Interview 1640 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: AT&T In ‘Advanced’ Talks To Combine HBO, CNN, Discovery And Other Media Assets

Room 641A

Buycotts – #SolutionsWatch

Conspiracy Theory Rock – A Banned Segment from Saturday Night Live

Story #2: Palestinians Stage Historic Strike Over Israeli Abuses, Gaza Bombing

‘We Are United As a People’: Palestinians Celebrate Historic Strike, Urge Supporters to ‘Keep Momentum Going’

The Spirit of 1936

RSF Asks ICC Prosecutor to Say Whether Israeli Airstrikes on Media In Gaza Constitute War Crimes

Journalist Reports Live From Gaza As Neighbouring Building Hit By Israel Airstrike

Taboo On Saying ‘Apartheid’ Is Suddenly Over In U.S. Mainstream — Thanks to AOC, Bush, Oliver, Reid, Velshi

Killing Gaza

Biden OKs Sale Of $735M In Missiles to Israel, Incl. Same Type Used to Strike Gaza Tower

Biden Approves $735M Weapons Sale to Israel, Raising Red Flags for Some House Democrats

Biden’s $735 Million Arms Sale to Israel to Include Missile Type That Hit Gaza Tower

Story #3: OSHA Tells Employers They May Be Liable For Adverse Reactions’ Over Vax Mandate

Employers May Be Liable For ‘Any Adverse Reaction’ From Mandated Coronavirus Shots

PDF: “Job Safety and Health – It’s The Law!”

WEF: Get Your COVID-19 Jab – Or You Could Face Consequences From Your Employer

Biden Administration Seizes Texas Land for Border Wall Construction

‘Fight Club’: Raymond K Hessel Motivation Scene

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  1. Hi guys. Love your work! I had to chuckle about the AT&T bit. I worked throughout Central America during the 80’s and 90’s directing construction projects and mobile medical clinics from Guatemala to Costa Rica. During the war in Nicaragua if your land line call dropped or couldn’t connect a recorded voice, in English only, would say, “Your AT&T call can not be completed as dialed.” This while Russian jeeps and trucks roared through the streets.
    Cheers for now.

      AT&T Central America decades ago

      ha! Thanks Kim!

  2. I refuse to get bogged down in identity politics, it’s for morons! Such a waste of time! But the world needs to recognize that whether you’re liberal or conservative. Christian, Jewish, or Muslim. Black, white, blue, green, or orange! The genocide of the Palestinian people by this Zionist government has got to stop! Over twenty years ago I remember sitting in class watching the school sponsored “news” program(Channel One),they’d make us watch every morning, talk about the violence in Gaza and the West Bank. Yasser Arafat was the leader of the Palestinians at the time. Talk about a dated reference. Point is, the violence was wrong then and it is wrong today! The world needs to stand up for the Palestinian people, not send Israel bombs! Be the change you want to see in the world dammit!!

    Remember to smile! ?

    • JP Wheeler
      “..n identity politics, it’s for morons! Such a waste of time!..”

      It may be for morons, but its NOT a waste of time for those that do it…. sadly it suits certain interests foster such things.

      Something like half of US politics is controlled by the identity politics of a small group that punches far far above its weight in politics, money and culture.

      The US has no natural enimies in the middle east… it spends a great deal of time fighting that groups ethnic, political and religious enimies and how ever much people wail about it thats not going to change because almost no nice person wants to talk about why that is happening.

      • I mean a waste of time for your average citizen, not the those who “pull the strings.” For “the powers that should not be” it’s a brilliant way to manipulate the masses. I myself have fallen into the quagmire of identity politics in the past. It’s a perfect tool for divide and conquer, gets people heated and riled up. But you quickly realize what a complete waste of time it can be. At the end of the day it doesn’t get you anywhere, and it tends to leave both sides infuriated with each other i.e. divide and conquer. Just my two cents.


  3. Questions for Corbett

    Seeing that bankers are heading out of New York to other nice looking transport hubs I was wondering what areas and cities you think are going to become paradises for the Oligarchys go-fer and admin class?

    Seeing the break in mask and lockdown rules between the areas makes me imagin the US becoming a religonalized set of smaller feifdooms with surface diffrences that mask the true, over arching power structure

  4. How come israel is an apartheid state when Arabs are in the parliament, in universities? Just go to any hospital in Israel and you’ll see tons of Arab doctors.
    And what is historic Palestine? Between 1948 and 1967 Judea and Samaria were part of Jordan, and Gaza was Part of Egypt. How come they were not interested in establishing their own state during that time?
    How come you forgot to mention the riots in cities like Lod and Ramla, were jews and Muslims lived in coexistence until the last 2 weeks when they started burnings synagogues and lynching people just for being jews?
    What about the rockets from Gaza? You forgot to mention that..
    Israel is not an angel, but you have a very narrow view on what’s going on here..

    • Does the Israeli Mossad have ties in Hamas? Or do you think the rockets were provoked? Have you ever been to Gaza? I sure wouldn’t want to live there. What about the vaccine roll out there and the green pass?

      I would be pissed if there were rockets coming over to my home in California but I wouldn’t trust the MSM to tell me who was doing it. I could be wrong but what if this is more divide and conquer tactics by governments to suppress people.

      I was appalled that a “Jewish “ state would try to roll out a “green pass” and segregate people. I think Israelis and Palestinians would be better off without the government. Why does the MSM say it’s antisemitic to say anything against Israel?

      All I am saying is that I think maybe Hamas and the Israeli government might be connected.

      • “All I am saying is that I think maybe Hamas and the Israeli government might be connected.”

        Close. Why has Israel not inflicted upon Gaza the same “death by a thousand cuts” policy it has applied to the West Bank? I haven’t researched this, but expect that the answer is the difference between the PLO/PA and Hamas. Hamas actually gives a shit, and have an armed wing, supported by various other Arab states. Thus, the policy is difficult for Israel to implement, and thus the siege since at least 2005.

        However, Israel is “sort of” happy with Hamas ruling Gaza. They provoke them and get to “mow the lawn” periodically. I mean, what can an open air prison with all of its borders controlled do against Israel?

        They may now be rethinking that strategy, because the answer is that Gaza can become a unifier, a principled centre of resistance to inspire the solidarity we have seen. They are suffering and cant leave. What else ya gonna do?

        As an aside, I notice repeated reports of Israel bombing the roads around the main hospital in Gaza. This has the unfortunate effect of limiting access the hospital and damaging that hospital’s access to power/water/sewage which generally run under the roads. But, if I were Hamas, it is under those roads and that hospital that I would build tunnels and command centers.

        By this I mean to say, obtain information and think. I suggest that any humanitarian infrastructure in Gaza is a magnet for Hamas’ military arm. But, they have to think about this; their families rely on it. Its a tightrope they need to walk. Meanwhile, the Israeli army patrols the fence around Gaza and has its planes over head and navy off shore. They are forcing Hamas’ strategy; hiding behind civilians is the best they’ve got. And that is why when you see footage of a funeral in Gaza there are many, many, many cameras. Publicity is one of their most powerful “weapons”. So it should be, for they are being criminally abused.

        • Hamas was initially supported by Israel in hopes of controlled opposition.

          “Instead of trying to curb Gaza’s Islamists from the outset, says Mr. Cohen, Israel for years tolerated and, in some cases, encouraged them as a counterweight to the secular nationalists of the Palestine Liberation Organization and its dominant faction, Yasser Arafat’s Fatah. Israel cooperated with a crippled, half-blind cleric named Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, even as he was laying the foundations for what would become Hamas”

          This is an old game used in the 1950’s to fight the independant nation movements of Indonesia, Algeria, Vietnam,Cambodia, Burma (Myrnamar),Laos, etc. The Phoenix Program

          Same thing with all the terrorist groups. Nothing new here: goes back to the end of WWII or before.

          What is tragic is what is going on in Latin America with the indigenous and the Pinochet Operation Condor.

          Operation Condor, the Pinochet-CIA program founded to kill all trade unionists and those perceived on the ‘left’, continues with impunity.

          I do not think Americans will ever have the bolas to fight as they do in Latin America or in imperial settler colonies.

          Americans cannot do much really, of anything. No skills, no education.

          • weilunion
            “..Americans cannot do much really, of anything. No skills, no education…”

            The stupidity and ignorance you see in the states is just as common anywhere else in the west. Its almost like the same plan of dumbing down has been rolled out all over the western world…

          • I think this is not true of many Americans. “No skills, no education” describe many of these “college educated” intelligentcia self described marxists who are lazy followers who are boot lickers for the NWO/technocracy. Those are the people who lack skills, they expect other people to pay their bills and spoon feed them information. These kind of people are found in every country.

            There are skilled people in the US who are courageous like JEP for example.

            In the course of my work day, I encounter a lot of immigrants who come to the US who are satisfied going a long with the program as long as they are fed. They don’t even bother to learn English and not even sure that they can read in their own language. There are lazy people in all countries, not just the US.

            But you are right that people will need to grow a spine if they want freedom. We can collaborate based on respect, honesty and tolerance for differences.

            • When the jobs were off shored and in shored there was no incentive to provide American workers with any life skills, let alone education.

              Capitalism is about profits so privatizing education, once thought could only happen in the third world, meant that Americans, unless they were lucky or rich, really have received no education.

              Add to that the monopoly of all entertainment and the dummying down of culture, Americans are not in a very good place.

              The reference to Marxists and inteligentsia reminds me of the anti-intellectualism I saw rise in America and historically can be seen in all fascist countries..

              The dotards and high salary stooges in academia work for the right wing, not for Marxists. This is simply false but again, I am not surprised.

              When you have a country with a state, TX, taking critical thinking OUT of the curriculum this serves as evidence of the intolerable state of education.

              You can thank Obama for privatizing all education, running schools for profit.


              Nor am I surprised at the over-generalization, really racism, regarding newly arriving immigrants. The charge that they are lazy and want government programs comes right out of Tucker Carlson’s mouth.

              I have spent thirty years working with immigrants forced north due to America’s pillage and imperialism. And I have worked with their children.

              America is a settler colony, much like S. Africa or Israel. Starts out with massacres of indigenous, then moves on to the criminalization of Asians slavery, (Chinese Acts and Japanese internment), and of course wage slavery and violence against unions and civil rights advocates. From there, capitalism goes into finance and the rentier class and then collapse.

              No, Americans do not build anything anymore. The rich, as said, are a rentier class and the skills Americans used to have were never transmitted to the succeeding generations.

              Immigrants do well in America if they work for they work hard and have skills. That is why they survive. They actually pick your food and build your houses and clean your streets and homes.

              That is why they survive and why Americans, as one conceives of them, will not.

              Americans cannot even build cars anymore that work.

              No, Americans today are in historical collapse. As Heraclitus the great Greek philosopher once said: in the end everything turns into its opposite.

              • Weilunion
                “..Nor am I surprised at the over-generalization, really racism, ….”

                You do the same thing … there are tons of stupid americans but its not like south americans or africans are any smarter,more educated, wiser or more humane.

                “..merica is a settler colony, much like S. Africa or Israel. Starts out with massacres of indigenous,..”

                True, but that is also true of the SOUTH american countries- most of which still treat their people in relation to how much Indian vs European blood they have in them… and even the indians before the Europeans did the same thing to the tribes before.
                Mass immigration to a place where you keep your own culture and live in enclaves IS EXACTLY what Europeans did… south Americans have colonized the USA the way the Europeans did and for the same reason- The people there were too weak to stop them.
                There is no higher morality in that then when the Euro’s ran people off their land.

                “..Immigrants do well in America if they work for they work hard and have skills. That is why they survive. They actually pick your food and build your houses and clean your streets and homes…”

                THIS point shows that capitalism did work well (when it was around 😉 in the USA) because America is SO RCH fro the left overs of its capitalist age that its people can survive off the shaddow thats left and people come from other lands to pick up the scraps left over.

                The questions you should ask
                a) When the population is MOSTLY the hard working fruit picking class will the USA still be rich enough for their lives to be better there then their lives were in their old homelands?

                b)Will these people be more able then the aamerican black family was to stop the social destruction that brings atomization and poverty? Clue: Hispanic out of wedlock births are on the rise along with everyone elses… they too have caught social cancer.

                “..The dotards and high salary stooges in academia work for the right wing, not for Marxists…”

                Since marxism is in practice today a tool of the ruling class its no wonder that the so called left wing people look right wing to you.

                The ruling class does not love brown people any more then they love white people… they just judge that the new kind of live stock suits their current farming methods better

          • weilunion,

            Very astute with regard to Hamas. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Israel and Hamas, at their highest respective levels, are working hand in glove. And, yes, Hamas as controlled opposition, as you mentioned, seems to hit the nail square on the head.

            Why else would Hamas, with their now standard, predictable go-to plan, fire their pathetic, measly missiles at Israel, other than to provoke the completely unsurprising, one hundred fold, Israeli retaliation? It reminds me of WWE wrestling entertainment. It seems like theater. It seems exactly like an orchestration designed to maintain a status quo. This latest incident, at least for the time being, has certainly forestalled Bibi’s internal, political slide. And was without doubt “activated” by a politically motivated Bibi when he ordered the Israeli police to enter the Al-Aqsa Mosque to rough up those inside and cut the Mosque’s loudspeakers. How obvious a provocation was that?…. The only answer to that? Is duh.

            Perhaps the much more robust solidarity that it has precipitated among Palestinians of all walks of life may represent an unanticipated and unforeseen political backlash. And believe it or not, I’ll venture to say that directly or indirectly, besides the added toll of a year long pandemic – planned, scammed, or otherwise – the phenomenon that was the Black Lives Matter Movement of 2020, which blasted into orbit with the abject visuals that were witnessed the world over, of the vertical lynching of George Floyd, whose life and death has become synonymous with oppression, has played, in some way, a roll in Palestinian solidarity….

            However, no doubt feverish social scientists and engineers are looking at this very moment into this surprise dilemma; studious and determined.

            • It does seem like theatre: theatre of the absurd.

              But you make a very, very good point.

              The Palestinian uprising is part and parcel of indigenous peoples rising all over the world.

              From Bolivia to Palestine,from Brazil to N. America we are seeing a rising up of indigenous people.

              Will all of this be studied by US and foreign flackies for the ruling class? Sure, that is why the US told Israel to stop killing and they did. They take their orders to heart.

              The world is rising and thisis a very, very good thing indeed

        • “I mean, what can an open air prison with all of its borders controlled do against Israel?” Indeed poor Gazzans are prisoners, not of Israel but of Hamas, an organization of Muslim Brothers whose aim is the destruction of Israel by means of taking control of Gazza (and of course Judea and Samaria, and why not Also of Israeli Arabs).
          Poor Gazzans ! Hamas doesn’t even care how many Gazzans die as human shields, as long as their raison d’etre is Djihad, what makes Qatar, Iran and others pay their salaries to become the “elite” rulers of Gazza.
          In short Hamas is the exact equivalent of Al-Qaeda.
          Before their terrible government,100.000 Gazzans were working in Israel.
          Instead of your “solution 1” consider solution zero : Outlawing and demilitarizing Hamas .
          Otherwise your article rightly points to the fact that thie 100 years’ conflict is here to stay.

          • meh… not that I’m a great fan of muslims but TBH Israel is totally gonna genocide the muslims the second they can get away with it.

      • Mossad and Hamas might have ties, but I can’t know if that’s the case.
        Of course I wouldn’t want to live in Gaza, and I can’t say who’s behind what. What I can say for sure is that both Israelis and the Arabs that live in Gaza were much better off before the Oslo agreement in the 90s and the disengagement in 2005.
        Watching James today talking about the situation in Israel was similar to watching MSM covering it. It was one sided and missing the facts. MSM is bashing Israel on a regular basis, how come people in the conspiracy world think that the MSM is pro Israel?

        Jews are attacked all over the world now. In the UK there was a Rally in a Jewish neighborhood calling to rape Jewish women. Sometimes antisemitic people hide behind being anti israel. They just wait for the opportunity of Israel doing something seemingly wrong.

        Regarding the green pass you mentioned, if there’s anything close to apartheid in Israel, that’s definitely it! but it’s not based on religion or ethnicity. I’m in the minority who decided to not get this experimental gene therapy, but unfortunately, that’s coming to every country, Israel is just the beginning.

        • Boycott Israel with all your might,

        • Anti-semitism like any bigotry and hatred and persecution is despicable. Many of my maternal family was killed by the Nazis and my grandparents barely got out alive. Israel, the state worsens anti-semitism in my opinion.

          My family did not deserve what was done to them and it is wrong for the state of Israel to do what they have done to many Palestinians. But I know that many Israeli citizens speak out against this and aren’t personally responsible. Many Americans also speak out against the evil this country does.

          People have to come together and stop these technocrats from their evil agenda. Jews Christians and Muslins have no value to them.

          • cu.h.j
            “..Jews Christians and Muslins have no value to them…”

            I disagree.

            Jews as a group dont ‘run everything’ , nor are they all evil monsters and hating someone just for being jewish is kinda insane, but politically, as a group, they are very over represented in the service of the NWO.

            Jews are pretty useful to the NWO since so many bankers are of that ethnicity… also most of the big figures in the media which I think everyone agree’s spends most of its time lying.

            A huge chunk of legalizing abortion was jewish folks, and dont get me started on the transgender stuff and who funds it… 🙁

            The neo con’s are mostly the sons of Troskite jews and the Bolsheviks were also predominantly jewish, funded by Wallstreet bankers, also mainly jewish.

            Even the red chinese had some jewish help… and Hitler was initially funded by a couple of jewish (bankers?? I could be wrong, maybe industrialists)

            Thats not to say “all” jews like those things or work for them, Abigail shrier wrote a good book against the Trans Craze,

        • “ come people in the conspiracy world think that the MSM is pro Israel?..”

          Mainly because you see a totally slanted reporting on the death rates… at least you did back when I used to watch regular media 🙂
          Not a surprise since jewish folks are heavily over represented in the media world.

          “…apartheid in Israel, that’s definitely it! but it’s not based on religion or ethnicity…”

          They were giving sneaky injections TO STOP BLACK ETHIOPIAN JEWS GETTING PREGNANT.. Israel is racist as hell as you would expect from a colonial project

    • “…And what is historic Palestine? Between 1948 and 1967 Judea and Samaria were part of Jordan, and Gaza was Part of Egypt. How come they were not interested in establishing their own state during that time?…”

      Refresh my memory…when did those parts of the area get taken from the people that owned them before?

      Generally speaking these days its frowned upon to arrive from somewhere else, go where other people live, and set up a country there…. funny thing is that whites ran South Africa for MORE GENERATIONS then the European jews have run the middle east.

      The creation of Israel is pretty much just European style colonialism.

      • Jed
        “..I ain’t handing back where I’m living so I tend to STFU about Israel…”

        True, and I would love to not have to say anything about them… unfortunately they have managed to entangle much of the western power structure under their control and end up dragging normal people into their Ethnic Cleansing of the middle east.

        I support Israel stealing as much land as THEY can hold without outside help…. to be honest there is a bit of a double standard when it comes to jewish folks in the west who tend to want left wing policies in the west and then support right wing nationalism for Israel… not that I blame them for the latter. I just dont like double standards very much

        • Jed
          “..If better than half the world wants to worship their god then talk shit about them that’s fine and dandy…”

          You should read 1 Thessalonians, chapter 2, if you think that
          A lot of money and effort went into bringing acceptance to the idea that jews and Christians are some kind co-coreligionists when if you read the new testament its pretty clear thats not the case

      • Let us not forget that historical record holds that indigenous Jews were not overly interested in the land of Israel and had to be corralled in. This inextricable situation has not been created for the benefit of the people, not any people, but closely knit closed interest groups.

        The very idea, as someone wrote about, how US is controlling Israel, instead of it being other way around, is ridiculous. People in control don’t care about any of these “nation” constructs, it’s just a puppet show on the cave wall.

  5. Thank you so much for calling the beast by it’s name.
    Most of the gatekeepers making a profit ‘defending’ Palestinians go out of their way to link Islam with terrorism. Even when they expose terrorist as bought and trained CIA and Mossad agents. Yet get so pc when talking about Zionists and Christian crusaders. As if only Muslims use religion as politics.

    • “… link Islam with terrorism..”

      Not that I like what Israel is doing …but AFAIK the prophet of islam personally went round killing and robbing people and waging war and told his people to do the same… thats not to excuse Israel but AFAIK zero counties ever turned muslim BEFORE being conquered and the non muslims reduced to tax paying 2nd class dhimni.

      • What’s your point, Duck?

        • did you not ask the same question below?
          What are you actually asking since the point looks pretty clear from what I wrote…
          Muslims are just as prone to making violence as jews in the middle east.
          They are just as prone to desiring colonization and conquest as each other… or anyone else TBH…. what they do to each other is not really something any moral person would want to be involved in in any way.

          • I didn’t forget what I wrote.
            You cut my words out of context just so you can preach.

  6. Dear Corbett Report Community,

    I am very glad to see the latest events in Palestinian Occupied Territories covered on New World Next Week. I was particularly happy to see the James’ talk about the general strike.

    As Pilato notes, we are all human. However it is the people from the white racist european nations which are the most guilty of settler colonialism; USA, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Russia/USSR. Whilst back in the age of the “Noble Savage” and “White Man’s Burden” this idea may have been massaged into acceptability, we now have the human genome. The differences between the “races”? Sweet fuck all. So, the whole “settler colonize and oppress people with darker skins” is not a valid thing.

    But, the creation of Israel as the most recent settler colonial exercise is particularly galling as it happens at the same time as the “Declaration of Human Rights”. Personally, I think this was done on purely ethno-hatred grounds. I dont mean that Britain or the “powers” hated the Palestinians; they dont even count as humans. They wanted to get rid of the Jews from Europe and carved up Palestine to do so. Why Palestine? Well, its pretty crappy land. No or little oil, a large desert (The Negev) but access to the Jordan river and Mediterranean. Sort of passable for the Zionists, but take it they did.

    Next follows the “purification” of the territory. Around 750 000 Palestinians are terrorized out of their lands following an assassination campaign of the leadership of the TRIBES that lived in Palestine. Palestine was, before ’48, ruled by Britain who necessarily prevented any formation of national unity. And, dont forget that the stupid straight lines on the map were created after WWI and the carving up of the Ottoman Empire into various British and French “protectorates”.

    The whole thing is a clusterfuckery of european colonisation. The Zionists did it their own way, but had learned from the Europeans and were *permitted* to use similar tactics, despite the “Declaration of FooBar”. If you want to know about “Rights” watch George Carlin (

    The West Bank, illegally “claimed” by Isreal by violence during the 1967 “6 Day War” is currently 165 isolated “enclaves” whilst a contiguous larger area within the West Bank is controlled by Israel. Divide and Rule at its most simple.

    Those “Rights” are fictional, but they are inspiring and can lead to something much more powerful: solidarity. THAT is what has happened in Palestine, as the James’ acknowledge, and THAT is the reason this thing lasted for 11 days instead of 51, as per 2014. And THAT is the reason that Palestinians may have just one small snowflake’s chance in hell of eaking out some tiny “rights”. They will never get respect from the racist Zionists, but maybe a shred of privilege.

    • Oh!

      For USA citizens, please research the USS Liberty, GTR-5, a research “spy” ship that the Israelis’ attempted to sink and kill all on board during the 1967 “6 Day War”.

      Do the research. The “what” is obvious (attempt at complete destruction). The “why” is very interesting.

      I think its a failed false flag (to be blamed on the Egyptians). The “failure” is because the ship survived. For what purpose? To give the USA a chance to enter the war and thus be a part of the post conflict “carve up”.

      Speculation, yes, but do your own research. The fact that it was (is) so heavily covered up/censored tells you that it can expose “things you should not know”.

      PS: The crew of the USS Liberty are the most decorated navy crew in USA history, for a single event. The USA was not a “belligerent” in the “6 Day War”. Thus, the “most decorated” ship was an observer. WTF? “Most Decorated” == non-combatant. Yep. Research it.

    • “..Why does Putin seem to like Bibi? I can’t figure out if Putin is for or against the central banks and NWO…”

      Think like a powerful person… they do whats good for them and their family. If it serves him to attack jews he will, if it serves him to embrace jews he will do that.

      Trumps family is married into and so joined to the jewish interest and Biden’s too
      “..Their Jewish bona fides are also notable: Biden’s three children who survived into adulthood all married Jews, making him a grandfather to several Jewish grandchildren…”

    • Hi MagicBullet,

      Thanks for the compliment. I do my best. Note: always compose any lengthy post in a text editor, then paste it into the comment dialog. Easier to proof read and edit your post.

      As for the NWO, its just another term for the battle for raw power by the sociopaths. Its been going on for millennia. I know nothing about the Khazarian Mafia.

      As for Putin, I sort of agree with Duck, Putin will do what works for “him”. But, I think there’s more to it than that.

      I’ve been doing some research into recent Chinese history; the Opium Wars, the Boxer Rebellion etc.. The Chinese view this period as a century of humiliation. Recall the east asian trait of “face saving”. This was a century of national embarrassment. They are now in a position where they can demand some respect. They are not seeking “reparations” but trying to prevent that from happening again.

      As opposed to the US “robber barons” and their ilk, who think that History, apart from the odd religious book, starts with the Western European Enlightenment, the Chinese have a far longer view of history. They invented paper, and have written records going back millennia.

      Russia also has a long view of history. They co-existed/competed with the Eastern Roman Empire in Byzantium, are deeply Christian Russian Orthodox, were conquered by the Mongols, saw the rise of Islam to their south, withstood (just) two invasions from Europe to their West, went through the communist era of which both good and bad can be said. Indeed, they recently opened their archives. They have acknowledged the atrocities under Stalin and others, but also acknowledge Russia’s role in winning WWII.

      But they too were recently “embarassed” during the gangster capitalism imposed on them under US-funded Yeltsin. Whilst some oligarchs make plenty of filthy lucre, most Russians suffered horribly. They are a patriotic people, and Putin is IMHO a patriot too. Russia wants to do the same as China; prevent a repeat of these periods of national shame.

      So, why is Putin maintaining friendly relations with Bibi? Because Russia will maintain friendly relations with anyone who treats them with respect. Why? Because that is how you get things done. During recent history the British and French, then the US have completely screwed up things in the middle east. Russia wants the region to be stable, and of course, to gain whatever access to materials and influence they can. But, you cant do that without stability. The same is true for them at home: prevent periods of instability which the US and Western Europeans love creating.

      Russia and China are aided by a few powerful things; they have an educated and effective bureaucracy, an effective military, and the US has none of that and has lost its mind.

      Mackinder’s theory of the World Island is being born, and US myopia is the midwife.

  7. There are 3 proposed solutions: 1) get rid of Israel, 2) Two states based on the ’48 borders, 3) 1 unified state.

    All of these are nearly impossible.

    1) just not gonna happen. Zionists and just regular, even compassionate, Israelis will object. Plus, you want to give the Palestinians Israel’s nuclear missiles?

    2) The Oslo Accords proposed solution. But, since 2000 Israel has continued to fragment the West Bank and make this “solution” impossible. It would require the relocation of hundreds of thousands of jewish “settlers”.

    3) The current demographics within the ’48 borders are 52% non-jewish. Thus, it is very risky for a Zionist “democracy”. Israel will resist this with all its might. It is, however, their least worst solution. They just need to rig the elections. But, the real killer is that they would need to give non-jewish citizens equal rights, and this they cannot do. So, thats dead too.

    Here is the fantasy solution not involving territory outside of the ’48 borders. Its an implementation of 2).

    1. The UN takes over Jerusalem. This was actually that plan, back in the day. It uses the census taken around ’47 to enforce a plurality of religious communities and the distribution of populations. This is horrific, but is designed to maintain access to the beautiful historic buildings and allow idiots who believe in some god to visit their holy places.

    2. The ’48 borders are re-established. Funds are created for the relocation of jewish settlers and palestinian refugees. A palestinian constitution, parliament, judiciary and executive are created. In both states, people are given a time to choose to migrate between them, to be facilitated by both states. This will create two largely ethno-dominant states, which again is horrific.

    3. Gaza is returned to Egypt, and the Golan Heights to Syria. Another “never gonna happen” thing. Again, citizens there are given a time to choose to migrate.

    4. The new Palestinian state and Jordan are to work out how the administration of the West Bank is to be done. Again, this is almost impossible.

    But, if all of these impossibles are resolved, you have a jewish dominant Israel, Gaza is Egypt, the West Bank is co-administered by Palestine and Jordan, northern “Israel” is Palestine, the Golan Heights is Syria, and Jerusalem is UN. What now? Well that depends on the actions of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. If they all agree to leave the reduced Israel alone, things could work for a while. But, that will not happen because of the elephant in the room; USA. Does Israel control USA foreign policy, or vice versa? Who cares; they are linked. USA will not lose whatever influence it has over Israel (or Saudi Arabia etc.).

    So, I hope you can see that the whole thing is broken and no resolution is possible. People talk of USA “forever wars”. This is THE forever war.

  8. Really!? JEP wants media! Send him Mein Kampf, the recipe for Pavlova, the constitution of Togo, or just get creative 😉

    What he really wants is art. Paint, squiggle and hum away!

  9. Concentration of ever and ever more wealth in the hands of a select few.

    Media consolidation in fewer and fewer select hands.

    Destruction of the public commons. Neo-enclosure movement.

    The military and police, little more than national and international Pinkertons for the banks and the private wealth holders grows astronomically.

    Genocide in Palestine, again. 2000 died in 2014.

    And General strikes in Israel, Palestine, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador,Bolivia and more.

    Thousands of students,labor leaders,indigenous,pensioners and unemployed striking.

    The response of the State (s), murder,genocide.

    Yep, capitalism and imperialism go hand in hand. The only thing they understand is the power of people rising up.

    And they are.

    Always have.

  10. Dears James and James,
    I am a warm admirer and supporter of both of you.
    Nevertheless I hope that the over-simplification of a 100 years old conflict into one single issue ” apartheid state” , and your axiomatic adoption of that term as if it reflects the ” truth” is only the outcome of of the short time available in your video .
    Also ,”Murdering civilians” :Is it a policy in your opinion?
    Invoking “the spirit of 1936” : are you a supporter of Arab uprising against Jews?
    “Flood gates are opening” : opening to what? Is it something you wish for?
    I hope not.

  11. Thanks, guys. Im done with YT. Anything I do watch on there, I turn on Ublock Origin – the best adblocker Ive used.

  12. magic bullet

    There is no solution… you have a bunch of muslims who have had their natural religious antipathy to jews stoked by years of oppression, you have a bunch of racist ashkenazi jews setting up an apartheid system… the Israelis were giving Black Ethiopian jews secret injwctions of birth control to stop them breeding and pretty much IMO plan to genocide the muslims any time they can get away with it….think of them as running their own mini ethno-NWO

    All that, however, is THEIR problem and I dont really care if they like killing each other and since Israel cant breed enough jews to occupy all the land its stealing the problem would normally sort itself out EXCEPT that the jewish, or zionist, lobby pretty much owns the US middle east policy thru campaign finance, media clout and probably video of politicians filmed by the likes of Epstein…. they will fight to the last US service man.

    Israel may or may not have the back door into every modern CPU, may or may not decide to nuke cities in the US, Russia and Europe as a final FU when they fall, but it DOES send its experts over to train US law enforcement how to kneel on peoples heads….
    Totally ok to do…..

    Nice quote in this article…
    “… but Samson in Gaza? What would serve the Jew-hating world better in repayment for thousands of years of massacres but a Nuclear Winter.
    Or invite all those tut-tutting European statesmen and peace activists to join us in the ovens?
    For the first time in history, a people facing extermination while the world either cackles or looks away—unlike the Armenians, Tibetans, World War II European Jews or Rwandans—have the power to destroy the world. The ultimate justice?[31]….”

    Destroy the world… right out and says it
    Now remember that these kind of people make your TV, your music, movies and news programs. If you like the world the way it is you know who to thank

  13. I have a great appreciation for these New World Next Week episodes. In the less than 27 minutes, an abundance of easy to grasp, news worthy information is presented. The show note links are a treasure. In fact, I used the quoted OSHA guidance in a recent brief communication with someone.

    I appreciate James Evan Pilato showing the stuff he receives in the mail. It relays an understanding which the audience does not easily recognize.
    These two James guys get A LOT of TRAFFIC.
    It behooves us to be considerate of that fact.

    We should grasp the time and what it takes to receive, handle and process funds/ transfers / membership and acknowledgements…and any snags that come up. Time spent on a round trip to the POBox can chew away part of the day. If a person always spent one hour cumulative total time to process 5 or 10 bucks, their future is headed towards tent city.

    ***I think it is very appropriate to tip Pilato when he handles any funds going to Corbett.

  14. I have to agree with Pilato, if there was ever a time to follow your dreams and shoot for the stars, it is now! If you’ve always wanted to start that business, become a writer, or create your own podcast…etc. Just do it! Use this scamdemic as the springboard to an opportunity pursuing the things you’ve always wanted out of life! Because god knows you’ll never be truly free catering to the demands of an employer (especially if it involves mandated experimental medical treatments).

    Get after it!

  15. Edits can be done inside 5 minutes since the post was initially submitted. You were probably over that limit.

    I have personally never noticed that post edits do not save, and I do edit quite often. Just like now 😉

  16. Did you click “save” after the edit?

    AT&T Building – Downtown Dallas

    At the 39 second mark, a person sees the visuals of downtown Dallas, including the replicated iconic Pegasus. It jogged some memory cells.

    Back in the middle of the last half of the 1970’s, Richard, a close buddy of mine, and I often spent a lot of time in downtown Dallas. If you ever met Richard in person, you would have liked the guy. He was real, always being himself, and he genuinely liked other people. When you authentically like other people and are interested in them, you like to talk to them. And Richard did. He had so many friends and acquaintances around the Dallas area, I was always astounded. Most were folks who just had regular jobs or were small business owners. His jokes and laughter were warming. He was never aloof, which was something considering he was an only son, and his wealthy parents’ house in the Chicago area was listed in a book as one of the top 100. He was very independent and chose his own activities, as I. Over the years, we probably shared 200 breakfasts together at the diners. In some ways he was a mentor: He taught me the value of being myself and genuine, and also taught me that besides Texas blue jeans, nice clothes could be appropriate. Remember, this was in an era where ladies wore dresses to the office and many men wore suits or nice clothes.

    Through the decades, I have often sold many things door-to-door. Vacuum cleaners, pictures, curb painted address numbers, books, novelties, music boxes, housewares, subscriptions, etc. This category of exercise, learning to approach complete strangers, does build a special type of muscle in the “guts” vicinity.
    Well…Richard, he was the master at door-to-door. He had no sales pitch hype, just pleasant communication.


    • (…continuing…)

      The current “One AT&T Plaza” (and the Whitacre Tower you see in the video) is updated from an older 70’s version of “One Bell Plaza”, which included a particular Southwestern Bell office building.
      As we sometimes did, Richard and I teamed up one day in downtown Dallas to solicit products in the office buildings. Surprisingly, we slipped past security unnoticed in the Southwestern Bell building. We rode the elevators up and down to various floors, blitzing a floor of offices, then quickly rendezvousing back at the elevator to strike another floor at random. It was a game of chase. Security was at a floor we had just left, while we hit another. At last, they finally caught up with us and escorted us out. They tried to be firm with seriousness, but Richard and I were so friendly that as we exited, the guards were smiling.

      During this era, nearby still stood the Carousel Club. I regret not going in there, or being more informed at the time about its significance.

      In the summer of 1980, I went to downtown Dallas to watch the demolition of the Dallas Baker Hotel. While much of the crowd was up close to the barricades, I stood back behind the crowd. I did not want to get caught if everyone started running back. Sure enough…when the implosion occurred huge clouds of dust pillowed down the narrow streets, and the crowd quickly retreated back towards me.

      In place of the old Baker Hotel, the tall Whitacre Tower was built (see video). The plaza of office buildings was renamed One AT&T Plaza when AT&T headquarters moved to Dallas in 2008, under Mayor Tom Leppert, (who I once personally gave some 9/11 truth DVDs/info.) There is a striking gold leaf sculpture from the early 1900s in the lobby, a 24 foot tall “Golden Boy” now called “The Spirit of Communication”.


      • (…continuing…)

        — Insouciance at the downtown Dallas City Courthouse —
        During this 70’s time period, one minor event stuck. One day I was at the downtown City Courthouse to argue my case or pay a fine. It was either a ticket for jay-walking or a parking violation, I forget which. Jay-walking – For those who don’t know: a police officer can issue a ticket when you don’t walk across the street at the intersection, but rather cut straight across the street from the middle of the block.
        There were a lot of us sitting in the rows of benches waiting our turn, while the Judge was handling cases. I remember a young fellow about my age holding crutches, sitting on the bench with his buddies. The judge called him up. He hobbles up to the Judge with his crutches, one shoeless foot raised. Evidently, he had a ticket for sitting on a car, for loitering. I couldn’t hear the conversation as the Judge and he conversed. Then the Judge loudly said, ”Case Dismissed”. I got up and was following the guy out to find out how the guy got the Judge to dismiss the case. As soon as he exited the Courthouse doors, about to descend the steps, he boldly picks up both his crutches with one hand, and dances down the steps, laughing with his friends.
        Well, there ya go…Cool Hand Luke.

        • Well, HRS, you’re certainly waxing nostalgic these days, as I wait for Netfix to ship me, incrementally, all six DVDs of the entire series of Have Gun Will Travel!

          Apparently, they’re telling me a have “a very long wait”.

          It’s been a good fifty years – I can wait. lol

          • Deep voice singing…
            “A knight without armor in a savage land.”

            • Ha ha, I’m ready to don a white gallon hat and whoop it up with the chorus behind Johnny Western. Yeah!


              Notice Johnny’s Western tie with the silver knight chess piece? You gotta figure, in the end, that piece is going with him. Wherever he roams…:-))

  18. The attack on the building housing reporters was eye-opening and clear, Its similarity to the fall of building 7 speaks for its self.

  19. Perhaps this has already been shared, but if not, I’m sure this will resonate with everything that has been said on the Corbett Report. Big Idea–every generation must fight fascism–it never goes away.

    Robin Monotti: Our Generation’s Eternal Fascism Is Covid19’s Great Reset, We Must Fight It.

  20. Guess I was wrong earlier, this is a pretty hot button issue even for The Corbett Report…

    The clear and overt bias in support towards Israel is staggering in this comments section. We know the shady back room dealings and monied interests that went into the creation of the State of Israel. We know how powerful the Israeli lobby in the US and governments around the world can be. We know the over representation of pro Zionist supporters within governments throughout the west, the media/entertainment industries, and banking…etc. And we know the atrocities committed against the Palestinian people. I don’t see how anyone can objectively look at that and support it? Brainwashing propaganda? Cognitive dissonance?

    Like I said earlier, I don’t have a dog in this fight one way or the other. I’m not going to support a Jew just because he/she is a Jew, and I’m not going to support a Muslim just because he/she is Muslim. All I know is, genocide is genocide! No matter how you frame it. Just as it was wrong for Germany to commit it during WWII, it is wrong for the State of Israel to do the same today. End of rant.

    Hope anyone reading has an amazing day!

  21. What’s your point, Duck?

    • Tagourramt

      I am guessing you mean the point to
      That time Jewish terrorists tried to bomb london by plane..nothing good comes from sticking your nose into the middle east …” ?

      If so the point is pretty clear…
      1) The middle east is a morass that is not worth a single western soldiers life
      2) Israel was founded by terrorists… so imagining that they have a moral high ground in that is amusing but wrong….
      3)Israel is quite happy it hit anyone with anything when it suits their interest.

      BTW the BBC doc “Empire warriors” had a now hard to find epp on how zionists murdered a number of british troops, after holding them hostage for some time, then booby trapped the bodies, then later on blew up the house in the UK of the officer who hunted down the terrorists. I think they blew up his whole family via mail bomb, but its been a while so details are sketchy.

      I guess thats the point… why?

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