Interview 1633 – Mark Crispin Miller Exposes Propaganda in the Academy

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Mark Crispin Miller teaches a course on Mass Persuasian and Propaganda at the NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development for 20 years. He is now suing 20 department colleagues for libel after they signed a letter to the dean of his school demanding a review of Miller’s conduct. Today we talk to Miller about his course, his views, his libel suit, and the state of free speech in the era of increasing COVID tyranny.

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“Masks Don’t Work” by Denis Rancourt petition: Under attack at NYU, Mark Crispin Miller needs your support for academic freedom

MCM’s libel lawsuit, complete (thus far)

Help Mark Crispin Miller sue for libel (GoFundMe)

Nope, Aristotle Did Not Say, “It Is the Mark of an Educated Mind to Entertain a Thought Without….”

Conspiracy Theory in America by Lance Dehaven-Smith

Masking ourselves to death

The Gray Lady Winked


  1. This Interview is great!
    There is nothing I like better that hearing a cutting edge story from the man/women who has experienced it first hand.
    Indeed, one could wait for a Book to come out (that is if he can find a Publisher that will print it), but why wait when you can get it here at the ?

    It appears that Interviews like this are easy for James to do, and he educates himself at the same time that he educates the viewer.
    More of us have to become Teachers of the Truth so that we can help turn the Tide on these Oligarchs who have manipulated the minds of the many.

    • GoFundMe is outright NEFARIOUS. They laundered a million dollars of CIA money to pay CIA asset Christine Ford RIGHT IN PLAIN SIGHT – to reward her for lying about Brett Kavanaugh – a CIA man. The motive was reverse psychology, to get the public to defend Kavanaugh, who is guilty as hell of frauding court files, beginning with Vincent Foster case for GW Bush’s half brother Bill Clinton – born a month apart through a Satanic ritual – most likely to mock the fact Christ was 6 months younger than his cousin John The Baptist….GoFundMe was “founded” by Rod Solomon, who was a history major at Stanford but had no degree – paid someone to do “his” homework and claimed “I’m not a good typist” as reason! The Kavanaugh hearing backfired when many of us in chat did NOT defend Kavanaugh. We claimed it was obviously all fake! What a shabby way to conduct a hearing but it didn’t matter because they passed Kavanaugh anyway and didn’t charge Ford of anything, even though she was a complete fraud!

  2. Great interview! Thank you James. I was aware of this story but not the details as explained in this interview with Crispen Miller.

    I first became aware of him through the 9/11 Truth movement.

    I am going to send a donation to his go-fund me. What he is experiencing and describing is just frightening.

    I did not know about NYU’s real estate attempt which he helped prevail. I used to live near NYU. I jogged around Washington Square frequently. LOVE that area. My heart sank when he mentioned that they wanted to build 4 huge buildings near the square. Typical big real estate.

    Interesting about the folk on the NYU board.

    Thanks again for bringing this situation to our attention, James.

  3. ‘Conspiracy theorists’ are the key to the survival of humanity. I couldn’t agree more. What a story. Incredible interview, James. I’m rooting for you Mark, all the best to you, and many thanks for your work, all of it, everything including the Forbidden Bookshelf. What an asset to the history and future of humanity itself.

  4. What does the “Science” say?
    Today it would appear to “Say” whatever the man who is paying for the Study wants it to say.
    In Communist Countries Engineers are paid more than Medical Doctors because machines are more important than people.
    An Engineer is one who applies the Lab Science to the real physical world. It was Engineers that built the Atom Bomb using exiting lab Science. Although the Manhattan Project had over a hundred thousand people working on it, only a hand full of Engineers were aware of what they were building.
    None the less, at a visit to Oak Ridge Tennessee, I found out that the Project brought about the technology for Nuclear Power Plants.
    The most interesting part for me is that the Government continued to develop Fusion Reactors so that they could get fuel to make more Bombs even though one of the Main Engineers was recommending Thorium Salt Reactors for Public use. Under Nixon as President funding for development of safe Thorium Reactors was totally cut. Oh, what a different world we could be living in!
    It was not the Engineers who simply did what they were paid to do (and know the real Science) who are at fault, so much is it is those who paid them.

  5. Thank you for having Professor M.C. Miller on. What has been done to him by his own department makes a mockery of the principles upon which science itself is based/ To say nothing about the importance of academic freedom. Propaganda has never been more sophisticated than it is today. He has “an excessive amount of skepticism around healthcare professionals”. ? How could there be such a thing. Either his concerns and conclusions are supported by the data or theyre not. To attack the person, rather than the particulars of the issue, speaks volumes. If I disagreed with him, I would show him how he is wrong and why. That that is not what’s being done, is a huge red flag/

    A professor who sees through the uniparty’s faux partisanship and speaks freely & honestly about it, and/or any other subject he has investigated, even if you disagree with him, is still, as far as the average university professor goes, is worth his weight in gold. The student who wrote that letter obviously has no knowledge of the history of government healthcare involved.

    Whether or not those ‘negative outcomes’ were intentional or not, it is an extremely long list with many troubling examples, from long before Tuskegee, (a study that went on for 4 decades! -1932-1972 /comparable examples to the present day. *This article mentions studies that went on into the 60’s. But we know, at least part of the biological engineering work being done twenty years ago was working to develop virulent pathogens that could be targeted to specific genotypes (source: Rebuilding America’s Defenses by PNAC Sept 2000). Imagine what they keep secret if this is what is openly.

  6. What a fabulous interview with Professor Miller,
    Congratulations James, it’s a rare thing indeed for an interviewer to allow the interviewee to tell their story uninterrupted, I do have visions of burning books listening to his story, I would like to wish the Professor every success, his students are lucky to be in his class.
    Slán, From Ireland.

  7. Nice one. I was interested in Mark’s comment towards the end about the forthcoming book that details the legacy of shame of NY Times disinformation, in particular the assertion that the Times actually reported that Poland invaded Germany in 1939. Anyone have any details or verification? It’s a great example of mainstream media disinformation, if the story really happened and the invasion really didn’t.

    I searched the NY Times archive and did find one thing from September 4, 1939, which references Polish troops crossing the border and fighting on German soil. I don’t know that this is false, and I don’t know that it contradicts the larger picture of Germany invading Poland first. It seems possible that the claim is a bit misleading, even if not technically false. It’s not clear that the NY Times is rewriting history, as the claim implies. (I’m not a subscriber so I can’t access the full article text, just the headline and a brief summary.)

    Sorry, minor detail in the overall interview, I just found it fascinating and I want to be sure I get it right and in proper context. If anyone has additional info, I’d be grateful!

    • Corbett Report 9/13/2013
      A Brief History of False Flag Terror

      …In 1939 Heinrich Himmler masterminded a plan to convince the public that Germany was the victim of Polish aggression in order to justify the invasion of Poland.
      It culminated in an attack on Sender Gleiwitz, a German radio station near the Polish border, by Polish prisoners who were dressed up in Polish military uniforms, shot dead, and left at the station.
      The Germans then broadcast an anti-German message in Polish from the station, pretended that it had come from a Polish military unit that had attacked Sender Gleiwitz, and presented the dead bodies as evidence of the attack. Hitler invaded Poland immediately thereafter, starting World War II….

      • HomeRemedySupply

        Funny thing is that I read an article that said that the story of German troops (I read it was Brandenburg commandos year back when I was a kid) impersonating Poles and staging a false flag was actually just something made up by a single prisoner with no basis in fact… not looked deeper into it but I can see it being an embroidery.

    • john
      It may or may not be true…. that the Germans would have hit Poland at some point is not really open to debate since they and the Soviets made a deal secret on it with the Soviets getting the other half of Poland… but the Poles were not exactly cordial with the Germans either so who knows?
      The false flag story comes mainly from a single witness who may or may not have been a liar….while the nazis did a pretty good job painting themselves with a black brush of infamy others do like to slap on some more paint

      Its kinda like the German invasion of the USSR… there is zero doubt that the soviets would have hit the germans AT SOME POINT… while that soviet defector who wrote Icebreaker says that the nazi’s just got their punch in first was not well received because some folks dont like to admit that the soviets were easily as evil and acquisitive as the nazis

  8. Did the professor look closely at the student who added the class?

    Was she a plant for the purpose of the complaint against him?

  9. There are few things I choose to support in this world, fewer in recent years and decades. I used to think I lived in a good country (although some problems are obvious), Canada. The last few young men I met who were in the military or considering joining – I said do not do it. Not worth it. Anyway, I think I will send the prof a few bucks to the gofundme thing. This is bs. And we all know it.

  10. I thought this phrase by Miller was a real keeper:
    “…and all Higher Education then turns out to be is ‘training for compliance’.”
    (Around the 24:20 minute mark)

    Lack of SPINE
    I would guess that a few of those colleagues were aware of how inappropriate this witch hunt was, but they lacked spine. Their spine is as rigid as a worm, shaped to the group think.

    • HomeRemedySupply, I guess MCM should thank his lucky stars that his propaganda course didn’t attempt to deconstruct the moon landings, live broadcast back to earth, live hook up with President, safe landing back on earth etc etc etc. That kind of thing would have really got him in trouble. Do you remember where you were when they confidently plunged that USA flag of possession into those moon rocks? Buzz Aldrin remembers.

    • I would would rephrase Miller’s commend in my own words to say;
      “Higher Education” becomes an Oxymoron, or it is already.

      American Education started going to hell about the time the Federal Department of Education was created under Jimmy Carter’s Administration.
      I was Teaching about the time they started the Federal Government’s mandated forced Busing which took kids from bad under funded School Districts to well funded (high School Tax) Districts. Prior to this Federally mandated waste of resources people that cared about good education chose to live in an area because of the Schools and they were willing to pay higher property Taxes to fund good Schools. As a result of the Busing BS Teachers in the once good Schools had to deal with disruptive kids that didn’t want to learn and no one got a good education. They called it “Equality”.
      If the Federal Government (not that there should even be a Department of Education) were to have spent a fraction of the money they spent on Buses, Drivers, and Gas, to increase the Pay of Teachers in the bad areas and provide actual teaching resources directly to the students, there would have been something to show for the money spent.
      At that time American Colleges were among the best in the world, and there would have been no way that one student could have gotten a College Professor fired without a Hearing. American Higher Education, which once encouraged free thinking, now destroys it.
      It has become a Top Down rule system controlled by a Corporate Government (The Government “is” a Corporation).
      The nightmare which Thomas Jefferson warned about has come to be. Over 200 years ago He said (and I am para phasing it);
      If you allow Private Bankers to take control of the Monetary system, they, and the “Corporations”, that grow up around them, will take the land, property, and total control of your lives.
      OK, so perhaps you want to say that “Data is the New Money”, just replace “Technocrats” for “Bankers”, and “Data” for “Monetary” and Thomas Jefferson’s warning still holds true, eh!

      • Well said TruthSeeker. I learn’t a few things from you today. It is very important for all the slaves to have their equality to each other.

  11. That is a pretty interesting interview.
    nice to see that not everyone up there has gone to the dark side.

    As the unabomber said (leftish being a term that I think reads as being about physiological outlook then political opinion )

    216. Some leftists may seem to oppose technology, but they will oppose it only so long as they are outsiders and the technological system is controlled by non-leftists.
    If leftism ever becomes dominant in society, so that the
    technological system becomes a tool in the hands of leftists, they will
    enthusiastically use it and promote its growth. In doing this they will be
    repeating a pattern that leftism has shown again and again in the past. When the
    Bolsheviks in Russia were outsiders, they vigorously opposed censorship and the
    secret police, they advocated self-determination for ethnic minorities, and so
    forth; but as soon as they came into power themselves, they imposed a tighter
    censorship and created a more ruthless secret police than any that had existed
    under the tsars, and they oppressed ethnic minorities at least as much as the
    tsars had done. In the United States, a couple of decades ago when leftists werea minority in our universities, leftist professors were vigorous proponents of academic freedom, but today, in those universities where leftists have become dominant, they have shown themselves ready to take away from everyone else’s academic freedom. (This is “political correctness.”) The same will happen with leftists and technology: They will use it to oppress everyone else if they ever
    get it under their own control…”

  12. I may be biased (as a fellow former English Major), but I really enjoyed this interview. I can’t imagine MCM gets a fair shake from either NYU or on his libel suit but I am certainly pulling for him.

  13. Highly informative interview, recommended:

    “Leemon McHenry, PhD, guides us to the fraudulent core of ghostwritten studies, captured legislators, revolving-door regulatory agencies, pay-to-play medical journals, and the “key opinion leaders” who lend their academic credentials to giant corporations…for a price.”

  14. Since Mark Crispin Miller mentions this forthcoming book & it’s Foreword,
    how about a Show-notes citation of a version of these two URLs?


    In 10 gripping chapters, The Gray Lady Winked shows how the news media’s flagship outlet, The New York Times,
    radically—and deliberately—alters history through misreporting, fabrications & distortions.
    Pre-order your copy of The Gray Lady Winked today and get access to an exclusive free webinar with author Ashley Rindsberg.
    Just pre-order through the link below and send proof of your order to [SNIP – no emails in the comments section, please. -JC].


    The Gray Lady Winked 
    by Ashley Rindsberg (Author), Mark Crispin Miller (Foreword)
    Product details
    Publisher : Midnight Oil Publishers
    Date: May 3, 2021
    Hardcover: 284 pages
    ISBN-10 : 1736703307
    ISBN-13 : 978-1736703304

    As flagship of the American news media, the New York Times is the world’s most powerful news outlet.
    With thousands of reporters covering events from all corners of the globe, the Times has the power to influence wars,
    foment revolution, shape economies and change the very nature of our culture. It doesn’t just cover the news: it creates it.

    But the institution that is the New York Times is showing cracks. No longer the fact-stringing paper of record once
    known as the Gray Lady, the Times has become a political lightning rod that divides more often than it unites.
    It is frequently beset by scandal and has even emerged as a symbol of the political, cultural and social ills plaguing our society.

    The Gray Lady Winked pulls back the curtain on this illustrious institution to reveal a quintessentially human organization
    where ideology, ego, power and politics compete with the more humble need to present the facts. In its 10 gripping chapters, 
    The Gray Lady Winked offers readers an eye-opening, often shocking, look at the New York Times’s greatest journalistic failures,
    so devastating they changed the course of history.

    These are the stories that mattered most, including the Times’s disastrous coverage of the:
    Second World War – Holocaust – Rise of the Soviet Union – Cuban Revolution – Vietnam War –
    Second Palestinian Intifada – Atomic Bombing of Japan – Iraq War – Founding of America.

    The result is an essential look at the tangled relationship between media, power and politics in a post-truth
    world told with novelistic flair to reveal a uniquely powerful institution’s tortured relationship with the truth.
    Most importantly of all, The Gray Lady Winked presents a cautionary tale that shows what happens when
    the guardians of the truth abandon that sacred value in favor of self-interest and ideology-and what this
    means for our future as much as for our past.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I never link to Amazon in the show notes, but have added the link to the book’s homepage.

      • Thanks, James C.! I thought maybe you would/could link to the Amazon page via — I wasn’t sure yet if practical or an option — you know what’s a best-practice. I’m so blown-away by your generally superb videos & concomitant show-notes — I need to support you & James E.P.
        The boot of several of the channels I followed off GooToob pushed me to subscribe here. You are a great man! P.S.: your initial hypertext mis-spells “Gray” as “Grey” (a typo I too made when searching for the book). —> James-RamRod0

  15. This is such great interview. I wish I had a professor like Mark in my UNI days. But on the other side of the spectrum: I disagreed with my professors 90% of the time and never reported them. I just believed they didn’t know otherwise.

    I even failed economics because i questioned how it worked to benefit the few, instead of supporting communities (early 2000’s circular economy might not have been a word) and the professor was “text book” and that was not in the book! It upset me and I argued with him and had to rewrite the exam with what the book said. I didn’t report him but it reinforced that school doesn’t teach much and I got curious in life as a result. It took years to have a community like this that shares truth and facts that go against the narrative but my experience showed me propaganda is multilayered and real and not just what we study in history in the context of Nazi Germany..Let’s be real?!?!

    Thank you James for being a platform for these conversations to happen! Not only freedom of speech is in danger but freedom of knowledge!

  16. On masks – I attended my daughter’s opening ceremony at school. Had to wear a mask during ceremony which I didn’t love but did it. All the parents were sitting together and then they asked us to social distance into couples. So we move our chairs like model citizens. Then the school officials and guests enter the hall – maskless they sit together in close quarters.
    I turned to a fellow parent on my right and said “apparently they don’t spread it as much as we do”.

    • Hedge110

      It is a mistake to think that you can mock and shame people the with power into feeling bad…. a normal person cares what others think about them but they (even the ‘petty powerful’) dont think like that.

      The psychology of those running things right now has rejected the idea of shame and guilt and they will lie right to your face in such a way that its obvious because it gives them a thrill of power that you know they are lying and STILL go along.
      This means that the ‘idea’ (if it happened in real life or not being irrelevant) of rules evenly applied is a think of the past

    • As long as you know your place among the virus suprespreading plebs, all is good with the faculty.

      • MagicBullet, I’ll have to wait till the official video of the ceremony comes out. I suppose the parents were glad to be allowed into the school at all.
        mkey, it’s like when people laugh at the boss’s bad jokes. The Emperor is not wearing any clothes but we are left wearing the mask.
        AnimalsAren’tFood, I want my daughter to be a change agent. She is anti-mask at 6 years old. She famously ran a lemonade stand with me and refused service to anyone wearing a mask.
        Duck, they can now call BLACK WHITE and WHITE BLACK. We know we are looking at BLACK but if our friends ask we will tell them it was WHITE.


          “… We know we are looking at BLACK but if our friends ask we will tell them it was WHITE….”

          Watch to the part with the experiment… people BACK THEN would believe their peer before their own eyes…. with the current crop of social media zombies it must a a thousand times worse.

          Trust me you have zero idea how peer pressure and the lock step of the teachers can make people believe anything… if you dont believe me ask yourself how many people think that a person WITH a penis (and for the sake of argument zero meds or surgery) can be a woman.

          We have always been at war with east asia…. The chocolate ration has been increased from 2 to 1 oz
          IT IS HERE

          Good book is Abigail shrier ‘Irreversible Damage’… even aside from the trans thing it highlights that there has been a huge change in human psychology in the latest generation as social control is perfected.
          If you dont want to buy she did some interviews (on Joe Rogan too I think)

          Do not ever fall into the trap of thinking that you or your kid is immune to social programing and double think

          • Do not ever fall into the trap of thinking that you or your kid is immune to social programing and double think

            boy that sure turned out to be sadly prophetic…


        • Normalized to the extent people (i.e. idiots) vehemently believe its government’s duty to educate their young’uns and schooling should be “free”. That’s a staggering lack of understanding that these kids stay at home times have’t changed.

          Kids are at home, parents are at home, but still have the children hook up over a laptop to the institutions to recive their programming. Astonishing carelessness and lack of willpower.

          Why the hell did I even find it puzzling that this sort of a mass propaganda event could have come to pass? How delusional could I have been?

  17. Over here in Australia, lawyer Serene Teffaha has had her licence to practice law revoked – just as she filed a class action for the housing commission residents her were locked down in their apartment buildings.

    ‘Dear Advocate Me Supporters,

    Most of you will know that within hours of filing the first of our class actions in the Victorian Supreme Court, Serene was issued a notice from the Victorian Legal Services Board (VLSB), threatening to cancel her practicing license.

    In an unprecedented and unlawful move, the VLSB has carried out this threat and consequently cancelled Serene’s practicing license. What is even more disconcerting is that this statutory body of the Victorian Government, seek to insert their own actors to take over our actions against them, creating the most obvious conflict of interest for all to see.

    Shockingly, because Serene has honoured her clients’ instructions to maintain their privacy, the VLSB representatives, Lander & Rogers, they have gone so far as to seek an injunction to restrain her from being an amicus curiae, or voice and advocate for the people. Even more shocking is the fact that her rights of appeal have been usurped, as this injunction has occurred prior to the deadline for her appeal.

    And now, because Serene has honoured her clients’ instructions to maintain their privacy, the VLSB representatives, Lander & Rogers, have issued an injunction in the Supreme Court of Victoria where they are seeking to access all her current and historical cases, financial information, associates, website, communication channels, social media, and emails. A hearing was set for 2.15pm today, yet Serene was only made aware of it after 7pm last night.

    Consequently, the Supreme Court judge, Justice Forbes, has adjourned the matter until tomorrow at 10.30am, only allowing 1.5 hours to consider Serene’s material, meanwhile allowing the plaintiff more time to put more evidence, with 3 barristers on board, and Serene has not been given any say in the time she requires to prepare. Serene had 7 days for a right of reply, but this has been hijacked. The procedural fairness and natural justice is nowhere to be seen.

    Lander & Rogers are on record saying that they want to do this to protect the clients from Serene. The same clients who have complained to the Ombudsman and Hall & Wilcox and now to the Courts!

    The current actions headed by the VLSB is a violation of human rights as Serene has not been investigated by law enforcement, or charged with anything, no client complaints, no malpractice or mismanagement.

    At 10.30am tomorrow, Justice Forbes will preside over the matter and we encourage anyone to email her expressing concerns over the lack of due process afforded to Serene. If you are outraged feel free to contact her via email at [SNIP – No email addresses in the comments, please. -JC].

    Serene is resisting what we believe to be the unlawful attempts of the VLSB and their managers to gain access to our class action and member data, because there are inherent privacy protections for people joining a class action and Advocate Me will not surrender this information.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • Here is Serene Teffaha’s website for further info –
      The point I make is that those who threaten the narrative are being attacked and cancelled.

    • Incredible BULLSHIT…unbelievable Fascist Nazi Stalin type actions

      My ears and face are bright red with rage.
      I hope Kharma hits with a whammy.

      • HomeRemedySupply, they appear to be very similar tactics to those used on MCM. The ‘Club’ turns on the one that stands against the prevailing narrative. Here is a propaganda piece that explains what happened with the case today –

        My email to the presiding Judge yesterday was as follows;

        “To the Hon. Justice Forbes,

        I hope this finds you well. I write in relation to a matter that is being brought before you at 10:30am tomorrow. Whilst I am not across the detail of the matter, I can state that Serene Teffaha and her team has assisted me with information relating to the tyrannical, Police State-like nature of life in 2020/21.

        Whilst I no longer trust the government or technocracy of the day, I still trust the judiciary to be an instrument of justice. In relation to how the matter is considered and dealt with tomorrow, the question ‘What is just?’ is at the forefront of my mind. Unfortunately ‘cancel culture’ is alive and well in our educational institutions, media and of course Australia Post. Those who do not abide by the prevailing narrative are ‘cancelled’. This causes one to ponder if this phenomenon will one day have an impact on those in the judiciary.

        Thank you for all you do to ensure justice prevails and is applied equally.”

        • I think this “justice” mind is already set. Otherwise she would have conducted this witch hunt in a different manner, i.e. not like a witch hunt, but a cour case. This is the global death cult in action, posing as a nanny state.

          The four horsemen of the apocalypse are a sad bunch of boyscouts compared to these people.

    • Thanks JC. Will shorten the comments a bit and leave out email addresses.

  18. “Critical Thinker” is just another name for “Conspiracy Theorist”.
    Why would anyone what to “Think” critically about the Government?
    Indeed, the Truth is a Threat to a Government built on Lies!
    They want you to just take the Drugs, and be happy, eh!
    No Thinking required, just do as they say. Remember “Simon Says” or is it “Science Says” these days.

  19. Oooh, a classy one. Nice.

    But the title is wrong, should be Corona climate change change.

  20. If I had access to professors of this caliber, maybe the 18 years of my life “invested” in formal education wouldn’t have been such a colossal waste. Thank you for this interview and keep fighting the good good fight, sir.

  21. What Mr. Miller is experiencing is a perfect storm of the following sociocultural forces:

    * Cultural Marxism (aka The Frankfurt School) as taught in the Universities since the early 20th century (for an in depth view on this topic, I recommend the book Cynical Theories located here

    * Postmodernism (subjective “truth” is more important than objective “truth”)

    * Pscyhologist Jonathan Haidt has talked about in his book The Coddling of the American Mind that “helicopter parenting” and early exposure to social media has led to a generation of navel-gazing snowflakes that have little empathy and engage in irrational behavior and actions including the prevalent “mob justice” that has been prevalent within the past 5-10 years and culturally culminated from the years 2015 forward. (

    Reading Cynical Theories and The Coddling of the American Mind will give you great insight into the cultural forces that have made the university environment the authoritarian thought police they have been recently while gleefully stifling free speech.

    There are, of course, other factors as well (such as the influence of the Big Tech companies on narratives)…but the more insight we gain into a problem the better we are at navigating this new mine-laden landscape.

    • I like Haidt but would add “The Dumbest Generation” by mark Bauerlein to your list…. also Irreversible damage by Abigail Shrier (which is a good companion to Scott Howards Trans Industrial complex) to your list

      • Thank you for those references…I am checking them out and will indeed add that to my “look into closer” list.

        • EthanHunt
          Shriers book is on the PERSONAL side of things…very easy read and relevant
          TransIndustrial complex is super in depth and and names names amd organizations to the point that the detail gets overwhelming… if you want I can send you my Obsidian Notes after you get a copy since there is no index 🙁

          I dont check my old comments so if you want them in future hit up more recent comments i make a couple of times to get my attention

          Obsidian is a free program

 short vide

 LONG video

      • “..Scott Howard mixes truth and misconceptions quite deftly…”
        He gives sources for his ideas so what misconception does he give?

        “.. howard’s take that the transgender agender is focused on white people…”
        Did you read the book? He states quite clearly that transgenderism is higher among NON whites but that it is going up in that demographic too.

        “.. is pure politics…”
        The FACTS that he states are not politics.. he gives numbers, statistics , funding, and names but i WILL concede that he IS personally rather political, often in ways I dont like, but that does not take anything from the numbers he digs up.

        “.. he misuses data like birth rates when maybe he should also look at infant mortality rates in the countrie…”

        WHAT part of the book are you thinking about? This book is pretty much about the massive amounts of money that have shaped public and legal policy to encourage transgenderism… the book by the (jewish) Abigail Shrier is an excellent companion piece that is much LESS focused on the money and much MORE focused on the psychology

    • What’s wrong with you people, recommending books. Books, books, who has the time to read books?!

  22. Well, I think it’s obvious. Pans are tipically black. There you go.

  23. Again, thanks for your work. Another great interview for truth and the people.

  24. Hey Nosoap!
    The scariest book i ever read. Elana Freeland’s
    ” Under An Ionized Sky”
    Psychology? …. Thing of the past. Thanks to Camille at Stop the Ride, who verified Elana’s assertion and research introducing the Corbett subscribers to Poppy Crum, head scientist at Dolby. Poppy was soliciting Silicon Valley venture capitol to her technology to read and write the brain of the unsuspecting profane. For those who can afford it.
    Elana in chapter 8- Boots On The Ground, Towers, quotes Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher, Director of Tecnic Research Laboratory, San Leandro, California, 1979-1988. ” give me the money and three months, and I’ll be able to affect the behavior of eighty percent of the people in this town without their knowing it.”

    Psychology seems to be made to order now. For those that can afford it.

  25. I often feel like commenting, sharing my agreement, related information, etc. and then don’t. This time I’ve taken a while to do so but feel compelled to say that I have also suffered the effects of propaganda, political correctness and wokeness in a higher education institution in London. The transgender agenda was at the heart of the attacks on me by a handful of students, who were joined by the whole class in a complaint letter and then the hierarchy. I was labelled anti-trans and bullied for not singing from the same hymn sheet and it took my involving my union rep to turn things around. I know I was lucky to have a decent rep and possibly because it wasn’t directly related to Rona rules. They are already planning a return to campus (dual delivery) under the most stringent conditions that I will not follow -haven’t followed any of it until now so won’t start in September. I’ll see how much support my union gives me then, because the level of indoctrination in my place of work is astonishing. I have been seeing the death of university education and increase of indoctrination institutions with a business model taking over these past 10+ years, I’ll be out very soon!

    On a side note, I think the online teaching setting facilitates this kind of dehumanising behaviour. Also, the timing of the attack was quite curious, as I had signed a few weeks before an international alert from United Health Professionals clearly stating this whole thing is a hoax, and was working on a psychology open letter to denounce the psychological impacts of fear campaigns, masking and (anti)social distancing rules and lockdowns…

  26. UPDATE – June 6, 2021 – MERCOLA.COM

    “Shocking Case of Academic Censorship”
    (Video interview included)

    Story at-a-glance

    ~~ Propaganda is an organized attempt to get large numbers of people to think or do something — or not think or do something. It’s not like classical rhetoric, which is about persuasion through argument, but rather a means of sub-rational manipulation

    ~~ For the past two decades, professor Mark Crispin Miller has taught a course on propaganda at New York University, in the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development

    ~~ In September 2020 after urging his students to look into the scientific rationale for the mask mandates, to assess the truthfulness of the propaganda drive promoting them, he was subject to an administrative “review” for that and other alleged crimes

    ~~ Miller is suing 19 of his department colleagues for libel after they signed a letter to the school dean demanding that “review” of Miller’s conduct, falsely accusing him of “explicit” hate speech, mounting “attacks on students” “advocating for an unsafe learning environment” and discouraging his class from wearing masks

    ~~ Miller’s case shows that the infringement of academic freedom is inimical to independent thinking and free inquiry. Without such freedom, higher education is more than likely to teach students only to believe what they are told by state and corporate powers, which means not educating them at all — a failure damaging to them and catastrophic for democracy

  27. Well Bryant,

    this belated message to tell you that this was a most edifying read indeed.
    Priceless for anyone who desires to understand human behavior in these trying times or anytime.

    It seems that the notion: “If you want to persuade somebody you really tell them why.” (the next to last tendency in his extensive list that you posted above)

    is, if not neutralized, then put into harsh perspective when seen under the light of the other individual and overlapping profound human tendencies discussed, with his Number 1, I believe, being among the most powerful :

    “…“If you would persuade, appeal to interest and not to reason.” This maxim is a wise guide to a great and simple precaution in life: Never, ever, think about something else when you should be thinking about the power of incentives…”

    Indeed, it’s the most powerful since the incentive can be the reward offered by many of the other tendencies explored in his speech with extrinsic money even being perhaps less effective than the more subconsciously gratifying cognitive-comfort rewards described therein.

    However, he also notes that: “…Unfortunately, Reason-Respecting Tendency is so strong that even a person’s giving of meaningless or incorrect reasons will increase compliance with his orders and requests. This has been demonstrated in psychology experiments wherein “compliance practitioners” successfully jump to the head of the lines in front of copying machines by explaining their reason: “I have to make some copies.”

    But I’ve only just finished reading them and definitely need time for digestion and assimilation.

    They are all extremely compelling and I’ve taken due note of several for aspirations regarding my own personal evolution. Yet… you know what they say about good intentions…

    So, though you’ll probably never see this comment, thanks for posting the video of which I preferred to read the transcript this morning. The video perhaps next week-end as a booster inoculation of these important insights!

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