Interview 1634 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Philip Zelikow, Former Exec. Dir. Of 9/11 Commission, To Chair Covid Commission

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Story #2: $74,000 NYPD Robot Dog Hits Streets Of Manhattan

Video: NYPD Robot Dog Hits Streets Of Manhattan

Robot Dog Enforces Social Distancing In Singapore Park (May 11, 2020)

Self-Disinfecting Grocery Delivery Robots Hit The Streets Of Singapore

Robotic Dog To Guide The Blind And Visually Impaired

Giant, Armed Robots Loom Over Streets Of Rebel-Controlled Donetsk As Ukraine Tensions Rise

Media Monarchy’s Trend Prediction For 2021: Scamdemic Paves The Way For Smart Gridification

Story #3: Company Sells Sex Robot “Clones” Of Dead Partners Using 3D-Modeling

Dont Date Robots!

This Sex Doll Rants About How Despicable The Human Race Is

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  1. I was just telling a friend the other day to expect a authoritative Government commission to investigate the deaths associated with Vaccines and Covid Fraud , and here it comes ! I actually expected them to wait until death and mutant disease from Vaccines had proliferated more greatly, and that commission will blame and charge Trump for operation Warp Death , thus eliminating him from political influence .
    I think we should do a opensource Grand Jury and investigate the ties to the commissions to the actual people and entities that formulated the crimes against humanity starting with the Warren Commission tying them to the 911 Commission and now the Covid Commission these three Conspiracies have set precedent and need to be exposed for what they are and by removing and exposing the foundation of deceit that they represent we may someday be truly free again !

    • BbobKS,
      Perhaps you can elaborate on what you refer to as an “opensource Grand Jury”.
      Indeed, The British/Roman Law Corporate Court System which was allowed to exist on American soil since the signing of the Treaty ending The War of 1812, has allowed the Corporations that grew up around the Banker controlled Money to take total control of the Government. The Original 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (No Titles of Nobility) would have prevented British/Roman Judges and Lawyers from holding any Public Office, and it was in reaction to the Ratification of the Original 13th Amendment that I believe caused Britain to Invade America in 1812.
      The World Bankers knew that they had to maintain control of the Courts if they were going to be above the law, and so the Original 13th Amendment has been Papered over for their benefit.
      I do believe that the answer to our world wide dilemma is the resurrection of Common Law Courts, and a system whereby the People (25 assembled to Indite) bring these Usurpers to Justice. Yet, I see where 25 Domicile (People of the land) assembled to Indite High Profile Criminals can be overtaken by the bad Actor’s paid goons and propaganda, so the “Opensource” Grand Jury intrigues me. Yes, we need to have a mass awakening despite the media propaganda, drugs and other forms of mind control. I think I could find enough information (with sources of coarse) on this Website to Indite Philip Zelikow on Crimes Against Humanity for his involvement in the 9/11 Cover-up, yet here he is getting “Hired” to cover-up an even bigger Crime Against Humanity.
      Now is not the time to try and find some place where you can hope to seek refuge while these bastards are killing off much of the human population.
      They will find you at some point after they have taken down the easy to kill.
      Now is the time, (while we have large numbers), to fight these bastards head on. The World Oligarchs that are behind all this, are few (with many paid A Moral goons), and we are the many, yet we are prevented from acting because we are being deliberately divided.
      It is time to go for the Dragons Head and bring him down!
      These bastards have to be prosecuted on the scale of the Nuremberg Trials!

  2. Robot sex doll of dead people…
    1st reaction: make a loud sound of horror that gets people come to see if I’ve stroked out
    2nd reaction: wonder if they make a Bill Gates model you could use as a grappling dummy…that’d actually be pretty cool…until it went all red eyed Terminator on me, anyway.

    Welcome to Mouse Utopia, if you let this filth into your mind it will destroy you.
    A couple of months back I spent 30 min looking at videos on (I THINK…) Tic Tock and was amazed at the number of disgusting freaks getting dopamine hits for acting like the crazy people in homeless camps. NOT even being hyperbolic… and people let THEIR KIDS WATCH THAT

    The propaganda of sickness and death is everywhere and its targeted at your kids and grandkids.
    Dont send your kids to school, dont let them use smartphones, dont let them use social media… I would say dont let them watch TV but if you watch TV its likely too late anyway

  3. AnimalsArentFood
    “..Kinda spooky that this is exactly what I was pondering about an hour before watching this episode…”

    The target is kids and teens… most people 30 or more DO NOT UNDERSTAND what has happened. I hate to rant on it again but the latest generation is in mouse utopia- self harm, mental illness, death and maybe something worse.

    Daycare babies, raised by each other in school and then fed social media to kill off the soul.
    see what this professional narcissist thinks…

    I really think that the aim is to kill off the human soul in some people but that thinking gets crazy

  4. James Corbett giving the lowdown on Philip Zelikow

    I am so impressed with that stupendous machine-gun summary of Philip Zelikow.
    I’m an old hat with 9/11 and I picked up some aspects that either I had forgotten or I had never known.

    Also, I want to mention that James has been very good with his “inclusiveness” – not that he is trying to be a good American liberal from Alberta. But his communications help to include different audiences, i.e. those who are old hats and those who are relatively new.
    I really appreciate how Corbett will “set up” the topic by bringing people up to snuff on the foundational basics of the story.

    • “…He is on our side… right?..”

      I am sure he is an honest person but even he is subject to being led.

      We all swim in the same news feed, a feed that podcasters are important enough to shape that feed for. The system of control tries to absorb them into itself the way your body does a shard of glass in the foot or a glass of wine to the liver.

      I try to listen to lots of different types of people and switch them up from time to time and EVEN THEN you notice that lots of people will sometimes come out about some issue at the same time. Even weirder I have often been thinking about that same issue myself… since I am not really super smart or super informed its pretty clear that that idea came from somewhere outside.

      The world is under a spell, metaphorical and real and most of us are just going to wake up into another dream

  5. “…It seems reality has gone the way of the Dodo…”

    The people with power are flat out weirdo creeps who do crap like channel aliens, spirit cooking and chaos magic…. its no wonder that there is a war on reality

  6. I just got this Story off of Zerohedge; In it, they predict a 70% reduction in the size of the United States population by 2025. Doug Casey comments on the ‘Deagel’ Forecast which appears to be an actual studied prediction by a source that the Defense Department uses. Is there something in the Injections that is going to kill off the majority of Americans, or what? (see link below)

  7. Read the headliner of this week’s episode, NWNW, looked at the image of an aged Zelikow, and thought, no…. No,no,no. No fucking way. No way.

    Unbelievable. But, apparently, I guess it is, way. It is yes way….

    If appointing Zelikow to some sort of Covid Commission isn’t some kind of Cosmic joke, if it isn’t the biggest telltale sign of this entire pandemic being planned behind the scenes – through the hubris of monsters beyond pathological – thought out years in advance, beginning with the decoding of the human genome, rolling right along with gene editing, crispr technology, the sequencing viral gain-of-function, announcing to the world of such wondrous pathology 4 or 5 years prior to unleashing it, while concurrently creating the mRNA technology as to answer their intended problem…if appointing Zelikow to head a fact-finding commission to look into this utter deception, if the purpose of doing so isn’t an attempt to tie the whole of this insanity together with less than nuanced irony into a nice, neat, little bow of unaccountability, then I don’t know what their sick, gnarled and criminal reasoning is.

    I ask, why him? Why Zelikow?

    Is it, perhaps, a very deep seated need, 20 years out, to let us know, in some cryptic Masonic way, that the joke’s still on us?

    • “…s it, perhaps, a very deep seated need, 20 years out, to let us know, in some cryptic Masonic way, that the joke’s still on us?..”


  8. I enjoyed those short clips. Thanks Irene.

  9. Sex Doll = A mimic of a dead person, a mimic of a celebrity person or imagined person
    Sex Doll = Person
    Person = Doll
    Doll = Inanimate Object to be manipulated
    Person = Something to be manipulated

    About 30 years ago during the beginnings of our relationship, my wife (now ex) and I were taking the train back home after a wonderful Spring day seeing the sights and eating out in downtown Dallas. Our stomachs full, the rocking of the train car and rhythm of the tracks, we were having a nice light cheerful and joking conversation.
    I said, Ya know?!…I realized something the other day. It hit me and the world got bright…”
    “When you were a little girl, you used to play with dolls. You know, like a Ken and Barbie.” I proceed to make hand motions of manipulating two dolls and having them talk to each other in a play scenario of a little girl controlling the situation. Ken sits there quietly at the table and has tea. Then Ken does this thing and that thing. Barbie is so pleased. Everybody is happy as Ken does what he is moved around to do. If Ken the doll doesn’t cooperate, more force or anger might be needed by the little girl controlling the scene.

    My wife laughed and laughed. Because it hit home to her as that is what sometimes goes on in our relationship.
    For example: I worked a late shift getting home after dark. She was a teacher and got up at 4:30am. She was terribly upset, crying and sobbing because she wanted me to get out of bed when she did. Well, I started getting up with her at 4:30am even though I had gone to bed 5 hours prior. “Now Barbie and Ken were happy.” (Ken was worn out but he kept his mouth shut.)

    Most of us, played with toy characters when we were young. My brother and I had our little plastic army men or Cowboys & Indians. Video games have their fictional characters.
    These characters (dolls) are manipulated and controlled in different dictated scenarios.

    Kind of like how things are in this Covid era.
    People (dolls) are manipulated and controlled in different dictated scenarios.

  10. Where can I get a kinky rabid k9 Corbett clone sexbot who can fetch copies of the daily mail, catch balls in its fangs, roll over and roger the bejeezus out of me whilst simultaneously chipping in with the housework before spraying me down with an Uzi when it decides enough is enough?

    Cash waiting!

    • thought i was on Voat or poal for a second there… 😉

  11. When I used to attend an “evangelical” church, the following passage was always used against the Catholic church:

    “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; FORBIDDING TO MARRY, and COMMANDING TO ABSTAIN FROM MEATS, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.”

    However, now that we have entered into “The Bill Gates Era”, this passage might very well be used against “The Bill Gates Ilk”. New World Next Week has already covered the coming prohibition of meat comsumption, but with this sex robot story, the door has been opened (just a little) to take the public in the direction of the other prohibition, that of marriage.

    I’ll be looking for it.

  12. Great interview!!! Really appreciate such perspectives, now more so than ever : )

    Stay strong and keep up the good fight!!!

  13. It is 3rd article in a week (after Science Says) where I see Kuhn mentioned:

    “What we do not see is any relationship between lockdowns and disease outcomes.

    This is devastating because the scientists who pushed lockdowns had made specific and falsifiable predictions. This was probably their biggest mistake.

    In doing so, they set up a test of their theory. Their theory failed. This is the sort of moment that causes a collapse of a scientific paradigm, as explained by Thomas Kuhn in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1962).”

  14. very powerful episode holy S! I’m gonna chew on this… reading materials setting up and also that DC madam; I had forgotten about that, I thought she went to jail… anyway: Kudos guys, checks are in the mail (everybody pay up we need to support them now)

    • DC Madam Suicided

      I remember watching the interview by Alex Jones with Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the DC Madam.
      She said,
      “…I have no intention of letting anyone buy me off, make any kind of a deal with me…
      …and I’m not planning to commit suicide either….

      Quotes start around the 40 second mark.
      NOTE: YouTube scrubbed the “suicide” remarks from the toggle transcript.

      • thanks HomeRemedySupply, I have been looking into that. Another one of those assasinations. It is so in the open you wonder why they hide it at all… The kind of folks who don’t let a little thing like democracy get in the way of a good election…

    • That was a very creative 3 minutes!

  15. Funny that, because on twitter today on the Dutch King’s Birthday, a national holiday, the weather is great, and it is a traditionally party day. So now as well, the media is chastising everybody, and ‘hundreds’ of people are in violation etc.

    Where in reality, the parks are full, everybody is partying, and calling for binding together and unity. I mean they are closing the parks now and police are on their way, but we’ll see…

    Reason I post this is that I am also seeing the people binding together and that is a good sign. Let’s hope it is strong enough to withstand the narrative and progression of the implementation of the vaccines and the CovidID check app this june.

    Here is 1 link to a video on twitter, not clickbait, it is from Jorn Luka who is working in the Netherlands as well on some counter culture platforms questioning the narrative. Not on any level we are here, but they’re working on it and that is great.

  16. I also have noticed it, and I’m glad I can still hear the podcasts on this site because the videos no longer work for some reason at least for me. Tahnk you for the tips to get around some of these issues.


      You can use youtube-dl locally on your PC just fine for bitchute and most other sites… youtube periodically changes things and the next update youtube-dl fixes the issue
      Its around for windows and linux, not sure about mac

      do your downloads in a VIRTUALBOX ‘computer’ (which you can run a free VPN on if you want) then use ‘shared folders’ to get your files to your real PC….. MOST viruses and trackers will be left on the virtual computer
      Good video on how to–FqTtBrQ

  17. Not exactly sure, but I have heard about May 7th from Trump supporters that he would be vindicated about the votes; I personally don’t believe that but even so , he is not a stellar “savior” and contributed to so much damage just the same. Although he would have been a better choice than Biden- the fake president that we got illegitimately.

  18. MERCOLA.COM – April 27, 2021
    (Note, also, that recently all Covid-19 health related articles have been expunged from Mercola’s website.)

    Coming COVID Commission Is a Gates-Led Cover-Up

    Story at-a-glance

    A corporate-funded COVID Commission Planning Group is being set up to create and support an investigative commission like that for 9/11. This is a classic illustration of the fox guarding the henhouse

    The planning group is led by Philip Zelikow, former executive director of the 9/11 Commission and a member of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Global Development Program Advisory Panel

    Zelikow is also a strategy group member of the Aspen Institute, a technocratic hub that has groomed and mentored executives from around the world about the subtleties of globalization

    The COVID Commission Planning Group includes more than two dozen virologists, public health personas and former government officials, and is backed by four charitable foundations — all of whom have histories revealing them to be part of the technocratic alliance that for years have been plotting and planning for the wealth redistribution and global power grab we’re now experiencing

    These foundations include Schmidt Futures, the Skoll Foundation, Stand Together Foundation (Koch Network) and the Rockefeller Foundation. The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, which co-hosted Event 201, a pandemic preparedness simulation for a “novel coronavirus,” is also involved….

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