Interview 1694 – Declare Your Independence from Mass Formation Psychosis

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via James joins Ernest Hancock for his regular weekly appearance on the Declare Your Independence radio show. This week James and Ernie discuss the growth of anarchism, the Canadian trucker convoy, the DOJO chip and Musk’s FSD takeover, the mass formation “psychosis” phenomenon and the destruction of our cultural heroes, the Pentagon’s missing trillions and the steps toward a coming great power war.


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  1. Interview 1694 – Declare Your Independence from Mass Formation Psychosis

    At the 35:43 minute mark
    Ernie says “They can’t take any facts.”
    Corbett says:
    “Exactly. And so this is not fact based.” [Corbett goes into the behavioral psychological techniques. Then he talks about dispelling the fear and also accenting individual autonomy.]
    38:00 mark
    ”People are not going to be reasoned out of something that they were reasoned into. …As long as it sounds good and as long as it is a narrative that people can go along with, then people will go along with.”
    Ernie says: ”It’s got to be a narrative. …STORY…”

    Later in the conversation, the value of Heroes comes up. The stories about Heroes is how we forward society.

  2. I’ll tell ya what…

    We better take notes on this Freedom Convoy 2022 STORY and also perpetuate THE STORY while its got momentum.
    If we don’t, then we deserve to be enslaved by the Powers That Should Not Be. Our own hypercritical, skeptical, pontificational back-off could be our undoing.

    Since the Pandemic has started, no movement has gained this much momentum and support from the common man. We should take note of that.

    We should note, that although this “Freedom Convoy 2022” is largely composed of a supply chain COMMUNITY of Truckers, they also stand as a symbol for the common working person.
    They stand as a symbol for independence and freedom. Other communities have joined into the Trucker community. A larger community has formed.

    Moreover, with this type of organic, grassroots, decentralized, juggernaut activity, we have a STORY being written everyday.

    James Corbett once said:
    “Do you know the story of the most powerful weapon in the world?…And it can change the entire world.”
    “How to Save the World (in One Easy Step!)”

    I’m taking notes.
    There are things to be learned here with “Freedom Convoy 2022”.
    This is a narrative worth its salt. I’m gonna forward it.
    I ain’t gonna poo-poo it. Not at all.
    For those who do sling mud at it, then show me what you’ve done first.
    Show me your actions.
    If ya can’t, then your disparaging words are worthless because you got no spine.

    I’m not saying that “Freedom Convoy 2022” is THE solution.
    I’m saying this story deserves support.

    • I guess I am out of touch. I have followed it closely and have friends involved and reporting. I’ll look through the notes for the “mud”. Most accusations against them have been debunked. In Alberta, the tow trucks drivers all refused to go to the border at Coutts and remove the truckers. They said their excuse is the same as Trudeau’s. Covid.
      Many truckers are highly informed and have a good analysis of what is wrong at a fundamental level.
      I wish they had advisors, so we can attempt a strategy of change from the foundation up. I am afraid the cabal will simply switch party leaders and we continue to have puppets by the global/local mafia. This is a chance, and we have not had one for awhile. Not sure many know what we are up against, nor the work involved.

  3. In reference to Mathias Desmet and “mass formation” also known as mass hypnosis. He knows the power of the narrative. Certain criteria must be present for the masses to fall under the spell. “These four conditions were already fulfilled BEFORE the Corona crisis,” says Desmet. “Under such conditions, a society is highly sensitive to narratives—particularly if these narratives are presented through the mainstream media.”
    1. A large percentage of the population feels socially isolated and lacks good social connections.
    2. A lack of meaning-making or sense-making prevails for many. People feel their lives and jobs are meaningless, senseless.
    3. A high degree of free-floating anxiety exists, anxiety that cannot be connected to a specific object or circumstance. This free-floating anxiety is a consequence of the previous two conditions.
    4. There is a high degree of frustration and latent aggression in the population, brought on by free-floating anxiety.

    The masses were already primed for hypnosis. Great swaths of the population met these criteria. The social engineers then told the great hypnotic narrative. People were given the story that “unites” them. The four conditions are then relieved by the narrative.
    1. They feel connected again, given a sense of solidarity because “we are all in this together”
    2. People feel their lives have meaning again with a responsibility “keep each other safe”
    3. The free-floating anxiety is given a cause, a focal point. “Fear the virus”
    4. Frustration and aggression are given a focal point. “Be angry at the anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers”

    Professor Desmet’s solution is to keep talking to those that are under the mass hypnosis. Keep telling the truth, keep trying to break the spell. Publicly reject the narrative as long as possible. Tell your own story. Tell the stories of your heros.

    • Why is one of the causes listed not the controlled media?
      The biggest culprit in my opinion.
      The owners related to big pharma, the control of textbooks, education, art, music, publishing, TV and Film. This mindset has been prepped for a long time.

      The analysis of Desmet’s is valuable, but has all the hallmarks of Controlled Opposition. It has skipped any consequences for the media which continues it’s lies. He has deflected away from this exact topic.
      The biggest push back I get, is people saying that if my words were remotely true, they would have seen it on the news.

      Desmet says during the French and Russian Revolutions, they killed their own ” as they ran out of others to kill”.
      I do not believe he is not aware that both revolutions killed true believers after power was ursurped. Something does not add up.

      • I thought that his analysis was to show why groups can fall for lies and narratives that defy logic and common sense.

        If people can stop being afraid and find purpose in their lives the free floating anxiety would not govern behavior or allow others to govern their behavior.

        It seems like the controllers will use anything to keep people in a state of fear and perhaps they live in a state of fear of the population. Although psychopaths have lower than average fear response as far as I know.

        But I think that antidotes to the spell people are under have to focus on reducing fear and helping people get back in touch with meaning, inspiration, and creativity.

        • I agree cu.h.j we need to be fearless!!!

      • As stated above, Desmet says, “Under such conditions, a society is highly sensitive to narratives—particularly if these narratives are presented through the mainstream media.”
        Yes, certainly the media is the “storyteller” here, but not the author of the narrative. Also as you say this mindset has been prepped for a long time, via movies, TV, education, news, politics etc. Desmet does explain that the media are the propagators of the propaganda.
        True, I have not heard Prof. Desmet specifically discuss proposed consequences for those perpetrators (both the media storytellers and the social engineering authors). But just because he isn’t discussing it, doesn’t make him controlled opposition. He seems to me, quite sincere in his concerns and analysis. In one of his presentations he does say “A totalitarian system begins to devour its own children. Everyone becomes a victim of the system. In the end, it is as cruel for those that support it as those who resist it.” Yes, even the media and political puppets. He gives the example of Stalin.
        No doubt, as James’ work has shown, the emotional and mental climate has been laid out over time to prime the masses to accept, even demand, their own slavery (under the guise of safety). This epic story is long in the making and the Corona narrative is just the storyline that has hooked people. I believe this current chapter is coming to a close. Another, more insidious, more frightening sequel is in the works. One that will command complete trust and attention before demanding a full surrender. We must stand for freedom without fear.

    • Also, if you would like to do some scholarly research into this phenomenon, look into the works of Hannah Arendt and Gustave Le Bon.

      Hannah Arendt
      The Origins of Totalitarianism (1951)
      The Human Condition (1958)
      On Revolution (1963)

      “Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.”
      “In an ever-changing, incomprehensible world the masses had reached the point where they would, at the same time, believe everything and nothing, think that everything was possible and that nothing was true. … Mass propaganda discovered that its audience was ready at all times to believe the worst, no matter how absurd, and did not particularly object to being deceived because it held every statement to be a lie anyhow.”

      Gustave Le Bon
      The Crowd: A Study of Popular Mind (1895)
      The Psychology of People’s (1894)
      The Psychology of Revolution (1913)

      “The masses have never thirsted after truth. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim.”
      “In a crowd every sentiment and act is contagious, and contagious to such a degree that an individual readily sacrifices his personal interest to the collective interest.”

  4. Freedom Convoy News – Coutts Alberta

    Although I consider Rebel News controlled opposition, here is their good reporter who has been on the ground from the start.

  5. The opposition to the Freedom Convoy have a huge misunderstanding that this protest is just against vaccines. There are plenty of vaccinated people supporting the protest. No one brings it up because the vaccinated/unvaccinated label doesn’t matter to anyone else. The label that matters now is common working folks. Common working folks all share the desire to get these bureaucrats and politicians who are destroying their livelihoods to back off.

    • In their signs, speeches, interviews, etc, they make it very clear it is about our wider rights, Gov’t overreach, rule of a Global Cabal. Many are jabbed that are interviewed.
      Hon Brian Peckford, a signatory to the Canadian Charter, said if we allow a violation of our rights for an invalid reason, we have set a precedent which can be relied upon on next time. He states Covid 19 is not a valid reason.

  6. Feet on the ground here in Canada. The trucker convoy is still the daily talk in most conversations. I have been witness to many people at the super market, on the streets and elsewhere talking about the convoy. Most of it in support. (a small fringe minority is not in support, ha ha)
    The MSM on the other hand, except for the Toronto Sun, is still vilifying the protest. One Nazi flag and one confederate flag is all they really have to go on. And by the way, one photo of the Nazi flag guy shows him on a balcony of the Chateau Frontenac, a $400 a night upscale hotel. Not the hotel that hundreds of protesters would have booked!
    It is unfortunate for the police that all tow truck drivers got covid at the same time, who could have foreseen that?
    It’s a wonderful step in the right direction, thousands of people empowered to feel they can make a difference. Create their own future again.

  7. The city council of Ottawa is making a play to either sue or freeze the truckers go fund me and claim the money (fiat currency) as theirs. Desperation is in the air.

    I know, you don’t have to say this is not the be all and end all of our collective human situation.

    We are a young race we humans, searching for our place. But we need to embrace the collective thoughts of thousands of people who normally are not activists, not political, not looking much past taking the kids to hockey practice and what are we eating tonight.
    We, collectively have to find that place. And it starts with a trigger. A trigger that says we just don’t comply.
    That my friends, we all have in common.
    We will succeed and flourish, we will through love and light be the path toward a future that we would wish upon our children.
    In Lak’ech

    • There’s got to be a work around the go fund me issue. There is a faith based go fund me type service that they can use instead. I don’t know what the name of it is.

  8. morgoth sez: (a blue pill follower might say to a red pill truther) “theres an expression — “my feelings dont care about your facts” — thats really true,,,”

    But then he doesnt flesh-out what that piece of the puzzle means.

    I have friends that are hard working & erudite, quite lucid pillars of their domains, yet who when faced with the current bioterror medical tyrrany, showed that they were spineless box tickers. They weigh options and risks and choose to, as you say “obey”. but how did they become such eunuchs?

    I believe they are emotionally manipulated: I have experience of believing a whopper lie. It held me in a state of trust for 3 years while the liar stole my faith (possibly measurable in watts or joules or hours or dollars or traumatic ripple effect,,,) when one is lied to, the ensuing beliefs become the basis for the obedience, good will is feasted on by demonic intention. Perhaps mass hypnosis is too a rich phrase to defend, but emotional manipulation by deception is the crux and cornerstone of the mass misbehavior.

    otherwise we get the type that is acting against their own beliefs, these are the really sketchy-sapiens. pretty sure that dissonant denialism is 50% of the cause for illness (based on the “placebo effects” 50% success rate — our attitude of faith or trust is way more powerful than most will admit.

    control via deception a well worn device that occurs on all scales, between kids, amoungst friends and family and citizens and power hungry predators, isnt the desire to change that what drives young minds to want to be lawyers and cops and politicians? we now know more than ever before how those same heros have been fooled or bought or threatened or killed,,

    Watch out, these are the days of the sprung lie, once the deceiver is down dressed and disposed of, their victims will gradually heal the capacity for courage and conviction; in truth we are trust. Surely its all as prep for the next species wide psychological hurdle, or transition?

    whatever is driving this lying psyche (sickness) It has got to go; it seems to be the thorn thicket surrounding a much better chance. Once we figure out how to deal with the compulsion to lie, only then might we regain law.

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