Interview 1650 – Whitney Webb Dissects the Wellcome Leap into Transhumanism

by | Jul 8, 2021 | Interviews | 87 comments

Whitney Webb of joins us once again, this time to discuss her latest article, “A “Leap” toward Humanity’s Destruction.” Even if you’re familiar with the transhumanist agenda, what the ex-DARPA, ex-Silicon Valley old hands at the newly created Wellcome Leap are planning to do in their quest to transform the human species in the coming decade will blow your mind.

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A “Leap” toward Humanity’s Destruction

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  1. I haven’t watched the video yet, but in a way Transhumanism makes the war easier for us.

    Having to kill a Transhuman in the battle will be the same level of murder as eating a meat pie. Some may say that is still too much murder – yet millions of us eat meat pies every day without having to think twice about it.

    And cows are much nicer creatures than Transhumans!

    • I have seen many Interviews with Whitney Webb, however, I will Note that no one does a better job with the accompaniment of graphics than these guys at the Corbett Report.

  2. YT has deleted the video already, it had 4,000+ views……

  3. The neural wearables that track motivation makes me think they want to make sure people are still controllable by the social algorithms that manipulate those areas of the brain, as well.

  4. Infertility due to the CV vaccines is going to make in-vitro a necessity. Can you imagine that those services may be free to those who will allow their babies into the baby-surveillance program?

  5. On the topic of transhumanism, this documentary was produced in 2011 and it is fascinating to see that all the projects funded by the Wellcome Leap were already flashed out over a decade ago. As they say: people are mortal (still ?) but ideas are immortal:

  6. Over the past year, I’ve seen similar tenders and I never know what to make of it: genuine government planning for the worst or red herrings?
    What is your thought?


    London’s 32 boroughs currently accepting bids for Body Storage Services for an “excess deaths situation”. 4 year contract. Bids started Jun 10, after lockdown lifted. Bids due July 12. What are they expecting?

    • colosseum, thanks for posting.

      Since I’m in the construction industry, I had to check out the source bid.

      “What are they expecting?”

      I’ll go back to this link from the the U.S. National Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Path Forward, where Suzanne Clark interviews Bill and Melinda Gates, June 23, 2020.

      “So we’ll have to prepare for the next one [pandemic]. That, you know, I would say, will get attention this time.” A quote by Bill Gates, while he tries to contain his glee, at minute mark 6:44, then they both look rather pleased.

    • colosseum,
      “What are they expecting?”

      They may be expecting that the phase array targeting of individuals with the freshly installed 5-50 GHz microwave system will activate the graphene, in those who’ve accumulated enough, which can present as many forms of lethal symptoms. In other words the algo will take it from here and many many can/will be assassinated. (man I hope that description is a hoax, but so far I cant find fault with the presentation of evidence).

      Here in Aus. theyre ramping up tracing masks lockdowns borderclosures based on a few people getting sick. one died from the “sickness”, and two died from the jab. so the PTSB reckoned: better make people sicker with masks and stress and keep pushing those graphene jabs..

      Aboriginal people shake their heads when others whinge about stolen liberty and livelihood as they ask what its all about, as if to say: “welcome to the party, they’ve been pulling this same shit on us for the past 200 years, just a blip in the long term scheme,,”

  7. The kids.
    This really sets me off. These sociopaths converse as if this is not insane, as if this is not evil.
    I’m pissed.


    These nutballs want to invasively, 24/7, monitor the “critical cognitive abilities, such as executive function (EF) and self-regulation” and then dominantly manipulate the toddler’s mindstate into a direction the “experts” decide.

    This is sociopathic “God complex”. The same insane characteristic that exudes from Bill Gates.
    This is Eugenics, just as Corbett emphasizes.

    These nutcases want to create mankind into their image.

    • “These nutcases want to create mankind into their image.”

      You are exactly right.

    • I listened to a short video by a fellow named Neil Oliver yesterday that really said it well. The only reason that they are trying to poison the children is to protect adults. Even if it were true. What kind of people would advocate doing anything to a child that could cause them harm in order to protect themselves? Reminds me of human shields! Damn monsters!

  8. Someone recently told me an anecdote about an Amazon worker receiving a pink slip generated by AI with no interaction from human bosses.

    Your discussion at minute 47 of interview seems to support that real-life rumor.

    I also found confirmation here



  9. James, (or anyone who has watched the video)

    Do you have a take on why the 2030 goal? Here are some random guesses…


    1. China’s 100 year plan, which will culminate in 2049. If the US & Europe can get there first, they may be able to keep the geopol balance in status quo a little longer…


    2. The apparently impending Solar micronova, which occurs on a 12K year cycle and which apparently the CIA has been investigating & tracking for decades. Suspicious Observers says it’s likely to happen sometime in the 2030s based on the acceleration of the magnetic pole migration and significant changes observed on other planets in the solar system, which apparently preceded the previous micronova.

    (for those new to SuspiciousObservers, it sounds like total sci-fi fiction at first but after you’ve seen a few hours of videos, you’ll see that he’s actually basing a lot/most/all?) of his claims on legit science)


    3. The Lucis Trust’s (which is surprisingly and worryingly interconnected with the UN/UNESCO) plan for the return of the Christ figure, which is scheduled to go into operation in the 2020s and 2030s, including a meeting in 2025 when the supposed hidden fraternity that runs the world will meet to plan what they call the Externalization of the Hierarchy.

    • here’s more about 3. Lucis Trust

      The Planned Work of the Hierarchy

      The Masters are a worldwide group of executives, adept and skilled in the various fields of work in the modern world, organised into a close network of communication throughout the world, with representatives in all nations, both east and west, and working in the closest co-operation.

      The overall hierarchical organisation has three major divisions: one having responsibility for world political progress, or government in its true sense; the second having responsibility for teaching in its three aspects, education, religion and healing; and a third division having responsibility for all economic progress, industry, labour and capital relations, scientific discovery, finance as it pertains to all fields, intellectual culture, and the arts. This third division is the largest of the three, with many different departments of work.

      The work since the 15th century has been carried forward by the sending out of senior disciples, qualified and trained to work in these particular fields. A number of such disciples appeared at about the same time, sometimes in different parts of the world, working separately, but producing an effect upon human consciousness. Today, all of the work is interrelated and co-ordinated into one worldwide group effort, and the senior members of this group who are responsible for the implementing of the Plan in these various fields have been called the New Group of World Servers.

      here’s a timeline of the New Group of World Servers from the 1970s through 2030.

      note how certain cycles seem to align with global events?

      and it literally ends in 2030

    • I hope James will respond, too, but I’m not sure this is territory he feels comfortable venturing into, as it’s definitely speculation land. 🙂

      I’ve done a bit of research on Lucis and technology, but so far have not found anything to suggest they have a significant transhuman agenda.

      Re simulation theory: I don’t think this is just a digital situation. Are you familiar with Alex Tsakiris’ Skeptiko podcast? He has done some good exploration of NDEs and OBEs in his interviews. These seem to suggest that the body is not the limit to consciousness and that there is one or more “other place(s)” that people seem to go during NDEs. So I think it’s pretty safe to say that our material dimension is not the only place that exists. (Again, also not Corbett Report territory, but hey — if we’re going to question everything, let’s question EVERYTHING.)

      Idk much about Graham Hancock’s theories but the 12K years aligns pretty well with the Suspicious Observers claims. The youtube links I included in my initial comment might be of interest if you’re not familiar with S.O. already.

      • With respect to OBEs and NDEs, it’s a very interesting topic for exploration.

        It’s hard to know if being alive still is necessary to experience them, meaning the brain is still alive. I would like to believe there is consciousness after death, but no way to prove it at this time because no one has come back once the brain is dead. Many people have come back when the heart stops pumping and CPR is being done, but this helps keep the brain from dying.

        Some have argued that NDEs are hallucinations caused by lack of oxygen. Nevertheless, I am open to other possibilities since there is so much we don’t know about the unseen.

    • one more reply… sort of an odd thought:

      if there is a 12K year type disaster expected sometime in the 2030s, folks who have nanobots in their systems fighting infection might actually fare a little better than those who don’t.

    • one more reply… sort of an odd thought:

      if there is a 12K year type disaster expected sometime in the 2030s, folks who have nanobots in their systems fighting infection might actually fare a little better than those who don’t.

  10. Hi MagicBullet, I stand to be corrected but I don’t know Corbett has ever said he thinks there is definitely a real virus representing Covid. I assume you might be referencing his video on mortality stats a while back? If so, I recall his conclusion was very broad and was essentially that ‘something’ happened with mortality in 2020 and it was hard to know what because of all the confounding variables such as lockdowns, ventilators, and old folks’ homes debacles. Like I say, interested to know if I’m wrong here.
    Also very interested in the entire idea of virus/germ theory more broadly. Watching some vids of Andrew Kaufman and my fellow NZ’er Dr Sam Bailey, who has co-authored “Virus Mania”, a great read, it at least seems there are basic scientific tenants such as Koch’s postulates and even simple control experiments that have been ignored for decades developing modern understanding of virology. Stephan Lanka for one has shown if you bombard tissue samples with antibiotics as they do when they prove the existence of a virus by adding said virus and then watching the tissue die, you get the same result without a virus! This is exactly the control experiment that should have been carried out from the get-go. Science 101. This leads me to believe the current virology model is maybe fraudulent science from the start IN ORDER to develop the ultimate invisible enemy paradigm that now primes us for the bioterror state.
    I’d love James’ opinion on this.

    • JC mentioned Sars-Cov 2 in his reports as a virus, but I don’t recall him saying it’s real or not.

      It would be helpful to have some more people in the scientific community pose a testable hypothesis of infectious disease that isn’t based on germ theory. In order for the public to stop believing in viruses, there would need to be a well defined theory that can be reproduced in lab.

      Can all viruses be isolated in the traditional way? Is this even possible. I think germ theory does explain disease clusters very nicely, mainly that there is a contagious particle that sets off a pathological reaction leading to similar symptoms.

      Every day people get sick and they often notice that they had contact with a person who had the same symptoms as them and they think hmmmm maybe the other person had something to do with it. If it’s a toxic exposure I have not heard a specific toxin named and tested to prove it was the cause.

      Anyone who actually has kids or has grown up with children knows they get sick a lot and often share their germs with their parents and siblings. So this experience leads to the conclusion that there must be germs.

      • so many places to look and so few truths to come home with.

        Anybody here speak Spanish? Alexandra Bruce’s post today comes from a site that is claiming university doctors in Spain have verified substantial percentages of graphene in the Pfiser gene therapy inoculations.

        heres the spanish site:

        heres the forbidden knowledge site which includes a translated transcript and hyperlinks to related studies:

        according to them, Glutathione (over the counter suppliment) can help the body to clear itself of this nanotech.

        • An IV of glutathione logically makes sense for graphene detox because of the mechanics, especially when it comes to carbon based materials. Vitamin C IVs would probably be beneficial also.
          Oral glutathione supplements don’t really make it into the system effectively.
          Glutathione is the best anti-oxident the body makes.

          N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is a major component of glutathione. The other two amino acids are Glycine and Glutamine.
          Currently the FDA is trying to outlaw NAC.
          Orally, I think a person would do well taking these amino acids separately, especially NAC.
          Here is my experience with NAC and how it saved my life.

          See the comment above the linked comment for Mercola and the FDA.

      • I don’t remember seeing the clotting disorders coupled with pneumonia symptoms. That’s what appears different. Also the degree of hypoxia, people with oxygen saturations in the 50s on room air who had fever, chills, and other symptoms of a flu type illness.

        Perhaps it was a toxin, but if it was are toxins contagious? Wouldn’t this require a lot of it?

        Regardless of what it was, it wasn’t affecting a large percentage of the population and there was no real state of emergency. This fact to me is the most important one.

        Also, is it even possible to purify a virus according to Koches postulates? I’m asking because I don’t know. What viruses have even been purified using this traditional method.

        • The people who go along with this are f***dead, not the people who refuse.

          I have a suspicion that the VARES reports are just the beginning of the harm. For the people who might get lucky and not get sick this time around, they might get sick with the next jab.

          That’s insane and people who just roll over and submit to jabs every 6 months to a year don’t deserve freedom (IMHO). That’s pretty sad actually.

          I also think that the health effects that start showing up won’t be able to be swept under the rug with new narratives. After a while people will know.

        • “ The people who go along with this are f***dead, not the people who refuse.”

          Forgive the exuberance but AMEN SISTER!!

        • Fact Checker:

          I understand why you feel this way, but I disagree with you. Non compliance is more effective than you think and people must try.

          The people who want to stay in power want us to believe this. If they didn’t need consent, there wouldn’t be a need for propaganda.

          I have found that when I speak up, I usually get what I’m asking for.

  11. An awesome interview and one which it didn’t take Gootube long to say “NO!” too and remove it haha. I find it interesting how on the Trinity Challenge site under the question/section “Why do we need it?” they start with the sentence “What if, in future, the investments and infrastructure were in place to identify an emerging or re-emerging infectious disease threat before it became an outbreak or epidemic?” But we had two such systems prior to the pandemic and both were ‘turned off’ in the months leading up to it. The one the US gov was funding and then suddenly stopped funding forcing it to close and the Canadian based international pandemic surveillance and alert system GPHIN (Global Public Health Intelligence Network) which fell silent in May 2019. Apparently the reason for GPHIN going silent was due in part to having it’s analysts being reassigned to domestic projects that the Canadian government considered more valuable like studying the impact of vaping in Canada. Strangely though after 400 days of silence, GPHIN was suddenly made operational again in August 2020. I’m sure that a pandemic occurring during those 400 days of silence is merely one of those mischievous coincidinks of life, or maybe not.

  12. I think the whole idea of transhumanism is completely and utterly missing the point. To get to transhumanism, we first need to get to humanism. We are currenty at prehumanism at best.

    • yeah, no kidding mkey. Although Transhumanism can be used for good, it really does seem to be going down a pretty bad path, & James Corbett does raise legitimate concerns about it. We sure do happen to be approaching a Cyberpunk Dystopia, & that’s what I’m expecting the 21st century to be dystopian. As someone who’s a huge fan of cyberpunk scifi media, although despite being make believe, sure has warned us about the horrors of Neoliberalism & Technocracy.

  13. MagicBullet,
    Since what is commonly called “flu” is an ensemble of diseases with common symptoms, so might be the case for the trendy disease. The most frequent “COVID” symptoms are also flu symptoms and since COVID is diagnosed through a lab test, we can be sure that without that test, doctors would never diagnose the illness as anything other than the flu (unless the patient is healthy, of course).
    The trick is simple, relabel a disease as another with a lab test, pick a few rare symptoms of the old disease that few people know about to refute the claim that it is the old disease.
    Now, if the virus exists or not or came from China, if germ theory is right or wrong are other important topics (and some surpass my capacity of understanding) but that avoid the fundamental questions, such that this is being used to advance certain agendas, or that most of what is told about this disease is a lie. See the AIDS scam as well (
    Corbett has criticized the attitude of some that deny that there is a virus and that allocate all their time trying to convince everyone that it doesn’t exist instead of doing something more productive.

  14. MagicBullet, et al.,

    I found the embedded interview in this blog post synergistic with the Corbett/Webb sphere view of things given by a formidable expert with much experience in treating whatever it is that has caused many people to fall ill, and a few, at least, to expire. He also has boots on the ground mobilizing for our common interests. It looks like a fair number of professional ‘experts’ may be willing to come around upon people like his authority. Perhaps Corbett will consider having McCullough on the Report.

    Having contracted the Rona’Vid in its 3rd wave, I can speak from personal experience that it felt and behaved like no other illness I’ve ever had. It was not a flu, as I’ve experienced. It also responded to therapies (focused on alleviating the singular symptom of inflammation) like no other illness I’ve ever had. Whatever it was did not tolerate any efforts at ‘just pushing through it,’ or ‘walking it off.’

    I consider myself very fortunate to have both ‘natural’ antibodies (if that can be said about a bio-engineered pathogen) and, so far, complete cessation of symptoms.



    • Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve had a few colleagues get really sick in 2019, one in the ICU. One of the travel nurses I work with told me she got Covid and that her daughter got it who was in her 20s and got inflammation in her heart. Both were pretty sick, but recovered.

      These anecdotal reports and what I have witnessed first hand tend to make me believe this is a real viral illness that is transmissible to susceptible people. It was different than the flu for a lot of people, particularly the inflammation in the lower airways and other tissues.

      Just because it’s a real illness (this is my belief based on what I saw with my own eyes) that is transmissible doesn’t mean the government has the right to shut down economies and force “vaccinate” people.

    • “ Skip, I am angry that you had to go through that. Have you considered 5G + geoengineering (aka “chemtrail” or dropping shit on people from the sky) as the cause for so many illnesses and deaths labelled “covid”?”

      Bleak, I have a feeling that you’re right about that. They might be throwing all sorts of stuff at the population.
      A few weeks ago I saw a couple of videos on Bitchute that showed what appeared to be magnetic meat! What if they are infecting a proportion of the meat supply with something that they want to eventually end up in people? It just seems sort of coincidental that there are magnetic people and magnetic chickens showing up at the same time.

      Remember the Nashville “bombing”? I saw credible footage of the incident caught on a webcam from a few miles away that showed clearly a beam which appeared below the low lying clouds at the exact location and moment of the explosion. The beam or ray either originated from the spot of the explosion and traveled quickly away or the DEW struck it’s target and the movement was because of the movement of the orbiting weapon. But in spite of the footage, nobody “respectable” would discuss it.
      Examples like this are numerous. Sometimes it takes awhile for a conspiracy theorist to warm up to a new theory.
      In my opinion reason things are implausible is because imaginations are limited

    • Bleak,

      I’ve given a lot of thought to the possibility of the 5G connection. Relative to the emergent infrastructure for the technocratic control grid, I think 5G figures prominently. In conjunction with nano-bio genetic engineering interfaces on-boarded into human bodies, such as mRNA “platforms,” 5G is technologically capable of being the tracking & remote control delivery medium by which feedback and re-programming could be facilitated. So it’s no joke.

      Beyond the millimeter wave/centimeter wave concerns (as these are the wavelengths at which water molecules, oxygen molecules and thus biological cells resonate), the other important thing to grok about the tech is that its antennas have a Phased Array design. This is the same principle utilized in the HAARPs, which direct energy at any given wavelength & any desired frequency into the air for (among other things) ICBM detection and deterrence. It is also the tech employed in DEWs, lethal and “non-lethal.” B/c they have a planer interface they can selectively focus directed beams or radiate fields with great accuracy at any position roughly 180º to the plane of the antenna. This contrasts with traditional cell-towers which put out & receive signals as a point source, indiscriminately at ~360º from the antenna, without the ability to (by themselves) triangulate the position of a target. Where 3 cell towers are needed to roughly locate a signal, such as from your cell phone with 4G and older, now a single 5G antenna in close proximity can locate your phone (or your body once nano-chipped) with much greater accuracy & precision.

      Based on this virtue of precision accuracy, I think the scenario you paint is incorrect.

      Only after your bio-metric ID is linked to your health records, bank accounts, digital ID, etc, AND your body is augmented with an associated receiver/platform, then yes, I think the 5G will be capable of negatively augmenting your health remotely, *without harming the person sitting right next to you*.

      Hypothetically, your cell phone would offer enough identifying & locating data to effect similar outcomes, but I think they’re waiting to use the system until there is total biological commitment, ie. when there’s no escape possible, and when the risk of ‘incentivizing’ the wrong target is reduced to zero. The proto-feudal banks don’t want to mistakenly kill/harm a valuable partner/stakeholder. So long as they can’t yet “see” a target with absolute certainty, it doesn’t live up to accounting standards.

      In the currently active cold-war theater, with its primary drive to induce compliance for/acceptance of jab-regimes, secondary drive to kickstart diffuse targeted depopulation events, & tertiary drive to foment hot-war, traditional bio-weaponry is perfectly sufficient to the task. The uncertainty of the effects of engineered pathogens offers the cloak of nature needed to plausibly deny intention & will.

      Re: my illness, I have not knowingly been in the vicinity of 5G infrastructure.


  15. funny i caught this on corbettextra and was able to watch it through, so damn scary these people… anyway i thought id share from that place, but they were’nt having any of it. unable to share , unable to get back to the comments ,no history that I even watched! they were all over it so it must be something not to be knowned. anyway great interview and i have been passing it along , thankyou James

  16. Jeremy Farrar, Director of The Wellcome Trust

    Thursday July 8, 2021 – The Highwire with Del Bigtree and Jefferey Jaxen
    Episode 223 – The Fauci Files

    Saturday Feb 1st, 2020 and Tuesday February 4th, 2020 – EMAILS
    Fauci Emails & Jeremy Farrar, Director of The Wellcome Trust & Gain of Function @Wuhan & W.H.O. & Dr. Fauci (NIAID) & Dr. Francis Collins (NIH)

    I suggest to start watching when Jefferey Jaxen comes on at about the 6:30 minute mark. He runs through a timeline and emails.
    Take note of the Saturday Feb 1st, 2020 email with Fauci.

    At the 16:30 minute mark, Jeremy Farrar comes up. He was copied on the email. As Jaxen states it, “Jeremy Farrar seems to be all over these emails as somebody who is really quarterbacking a lot of this stuff behind the scenes with Fauci.”

    What becomes very evident is how well connected Jeremy Farrar is and also how influencial he is.
    He is not a two-bit player on the field.

    • RELATED…
      Friday July 9th, 2021 – MERCOLA.COM
      NIAID, Moderna Had COVID Vaccine Candidate in December 2019
      Story at-a-glance
      ~~ Moderna, together with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), sent mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on December 12, 2019 — raising significant red flags
      ~~ The providers agreed to transfer “mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates developed and jointly-owned by NIAID and Moderna” to the university’s investigator and was signed by Ralph Baric
      ~~ Baric pioneered techniques for genetically manipulating coronaviruses, which became a major focus for research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV)
      ~~ Baric worked closely with WIV’s Shi Zhengli, Ph.D., on research using genetic engineering to create a “new bat SARS-like virus … that can jump directly from its bat hosts to humans”
      ~~ Serious questions need to be answered, including: Were Moderna, NIAID and Baric aware that COVID-19 was circulating in mid-December 2019, or did they have knowledge far before that such a vaccine would soon be in demand?

      …In confidential documents3 revealed by the U.K.’s Daily Expose, Moderna, together with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), sent mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill December 12, 2019 — raising significant red flags. As The Daily Expose reported:…

      …The rest of the story, as the saying goes, is history. December 12, 2019, Amy Petrick, Ph.D., NIAID’s technology transfer specialist, signed the agreement, along with Dr. Barney Graham, an investigator for NIAID, whose signature is undated.
      May 12, 2020, just months later, Moderna was granted a fast-track designation for its mRNA-1273 vaccine by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration…

      …It was not until January 9th 2020 that the WHO reported Chinese authorities had determined the outbreak was due to a novel coronavirus which later became known as SARS-CoV-2 with the alleged resultant disease dubbed COVID-19…

      …according to Gøtzsche:
      “On 9 December 2019, just before the outbreak of the pandemic, Peter Daszak (EcoHealth Alliance president) gave an interview in which he talked in glowing terms of how his researchers at the Wuhan Institute had created over 100 new SARS- related coronaviruses, some of which could get into human cells and could cause untreatable SARS disease in humanized mice … ”

  17. Who, what. or which RFK are you talking about, Arby? Do you mean Robert F. Kennedy Jr.? I’m just curious that’s all because I wanna know

  18. they also still use animal blood & cells too, & tgats also gross as well. What we badly need are herbal cures for Covid. That way, we can immediately end the Coronavirus Pandemic, which was created Donald Trump the Zionist Tyrant & Israel to genocide Asia, & it’s no wonder why China is the first victim.

  19. But it’s not just a random illness that a few people had. It was more than a few and appeared to be contagious and the abnormal lab values were predictable. It’s something causing massive inflammation in the lungs particularly lower airways in conjunction with clotting disorder and propensity to form blood clots. But only a small number of people developed full acute respiratory distress syndrome.

    It was a viral pneumonia that when tested for flu was negative. The test for flu is also a pcr test I think.

    Perhaps they are making up the genetic sequence to an extent but when people are injected with the “vaccine “ some of these people get very sick almost like they have Covid. I suspect there’s something toxic about the spike protein in susceptible people.

    But regardless of what people believe if it’s real or not, nothing justifies this tyranny. Healthy people have a right to live freely. That’s basic and a fundamental liberty that prior to this scam was understood.

    • Unfortunately, Majicbullet while I agree in principle that proof of a fake virus is a theoretical keystone to this, it’s like much of what James covers. it is not in the realm of facts, it is a matter of a brainwashed mass that was taught decades ago that white coats are the new priesthood (particularly those pushed out by the state) and everything else is heresy. EG the PCR debacle is long established in this current debacle, let alone previously from Mullis, etc. Proof of the blatant manipulation of mortality (bike accident = covid death, etc) is everywhere also. Lanka and co have a running 1.5 million euro offer for anyone that can prove isolation of this virus. None of this has any cut through. There is already a story with blatant lies in every corner of it, and none of it matters. Like 911 (again, so much compelling evidence so utterly ignored) and so many other things, we have those awake to whatever degree, and the ‘normies’ and they are both siloed from each other. As desperate as it sounds, I feel the conclusion of a parallel society as the ‘normies’ are led further down the path discussed in this talk, and others are left to somehow connect with each other, is the only way forward.

    • Yes there should have been more analysis. A toxic substance is possible, if it can reproduce the appearance of a respiratory infection and massive inflammation in susceptible people. What ever it was, it was contagious among some people who had close contact with other sick individuals (at least this was what I observed).

      It looked like a regular flu season except that some people (mostly people who were already in poor health) get the hallmark symptoms of low oxygen saturation in addition to abnormal lab values that indicate a clotting disorder (propensity toward blood clotting).

      I haven’t observed that presentation in 2018.

      • MagicBullett:

        That’s interesting about the H1N1 causing blood clots. Wouldn’t the PCR test be positive for flu though?

        I know that we were running flu swabs in 2019 and they were negative for many people with Covid symptoms (the fever, hypoxia, blood clotting).

        I assume they run a PCR test for all the possible viral infections RSV and flu as well. But maybe it’s a different process? I never asked the lab about how they test the swabs.

        When I say what I saw was new, I mean that it was not observed or noted (my personal observation) from 2015-2018. I don’t remember earlier years because I was working in a different department and wasn’t paying attention to flu in particular.

  20. Satan’s Grand Finale is here. And God’s cavalry from Calvary is on its way. But not before billions die. Your ONLY defense is Jesus Christ.

    Your job: stand by the Truth. DO NOT take their “vaccines.” DO NOT take the Mark. If you do not take this seriously, I guarantee you will eventually look back with regret beyond imagination that you didn’t.

  21. I had to keep rewinding bits of this interview as I kept having those “WTF?” moments – “Did I really hear that correctly??” The bit about the babies. The Yuval Harari speech with the references to rats.

    I’m so glad that Witney left us with a little bit of hope, when she reminded us that we still do have some power – otherwise they wouldn’t be trying so hard to silence us – and when she advised us to make polite objections to the scientists who are involved in this, who are often unaware of the full implications of the projects they are working on.

  22. Me – being a biology diploma graduate and PhD in life science – I completely agree (and so do probably 90% of the professors and fellow scientists that I know) that the long-term plans sound completely unethical and undesirable (and if they knew about the eugenics backgrounds/ties of those think-tanks/institutions/funding agencies), they would probably be severely alarmed. However I really hope that the critical/skeptical community has enough consideration and insight to not automatically condemn all the useful achievements of modern regenerative medicine/tissue engineering or immune therapy. There are sometherapy forms (e.g. against malignant cancers) that include gene modifications to immune cells, like CAR therapies), which might in some instances be the only effective life-saving cure to severely ill people. However the prospect of anticipatory (eugenic) gene modifications for anything that the elites will define as an illness or disability on a population basis sounds absolutely horrendous, I agree!

    • I agree that there are some useful therapies that could be used for good purposes. No one wants their loved ones to die a painful death and their life cut short. People might not understand the loss of someone very close and the pain of that loss can cause and how they would feel if a therapy existed that could cure their loved one.

      We need to stop the psychopaths that want to fulfill their sick agenda because they won’t use the tech to help us. The vision they have is pretty dark and I think that a meteor striking the planet to wipe everything out would be a better alternative. This is sick what they want to do, like a cancer of the human spirit.

  23. For those who are acting on James’ and Whitney’s suggestion to contact the scientists and academics that are listed as doing and supporting these very creepy, very dangerous, areas of research:

    Please also consider asking questions of them in public on their social media where it may catch the attention of their families, acquaintances, and colleagues, i.e., those that may be able to exert social pressure on them more directly.

  24. I left this comment below, before realizing it might work as a response to your comment that these academics are unlikely to be swayed by inquiries from random strangers (concerned citizens).

    “For those who are acting on James’ and Whitney’s suggestion to contact the scientists and academics that are listed as doing and supporting these very creepy, very dangerous, areas of research:

    “Please also consider asking questions of them in public on their social media where it may catch the attention of their families, acquaintances, and colleagues, i.e., those that may be able to exert social pressure on them more directly.”

  25. It’s pretty sickening and terrifying. I think starting a family would be fine if you can be independent of the system and home school your kids and protect them from this agenda. If you’re wealthy that might not be a problem and live in a place that won’t try to force inject you and your family with experimental drugs and other weird tech.

    I never really wanted kids, but in these times, I feel more confident that I make the right decision. It would be an extra stress for me had I decided to have children, and I am glad I don’t have that worry at this time. It’s a bummer really, that people who might really want kids are thinking it might not be a good idea with everything that is happening now.

    Having a family and raising children is one of the most meaningful experiences a person can have. And it’s also important for the continuation of humanity (the kind we envision). Maybe your kids would change the world in a positive way and help save humanity.

    Only you can decide, but I wouldn’t let these psychopaths stop you. We aren’t in a death camp (yet) and perhaps will be able to stop this agenda, or slow it down.

  26. ““My God is it even worth starting a life and having a family at this point?”

    Absolutely not. Anybody having a child now is just directly rendering up one more slave to a Satanic Machine that will experiment upon her, torture her, run her ragged in an endless gauntlet of arbitrary mandates, and once she is completely broken of mind, spirit, body, and humanity, she will be sold into the harem of a Silicon Valley techno-freak, a Middle East warlord, or a vile Biden-esque politician in D.C., the City of London, or Tel Aviv, for never-ending defilement and degradation.“

    That sounds horrible!
    But if I understand you. You are telling anyone, with any sense presumably, to not procreate at this time. Does that suggest that you think that there will be a time within their biological window of fertility that they should wait for? Or are you saying that humanity as we know it is doomed and that there is no reason to subject anyone else to the possible horrors of our upcoming demise?
    Just wondering because if no one except the modified, cloned creations that the tyrants are designing are making babies the future looks pretty bleak. Shouldn’t there be a remnant? A resistance? Even Orwell allowed us the Proletariat.
    Why give up now? Doesn’t that just help our enemies?

    • You’re asking FC but I will give you my opinion. I think people who refuse are the control group. A control group is important for any experiment. I think they are experimenting on the population.

      I think if people can avoid getting the injections by being independent of the government they might have a chance. Look at South Dakota and other states who never locked down. I don’t think they have “vaccine” mandates there either.

      I think if someone is struggling to survive now might not be right for having children. I would keep children out of schools if I had kids. It would be extremely stressful for me anyway. I am stressed enough anyway. I think it depends on one’s circumstances. But I think people who are awake reproducing is good for the continuation of their genetic lines.

      • “Give up doing what, exactly? We’re all just monkeys tapping at keyboards and chattering into webcams to while away our time on Death Row.“

        Oh you poor soul. How sad that is your view of life.
        You must realize that you are only speaking for yourself though, don’t you? You are not describing my life at all. My life is full. At 65 I am busier and probably more content overall than any other period of my adult life. Maybe even healthier in some ways.
        I probably spend more time than I should with this iPad but I also run a business, take care of my paid for home and yard, tend to the chickens, the worms and the compost pile. Much of my time is spent with a guitar in my hands and I am usually listening to some interesting podcast when I’m busy working. I have my neurotic Bavarian shepherd that requires lots of attention plus a beautiful wife who I like to spend time with.
        And I have never used a webcam nor owned a smartphone.

        Perhaps cu.h.j has hit on something. Perhaps I am only content because I live in Florida and perhaps you F.C., live in someplace like my home state of California or something and thus your pessimistic and defeatist attitude. Don’t know. But probably not. Because like my old buddy Paul once said: “for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content”
        I am sincerely sorry that you are seemingly so miserable my friend. Remember that your state of mind is a choice.

        • “ You’re a happy-go-lucky old coot, and good for you for feeling so very self-satisfied. But you ain’t “resisting” shit. You’re just a complacent after-worker, whiling the hours in the comfortable clubhouse you’ve built over the years.”

          F.C. I think rather that your attempted insults are more of a defense mechanism. After all what would I, “ a happy-go-lucky old coot” have anything to be defensive about?
          I have news for you, you don’t know shit about me or my life. And I already know that you are the type to have zero interest in knowing anything about it. I bet that I could outwork you today.
          And just for the record, I will probably outlive you the way you’re going.
          Your self pity and helplessness is shameful. Grow the fuck up and take control of your life. I know women with more grit than you. I pity your wife.

        • “ “After all what [sic] would I, ‘a happy-go-lucky old coot’ have anything to be defensive about?”

          You probably have kids, and you want to feel that it was right, good, and justified for you to have had them, despite the future of ceaseless suffering that they face, while you chillax and wind down in comfort and sententiousness. And that if they’re not content with their lots in life, well then that’s just their faults. You’re aaaaaaaall good. Everyone could just be a groovy old guitar-strumming sun-bum if they only “grew up” and “took control of their lives”!


          No. I was more like you back in 1980. I had a procedure done because I didn’t want to bring a child into this horrible world. Having lost my mother at two and growing up in foster homes and watching the murder of JFK and his brother and MLK and the debacle of the Vietnam war and seeing the huge boils on my friend’s back from Agent Orange that he tried to treat by piercing them with filthy needles to cause infection. He died young. I lost my brother in 1977 somewhere in the Tasman Sea. There are too many other things to mention. (Like I said. You don’t know shit about me.)

          You’re a toxic person. I tried to relate to you like men typically do and you respond with insulting venom. I am sure that you are very smart. Probably have high IQ according to some test you took sometime. Probably online. But son, you’re just a helpless little boy hiding behind pretentiousness.
          Fuck off. You’re on my ignore list.

        • Fact Checker,
          Give it a rest.

        • Steve Smith

          Though I do think FCs views are pessimistic he has a point about how people that are older have an advantage.

          Younger people who pay into social security might not ever be able to draw on it. And more and more employers are requiring the injection. My husband was let go in part because he told his employer he refused to get the injection and submit to regular testing. We are in commirfornia though. Will be moving in 6 months.

          Young people who are working poor or middle class will have it much harder for people who can retire. I was just thinking the other day boy I wish I was retiring this year.

          Your attitude though is far more positive and that’s important. I appreciate your insights and wisdom.

          I also don’t think FC is a bad guy either. I think he’ll be okay too.

        • cu.h.j , I get that young people feel like they’ve been given the shitty end of the stick. Ya know why? Cause I can still remember what being young was like. Hell, I can even remember being dismissed, like I wasn’t even sentient by adults when I was a young child.
          Point being that I had the same thoughts. I never thought that social security would be around when I retire. Frankly, I’m still not sure that it will be.
          I don’t know anything about F.C’s financial situation nor yours but I will tell you that if I were to average out all the years that I have worked. I would fall somewhere under the poverty level. Even after having run a “successful” business since ‘96.
          Yet I have no significant debts. My home is paid off and I worked my ass off for decades to do it. And I even sacrificed many immediate pleasures along the way.
          Yeah, maybe in general old coots like me have got it made in the shade. But generalizations are often wrong and almost always inspired by something negative. Like resentment.
          At 65, I still have to go to work every weekday doing manual labor in the Florida sun. I don’t consider my work trivial. People stake their safety on the quality of my work. I take pride in my work and my business and my life experience. I wish I could find a young person who was able or willing to learn my trade to pass the business on to. But I haven’t been able to find one. Hard to find people willing to work hard these days.

          Pessimistic, when referring to slack pecker, I mean fact checker has to be the understatement of the year.
          I am becoming convinced that he is some sort of troll. As I said earlier. He is toxic. Poisonous. Why would someone with his outlook be interested in a guy who has a series of videos called solutions? He doesn’t believe there are any solutions. He is a gutless coward who will crumble at the first sign of adversity. I can say that because he has already crumbled.

          Now, for the time being, I will heed the good advice from our friend and give it a rest. But I will, at every opportunity in the future, warn anyone who believes that they might engage in a civil and productive dialogue with Fact Checker that they are likely to be sorely disappointed.

        • Dammit mkey, now I’m starting to feel a bit sorry for the poor bastard again. Let me just close my eyes for a second and imagine the derisive and dismissive reaction with which our resident troll would greet that podcast…… Okay, I’m better now.

          Principles? I imagine that is as foreign a concept as spirituality or hope to him. Natural law? I can hear the scoffing in my mind’s ear now.

          It is sad that he will probably not realize in time, or probably ever that he is just as programmed and conditioned as the normiest statist you could ever encounter.
          Just fucking sad. And no. Thats not affected sympathy. Thats more like disgust. Normies have a much better excuse for their learned helplessness.

      • Fact Checker

        Get out of California and don’t let your wife get the shot.

        I bought some land and developing it. You can do the same. You’re highly intelligent and I have confidence that you and your family will be okay.

        But staying in California is a mistake.

  27. To offer some balance against poisonous garbage: the only way out of this mess is through properly raised future generations. Can it be done? Yes. Will it be easy? No.

    • Agreed!

      Off topic; do you have a XMR adress you can share? I am really happy with this CR layout(?) you created. As a sign of gratitude from the no-more-sleepy eyes of mine i`d like to send you a small donation.

      • I’m glad you found value in my work and thank you for your consideration. I would like you to take these funds you set aside for a donation and enjoy a beverage of choice on me with a good friend.

        • Thanks to freedomcells creating friendships with likeminded has been possible for me. Together we have been in ongoing preparation for inevitable zombie apocalypse since a couple of months. Will include you in my thoughts of gratitude over sips of cool, fresh springwater. Expect enormous positive magnetic uplifting ressonance energy sweeping over the adriatic sea towards you by the end of this month *wink*
          (In the spirit of willing to take risks for freedom; that was a joke on the expences of the new age movement thinking)

          • Oh, I would make do with even a cool breeze coming from the sea. It’s been a warm, humid summer up to now. This weather, apart from being unpleasant for humans, seems very much affable to the delta variant which is killing everyone in the eye shot.

            • Yayks! Toxic trace gas seems to have reached a maximum on hazard levels. As selfappointed saviour of our planet an email was sent by me to [no email addresses in the comments section – JC] maping out an effective detailed one step plan to reduce your countries CO2 emissions caused through burping and eliminating them entirely by 2030 by prohibiting bubbly beverages, especially the ones with hops and malt! It`s tough, but we all have to bring a small sacrifice for the greater good fighting #weather_fluctuations and win the war against substances set free during cell decay with poor to no evidence of being the cause of pathalogical findings but with fancy sounding names by using letters from the greek alphabet as an attempt for the “crescendo” sound effect.
              zheev yay lee“ brother!

            • ah too bad, even when fully made up for a very serious respons; email addresses are a no-no.

              modifying snipped sentence into oldschool (and correcting one misspelling);

              As selfappointed saviour of our planet a letter was sent by me to Mr. Zoran UrNewEmperor mapping out an effective detailed one step plan..

  28. Fascinating interview. In London one can visit the Wellcome Collection (a museum, for free of course). As a student / practitioner of Ayurveda I was very excited when they had an exhibition about Ayurveda. My, was that a disappointment. Not only was the information shared shallow at very best, it was also clear that the colonialisation of India was another way in which they (the they from the Wellcome Trust I believe but cannot remember the details because I wasn’t really paying attention back then) could harvest the ancient knowledge of healing with plants, but of course, as always seemingly with western medicine, discarding the holistic aspect of it (the decades of experiential learning of those who have the knowledge) and just extracting what they believe to be the essence of a plant, distill it to a pill and sell it as a magic cure to the West and lining their pockets at the same time. I believe that is to some extent still the practice of modern pharma.

  29. “Looking for the “Magic Bullet” to stop this massacre, to me the single issue in our face is that there is no proof that SarsC2 exists”

    Even if I would agree with no-germ theory I would say no, wrong.

    CJ Hopkins made good point, facts makes no difference for ‘rona believers, because this shit has all the characteristics of religion. Well, I strongly disagree with him on the ‘fight’ conclusion. My personal experience confirms his views, even when I had debates with abled normies it was just planting the seeds, yeah, maybe they will germinate.

    Also, your proposition is distraction from more important topic that was emphasized by JC: the main problem is response to disease that is totally and completely unacceptable!

    “So far, there is no smoking gun to prove respiratory infections in 2020 are something new.” (from other comment)

    Hell NO! Last spring I was so sick, fucked up thoroughly, at the worst moment I was thinking about hospital. Thanks god I have excellent homeopath. All in all it lasted more then a month, to fully recover another two. When I see such claims I’m very pissed.

    • You’ve been uncareful with words and I assume you agree at the end that ‘rona is new.
      What will no-proof of virus bring? Negative proofs don’t work is very well known. What is the cause then?? What I’ve seen from proponents of no-germ theories is so fringe, it’s similar to string theories. I would never discuss no-germ theories with normies, too weird topic, while germ theories have good explanatory power.

      I don’t think we need a diagnostic thing for every disease, inferring diagnose from symptoms worked fine until recently and it works fine for treatment in homeopathy. Looking for certainty by means of diagnostic things (that are never 100%), when in fact there is no certainty in biology by default, is nonsense. Medicine today is lost in diagnostic procedures, often knows not much more then before, only pharma companies are fine filling their pockets.

      Very easy mental gymnastic that just short circuits normies.
      Lately I’m asking normies, what do they think/feel about me becoming a second class citizen.
      My freedom of movement is curtailed, more or less I have to prove I’m “clean”. Good obedient vaxxxed citizens don’t have to, although it is entirely possible they are “dirty”. Unbelievable how many vaxxxed believe they cannot be “dirty”.

      So, where is equality in front of law???? Where is, we must do everything to stop the spread???

      Of course, what I got were ecsapisms, rationalizations and no feelings. Next one is just….: I’m in this situation, because I’m so principled and stubborn, but that on the other hand is good, but…

      • Is there an alternative explanation to a virus that explains the differences in lab values observed in 2019 from the 2018 flu season?

        I have been working in the ER for several years now and have seen clinical presentations of flu every winter and there were differences in lab values and symptoms (low oxygen saturation). Also, I have known a few people who had the rona and they definitely were sick with something, that was distinct from the flu. It looked different, not in numbers of people who were ill, but with some symptoms.

        If it was a chemical exposure (a weaponized spike protein or other chemical agent), can the symptoms be reproduced in the lab? Also, is there an explanation of observed transmissibility, ie being in close proximity to someone with symptoms and then developing the same symptoms. This phenomenon has been observed by many people. If an alternative explanation exists, it should be able to be reproduced by experiments.

        If it is something being sprayed, can it be collected in soil samples and purified?

      • “ Also, I have known a few people who had the rona and they definitely were sick with something, that was distinct from the flu. It looked different, not in numbers of people who were ill, but with some symptoms.”

        Since you are in a position to say, did you also notice a percentage of people who thought that they had the virus but were only showing symptoms that would be consistent with a severe flu?
        I am just curious because I haven’t met anyone who was tested and proclaimed to have Covid that upon returning to work reported any kind of significantly different symptoms than normal seasonal illnesses.
        I have heard some of the personalities that I listen to, like Monica Perez say that they suffered from something that was totally weird but nobody I know personally.

        I myself had a pretty strange experience a couple of months after the whole thing started when I got up briefly in the not too cold night to take the dog outside and got a chill that caused me to start shivering so much that I became very short of breath. I started feeling panicky and it took a concerted effort to breathe for awhile. Eventually I stopped shivering, went back to sleep and woke up fine in the morning. Weird but I don’t think that it was Covid.

        I just think that there must be some of the same tendency that people suffering from a terrible headache have to sometimes label it a migraine without a diagnosis.
        Wondering what you think.

      • Steve, about a year ago a friend begot a son. A dozen of us went to his appartment and went through the usual ceremony of issuing all the best, saying thanks and drinking copious amounts of partially cooled lager (the refrigeration capacities were simply not up to the task, you see).

        It was a bit earlier in the year, sometime early spring, so it was a bit cold when the Sun came down. And we opted to spend quite a bit of time on the balcony, where weary women threatened to luck us up (lol). Much carousing was afoot, of course. For some reason many assumed nobody could hear what they were saying, so they just shouted it out.

        I don’t smoke personally, but that didn’t stop the usual party smokers to go all out. Combined with fresh air and tepid beer, more than a few sore throats were had. In the old normal that was called: I yelled, smoked and drank too much so now my throat is sore.

        But not in the new normal. The next day, one of the merry patrons of the event blamed his sore throat (and the headache) on, wait for it, covid. I hope I haven’t caught it from someone, he said. Many people were on the party, he said. To what someone replied – the incubation time (that was way, way back them when such terms were still mentioned and discussed) was 14 days.

        Conicidentally, his wife is a doctor, so he’s rather close to the paranoia.

        The infection talk was thus brought to its abrupt end, but the potential to jump to conclusions is still there.

        I don’t think it’s fair to blame a number of completely disperate symptoms on one and same disease. This is the very common fallacy that helps drive these pandemics of fear.

      • Steve Smith

        Two of the people I knew personally who were hospitalized had symptoms of severe flu along with blood clotting and significant hypoxia. The illness was also longer lasting. The other person I knew just had symptoms of a severe flu and he never was hospitalized.

        Everyone I know who was ill made a full recovery.

      • “ I don’t think it’s fair to blame a number of completely disperate symptoms on one and same disease. This is the very common fallacy that helps drive these pandemics of fear.”

        mkey, Good story.
        Covid seems to be extremely versatile. Can be used to explain and justify just about anything.

        cu.h.j, thanks. Everyone I know who was told they had it have fully recovered too. Actually two of the three guys who were sent home had no symptoms. Just a positive test.
        Still know of no one personally who has died from it but sadly I doubt that you can say that.

        Between the folks that say there is no virus and the folks who say it’s scurvy and the graphene oxide and the 5G stuff. I am completely adrift.
        But I am sure of one thing. If TPTSB tell me what to think about it. I will know that at least is not the truth.

      • Steve Smith

        I actually don’t know anyone personally who died from it. And for the most part what I observed was that the people who got very severe symptoms already had medical problems that weakened their immune systems or they were older (greater than 65).

        Diabetics and people with cancer frequently came in with it. I think most of the paranoia was caused by the media almost entirely. With the faulty pcr test and statistical manipulation the agenda setters were able to promote the narrative easily for a disease that probably has a similar mortality rate than the flu which kills people every year.

  30. I very much liked the moments when doubt was expressed in ability of science to deliver on all those creepy ideas. I’ve written about my doubts about this before.

    Pre-disease is almost impossible, since biology is not a machine, in a lot of biological processes pure chance has its role, ones things go this way ones that, no determinism.

    They will never be able to read minds, but accurate reading of emotions is very possible to be within reach. Bad enough, insincere worshiping of Big Brother will bring you attention of thought police. Not that controllers would have substantial problem with non-believers, as long as you perform rituals, show obedience even if you grumble and complain aside, controllers are basically just fine. No doubt they are salivating to get knowledge who might be potential resistance.
    On this point I had to bring what Whitney said: They need our consent. By the way, that creature noam with his trojan-horse idea ‘manufacturing consent’….(growling)

    They don’t need consent, that’s more then what is necessary.
    Acquiescence is more than enough.
    I’m sure, in majority who got experimental jab it was about acquiescence.

  31. It’s a 2 way street, The technology they have is from reverse engineering alien craft and maybe aliens themselves. They took God out of their lives and let demons in. For all we know they are aliens because come on some technology already you and I know man is no way smart enough to come up with it. Quantum computers, to make computers use the quantum double slit to make partials be in more than one spot in a chip x infinity… give me a break that mankind thought this up or discovered it. We need to get the word in to the soldiers.

  32. It’s all about collecting data first that will add to the information/research they have. They don’t have it all yet. It’s like voice recognition – remember how bad it was just a few years ago? Track it, learn, do. We don’t have long. But sadly so many people will fall for the propaganda. I guess they weren’t locked-up all last year! :-\*

    • I guess this was said at the end of the video. Thank you both for the video – yet another joyful message.

  33. This was really an excellent & informative interview. Thank JC & Whitney Webb. Truly unbelievable (and scary) what’s going in in the world.

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