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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: First Case Against Mandatory Vaccination Filed In New Mexico

It’s Here: First Court Case Against Mandatory Vaccination — Attorney Interview

Canadian Doctors Speaking Out

Video: Canadian Doctors Speaking Out

Story #2: US Preparing Cyberattack Against Russia Over SolarWinds Hack

Preparing for Retaliation Against Russia, U.S. Confronts Hacking by China

At least 10 hacking groups using Microsoft software flaw -researchers

Story #3: U.N. Finds No Adverse Health Effects From Fukushima Disaster

Japan Nuclear Plant Owner Confirms First Deaths as Workers Fail to Contain Leak

573 deaths ‘related to nuclear crisis’

No. of children at time of Fukushima disaster diagnosed with thyroid cancer hits 160

TEPCO completes nuclear fuel removal from Fukushima No. 3 unit

Fukushima today: “I’m glad that I realized my mistake before I died.”

Radiation levels at Fukushima plant far worse than was thought

10 years after Fukushima disaster, Japan’s nuclear industry stalled

The Phone of the Wind: Whispers to Lost Families

Japan to Stage Tokyo Olympics Without Overseas Spectators

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  1. Hi all,

    Can people help me with info on how to subscribe to The Corbet Report that doesn’t involve PayPal? I was a long time Patreon subscriber but I’ve cancelled that now.

    I just want a way of sending cash that is easy to set up and monthly.

    I might see if he is on SubscribeStar

    • James used to accept bitcoin, and maybe other crypto currencies, but that no longer appears to be the case.

      So paypal appears to the last line of defense, for the time being. Which is quite bad in its own right.

      • JC does take bitcoin. He doesn’t post an address on this website though.

      • Email James Corbett if you want to send him crypto.

  2. Not that I’m a rat or anything, but I’ll spill the beans on this exclusive 😀
    A little birdie told me Urban farmer’s coming to Corbett report next week. I expect a good interview.

    • I like Curtis.
      He has some pragmatic information.

  3. Hello James, You brought up that Patreon dropped you, I was cancelling them anyway and wanted to switch my subscription to anthother method. Which should I switch to, that works best for you?

    • You have the paypal option, the hidden bitcoin option or snail mail option, if you are close enough to US or Japan.

  4. Thanks James on hard work… plz stay strong.
    I am on Paypal sub., will always support your work not matter what they do in future.

    Anyway, after 6 months not wearing Mask in my building, I got my Warning letter where is claimed that multiple Neighbors (400 apartments building) was complaining about me and my Family not wearing mask’s.
    Management notified me that they used Building surveillance camera system to verify my identity.
    Anyway, important is to say that absolutely no one was following my example, 100% people would follow government advices.

    all the best from Canada, Toronto (still in Lockdown)

    • That’s very 1984ish. Canadian’s transformation into serfs, at least in rural areas, seems complete.

      • It’s interesting social experiment.
        I would say that quite huge majority (80% plus) Canadiens(Ontario) following unquestionably our leader’s “recommendations”, reinforcement of those rules are not needed since is done voluntarily by population.
        Common sense and critical thinking is absent, I still have no clue where is the boiling point for those in Machine. They are not happy for sure, most of them are honestly scared of pandemic which is easily explorable in Streets of Toronto, however, they are willing to go quite extra miles to resolve their fears and I feel it will be in wrong and dangerous direction.
        Wishful thinking Is now dangerous for all of us since imply it will be better for some common sense reason, however, that train is gone long time ago… we need to be honest to each other and expand our activity if we want to look our kids in eyes 10 years from now and say I did my best.
        …again, James is doing great service to all of us, what you can do ?

    • Wow that’s creepy. Can you move? That would drive me nuts.

      • Moving out of Toronto is option that is exercised by many so far, mostly younger generation families for various reasons that are somehow connected to current situation.
        There are group’s who considering moving out of Canada to warmer countries which is usual trend in here, but now there are few more reasons to speedup process .
        I am personally still coolheaded and investigating options since some openings regarding whole situation can happen in next 8 months.

        … yes, if 1984 is something that can be adopted here, I will be gone quickly. Sadly, I can foresee that some version of Orwell nightmare will be accepted as new norm, however, this would be signed capitulation of Western civilisation and End of my 21 years in beloved Canada.

        … I guess this is global problem, we just need to fight back.

        • Yes, we do need to fight back. I think the cities are already lost though. For some reason, the “liberal” movement has adopted the “new-normal” where they obey the “experts”. Most of the resistance in the US is taking place outside of the cities, as far as I can tell. I used to really enjoy city living prior to this whole mess. I liked the variety of food and activities, but now there are no up sides anymore. And I can’t help but resent and dislike people who are just going along with masks and lockdowns.

          • Im in the NY/NJ area and my sister ,brother inlaw,and daughter have all been just walking into stores like humanbeings with very little to no feedback . my daughter went into a tjmax acouple days ago only another customer said ” you forgot your mask” she said “thankyou and just kept moving. when she went to check out the cashier complimented on her sweater. haha, people are fed up with the lie , eyes are opening. ive been following their lead.We should all do the same . stand up or lay down thats the choice we have as individuals. what can they do? not sell me somthimg? so what.

            • Cool cool ANECDOTE – MASKS in NY/NJ

  5. James, you should consider something like Revolut (there’s a bunch of these applications); it’s quasi international banking fintech something. They require your mugshot and a photo of both ends of your ID. At least for the time being. With it, funds can be sent manually via a mobile app. That would mean exposing your mobile phone number, however. And they recently introduced limitations to international transfers for the free membership services.

    Also, maybe it would be a good option to try and strike a deal with someone in Europe, similar to what you have going on with Pilato.

  6. Patreon says: “This page is under review. Our Trust and Safety team is currently reviewing this page. Read our Community Guidelines to learn more.”
    It appears, (as Denis commented & matt.mewis provides link) that James may have worked out issues with SubscribeStar (at the time of this posting) BUT he did say toward the end of this video that he’d be making a ‘formal announcement’ tomorrow.
    I don’t know what kind of fees get charged by any of these support platforms – and I wonder how much the “content providers” actually receive. The Corbett Report probably gets less than what my small contribution amount is, but is worth so much more than I could afford to contribute. So, I’ll be on the lookout for a preferred method of contribution & if possible, I’ll use that route for James Corbett’s work and all the others I support over on Patreon – who won’t be getting MY ‘2 cents worth’ – not after this!

    2017 About Patreon: “We want to help every creator in the world achieve sustainable income.” Vs.
    2021 About Patreon (in part): “Founded by a creator, with creators in mind. We make every decision with one goal in mind — to get creators paid.” & “we use [our core behaviors] as our guiding light toward maintaining the culture we’ve built and love.” & “We’re proud and motivated that creators rely on us for their paycheck, and ultimately, their creative freedom. We take that responsibility seriously..”
    Patreon’s taking “The Corbett Report’s” CREATIVE FREEDOM and reliance for payment SERIOUSLY?
    Right! Just like cancer from nuclear disasters are taken seriously. (Mini-rant complete)
    ~ and that’s my piece of peace for the moment ~ Belle

  7. Here is a TIP for anyone sending cash or a check for Corbett at
    “Those in the US who want to support our work can send cash, check or money order (payable to James Evan Pilato) to:
    Media Monarchy
    c/o James Evan Pilato
    P.O. Box 22486
    Santa Fe, NM 87502-2486”

    Include a TIP for Pilato.

    He’s not your waiter, and it takes time to sort this crap.
    Plus, he may incur fees when he transfers funds to Corbett.

  8. I was chuckling when Corbett pulled out the book! 1984. Spot on.

    Regarding the U.N. article of NUCLEAR POWER and Fukushima.
    Bill Gates may be behind the scenes about positive stories on nuclear power.
    Nuclear Power is one of Billy’s main platforms in combating climate change…and he seems to have covertly grasped more international control with the U.N. and W.H.O., even to the extent of being in the same category as a nation state… Gatesistan…where’s Borat?

    Corbett Member laurab had an interesting link…

    James Corbett has interviewed Peter A. Kirby before and often mentioned CHEMTRAILS.

    (I haven’t watched this yet, so I can’t vouch for any Star Rating.)
    New Feature-Length Geoengineering Documentary: The Dimming

    Dane Wigington at has finally released his long-anticipated feature-length documentary film The Dimming.

    Like everything Dane and his team do, this new documentary is a cut above. Featuring commentary from a plethora of top anti-geoengineering activists, it masterfully covers many aspects of today’s operations. It slices and dices the insidious claims (usually made by the shills) of the lines in the sky being harmless condensation trails. It deftly and effectively explains the manipulation of atmospheric particles with electromagnetic energy. It exposes the disinformation tactics of the mainstream media. It compiles the extensive evidence proving that the terrible wildfires of late are a direct result of massive aerial spraying.

    In particular, the film focuses on biological impacts. You know, the area of study that is the most important and therefore roundly ignored by the geoengineers. The most extensive discussions here revolve around the Human health impacts of aluminum exposure…

    …The centerpiece of the film is documentation of the collection and analysis of particulate samples taken in flight. Dane and his team were able to collect air samples at altitude then have the samples professionally analyzed….

    Correct me if I am wrong, but evidently Dane Wigington holds to the Manmade cause of Climate Change.
    One example:

  10. It’s over. They have waaaaaaaay over 50% controlled just give up

  11. About IRS thing James talked about, it could be answer why.

    If you want to have bank account in Croatia you must sign a paper where you give IRS permission they might/will have access to your banking stuff. As I know US forced most of states into such “agreement”.

    Here comes spooky thing. A while ago my bank changed “security” protocols regarding payments and that requires sending confirmation text messages to phone. So I had to go to mf bank to give them my phone number. There lady at the desk put in front of me the IRS paper I already signed. After some arguing I was explained that any change requires this procedure and I have to sign or my internet banking payments will be limited. I gave them permission to give my phone number to IRS. Mob a top of mob a top of mob, mf mobsters world.

    • Interesting how the IRS has its claws across borders.

  12. No it won’t. Why would that be the case?

    • I see what you mean and I think that once it’s approved there will need to be further litigation. Currently exemptions are allowed for vaccines, medical and religious. Additionally this drug is not technically a vaccine at all because it contains no antigen but rather tricks the body into making an antigen. Employers are essentially asking their employees to take a form of genetic and or protein synthesis manipulation that has not shown to prevent transmission of Covid. The employer can provide an accommodation and allow the employees to wear a mask instead.

      All of these issues need to be addressed in court. But as you say it’s a risk that if one loses in court it can set a negative precedent.

      I see a way to request a religious accommodation since this drug modifies innate cellular mechanisms essentially changing a person’s god given biochemistry.

  13. Regarding cyber attacks(pl): As all my conspiracy theories have become fact I’ll pose a new one here. As per Webb’s (Witney so as not to confuse the reader with the other spook agency asset of the same last name but first name George)steno job on Astra Zenica being in control of calling the end to this particular pandemic and her equally extensive exposition of another table top exercise of a cyber nature called (no not event 201.2) but ‘Cyber Polygon’. According to W. Webb (now living in that bastion of democracy Chile) a likely date for end of this current pandemic is late June. This July, again according to W Webb is when the second ‘Cyber Polygon’ is set to be staged. Of note was that the last C-P was apparently MC’d by a Russian state owned bank (the enemy?) while this exercise was hosted by the usual suspects, the WEF et al. I noticed recently that the Fed’s inter bank services was recently disrupted for close to a work week as a possible associated trial run to an full spectrum disruptive cyber attack on the world’s financial services. Would this include failure for all plastic to transact at the Main Street level? Now if true this would make bathroom tissue runs look like preschool nap time. Remember this is just my conspiracy theory as fed through subtle and not so subtle news coming via media types with stranger than fiction family ties and early working career affiliations, aka Mint Press, and its rather curious ties and funding with ‘radical’ Islam with whoever backs this while hiding in the shadows. My advice is that it is never a bad thing to have a supply of cash handy…..

  14. Fauci gets grilled by Mexican Comedian

    Maybe not very much grilled, but asked questions that otherwise nobody asks of this guy. He of course does not answer any of the questions, but he’s at least squirming, the rat bastard.

    • I enjoyed watching the comedian’s style.
      As a Tejano, I’ve been around fellas who had a similar approach with the bossman.

      • Yes, sometimes assuming a flippant attitude can have a great effect. Not everyone can pull it off, though. If, in a similar situation, I would see that bastard squirm and evade my questions, I’d get red in the face rather quick.

        • mkey says:
          “I’d get red in the face rather quick.”

          ha! Me too.
          That is one of my failings…my red face can eventually explode.

          • Anger can be very powerful and positive at times. I see it all the time these days, people biting their tongue and holding back, never speaking their mind and doing a lot of self censorship. I blame political correctness bullshit, it’s a poison for the mind and a way for politics to seep through into all walks of life. Disgusting.

  15. If the spent fuel pools collapsed it would have been an extinction event.

  16. Dear James and the cr community,
    i appreciate your few on the Fukushima dissaster, which James could follow very closely from his japanese home.
    Ending the age of nuclear power was the conclusive step for me until i stumbled upon a video of the german pysicist Armin Huke that took me on a journey towards questioning what i up until then had learned about the history and possibilities of nuclear power (I to IV generation n. powerplants and the different efficencies of the different concepts of each generation), the potential dangers of the different kinds of nuclear elements/ isotops and the question of whenever it will be widely used, what should especially cr community likeminded people foresee in the ascendency of technocracy.
    This Video (in german language) got me starting my journey:
    I want to mention that the specific reactor which Armin Huke as part of a Berlin (germany) based private institute, the Dual Fluid Reactor (short and unprofessional english introduction to the concept: ), was introduced to all political parties but resonates only with some conservative or politically right minded people. So regarding this topic you should be prepared to distinguish between political fews and actual scientific arguments.
    Since i always try to find dissenting arguments i was really amazed that it was so hard to find something other than opinions that obviously could only be explained by the unwillingness of the authors to explore the pro dfr arguments (possible extremely high efficiency; possibility to use all kinds of ‘fuel’, even nuclear ‘waste’; not being economically and technically valuable for processing weaponizable plutonium; being compact and therefor easily shieldable against attacks other than nuclear; to mention only the most important).
    Finally i found a pro nuclear group which is critical of the dfr concept. The main argument is that the dfr requires the development of several new techniques, especially a pyrotechnical processing unit (PPU). Other concepts obviously avoid the need of many new developments and the risk of the need of more time and money finally to achieve all of them. But i did not yet find arguments on why each of the development goals should not finally be reached.
    Presuming this the age of cheap nuclear power will be reached sooner or later.
    In the following research on the dangers of nuclear processes gi stumbled upon Prof. Shunichi Yamashita who is one of many that question the common narrative of the longlasting effects of the nuclear bombs and dissasters. Since some of you can read the japanese language you can check his arguments directly and tell the cr community about it.
    Maybe only high amounts of nuclear radiation are life threatening and small and even medium amounts could be acceptable or even beneficial for the human health. If i understand the structured atomic model of Edwin Edo Kaal right, nuclear fissioning could be the reproduction mechanism of natures elements which could easily grow and mature to big elements after the fission to finally fission themselfes.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • The molten salt reactor has the very real potential of providing nearly free energy to all of the inhabitants of this planet. Of course we would sooner head into global warfare then allow something like this to happen.

      • @mkey

        Have you ever heard the story of Ralph Ring and Otis T. Carr?

        Your comment made me think of a video ( where Ralph Ring was talking about his associate trying to patent his devices (time index 23:01 in the interview) and the bs he had to deal with at the patent office and also the reaction he got from a General Motors guy (time index 32:25) when he was trying to show him they had developed mass cancellation (levitation) tech that ran based on energy extracted from the quantum vacuum (the ’empty’ space around the device) and the guy freaked out and told him something like “ohh no you can’t do that! It would put thousands of my staff out of work… if you put them up we`ll shoot them down”.

        The immense stubbornness and idiocy of some humans really blows my mind sometimes, that they would fight against ending scarcity just to perpetuate our twisted toxic economy and modern way of life.. *shakes head in exasperation*

        • I think you have mentioned to fellow previously, I find his pace very difficult to follow and process the varied information he’s providing. But that bit does make sense, I’d expect anyone being close to becoming obsolete would react along the same lines. Not only are people used to depend on something for their moneys, but they also identify with what they are doing, which leads into thinking that not line of work is going to be obsoleted, but that they themselves are going to be rendered null and void.

  17. Sadly, this resonates well with me. I’m not old enough to forget but old enough to remember that nature has changed a lot since I was a kid running around like an idiot.

  18. I appreciate you guys too!

  19. Pleeease stop calling them “vaccines” & “vaccinations”.

    Please consider coming up with one of your replacement terms like ‘Fondle Slab’, ‘GooTube’, ‘America’s Next Top President’, ‘Never A Straight Answer’ and ‘Al-CIA-da’.

    In the meantime you can just call them injections, or scamdemic injections.

  20. Was the earthquake that caused the tsunami on 3-11 man-made?

    • Kate,
      I don’t know.

      However, I think that we are in a Grand Solar Minimum, and besides weather volatility and growing season changes, we can expect symptoms which include increased seismic/volcanic activity, highly charged atmosphere, wind, and more.
      (For example: Beijing is currently experiencing one of the worse dust storms they have ever had.)

      (north and south at the link) SUB-THREAD – IMAGE of SYMPTOMS of Grand Solar Minimum

      (The image link will probably disappear in the coming months.)

  21. Good day !

    As far as Fukushima goes… I know a man who has a son who is a nuclear reactor tech. for the US Navy( I will not say what ship he is on). His son said the Navy said to stay a minimum of 24 miles away from Fukushima. Why..?

    I know his family and he is a customer to a company I worked for.

  22. I apologize for ky lomg post, but since i already wrote it, i post the nowbmissing part.

    Maybe only high amounts of nuclear radiation are life threatening and small and even medium amounts could be acceptable or even beneficial for the human health. If i understand the structured atomic model of Edwin Edo Kaal right, nuclear fissioning could be the reproduction mechanism of natures elements which could easily grow and mature to big elements after the fission only to fission themselfes. And like the population growth agenda the fear of this population growth of the elements could be part of the big transformation agenda including a lot of real destructions (so called sustainable energy and so on) of nature and fear for far lesser natural resources consuming solutions.
    Right now it seems to me that the fear of nuclear power is part of this agenda. So please take this ideas into considetation.

    Regards Thomas

  23. Funny… they were good books and then he decided to write the round up ones just before he died which
    a) Sucked
    b) Replaced the illuminati-esque 2nd Foundation with the Gaia-esque uni-mind that was going to absorb the Galaxy into oneness….

    Sci-fi is a big one for predictive programing and floating weird ideas

  24. James, I whole heartedly agree with your warning about an Olympic bid being a harbinger of ugliness for every day people.

    I was working in Whistler (as a stone mason apprentice) when Vancouver got the bid for the 2010 Olympics and it resulted in my rent skyrocketing in a matter of only a few months. I ended up having to get a second job (ski teaching on the weekends) along side my masonry construction job just so I could pay rent (for a tiny downstairs apartment where I had to sleep on a fold-out futon). I remember one month I survived on potatoes and food bank handouts. I worked on the Olympic village that they built in Whistler (for housing all the fancy athletes etc) and they built that facility right on top of a garbage dump. No remediation, they just buried it and sealed it underground (like 20 feet deep of garbage). So they poisoned the Earth to expedite construction and then like you guys were saying, they scooped up homeless people when the events were happening (not to help them but to shove them away out of sight temporarily). Due to perpetually increasing rent and cost of living I ended up having to leave Whistler. It forced many local every day people out of Whistler while making the place become even more of a preferred hang out for snobby international millionaires (that have mansions for getaway cabins that mostly sit there empty and they visit maybe once a year).

    I also remember how there were some First Nation people protesting about the desecration of their lands for some Olympic event and these militarized RCMP units came in and grabbed them and told them if they wanted to protest it had to be in a designated “free speech areas” (a chilling sign of what was to come in Ottawa and the resulting federal legislation earlier this year).

    I was an outlier and never really liked the Olympics as a kid (too much machoism and locals wasting countless hours learning how to do silly spinning triple back flips etc) but I have been strongly opposed to the whole concept ever since 2010.

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