Interview 1696 – James Corbett to VCC: The Power is OURS!

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via Vaccine Choice Canada: In this conversation from January 27, 2022, James Corbett of The Corbett Report, discusses the Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022, politics and several observations of our way out of this tyranny.


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      • BUMP

        90 seconds

        • Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms

          Friday Feb 4th
          “Turn on the closed-circuit cameras in Ottawa,” says Justice Centre

          OTTAWA: The Justice Centre today sent a letter to the City of Ottawa, advising that Justice Centre lawyers are in Ottawa representing the Freedom Convoy 2022, and outlining the efforts being made by the Freedom Convoy to maintain safety and security during the peaceful protest. The Chief of Ottawa Police, the Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner, and the Parliamentary Police Service Superintendent are copied on the letter.

          The Justice Centre was recently advised that during the first few days of the truckers’ peaceful protest in Ottawa, closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras were offline entirely, and remain off.

          “These cameras do not actually show what is happening on the ground in downtown Ottawa. For safety reasons we strongly urge you to remedy this situation and restore live feed from those CCTV cameras. It is imperative that law enforcement and the public have access to video footage, in order to know what is actually occurring in and around the protest,” states Eva Chipiuk, Staff Lawyer at the Justice Centre.

          “Canadians have the legal right to protest peacefully in their capital city. The freedom of peaceful assembly is expressly protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Freedom Convoy has always been clear that it supports only peaceful assembly,” states Ms. Chipiuk.

          The Freedom Convoy has stated consistently, repeatedly, and publicly that unlawful activity will not be condoned, and that unlawful conduct will undermine the goals of this peaceful protest. The Freedom Convoy has expressed concerns that there may be individuals or groups who may instigate conflict or engage in illegal behaviour in order to undermine this peaceful citizens’ protest. The Freedom Convoy has maintained a relationship and a direct line of communications with the Ottawa Police Services (“OPS”), Ontario Provincial Police (“OPP”), Royal Canadian Mounted Police (“RCMP”), and the Parliamentary Protective Services (“PPS”)….

        • Friday Feb 4th – Ottawa Police Department
          Ottawa Police Service Implements Increased Measures to Protect Downtown Neighbourhoods


          The Ottawa Police Service and its partners are implementing a surge and contain strategy in Ottawa’s downtown neighbourhoods…

          …the Ottawa Police Service is implementing the following measures – effective immediately…
          …There will be approximately 150 additional uniformed and non-uniformed officers dedicated to only patrolling and addressing unlawful and threatening conduct…This includes working with City and NCR officials to prevent unlawful and unsafe use of public space by demonstrators…

          …The Ottawa Police Service and City of Ottawa will be utilizing concrete and heavy equipment barricades to create no-access roadways throughout the downtown core…If necessary, interprovincial bridges, highway off ramps and/or roads will be closed…

          …National, provincial and local intelligence agencies have increased efforts to identify and target protestors who are funding/supporting/enabling unlawful and harmful activity by protestors. Investigative evidence-gathering teams are collecting financial, digital, vehicle registration, driver identification, insurance status, and other related evidence that will be used in criminal prosecutions. Every unlawful act, including traffic violations, will be fully pursued regardless of origin…

          …The current occupation of the Parliamentary Precinct remains unresolved despite significant success in reducing the number of trucks/demonstrators while preventing riots, injuries and death. We take no solace in these operational successes. The demonstrators in this red zone area remain highly organized, well-funded, and extremely committed to resisting efforts to end the demonstration safely. This remains a very volatile and very dangerous demonstration….

          • Oh gosh! Criminal activity! Aggh!

            Thurssday, February 3, 2022 9:07am
            Demonstration-Related Traffic Enforcement in Downtown Neighbourhoods

            (Ottawa) – The Ottawa Police Service Traffic Enforcement Unit is actively patrolling downtown residential neighbourhoods to address traffic issues related to the ongoing demonstration.

            On Wednesday, police charged one man criminally, laid 30 traffic tickets and patrolled areas including Centretown, Sandy Hill, Glebe and the Market/Lowertown areas. This enforcement will continue daily.

            Police laid eight charges for unnecessary noise (honking of horns), one for transporting dangerous goods (insecure fuel cans), one for improper muffler, four for disobeying signs, two for driving the wrong way in one way traffic, one unsafe lane change, one distracted driving, six speeding, one running a stop sign and five document offences.
            One driver was charged for driving while criminally prohibited. The vehicle was impounded for 45 days.

            Police have also deployed cruisers with Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPR) technology. ALPR is a device which helps police ensure road safety by identifying a variety of Highway Traffic Act (HTA) infractions, including stolen licence plates and suspended or unlicensed drivers.

          • February 4th – Press Conference by Ottawa Police – VIDEO
            Trucker protests: Ottawa police chief announces ‘surge and contain’ strategy – February 4, 2022

            The Police Department repeatedly states that they are committed to ending the demonstration. ”The top priority is to bring these demonstrations to an end.”

            Around the 12:30 minute mark
            ”We will hold to account not just the demonstrators, but those that fund and enable the demonstrators in any way.”
            QUEUED at 26:23
            ”There is no facilitation of food, water, fuel, logistics or funding by any member of this police service….”
            Then the Police Chief threatens criminal charges to any member doing that.

    • James, you hit it on the nail! I really hope you do a show about what does democracy mean and the perception of democracy as it exists with our fundamental rights. I mean, this is one of the root issues here in politics. Thanks for the show and standing up for what you believe in and not just telling people what they want to hear!!

    • Is there a transcript of this in spanish?

  1. You started the show mentioning the possibility/probability of agent provocateurs
    starting to cause division and possibly violence at the trucker convoy protest in Ottawa.

    I don’t know if readers here are aware of a highly suspicious segment that was broadcast a couple of days ago in a LIVE feed from Ottawa?

    As a fellow was quietly doing his rounds walking the streets of downtown Ottawa he chanced upon a Budget rental truck that was parked and several men were unloading boxes, and carrying them into an office building.

    He was suspicious and rightly so because the men had on bullet proof suits that were labeled ‘Special Constable’ on their backs. It was difficult to tell exactly what was in these boxes but something to aid agent provocateurs is not out of the question or possibly gas canisters.

    The quick manner in which they were unloading the boxes and the strange use of a rented Budget truck rather than an official police truck heightened the suspicions.

    • That is very important to note.
      If you run across images or eye witness accounts, be sure to let us know.
      Thanks again Fawlty Towers.

  2. Good interview! Thanks 🙂

    I have no way of validating what’s below but I decided to post it anyways. There is a message going around in Swedish groups ( about what is happening behind the scenes in Canada. I translated the message from Swedish to English:

    “A lot has happened behind the scenes here in Canada. We who are working with planning and support for the convoy have today been questioned by the security police, they are threatening us with procecution and they have frozen our bank accounts – our private accounts!
    They are not attacking the leaders of the convoy but they are attacking us who do not work in the public light. I want to cry- I do not know what to do. All my money that I have saved to be able to move me and my son to Sweden, money for rent and food, flight tickets etc are frozen… At least one year they say. Plus we have been forced to sign papers that we are not allowed to talk about this on social media, and we can’t join any groups discussing this subject. God, I’m totally devastated. I don’t know what to do… I’m stuck here now. I wanna go home.
    Please spread this but do not use my name because I’m scared they will attack me further and then I might not be able to get out of here. They also froze the GoFund me accounts holding 10 million dollars, so they are serious.”

    It seems they not only froze the money for the GoFundMe accounts, they stole them and gave them to the enemy:

    These kind of things (and worse) of course are what they will be able to automate if they manage to switch us over to the blockchain identity based financial systems where they will have even more control.

    I have also received reports from friends in Canada that the gov have booked all accomodations in Ottawa for this weekend.

  3. What IS the (preferred) IP address of And how about a TOR v.3 .onion address?

    • TOR could be a good addition especially since Brave has built in TOR browser these days. It’s quite easy to set up. If James need help with this he can reach out to me and I’ll help.

      Bring up a terminal: ping (will only work as long as the domain points correctly). Response right now:

      • Yes, Brave just spawns a new (TOR) window for you when you try to access an .onion address. Less hassle than launching TOR Browser.

        I wanted JC to note what the preferred direct IP is, since I don’t want to just use what ping responds with.

  4. Interview occurring January 27, 2022 but published at the website February 5th, 2022.
    “Interview 1696 – James Corbett to VCC (Vaccine Choice Canada): The Power is OURS!”

    I feel warmed! This was so genuine, so real!
    Ordinary folks. Real people with real lives.
    No fancy graphics nor famous personality types.
    No rich lifestyle tapestry in the backdrop.

    This show deserves a rewind. Corbett punched home a good list of very important points which are relevant to these times.
    It can serve as an outline.
    When doing chores, I’ll be playing this again.

    In a way, this interview showcases the Heart of the Corbett Report.
    I think that a lot of members recognize this quality of essence. Some don’t see it…and that’s okay. I see it. And it has such a warming beauty.

    As one example, note how James Corbett referenced this Shownote:
    “Neil Young’s “The Needle and the Damage Done” performed by Five Times August”

    The real world with real people.

  5. Coincidently, that Texas family man Brad Skistimas (“Five Times August”) published a new song around February 4th, 2022.
    The graphics are fun as the lyrics cruise along.

    “Anti-Fascist Blues” by Five Times August | Lyric Video 2022
    (2 1/2 minutes)

    “Anti-Fascist Blues” Lyrics:
    Everybody head down, pick yourself a pronoun
    Join the resistance on government assistance
    Stop all the hate as you advocate violenceBlock and suppress anyone you want silenced
    Take what you want ‘cause what you want is what you’re owed
    Call everyone a fascist ’til they’re all controlled…

    …Defund police. No guns, oh please
    Fight for your right to start a war until there’s no peace
    Take it down, tear it up, it’s in the name of progress
    Make the rule you never lose ’til everything is lawless
    Tell me what to think, and how to feel, and where to go
    ‘Cause everyone’s a fascist ’til they’re all controlled

    Find your path in life but make it socio or psycho
    Nonsense, wokeness, you’re gonna lose your mind though…

    …Make yourself a slave until you feel like you are free
    Dig yourself a grave for The American Dream.

  6. As James has stated in previous work it’s the narrative, I believe Home Remedy Supply has also mentioned this, the importance of the story and get people talking. Regardless of what the legacy media imparts as it’s narrative we just need to keep the conversation going.
    We are winning some of the skirmishes but are still fighting the war for our own human autonomy. James is correct, our rights start at birth and no piece of paper holds any power over any one of us.
    If anyone doesn’t think this is a war against humanity just look at this headline;

    The WHO European director may grant a “ceasefire”

    Very good of them don’t you think?

  7. Zzzap says:
    “I’m skeptical when I see the V.C.C.”

    What are you implying about VCC (Vaccine Choice Canada)?
    [Single space please.]

    • Saturday Feb 5th
      From GoFundMe TWITTER

      To simplify the process for our users, we will be refunding all donations to the Freedom Convoy 2022 fundraiser. This refund will happen automatically—you do not need to submit a request. Donors can expect to see refunds within 7-10 business days.
      ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

      But read the “Replies”. You’ll love it.
      Many people are encouraging donors to contact their credit card company for a refund. For any business which accepts credit cards, a credit card charge-back costs money. It sounds like the current fee is $15, but I think that there might also be a percentage attached to that fee based upon the amount.

      How many chargebacks could potentially occur from 9 million dollars?

      • It would be great indeed if donors could/would use this method for a refund (charge-back).
        But in practice, how many of the donors do you expect to know about this/do this?

        • Charge backs to businesses on credit cards are not uncommon.

          Often, the consumer might not know about the fee incurred by the business. It is a simple action for the consumer.

          Back during the early years of the 2000’s, my annual revenue stream was almost 1/3 each of cash, checks and credit cards, with around one million dollars each.

          I hated credit cards, because they charged a percentage fee of the transaction. When someone is taking a percentage of your gross revenue, it is like having an unwanted “owner”. It cuts into the net profit, and is not like a fixed expense which lowers percentage-wise as revenue increases.
          [Some landlords try to trap a business into paying a percentage of sales, plus a fixed rent. That is a real profit killer by the mafia.]

          Occasionally, out of the blue, some customer would do a credit card charge-back. It was a major headache. I had to go dig up that specific day’s records for that specific location and find my copy of the duplicate receipt. Then fill out the form and reply to the credit card company to prove that I sold the book(s) to that person. There was a fee imposed upon me if I did not go through the process. I think it was more than $15…maybe $30 or $35.
          Typically, what had happened, the consumer had forgotten about the purchase and saw an unrecognizable charge on their statement.

          — Checks and “faith in humanity” —
          So, I took in over a million dollars per year in checks. I refused to pay an electronic check verification service a percentage like I did for credit cards.
          Instead, the store’s clerk just wrote down the Drivers License number on the check and verified the I.D. of the writer.
          That was it.
          Sure, some checks bounced. But I had my office gal write a handwritten letter saying “Oops. Your check bounced. We understand that this can happen. Would you please send us the money?” in the provided return stamped envelope.
          Out of more than a million dollars, I never had more than $250 in uncollected bad checks in a year.

          • I hear ya HRS.

            I’m just saying that it is far more likely that most of these donors will

            a) forget about their donation (if small)
            b) learn that GFM will be refunding their money automatically, and wait for it
            c) have used the form supplied by GFM to apply for the refund

            rather than know about the charge-back method and the subsequent fee incurred by the business.

    • “We want to thank @gofundme for listening to our concerns as a City and a police service.
      The decision to withhold funding for these unlawful demonstrations is an important step and we call on all crowdfunding sites to follow,”

      the Ottawa Police declared.

      Feb 4th
      NEWS ALERT: Ottawa Police THANKS GoFundMe for shutting down trucker page, issues threats

      • Some recent business news…

        January 13, 2022 – Businesswire (via Yahoo Finance)
        GoFundMe to Acquire Classy

        REDWOOD CITY, Calif., January 13, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GoFundMe, the trusted leader in online fundraising, announced today it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Classy, a leading modern nonprofit fundraising software company. The addition of Classy accelerates opportunities to service the nearly $500 billion U.S. philanthropic market as GoFundMe aims to be the most helpful place in the world.

        Classy is a rapidly growing giving platform that enables nonprofits to connect donors with the causes they care about, empowering thousands of nonprofits to unlock the generosity of their supporters and helping them advance their respective missions. In 2021, $1.1 billion was raised by nonprofits on the Classy platform, bringing total all-time donations to nearly $4 billion…

        …”Classy’s purpose has always been to help nonprofits raise more so they can increase their programmatic impact. This acquisition will do just that; accelerating our existing velocity and providing opportunities to expand into new offerings, including workplace giving and donor acquisition,” said Christopher Himes, Classy CEO. “By leveraging the power and scale of the GoFundMe network, we can open doors to connect individuals giving to a GoFundMe campaign with the nonprofit organizations….

  8. Just a thought,

    There is no place for a human that does not accept it’s humanity.
    They are shells,
    Void of thought,
    Void of empathy,
    Void of spiritualty,

    It’s the reason we will overcome this tyranny.
    The love shown at the grass roots of this resistance to tyranny, even when it’s not entirely understood why they feel confused and need to resist is irreversible.
    The tide slowly shifts.

    In Lak’ech

  9. One experienced media woman (from the questions section at the end of the interview above) suggests that reorienting the media is “The” answer to turning the tyranny around.

    My gut flashed an image of — explaining to the boss editors and board last-word types that, “for your own protection I have to share, that you may be visiting huge suffering on yourselves which can of course pass to your progeny, by holding a press card yet purposefully obfuscating the truth” (the age of the sprung lie is a hyper-hypocritical train wreck).

    I’m mulling over various psycho-gymnastics foisted over decades and more, employed to capture the media “estate”; could their legacy of duggery be extinguished by the same or inversion of the very dynamic that distorted those peoples principles?

    Is the motivation to dominate or manipulate others driven by self-defeating agendas?: fear and associated pain may be the enzymes of a planet digesting and re-purposing its body. the more exotoxic parts of this decay go so far as to believe that communing with adrenelyne released from terror might give a leg-up on the mortality detail. FFS

    Yet then even though it could come out of genuine concern for protection of those mediocre jokers, who are wracking up quite the karmic tab, still using fear against fear may be falling into a trap. No, I reckon people have to come towards truth-beauty-health & happiness by their own lessons of surviving hard knocks, or better, because of having made really good choices, at least those seem to be the method thats still has us standing after the past millions of years of microbiome wiggle.

    The ones pretending to be media, most of them, have likely not enough principle not enough metal-starch, not enough conviction nor courage to smell a rose if they even held it in their hand. In order to know fairness or universal loving principles one has to actually do it, walking the talk of impassioned humility, is the key to open lifes garden gate. But HOW on earth could anyone inspire the media to live for that?

    is the desire to help others a paradox?: to help we must not interfere: huis clos (no way out, or in)?

    The best logical strategy still mightn’t be enough. which may be why “plans” always come up short or morph, which “planners” euphemistically call “evolving” (math hint: eternity is an irrational number).

    • The whole earth catalog comes to mind. “access to tools” was the slogan. Ok, enough ramble, some will be more familiar with this than others, here’s a tool to try on your local blue pilled obstacle: its a devise used by investigators (especially detectives trying to leverage truth out of potentially lying suspects): lotsa questions. (the devil’s in the details), and its a safe position because all the burden and stench and stretch marks of opinion is left for the answerer to hold as hot potato, while they are formulating and quadruple checking possible snags, the questioner listens calmly/fairly/non judging/innocently curious, patiently (see: “Colombo” detective series, 1970’s), but also uses that space to ready the next question,,

      A barrage of questions will topple a dominator foot-soldier easy. Then their bubble will burst, or they may dbl down on duggery, some will simply run, some will fall asleep on the spot,,, Keep firing the questions. stay friendly/polite unless physically threatened.

      Whilst living in India it was described and well explained that most questions are forms of competition; and that carefully considered questions in small doses are healthy but too many questions are a sign of a disturbed mind.

      It can be enough to ask: “so what really is your question”, which can then become a psychological onion peeling event; once those unanswered questions are on the table (we orbit our self), they can be perceived as having lost potency, and other vectors loom into view.

      So knowing the media people do have disturbed minds, the job can be to give them questions. I suggest writing or speaking the questions that they are in denial about. good luck.

  10. James, I think you might have been stopped by security at the airport because of your hippie/activist look. Harper made sure that environmental activists became second class citizens by officially labeling them as terrorists. I’ve also often been searched in airports, and I’ve heard horror stories from those trying to cross the border in a Westphalia, with music instruments in the back. I’m sure that this legislation was the reason for your strange airport experience.

    These officers were told to search for drugs, as well as goods meant to be sold as fair-trade products that many hippies bring into the country. One officer was stumped when he saw the contents of my bags. He kept on asking me if I had any other luggage. His nose was glued to the screen where my traveling history was displayed. He just couldn’t grasp the thought that maybe, just maybe, I was really just a traveler. I was finally allowed to leave, with him heaving a deep sigh as I threw my backpack on my shoulders.

    As for your books, that’s surely because it puts you right into the freedom lover category, another resemblance you share with hippies. I usually don’t carry mine while traveling just because they’re heavy and I try to travel light, but I bet I would get the same questions if I had some with me.

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