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via The Unregistered Podcast: I was joined by James Corbett of The Corbett Report, which was just taken down from Youtube, to discuss open vs. closed conspiracies, the history of eugenics and other forms of social engineering, the ideology of scientism, and the world’s deadliest weapon—narrative.



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  1. I agree. This is really good. I’m still listening to the full interview. I am at “psychopathy” now (which Corbett has some excellent past works on…some of my favorite Corbett stuff.)

    Coincidentally, about an hour ago, I had happened across a short 10 minute excerpt Youtube clip of Thaddeus Russell interviewing James Corbett about “The Great Reset”. (This is a good dissemination piece.) Russell has some short clips of the full interview available. After watching the 10 minute clip, I found the full interview.

    • I agree too ! not as wordy as you though !

      • Oh! That’s a great line!
        Paragraphs follow….

    • Great interview. I dont know why but the most interesting part that stuck with me is how ironic it is that James got his spark to uncover 911 and produce a documentary because of the youtube algorithm.

  2. Great interview…it seems to me he is mainstream but open minded enough to listen. A rare quality these days.

  3. Would love to see Thaddius make good on his self-imposed challenge and get a scholarly opponent for James to debate. However having watched docos about the mechanism that stops academics even daring to look at subjects like 911, let alone recognise the obvious fallacies within, i don’t know if any such opponents exist.

  4. Perhaps a trend is occurring where “Progressives” are starting to discover that they had bought into some Myths.

    Sunday April 18th, 2021 – Zero Hedge
    “How Did Democrats Wind Up Believing Such Crap?”
    – Bill Maher Blasts Liberal Media’s COVID ‘Panic Porn’


    8 minute VIDEO – Comedian Bill Maher on HBO


    Comedian Bill Maher used his HBO show once again to highlight some awkward ‘facts’ and ask some uncomfortable questions about media and politicians approach to COVID.

    He rightly decries the politicization of medicine and the manner in which the media has been a handmaiden of panic throughout. Let us hope that his monologue, transcript below, is a foreshadowing of what will soon emerge as the conventional wisdom.

    [Full Bill Maher monologue transcript]…
    [EXCERPT of monologue which caught HRS’s attention]
    …And we do know conservatives have some loopy ideas about COVID like the third of Republicans who believe it couldn’t be spread by someone showing no symptoms. But what about liberals? You know the high information by the science people. In a recent Gallup survey,

    Democrats did much worse than Republicans in getting the right answer to the fundamental question: what are the chances that someone who gets COVID will need to be hospitalized?

    The answer is between one and 5%.

    41% of Democrats thought it was over 50%, another 28% put the chances at 20 to 49.….
    [ARTICLE continues with other examples & images besides Bill Maher]

    Maher’s outburst is yet another example of something odd that has been happening recently. Viewpoints that would have got any non-leftist immediately banned from any and all social media outlets and canceled by the outrage mob are now being discussed, publicly, by leftists.

    Example 1 – questions the efficacy of mask-wearing!
    “It’s About Time for Us to Stop Wearing Masks Outside”

    Example 2 – The Atlantic dares to question the safety of COVID vaccines
    [IMAGE and text]…

    …Why are they suddenly raising these questions? Are liberals starting to doubt the ‘science’ they’ve been told? Maybe the Neanderthals were on to something?…

    • Maybe it’s preemptive damage control…maybe it’s about covering of as much as possible many topics and provide “appropriate” narrative i.e. understanding, so when you talk to normie he will say I know about that, but he has some skewed or watered down version.

  5. Good topic.

    To friend who is psychologist, I often explain that we are fed
    a lot of psychopathic thinking. It is infiltrated in our culture,
    but also a huge part of Scientism.

    This means gaslighting, shaming, appeal to “authority”,
    appeal to majority, etc.

    Let me add some quotes as examples of psychopathic reasoning:
    “If I don’t steal it, someone else would”
    “Everyone cheats / lies”
    “The world is a game of predator versus prey”
    “I know everything that is relevant”
    “It does not really hurt him/her”
    “Someone has to be the leader”
    “It is for .. the greater good / god”
    “You are worthless / That person is the best”
    “How much money does this environment give me?”
    “Just trust me”
    “I give you this, so you must give me that”

    The people have no good sense of what is good/evil,
    so they have build ideas to represent it.
    They also push these ideas on others.
    (Like orange man bad )
    And adapt these ideas to what they want.
    (It is ok to loot a shop, because they …)
    (It is ok to bomb Syria, because they …)
    Or if they are in a bad state, they make up their
    own mental constructs to get what they urge for.

    I think that psychopaths can be classified by
    their specific obsessions and mental structures
    that were build on top of them.
    People with similar obsessions and ideas work together.
    Like Gates and Epstein.

    • I saw yesterday, copied onto the site, a provision in the tax code that says you have to pay taxes on something you stole, if you did not return it by the time you are filing your taxes.
      I kid you not.
      Somewhere on bitchute. May have a screenshot.

  6. “It is inexplicable to Thaddeus how rich and powerful people want to rule over others? ”

    It’s simply a wrong question.
    Being rich means being powerful by definition, so it’s just a question will one use the power.
    Power corrupts, I guess we agree on this. Some are more susceptible some less, we cannot say in advance how gaining power will affect someone, but we can be sure huge majority will use power.

    Many times I posed the following question that is very appropriate here:
    “Why a dog lick his balls?”
    Because he is able to lick it!
    Forget about feels good, that’s secondary, think about the primary.

    Here is Catch22 people just can’t get it: mere existence of rich is bad, wrong. Huge inequality is bad, wrong. Wealth is not a huge problem, power that comes with it definitely is.

    I’m not sure will you get what I want to say, because you said…”a world that works for everyone instead of just the strong and deserving”.

    Deserving… no, just no. Most of them don’t deserve, certainly the amount they take is the biggest perversity. They just take it, because they are able to take it…you know, dog, balls, primary….

    • Spot on.
      If this won’t spoil it all, I recall a basic phrase learned at my own expense:
      “Why do men abuse women and children? ” (and animals, and the entire earth…)

      “Because they can. ”

      I was offered, once in a crazy scene, a position of wealth, which induced, immediately, illusions of power to deceive.
      It was a heavy five minute thought journey. I learned a lot from it. I never forgot.
      I’ve come close to the powerful in my younger activist days.
      Scared the living daylights out of me.
      Met a son of the elite, after a performance.
      He was tortured by his blood. I fucking mean it. I can feel it forever.
      It was only a two or three minute conversation. When he insisted to me, a young man whose father had promoted and sold Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, Big Oil…..”ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS THE MONEY”….what he hated withing him came through his eyes. You don’t want to see it.
      What he said to me then is “I don’t ever want to do anything in my life that hurts another , that hurts anything at all..not for money or for any reason. ”
      You’re good , I told him. Hold to that.

      I made that vow at 22. I’ve never regretted it. The poverty gets harder by the day. That’s okay.
      When I was a mere lass of twenty, a lovely girl of eighteen stopped and said “This one is for you”. And she sang her song…”well they got my brothers, and they got my cousins, and they got my father…BUT THEY AIN’T GOT ME!”
      Blessed Be the Angels

  7. In Russell Brand’s recent interview with Snowden, he states how you, and they, are not conspiracy theorists. I am sure you would agree on how the things you talk about are abstract, “boring” conspiracies no one wants to talk about because satanic rituals are much more interesting! Who wants to listen to boring financial analyses? Who wants to hear about bankers, judges and politicans (unless there is a juicy rape accusation involved)?

    I remember how I sincerely believed astronomy was a dull topic until I learned that mythology is all about stars, planets and the zodiac…complete with threats of life-ending asteroids! I suddenly became interested.

    Keep it up, we need people making these topics more attractive. Your recent ban, James, should entice a few because you’ve become a forbidden fruit. 🙂

    • If you are interested in the planets, astronomy, and “life ending asteroids”….you might like to view the Thunderbolts Project video: “Symbols of An Alien Sky”.
      That will lead you to a universe of wonder.

  8. Pschopathy and sociopathy are just the tip of the iceberg in order to understand and some believe they have the right to rule over others. Narcissism, bullying, and toxic personalities are a part of this. Dr. Scott Peck and Dr. Ramani Durvasula are two authors I recommend to learn even more about this.

  9. Did you know Alexander Graham Bell was a eugenecist? He focused his work on the Deaf community and advocated marriages with people who had desirable traits instead of outright sterilization. He could be considered a ‘soft’ eugenecist.

  10. Great piece. As much as I have tried to devour everything you’ve done and much of other’s work on 911, I had not heard of Huffman Aviation. Great find and thanks for sharing. Cherrs!

  11. Another very very interesting interview, James. God, what a pleasure it has been to find alternative/independent media which (for the most part) allows these long discussions without constant interruptions and having to get everything in before a commercial break.

    This type of interview reminds me of Brian Lamb on CSPAN with “Book Notes” years ago. Just glorious to hear authors asked a question – then take all the time they wanted to answer.

    I am overwhelmed by all the show notes for this interview. I want to go back and watch them all. So many truths, so little time! Thanks!

  12. Superb interview. I wonder how long it will be allowed to stay up? Then again, there is so much varied content there, it may not be flagged for awhile by whatever algorithm “goo-tube” uses to detect no-no’s….

  13. The Events of 9/11/01 was meant to Confuse and create chaos (The Fog of War is a well known military term). I recall hearing about “The Attack” on the Radio when I was in WA going over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Later on 9/11/01 I was in a Court House where they had CNN on TV which was showing pictures of Bin Laden as the Master Mind behind it all. I recall thinking “Ya right, they know this guy did it already”. I had already done some investigating into Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City Bombings, and of coarse the Assassination of JFK.
    So yes, I expected they were lying, and I was also aware of a Force to keep me from making my views known. It was evident because all of the Media was pushing the same agenda.
    Indeed, many of the people that came forward to report what they saw of the additional Gunmen involved in the JFK Assassination got silenced. Some were killed and others stayed quite out of fear. Some of those that stayed quite came forward many years later to tell their stories, and I believed that they were telling the truth.
    We can not let the bastards get away with it this time. The COVID Phys-opt must be the end of this BS!

  14. This will go in my collectible quotes file:

    “The chains of convenience are what ultimately strips away at our humanity.”

    (about 21 mins in)

    • Be sure to include the etymological definition of “convenience”.

  15. Since Rothbard’s The Progressive Era was mentioned, I wanted to also mention these recorded lectures of Murray actually teaching his economic history class at Brooklyn Polly in the 80’s. They are probably my favorite thing on the internet and anyone who is interested in that period should give them a listen:

  16. Two of my favorite people talking, I genuinely love this. Thad’s book, “Renegade History of the United States” should be on the recommended reading list.

    James & Thad lead me to Malice, which lead me to Moldbug and a number of many other beautiful new discussions of contemporary political philosophy.

    FYI James, I’ve been following a few github “open source” repositories that list you as a degenerate, which I’d love to protest (mostly because they’re incorporated into massive internet blacklists).

    FYI Everyone else, I have been running a bit of a solid core voluntaryist group on discord, but I’m weary to place the link here because I don’t want to self promote (or be archived by the fascistic noob middlement that pretend run the inherently decentralized internet), so let me know if/how I should share it.

  17. Subbed to the podcast, and also, this is such an excellent page, I’m going to spend the next 6 weeks chewing on this… Holy moly wat a repository of fantastic work and investigative journalism. Scary, but very interesting.

    I also am looking into the ‘glossing over’ of our world in language, production calue, video and VR / gaming. The ‘real’ world keeps being glossed over by gold, champagne, glitter and make-up and when you lift the veil you see drone strikes. This in itself is very interesting, but a different topic in itself.

  18. How is he doing? Because I watched the whole thing and I think James blew his mind. Hope he’s ok. 🙂

  19. In the meanwhile, Chomsky’s famous debate with Foucault is available online to view and listen to.

    • In the 4d war, the battlefield is main street on a sunny day, birds sing, people mill about, but whats this, people are lining up to be shot? ,,So efficient, and then theres no need for pow camps because the cell has been reduced to compartments in the brain. The captured spew the canned narrative, thats their shackle. last time I listened to Chompsky, he endorsed the mainstreammedia narrative. He’s captured or worse.

  20. “change the lead, change the story”… – Conrad Brean, Wag the Dog
    “change the president, change the story”…
    “change the crisis, change the story”…

    keep the old story going until the next one’s ushered in… (and a new perspective on the cardinal role of the gatekeeper…)

    Trigger events changing assumptions about the role of the state. A single recent and strikingly limpid example: Assumptions about Macron’s biometrically-backed single sign-on user ID app:
    -ALICEM immediately before Covid and ALICEM immediately after Covid-
    politically correct thinking did a 180° swivel on that one with ALICEM appearing frumpy in the Blitzkrieg flash of imperious Green Pass implementation. (along with the mandatory creation of a FranceConnect account to access training for a new economic paradigm spawned in the wake of unprecedented pandemic lockdowns and restrictions)

    Rockefeller can’t arrest the state… only force the world’s populations into house arrest… Public private partnerships making the following statement only slightly simplistic: “Rockefeller is the state and the state is Rockefeller” (and Rothschild and Carnegie and Cargill and Lehman and their clubs of Rome and RIIA and RAND and 6000 other old Blackrock and solid gold families and their think tanks providing the shell game narrative of “Western Democracy”)… with the collaboration of all those citizens who believe the state is what it’s claimed to be…

    One commenter on these boards described this as a “panoramic interview”: Panoramic not only in the breadth of topics but more particularly in the temporal landscape, the seemingly repeated modus operandi of “trigger events” ushering in the new socio-industrial era of the time… a multi-millenial strategy? and in this tapestry the fascinating needlepoint role of Pakistan and it’s ISI tickles the ambiguous legend of Gandhi and his ever-present protegée, none other than His Majesty’s Naval Intelligence cum British Petrol Company Director’s daughter, Madeleine Slade or “Mirabehn”. To what extent is Pakistan successfully carrying out its strategic raison d’être via the BP pipeline?

    The infrastructural “improvements” wrought by White Man’s Burden and “Lucrative Philanthropy’s” no longer an oxymoron. Only psychopaths would deliberately mass-inject children with experimental poison… as their parents offer their blessings and vigorous virtue signalling…

    and the Corbett capacity to cultivate the seed of a new panoramic perspective without crushing a man’s ego…

    …grateful this head-spinning interview I’d missed was re-posted…

  21. This interview was just as good the second go round.
    One thing that stood out, was the discussion of the controlling-elites’ motivations. I’m going to explore this more. Surely the likes of Gates and Schwab and Carney and Fink do not see themselves as psychopaths, do they? In their own distorted views, they are “helping” humanity and the planet by “elevating” people and giving them “opportunities” and “resources”. Yet, as James says, we cannot take their spoken motive, at face value. Because while they attempt to be the saviors, we can see by their actions and agendas, that their motivations are power and influence and control.

    Curious to know if there is an upcoming debate between James and “an academic”. And has there been a followup interview with Thaddeus Russel?

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