Interview 1669 – James Corbett Talks Power, Narrative and Conspiracy

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via Counterflow with Buck Johnson: My guest on this episode is James Corbett of James has been putting out excellent content in the forms of documentaries, podcasts, writing, and more for much longer than most people in alternative media. James has a terrific analysis of how conspiracies happen at the highest levels. As he points out, the highest levels of power are far above elected officials and names we all know. In this episode, we also discuss the media, propaganda narratives, and how the coof narrative has played out on the public. We also get into the class that James Corbett will be teaching at Renegade University. To sign up for his course, go here:



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    • “According to WHO [World Health Organization], every year in the world there are an estimated 40-50 million abortions. This corresponds to approximately 125,000 abortions per day.”

      About 10 holocausts every goddamn turn around the Sun. Have no doubt this is a satanic blood sacrifice.

      • “about 6 million Jews and about 5 million non-Jews were murdered by the Nazis. The others included Roma, Jehovah’s Witnesses, gay men, et al. Writing “11 million Jews and others” would more accurately describe the extent of the killing.”

        Katharine Stephens, University Park (washington post)

        still, I cant get my head around any of those numbers and now the jab doubters are predicting next off-richter scale levels of death.

        when & if, the real survival game will have to do with getting beyond the grief.

        • If those numbers are correct they still pale in comparison to the Soviet mass murder numbers….the Soviets who accused the Germans of most of those crimes…..and the soviets who also held show trials….weird….huh?

          The Germans DID do war crimes, they wrote records of their war crimes…..and yet they wrote nothing about gassing jews …..also weird… but at least the nazi leadership confessed at their trails after just minor beating and threats to their families.

          🙂 makes me wonder…..

      • Superstition is a belief based on emotion, unconsciously, unquestioned, as if it is “pure knowledge”. “True believers” do not value reason over their ideas, however fuzzy, ill-defined, shifting. They will fight against any questioning as if it were a physical attack on them, even if non-violent. They fear confrontation, self-examination, and constantly engage in ritual reinforcement of their superstitions as if they were an essential part of themselves.
        Is this anti-reason, anti-reality, mindset healthy? Does it promote life, or lead to cognitive blindness, pain, death? Should it be classified as a mental illness? Is a political superstition, e.g., the need for authority, “The Most Dangerous Superstition”? Does it lead to self-enslavement? Does it make these living zombies a threat to all? Does this universal condition explain the unconscious fascination with “horror movies” about zombies? I have noticed that as these movie portrayals mature, the zombies grow more capable, more like real-life political zombies.

  1. What! no graphics? Very interesting anyway.
    I particularly like the quote from Marshal McLuhan relative to “Understanding the Media”. Indeed it does seem that we are all becoming more and more interconnected through the progression of Technology, and that Advertising as a means of controlling mass behavior is an ongoing obstacle to freedom.
    The existent of Virtual Reality in Computer Video Games that I have seen is troubling in that I can see where these kids get stuck in a Virtual Reality. Many of the combat games are meant to train future solders, and little is done to promote morality. I think it is a form of mind control similar to Advertising, or that it at least plays on the same strategies.

  2. Horrible rap music on a conservative podcast ?

    • [Horrible rap music on a conservative podcast ?]

      I thought maybe it was just me, but I’m 71 and a toxic white male.

      Marshall McLuhan blew me away.

    • I like some rap music to be honest. I grew up in the 80s.

    • I concur, rap is a weapon, mindless angry urban garbage. I remember when a group of LA black “moguls”, if you will, were coming together to create their own record label…the night before they were to launch, they were arrested by the FBI, and the media was filled with scurrilous ACCUSATIONS, to justify the FBI raids.

      Rap has long been a carefully managed weapon against blacks originally, then whites, especially young white males. Much of the industry was managed (see: controlled) by a guy they called the “Tall Israeli”.

      I lived in LA, to say it was run by the Jewish mafia, is no exaggeration. I always laugh at The Godfather movie, where the so called Italian mob terrorized a movie director to insure he gave some Italian guy a a part in his movie. The idea anyone could terrorize Hollywood is delusional. But of course you can push lies all day long, it is only speaking the truth that will get you in trouble.

      • Many thx to you & Mr. Duck! Making me LOL!

        • Nothing funny about it, though I suppose to the simple minded, that equates to an argument…Good luck with that.

      • @Rexleonum
        i sincerely beg your pardon. You were right to say “simple minded.”

        idk where i went wrong, but i did. Suspect is when i tried to read epstein update at 1 go. My head was numb. Did visit a couple other pages. Meanwhile pondering how the planet had turned into LA CO.

        Thot there were 2 guys on this pg posting holahoax numbers. i frequently get lost on threads & will copy & paste into a doc of bigger font. The pages will obey better & a different pic emerges. Like TODAY.

        i’ve spent many decades despising LA CO mob. Abhorrent, beyond redemption are those who use eminent domain/gov stooges as enforcers. Unforgiveable. Many friends have been used by studio system in film/muzak.

        i shall endeavour to be more careful.

  3. I still hope that James and Tom Woods have a discussion someday. I listen to Tom’s podcast and caught James’ not too subtle jabs.
    Tom has a different audience. But maybe only different because of how far down the rabbit hole they are.
    I don’t know where Tom is as far as believing in the practicality of working within the system. But I would imagine that most of Tom’s audience can’t imagine anything but.
    It is good to see James bridging the gap between the “libertarians” or “ancaps” and the more philosophically pure seekers of freedom and liberty.
    I heard an old saying recently. Something like “there are many paths up the mountain”. Its good to encourage everyone who is on the journey no matter which path they choose or how far along it they are.

    • Oh, I think Tom can take it. And I think that he might be more aligned with James than it appears. I do believe that he, as well as many of the orthodox libertarians are well meaning and people of integrity. I think that maybe they just haven’t shaken off enough of the programming that tells them that government is indispensable for civil society.
      I would love to see the two of them have a discussion. James would surely cause Tom to redefine the “three x five card”.

      Speaking of living in Florida. It is somewhat unreal to me, (and maybe Tom too), how the scamdemic seems to be proceeding apace in so many places when here it is not taken seriously by hardly anyone anymore. Unless they only listen to the MSM.

      • I am in Florida. And I agree. Just because we currently aren’t seeing the tyrannical government over reach to the same degree that many other places are. The media still spouts the same lies, they are still muzzling children in some localities, and there are still people walking around in masks.
        It isn’t too bad yet, but it would be stupid to become complacent and to forget how quickly it can change.
        Believe me. Just because I live in Florida doesn’t mean that I think that the fight is over.
        There is a war on. This ain’t no joke.

    • Caught that as well. It’s interesting because I do think Tom is generally on the right side of things but it’s very true that Tom won’t touch stuff like 9/11. Tbh, I don’t know what Tom even thinks about it. It’s conceivable that he’s looking to avoid those type of “3rd rail” topics because he knows people who could potentially be “woken up” would dismiss him if they thought “9/11 truther”. I know Ron Paul backed away from it and I believe it’s for that reason. (There is a video of him being asked about 9/11 from WeAreChange where Ron basically admits he’s a truther).

      But it’s possible I’m giving Tom Woods too much credit there.

      • “ But it’s possible I’m giving Tom Woods too much credit there.”

        Maybe. But I don’t think so.
        I have been seeing James’ work show up more and more often on Lew Rockwell lately such as this example today.

        I am sure that Tom is very familiar with the content that James has produced but as you suggest, doesn’t go there because he doesn’t want to scare away his audience. Which supports him pretty well from what I understand.

  4. [SNIP – No ad hominems against other members, please. -JC]

  5. Wonderful interview again!

    A good question at the beginning. I always regard being a conspiracy theorist in a positive sense. I also see myself as a conspiracy theorist, and at the same time an optimist as well.

    • Unfortunately my historical knowledge is still shockingly limited: are you referring to the Roman Republic that had this banner?:

      hauntingly reminiscent of the UN banner?

      Did the Roman Republic employ lictors with their fasces lictor’s bundles?


  6. James Corbett charts his own course, as does each individual.

    James Corbett says:
    ”I’m not the arbiter of what exists. I have faith in the rationality of my audience. You will be able to come to your own conclusions based on your own evidence.”

    James Corbett says:
    I have my own platform to say whatever I want.
    I’m not going to spend my time chastising this person for not saying this or that person doesn’t believe that – no no.
    What do I believe and what do I want to put forward is the most important thing.
    And I think the way to set the ground level for a conversation that I want to have, rather than focusing on the conversation other people aren’t having for me….”

    James Corbett says:
    ”The ONLY thing that has surprised me over the past two years is how quickly and how completely the public bought on to this scamdemic.
    That truly to this day, that still amazes me to some extent, and actually speaks to the incredible power of the propaganda engine that is in the control of the would-be controllers of humanity, the social engineers who obviously have
    media control, and that that takes on a different meaning in the 21st century than it did in the 20th century….”

    James Corbett says:
    “Well, in the same way that I trust the rationality of my audience for each individual audience member to come to their own decisions about the information that I report, I also trust their judgment about their own personal situation, their own health situation, their own economic situation, to come to their own decisions
    …it’s not an easy decision if you are not inclined to go along with the agenda….
    …I’m not sitting in judgment of people who are making those sorts of decisions….”

    • “Those Who Have the Power”
      (3 1/2 minutes)

      James Corbett talks about those who are actually pulling the strings, and the history of those people considering themselves to have either divine right to rule or just being genetically superior to all of us lower class folk.

      Corbett brings up the example of David Rothkopf and his book about a superclass global elite of 6,000 or so individuals.

  7. thanks MB, its not a “small detail”, I will add this to the list of links to mask efficacy I got off of the lastamericanvagabond site. there used to be more studies listed? here is from today:
    Important TLAV Mask Coverage

    Recent Mask Studies

    5 NIH/National Library of Medicine studies from 2004-2020 all finding verifiable health effects from wearing a face mask, including scientifically verified reduction in blood oxygen level:

    Cloth Mask Study

    I have it as page 2 of an exemption statement I carry to calm shop owners & staff & as yet not needed to calm the cops (staff and owners can get fined as well as the non-muzzlers) for showing up without ones initiation garb.

    For the scowling captured, I deliver a 15 second infomercial:
    “3 points here, 1. these masks recirculate bacteria that the body is trying to get rid of, 2. masks reduce oxygen uptake substantially (particularly harmful to developing bodies and brains in particular, 3. (last but very much not least) a mask is a psychological aggression against everyone but especially children, the younger they are the more dammage can imprint. They block our capacity to connect and to let people know how we feel. oh by the way (whipping out my exemption), here are links to a stack of studies supporting what I just said”

  8. The latest article on this IPFS site is dated April 30th, 2021. Is the IPFS site typically that far out of date?

  9. Thanks for this flashback interview/conversation! It explains a lot of questions I pondered from the last “how to overcome a gatekeeper” mini podcast.

    I’ll probably have to listen to it again to catch the details.

    Some thoughts that popped up about how power functions and who wields it is fascinating to me.

    I found it interesting Curtis Yarvin was mentioned “the cathedral” and JC mentioned something about iterations of the Matrix (in reference to the Movie).

    That was interesting and I think that’s kind of how I see the “alt right” movement/narrative, etc. Is it just a new iteration of the Matrix with the same string pullers?

    I’ve noticed that there are some thinkers who call themselves “post libertarians” and have seem to have adopted or given platform to fascist ideas. This is fascinating to me actually. And the idea of a new iteration of the Matrix sort of touches what this might be. I’m not saying they shouldn’t have a platform, but it’s interesting because doesn’t fascism seek to deplatform? It’s a conundrum.

    I’m not trying to call names or insult people with fascist ideology (overt fascist ideology-i.e. “I need an alpha male to tell me what to do”), but it is peculiar that someone would go from being a “libertarian” to a fascist.

    I’ve read the arguments and there are some astute points about power and how it operates and it’s always been this way, etc…But is it not just a new iteration of the Matrix?

    I like to understand why people think the way they do because I have come to realize logic has very little to do with why people do what they do most of the time.

    • Human behavior is inspired mostly by emotions it seems. People become so angry and fed up, they will put up with another iteration of the Matrix rather than trying to dismantle it perhaps.

    • Cu.h.j

      “….some thinkers who call themselves “post libertarians” and have seem to have adopted or given platform to fascist ideas. …..

      One must ask how ‘fascist’ is defined….. according to the book “The authoritarian personality” anyone who is not sexually perverse, has a strong traditional family structure, and wants to punish pedophiles beyond the law….(weird that one….) is a fascist.

      basically ‘fascist’ now means every normal person who existed before 1945…. not such a bad lable to my mind.

      as to being ‘post libertarian’ I guess such folks just worked thru the thinking. Libertarian-ism in its PURE form is as unattainable as pure communism. The closest we can get to libertarianismn in the real world requires people who are cultured to it, smart, and willing to take responsibility for themselves- those people do not exist in sufficient numbers in the western world.

      Lazy, ill educated, vice riddled people need to be ruled over, the will even demand to be ruled over. But the fact is that description fits most of the western population under 70 years old. Mass freedom no longer suits the newly engineered people, it would take a generation at least to fix that

      THIS book is worth a listen, on the subject of Government, its in five or so parts but I will link to the first reading.–59094617

  10. Hi James! New subscriber here.
    A little off-topic but important. Believe me: You WILL APPRECIATE this film analysis!
    I found out an amazing analysis of the Back To The Future trilogy and it shows many signs pointing to the fact that _Robert Zemeckis_ was, at least, suspicious that a terrorist attack could happen at the World Trade Center in 2001! Already in 1985!! 24minutes24seconds:

    • m
      i used to worry a lot about predictive programing but do so less these days.

      I have heard that one of the reasons you keep getting the same numerology in movies and such is because the movie masters are into the same Kabbalism as the ruling class. They put those symbols in their movies for the same reason they appear in the ruling classes magic death spells- they think those numbers and symbols have power.

      • ..hmmm..i forget. What is the butterfly?

        • Do you mean the Monarch? Or as symbol of the soul or transformation? I’m not really an expert and its been a while since I read up on that stuff.

          • I just meant from Hollyweird.

          • No, the new kid mentioned film, you mentioned predictive programming.

            Just recalled someone decades ago sd that butterflies were in all disney films, but can’t remember why. No big deal. Is 2200 here. You have a good nite!

    • Thx link of Back to Future.

      Maybe you should check out Corbett’s own “Film Literature & the NWO.” He had this series sometime back. Helped me a lot bc i don’t care for novels or Hollyweird movies.

      He did admonish us to read the books/watch the movies 1 time so i went to download the flick “The Eagle Has Landed” 1976, but i think they wanted $3 at utube. Couldn’t do it-not for a movie i woulda asked my money back at the box office some 40yrs ago…

      Meanwhile, i linked Shelly’s “Minority Report” Exposing satanic parallels. I can’t find the others in series. He got banned utube some time ago. Rumble search sucks.

  11. James seems to actually read all the comments as he probably reposted this to explain his take on the chomsky gatekeeper term…if he really does he must now think i actually watch all of his episodes, even reposts ;)))
    On the fascist note, it’s interesting, as at first sight it’s the complete opposite of libertarian, worshipping the collective etc… However, i can see how you can, after having understood the illegitimacy of the state, find a backdoor back to statism through the individualist lense of concepts most virulently described in books like “might is right” which obviously are appealing to fascists as well. The reasoning would then go: you can’t delegate rights you don’t have to the state? Wait a moment…you actually have those rights, as morals are for weaklings…or as duck put it in the comnent below: “lazy (..) people need to be ruled over 😉

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