Interview 1638 – James Corbett Redpills the Permaculture Crowd

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Takota Coen of the Building Your Permaculture Property podcast talks to James Corbett about why the permaculture movement needs to wake up to the conspiracy reality before it’s too late. After recommending three reports to help people understand the systems of control that are steering society right now and giving an overview of the coming technocratic neo-feudal biosecurity state, James confronts the canards about overpopulation and the programmed propaganda training the public to desire their own death. Finally, James and Takota talk about solutions and the way forward.


Building Your Permaculture Property podcast

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Evidence for Informed Trading on the Attacks of September 11 (including info on Wirt Walker III)

SEC admits its 9/11 informed trading investigation records were destroyed

Meet Paul Ehrlich, Pseudoscience Charlatan

The Ultimate Resource by Julian Simon

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Solutions: The Peer-to-Peer Economy


  1. James explains the Reaction to his 2005 silly Joke at Canadian Customs as his wake-up call.
    I have had similar encounters from both Canadian and U.S. Customs over the years, but the one that seems most relevant here is being subjected to similar Interrogation by Canadian Customs in 2012 when crossing into Windsor Ontario. Having been a Teacher myself, I, of coarse, had to find out why I set off the Interrogation, which backed me up an hour or so (believe it or not, I would have thought I had better things to do, but then, I would not have this story to tell). As it turns out, (and they did not directly tell me this), it was the “Liberty Radio” (think Erie Hancock) Bumper Sticker on my car. I don’t doubt that I was already on their “Interesting Person” List, however I think they needed find out about this “Liberty Radio” connection. In others words, they, (the international Oligarchs) needed more information as to how to keep this guy off the Radio.
    Jame’s Silly Joke in 2005 was taken as disrespectful of Canadian Customs and a display of not being under the Spell of their Propaganda. Yep, Canadian Customs found James to be a “Person of Interest”, or an “Interesting Person” in my book.
    And, the rest is History, eh!
    Keep up the Good Work!

    • Thank you for your story, and for referencing James’.

      I wish to invoke the “compassion for the torturer” argument. (Shoot me down).

      Firstly, I am not making any legal argument, and secondly I am not condoning these actions by “Border Force” or whatever they’re called.

      I can, however, see their responses inside their realm. You’re working at Airport Security not because you are rich, but because you got the job and it pays well enough. You are instructed to probe/investigate/read/interrogate travellers’ possessions and information because TERRORISTS. And you believe this mass propaganda.

      This is the important bit: just like the “Blue Line” unity of insulation from reproach by the USA police, it exists everywhere. These privileged, armed forces feel a need to defend their power because *they* believe that they are “defending X”. This is the *background* propaganda. And, they have reason to believe this because they catch drug traffickers or whatever else.

      So, thats the background and you throw “terrorists” on that. Of course they go ballistic.

      I ask you all to consider these “border control agents”. Some are surely just racist power hunger arseholes, but many are just “feed my family” regular people. The fact that they are collectively co-opted into this abuse of civil rights is interesting.

      (Breathe out) Now for the really shitty part. During the Nuremberg Trials it was decided that following an order to do some heinous crime was not an excuse. Where is the incentivisation and propaganda included in these verdicts? (Again, I am not a lawyer, this is not a legal argument). There are things which should be morally repugnant to anyone; burning people alive. But, there are lesser actions “controlling food availability” or whatever, which require a dismantling of moral guards. This is possible via propaganda and influence/bribery.

      There it is. To what degree should “you have to refuse illegal orders” be applied to a heavily propagandized population of legally insulated forces of coercive power?

      I have no answers, but pose the difficulty.

    • Wow! I forgot I made that comment back in May. For some reason the world seems like a different place now in 2022.
      In August I traveled about 7500 miles over 29 days crossing over 16 States. I met a lot of people camping and what not, but I didn’t even try to get into Canada. We stayed a couple of nights in the Black Hills of South Dakota at Center lake in Custer State Park (he was from Michigan, not that I should be proud of that,but eh). Anyway it was a great two night stay with no hassles other than my buddy had to use a credit card to pay (I gave him my half in cash). From there we stayed in Thermopolis, WY(home of the largest hot springs in the world)at some Private RV Park on the main highway through town. We were the only Tenters, but the lady of the Park was happy to take my cash with no paperwork. Then,it was off to Cody, WY where I found another Private Park willing to take cash. We had a little fun in Cody that night by watching a Gun Fight. It was staged, they do it all summer long.
      Then it was off to Yellowstone National Park where the Federal Government Rules. Mark bought a National Park Senior Pass which required Identification and was good for major discounts on camping, When I went to pay they wanted to see my ID so I just let Mark pay and gave him cash later. It worked out well because we never had to stop at a Bank. We were lucky to get one night in Yellowstone without reservations so we spent a second night in the National Forest north of Yellowstone and came back into the Park the next day. The National Forest Camp had no water or electric, but it did have Vaulted Toilets, and we found some Bear shit a few hundred feet from our camp. It was $15 per night and I put the cash in an envelope. I think we hit another National forest Camp in Montana with the same rules, a State Park Camp Ground in WA and then we settle down for a week west of Seattle in Kitsap County where I lived for 11 years. Everybody was pushing the Masks out there. We had to escape to the Olympic Mountains where we visited many of my favorite camping areas. Then it was south on Highway 101 where we stayed a few nights off the coast and over to Crater Lake National Park where I think we stayed three nights. The Sunsets on Crater Lake are supposed to be awesome, however do to all of the forest fires (which we saw up close) the western sky wasn’t letting the Sun come through.
      That said, the next night was in Carson City which we went to because this 27 year women, who was staying on the next camp site, needed a ride there.

      [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  2. james i’d like to thank you again for the 485’th time. you are a gentleman and a scholar. a rare example of someone who has, and is, helping the world see through the gauze. to break the indoctrination. to lift. not kick. fucking awesome buddy.

    thank you


    • +1 from me, thanks a million. I can honestly say this community and James has changed my life.

      I like it when at times he is less patient and just says it like it is.
      Good interviewer also though, I am going to check that network out. I am becoming more and more into that homesteading thing.

      My moment of clarity in this interview was also the ‘Just walk away’ comment. Because that minimises their influence. And the price for not having to run the rat race and be left alone is minor: I do not want what they have to offer.

      It almost is starting to feel like the 19th century farmer who goes into town sometimes for supplies. Then goes back to his farm. In and out of that world. Hopefully with very little or no interference.

      Hopefully we are not being jammed into a corner to such an extent we are forced to become either criminalised or have to become very vocal, attain power and become suicided.

      Either way, I think I am choosing to fly under the radar…

  3. What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley feared was that there would be no reason to ban a book, for there would be no one who wanted to read one. Orwell feared those who would deprive us of information. Huxley feared those who would give us so much that we would be reduced to passivity and egoism. Orwell feared that the truth would be concealed from us. Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance. Orwell feared we would become a captive culture. Huxley feared we would become a trivial culture, preoccupied with some equivalent of the feelies, the orgy porgy, and the centrifugal bumblepuppy. As Huxley remarked in Brave New World Revisited, the civil libertarians and rationalists who are ever on the alert to oppose tyranny “failed to take into account man’s almost infinite appetite for distractions.” In 1984, Huxley added, people are controlled by inflicting pain. In Brave New World, they are controlled by inflicting pleasure. In short, Orwell feared that what we hate will ruin us. Huxley feared that what we love will ruin us.

    • Orwell was the child of a family which had made money during the Opium Wars in China, and was a policeman in British occupied Burma. He resigns and spent years living amongst the poor of society in the UK and continental europe (France, principally). He then went to fight against the fascists in Spain and wrote Animal Farm, an allegory of the communist revolution in Russia. Following that, whilst dying of a Dickensian disease Tuberculosis, wrote 1984.

      I would say that the man was complex, and his motives too. He certainly was a stickler for a style or writing which is as devoid from fluffery as one can get.

      Huxley came from a privileged family, and that makes me intensely suspicious. Orwell rejected his privilege and tried to find his own truth. Neither situation improves either argument; judge for yourself. Insight can be obtained from both.

      I love your final line “In short, Orwell feared that what we hate will ruin us. Huxley feared that what we love will ruin us” but I think your analysis is a little short.

      Orwell was saying that the *generation* of hate will ruin us.

      Huxley was saying that the *generation* of affection will ruin us.

      And there is the commonality. c.f. Edward Bernays.

  4. …The general public is being reduced to where people not only are unable to find out about the truth they also become unable to search for the truth. They are satisfied with deception and trickery that have determined their convictions. They are satisfied with a fictitious reality created by design… – Josef Pieper

    • Yes.

      Russia, China, USA, Chile and Togo are divine and absolute. Their motives are pure and their histories are inviolate and precise.

      Everyone else is a heathen, uneducated, inferior, unworthy human living under the despotic rule of an equally horrible regime. The coalition of the willing Togo, Chile, USA, China and Russia shall defeat these despotic regimes to free the poor unworthy, inferior, uneducated, heathen humans from the despotic rule under which they suffer.

      So be it writ.

    • This person really gets it. The part about people believing nothing is real anymore very much resonates – I see this in so many people in my town and it is difficult to talk to. I really liked what she had to say to this and everything else for that matter. Thanks for sharing this link.

    • Thanks for the video.
      Maria is excellent passionate motivational speaker.

      In this speech her target audience is, lets say awakened people. Many would say she did a good job, not really I would say. There is a lot of prevailing misconceptions in her thought and psychologizing (and talking about “our rights” what makes me sick). Her last statement shows that well: “…….defend our true nature, which is: freedom and love.”
      Freedom, ok…but…love????
      Love sounds great, beautiful, inspiring….but also misleading, for flourishing human coexistence much more is needed and thankfully also is part of human nature, for example Fairness.
      Love, love comes later, I’m even inclined to believe it is a corollary.

      • New age is a hard drug, indeed. Have a friend who is sky high on mindfulness, a variety of this drug that is pimped today. I’ve heard recently from many people around about workshops on this topic, holy shit. Today’s age of individualism and reasonable discontent with life provides fertile grounds for this kind of escapism (and mf corona as cherry on the top).
        The Case Against Love you say, waauuu, I have to read. Haven’t found, please send better coordinates.

  5. Hi, I am from Romania and this is my first post here 🙂

    When I was in engineering university, I found this book called “steal this computer book”. One of the many things in that book was to search alternative news if your purpose on earth is not to be the perfect subject your government wants. It was assuming that the government is not always telling the truth. The author wanted to be nice, not telling it like it is.
    Anyway, that sticked to my mind, “news” we get are not trustworthy.
    In the last 30+ years of postcomunism I never saw a government that had population welfare in their mind.
    Now I am expecting the worst parts from both systems to show in our future and I am glad to get here a reliable source of information.

    • Hey! Welcome Mihai! I’m sure that I speak for all Corbett Members in welcoming you to the comment boards.

      I enjoyed reading your anecdote about “Steal This Computer Book”.
      Back in the hippie era of the 1970’s, Abbie Hoffman has a book titled: Steal This Book.
      I was a young man then, and Gosh Durn!…I should had stolen it. ..or at least had bought a pallet load so I could retire now. 😉

      Today it goes for $449.49 online.

    • Mihai,

      As HomeRemedySupply said, Welcome!

      I would like to warn you about “a reliable source of information”. You may come to that view, but that is not what James is promising. He gives his understanding or interpretation based on sources which are always published. He would ask you to view those sources and come to your own conclusions, which may vary from his.

      This is critically important. If one changes from believing commentator A to believing commentator B what has one achieved? If one examines the motives and sources from A one can understand their veracity and intentions. The same with B. One can then form one’s own ideas which may take parts of A and B into a new understanding.

      Which is to say, this is not a church of dogma, but a community of ideas. Look, study, think, choose, synthesize, evolve. When you feel inspired, feel free speak your own truth.

      Again, I say Welcome, and speak your truth when inspired.

  6. A wonderful conclusion to the episode.

    The fact that TPTB spend so much effort propagandizing you tells you that getting you to believe their narratives REALLY matters to them. i.e you plural have the power.

  7. That was an awesome interview! Hey, if Takota is in here or anyone else can pass on a message (I only found him on YouTube and I can’t comment as I closed my google account) please ask him to start an odysee or bitchute channel… I’d love to watch and be able to share his stuff with the small, but growing group of people I’ve got to start supporting the alternative platforms here in Saskatchewan. Thanks!

  8. Takota Coen does a splendid job of directing “The Story” in #15-James Corbett: Why Permaculturists need to become “conspiracy theorists”, aka “Interview 1638 – James Corbett Redpills the Permaculture Crowd”.

    I loved Takota’s analogy of the Fire!
    His questions helped to guide a person along upon new discoveries, and Corbett’s responses were an excellent refresher for old members.
    James does an excellent job of underscoring important aspects. Ya hear it in his voice.
    Facts and information gain context and relevance when told in “The Story”.

    I really enjoy The Stories at The Corbett Report.

    • Hi HRS,

      Yes, “The Fire” was a masterful metaphor.

      I would contrast this with the recent “Declare your independence” episode. Here, Takota Coen showed himself as a well prepared and gentle coaxing interviewer. He James’d James. 🙂

  9. Awesome summary of topics and conclusion! You are changing the world to be a better place!

  10. “Takota Coen of the Building Your Permaculture Property podcast talks to James Corbett about why the permaculture movement needs to wake up to the conspiracy reality before it’s too late.”

    Absolutely true.
    A lot of nice folks. but too many Greta cultists and LGBT supporters amongst permaculturists. Promoting the agenda without evening knowing.
    When I took my PDC course they told us that “The Limits to Growth” by the Club of Rome was a must read to understand the real problems of the world and to prepare ourselves to face the challenges in front of us to better protect the environment.
    Go figure.

  11. SerasG, you are not alone.

    Each of us has been through multiple “it hurt, but it was a good hurt” discovery moments. Well acknowledged!

    Take it at your own pace. A warning: notice your own desires in “helping” / “converting” others to this awareness. There is an urge to yell at everyone “why dont you know this!”.

    Be calm in your knowledge that you can act, and will find your support local and remote, when you look for it. The gentlest hand and a tonne of listening is the most empowering for all.

    Peace be with you.

  12. Hi AnimalsArentFood,

    Yes, a great episode.

    There are many opportunities to expand your inspiration. Whilst I greatly appreciate James’ publications, there are other “truth tellers” out there, some contemporary, and a vast lineage of them in our past.

    There are poets, playwrights, historians, philosophers, political activists, revolutionaries, priests, mullahs, writers, film makers, and people just down the street.

    The really fun part is that that whilst writing a poet may also write plays in a historical context in which a philosophy is presented which has a political objective, which may be revolutionary and incorporate religious moral truths which may be converted into a film which your neighbour wishes to discuss!

    Inspiration is everywhere, especially in your garden or local park.

    With love.

  13. Hi Bob.
    Maybe it’s not clear because my english sucks.
    Sorry about that, english is not my native language.

    I just wanted to say that many of the people in the permaculture world are genuinely trying to find some solutions for a better way of living, but at the same time they are totally unaware of the fact that they are pushing the same agenda of those who are trying to make the world darker and darker.
    Most of them have fallen in the scam of the global warming and consider Greta as their Messiah, or support the LGBT movement (or Black Lives Matters) thinking that they are fighting for the rights of people, without being aware of the agenda behind it.

    But hey, not even a word against the Corona scam and the freedom-killing restrictions the people have been forced to since the last year.

    Let me know if now you can understand better what I’m trying to say.
    Again, sorry for my broken english. I try my best.

    • Greta is saying that the house is burning, not me.
      I just say that many people are pointing the hose at the wrong target. They should focus on fighting the real enemies, and realize that they are being manipulated by the propaganda.

  14. Wonderful interview, James. I am going to look into Takota’s site also.

    When you both spoke about what the human mind and energy and direction is cabable of (mushrooms and nuclear waste!) it brought to mind Catherine Austin Fitts who quite frequently speaks of the wealth that everyone could experience through decentralization. (She created a program back in the 90’s which was stolen by the powers that shouldn’t be)

    It also put me in mind of Zach Bush and his thoughts about regeneration of the earth.

    A breath of fresh air – yes, real fresh air! – in these turbulent times.

    Thanks again!

  15. Booglbere (good-thankyou),
    but easy does it on the bower birds mate.

    more cold coming,, history’s a row of ice-cycles? maybe. There are definitely larger scales of which we are a part than anyone could chuck a one or zero at.

    A law man said similar.
    me: “how come so much worldwide genocide over the past 2 centurys?”
    elder lawman: “your thinking on a small scale. 200yrs vs 60,000 of oral history (some of the dreamtime stories claim/describe millions of years of life) 200 is just a hiccup..

    One solution is to demo the “pyramids”: something to do with grass, and roots? But individuals are more like trees than grass. ok, we got regen happening, we got food corridors that are bikable, we got hamlet after compound after village specializing in kinds of food, and music, dance, sport, anything that doesn’t require big industry,,, life is maybe shorter but with much greater meaning, fancy tech sloughs off to make way for elements that allow the mind-body to more fully activate. Remains of space shuttles and nanobot rona-delivery vehicles are whisps of gutter dust, while siddhi type power becomes commonplace, (only possible because we’ve learned to have no interest but care a whole lot).
    siddhi powers:

    Sounds like fun, til someone rocks up with another biggest gun.

    Perhaps the real value of taking a chance on love can only be realized once the last flat screen fades? debrancher la machine infernal, as kubrick told: to beat hal, pull the plug.

    even when fire erases through, seeds of bleeding heart are in the ground, ready, do spring forth, and according to oral history and carbon dating, so can many fauna, including humans.

    One obstacle is immaturity: originally community’s thrived in part from the maturing of its members through “initiations”; Essentially, through various trials, or meaningful engagement with that which is wild, the survivors would realize a sense of gratitude and respect for how the village or tribe or family was the reason they had life at all. That reverence was the required inspiration to do their part to keep it rolling..

    Now a days, very few people have real respect for having been gifted life, and there are no villages to embrace the return of a youth that outwitted death.

    This is described from actual experience with masterful eloquence in “long life honey in the heart”

    James, there is great inevitability from one line to the next in the flow of your syntax, that is no small part of how your work will continue to help many make the leap from cave shadows to the actual roses, keep goin bruz, and may the forests return.

  16. I also wonder why when we (!) are literally drowning,  up to our collective necks in garbage, we are obsessing over ‘climate’ — what was gained and what was lost by having shifted the attention away from pollution, emissions, toxic spills, the war machine, big Pharma/Agro, GMOs, the polluters, the plunderers and extractors… to ‘Climate’?!
    Who profits?

  17. Love you James!! Keep up the good fight. Where would we be without you? A lot less hope, I tell ya. Hope isn’t everything, but it is a good start. As long as you have some, there will always be some.

  18. He nearly stumbled into 3rd reich analogies, i never like that because its too easy and most of it not based on facts. Im german and my grandparents never had a hard time or encountered this papers please ideologie back then, it was just fine if you were german. Those tyranny analogies just dont work when you look how german people lived, sure might not apply to other nationalities but if we go on that train you dont need analogies because alot countries mistreat minorities or other groups not belonging to their country as of now.

    Beside lots of the so called facts from germany 1933-45 are based on myth and lies which was nothing else then propaganda back then but made it to now(on purpose often to justify victimhood).

  19. Excellent interview!

    The way I see the oligarch’s towering systems of oppression is through an analogy found in nature. It is like when there is a big old tree that has become rotten on the inside, though it may still obscure the sun, we can make it so it’s roots no longer draw strength. Whether by our conscious effort or by the inevitable accelerating trajectory of a hyper-centralized parasitic global empire, there will come the day when it falls under it`s own weight. It`s up to those of us who know this, to quicken this collapsing by not feeding into the parasitic system that still “obscures the sun” for so many. Through becoming self sufficient and living/speaking the truth we are preparing the soil for the seeds of a new civilization to take hold when the time is right and the parasitic system falls.

    We will peacefully and joyfully resist their desperate move to justify the existence of their corrupt empire through creating regenerative oasis’s in each of the communities where we live. We will accomplish this through planting regenerative gardens, creating natural medicines with plants/fungi, creating regenerative initiatives (that offer outreach programs to help the young and vulnerable in our communities find their footing) setting up “food is free project(s)”, “seeds are free projects”, helping each other through challenging times through compassion, kindness, understanding, love, collaboration, symbiosis and moral courage. We will show the oligarchs that we can thrive and exist in peaceful symbiosis with Mother Earth, each other and our fellow non-human beings without their corporations and corrupt degenerative government systems.

    We will create such abundance and emergent resilience that it will spill over into the neighborhoods and communities around us, sending ripples out that shift the tide from fear to hope and render their toxic centralized systems of dependence and oppression obsolete to one day leave them behind.

    It is for times such as these that Gandhi used Satyagraha — the force of truth to resist unjust laws and empires peacefully and non violently. In nature one of her most innate truths and constants is her irrepressible capacity for regeneration. We can align with this innate facet of the living planet that sustains us and become irrepressible as well. Those that engage in permaculture design in their daily lives know this is true.

    We can choose to be the living embodiment of truth and agents of the regenerative capacity of Mother Earth in each of our communities.
    We can plant the seeds for abundance, health and hope. We can do this one regenerative garden and one regenerative community at a time.

    It is time to move past the era of followers and leaders, peasants and princes, worshipers and saviors, minions and tyrants and usher in the age of self governed and self reliant human beings which collaborate of their own free will to leave this world a little more beautiful than it was before.

  20. James, your work often reminds me of the action of a substance that is sometimes used in permaculture design and regenerative agriculture called “EM1”.

    EM1 is a mixture of beneficial micro-organisms that helps protect the plants against pathogenic organisms by setting up a proactive defense against organisms that can have a pathogenic relationship with plants. When applied to the soil/compost pile, it accelerates the breakdown of that which is dead and dying, serving to dissolve that which no longer serves us and helps to transform that material into food for the next generation of plants. In addition to optimizing the resilience and defensive capacities of plants via creating symbiotic relationships on a cellular level, the organisms present in the EM1 solution also increase the vigor and productivity of the plants via increasing their ability to photosynthesize and access nutrients from the soil.

    In many ways your work helps fortify the minds and bodies of human beings in a similar way to how the EM1 protects/augments plants (empowering one to set up a proactive defense against the weapons of psychological and biological warfare the oligarchs are targeting us with via providing actionable intelligence and a framework for symbiotically connecting with a community of like minds). Your work also serves to augment and improve the productivity and creativity of people (in a similar way to how EM1 boosts plant vigor) via educating people about how to avoid the pitfalls of the rigged fiat money system, predatory industrial “medical” system and via providing ways to take action to improve one’s quality of life via segments/articles such as your Solutions Watch series.

    Another similarity I see in your work to the action/potential of EM1 is that (if one is motivated) a small amount of EM1 can be scaled up for larger projects/applications (via feeding the micro-organisms) negating the requirement to make further purchases or acquire the substance from a centralized distribution system. Similarly, since your provide ample footnotes, links to source documents, suggested reading lists and invite people to ask questions, the motivated individual is capable of using your work to cultivate a deeper understanding and propel themselves forward to learn more about important issues (without the need to depend on you to tell them what to think or have to go to one central source for their info).

    This is my permaculture design minded nerdy way of saying I really appreciate your work. 🙂

    (I will post an additional comment with more info on the EM1 consortium for anyone interested in learning more about the science)

    • EM1 is a trademarked name for a specific consortium of organisms that are well suited to symbiotically co-exist with all parts of a plant. While the product you get may not have the same name, the only thing that matters is that you have a mixture of photosynthetic bacteria (they are a type of purple nonsulfur bacteria, Rhodopseudomonas spp. is a good example), lactic acid bacteria, (Lactobacillus spp. are often included) and yeasts (such as Saccharomyces spp.). The most impressive organism in that consortium are the photosynthetic bacteria as they are independent self-sustaining microorganisms. These organisms are part of a group of rare species called “photoheterotrophs”. They are capable of harvesting energy from the sun and soil heat and use it to convert exudates from root systems, soil organic fraction and gases such as ammonia into building materials of cells such as amino acids, nucleic acids and sugars. Thus, whether they are applied to seeds, the root zone, or the leaves, it is an organism that increases the photosynthetic capacity of the plant by at least 20% and also acts like a “pro-biotic defense system” fighting off other microorganisms that are pathogenic in nature (such as various molds/mildews).

      Studies have shown that not only does the use of effective microorganisms in soil suppress soil-borne pathogens, but also increases the decomposition of organic materials and consequently the availability of mineral nutrients and important organic compounds to plants. In addition, EM enhances the activities of beneficial indigenous microorganisms, for example, mycorrhizae which fix atmospheric nitrogen thereby negating the need for the use of chemical fertilizer. Improvement in soil fertility has a significant positive effect on plant growth, flowering, fruit development and ripening in crops.

      The introduction of a population of beneficial bacteria (EM) in the soil has a supporting effect in reducing soil-associated microbiological diseases. The inoculation of EM stimulates “Rotation effect”, an occurrence that comes as a result of regeneration of beneficial organisms and elimination of pathogenic bacteria. Disease suppression is brought about by the competition for available resources between the disease-causing microbes in the soil and beneficial microbes introduced in EM. As a result of this, an enhanced population of effective microorganisms through inoculation will deplete the available resources in the soil leading to the reduction of pathogenic microorganisms due to starvation.

      The lactic acid bacteria in EM are known to produce lactic acid from sugars and carbohydrates the photosynthetic bacteria and yeasts in EM produce. Lactic acid has sterilizing effects and it presents in the soil checks the proliferation of the nematode population and offers protection against nematode-associated plant diseases. Lactic acid bacteria in EM also participate in the breakdown of cellulolytic and lignified organic materials in the soil.

      The yeasts in EM produce hormones and enzymes that are known to promote plant cell and root division. They utilize the amino acids and sugars secreted by the photosynthetic bacteria and plant roots and in turn, produce growth factors for the lactic acid bacteria. Therefore the different species of organisms in EM complement each other and are in a mutually beneficial relationship with the roots of plants in the soil ecosystem. This results in plants growing exceptionally well in soils inhabited and dominated by these Effective Microorganisms.

      more basic info on EM1 (and similar consortiums of beneficial organisms):

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