Interview 1642 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: UFOs Go Mainstream Again, Suspense Builds Ahead of Major Pentagram Report

Image: “I’m not saying the sudden uptick in permissible criticism of Israel is because we’re about to have a fake alien invasion while the Antichrist assumes control of the New Global Governanace, but if that happens, you heard it here first…”

Obama Spills the Tea on UFOs with James Corden

UFOs are very real, 60 Minutes reports, they’re still unidentified, and they aren’t American

Harry Reid: Yeah, we might have some UFO wreckage laying around someplace

QAnon followers now convinced UFOs are being used to distract from Trump’s ‘Big Lie’

Tucker Carlson: UFOs may pose a real threat to the United States, and the US military does not care

UFOs Go Mainstream? Pentagon Preparing a Report for Congress, Ignoring the Obvious

How to Fake an Alien Invasion

NWNW Flashback: Army Investigates Blink-182 Frontman’s Alien Tech

Why is the Pentagon releasing a UFO report, anyway?

Story #2: Millions ‘Unwittingly Tracked’ By Phone After Vaccination to See If Movements Changed

U.S. Has Almost 500,000 Job Openings In Cybersecurity

Epstein Guards to Skirt Jail Time In Deal With Prosecutors

Story #3: Mayor Lightfoot Announces Return of Lollapalooza to Chicago

Voter ID: Bad. Vax ID: Good!

Religion: Bad. Statism: Good! Get your new, non-medical grade muzzles from fake left bullploppers, Bad Religion!

Please note this Dead Kennedys muzzle is not FDA approved

Peretz Berstein’s Facelift Announces Lottapoplosers Returning to MAGA Country

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Defends Granting Interviews to Only Black and Brown Journalists

“Mayor Lightfoot’s blatant anti-white racism is abhorrent. I call upon President Biden, Kamala Harris, and other leaders of our county—of all races—to join me in calling for Mayor Lightfoot’s resignation. Our leaders must condemn all racism, including anti-white.”

Lollapalooza Announces 2021 Lineup

Billy Corgan: Swine flu was ‘created by man’

Big Pharma Is Already Preparing Vaccines For The Next Global Pandemic

Facebook’s Massive Global Censorship To Silence Vaccine Skeptics

OSHA Now Says Employers Can’t Be Held Liable if They Mandate COVID Vax and Employees Experience Adverse Reactions

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  1. A UFO Disclosure a Psyop? – Richard Dolan
    For a well-researched, different opinion on the UFOs.

    I think it would be a good discussion for a show.

    Personally I have seen far crazier physical phenomena.
    So I am not ruling out the existence of many of these things.

    Many of the released UFO movies by the Pentagon/Navy,
    are obviously fake.
    The pyramid video was just Bokeh

    The older UFO community thinks that if something is real,
    they will not release it. Because it is top-secret.

    • Yo zyxzevn!

      Hats off for referencing Richard Dolan! I’ve done lots of UFO research. Why not, its a fascinating topic! And Dolan is my most “go to” source. Why? Because he’s a trained historian and like our JC is careful to quote his sources.

      The “Disclosure Dilemma” goes like this: If we disclose that UFOs are real, then people may ask “when did you know about that”? And people may become interested. They may then learn that the US and other states have been ridiculing the researchers whilst simultaneously being rather concerned about the *reality* of the issue. So, a “loss of face” problem. But! If by doing so, you can also gain some advantage (e.g more funding for the “space force!”) then the trade becomes profitable.

      I’ll describe why different groups may want to do this, i.e their motives, and then provide some counter-factual to dismiss it.

      The US military wants to say “UFOs are scary” to increase their budgets. For the globalist “one world govt” people it is the ULTIMATE unifier; its all of us vs. the alien(s).

      I have allied my research, including people like Dolan, with a widespread reading of Science Fiction. I particularly like the late Iain M. Banks. The science fiction is useful because authors get to play with these ideas, especially the different technological levels of differing space faring species, and how that would play out. I’ll get back to that in a moment.

      From the historical record we can observe the UFO reporting sees a spike around the beginning of the atomic age. The spike is both in popular culture and military reports. There is a famous incident in which a collection of minuteman nuclear missiles are deactivated by unknown means whilst there are observed and reported sights of UFOs over the military base.

      Another fascinating topic is the “parallel society”. i.e technology obtained from studying UFO crash retrieval is kept in private hands to shield it from FOIA type access, but becomes its own monster — the “special project, extremely compartmentalize, black budget” world. But, back to aliens and nuclear weapons …

      The supposition here is that the aliens think we’ve gone crazy and are a just letting us know that they can disable nuclear weapons; so just bloody stop this! The counter is “why didn’t they disable the first two used in Japan” and the response is “this was before the USA and Russia had lined up hundreds of weapons against each other, a far more dire threat”. Threat to what? The biosphere, dummy.

      Now, putting on the Sci-Fi hat, imagine that you are an alien species and are living in a post scarcity technology (e.g Banks’ Culture novels) and you find an amazing planet with incredible biodiversity and that a variant of the apes develops technology which is capable of seriously damaging the biodiversity. What do you do?

      I contend here that highly biodiverse planets are fairly rare, and that thus, our planet’s biosphere is worth protecting from the aliens’ perspective. Indeed, more likely is that there is partial disagreement about this project amongst them.

      I hope I’ve given you something to think about, and hopefully enjoy researching.

      My take on the recent UFO stuff: the tech on display is largely human made and partially derived from crash site retrieval tech, and is being used to either further budget acquisition or push further towards a more unified global government, and that these two parties’ agendas are partially in conflict.

      However, I do believe in aliens, plural, and UFOs.

      • The Ufology research space is like any other, full of cliques and fairly crazy theories. But, it is fun!

        So why Dolan? I’ll briefly re-tell his story.

        He’s working on a Ph.D thesis looking at early cold war history and visits a bookshop in which he sees a book on UFOs. He looks at it and thinks “that’s interesting”. Here is why I like him: He formulates a verifiable question. What does the US military think about this? Off he goes gathering declassified US military documents on the topic, and uses those to demonstrate that the US military have been concerned about this topic since at least the 1940’s.

        IMO the signature document is the Twinning Memo. But, here’s Dolan presenting his top 12:

      • I am ahead of 99% of scientists on reddit.
        (Most believe the school books are completely correct).
        And still I have no clue how to make the UFO tech.
        So I think there is something more going on.

        Their machines are using some kind of LENR on a large scale for energy.
        It is not just nuclear fusion, but a step beyond that.
        Something similar to what astronomers call “black holes”,
        but it has nothing to do with gravity.
        All “Black holes” have beams of matter going out, and
        this principle can be used for energy and propulsion.
        They are also using some weird physics behind it to
        remove the kinetic mass of the craft.
        As if they are hiding most of the mass in a
        side-dimension that is free from gravity and mass.
        Based on the same physical model, this would also make it invisible.

        To hide this science from 99% of the curious scientists,
        you need to pick out a few special ones and spread
        lots of lies and disinfo to the others.
        This means that you are blocking the progress of science.
        Yet you need something to base your science on and progress
        with your project, and this is only possible,
        if you already have such crafts in possession.

        The spread of UFO disinformation now seems
        to distract from the global technocratic take-over.

  2. Speaking of “vaccine hesitancy”, the U.S. Census Bureau recently launched its Household Pulse Survey COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker so they can spread awareness about that dangerous phenomena called vaccine hesitancy, also known as critical thinking.

    It’s actually an interesting tool and comes with a nice map visualization to see the percentage of people in each State that have allegedly been vaccinated or that are questing the vaccine. Could be used as a nice tool if you are considering a move in the near future.

  3. In reference to the NWNW Flashback: Army Investigates Blink-182 Frontman’s Alien Tech, James Evan Pilato was all over that virus narrative that was brewing! Like he said in this episode, you guys know their playbook.

    • scpat says:
      “…James Evan Pilato was all over that virus narrative that was brewing!”

      …AND that episode was on October 24th, 2019 !
      October 18th 2019 – Two Major Events occurred…
      EVENT 201 and also the 7th Military World Games in Wuhan China.

      X-Files – Season of 2016
      It should be noted that a World Pandemic / Eugenics scenario, false flag events, conspiracy theorists, globalists takeover of the planet and Alien Technology were the highlights of that season.
      It is interesting that these topics are melded together in 2020-2021.
      One can see videos of the X-Files on the Thread at the above link.

      • So interesting that these events are forecasted ahead of time…That’s why the alien narrative in the MSM is so unsettling, and the cyber attack narrative, etc. We are being primed.

  4. Easter egg!? James Evan Pilato? More like Nostradamus! The guy predicted the covid plandemic without even trying! What’s next? We find out he stole the Sports Almanac from Marty McFly?! ?

    I’ll post a more in depth comment when I get around to fully watching that NWNW from 2019. Keep fighting the good fight fellas!

  5. Yeah, the aliens landed a long time ago. You can spot them. They wear masks and get vaccinated.
    Avoid, avoid, avoid.
    And remember to show no emotion.

  6. “The Graves are Walking” by John Kelly about the Irish potato famine;

    I’m only about 33 pages into the book, but have already learned some interesting facts:

    Potatoes produce two to four times as many calories per acre vs. grains.

    The potato was “high yielding, reliable, an inexpensive– had been a major engine of European growth. Both the dramatic rise in population– from 140 million in 1750 to 266 million in1850– and the industrialization that allowed Europe to feed its growing working class from a shrinking agricultural base owed much to the potato; it produced two to four times more calories per acre than grain and was cheaper and easier to prepare than bread.”
    Page 30 of “The Graves are Walking”.

    The Irish were very poor, but more robust than other Europeans. They not only looked good, they were stronger. This was due to the potato. (And probably their poverty as they couldn’t afford dissipation.)

    I will now paraphrase:

    The potato blight divided the European scientific community into three camps:

    A: The meteorologists who believed the cold wet summer of 1845 was responsible for the blight.

    B: The degenerists who believed that the cause was the repeated cultivation of the same crop.

    C: The fungalists who believed a fungus was the cause.

    From page 31:

    “An observant reader named Matthew Moggridge, who lived near a smelting factory, had noticed an interesting correlation.. The nearer a potato garden was to the factory chimney, which puffed out copper smoke, the less likely the garden was to be infected.”

    The author’s point here is that as early as 1845 the cause (C) and solution (copper) to the potato blight was discovered, but the “Science” didn’t believe it.

    Does this sound familiar?

    Human nature doesn’t change. We can only change our own lives.


    • Those are some interesting tidbits.
      Using copper for anti-fungal and anti-bacterial applications is still in use today.

    • Great info, thanks. I’m going to look for the book.

      I was able to study for a short time under John Jeavons. His goal is to develop a system whereby 1000 sq ft can feed a person for a year. He told us that calories are the most important in the design, once one adopts biodynamics. The minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, etc take care of themselves. Gave us the assignment of planning such a system and eating that way exclusively for two weeks. Salt and pepper allowed but nothing else from outside the garden design. Half the space had to be devoted to “green manures.”

      Turns out that the calorie requirement forced us to grow spuds, but I chose sweet potatoes since they have better nutrition. So I can understand what the author is saying. Others from Latin America chose casava, which is a staple there.

      Btw, eating that diet was REALLY HARD for even two weeks. Of course if one is starving, one would adapt. But no eggs, beef, lamb, butter? Yikes.

      PS In the history of science, it’s often found that discoveries from outside the priesthood are discarded.

  7. Hi James,

    Check the “Download the mp4” link. It appears to be broken this time too :-/

    • You know, I’m going to actually remember to upload the file without being told one of these weeks. In the meantime, thanks for letting me know. The file should be there now.

      • lol! (The sound of one hand clapping)

        I’d be happy to write a little program for you to verify the local MP4, or all, downloads, if you wish. Easy to do, because your site has a nice regular structure. Actually, its trivial:

        1) Parse out the “Watch on” line, 2) split into the href links, and 3) verify each one’s accessibility and report. Maybe 150 lines of code.

        How about Python as an implementation language? I can do others.

        Input: the page url (e.g

        Sample Output:

        Watch on:

        Archive: OK
        BitChute: OK

        Download MP4: NO

  8. With respect to aliens, I don’t know what the purpose of telling us about UFOs.

    I think there probably is extraterrestrial life because the universe/ multiverse is so vast the odds are in favor of life on other planets. They probably get here through worm holes.

    If there are some aliens out there with advanced technology and can help us get rid of our “rulers” because they are evil. I have never seen such evil they are psychopaths like and it’s been a nightmare.

    I don’t understand why they are pushing these injections so much though that’s pretty strange and highly suspicious. I don’t trust anything that comes out of their mouths.

  9. Well, here’s hoping the masses reject the “prove you’re vaxxed” and “prove you’re not sick” or you can’t come in to our overhyped gathering of minstrels….. if literally nobody went, that little coercive carrot narrative would stop in its tracks……. unfortunately that’s probably not going to happen though and this will be the norm for events held while lockdowns are slightly eased.

    I already accepted a year ago that this would probably happen, and I am fine with holding little secret underground barn shows in the middle of nowhere with non zombified, like minded people.

    I had joined a band out of Portland with huge connections and plans to tour many countries back in 2019 and felt a bit ripped off when the scamdemic started and I had to quit, but looking back I’m actually happy….. I’m now working with my wife and kids gardening, jarring, becoming more self sufficient, and playing music while getting to know the rural folk I call neighbours a lot better. This is what I always wanted, to be honest……. not living in airports and hotels playing to faceless crowds surrounded by strangers pretending to be my “fam”.

    Also, I loved fly away with me, James! Great work by you and Kodomosan. Great little surprise to find in my odysee feed the other day 🙂

  10. James these things appear verifiable. There is no scientifically defined “virus”. Since 1954 virology has been building on unfounded, untested, theory. This is worth your attention, is it not? Please hear Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Tom Cowan, and especially Stefan Lanka. Here is just a taste.

    • I’m not fully on board with “viruses do not exist”. I’m not against it either, though….. however, in my mind, I’m fully convinced that covid does not exist. Why create and release a real virus that could potentially kill the pyramid of people in charge of this societal/biological transformation?

      • I disagree a little. I have treated patients with Covid ie respiratory illness with clotting abnormalities this year. I don’t remember noting the abnormalities in lab values that indicate coagulopathy in prior years working in the ER. But many this was present in past flu seasons. It would be interesting to go back through medical records of people hospitalized with flu.

        I think these elite psychopaths would release viruses on the masses especially if it wipes out the elderly an fragile who are expensive to care for. All they have to do is hide out in their bunker. Plus there are treatments for it. I think Covid has been extremely hipped and propagandized to roll out the bio security state but that it is a real disease that overwhelmingly affects people who are old and unhealthy to begin with. Just my opinion though and I am biased by working in hospitals and what I conclude based on observations.

        • I also agree that covid exists, based on the diagnoses from
          many whistleblower doctors treating patients.

          The common method for the tricksters,
          is that they exaggerate something enormously to
          make something minor seem a huge danger.

          We saw this in the “russia collusion” hoax.
          This is even true for false-flags.

          I just wonder if the disease still exists, or that they
          are now all just false positive PCR tests of the flu.

          • That’s a good question and I don’t know. Respiratory disease are at a low point in spring and summer. But I know for a fact we stopped routinely testing for flu several months ago.

            I haven’t treated any patients in the last 2 months with respiratory disease plus clotting abnormalities. I think the disease would have gone away much more quickly without lockdowns but they seem to want to prolong it as much as possible.

        • What do you know about pharmaceuticals that can potentially create “odd” or unidentifiable respiratory illnesses? Like fentanyl?

          • Fentanyl is easily identified because it responds to naloxone a reversal agent and people present with constricted pupils and decrease respiratory rate. People with infection present with fear chills an increased respiratory rate. With Covid they also had hypoxia or low oxygen saturation in severe disease was extremely low like 60% on room air with respiratory rates in 30-40s. Normal is oxygen saturation above 94% on room air and for adults respiratory rates of 12-20. Severe Covid also had elevated D dimer elevation liver enzymes elevated CRP and other lab values that indicate a clotting disorder. The hypothesis is that the spike protein causes blood clotting disorders.

            Another feature of fentanyl is a positive urine drug screen though we don’t usually run these on patents that can provide an accurate and honest medical history.

            The “elites “ are old but they can isolate themselves and they also have access to medical care and treatment the general public does not. But your point is valid as to why they would release something that could kill them. I don’t understand why they would risk nuclear disasters with all the funding of the wars and the pollution of the water supply and air but they do.

            • I meant fever not fear. Infection usually always causes fever in people with normal immune systems.

            • During the last TLAV interview with Whitney they discussed altered fentanyl that caused mystery respiratory issues being used in assassination attempts in Iran. Certainly seems off to me that seemingly nobody in government anywhere in the world has suffered major losses due to “covid”…….. except Iran.

              I certainly can’t argue with your personal experience. Mine is quite different, though. There had been literally no effect from covid where I live. My wife is a hairdresser and has nurses and doctors who work directly with “covid” patients and all of them hands down had not seen anything beyond normal pneumonia. At least not till a few months ago, when all of a sudden ICU’s were filling up with people basically choking on their own blood. My wife asked the doctors who were telling her about these gruesome scenes if there was any type of connection between the patients? Turns out the vast majority were “addicts”.

              Just seems fishy to me that we’d see nothing abnormal for a year, then the media’s crown jewel of “overrun ICU’s” magically happens when our premier was getting heavily pressured to lock down harder and that jewel for the media was fulfilled by 99% addicts.

              All I know is the media, now willing to talk all day about lab leaks, seem desperate to not have anyone even consider the nonexistence of covid and are controlling the conversation around the lab leak to satisfy the conspiracy crowd and keep people arguing and divided.

              • That does seem suspicious. I didn’t follow the alleged Covid in Iran, the specifics of it. But I don’t trust a single word that comes from MSM, not one word.

                I’ll have to check out the Whitney Webb interview. I assumed that the whole “over run” ICUs were because of the initial downsizing that happened during the lockdowns. This happened in my hospital, the census dropped so low that the hospital downsized and when they opened up some of the patients came back and we had no staff. It wasn’t that the patients were occupying all the beds, but rather there were no nurses to care for the patients.

                I have never seen patients fill up with blood. But rather a few patients with ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome) which is a condition where the inflammation is so severe that fluid backs up into the lungs. Patients will have pink tinged sputum from the lungs. Believe it or not but severe flu can also cause ARDS in certain people.

                The only seemingly unique feature I noticed was the abnormalities in clotting and ARDS. But there were very few people who had this severe presentation. I wouldn’t put it past the government to deliberately infect or poison people.

                I listened to epidemiologists who said that the only people who should have been sheltered were the elderly and sick, for a few weeks while every one else went about their business normally which would have led to herd immunity pretty quickly. But I know in New York, they allowed sick people into nursing homes which killed off a lot of the elderly there.

        • Also… keep in mind that many of the elite psychopaths are pretty old.

      • Virus Spike Model, A Manmade BioWeapon- Richard M Fleming PhD, MD, JD
        of The Highwire.

        The first half of the video gives some images and covers this topic.
        Dr. Fleming briefly mentions the Koch postulates and “no virus” theory.
        Prions are discussed.

        June 5th in Dallas, an event is planned. It is online also.
        Lots of documents at his website…

    • Without having watched this and admittedly am biased because of my training in biology and western medicine, the simplicity of germ theory to describe why people get sick makes a lot of sense. Having been sick at various times in my life after coming in contact with people with identical symptoms makes me unlikely to believe that viruses don’t exist. But I will watch this and think there is room for other theories. I like scientific inquiry. I would love to hear a respectful debate between germ theorists an terrain theorists that use evidence to back up their claims.

    • The viruses can be marked with isotopes,
      and tracked as they spread and infiltrate cells.
      Check out iBiology on youtube.
      They are probably not solely responsible for diseases,
      but they are certainly there.

      Viruses do the same thing as the injected mRNA,
      plus they replicate themselves via certain tricks.
      They also breed viruses and modify them in gain-of-function research.

      Like drugs, they use weak spots of our cells.
      They enter cells via peptides, which are part
      of the communication system between cells.
      For example ACE2 is used to regulate blood pressure and more.
      Many peptides are related to hormones and emotions, and this
      can make one open for certain diseases when one is depressed.

      I could not see a good explanation how viruses multiplied themselves.
      They are supposed to take the tools with them and
      use some of the many available tools in the cells.

  11. Are the Technocrats governed by an Artificial Intelligence?
    They are running a simulation of all citizens already. With facebook
    and google data they can update the state and improve the simulation.

    Based on the simulation it seems to me that they are running
    an AI (Artificial Intelligence) to make decisions.
    The AI is just simple a deep-learning algorithm, not something fancy.
    It is similar to a good Statistical analysis system.

    Why do they let an AI govern them?
    An AI is capable of tracking everyone.
    There are smart people in the top, and many are technocrats.
    They all think that artificial intelligence is better than
    everything else, and is the future of humanity.
    Like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, etc.

    What decisions will an AI make?
    The AI looks at a common feature among certain target groups.
    The programmers give in the direction the AI needs to bring these groups.
    The AI comes up with the narratives that needs to be pushed
    inside these groups to make them go that way.
    If possible they will use already available trends to push these narratives.

    How can we recognize AI narratives?
    1) They are all stupid.
    2) They are not based on evidence.
    3) Many people in the groups follow them blindly.
    4) The narrative can change in an instant with no clear reason.

    1. Russia collusion.
    2. Qanon
    3. Antifa is good
    4. “Woke” is good
    5. mRNA are vaccines / are safe
    6. SARS-Cov2 / Covid is not dangerous/ is dangerous
    7. UFOs are now dangerous
    8. Masks protect and are safe
    9. Lockdowns work
    10. China is threatening the US (in military)
    11. Virus is natural / virus is from lab.


    Is the AI programmed by the Pentagon or by the Economic Forum?

    • I don’t believe in any singularity AI, because it breaks
      with the basic laws of information.
      Like the “halting problem”, which can be mathematically proven.
      A program can not understand itself enough to be able
      to tell whether it ever stops computing.

      But any AI will be disconnected from reality.
      So it can only generate solutions that are only true within
      its own simulated world.

      That is why the AI solutions are all stupid.
      Not on facebook or the internet, but in the real world.

      • You seem to be talking about a godlike entity.

        In Buddhism it is called “Samsara”
        It is the wheel that controls our lives.
        A great topic to talk about, but a different topic.

        I was talking about an AI that Google and the Pentagon use
        with their world Simulation.

  12. COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and effectiveness—the elephant (not) in the room

    Vaccine efficacy is generally reported as a relative risk reduction (RRR). It uses the relative risk (RR)—ie, the ratio of attack rates with and without a vaccine which is expressed as 1–RR. Ranking by reported efficacy gives relative risk reductions of 95% for the Pfizer–BioNTech, 94% for the Moderna–NIH, 90% for the Gamaleya, 67% for the J&J, and 67% for the AstraZeneca–Oxford vaccines. However, RRR should be seen against the background risk of being infected and becoming ill with COVID-19, which varies between populations and over time. Although the RRR considers only participants who could benefit from the vaccine, the absolute risk reduction (ARR), which is the difference between attack rates with and without a vaccine, considers the whole population. ARRs tend to be ignored because they give a much less impressive effect size than RRRs: 1·3% for the AstraZeneca–Oxford, 1·2% for the Moderna–NIH, 1·2% for the J&J, 0·93% for the Gamaleya, and 0·84% for the Pfizer–BioNTech vaccines

    A two pager, read and proliferate.

    • I thought that was very interesting when I saw the reporting on the recent Highwire.
      The “95% effective” vaccine meme was a deliberate deception.

      By using definitions/criteria which people don’t understand, they can fashion a PR deceptive narrative.
      It is like a Dr. Fauci lie…full of BS.

      This 5 minute video via Joel Smalley (see his Twitter) was also featured on Thursday’s “The Highwire”.
      Impact of COVID Vaccinations on Mortality

      GRAPHS of “Weekly Deaths After Vaccination” are shown in blue against “Weekly Deaths Prior to the Vaccination Campaign” (red).
      A lot of countries are shown.

  13. As my Memorial Day weekend trip to Mackinac Island winds down, I’ve finally found a little time to write a bit more on this episode…

    Like I’ve said in the past, there is something about the UFO disclosure movement coming out of the MSM today that doesn’t sit well with me! It’s been on my mind off and on for about a decade. The powers that should not be, are suddenly pushing disclosure for a reason. Many in the UFO community who’ve been researching this stuff for many years, are finally starting to feel like they’ve been sated, but it’s an illusion. It must be something for an entire conspiracy community to be laughed at, ridiculed for decades; only to have current/former politicians coming out and saying, “oh yeah it’s all real, I’ve seen it!” Their emotional bias on this subject clouds their judgement. And many figures in the media/ entertainment industries don’t help…

    • The perfect example of this is the Joe Rogan Experience. I’ve been thinking about this as well for a while now. Like Alex Jones I don’t really watch his show anymore, but I occasionally catch clips. The guy hosts arguably the biggest podcast in the world. It’s rise to fame in my opinion is attributed to his willingness at times to discuss touchy subjects like conspiracy theories(mostly in the past). 9/11, NASA faking the moon landings, Sasquatch, and yes UFO’s. I would say in the last five or so years he has completely shut down most conspiracy talk, except for UFO’s. He’ll interview Bob Lazar, pushing his Netflix doc or talk aliens all day long with Dan Aykroyd; but the moment a discussion on 9/11 truth comes up he shuts it down. Idk if the guy was told to shut up or decided it was bad for business; but somewhere along the line it became okay to believe in UFO’s/Aliens, but it’s blasphemy to question the official narrative of 9/11 or COVID. It’s okay to interview Peter Hotez or Bob Lazar, but it’s not okay to interview Richard Gage. It’s okay to manipulate the public to believe one thing, and shut down all critical and common sense on another. Because make no mistake, a guy like Rogan(and others), a show like his has more pull with the masses than any MSM program could ever dream of. The perfect vehicle to push the globalists new acceptable conspiracy…aliens! It’s a propagandists wet dream…

      • Anyway, I can’t help but feel they’re using UFO’s as a tool to railroad society ever so closely to that “new world order” they so desperately covet. Maybe they’ve finally turned the corner with the tech capable of “faking an alien invasion,” and they’re preparing the unveil it to public in the not so distant future. We’ve seen in the last year how easily they can hoodwink the normies, is this really so far fetched?

        But the ultimate question is, after the year we just had, how much more bullsh*t is the public willing to be fed?

        Keep up the amazing work fellas! Another awesome NWNW in the books!!

  14. These UFO videos are old news, they are higher resolution than what was “leaked” previously but can be debunked as easily as the older low resolution ones. Mick West had this on his YouTube channel more than a year ago and recently was interviewed in “Breakdown of the Pentagon UFO videos with Mick West”

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