Interview 1655 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Bank of America Calls CBDCs ‘More Effective’ Than Cash In Research Note

PDF: “Infrastructure and Design of Central Bank Digital Currencies” – A Research Report By Bison Trails

The Bitcoin Psyop

Study Suggests Canadian CBDC Could Promote Digital Innovation Within the Country

Story #2: Whistleblowers Expose Corruption in EPA Chemical Safety Office

Part Two: Leaked Audio – EPA Overruled Scientists in “Hair-on-Fire” Cases

Know Your Toxins: BPA

“The vaccine shortage is artificial but the human cost of that shortage is all too real”

Story #3: “Punk” Band The Offspring Fires Drummer for Refusing to Take COVID Vaccine

The Offspring Part Ways With Drummer Pete Parada

Pete Parada’s Complete Statement/Twitter Thread

The Offspring Fires Back At Former Bassist They Also Fired (Sep. 5, 2019)

Image: New Album Cover From The Offspring Promotes Cultural Appropriation

Singer Exposes Faultline In Germany’s Vaccination Debate

Frequently Asked Questions – First Avenue

Unvaccinated Steelers Football Players Will Wear Yellow Wristbands

Germany: Top Vaccine Advisory Body STIKO Holds Off Endorsing Vaccine for Teens

Mainstream Media Outlet Actually Apologizes for Fear-Driven COVID Coverage

Alberta’s COVID-19 Plan to Drop Almost All Restrictions Panned By Medical Experts

‘Operation Dark Winter’ Video Age-Restricted By ThemTube 13+ Years After Upload

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    • Being sane in an insane world is always going to be a liability.

      • I searched 8/8/21 Australian Lockdown and found this article.

        Congratualations, Melbourne on having 80% resisting the vaccines.

        I also looked up the population of Melbourne (4 million) and Victoria
        (6,606,000). If I were a resident of Melbourne, I would ask Daniel Andrews these questions: What is your definition of infection? Could you please give more information on the eight newly infected people? Age? Gender? Occupation? Approximate location of residence? How do you know that the eight out of 6,606,000 were infected with COVID and not something else? Did the eight have symptoms? If so what were they? Were the eight tested for COVID? If so, what test was used? What is the name of the test? How does it work? Is it known to give false positives? Could you please give information including data from clinical trials that prove that the COVID vaccines can protect from all variants of COVID? Could you please give data from long term safety studies? Why bother asking these questions? I give my reasons here:
        One person asking these and other questions won’t do much good. Hundreds, Thousands, Hundreds of Thousands, Millions asking questions repeatedly, demanding answers incessantly…just a suggestion.

  1. BUMP this…

    Why I Am Deleting All Content After 48 Hours
    By Joseph Mercola
    YOUTUBE (6 minutes)-

    Today, I have the most important announcement in the quarter of a century history of this newsletter. My goal and passion has always been about supporting you and helping you take control of your health. I am beyond thrilled that there are tens of millions of people who have benefited from what I have shared over the years…

    …But we are now in a different time. A much darker time. The silence of free speech is now deafening.
    Not only is blatant censorship tolerated, it is being encouraged by the very people who were to be entrusted with protecting our freedom of speech.

    We are not living from the lessons we’ve learned before. Never in my life, would I believe the sitting President of the United States call out 12 Americans in a McCarthyism like attack in the United States. As you are aware, I was placed at the top of this list.

    The last week has brought a tremendous amount of reflections to me, and a lot of unacceptable threats to a company full of amazing people that have helped me support you in this journey…

    …Just to be clear, ALL my content will be removed. This includes articles on:
    Great Reset
    General nutrition
    The coronavirus
    My interviews with experts

    These will be removed to appease the individuals in power who have an arsenal of overwhelming tools at their disposal, and are actively engaged in using them. COVID-19 has activated and authorized emergency powers that have weakened our constitutional rights. Sadly, cyberwarfare and authoritarian forces are beyond our abilities to withstand, and this is now our only way forward.

    Over 15,000 articles full of vital information that has helped tens of millions across the world take control of their health, will be removed…

    …Again I will still be writing my daily articles that I started 25 years ago BUT they will only be available for 48 hours before they are removed. In this way I hope to continue my mission to help you take control of your health – but it’s up to you to download, share and repost this content. I will not be enforcing my copyright on this information so that you may freely share it….

    • HRS,

      Can you download it for us? I don’t have the ability to am in between computers….

      • No. I am on a very, very old computer. It is a wonder I can type. Any mistakes I make are my computer’s fault — never me. I learned that from Fauci.

        MERCOLA has an immense archive. I’ve been following him since the 1990’s.

        • No worries I can probably download it onto my external hard drive…

          • I’m sure his stuff will be extremely sought by people who want to treat their ailments without or with minimal pharma.

    • Is there a way to DL all his stuff in one hit?

      • That’s a great question. I would like to know.

    • We do not have all the data and information.
      Making judgements on others, or telling others what they should and should not do. …that’s a path I try to avoid.

    • IPFS and Mercola

      The ever ebullient Ernie Hancock may be well ahead of the game on Mercola’s information.

      ebullientboiling over with cheerfulness and exhilerated, enthusiastic energy

    • I personally don’t feel the same fervor to fight self censorship as I do for fighting censorship.

    • How easy it is for people to self censor.

    • Aug 6th – “Humans Are Free” .com
      Appalling! CNN Stalks, Harasses Shirtless Dr. Mercola Over Covid ‘Misinformation’
      (VIDEO of CNN stalking Mercola)

      A video clip going viral online shows CNN reporter Randi Kaye hunting down Dr. Joseph Mercola to accuse him of spreading “misinformation” about Covid-19, masks and vaccines.

      First, Kaye is seen walking into Mercola’s Fort Meyers, Florida office and asking employees if the doctor is available.
      The CNN reporter said she wanted to ask the doctor about “misinformation” he’s spreading online, such as “masks may not work, vaccines could be dangerous and vitamins C and D can prevent or treat coronavirus.”

      After being told Mercola was not at the office, Kaye traveled over 200 miles and showed up outside his house.

      VIDEO —CNN cornered a doctor when he was shirtless to confront him over why he said masks “may not work” and that vaccines “may be dangerous.” Appalling.

      After failing to reach Mercola at home, the CNN crew saw the doctor riding his bike nearby and followed him to engage in an ambush interview.

      “How are you? I’m Randi Kaye with CNN. Can we ask you a couple questions?” the reporter queried.

      She continued, “We just want to talk to you about vaccines and what you’ve been saying about them. Do you feel responsible for people who didn’t get vaccinated and possibly got sick and died because of what you told them about the vaccine? What do you say to families who lost loved ones? Are you spreading misinformation? Why won’t you speak to us?”

      As she asked question after question, Mercola calmly got back onto his bicycle and rode off without saying a word to the pesky reporter.

      Dr. Mercola is labeled by the White House as a member of the “disinformation dozen,” which is a group of internet users allegedly responsible for 65% of anti-vaccine on social media.

      Last month, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki called on Facebook to remove posts by these users “quickly” before revealing the Biden administration actually tells the platform which accounts to censor….

    • He has a lot of potentially helpful and life saving information that can help people improve their health.

      He has some books on Amazon that might still be available as well. I was surprised that he just took down his website so quickly instead of standing by the material. I suppose if they threatened him, I would understand that. If the mafia shows up at your door and makes you and offer you can’t refuse…

      It seems like we are at the point where the government is an open dictatorship and that’s pretty scary. On the other hand, if his information isn’t true why should they fear it? Some one must stand up to them because if you back down the existence you are supporting is essentially slavery. Why would someone want their children and grandchildren to live as slaves? People must stand up to these repulsive dictators. I know it’s a hard call and only the very brave have the courage to face it.

    • 9/11 Truth Movement
      Reading the comments on this MERCOLA Sub-Thread reminded me of the 9/11 Truth Movement in a variety of ways.

      Recently, when interviewed by Derrick Broze on The Activation Podcast, James Corbett discusses the 9/11 Truth Movement.
      Script from that conversation:

      Also related to 9/11 Truth & Mercola, below is a quoted comment by me:
      “I remember around 2006 when Mercola also had an article about the cover-up of September 11th, 2001.
      He had embedded one of the Loose Change films.
      At that time, many of his online “commenting members” were not happy about it. I was. But he was chastised by his members for discussing a controversial topic which was not about health.”

    • — website content downloader —
      Thanks Unmasked!

    • Arby

      “ He pushes propaganda”

      If you’re going to trash someone for pushing propaganda, I would think that you would cite an example or two.

      Couldn’t it be that he has simply posted things that you disagree with because you have a different opinion or source of information? Or perhaps he posted things that were simply incorrect because he was mistaken, misinformed or ill informed at the time of posting?
      Even here at the Corbett Report, commenters often pass on misinformation because they are a little behind on the latest updates.

      What ever happened to giving folks the benefit of the doubt?

      • I think Arby doesn’t like any western medical doctors or scientists that support Germ theory. I understand why people have a distrust and distain for “Rockefeller” medicine and people in the field.

        And there should be more debate between some of the doctors and scientists who have spoken out about the scamdemic and the No virus believers.

        I do think the Rockefeller influence on western medicine and the highjacking of scientific discourse by wealthy donors is very alarming and does taint the field.

        Having said that, there are treatments in western medicine that are necessary for modern society. Some surgeries are necessary and life saving. For example suppose someone gets into a car crash and needs surgery. Who is going to perform this surgery? If someone has a heart attack or stroke, who will treat this condition? As far as I know, homeopaths don’t treat these conditions. The specific treatments for health issues like these are good and people who perform them are doing good.

        Dr. Mercola was sharing valuable information to give people the ability to rely less on western medicine. Just because he might believe in Germ theory, doesn’t make him corrupt. That’s absurd to me and shows a narrow point of view, in my opinion.

      • Ah, so you’re a scientist then. Sorry I wasn’t aware of your credentials.

        Seriously, you choose your expert and put all your eggs in his basket. Thats what the gullible fools who believe the government propaganda do. You’re no different.
        I choose to listen and weigh information from everyone who is sincerely seeking the truth. Then I will form opinions. Not dogmatic conclusions. Because I, unlike you apparently, am not omniscient.

        “ I’m ignoring you from here on”
        You’re breaking my heart. ?

        • Personally, I don’t really give a damn whether its germs or toxins being used by the state as an excuse to roll out tyranny. It amounts to the same thing. The state is the enemy. Not Mercola. Not Kaufman, Not Yeadon. Those fellows are on my side. Even if their opinions differ.
          The Front Line Doctors like Simone Gold are on my side no matter what they think about microscopic bugs. Because they are smart enough to know who we need to fight and they are willing to cooperate in order to do so.
          The people that may not be on my side are the ones who think their allies are their enemies because they just have to be right about unimportant details.
          And yes. Whether its germ theory or terrain theory is a fucking minor detail at this point in the struggle.

          • Great points, I agree with you. Isn’t the division how the 9/11 movement got derailed?

        • So fucking what? I don’t give a damn if someone believes in the vaccine as long as they don’t believe it should be forced on people.

    • “limited hangout controlled opposition fear mongering bullshit”

      What examples of this can you share?

    • I understand that Dr. Mercola is probably a good guy and is admired by many. However, I have promised myself that I would not accept unclear statements without questions. I would ask Dr. Mercola these questions. Could you be more specific about the reasons that you are erasing all your articles? Could you please explain why you would allow “The Center for Countering Digital Hate” to cause you to delete your life’s work? Could you please explain why the New York Times Article had such a strong influence on you? Have you, your employees, your family or others been threatened? If so in what way? Do you think that the other eleven who were on the CCDH list should follow your lead? Have you explored other paths, such as moving your content to another website? Weaponized Questions are not just for enemies. We need to hold ourselves and our friends responsible for clear, concise, truthful information. Less “Pathos”, more “Logos”. My reasoning is here:

  2. Is it just me or does anybody else think that STIKO is a rather ironic acronym for the top vaccine advisory body of Germany?

      • saw that. was good.

      • What’s doubly ironic is that this “vaccine passport” surveillance technology, owned by these Nazi descendents, is being justified through the mass violation of the Nuremberg principles concerning informed consent for participants in medical experiments that was drafted as part of a reparation effort for Nazi war crimes…
        In other words, the billionnaire descendents of the Nazis have come back to reenact their crimes against humanity, spitting on the Nuremberg principles through mass vaccine torture and death, so as to justify forcing us to Entrust our bodily autonomy and freedom to their digital passport concentration camp.

        “Cell phone” indeed…

        Talk about the past coming back to jab you!

    • Excellent video thank you for posting. I think he has honor as a scientist and is worried about his children and grandchildren. Any parent should be demanding an end to this insanity now because it’s their future at stake.

      • I have a bad feeling that these injections are for de population or to create a dependence by our would be overlords. And, putting yourself into a database itself is not a good idea.

        I think one of the most important things people, regular “normies” can do is refuse the injections and fight any “vaccine passport”. There are so many other things but this is fundamental.

        I’m glad he is speaking out. People are afraid to speak out. People are in shock and stunned. And when he says that people need to be unpredictable, I think that is true. I hope that there are some geniuses out there thinking of things to subvert this on the down low.

    • I liked this video very much and shared it, but then I got feedback from some of my very control savvy friends. They complained that he kept making science-based statements without linking to the scientific studies, data, numbers. And they were right. I agreed with everything he said, so I didn’t ask the proper questions. For example: Could you please provide the links to the studies that prove that antibodies are not as important in fighting viruses as T-cells? In my last blog post I lament the fact that I didn’t use weaponized questions against the WHO at the beginning of the pandemic. Every statement invites the weaponizied question. That applies to allies and enemies alike.

      • I have no idea about the science. Thats why I don’t discount what I hear from “experts”. Nor do I buy into everything they say.
        But as I have said before, as long as they are standing with me against the tyranny, I don’t really care that much whether germ theory is correct or terrain theory. I don’t care whether antibodies are what we need to stay healthy or t-cells. I don’t care if Mercola believes in vaccines or not. Because they all agree with me that nobody has the right to force anyone to take a shot they don’t want to take. That makes them my ally.

        “In this study, we define the role of antibodies versus T cells in protection against COVID-19 in monkeys. We report that a relatively low antibody titer [the concentration of antibodies in the blood] is needed for protection,” said Barouch. “Such knowledge will be important in the development of next-generation vaccines, antibody-based therapeutics and public health strategies for COVID-19.”

  3. Good to know! Theanks Laura.

  4. “…GMO type strokes, they answer cancer with chemo, see no progression
    Death day guessing the cause flare, you lost hair
    I guess you can pay when you’re bald and got a wig on ‘em
    Hospitals where we set the plan, don’t trust the Dr.
    Suess, they had us eating green eggs and ham…”

  5. I will die on this hill, with you all. Thank you both for being on our side.

  6. James Evan Pilato flashes a GOLDBACK.

    I’m familiar with Goldbacks…
    (Link to Goldback website at link’s link.)
    Unfortunately, at this time, I don’t see it working as a currency because of HODL.

    GOLD – If you had a box which was 1 foot on all sides (one cubic foot) and filled it with solid gold, it would weigh ______________ pounds.

    • I love this idea of GOLDBACKS! Beautiful

      Too bad HomeRemedySupply is probably right…

      I can see why “Hold On for Dear Life” HODL applies here. I would be all about getting some!
      Just tucking them away defeats the purpose. So there is one condition when you pay with it, everytime, that the one who has the GOLDBACK must spend it too and keep them circulating. A sort of “gentleman’s agreement”. Probably unrealistic…

      James EP- would you spend yours or just keep it forever?

  7. You’re gonna love this one ….

    A scientific journal article authored by Professor Peter Hotez, a frequent guest on corporate media networks, called to “extend federal hate-crime protections” for scientists facing criticism from alleged “far-right extremists,” including National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci.

  8. Story behind Alberta dropping restrictions.

    Posted Aug 5, 2021 by Martin Armstrong
    Spread the love

    In Alberta, Canada, Patrick King represented himself in court after being fined $1200 dollars for protesting against the Covid restrictions. He issued a subpoena to the Provincial Health Minister for proof that the Covid-19 Virus exists. The government was UNABLE or UNWILLING to provide that proof and were therefore forced to admit that they had no such evidence the virus has been isolated for that is how it was argued to have been created in a lab. Since the government did not respond, without proof the government had no legal grounds to impose any such restrictions.

    Alberta has subsequently rescinded all Covid-Restrictions and now officially treats Covid-19 as nothing more than the mild flu. Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Deena Hinshaw announced the changes on July 28 as part of the province’s move to treat the virus as part of life in Alberta and treat it in the same way Albertans treat other respiratory viruses.

    Spread the word

  10. The Central Bank Currencies have no sovereignty. They are legal tender in a trade. So is almost everything. Butter, wood, etc. Everything is legal tender for all debts, public and private. The only exception is contraband. Like using people as currency, or illegal drugs (although they do have a lot of currency–they are tender, just not legal tender).

  11. This is the beginning of us vs them. The war of all against all. I’m starting to take Rudolf Steiner more seriously these days. This is the ultimate hill for us….. and them.

    • It actually brings a sense of calmness to me knowing that this degradation was always going to happen. I have reasons other than what I’ve taken in from Steiner for why I know what’s happening was always meant to happen, but as depressing as it is, I don’t think “the good guys” are going to “win”. I think that this is all a part of human evolution and there is a small group of us that will start the next civilization and those who were not ready to evolve will remain imprisoned in the technological world they chose. I’ve always noticed world spiritual teachings jiving in this sense, and I personally prefer the way it’s communicated through Buddhism. Not too long ago I thought this world takeover would crash itself within our lifetime, but I now think it will not crash, but over the next few thousand years pockets of us will gradually rise above it. Sucks that it’s happening, but I guess there can be no evolution without something to overcome!

  12. Thank you for this great episode, James and James!

    You mentioned the outburst of Nena at her recent concert. I would like to add one sentence she said in this context:

    “Die Frage ist nicht, was wir dürfen, sondern die Frage ist, was wir mit uns machen lassen.”

    “The question is not, what we are allowed to do, but the question is, what we let be done to us.” (No good English, hope you get the meaning)

    Doesn’t sound too revoulutionary? Consider, that for most Germans NOT to ask what we are allowed to do really goes beyond any limits …

  13. Laura, thank you for this interesting post on BILD, which I find quite accurate!

  14. They are not going to care if you go to any of their concerts anymore. The true end game is everyone staying home & going virtual. The scamdemic was all about laying the foundation for this. Virtual concerts, E-sports, all shopping on Amazon, ready player one. Using your digital currency & social credits to pay for it all.

  15. A good report of NWNW, but I worry about New Mexico James. He’s frazzled. Rock bands are con artists most of the time. Musicians….would you want your daughter to marry one? Or a politician for that matter.
    Thanks for the report.
    Masks back on here in the SF Bay Area. I’m sick of it. Smoke too from the Dixie Fire. It’s almost two years of this crap. Trump is gone. Leave us alone.

    • You say

      ” I may yet do so as as to clarify precisely these errors and

      which would seem essential before concluding

      “use of the epithet `eugenicist’ without precise clarification”

      and this:

      “you only open to listening to yourself muttering to yourself?”

      and this:

      “the claims made were full of so many logical and rhetorical errors and fallacies”

    • Is eugenics the same as having genetic testing done before procreation to assure that your child doesn’t have a disease that would be a burden to their existence?

      There are a few diseases, like cystic fibrosis and fatal familial insomnia that I think should be eliminated from the gene pool. I would not want either of these diseases myself and it sure seems like they aren’t a walk in the park.

      There are some people that may be satisfied with a short lifespan or one that includes organ transplants or invasive medical procedures and a dependence on western medicine, but I personally wouldn’t be one of them.

      I assume that Eugenics is distinct from this practice of making sure you don’t give your kids an awful disease by using the tools present at hand.

      • If this is true, that those are considered eugenic techniques, I think that there are some techniques that are ethical. It is wrong to knowingly inflict pain and suffering on offspring if the parent has a genetic defect that causes severe disability, like cystic fibrosis, fatal familial insomnia, Huntington’s disease and other awful genetic conditions. But, it is up to them to decide what to do and how to breed. No state agency or third party can decide. It comes back to bodily autonomy for the potential parent.

        But I would be so infuriated if my mother had Huntington’s disease and decided to have me.

  16. “ What is wrong with eugenics?”

    In my opinion, which I admit is based on my own conscience and personal beliefs, is that when someone compares humanity to livestock in regards to improving productivity or health, or anything else for that matter, they are making a fundamental error.
    In the case of the farmer who wants bigger pumpkins or more milk from their cows, sure, selective breeding makes all the sense in the world. But the cow or pumpkin vine is not equal to the farmer. The farmer is responsible for his animals and crops. He must think for them and protect them and profit from them.
    But no other human being is responsible for another human being beyond caring and providing for children and the helpless.
    When men decide to use their own judgment in selecting the preferred traits of other people. It seems to me that they are attempting to usurp the role of God. Or nature if you prefer.
    Who among us should have that right?
    I find the notion preposterous that anyone should presume to decide for anyone else what characteristics they must possess in order to be allowed to live or be allowed to procreate.
    I think it’s extremely evil.

  17. That guy has guts. To stand alone and speak out.

  18. Eugenics, if nothing else, is technically and factually wrong because it relies heavily on the theory of evolution, which has basis in evidence as much as “sars cov 2” has. Even though I have only cursorily informed myself of it, I would put more stock into epigenetics. At least when it comes to sentient beings.

    • 🙂 I understand that!

  19. I look at the final part of this episode as a continuation of the “pirate broadcasting”.

    C’mon ThemTube, shoot me down for declaring a person’s right to decide what happens to their own body! Eh? C’mon, shoot. This whole vaccine thing is rapidly summarised by “suicide is a crime”. No, its a mental illness you legislative idiots. At other times in the euthanasia space, it is a not a mental illness but a rational choice.

    I pledge that if and when James joins to the pirate broadcasting game, I will visit and download every AlphabetTube channel publication to boost their numbers. (As a corollary, I have and never will “subscribe” of any other “button” anything on ControlTube).

    Finally, all the cred to Pilato for his beautifully prepared rant, and Brock for the video production to accompany it.

    Hi, Icarus, fly higher!

    • BUMP

      I want to say something about “Lessons Learned from the 9/11 Truth Movement”.

      When videos like this are NOT reported in the alternative media and not given emphasis and kudos, we will see the “grassroots push back” die and fade away.
      If the alternative media is really on the side of the regular people who have the guts to be in the streets demonstrating, then they will continue to showcase this type of grassroots activism.
      This is our chance.
      If the alternative media stops highlighting these type of actions, the actions will fade away.

      See this…
      Demonstrations on August 1st in Berlin, Germany:

      France, Italy Swept By Mass Protests Against COVID Health Pass

      160 San Francisco Sheriffs’ Deputies Threaten To Resign Due To Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine

      “Sat Aug 7 DALLAS Stop VAXX MANDATE”
      Baylor University Medical Center
      3500 Gaston at Junius Dallas 75246
      Baylor health sues COVID-19 vaccine skeptic and demands Dallas doctor stop using its name
      Dr. Peter McCullough denies claiming to be affiliated with Baylor Scott & White since leaving in February; says lawsuit attempts to silence him for unpopular beliefs.

      We are bringing Derrick Broze to Dallas- Friday September 3rd 5-10 PM
      We are collaborating with two other North Texas Groups- Dallas Freedom Cell, Ennis Freedom Cell, and North Texans for 9/11 Truth and Beyond
      Friday September 3rd 5-10 PM The Circle Grill 3701 N Buckner.

    • RE: A57’s 3 minute video PEOPLE ARE PUSHING BACK

      Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has been touring a variety of communities in the state and having open community discussions about Covid-19 and vaccines.
      For me, I welcome the open dialogue and conversation, no matter what an individual’s take is. In this era, conversations like this often become censored…so I welcome this.

      Here is the full 90 minute video surrounding Corbett Report Member A57‘s post.
      There are a lot of interesting statements and perspectives presented.
      Community COVID Conversations – SILOAM SPRINGS (July 30, 2021)
      (Action starts at the 11 minute mark)
      (By the way, Titer Testing is mentioned at the 15 minute mark.)

    • Speaking out…

      MVCSC School Board Meeting – 8/6/21
      Indiana Dr. Dan Stock gives the Board information about the CDC, Covid, and vaccines.
      QUEUED at 15 minutes –
      The Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation is located in Fortville, IN and is home of five award-winning schools. Engage, Educate and Empower Students!

      • Frannklin, TN School Board Meeting – Crowd Cheers!
        (one minute)
        Clay Travis says: Here are my comments Williamson County School Board tonight on why masks in schools make zero sense.
        I encourage all of you to speak out at your own school boards

        • Whoa! Things got extremely heated following Williamson County School Board decision to mandate masks.

          August 11th, 2021
          Williamson County, Tennessee, School Board Meeting Erupts After Board Members Mandate Masks for Elementary School Students
          (There are some VIDEOS in the article. The very end of the 2nd video has a “clencher”.)

          Things got ugly in Williamson County, Tennessee, as the school board defied the parents and required students to wear masks this school year. The debate inside the board meeting was very heated as the board members decided to force the students to wear masks regardless of what the parents wanted.

          The four-hour school board meeting drew a large crowd of freedom protesters including former sports journalist and conservative political commentator Clay Travis, who has children that attend schools in the district.
          Local news report:

          Apparently, the dancing Tik-Tok and Healthcare workers union showed up to advocate for forced masks and said any of the parents who were not compliant were trying to endanger the children. The factions within Tennessee became clear quickly as the totalitarians started shutting down the voices of the parents in opposition to their social control plan.

          Things really got ugly when Joe Biden’s coalition of supporters and condescending Tik-Tok healthcare workers left the building and were surrounded by angry parents….

          • There is coming a time when peaceful people will begin to expand their definition of aggression to include the edicts that people in positions of authority “vote” to impose on them and their children. And they will act accordingly.

            • The only act that is required here is getting the kids out of these cesspools. That would be like taking a whole damned flock down with one stone.

  20. Celeste Solum’s blog covers a number of deep topics.

    She has worked as a contractor for Homeland Security and FEMA. Her training and activations include the infamous day of 911, flood and earthquake operations, mass casualty exercises, and numerous other operations.

    Celeste is a Key Note Speaker at the 2021 True Legends Ancient Cataclysms and Coming Catastrophes, Live Stream Event Due to CV.

    Celeste is the author of two books: Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Solutions that explores natural foods and supplement that protect you from 5G, cosmic ray radiation, and nuclear and radiological events.

    Seven Thunders Revealed explores the biblical prophetic narrative of Seven Thunders that has remained a secret and mystery until today.

    Celeste is FEMA certified and has completed the Professional Development Emergency Management Series.

    • Train-the-Trainer
    • Incident Command
    • Integrated EM: Preparedness, Response, Recovery, Mitigation
    • Emergency Plan Design including all Emergency Support Functions
    • Principles of Emergency Management
    • Developing Volunteer Resources
    • Emergency Planning and Development
    • Leadership and Influence, Decision Making in Crisis
    • Exercise Design and Evaluation
    • Public Assistance Applications Emergency Operations Interface Public Information Officer
    • Flood Fight Operations
    • Domestic Preparedness for Weapons of Mass Destruction
    • Incident Command (ICS-NIMS)
    • Multi-Hazards for Schools
    • Rapid Evaluation of Structures-Earthquakes
    • Weather Spotter for National Weather Service
    • Logistics, Operations, Communications
    • Community Emergency Response Team Leader
    • Behavior Recognition

    Celeste grew up in military & governmental home with her father working for the Naval Warfare Center, and later as Assistant Director for Public Lands and Natural Resources, in both Washington State and California.

    Celeste also has training and expertise in small agricultural lobbying, Integrative/Functional Medicine, asymmetrical and symmetrical warfare, and Organic Farming.

    Her latest interview is on Veritas Radio, covering the topic “Human Enhancement Technology: From Carbon-Based to Silicon-Based Life Forms”

  21. Hi Corbetteers,

    Its time for some serious CoVID conspiracy work. I’ve just published a brief overview of Ron Unz’s analysis of the origins of SARS-CoV-2. There is no “slam dunk” but a lot of very interesting evidence to point towards a not often considered case.

    Beware, its a rabbit hole and requires hours and hours of reading. But, the journey is interesting and valuable, even if you choose to reject the hypothesis offered. I repeat, this is Ron Unz’s theory, but I consider it well referenced and argued.

    Hot off the press:


  22. “…In order to confirm their pre-conceived notions of their own self-worth, Galton and his friends started a new field of inquiry called eugenics. Unsurprisingly, it concluded that the rich and powerful were rich and powerful because they were genetically superior, and it offered a simple solution for improving the lot of humanity: make sure that the affluent upper classes breed as much as possible (preferably within their own families, in order to preserve their superior stock), and make sure the lower classes breed as little as possible…”

    -from Carbon Eugenics by James Corbett

    Eugenics is based on a subjective value judgement of what is superior and inferior. And we’re not talking about cupcakes where implications of such a judgement are minor. The implications here are that the people who have judged what human traits are more or less desirable, have the means of forcing others to espouse their subjective judgements and deprive the supposed genetic undesirables of their right and ability to procreate, which is precisely what they tried and are trying to do right now.

    Where in there do you see: “the claims made were full of so many logical and rhetorical errors and fallacies”


  23. What is so brilliant and important about this very short piece “Carbon Eugenics” is that it manages to concisely reveal the profound connections between the Eugenics movement and the Environmental movement and finally, the little known phenomenon called Climategate which had just occurred when this important piece was written. Its very short format is accessible to all and a cursory glance of verification at the most surprising claim, namely the fact that

    top Eugenicists and royalty with profound connections to the Nazi movement founded together UNESCO and the World Wildlife Fund, is paradigm shift material. A very brief look-see at wiki confirms this and for the curious, pushes them down a bottomless rabbit-hole, inciting them to find

    “…a clear, detailed elucidation of precisely what eugenics is, how this view has developed, and why this belief is wrong.”

    While offering a succinct definition of Eugenics within the context of an highly informative overview and opinion piece, this, as I understand it, is what it set out to do.

  24. Thank you for the encouragement FC!! Though this comment was for sandbag, I felt inspired by it.

  25. Bank of America said, “CBDC adoption is inevitable.”

    This brings to mind the inevitable question, “Who actually wants CBDCs?” Just because big banks and central banks want this, does that make it “inevitable”?

    Do people’s wants even count anymore? (a rhetorical question) The central banks want this, so they will be shoved down our throats, just like all the BS policies of late.

    Consent of the governed? The wants and needs of customers? The preferences of the market? Don’t be silly. Who cares what the plebes want. This goes to show how unfree we actually are, and have been, for more than a century in the U.S.

    • Insightful comment.

      The underlying implications of “is inevitable”… everything ever done, be it World War, GMOs or mass vaccination; was simply “inevitable” and if you have any quarrels with that then you’re obviously just being deliberately obtuse. “We have no choice! according to the experts!” “if we wanna save the planet! Stop sea-level rise!” “if we wanna flatten the curve!””Don’t you want the Irakis to be a free people??? We had no choice but to go in and Free them!”

      …ok, I’ll stop ranting now

      But good comment you made there.

  26. I posted ths before. I will post it again. The following is not verifiable, but this presentation has aspects presented which probably interest some people.

    NWO Insider Reveals Social Engineering & Depopulation Plan!

    aka “The New Order Of Barbarians”

    This is amazing information from Dr. Lawrence Dunegan who was invited to attend a lecture by Dr. Richard Day in 1969. Dr. Day told this room of about 80-90 doctors all about the changes they would witness in their lifetime as a result of “The Order” or as we know it now as the New World Order or Illuminati. Dr. Day told the doctors that he was free to speak at this time because everything was in place and nobody could stop them now!…

    …Girls would be discouraged from playing with dolls so they wouldn’t think about babies…
    …Homosexuality will be encouraged – anything goes. Families will diminish in importance…
    …Births will be strictly controlled and you could not simply have children because you wanted them.
    “Stupid” people would not eat correctly and exercise so they would die much earlier and that’s what they wanted…
    …ID will be required for all travel…
    …changes in the definitions of words….

    (Being alive during 1969 helps a person grasp the perspective.)

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