Interview 1628 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Self-Driving Cars Will Stop For Police, Roll Down Your Windows, Unlock Your Doors

“Autonomous Vehicles: Expert Panel Lists Top Needs for Law Enforcement as the Dawn of Driverless Roads Inches Closer”

Self-Driving Uber Car Kills Pedestrian in Arizona, Where Robots Roam

Tesla Driver Who Died In ‘Autopilot’ Crash Was Playing On Phone, Inquiry Finds

“Driverless” Search on Corbett Report

Kia’s Driverless Future! – #PropagandaWatch

Car Insurance Horror: Wearing A Face Mask While Driving Can See Policies Invalidated

CDC: Drivers Should Not Wear Masks While Driving

Story #2: Reuters, BBC Participated In Covert UK-Funded Programs to “Weaken Russia”

OP. Trojan Horse: Undermining Russia

Story #3: Biden Pushes Colombia to Restart Glyphosate Spraying Program

2021 INCSR–Volume I: Drug and Chemical Control (As submitted to Congress)

Biden Eyes First Major Tax Hike Since 1993 in Next Economic Plan

Yellen on OECD Tax Cooperation

Biden Aides Disclose Their Corporate Ties

Biden White House Sandbags Staffers, Sidelines Dozens for Pot Use

GOP Senators Accuse Biden Of Breaking Law, Sparking ‘Humanitarian Crisis’ at Border

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  1. great stuff as usual fellas! JEP our marketing team has come up with some ideas sir! have you ever considered a monocle? left eye? our analysis indicates a 38% market share with a monocle paired with one of those ties that are actually shoe laces with a belt buckle. bingo bango! sweet and sweet. you’re welcome.

  2. @22:19 RIP James 1907-2021(?), is there some kind of inside joke here that I missed or is it a typo that James is 114 years old?

    Also surprised JEP didn’t mention Tanzania’s president’s death while discussing Mexico’s recent policy shifts. Could see another “Heart Attack” death of a world leader not playing ball with the agenda.

    • …page 17 of the proposed bill even hints at the possibility of mandated vaccinations. I work at a county library and I will have to quit and give up a good part of my retirement, because I will not let them put that devil’s brew in my veins.

      • studiotwoseven,
        That is disheartening to hear.
        I keep seeing some mainstream HEADLINES push the narrative, such as…
        91% of employers want to know if you’re vaccinated: KPMG
        “Ninety-one percent of U.S. CEOs plan to ask employees to inform the company once they are fully vaccinated, according to a recent KPMG survey of 140 chief executives.” <–This is all the article says in relation to its HEADLINE. The article then digresses into other areas such as number of Americans vaccinated, how CEOs are planning the future trying to get back to normal with employees wanting to continue working from home.
        When one goes to the KPMG SURVEY link, the main page introduction mentions nothing about "asking employees of vaccination status", but it might be embedded in the report which I did not read.
        The KPMG is a 'feelgood' survey…
        …While economic uncertainty persists, many U.S. CEOs remain confident in the growth prospects of the domestic economy and their businesses and, in response to the pandemic, are shifting their organizations’ focus to the social component of their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) programs. CEOs recognize that achieving meaningful progress on diversity, equity and inclusion is an imperative.
        The pandemic has altered customer expectations for the long term and CEOs are focused on sharply accelerating their efforts to create a seamless digital customer experience….

        On a positive note…
        Zero Hedge – March 25, 2021
        Fauci “Needs To Put Up Or Shut Up”, ‘America’s Doctor’ Dismantled In Scathing Op-Ed
        Doubts about the omnipotent oracular-ness of “America’s Doctor” are starting to spread… and not just among the extreme-right-nazi-anti-vaxx-COVID-deniers (that constitute anyone who ever raises any doubts about any aspect of Biden/Fauci’s public health policy)…
        (Followed by some good quotes from Dr. Scott Atlas)
        …Questions about virus transmission, mask effectiveness, lockdown cost/benefits, school safety, child vaccinations, and most recently immigrant infections have all left the American people questioning their own sanity as Fauci flips and flops and shifts goalposts at will…
        (Followed by other examples of people challenging Fauci.)

        • Thanks HRS. I told my co-worker, the head steward of our union, that I was concerned about what OSHA had planned. He advised that I try to get a doctor’s note. Translation: union ain’t going to do crap.

          I appreciate the story about Faustus…I mean Fauci.

          In August I will be in the job 25 years. I get full retirement at 30 years in. I do not think I can do that. Worried that my benefits will be conditional on being a good boy. Feel like cutting and running.

          • I’m a union employee in CA and I know how scary it is to face standing up to a forced vaccine, but if your employer really tries to force this, you should stand up and say no. If you are part of a collective bargaining agreement, I would advise speaking with your union rep.

            You don’t have to be a “tin foil hat conspiracy theorist” to be concerned about the safety of this “vaccine”. For one thing, it’s emergency use, that means that the FDA is has not approved it and that clinical trials are still ongoing. Additionally, the “vaccine” doesn’t stop transmission and if you aren’t at risk of getting sick, then it serves little purpose for you to receive it. Also, if you have ever had an allergy or adverse reaction to a vaccine, that’s another reason to be concerned. Also, the vaccine may be against your religious beliefs and you are entitled for an exemption that your attorney can help you write. It’s really worth standing up to this and not quit your job.

            • You should give your union rep the information, the actual science around this “vaccine”. There’s little science to support it because it’s not helping. The law is ambiguous about emergency use drugs, so I think employers even in “commiefornia” are reluctant to push this. Suppose the Pfizer mRNA vaccine was fully approved by the FDA, it’s still not shown to sop transmission. Suppose it is marginally effective, it uses an unusual mechanism of action and can we even call this drug a “vaccine” at all since it contains no antigen? I don’t think so. Even if some law suit down the line (and I hope people will actually stand up and litigate this), is an mRNA vaccine against your fundamental rights as a human being? Can it change your biological make up? And what does that mean to you? I would urge you on behalf of humanity and other people to say no and actually fight for people’s right to work without subjecting themselves to experimentation. You have earned your retirement and all your seniority. Tell them and emphatic “no” and why and I strongly feel you will win and if you don’t at least you tried your best. Then you can decide what to do next. But don’t just roll over or quit.

        • Ninety-one percent of U.S. CEOs plan to ask employees to inform the company once they are fully vaccinated

          How nauseatingly passive aggressive this sounds, assuming the statement is even partially accurate. A bunch of arm chair generals living on their little pedestals. These people need to start be spoken to they way they should be spoken to.

    • Could it be that this Glyphosate Spraying is being done just in time for Monsanto/Bayer to sell the Drug Lords(CIA Partners) a new Genetically Modified Poppy Seed? It appears to be a potential Money Maker and I don’t see where any of the Drug Users are likely to Sue. In a way, it’s kind of like pushing Harmful Injections under an Emergency Order, with no chance of getting Sued (unlimited Profits).
      When are these evil bastards going to run out of people to step on?
      When enough people revolt,
      and that is why they fear the Truth.

  3. The US school system will tell you to vote(like that does something) every other year before they even remotely think about telling you how to use tools, grow food and think for yourself. As a 22 year old who went through the North Texas school system, Graduated in 2017, I find it sad how my generation eats the nonsense up without question.

    • In today’s environment you can be declared a “Threat to National Security” for even implying that there was Voter Fraud in the last Presidential Election. This can be declared without you even knowing it and gives cause for the Government (now corrupted), which was created to preserve Individual Rights, the power to violate everything it was created to protect.
      Back in 1776, a Government of the people, for the People, and by the People was far better than the Kings of Europe, and it had to have some power in order to keep the Powers of Europe at bay.
      Sadly, this People’s Government got replaced by a Government that is a Corporation, run by Corporate Heads, for Corporations who use the People as their pawns. As George Carlin once said;
      “If voting changed anything, they(the Corporations) wouldn’t let you do it”

  4. I will read the article just to show youJames, people still read!!! And once I do I will come back with a smart ass comment 😉 Just give me two weeks! lol

  5. Can someone help with me how to find the documents through the links the telegraph give, everytime I click on them and I get on free zone nothing comes up, cheers.

    (For the BBC russian propaganda)

  6. James, you are looking pretty good for 114. Tell me about your diet.

  7. Corbett holding his breath with hope – such a good laugh in the midst of such dire reports.

  8. One thing off-topic: I usually listen to the podcast via my iPod.
    But since 12.03.21 there are no new poscasts.
    We had the same issue back in Feb.
    Is the Corbett-Report now off iTunes?

  9. Small Home Organic Garden – North Texas
    Friday – March 26th

    For those who are interested in a brief presentation and tour of a small successful home garden, Corbett Member Joe.S will be showing what works for him.
    He is the Founder and an Organizer of “North Texans for 9/11 Truth” and you can message him there.

    Here is his flyer

    Joe’s place is located in Dallas near White Rock Lake, not far from Buckner and Garland Road.
    His place is kind of unique. The small yard and old house is an art exhibit in itself and worth seeing.
    The bamboo in the backyard adds to the ambience of the garden.
    Joe is very approachable and friendly. If you miss this presentation, but have an interest, catch him at a Thursday Meetup and/or contact him on the Meetup site.

    • Uncle Joe’s Gardening Party – March 26th, 2021

      D.R. writes:
      Garden workshop at Joe’s house was loads of fun!
      It was great networking 3 different crews including:
      North Texans for 911 Truth, Dallas Freedom Cell and Ellis Co Freedom Cell.
      We all picked up & swapped so much more than just organic gardening info.
      Gardening done we cooled down with Jon’s violin, Hank’s harmonica & some singing with Kiersten.
      Then we headed to Benny’s Classic for some great dinner & a couple more hours of the best camaraderie I’ve enjoyed in a long time.
      If you missed it… we hope to see you at the next get together!”

      There are more of us out here than any of us know.
      This is our time to connect and stand while we still have the freedom to do so.”

      IMAGE – Uncle Joe’s Gardening Party

  10. ZERO HEDGE – March 26th Friday
    Fauci Does Damage Control After Fmr. CDC Director Suspects Wuhan Lab Leak

    EXCERPTS (VIDEO, IMAGES and updates in article)
    Update (1050ET): Someone must have picked up the red phone and made a call, as Dr. Anthony Fauci said during a Friday White House press briefing that ‘most scientists believe COVID-19 didn’t come from a lab,’ contradicting viral comments to CNN by former CDC Director Robert Redfield.
    Former CDC Director Robert Redfield says that SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19, did not originate from a wet market in Wuhan, China, and instead escaped from a nearby lab which was performing gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses to make them more easily infect humans.

    “I do not believe this somehow came from a bat to a human,” Redfield told CNN’s Sanjay Gupta in an interview set to air Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET. “Normally, when a pathogen goes from a zoonot to human, it takes a while for it to figure out how to become more & more efficient in human to human transmission.”

    “It’s only an opinion; I’m allowed to have opinions now,” he added…

    …When asked how he believes the lab was working to make the virus infect humans more efficiently, he said “Let’s just say, I have a coronavirus, and I’m working on it — most of us in the lab are trying to grow virus. We try to make it grow better and better and better and better, so we can do experiments and figure out about it. That’s the way I put it together.”…

    …Redfield says that the notion COVID-19 jumped from a bat to a human doesn’t make “biological sense,” noting to Gupta that he spent his career as a virologist. His opinion differs from that of the World Health Organization, which has called the lab escape theory “extremely unlikely” with no clear evidence.

    And of course, CCP-friendly pundits are towing Beijing’s official line by attacking Redfield:….

  11. ZERO HEDGE – Friday March 26th
    Banned From YouTube: Damning Video Details Tesla’s ‘Full Self Driving’ Claims Versus Reality

    On Thursday, a video dropped on YouTube that laid out Elon Musk’s statements about Full Self Driving over the last 5 years, compared to what the company has actually been able to achieve and deliver. The 12 minute video laid out a blatantly obvious case for Full Self Driving to be, as one FinTwit user described it, “one of the biggest bait and switch scams in history”.

    Noted Tesla short seller Montana Skeptic called the video “a truly superb 12-minute YouTube presentation on [Tesla’s] full self-driving promises,” noting that “almost every word spoken or written is by [Elon Musk], his carefully selected beta testers, or his legal counsel.”

    In fact, the video made such an impact, some users joked that they were surprised it hadn’t been pulled from YouTube yet. And then, of course, by the end of the night Thursday, the video had been pulled from YouTube….

    LINKED visible VIDEO entitled
    “Elon Musk Is A Con Artist: Tesla s Full Self-Driving Scam Revisited”

    (I hope your Pension Fund is not strongly invested in Tesla Stock.)
    Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) stock price as I type – $619.51 per share
    January 25th & 26th, 2021 the price was $880

    • Elon Musk and his creepy wife are total weirdos… Its my understanding that they, and a number of other in tech people, think we live in a Matrix simulation…. guess what the no1 caused by the psychiatric drugs that many mass shooters end up on????
      All that power in the hands of people who think their playing a video game…. 🙁

    • People sleeping at the wheel of a self driving vehicle. Nature has a way of dealing with such individuals. But, certainly, a nice video. I remember once watching any analysis of Musk’s claims of the underground car rail thing, that proved to be quite a bit load of bunk as well. He sure is spreading it on thick and in wide strokes.

  12. Rei
    You must realize that ‘normal’ people today have the same levels of anxiety as MENTAL PATIENTS in 1950…. AND THATS A STUDY FROM 2000!! Its worse now

    Thats why your seeing people turning suicidal, gay and trans in such huge numbers and are unable to form proper relationships and act like humans in dozens of ways… no wonder they want to wear masks forever… you ever notice that people with heavy tattooing tend to be a bit off key? Its a way to change who you “are”

  13. This is a must-read if you think the world is becoming more sane…

    Via ACTIVIST POST March 26th, 2021
    By Simon Black at “Sovereign Man”
    It’s Officially an Offense Now to Leave England — And Other Dystopian Weekly News
    (The entire article is worth reading /watching.)

    Top Stories…
    “It’s officially now an offense to LEAVE England”
    (unless you play Professional football)

    “NY crowd cheers blind obedience to public health officials”
    (QUOTE: “I’m not asking what’s in the infusion, I’m not looking up all of the ingredients in the infusion, I am sticking out my arm and I am taking the infusion — and that’s what we have to do.” Cheers follow.)

    “California couple can’t move in to their home because of eviction moratorium”

  14. The person who marries Greta Thunberg will rue the day.
    The following article & Greta stand out because people confuse the CO2/Climate Change agenda and miss the point about toxic chemicals in our environment. CO2/Climate Change is a separate issue removed from toxic chemicals. Greta will never point out Glyphosate and Bayer/Monsanto.

    Huffington Post – Friday March 26th
    Greta Thunberg Deadpan-Trolls Critics With Response To Shrinking Penises Report
    (Twitter captures and short video of Greta scolding the world about targets like “net zero emissions by 2050”)

    Greta Thunberg showed once again that she’s a master of throwing subtle shade with her response to a scientific report linking pollution to the shrinking of human penises.

    “See you all at the next climate strike,” the Swedish teenage climate activist wrote, quote-tweeting a news story covering the findings on Thursday:
    (SkyNews Human penises are shrinking because of pollution, warns scientist

    The 18-year-old campaigner is frequently attacked by climate-change-denying men ― including ex-U.S. President Donald Trump and his followers ― and it was this demographic that Thunberg’s supporters interpreted as the target of her ding.

    “This will get the men on board! Finally, something they care about!” responded one person on Twitter.

    Added another: “Greta Thunberg, best sniper on the net.”
    (More obsequious Tweets fawning over Greta follow in the article.)

    However, when you read the article by SkyNews, it has nothing to do with CO2 and climate change.
    SkyNews EXCERPTS
    Dr Shanna Swan has found that chemicals called phthalates are causing human babies to be born with malformed genitals.

    Penises are shrinking and genitals becoming malformed because of pollution, an environmental scientist has warned in a new book detailing the challenges facing human reproduction.

    Dr Shanna Swan writes that humanity is facing an “existential crisis” in fertility rates as a result of phthalates, a chemical used when manufacturing plastics that impacts the hormone-producing endocrine system.

    As a result of this pollution, a growing number of babies are being born with small penises, Dr Swan writes.

    Her book, titled Count Down, examines “how our modern world is threatening sperm counts, altering male and female reproductive development, and imperiling the future of the human race”….

  15. I was just asked this relatively recently at work, ‘what are your trusted sources?’. I immediately responded with, ‘I have zero trusted sources, and I recommend the same to you in your journey.’ Even people like Corbett, who I agreed with on most subjects, helps me merely focus on a subject from time to time and provide some starter links into stories. The subject specifically was covid/vaccines of course, so I immediately had Webb on my mind and her outstanding work on biotech/anthrax industry/history. Again, so well referenced, that’s what the sources are. The links to articles/documentation/etc. The normal mind is so far away from Corbett/Webb stuff. So I try to get on their level and have a conversation. I listen to them very carefully and respond relative to their wavelength. I try to give them a response they can access/hear. A hardline conversation/response never, and I mean never works, at least not for me. It pushs people away. This is all very much more difficult these days with masks and vaccine talk in town ( I work in service – I talk to a lot of people ). So hard. But I try hard, and keep trying, without pushing them away. I’m not interested in dividing. Easily, by many miles, the single hardest question I have ever faced on a now regular basis is: ‘So, are you getting vaccinated then?’. I have a million different answers for a million different people. Again, wavelengths. It’s a sensitive question, and so is the answer. I wish you the best of luck.

    On a sidebar – you mentioned rights granted by the u.s. constitution. I now and have for a long time unmovably do not believe in statism. But before fully enlightened, I went through the rainbow spectrum of political philosophies/parties. For a while I was a consti-blahblahblah-ist. As a gov on paper, the us constitution is very interesting, and loaded with neat and not so neat things. On of the neat things is how the bill of rights does not grant rights, but protect rights from the gov it has just outlined. This is an important distinction… if only on paper. We know the reality of this document, which couldn’t be further from the document itself. I recommend any of A. Napolitano’s first three books on this subject. I certainly do not agree with everything this person believes, but you’d be hard pressed to find a better teacher of the u.s. constitution. The following for example is a great talk from him ( I apologize for the youtube link ):

    • And kudos to you DogStar for doing the same! You remind me of a dear friend, writing letters. So wonderful to receive such a thing in the mail. Equally satisfying to send. But such a beautiful gift. A powerful thing. Inspiring.

      Reading your reply, I’m reminded of a quick note. Loosely related to what you/we are doing with the others around us in our lives. It’s been talked about exhaustively and apparently will continue to do so here on Corbett (thank goodness) and in these Corbett forums. Solutions. A solution to communicate with people who are masked and excitedly jabbed, is to detour the conversation toward life solutions. Projects you are working on, or learning. The garden. Etc. Example: They say, ‘So you guys gettin jabbed in here now that its open to service people?’ I say, ‘You know man, I just have a hard time trusting very rich, powerful strangers executing decisions in some of the biggest corporations(I could say gov’s here… depends on who I’m talking with) on the planet. You know what I mean? I kinda have this biased against big pharma already, pre-covid, and it’s even worse now. Big agra, no different, monsanto, right?’ Nobody argues against this. The conversation could end, but I keep it going. I say, ‘This year I’m trying to grow potatoes! I eat so many potatoes, so I thought I ought to just grow them, right?’ And without even asking about their garden, they start talking about it. Even if at the end of this productive conversation they leave with a final note about the vaccine, seeds of good things were planted there. It’s delicate dance, and it’s never perfect, and I don’t do that every time. Wavelengths. Sometimes you can ride a wave with them, sometimes not. Choose your battles as they say. What’s cool about solutions is you don’t even have to connect it to the deep why and the deep how all this effects the powers of the world. Almost everyone can get behind solution/productive stuff, regardless of the world view. A serious bridge builder, or sometimes, bridge maintainer for existing relationships. Perhaps this can help in your letter writing, weave in some productive stuff. Maybe not.

      Whatever the case, thanks for that link and hopefully all this helps with those… ‘2’ remaining friends 🙂 I’m rootin for you.

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