Interview 1614 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: China’s Xi Warns Davos World Economic Forum Against ‘New Cold War’

Russia to Extend Nuclear Treaty With US After Biden-Putin Phone Call

Globalization is Dead. Long Live the New World Order!

China and the New World Order

COVID Anal Swabs for Beijing Residents More Accurate, Says Chinese Expert

Story #2: Proud Boys Leader Was ‘Prolific’ Informer for Law Enforcement

“Q Anon” May Have Been an FBI Psyop

The Information Warriors Fighting ‘Robot Zombie Army’ of Coronavirus Sceptics

PDF: Information Operations Roadmap

Defence Chief Says 77th Brigade Is Countering Covid Misinformation

Story #3: Enemies of the Deep State: The Government’s War on Domestic Terrorism Is a Trap

We Should Be Very Worried About Joe Biden’s “Domestic Terrorism” Bill

Biden Signed More Executive Actions on Day One Than Trump, Obama, Bush Combined

“We Toppled a Dictator!”

Image: Biden Smiles On at Bush Signing the Papers for Gulf War 2 In 2002

Joe Biden Didn’t Just Vote for the Iraq Invasion—He Helped Lead the March to War

Biden’s Key Role in the Crime of the Century: The 2003 U.S. Invasion of Iraq

Biden Considering Reversing Trump’s Drawdown In Iraq After Attack Near US Embassy

A Large US Military Convoy Rolled Into Syria On 1st Day Of Biden Presidency

US Flies B-52s as ‘Show of Force’ Against Iran

GameStop Jumps More Than 130% Even As Hedge Funds Cover Short Bets, Scrutiny of Rally Intensifies

Nasdaq CEO Suggests Halt to Trading to Allow Investors to ‘Recalibrate Their Positions’ After GameStop Surge

​​​​​​​Biden Administration Is “Monitoring” Marketwide Short Squeeze

Want JP Morgan to Crash? Buy Silver. (Dec. 2, 2010)

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  1. To stop misinformation by the zombie technocrats:

    The anti-virus fake fact-checking shows some standard answers.
    Wouldn’t it be nice to have great counters?

    1. Infection fatality is very low.
    “Not for old people!”
    My answer: Give them Ivermectin.

    2. 90% of cases are false positives.
    “That is misunderstanding of statistics!”
    My answer: The PCR test is utter bullshit and with other better tests you
    can get 30x less cases.

    3. There are no excess deaths
    “ONS found 14% more deaths!”
    That is the true misunderstanding of statistics.
    My answer: If you look at the year as a whole, there are no excess deaths.
    But there will be due to excessive depression and missed cancer checks and heart-checks.
    And if you look at the short term excess deaths, you can see that they were
    mainly caused by wrong treatments (ventilators instead of oxygen). And caused by people getting severe heart problems, because they were to scared
    to go to the doctor.

  2. I lost it when J.E.P. says at 18:15, “As a reminder… the peace and love party means freekin’ business this time.”

    • I am assuming what James meant is that the democratic party is somehow a peace and love party?

      Not for my generation of the sixties. We have fought against the corporate democratic party for decades.

      But as to this ‘party’which is as Gore Vidal called, one wing of the same bird, the civil liberties showdown is their forte.

      In an interview for Pacifica Radio’s Covid, Race and Democracy , Ajamu Baraka warned of a new era of totalitarian neoliberalism.

      “Anybody who is in opposition to the hegemony of the neoliberal project is at some point over the next few years going to experience the heavy hand of the state.”

      Baraka went on to add, after the interviewer stated she had signed a petition to keep Trump’s twitter account open and uncensored:

      “I understand the disgust, the revulsion people have to Donald Trump. We know who Donald Trump is. He’s a sociopath, he’s a white supremacist. He’s despicable, but Donald Trump is, in fact, America. Donald Trump represents the kind of attitude and the kinds of values that made the US settler state what it is today.

      So, this notion on the part of the liberals that he is some kind of aberration is completely ridiculous. In fact, it’s ahistorical, but because of the disgust and because of the very serious legitimation crisis the US is facing, and the concern that neoliberal politicians have with the possibility of a return of Donald Trump, they have used the incident on January 6th as their opportunity to not only target Donald Trump as a person, but to target his “movement,” to undermine an above ground, legal political tendency, a tendency that generated 75 million votes.

      If they can move against Donald Trump and make a connection between his speech and what occurred on January 6 in order to justify a permanent ban on someone who was the President of the United States with 88 million followers, then arbitrarily take down these other accounts that they say are “conspiratorial,” and if people then cheer because they hate Donald Trump, we are seeing a monumental mistake being made by liberals who think that this state is their friend, and that this state will get rid of Donald Trump, but somehow be able to maintain a commitment to civil liberties.”

  3. 1. “New Cold War” with China – this to me means that China will likely dump / stop buying the U.S. dollar / U.S. treasuries, which would hyperinflate our currency (though still may take several years)
    2. I posted yesterday about “solutions”. If people have tangible, concrete solutions, I would suggest we all post them here with the label “solutions” and actually write them down on a list as not everybody has hours each day to watch videos searching for solutions, but a quick CTRL “F” search can find it quick.

    • One very important solution is for people to begin to think critically and understand what critical thinking is. Few could define it, less use it, and probably fewer care. Most people want to tell you what they think they know and not what they do not know. Thus, not so many questions from the uncritical mind.

      Critical thinking is understanding and learning what you do not know. And to do this tools and education are required. Especially a questioning mind.

      But the colonization begins with the mind. Material reality is manipulated to induce, if not force people, what to think.

      Critical thinking grows as one involves themselves in critical activity directed at changing material reality and learning how to enter into points of view not keeping with their own. It is an arduous task which is why most people are not interested. Thinking is hard work!

      Without critical thinking any changes in material reality will be hierarchical.

  4. Louis Rossmann is an independent Apple repair shop operator in New York City migrating from his 1.3m subscriber YouTube channel to LBRY. His content is interesting to me. His ‘take’ on the GameStop “trade” might get him booted completely. He seems to have integrity in this ‘takes’ on numerous subjects and a somewhat humorously self-depreciating demeanor.
    His primary focus has been “right to repair” and testifies at hearings on relevant ‘laws’ and regulations. He’ll show you how to repair (or not) your Apple product and has been building a freely available archive of info & videos relevant to that endeavor. The link is to today’s 8 minute rant on ‘market manipulation’.

      • He says to judge a group by ten people is an over-generalization. This is true. No argument here. Avoiding over generalizations is certainly a critical thinking skill.

        The argument could be made and has been, relative to race, gender, sexual preference, etc. Yet racism is an overgenaralization. So is sexism, and on and on.

        However, anyone who thinks the little guy is gaming large hedge funds is delusional.

        First off, 80% of the stocks are ownd by the upper one percent. Average working people do not play the stock game unless they have a 401K and they wish now they didn’t.

        No, any message that says we can use the stock market to beat the stock market is pure insensibility.

        Want to beat capital: organize labor.

        And as to Reddit, there is no doubt that Reddit has and is being used by fascists. Don’t use the term alt-right, they are fascists.

        And it is the same gamer community that was formed and nurted by Bannon that is part of the ‘game’.

        Working people never win with speculation and stock markets. When will people learn?

        • Well, the GameStop thing is about a bunch of “little guys” finding a “short-seller” over confident enough to short GameStop repeatedly down to $4, then did it again for 120+% of all available shares. Buying isn’t about making money for the buyer. It’s about creating a financial-black-hole that sucks the whole casino in on itself.
          Reddit? Every ‘social media’, call it what you will. Facebook, Twitter, u2b. All types & viewpoints in all of them. Not difficult to avoid who I want to most times.
          Every platform could be discredited at will, even my phone company. I still use it.
          The question of GameStop is, has greed swallowed it’s own tail?
          Short-selling is putting the tail in it’s own mouth, and it’s a matter of public record, that’s what info was dispersed on Reddit. It’s that simple.
          They ‘rushed’ the Citadel and may come home bruised. Each brought a cabbage and threw it in unison.
          Exposed greed and a vulnerability.
          Seems worthwhile, maybe. We’ll see.

  5. COVID anal probes?


    Does anyone remember the hospital scene from Idiocracy?

    “This one goes in your mouth, this one goes in your ear and this one goes in your butt. No wait! THIS one goes in your mouth……”

  6. I loved how the ‘debunker poser’ site twisted their argument in the middle of their answer–check out the “IFR debunk” answer. Yikes! Who writes this stuff? Clearly, they are not critical thinkers but they have been critically duped. If I were them I’d keep my sources, participants and funding a secret, too.

    A bench mark of your/our success in opening eyes to the truths/facts of the covid control tool? We’ll know the argument has been won when the posers bring out little children and their whining, crying mothers to shame us for being conspiracy theorists, for harming the Earth with opinions and allowing those horrid cow farts to continue! BTW–I’m a vegetarian.

    (Just to confirm–It’s already happening in the TV commercials that hawk “buy food in a box”, it’s more responsible! What a load of crap.)

    The bad thing? Last time our sick predator buddies couldn’t sell their lies to the public–first ‘global warming’ then ‘climate change’–they provided us with 9/11 and 20-years of international terrorism, now a lockdown for a virus and soon we’ll all be domestic terrorists and enemies of the State for critically thinking. Got to eradicate the intelligent public. All subterfuge in an effort to move their Technocratic agenda along to its ultimate digital global control.

    Domestic terrorism? O’Bummer set us all up for that with the NDAA.

    (yes, excellent transition JEP.)

  7. Collectivism and Individualism Explained by G. Edward Griffin

  8. This will only come to pass if people accept it and go along with it. The psychological manipulation is very sophisticated and can snare people. Nothing on MSM should be trusted. Maybe all of the hate against Trump was just theatrics and maybe he got paid for his role as president. It’s entirely possible and I didn’t believe it because I didn’t think a normal person would endure the insults and Trump being an egotist couldn’t stand it. Or Trump was just easily played and was manipulated and just handed his supporters over to the Gestapo.

    Who knows for sure. One thing I do know is that their psychological operations are very sophisticated. I think anyone is capable of being manipulated, unfortunately.

  9. I’ll watch this later today. Just watched the beginning. How much pig fat does premiere Xi eat a day? And his set up with the two microphones and mountains in the background is beyond lame. Why does anyone take him seriously? Oh, right. He’ll kill you if you don’t.

  10. Regarding China and cold war 2.0 and for any newcomers who aren’t familiar with the work of the late Antony Sutton, here’s the must-see interview James mentioned:

    Speaking of which, James, the link to that interview in the transcript to “China and the New World Order” is dead.

  11. Some words are commonly misused and misunderstood today. English speaking people are becoming more and more ignorant of there own language. It is like the MSM, education systems, and TV shows, are deliberately screwing with/up the language, and most people don’t even care or realize it. No wonder people find English difficult to learn, and some foreigners tend to learn to speak better English, than those born into it.

    I only have a high school and trade school education, and never wanted to be programmed by universities. I am self taught in many trades and fields of study. I try to write and speak well, because I wish to think correctly.

    Today I offer understanding of the correct use and meaning of “Skeptic”, because it is being so very much, misused; much like “literally” and “belief” are.

    A skeptic is NOT the opposite of a believer. Belief is an unthinking mental position, that does not rely on, and/or ignores, facts. Belief is foolish. The opposite is disbelief or denial, which is also and equally, foolish, and poor thinking.

    A skeptic is a person who, logically, correctly, does not form conclusions until that person has sufficient and obvious evidence. Skepticism is proper and healthy thinking.

    There are even clubs/organizations calling themselves “skeptics”; but when I examine their arguments or positions, it is clear they practice disbelief and denial. They work to discredit ideas, not to find truth.

    Once upon a time people were grateful and proud to learn, not only to speak properly, but creatively. Today people brag that they do not read, and they believe it to be cool to debauch their language.

    Actual skeptics are “cool”; believers and disbelievers(deniers) are not. IMHO

    • Here is an example of misusing these terms from shows about ghost hunting/investigating, and that happens quite often.

      Someone who has never done research or had “brushes with the “mystical” in their life, may say there is no such thing as ghosts. Then they experience a “paranormal” event and will say, “I was totally a skeptic but now I am a total believer”. Ignorant statement!

      That person was a disbeliever and now knows. If that person was a skeptic there is no reason to not continue to be a skeptic, and no good reason to be a believer when the facts are undeniable.

    • truthseeker9 says:
      Some words are commonly misused and misunderstood today.
      English speaking people are becoming more and more ignorant of there own language.

      Timely comment, truthseeker9.

      Matt Hancock imposes major RESTRICTIONS on “How Words are Spoken” in order to slow the spread of Covid-19 in the U.K.
      (3 minutes – complete guidelines expressed)

      (H/t to CAF twitter)
      (Originally noted at “The Future of Vaccines” comment Thread)

  12. Love the story about the short on GameStop/AMC stock! These are the types of ways your average Joe’s can fight back! See, what’s to stop a bunch of these everyday traders from buying calls and short squeezing the stock, pushing it to an astronomical price, forcing millionaire hedge fund managers to lose quite a bit of coin!

    Disclaimer: I’m sure there were some Wall Street investors who did profit from these stock spikes. Not to mention Robinhood, the mobile trading app that benefited from all the hype and publicity. They had to restrict trading on AMC/GameStop stock for a day, and ask their investors for an infusion of cash to pay all the traders selling off. Still a very interesting story…

    Well ladies and gents, be kind to each other and do some good in the world!!

  13. SUB-THREAD of “GameStop Event” Short Squeeze & SILVER Short Squeeze

    1/27/2021 Wednesday evening I posted a summarizing Sub-Thread to the “WallStreetBets” GameStop event.
    The Short Squeeze momentum has since morphed into the SILVER MARKET, which I have updated in brief on the Sub-Thread.

    I want to mention Keith Neumeyer of “First Majestic Silver”.
    He is one of the very few mining company CEOs who will publicly talk about the silver manipulation by the big banks.
    Most gold and silver mining companies will not talk about the manipulation of prices, because they are afraid of the bad Public Relations and being labeled a “conspiracy theorist”.

    His mining company’s stock has an extremely high “short interest”.
    This is incredibly high!
    This is exactly what “WallStreetBets” was talking about when they targeted GameStop and some other companies. That is why they targeted these companies.
    Traders can make a lot of money if the shorts are squeezed out when the short interest is high like this.

  14. Sigh! I’m 68 and the world has been going to total shit since JFK got shot.
    You youngsters don’t know how good it was back in the day. Very sad.
    Digital is bad. Analog is good.
    The world is doomed. MOre and more I feel like the Edward G. Robinson character in “Soylent Green.”
    Good luck.
    “Soylent Green is people!”
    Well, yeah.

    • It’s only doomed if people sit on their ass and do nothing. Even small things can help. I’m getting the hell out of california. It’s full of totalitarians who like being told what to do. I’m sick of it.

      • hi cu.h.j
        I also live in California; in a small town. Do you think Gov. Newsom will be recalled? I see that the rules are changing for voting or signing the recall petition. Suddenly photo IDs are required to vote/sign.
        My wife and I are too old to move again.
        Good luck in your new home.

        • Thanks! I’ll be glad to get out of CA. I will keep my home here though to come back in the summertime, but most of my time elsewhere.

          I hope he is recalled and have signed and circulated a petition to do so. He’s a narcissistic tyrant and should be in jail.

          You could buy a property in another state and come back to CA like I’m going to do. Land prices are cheap in other states.

  15. James and James, I think you need to listen to real Geopolitical Analysts who heard Vladimir Putin’s speech. There aren’t going to be any “Immunity Passports” because Russians went through that many years and decades ago so it isn’t going to fly Russia has had Herd Immunity for several months and most of the rest of the World has it as well by now. The stories of ‘mutant strains’ is garbage, the Experimental Gene Therapy called a vaccine doesn’t prevent COVID, nor does it protect you from COVID and it doesn’t prevent anyone who has had it from spreading it to others and the same goes for the ‘mutants’, so there is no point to submitting to the Experimental Gene Therapy called a vaccine, so the whole story is collapsing. Putin’s $100 million “Palace” has surfaced again but it remains unfinished and someone else owns it. President Putin has also nixed the “World Government” pipe dream because State Governments must maintain their Sovereignty to prevent any ideas of Wars. Harris/Biden have renewed the War in Syria and the only question is where will the next one start. The Globalists won’t get their World Government and traveling will come back in time.

  16. Here is another story on Russia’s rejection of the “Immunity Passports”. The legislative bodies and the Russian People are against it. China has a Geostrategic and Economic Interrelationship with the BRI/Polar and Maritime Routes so they will go the same way. There are around 130 Countries that are signed on and there are various trade agreements and Unions involved which will shut the Empire out. Meanwhile the Democrats are destroying America’s Farmland and Industrial capacity with the “Green New Deal”. Russia and China are going to leave America in the dust.

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