Interview 1637 – James Corbett on Declare Your Independence

by | May 9, 2021 | Interviews | 29 comments

James Corbett joins Ernest Hancock for his weekly appearance on Declare Your Independence. This week they discuss: the Quigley formula, 6G, the information-industrial complex, Cody Wilson, the fourth turning, “neuro-rights” and salt marches.

*PLEASE NOTE: I said Cecil “B.” Rhodes a couple of times here. Was I thinking of Cecil B. DeMille? In any event, it’s of course Cecil John Rhodes.

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Meet Carroll Quigley

The last will and testament of Cecil John Rhodes : with elucidatory notes to which are added some chapters describing the political and religious ideas of the testator

Interview 1158 – Joe Plummer Teaches Tragedy and Hope 101

New ‘6G chip’ could download Netflix film in ‘less than a blink of the eye’

The Information-Industrial Complex

Post-Political: A Speech

The Fourth Turning: Why America’s “Crisis” May Last Until 2030

What’s in your head? Just like in Nolan’s ‘Inception’, brain tech can hack your mind; ‘neuro-rights’ can keep you safe


  1. Dr Mercola Website Articles on Covid Health Expunged
    Old West Ramrod, Ernie Hancock & IPFS

    Tune in at around 20:45 minute mark
    Someone asks, “Ernie, did you have permission to do that?”
    Ernie responds, “No. No we didn’t.”
    Someone then balks with, But…but they might…but what about…”
    Ernie, “I don’t give a crap…”

    I love this perspective.
    I raise my glass to it all, toasting Flippant Insouciance to Authorities.

    flippant – DEFINITION – not showing a serious or respectful attitude; somewhat ‘playful’ lack of seriousness
    insouciance – DEFINITION – lighthearted unconcern, disregard (with a grin), nonchalance

    Dr Mercola is Removing All Articles Related to Vitamin D, C and Zinc and COVID-19

    • Where can you download a hard copy of these articles? It’s very useful information.

      I bought some Ivermectin just in case, but it’s for horses so have to adjust the dose incase I needed it (doubt I will, but just in case).

      One of my neighbors used Ivermectin when she got Covid. She said it worked. She was older in her 60s without co-morbidities.

  2. Great stuff, subbing to the RSS now

  3. Starting at the 24:50 minute mark, some very important points are underscored by James Corbett.

    Corbett mentions that some folks say, “Oh James, you’re just talk, talk, talk. When are you going to do something?”
    I call Bullshit.
    Those people don’t know squat.

    Santa Claus Brings 9/11 Truth to Japan
    (7 minutes)

    When did the person making such an evaluative statement about lack of activism actually go out solo on a cold windy day and disseminate flyers?
    James wasn’t with a group. He did it solo. There are very few folks who can stomach doing a one person activism gig.

    Hell, a year or two back, James had been out helping folks recover from a flooded house in Japan. That’s nasty, hot, humid work.

    Corbett has paid his dues. He only has a limited number of hours per day.

    People who strain at criticalness need to get real.
    Corbett has a wife and two young kids, plus family members and friends, plus an email inbox which must require 5 servers everyday when it fills up. Corbett has a lot on his plate, seven days a week.
    I like the hat that he wears. He wears it extremely well.

    • Home Remedy,
      I felt a need to respond to those remarks by James about some people saying that he doesn’t actually do anything, when in fact what he does with his well researched Documentaries is about the most important thing anybody can do.
      Masses of People have been led astray time and time again throughout history, yet once in a while someone manages to get the People thinking Philosophically, and as a result, they don’t follow the false prophet.
      If the best of Corbett Report were to replace CBS’s “60 Minutes” we wouldn’t have a Scamdemic because People would know the truth.

    • This is outrageous!
      Look at all those people near each other singing and clapping without masks in church!
      Throw everyone in jail who exhales CO2! Save the planet from Covid Climate Change.
      Quick…get the Brainchips ready. We need more tyrannical Nazi Communist Stalinist Brownshirts to protect us from the Human Beings.
      Damn those Human Beings…they are so hard to control.

      17 second video of church service

  4. I’m halfway through the interview. A very good and lively interaction. My son lives in Phoenix. The mayor of Phoenix is a tyrant. She is just plain awful. 100F in Phoenix yesterday. Will finish watching tonight. Thanks to James and Ernest. It amazes me that James Corbett has enough time in the day for family, career, and his website.

  5. DogStar,
    I feel ya.

    Try this line:
    “I’m exempt from wearing a mask. I can’t get Covid and I can’t give it to anyone else. I have T-Cell and B-Cell immunity. My Ig antibody count is out the roof. My blood sample titers look great! So, I am not threat to anyone. I can’t transmit Covid and I can’t get Covid.”

    Ask “Why?” questions if they balk. Then repeat the above line after their justification.

    – Verbal Introversion Tactic – (I don’t like using it, but if I’m grumpy, then I will.)
    Ask questions designed to have the other person look inside their head. ”Why can’t you see this? Why don’t you understand basic facts? Why are you acting this way?”

    The “Why?” questions can be supplemented with evaluations, followed with nuanced, cutting, invalidating remarks disguised as questions. ”You are really uninformed. Don’t you listen to Dr. Fauci and the CDC? Do you ever watch the news? Don’t you know 5th Grade Science?”
    Like I said, I hate utilizing this type of introversion approach.

    The “Introversion Verbal Tactic” may not win the argument, but it certainly will haunt the receiver the rest of the day.

    (I practice my lines at home or when driving just so I don’t get tongue-tied.)

    • HRS; Don’t tell them anything! Ignore them! Do not give them credence by a reply. They are the Pod People, the undead.
      Arguing with drunks, and the insane is a useless endeavor.

      • Arguing with an idiot is like wrestling a pig in the mud. After a while, you realize they are really enjoying it.

  6. Just wanted to mention to all the Carol Quigley geeks and prospective geeks, Quigley wrote more then Tragedy & hope and The Anglo-American establishment, the Evolution of Civilizations is a landmark piece of work that is virtually unknown outside the Georgetown elites, many gems in that work especially to the enthusiast of anthropology.

  7. DogStar; I agree with your position and situation. I also do not want to go out into the community, if there is such a thing.
    It is all about individuals. There is no community. We all exist and act in our own best interests and the “community” is a by product of individuals working for their own self interests.
    There is no “common good”. This is Communism bullshit!
    So what if Tom, Jose, Omar, Trevon, and Yoshi all die from the disease? Less competition for us and more wealth. They should have taken better care of themselves.
    This Kumbaya stuff drives me nuts. No one, but family, has ever helped me out in an altruistic way.
    It’s human nature.

    • The fact that you are feeling the brunt of this garbage just reflects you character and the enhanced state of awareness, that’s all. To react with anything less than disgust to sickness and depravity would be subhuman.

      Voting with your dollars, or whatever it says on your funny paper, is always the best option, especially when followed by an explicit statement that expresses your determination to defund a specific establishment, but being part of a vast minority (I keep looping back to the 3% rule these days) makes the approach less effective.

      A sustained effort is of paramount importance.

  8. It was interesting to hear your comments about marriage laws in various states. What has caused issues with me, as an anarchist as commended in the Bible, is that the Bible is clear that marriage begins with sex and ends with death. The greatest flack is from the institutional church, but then I also make the case that “The Bible is true and the institutional church is a fraud” ( The answers are clear, but don’t dare ask the right questions, and ignore anyone who brings up evidence. Just join the club, religious, statist, corporate, or fraternal, and you will be happy, if you ignore the boot over you.

  9. DogStar,

    May I also add as one who has never worn a mask that I lament for you at the cost you have paid.

    As a software developer who has been telecommuting for years, the impact on me has been low.

    However, there are stores, both local and corporate chains, that have had the mandate for their customers, and I simply will not return. This is a vote with my dollars.

    I am also an avid aggressive walker doing about a marathon distance a week. At 65, I am probably healthier than the majority in their 20s.

    I also do that dreaded thing of buying as much of my food as I can from outdoor farmers’ markets that I just happen to walk to. I recommend it.

    It is my hope that you will find that local community that is right for you. The farmers’ market might be a great place to start.

    Also, I do have a valid medical excuse. I am sentient.

    • Oh, you are one of those people who suffer from CSS*, ehi?

      *common sense syndrome

    • “I am sentient” The perfect riposte! Wonderful.

  10. Howdy, I had some input in regards to contracts that could be used by a pirate or two.

    There’s a section in Bob Podalsky’s book Flourish, , that lists the elements that all ethical contracts should contain. I made a PDF of that section and showed it to my wife before we got married 😉

    I didn’t find that specific passage on the website, but there is some good info here, , until you get your hands on the book. Curious if Bob would be opposed to saving his work on IPFS so it doesn’t get lost to the sands of time!

    Haven’t seen the site updated in quite awhile, but Bob Podalsky’s work on Octologues is a precursor to Derrick Broze and John Bush’s Freedom cells.

  11. The CIA was using the Stealth Bomber for about 25 years before it was made public and used by the Air force.
    Indeed, in all likelihood the CIA finally got something better than the Stealth Bomber to play with, so they felt like they could afford to let the Stealth Bomber go Public.
    Most of the CIA Secret Aircraft can not be Identified by anyone that is not part of the program.

    • “…IMO classic secret service stuff, methods and means are way more terrifying than a threat from omnipotent, general purpose AI (Which according to WEF needs a body to experience itself) which is anyway nothing but a psyop….”

      Wrong… general AI that thinks like a person is a long way away (if it ever happens) BUT for wading thru the huge amount of data that your average person pee’s off into cyberspace every day it’s easily good enough to predict most peoples behavior.

      The FBI agent had to a)take an interest in you and b)spend his limited time digging up data on you THEN c) process that thru the lense of his experience… AI and big data can do that to everyone, at all times, almost for free

      Think of it like AI film colorization- it does not need to understand what red or green are and how they relate- it just needs to crunch thru enough data and learn by trial and error…. the next generation is doing their school work on google doc’s and I would bet you a hundred bucks that at some point (probably NOW…) its gonna get fed thru a learning algorithm and compared to kids life behaviors.

      The AI does not need to understand the objects it colors OR the human its predicting , just the PATTERN that go together …the ONLY way to stay ahead of it is to stop feeding your data into the system

    • An important point about AI was made by Denis. The movie version of AI is where a computer essentially thinks like a human. This is known as generalized Artificial Intelligence. There is simply no clue how to do this.

      What we actually see that is given the name AI, is simply using a large amount of data to algorithmically come to a conclusion.

      It is like going through a deck of 52 playing cards. If I already know the first 50 played, my guess at the next card will be a lot more accurate than someone else who knows few or none of what has already been played. The AI we hear of today is this model scaled up. It is not the idea of thought.

      AI is helping make a more informed decision, but algorithms written by humans do the decision making.

      Putting a female face on a robot and giving it citizenship in Saudi Arabia is marketing and is not in anyway a step toward a machine that thinks, humans being replaced, or being able to put your mind into a computer to live forever.

      This is hype. It is a distraction to keep you at bay. It is for control.

  12. In response to the criticism you claim to oft receive of “you just talk, do something”, and your evolved response “I am. I am producing information, completely freely available”, I have a short rant.

    Yes, entirely.

    Activism is useful. History shows various tactics being more successful than others at different places and times. Your reference to the Salt March by Ghandi is wonderful example of non-violent resistance, which I believe to be the most effective tactic in the long run. Margaret Kimberley in a recent CN Live video referenced the burning of a Police building as a precedent of the charging of Chauvin.

    However, none of this non-violent of violent protest happens without awareness. Thus, the importance of media. There is a lovely quote from Stephen Kinzer whilst promoting his book “Overthrow” in which he highlights that the proprietor of the New York Review in the late 1890’s realised that to get people to buy a newspaper every day he needed a “running” story, and that war is the best of these. He thus propagandized towards the US/Spanish war for his profit. The other profiteers are the people making the armaments and the military leadership. Thus, the “Militiary Industrial Complex” begins not when Eisenhower names it in 1961 but in the 1890’s. I would argue long before. The MIC was really the MICC (congressional) because the Congress held the purse strings, but hidden is the Media part of it, the importance of which is demonstrated by Operation Mockingbird. Ray McGovern now calls it the MICIMATT (Military Industrial Congressional Intelligence Media Academic (and) Think Tank) complex. I think he’s about right. I would add “Human Rights/Media Freedom NGO’s” in there somewhere.

    Against this juggernaut of established self interest little old James Corbett is just documenting, with citation, alternative analyses. Based upon this and other publications a “resistance” may grow, or not. But, without an alternate narrative it will not.

    So, James, thank you. You *are* doing ‘something’, and it is a foundation for other activism.

    Or, to respond to their question of question of “why aren’t you doing something?” I would say:

    Take some time to study history and geopolitics and the mechanisms of power and revolution and change. Then come back and ask a better question.

    Which is the nice way of saying “Fuck off you idiot” or “engage brain before mouth”.

    Keep it up!

  13. I have been listening to Corbett for about 10 years and this is the first interview which I cancelled in the middle. Obviously Hancock’s parent with a uterus never taught him that it is rude to interrupt.

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