Interview 1687 – James Corbett Discusses the Secret History of Al Qaeda

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via My guest this week, James Corbett, debunks official narratives for a living. His Corbett Report is a must-save source for alternative news and views. And in this episode of my podcast, James walks us through the true history of al-Qaeda, from the players to the multi-layered deceptions promoted via the American media, to the group’s nature and aims.

The Covid scam has got millions of people rethinking “official stories” promoted by the same cabal that gave us previous nonsensical, or outright false, events and interpretations thereon. This is a great conversation to share with your normie friends.

video courtesy of the Patrick Coffin Rumble channel


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  1. Back in 2001, I was a pretty heavy Koolaide drinker.

    It was a busy season for me with the business. I came home late one night from work and sat in the small TV room eating dinner alone off a TV tray. I vaguely remember this.
    Some government guy was being interviewed and they were talking about the cave complexes of Bin Laden. They showed an image of a massive complex.
    My puzzlement and surprise is what I remember. It stuck.
    I thought to myself that in a future news cycles they would show videos and photos of the inside of these complexes.
    That never happened. I sluffed it off thinking that “it must be classified information.”

    It isn’t often talked about, but to me, this is one of the tallest tales of the 9/11 Narrative.
    I would love to see it mentioned in Part 3False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda

    In case you have never seen it…
    Donald Rumsfeld
    & the massive, sophisticated CAVE FORTRESSES of Osama Bin Laden

    A few months after September 11th, 2001, on December 2nd, Rumsfeld tells the public about the many sophisticated cave complexes (complete with computers, bedrooms, offices, and truck drive-in entrances) in Afghanistan and other countries.
    See the IMAGES & 40 second video.

  2. Its interesting to be sure. As is another video on that channel which shows someone chasing a black blob around a dinner plate with what is purported to be a clove of garlic.
    The problem with this bit of interesting information is the same as all the information that we get these days.
    What is genuine and what is faked? How much do you know about the source?
    If James Corbett had made that video I would have given it a lot more credence. I trust Corbett. Why? Its a gut feeling. A matter of faith.
    These days I approach life with a lot of faith. I have faith that there aren’t nanobots on the qtips I use to dry my ears.
    I have faith that the folks at the pizza place didn’t scratch their beard over my pie when they were boxing it.
    I have faith that the technology they were discussing a couple months ago that allows them to grow “vaccine” laced produce hasn’t been in place for years.
    I have faith that all the anecdotal evidence that I’ve heard about curing cancer systemically with diet and meditation has validity.
    You can drive yourself crazy if you worry about everything that there might be to worry about. Everything that could happen.

    Just about everything in life is a matter of faith to some degree. But it is really important is to be discerning with what you place faith and trust in. And thats a personal thing formed by experience and other intangible things.

    All that to say that as interesting as that video is and as hopeful as the narrator’s proposition that the “White Hats” were finally enacting the long delayed and often postponed day of judgment for the evil “Black Hats” is. (Sounds like hopium).
    There is simply not enough evidence here to come to any conclusions about anything.
    If the video is actually real rather than computer generated or altered then why isn’t there any information about the original source?
    Why is there no audio?
    Why isn’t there more than one video of explosions on the second floor of the White House? I would think that there are always more than a single person with a camera that loiters around that place at all hours.

    I’ve got enough distractions to keep me busy for now so I’ll just wait and see if this develops into anything. But I’m betting that it doesn’t.

  3. Excellent interview. I’ve bookmarked this as a good into for friends who are waking up and realizing that portions of their own government are corrupt.

  4. It was the same feeling.
    Driving to the office when I heard the news of the 9/11 ATTACK and I thought, “something doesn’t feel right.”

    That same feeling came back in early 2020 when my friend told me I should stop driving to my office and stock up on food and water because they were shutting down the country. It didn’t feel right to me, something was up.

    Writer VN Alexander authored books on both subjects and address the truths of both situations. Locus Amoenus is a dark comedy about the 9/11 tragedy.
    Here is an excerpt.

    In this dark comedy, a 9/11 widow and her son, Hamlet, have retreated from Brooklyn to the idyllic rural countryside upstate, where for nearly eight years they have run a sustainable farm. Unfortunately their outrageously obese neighbors, who prefer the starchy products of industrial agriculture, shun their elitist ways (recycling, eating healthy, reading). Hamlet, who is now 18, is beginning to suspect that something is rotten in the United States of America, when health, happiness and freedom are traded for cheap Walmart goods, Paxil, endless war, standard curriculum, and environmental degradation.

    I think she would make a great guest on an upcoming September 11 show.
    Thank you James for sharing your truth!

    • Victoria N. Alexander says:
      “It’s up to us. It really is.”

      Via the 2015 book Locus Amoenus, Victoria N. Alexander states:
      “…And now I know that corruption and conspiracy are not to blame so much as the meaner diseases of complacency and conformity.
      I groan at the prospect of taking on this subject, with which I would much rather have nothing to do.”
      –Victoria N. Alexander

      Here is Victoria’s Corbetteer comment from December 2021 at Corbett’s Writing A New Narrative – #SolutionsWatch, along with links to photos and videos.
      At her book signing in Dallas 2015 (see video), she says:
      “Actually, I’ll do barter because that goes with my philosophy.”

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