Interview 1676 – Whitney Webb Exposes How Green Finance is Monopolizing the Planet

by | Nov 24, 2021 | Interviews | 40 comments

Whitney Webb returns to the program to discuss her recent work on the “green” transformation of the global financial system. From NACs to GFANZ, Webb and Corbett break down the latest attempt to monopolize the world’s natural resources and how this financial scam represents the next step along the path to the Great Reset, Agenda 2030 and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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Wall Street’s Takeover of Nature Advances with Launch of New Asset Class

UN-Backed Banker Alliance Announces “Green” Plan to Transform the Global Financial System

And Now For The 100 Trillion Dollar Bankster Climate Swindle…

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Welcome to the New Economy

Tanzania Ministry cancels GMO seed trials

Tanzania and Kabanga Nickel strike deal to develop nickel project

Bolivian Coup Comes Less Than a Week After Morales Stopped Lithium Deal

Jeff Bezos: Forget Mars, humans will live in these free-floating space pod colonies

Absolute Zero: The Global Agenda Revealed

Moderna: A Company “In Need Of A Hail Mary”

COVID-19: Moderna Gets Its Miracle

B.C. doctor clinically diagnoses patient as suffering from ‘climate change’

WHO’s 10 calls for climate action to assure sustained recovery from COVID-19

Pastor of Gospel Light Baptist Church in Amherst Fined Under Health Protection Act


  1. I want to buy the Rocky Mountains, how much is it?

  2. I would even give it to them that they really want to preserve nature in their own wicked way. That is because they do love a deserted sandy beach too and if their supposed do-gooding pays out financially – even better. So if they pit nature against humanity, taking the side of nature, are they still on team human? obviously not. Are they on team nature? Not even that, because nature and humanity cannot be pitted against each other in the first place: they are the same. Well, they are working on disproving that by desperately trying to replace humanity -but not nature- with artificial life and intelligence. Artificial Intelligence… misnomer of the century.

    And we poor ignorant proletarians, we even provide them with the gun and then beg them to pull the trigger: “Please Mr. Bankster, I am unworthy of living on this planet, please shoot me on the spot.” Bang!

    I personally do not think they want to get rid of all the working class people but they certainly would like to prune the stock majorly to keep those wonderful sandy beaches deserted. Good old class warfare is it not?

    • I posted something similar but it never got up.

      Meet the class struggle, same as the old class struggle.

      This time the stakes are higher — life itself.

      This is part of a neo-enclosure movement.

      First,in the 1700’s we saw the enclosure movement: the privatization of the public commons.

      This was the age of industrial capitalism.

      Indigenous, the dis-possessed all driven from their lands for privatization purposes. Ireland comes to mind.

      Financial capitalism is yet another stage of profit seeking systems that parasitically prey on the population.

      The rise of the corporation and transnational capital globalization is the stage we are in.

      Liberty? Freedom? How about food,shelter, basis services?

      Now, with techno fascism and no need for the majority of global labor the race to the bottom is on.

      Turning the world into one free enterprise zone is within the logic of capitalism.

      Minimize costs, maximize profits.

      We are in the terminal stages of this system we have created. If we do not examine critically and change how we produce and reproduce our lives, we die and so do our children.

      Sustainable growth? No such thing under capitalism, crisis every ten or so years.

      We need a sustainable economy and we will not find it by going to farmer’s markets and living off the grid.

      Only organizing, as history shows us, by working people and the dispossessed can possibly overthrow the ruling class.

      No individual solutions to massive social problems: only revolution, organized with a vision

  3. A I R L I N E S.

    LOOK into airlines.
    They were the weapons of the elite.
    Look at how they are transforming travel.

    LOOK INTO AIRLINES!!! Once you try you will find you can’t get very far, and ignoring it because it’s a closed system is not going to help anyone.

    Not saying airlines are the thing the cause but they are the tools.

    It is not enough to leave the sum total of investigation on 9/11 to “how did they get into those secure airlines?” Not enough done there.

    • as a side note, your comment makes me think of chemtrails…

      • Absolutely and, all this news from James Corbett and Whitney Webb today, makes me think of the minds who have figured it all out, which surely bring the goose bombs all over my body spring…

        If this is their true agenda, which I don’t doubt, then exactly what else and, what more!?

        The entire thing so far, is so completely insane, a normal brain cannot fathom it – which probably is good…

  4. As I began this interview, my young son asked, “Who are you watching?” I replied, “My two favorite investigative journalists, Ms. Webb and Mr. Corbett. They uncover the truth and corruption and share it with the world, (or at least those willing to listen).”
    Thank you both for your continuous efforts to bring awareness to the newest schemes the ‘controllers’ are plotting.

    I am outraged, and again queasy, when hearing about the NACs. The combination of land grabbing, monetizing nature, destroying ecosystems and exploiting the vulnerable is so disgusting. I have trouble finding the words to describe how absurd and sickening it all is. (Like the banks and investment firms don’t own enough assets already, so they make them up).

    I do hope that the leftists and climate activists/alarmists can see this scam for what it is. Anyone who is truly concerned with the health of the planet or indigenous people or environmental conservation or human welfare, should be able to see thru this obscene ‘green’ scheme.
    I will be sharing these articles widely. I’m not sure what the solution is here… I think just spreading the word to bring about awareness is a start, so that hopefully influential organizations (and governments?) can resist and counter these repulsive ‘investment opportunities’.

  5. To burst the bubble of the fans of DiCaprio, his foundation has been working towards acquisition of land for safekeeping for many, many years already too. He also went on a trip in Nigeria to try to stop the guerilla that was robbing children from American schools (they were also stopping the Americans from building oil pipelines).

    On another note, this whole thing about going to space makes me wonder if they know something we don’t. They say those stations will be to protect the environment, but I’ve listened to some of Randall Carlson’s podcasts and he’s very adamant about the possibility of a big enough meteor or asteroid hitting the Earth. He looked into how a series of meteors caused many cataclysms in the Younger Dryas period (from 12800 to 11600 years ago), and they nearly wiped humanity off the face of the planet. As many of you already know, current state leaders surely won’t warn us ahead of time about such an event, and the torrent that hit Earth back then still travels in our solar system. It passes Earth twice a year. I can’t shake the feeling that all this space stuff is meant to preserve some human specimens in case disaster strikes. Of course, the epi- or eugenics play a role in this. After all, Humanity 2.0 has been planned for a long time. Does this sound too much like Armageddon? Then again, Halloween is all about remembering that very disastrous 1200-year era.

    If this is the case, pulling indigenous tribes out of their lands is stupid because those with the capacity to survive such horrific events as major flooding and earthquakes caused by meteors hitting us are the ones who don’t rely on the comforts we own. Unless… that’s the plan. To let humanity as we know it fully disappear.

    Has anyone else here heard of underground cities being built? How much of these stories are legitimate?

  6. Calling Me Out?

    Me responding to a certain “accusation” (kinda sorta). Yeah, that might be a bit “click-bait-y,” and this video gets a bit personal, about a somewhat sensitive and annoying topic, but since a lot of people who support us have no idea—or a wrong idea—about our situation, I decided to explain it a bit. If you want the full story of my “adventures” with the federal extortion racket, in all its infuriating ridiculousness, here’s the free PDF: Kicking the Dragon (Confessions of a Tax Heretic)

    • – Jeff Berwick – The Dollar Vigilante –

      Thanks for posting that Larken Rose video. [I’m way behind on reading these Threads.]
      I understand the reality of his financial situation. (e.g. Made monthly back-payments to the IRS for years, and have had to completely reboot from scratch after losing businesses.)

      But I personally don’t think that Jeff Berwick should be proud of his wealth. Much was obtained in what I consider unethical ways. Larken Rose was very well-mannered not to bring that up.
      Here are some of my thoughts about Jeff Berwick.

  7. The Nature Of Freedom – Part 1: Is Democracy A Trap?
    Henna Maria gives in insight into Anarchy in her way.
    When the majority is supporting the measures,
    restricting their breath, poisoning themselves with an experiment,
    then our system of Democracy is not the solution.

    • Most assuredly, yes. Democracy as a political and class system justifies wrongdoing by having the “majority” decide what is right. Replace “majority” with “king” and the true purpose of democracy will become readily apparent.

  8. So many are seemingly (but maybe only conveniently) completely ignorant of the long long history of the authoritarian monopoly of money creation as called out by Graeber and also known by Marx, yet too many call themselves Marxist but pay no attention to this. And Graeber calls out the ancient structure of the imperial claim over declaration of what shall be money and who can create it (as though it is a thing to be created from nothing) and then that taxes must be paid in the form of that imperially declared unit. This is not something that US capital-ism invented or that the Chinese or the fake Greens learned from the US. These are simply extensions of, modern iterations of, the ancient illiteracy that the monetary unit can be created by the imperialist as a thing of ‘value’ and then required from the populace as the form in which taxes must be paid so that the imperialist gets to control and determine and direct the enterprise of the populace.
    Graeber and many others have documented the connection to war making that has been the imperialist’s favored use of this imposed illiteracy. But domination has shifted its focus while still using the same playbook.And many are oblivious to or complicit with the intent to subjugate that this system has had all along. So, why not direct the populace to something they think they have chosen!? WTF!? Sovereignty and “free” enterprise (as in NOT dictated, controlled, directed by the state or anyone else) are lost when using the present system we call money. The additional layer of subjugation by indebtedness that comes as a result of collusion between bankers and corrupt governance is just another layer of illiteracy that the populace must throw off if they are to ever achieve genuine liberation.

    The solution starts with identifying the core problem of thinking that a unit of abstract representation can have ‘value’ unto itself all by itself and yet claim to be representative of something else! The populace loses its control over their own initiatives if they must use an imperialist’s created unit to represent their own enterprise. And they then waste their time and energy directing their enterprise toward acquisition of the ‘coin of the realm’, and the full capacity of a genuinely free society is never realized.
    Unless we can ask really simple questions related to how a genuinely free populace would do things there is no liberation. Because a genuinely free populace does not use an imposed system of illiteracy. Ask this simple question in the context of genuine sovereignty: Is the exchange or doing that which is of value or is the unit of record of the exchange the thing of value? Another way to ask it is whether the doing is what is real and of value or is the abstract unit of acCount record of the doing the thing of value?
    Most have Never challenged the basic tenets of this illiterate and imperialist ancient system. It is time we all did.

  9. It is definitely the biggest scam so far. The current system must be in such a state that if they do not implement this, everything will just collapse onto their head. It looks like they want to escape into inflation, and this new scam will just inflate this everything bubble further into an even bigger bubble. Though this won’t solve anything as scams never do that, so they will be back to ground zero after about 10-15 years and will come out with a different story for saving again the bla-bla-bla because there is a huge natural swan now as the natural assets will fail. All this is just the continuation of an endless show.

    I guess these platforms mentioned in the video are the newest toys how to trick countries into debt. By now many already know how investments work, the money they give is not for free, it must be repaid with interest, so the majority is no longer willing to go into such obligation. Are they saying they want to give away their money now? For real? Sounds more like the greenback has no more value if such large sums are for giveaway. BUT, it is a trap! In the end, the platform will transform itself suddenly into a colossal debt! No, even worse than that, because now not only there will be a huge sum to repay, but the resources will be gone too. So, the country will be literally gutted out from inside.

    There really must be something that can be done to prevent this kind of endless looting!

    • I guess these platforms mentioned in the video are the newest toys how to trick countries into debt.”

      All countries are platform countries. The US is so far in debt it is incomprehensible and the corporate debt???? Out of sight.

      Soon, they will all be corporatized and owned by transnational hedge funds and trillionaires.

      Capitalism is its own gravedigger but we need more shovels and more people to dig.

  10. Yes, when I saw who was being sent to Howard Springs and where they lived I thought it might be this sort of “clear the area of indigenous peoples for resource grab” sort of dynamic.

    Fantastic formulation and image with the Green Hands of Greta and Gupta. You’ve caught them green-handed in in their massive resources hold-up otherwise known as saving the planet.

    You also brilliantly captured the hypocrisy of the gagged Guardian gulping gauchistas.

    Great comment!

  11. Idle, gratuitous and somewhat belated reflections on one of the best interviews on record to date.

    First; enjoyed that very judicious use of the word “underlooked”!

    Second; if anyone wants to be sure of what the ambitions of the UN are or are seeking a crash course on how to make repeated coup d’etats and mass murder appear humanitarian, they need not look any further than the example of Haiti and operation MINUSTAH carried out there to deal with all those troublesome dark-skinned folks who won’t just shut up and cooperate with the very longstanding colonialist project there. Kevin Pina has documented all this copiously; a single sample:

    Haiti; The UNtold Story

    “…but the UN are the ones shooting us night and day…”

    Third, Ms Webb’s evocation of the Bezos Gulag in the Sky where folks’ll buy expensive tickets for the privilege of visiting the planet-sized Conservation Park, Life-size Museum and Ultra High-end Luxury Housing Resort called “Earth” made me think of the visuals of an old Mickey 3D video called “Respire” (Breathe, You Won’t Die of Laughter), particularly the end:

    Fourth, the scam of those CCCCRIs, (Catatstrophic Covid and Climate Change Related Illnesses) is doubly ironic in what is purportedly a period of so-called Anthropogenic Global Warming occulting the more probable reality of a grand solar minimum that really does render humans more vulnerable to disease and premature death. Remarkably good timing, even for an engineered pandemic.

    Last and probably least, I believe Reuters calls it “The Great Reboot”.

    Anyhoo, impressive and gratifying interview from our own two illustrious and unrivalled HLITCs
    High Level Independent Truth Champions!

    Thank-you both.

  12. “You will own nothing and be happy” means that you will not even own yourself. You simply will be a serf!! And by the way, the CBDC will not be a Central Bank Digital Currency rather a Central Bank Digital CRETID! They will only give you CREDIT if you are trustful in their eyes. That’s it!

  13. Aluminum Smelting, eh? Well, sure, lots of markets for aluminum….vaccines, chemtrails…poisons are profitable, says the pusher.

  14. Joe said to me about twenty years ago on the Big Island “Money is a con game.”

    “How’s that?” I replied. “You have to have confidence it’s worth something” he answered.
    Made sense.
    Concepts which create, ownership of land, owning persons and animals, ..won’t be let go of willingly. Religion explains why some are privileged and others dispossessed. It’s that pile that everyone climbs up their whole lives, you know, hoping to just get a little above the most destroyed, just enough to not be a “loser”, maybe enough to be a “winner”.
    I think Dr. Seuss saw it all.
    Anyway, it’s Thanksgiving Day Here.
    Spider Woman told the Hopi people that creator put us here to sing the praises of creation.
    All I ever hear, tho, is men singing praises to their own strange creations.
    It’s getting, frankly, hopeless. When people are willingly stuck, that’s that.

    • fewer clinics… think they’re paving the way to remote consultations by skype using info from wearables and medical apps on phones?

  15. This “Green” scam is just another elite fraternity, where the powerful homoerotic bonding techniques of gang rape were perfected.

    Ignoring what is leads to the ignorance of “how did we get here?!?!?”

    In word and deed, that’s how. At every level.

  16. I understand the issues in Latin America too. Whitney saw Chile and Peru, and I can vouch for Colombia and Ecuador. Just being an activist or a union employee can get you murdered or disappeared in Colombia. Some rare ones, like Ingrid Betancourt (a politician who tried to run against American puppet Uribe) made it out alive, but only because she was a popular state leader candidate and alreadya senator when she was abducted by the FARC. Even though she’s not dead, she is traumatized by the experience and lives in France, her second citizenship country (she is the daughter of an embassy official). This was way back in 2006, and such issues have existed there for a long time. The FARC was technically created to make sure the country never became a banana republic, but things went sour because some of its leaders were corrupted by BigMoney (at times by politicians too, as seen in Betancourt’s case).

    • You are right.

      Neoliberalism, which seeks to subordinate the state to the market while also using the state apparatus to enforce market relations, has systematically dissolving all bases of community relations, transforming them into mere commodity relations.

      Fascism as a managerial system must accompany the capitalist system now. Capitalism and democracy have always been incompatible.

      Nation states will disappear into free enterprise zones run by corporations — one giant Maquiladora.

      This was the global plan of the Nazis. Privatize everything public and say it is for the good of the people.

      The role of the State becomes not to look after its citizens, but to subsidize corporations and thus concentrated power, while creating a medieval economy of modern serfs and peasants.

      We call this fascism.

      Mussolini said it best:

      “Against individualism, the Fascist conception is for the State; and it is for the individual in so far as he coincides with the State…. It is opposed to classical Liberalism…. Liberalism denied the State in the interests of the particular individual; Fascism reaffirms the State as the true reality of the individual.”

      “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”

      “The definition of fascism is the marriage of corporation and state.”

      “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.”

      “The truth is that men are tired of liberty.”

  17. people power.

    its said our species is the most dangerous because of how it works in groups. Here is a montage of protest marches for anti-tyranny over the past year. what the mainstream media is not showing. share this with your fence-sitting friends.

    I wish they were marching to the perpetrators homes but.

    There are people with names and addresses that are responsible for the lot. corporations and nations and organizations dont exist, they are fictiscious fog banks that perpetrators hide behind. blaming gootube or the UN orWHO or CIA,, is a wasted arrow, missing the mark. Big marches down town are a good shot across the bow, but the money targets are actual people. I think this is oobvious for most but we all fall into the trap, its part of the kontrol spelling.

    • I cant find the write up of the “3 tacks”, but I’d say to focus on the figure heads, whomever is making the proclamations for mandates needs a more direct message.

      imagine if the video drone pilot in nevada came home to his/her lake Tahoe abode one day and found an angry mob of yemenites wanting to parley.

  18. Welcome to the third world. Chickens coming home to roost for US citizens.

    Dispossession of land and gains has been the norm for most of the population for a long,long time.

    Now many US citizens themselves will experience The Indian System.



    Stealing from Native People has been a national pastime in the US since the 19th century.

    Broken treaties are just the tip of the iceberg.

    Systematic government fraud was the norm.

    It was called “The Indian System” and Abraham Lincoln not only participated in it, he also turned his back on the injustices it created.

    Part one A from a three part documentary called “Star Dreamers.”

  19. Green finance always reminds me on “green revolutions” …
    Kissinger as Rockefellers henchman pushing lots countries into problems up to famine levels so the big money can plunder them while ruining all small farmers.

    Good read Engdahls “Seeds of Destruction”
    mainly about GMO but tells you alot about green revolutions,
    Rockefeller did their worst to big AG like they did to western medicine before to profit big time.

  20. Something completely off topic, but WW should really take singing lessons and breathing technique.
    Not a bash: I am serious.
    She talks a lot in her line of work presenting, and presenting technique and how to use your voice is critical, since it is her main instrument while presenting. It makes the message that much more powerful.

    She talks from a high pitch, and that wears on the throat and wears on the vocal chords, hence the croaky-ness and this makes it sometimes hard to listen to bc she runs out of breath mid-sentence. Also this ‘Uhm’ start of a sentence is very bad for the vocal chords. Worst thing for the voice is being on a telephone call (fact) bc the pitch goes up, forceful, and doing this video call thing for an hour must cost a lot of energy. So get a good mike. Sit up straight, breathing techniques, and lower the energy. It will propel the message to a much more powerful level.

    Again, not a bash, just a tip from a professional trained singer

    great episode! thanks all for the work, it most important what you are doing!

  21. New to this site; late to this podcast. When James said “…nuclear cargo ships… to hit Absolute Zero”, I had to dig up this ’80’s Galen Winsor video. His job was to (literally at times) handle spent fuel. He took his show on the lecture tour, pre-digital days, and asks an astute question: Who owns the plutonium, buried deeper than gold beneath building 7, under a Nevada mountain at taxpayer expense? I read that Gates (and Buffet?) were planning their latest tax shelter_ a clean nuclear plant in Wyoming.

    • Hey Will!
      Glad you are here.
      While I’m just another regular Corbett Member, I want to “Welcome” ya to the Comment Threads.
      I’m sure that other members welcome you also!

      • Thanks Home Remedy Supply.

        Glad to have found this treasure trove of research(ers).

        Still learning after all theses years; back in the days when I hunted real rabbits, they would often freeze in place, as if “If I don’t move, he won’t see me!” Today it seems the plunderers are “If we do it flagrantly, they won’t see!”

        Grateful to find seers.

  22. A search for “ICD 10 climate change” didn’t find an official diagnostic code, but! Of all things in that brilliant and awesome discussion, codes are what I had to look up, and found:

    “Mortality data, national weather and natural disaster data, electronic medical records, and health care provider use of International Classification of Disease (ICD) 10 codes must be linked to identify climate change events to capture the full extent of climate change upon population health.”

    And this article, with a brand new 2022 code for: Encounter for immunization safety counseling. Ha! Made me chuckle and cringe.

    • ariellek,
      Thanks. It is interesting how wide these folks “stretch” narratives.

      EXCERPT from Abstract:
      The environmental changes from climate change amplify the existing health determinants that influence mortality within the United States.
      Mortality data, national weather and natural disaster data, electronic medical records, and health care provider use of International Classification of Disease (ICD) 10 codes must be linked to identify climate change events to capture the full extent of climate change upon population health.

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