are too dense to see it at this point, then maybe they might ever wake up. It definitely showed me that we need a new system. The US constitutional republic is a failed state. This was probably inevitable with the establishment of the federal reserve in 1913.

    People must try to form alliances with each other now. We must build something to replace what has failed and that starts with listening to each other as human beings and respecting each other. The government has outgrown its usefulness, it’s only a parasite now, like the “elites” who have bought and paid for it and control it completely.

    • @cu.h.j.: I agree with you completely on all points. But people are so dependent on the governments now that they’ve forgotten how to stand on their own. In California you either work for the state, are supported by the state, work in the gig economy, or are one of the rich techies, but then, they work for the state, too.
      It’s hard for my wife and I to form alliances with anyone here in our small liberal town (75% voted for Biden). We don’t trust anybody.

      • I’m in California too, a very liberal town, and work in healthcare and completely understand what the difficulties are. I’m probably the only person who refused the vaccine at work.

        I’m also not very social (shy introvert) but have found that speaking to people without masks has been interesting. I don’t wear them outside of work and never outdoors. Your analysis is accurate about the people who live here.

        I’m going to be moving away hopefully next year.

      • I have tried unsuccessfully to create an account several times. I’ll keep trying. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or the problem has another origin.

  11. We need a library. How do we build that? I appreciate James encouraging us to know how to save things, but can we construct a hub for all of us to access the ‘collection’?

    • One idea, in Fahrenheit 451 with the books being burned (from Wiki) “They have each memorized [archived] books [content] should the day arrive that society comes to an end and [humanity] is forced to rebuild itself anew, with the survivors learning to embrace [& scrutinize] the literature of the past.”
      Now is the time to archive, imo. The more copies in more places the better.
      Buy 2 drives to backup everything. Keep real books dry.

  12. [SNIP – No links without titles and/or explanations of why people should be clicking on them, please. Please post the link again with context and explanation. -JC]

  13. Thanks James for keeping my account active. I subscribed just now for $100 per year. You and James II do an excellent job. The past few months here in Sonoma County, California have been beyond “Prisoner #6” crazy prison time in a pretty little town.
    No bars,no restaurants, no church, no spas, no haircuts, no wineries, no brew pubs. NO FUN! We are surrounded by Masked Morons in Mordor. My wife and I are going nuts. We’ve had 310 days plus of this crap.
    Watching the events of January 6th, I was really hoping the Antifa folks would go nuts and burn the place down. I pray every night that DC goes “Boom!” and Sacramento, too.
    The oppression of the state here is in our faces every day; well, masked faces. We don’t wear them.
    Who needs this crap?

  14. You guys have a lot more patience than me, I would have sent a text back to little sheepy saying “Sorry, were you close? He died from a Covid-19 vaccination last week”

    • 🙂

      Now, that’s my kind of practical joke!

  15. It’s funny because now when people tell me about the covid cases and deaths etc., I automatically say “and where did you hear that, on your tell a vision no doubt?”

  16. there is SOOO much possible problems with the PCR diagnostics… it is really crazy.
    SPR (“Swiss policy research” formerly known as “Swiss propaganda research” actually put together some nice and rational information around that topic (and in general also about Covid-19:
    In terms of PCR results, they link to a twitter account collecting numerous events of false results – really interesting to check out:
    I myself stumbled upon a very interesting paper, which might also be quite problematic for people insisting on the reliability for those tests as the only way for diagnosis of this virus (rather than following up only symptomatic cases, serologic analyses, real large-scale sequencing, testing for the long-term adaptive response, i.e. specific T cell response, etc.):
    This study ( indicates (it’s still in peer review, however the results look valid), that virus RNA can reverse transcribe and integrade into the genome. The mechanisms described there can explain recurrent positive testing (which could have no pathological meaning at all) and also indicate further problems with the mRNA vaccine, which (by the same mechanisms) could then also possibly integrate into the genome (although the study suggests, that regions, that were not targeted by the vaccine companies as a target sequence) reverse-transcribed more often than i.e. the spike protein sequence… anyway: problematic!
    One more word to the PCR testing: not only can you tamper with the Ct value (number of cycles run in the PCR), another very common way to skew results according to your current agenda is the number of gene regions you test with PCR. There are well documented cases (in local health offices in Germany), where the diagnostic labs were told to go down from testing three (or four) genome loci of the virus for a (more or less) reliable result (this was basically what the “Drosten” paper suggested) down to a single locus (paradoxically even in genome regions which are highly conserved Coronavirus strains – so other strains might also test positive here) – which will of course increase the number of false results. Other weaknesses of the “Drosten test” were anyway criticized by many well-known scientists, which demanded a retraction of his publication due to severe scientific mistakes (e.g.
    Actually the lawsuit from Dr. Fuellmich also seems to proceed… ( let’s see how this all plays out.

  17. On January 14th Thursday’s “The Highwire with Del Bigtree”, the last segment of the 1 1/2 hour show had videos of Covid vaccine injuries.
    People lost motor control and had a variety of wild physical reactions.
    Immune Dysfunction Expert, Dr. James Neuenschwander weighs in pointing out that he has seen these type of injuries.

    VIDEOS of People who were injured by Covid vaccine

    • Here is the WEBSITE with the one hour 37 minute show.

      Big tech censorship hits new high; The lowdown on long-term Covid immunity; UK’s Sir Desmond Swayne on Arrests; Are mRNA vaccines dangerous?

      (Videos rotate into a timeline queue)

  18. Josh Sigurdson – World Alternative Media – 1/15/2021
    Bill Gates Is BUYING UP FARMLAND! – Holds MOST Farmland In America! – What Does This Mean?
    (8 minutes or less)

    Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news of Bill Gates buying up more farmland than anyone in the United States. What purpose is there in buying up so much farmland?

    Gates has bought up a lot of farmland in the past and not just in the United States, but in Africa as well.
    There’s always an ulterior motive to Gates hedging so heavily in an industry and we always find out in the years that follow. So what will this lead to? More control over food production? Gates is heavily involved in Monsanto after all. He also bought up a huge amount of CN Rail in Canada and has become one of the biggest vaccine distributors in the world as well as buying up contact tracing patents prior to 2020. What’s the plan? What’s next? In this video, we break it down!

    • Did anyone watch the Omen trilogy? There are more after the first three, but I will refer to the first three made during the transition from the 70es tp 80es as a trilogy.

      In it, a child birthed by a jackal becomes the antichrist, taking charge of a giant global company that takes over the global food production.

      I’m not saying that Bill is antichrist, he’s waaay too misreable for the role (would a spawn of satan allow themseleves to be hit in their mug by a pie, not once but two times? I think not) but there are certain similarities between the two stories.

      • I vaguely remember the Omen series.
        Little Billy Gates as a kid could easily pass for a nerd Damien…maybe later as a teenager, Billy read Revelations and then decided on his career goals.

        Joe Bob Briggs tells us the backstory, (twice – with two different airings)
        Joe Bob Briggs Monstervision – The Omen.

        A lot of Texans would change their name if Gates started calling himself “Billy Bob Gates”.

        • For those who have mental problems caused by Joe Bob Briggs, you will want to check out the last paragraph of the following comment…

          …It raises that mysterious Conspiracy Question:
          “Did Joe Bob Briggs visit the Corbett Report comment section?”

          Mr. Bloom says: ”The solution is small communities coming together and ignoring these freaks. .”

        • Well, well, well, you “forgot” to mention Joe Bob’s assistant at 11:30 didn’t ya?

          “We could show all Toxic avengers in one night, but I don’t think we could get through that, we would need major artificial stimulants”

          That’s quality television that one can only find on VHS these days.

  19. (formerly TroopSwap and Troop ID)

    Does anything else really need to be added here? The writing is on the wall.

  20. A message from ICAN for anyone in Massachusetts:

    Yesterday we sent a legal update letting everyone know that as of January 15, 2021, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health has withdrawn the mandate for all students to receive an influenza vaccine and that it was an ICAN-funded lawsuit, and legal team led by Aaron Siri, that brought about this amazing development. 
    We provide this update to share an affidavit from the Massachusetts Department of Health just filed in that lawsuit confirming that the flu shot mandate has been formally withdrawn. 
    If you live in Massachusetts and your preschool, school or university continues to claim that there is a flu shot requirement, be sure to show them this affidavit!
    Again, congratulations, Massachusetts!

  21. Thanks for the reference. Even after they establish that the primer is everything but trustworthy, they push “home testing”. At what end, one has to wonder.

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