Interview 1629 – Red Pill Moments with James Corbett and Keith Knight

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James Corbett joins Keith Knight of DontTreadOnAnyone to share moments in their life where they were “red pilled” on various issues. From identity papers and Obamacare to class warfare and the Salem witch trials of COVID-1984, this wide-ranging conversation shows how the scales fall from people’s eyes and how to capitalize on these moments of revelation.


Keith Knight on Odysee / BitChute / Minds / MeWe / Flote / Gab / Twitter / YouTube /

Keith Knight at The Libertarian Institute

You Are Being Programmed to Accept the Global ID Control Grid

The Money Masters (documentary)

The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin

The Tower of Basel by Adam Lebor

The Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins

A History of the Federal Reserve by Allan Meltzer

How the U.S. Government Funds Terrorism (CIA arming Al Qaeda)

Marxist and Austrian Class Analysis by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Episode 371 – Going Viral

“Pandemic” on The Corbett Report


  1. I appreciate Keith’s insight on what Marxism is and isn’t.

    Recently we’ve been getting a free anti-Marxist newspaper in the mail which I found odd because it seemed to be insinuating Marxism was of Chinese origin and a threat to us. Having no knowledge of Marxism and no desire to research the topic, I ignored it.

    I wonder if it is another boogeyman conjured up by the powers that be?

    • Kate
      i get the EPoch Times, which is run by the Falon Gong who hate Communist China and ride right on front of the Trump train… I would never epect them to ever tell me ANYTHING BAD about those two things but they are pretty good digging up dirt on people they DONT like.
      The best propaganda is the truth…. especially if your talking neocons or chinese communists

      Marxism is a tool the very rich…it used to be a very jewish run movement but now has diversified outside of that. It has mutated and in various forms dominates the power systems of the west…politics, education and government policy are shaped, but not fully controlled, by its influence. Its a very real boogyman…. and it may jump out soon unless the rulers decide to swing out a right wing reactionary ‘savior’ on us instead.

      ‘WallStreet and the Russian Revolution’ by Professor Richard Spence is a pretty good source on how wall street owned the Bolsheviks and ran the revolution as a resource grab..however the book is much less fun the listening to him speak and you used to appear on plenty of podcasts and youtube videos

  2. you’re tired brother. take some time. have a rest day with the babies. thx for all you do!


  3. The externalization of identity is a deception on a massive scale.

  4. James may I suggest a “Solutions” episode on “Alternative Technology” Luke Smith does a great job about this but his content seems to geared towards people with an “advanced” computer background.

    • Jermaine
      He is pretty good!
      I would suspect a more ‘user friendly’ person would be Lunduke from the Lunduke show … he has a much nicer manner of explaining things.
      He did actually have some videos on ‘computing in the Apocalypse’ on You tube but I think he deleted everything when he dumped youtube. They were about how to set up your own servers and local storage- i think he was even talking about how to grab the entire repository of software.

      • Thanks Duck, I’m going to watch his material on LBRY. Looks like he took down all his stuff from Youtube.

  5. As to books on central banking, how about Rothbard’s “The Mystery of Banking”?

  6. As fun as usual. Keith’s questions are impressive.

  7. This came to my attention shortly after watching the red pill talk of James and Keith .
    Abby Martin does the red pill in real time discussion of who runs/ rules this world today and with great detail of the enforcers of the Priests of finance. It can be this simple.
    Alan Watt talked on his last 2 shows for over 8 hours on much the same subject with great detail and accuracy historically.
    Whatever path you take to the realization of this reality, the end result is truth. The de-fence-ING of our mind will set us free from the cage that’s been constructed for us all ,worry.
    A Trimera who we all know to have a sharp mind,wit and intelect told me her father had a saying,” worry is the modern mans voodoo.”
    Thank you Man I can Bear being a Pig without worry.

  8. Witch Doctor Ooga Booga Marketing

    QUEUED VIDEO 25:20 mark

    James Corbett excerpt (28:20) regarding a (“kind of”) Red Pill moment from 2020
    “…and it’s not even necessarily a new revelation, but just the power of that revelation has really been hammered home that this is NOT about facts and figures. You’re not going to rationally argue with someone who has not been rationally argued into this position.
    And that suggests that the only way out of this is for us to present our own Witch Doctor Ooga Booga ticket to freedom that will somehow in the minds of the general hoi palloi
    (the masses; the common people) be that: “Oh! Okay, now we have the thing that will save us.” and it’s not going to be rational and it’s not going to make sense, but we need that whatever that is….”

    “Ooga Booga Marketing” in the business world is like everyone must buy their Pet Rock.

    Corbett hit the nail on the head about the anatomy of this “Witch Doctor Ooga Booga Marketing” as a hallmark of 2020.
    The phenomena threw me for a loop. I did not realize how bad the public mindset was until 2020. Facts, logic and reason not longer apply…go figure.

    • Correlating well with “Witch Doctor Ooga Booga Marketing” is this James Corbett article from 11/23/2020
      How to Save the World (in One Easy Step!)

      Spoiler EXCERPT
      “… What is the most powerful weapon ever invented?
      Have you figured it out yet?
      Story is the most powerful weapon. Narrative. Ideas presented in such a way as to provoke certain thoughts or actions….”

    • “Ooga Booga” is a term that my brother and I often used back in the 1950’s and early 60’s, because we watched old re-runs of the Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan classic movies.

      “Umgawa!” was another favorite Tarzan term which we used when we drama played together.
      Learn its meaning here…
      (70 seconds)

      It is unfortunate that terms like “Ooga Booga” are painted as always politically incorrect and racist, because of the current day’s “Witch Doctor Ooga Booga Marketing”.

      When my brother and I drama-played foreign languages, we had a ball.
      No language or culture was immune…German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Redneck, Texan, New Yorkers, Teacher-speak, plus we had our own dictionary of made-up words.
      There was no malice, just fun and playful creativity.

    • “… I did not realize how bad the public mindset was until 2020. Facts, logic and reason not longer apply…go figure….”

      They never did… 90% of people are NPC grade bots these days. I dont think it USED to be that high when I was a kid but it was always probably over 50%.
      The programming changed, to be actively harmful to them, but not the people

    • The matrix is just the film adaptation of Plato’s allegory of the cave. I have found it interesting how the American right appropriated the red pill metaphor, but then again America is the very model of Plato’s Republic complete with a wife swapping upper class. A shining city on the hill, the new Atlantis, the new Egypt, and all the other plans it’s Rosicrucian founders could think up.

      • No… its more Gnostic (though I guess that makes you right too since its a similar idea…)

        But the question I’m asking is WHY are the super secret weirdo elite wanting to put those ideas out into the public mind? You find all that symbology in really old ass TV shows even.
        I doubt that the powerful have a desire to free and inform the masses so my bet is that they want ‘the people’ to adopt the new religion created to suit the new world order.
        The best way for that to happen is if WE imagine that we’re finding the hidden ‘truth’ they “Dont Want Us To Know”…. the Q stuff (as far as I monitor it) is getting New Age-y and weird and look at how the words THEY USE have become something people seeking the truth use….kinda like David Icke and Alex Jones who periodically push new age woo-woo in between the good stuff

        • Neo-Platonism bled directly into the Gnostic movement pre and post 1st century Christianity.

          New Age is nothing new with the Christian Right half the Evangelicals have been pushing the New Age since the end of the civil war. It’s in almost all the big box churches and the small ones too. Zionism itself is a new age idea.

          Most of the secret society stuff is just paganism imbedded in Christianity and its churches, which shouldn’t be a surprise as pagan priests often just became Catholic Priests when the Roman missionaries converted them. It was easy for them to do since most of the Old Testament stories where lifted from paganism in the first place, and the Romans knew it they even had a public debate about it in the 2-3rd centuries.

          • “..New Age is nothing new..”

            I concur with that, however its now moving into a stage where its obvious rather then obscured.

            “..since the end of the civil war….”

            I had no idea that it was in normal churches back that far- I had assumed it was just Rockerfellers and the like at work since the turn of the century.
            Will look into that at some time.

            “.. Old Testament stories where lifted from paganism in the first place,…”
            Hmn… not sure about that.
            Happily concede that plenty of holidays got co-opted but OLD Testament stories? That sounds like something from those folks who thought Jesus was Osiris or Dionysis based on pretty shoddy scholarship back before they could read hieroglyphics.

            • The Church of Christ Science or any other Church founded in America during the seance craze in the late 19th century is full of new age ideas. Charles Tase Russel is buried under a pyramid shaped sepelcur.

              Read the epic of Gilgamesh and then compare it to the story of Noah (its at least 1000 years older than the Hebrews and almost two thousand years before the Old Testament was written in Babylon). Has an Arc, Noah like Character, Animals in the ark, flood, etc.

              Also the Roman upper class where hereditary priests, Rome wasn’t a secular state, it was ruled by priestly families like the Julii. Rome had a system (interpretatio romana) for interpreting other religions and incorrporating them into it’s system.

              The thing about Paganism is its all one large contiguous belief system that developed since the Stone Age and spread out in all directions with the Indo-Europeans and even further since Indo-Erupeans started in the caucasus area and spread in all directions. So you find commonalities from Ireland to Japan. That’s why the name of the Sky Deity is similar in most Indo-European cultures. Half the Middle East was Indo-European during the Bronze Age.

              • Laugh and Duck.
                I found this information to be along some of your interesting lines of dialog .
                This link to Abby Martins interview with Peter Phillips about his book some 6 months ago. The book tells you who is the ‘system’ today that runs this world. The new age begins Feb.4,2025. They are the New Priests.

                In 1999 Alan Watt had self published some essays that came out of years of his research prior to 1999. Some excerpts .

                “As with previous religions, it is heavily financed and promoted by ‘ the system ‘. Such interaction and co-operation between education,print, visual and auditory media, political and aristocratic co-operation is required.” 63 vol.2
                ” All religions appear to have been created by Persian Magii. Every religion has an accompanying Secret Doctrine— the Same Secret Doctrine. This is not speculationnor assumption, but is THE conclusion reached after extensive research. Plate’s ‘Symposium’
                tells, in typical parable form, of three types of original humans, male, female, and the third ‘ whose name , or Word ‘ has been lost. The latter was male and female in one. This is the big lie, for by creating stories of the past, and by repitition of similar ideas, we are subconsciously programmed into a ‘ straight jacket,’a bound way of thinking.
                Our only reference point of the past was really the goal for the future. Interestingly, the writings of Plato and other philosophers did not appear in the west until approximately 1,000A.D. , the writings ‘ having been lost’ Fortunatly, Arabs had ‘ preserved them’ and that is why have them today……the first compendium of Jewish writings did not aappearthree or four hundred yearsB.C.,written in Greek, supposedly created by the famous 6×12=72 cabalistic number of priests LIVING IN EGYPT.All peoples have fought, suffered and died for cleverly designed belief systems. BEARING THIS IN MIND ,THE ‘NEW AGE’ MUSTBE SEEN IN THE SAME LIGHT”
                Vol.2 pg.62

              • laugh
                ‘..or any other Church founded in America during the seance craze in the late 19th century is full of new age ideas….”
                MANY of them yes. And I agree Jehovahs Witnesses are a masonic cult almost as much as the Mormons

                “Epic of Gilg..”
                Yes, I know that one, but its a)one item and b)Not unlikely (even in a 100% secular worldview) that the flood story was based on actual event….. recall how the Grand Canyon is now believed to have been caused by a rapid event flood (when the Ice dam broke)

                “..developed since the Stone Age and spread out in all directions with the Indo-Europeans and even further since Indo-Erupeans started in the caucasus area and spread in all directions. So you find commonalities from Ireland to Japan…”
                Japanese are not IndoEuropeans.
                Semitic peoples like jews are not in the indoEurpean language family… though I agree that the middle east did hold such peoples in the past (I think the ancestors of the people who became the romans came from there??? Cant recall)
                The idea of a universal mother godess religion in the paleolithic is no longer taken seriously- its like Margret Murrys European pagan witch cult ideas, no longer taken seriously

  9. Set an example of not being paranoid about the bogeyman and it will catch on. There should be an internal bs detector especially about disease that serves as a guide for most “normal “ people.

  10. nice aiming,
    the singer is going hell for leather but theres no bobbin or thread in it?

  11. VIRUS

    Thank you MagicBullet!
    Excellent first hand investigating!

  12. Good job. Great, actually.

    It’s interesting how she abuses logic. You ask for gradient isolation and state how it’s not mentioned in published papers, and she jumps to affirm that it alone is not sufficient to publish a paper.

    Also, appeals to common knowledge, strawman, what else did I miss. Honesty is lost on these people.

  13. You don’t see an issue with sequencing an unpurified sample?

    • The cut part from the above comment:

      So now you can have labs reproduce cell cultures and define the pathogen based on a metagenome, and/or a PCR based on the metagenome now matched to the gene library you have yourself made up. If there were purified isolates on the market or reproduced independently then the whole story would crumble because the fudged part leads to faulty PCRs and vaxes that can have mRNA or DNA that leads to certain effects that would not be in a virus but could be in a genome you make in silico. Nobody makes isolates because there is no virus to make an isolate from, its just a positive PCR test or metagenome primers looking at a bunch of gook or cell-cultures you can buy that will lead you to the same place in the gene bank that you made up to begin with, and now you can make variants in-silico, and on and on.

      Say you are the king and you have a girlfriend whose real name is Coronata, which is a common name. You don’t want any of your subjects to also use the name Coronata anymore, so you force all the Coronatas in your Kingdom to use the names of Rona, Lona, or Schmona, and you put these names in your Kingdom’s library of allowable names. You will then only find persons with one of these -ona names in your Kingdom but no Coronatas anymore. It’s just on paper, they are still all Coronatas at heart.

    • MagicBullet, if the plebs can figure it out, I’m sure professionals can do the same. It’s not that they do not know, they just do not want to know. They are tied in to the system and are feeding from the trough.

      The priests of scientism are just order followers with a higher IQ but still complete idiots suffering from extreme brain damage.

    • MagicBullet, you are THE BEST. Several months ago I tried to explain on these very pages that there had been no purification of the virus and therefor there can’t be any valid 1. pcr test, 2. sequence, or 3. antibody. I was shouted down. Ja, ja, ja. What a great job you’ve done. I like to think that I and a few others softened up the recalcitrants who are on your side now.

      As I’m sure you know, the claim that they can’t purify the virus using density gradients because they’ll degrade or something is just wrong. You can look up–or used to be able to look up–on line how to purify alfalfa mosaic virus, an rna virus, and you’ll see that the method works just fine, same method used for bacteriaphages. Used for decades.

      The lies from the covidian cult are endless.

      Thanks for your great work.

    • “Nobody makes isolates because there is no virus to make an isolate from, its just a positive PCR test or metagenome primers looking at a bunch of gook or cell-cultures you can buy that will lead you to the same place in the gene bank that you made up to begin with, and now you can make variants in-silico, and on and on.”

      Magic, I’m willing to bet that the gook–or rather gunk–contains human rna that is being mislabeled as “virus.” That, I think, has been the case with all these supposed cancer causing viruses (of which there are none) and why they tell us that the viruses incorporate into our dna, become oncogenes and kill us years later. Baloney, these sequences were in our dna to begin with. The whole of virology is one big… well I was going to say something rude. Let’s just say it’s one stupid mistake after another because they tried to fit the data to their model rather than understanding what they were doing.

      • I would love to understand how they differentiate between “live” and “dead” virus. To what extent is the virus alive?

      • Magic,

        They should be able to purify the intact virus, and analyze the proteins as well as the rna. I (among others) structure mapped alfalfa mosaic virus rna. Others characterized the proteins. The virus was thoroughly analyzed and a three d structure determined. My prof had a model of it proudly hanging from the ceiling in his office when I brought my children to meet him 20+ years after I had left. Best prof and job I ever had.

        I’m assuming when you say live you mean intact virus, and dead means damaged in some way–protein coat denatured or whatever.

        Mkey, viruses are not alive. And since no one has purified a human pathogenic virus, they certainly aren’t alive. Virologists use various methods to supposedly weaken the virus so that it is supposedly less pathogenic. I don’t know how they think any of the stuff they do makes any sense, but I’m thinking its sort of like all those epicycles of pre-copernican astronomy.

        Speaking of pre-copernican astronomy, Magic, have you seen the book The Chromosomal Imbalance Theory of Cancer by David Rasnick? Talk about epicycles! One mistake compounded by another, on and on, courtesy of our virology friends among others. ugh.

    • How does what is not alive take over what is alive? I can understand poisoning, but taking over? That certainly requires suspension of disbelief.

      • “..How does what is not alive take over what is alive?…”

        A computer virus is just a set of instructions… they have no action that exists outside of the system that can follow them.
        Hmn… now I think of it There was a joke meme a couple of decades back about a low tech virus that just asked the user to delete their files

    • Magic, whoa! Partner. Prions are just about the fakest of the fake, Elon Musk level baloney. They were invented to take the blame for mad cow in the UK, when the problems with their cows was they were absolutely slathered in pesticides and that’s how they became sick. This was a clear case of shifting financial responsibility onto the poor sucker farmers from the pesticide manufacturers and the govt that mandated the excessive pesticide levels. I never fell for the prion scam.

      You are, however, dead on about health ministers. 😉

  14. Hi James from your home country. For the first time in years I listened to a program on CBC Radio yesterday. That phony environmentalist David Suzuki really got my goat with his lies about CO2 climate change disinformation. Following that they had a medical “expert” telling us that there is no way Covid could have been developed in a lab. Canada is lost! We can’t win, there as just too many stupid people out there.
    Moreover this has been going on for thousands of years. Apparently Alexander the great suffered a devastating defeat in India at the Battle of the Hydaspes in 326 BC suffering a chest wound that lead to his early death soon after. All these years this has been lied about in western history.

    • Dr. Leana Wen makes incredibly tyrannical psychopathic statements, yet she does not recognize them as such. A true sociopath, oblivious to their own evil intents.
      It is like telling a prisoner: “We’ll let you out of jail if you let us inject you with experimental agents.”

      Dr. Leana Wen quotes,
      … we need to make it clear to them that the vaccine is the ticket back to pre-pandemic life…

      …all these states are reopening. They’re reopening at a hundred percent and we have a very narrow window to tie reopening policy to vaccination status, because otherwise, if everything is reopened, then what’s the carrot going to be? How are we going to incentivize people to actually get the vaccine?…

      …the CDC and the Biden administration needs to come out a lot bolder and say: “If you’re vaccinated you can do all these things…all these freedoms.” …because otherwise people are going to go out and enjoy these freedoms anyway….

  15. That’s amazing, MagicBullet. Thank you.

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