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via (recorded FEBRUARY 17th 2022): This week we are joined by good friend of the show, James Corbett! He’s been called “The Babe Ruth of Podcasting.” Andrew calls him “The Claude Lemieux of Podcasting.” We are lucky enough to have him on our show yet again to discuss resistance and the future.

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  1. Look Up | Gary Turk (Official Video)
    A spoken word film for an online generation.
    ‘Look Up’ is a lesson taught to us through a love story, in a world where we continue to find ways to make it easier for us to connect with one another, but always results in us spending more time alone.

  2. RE: Interview 1701 – Resistance and the Future on Revelations Radio News

    Even though this conversation with James Corbett was not recorded, I enjoyed the Intro. 😉

    The conversation touched on so many topics: Canada, Freedom Convoy, world events, cyber attack, “basic information hygiene”… …The memory of Zeitgeist and the strange technocratic film which followed.

    At 42 minutes the Monetary System was discussed. This certainly jives with James Corbett’s recent Newsletter of 2/21/2022…
    Agustin Carstens is (Partially) Right!

    Andrew John Hoffman knows how to market his book about The New World Order and Eugenics.
    The paperback version is only $460.75 at Amazon.

    Hoffman provides two ways to get the book: Either at Amazon or a person can get it FREE at the website when donating $25.
    The ol’ tactic of “pick one of 2 choices” which should not be done while drunk.

    • James Corbett is not on Twitter, and I can assure you that Andrew Hoffman is not on Amazon. The weird algorithmic interpretation of “it’s rare, raise the price” is funny from the standpoint of sitting here with boxes of unsold books in my garage. Honored to have inspired a comment from the legendary HomeRemedySupply!

  3. Exactly!!

    I remember NATO being sold as a so-called peace keeping body…

    …then the General Secretaries became Scandinavian….I truly hope I’ve made my point here ?

  4. Careful James. Your references to your parents generation and your grand parents generation sounded a little divisive. We are all in this together. Haven’t we divided people enough. Forming communities means including everyone. We need each other. Enough said.

    • And thank you for saying it.
      I like to cruise the comments to decide if a post is worth my time and attention.

      I need no more of this generation which will go down in history as the one which genocided its elders. Good luck to them and their hypocrisies.

      I noticed ten years ago in Thailand that these insidious scrimming mirrors have produced a generation which does not consider itself real unless it can witness itself on a screen.
      And because they don’t see us on their screens, we’re not real to them at all.
      It’s amazing.

      • Funny you should say that about tech… I heard the a podcast mention that gen x were as bad as boomers when it came to letting civilization slide in to the abyss and debating how bad the 90s would have been with social media.

        The boomers laid the groundwork by adopting the hedonistic individual selfishness program that leads incrementally to the large numbers of seemingly soulless people in the latest crop to go thru manufactured culture.

        It’s just a process, the boomers got it first then the next generation gets slightly different programming and finally you end the process that Chris Lasch in “culture of narcissism” thought went back to pretty much industrial society.

        It’s not an accident and it’s too late to fix…. most people under 20 are irrevocable burned up though it’s not like their elders are much better

    • Taw
      You don’t need everyone… there is no value collecting NPCs if they are under the control of your enemies media.

      People who depend on welfare or pensions are also mostly useless because they will fight to preserve the system keeping them alive.

      Forming sucessful community in the real world depends more on EXCLUDING people harmful to the community because if your doing well people will naturally want to join.

  5. It sounds like these guys are having fun doing their radio show. It was easy to listen to.
    That said, I think a good point was made (and well phased) about “If you don’t want to live in a world without Freedom then you have create another system”. We need to create a money/exchange system that works without stripping away personal privacy. Can that be done using the Internet?
    One thing I know is that Federal Reserve Notes are tracked when used in their digital form and that we must find a way around using them.

  6. Calgary Flames!? Mario and Claude!? Give me Stevie Y and the Detroit Red Wings all day! ?

    Gretzky revered Wings great Gordie Howe. James can be the Gordie Howe of alt media!

  7. random on-the-fly reactions to randomly recorded podcast

    “… faulty mainstream history…”

    At about 9 minutes someone mentioned Tiananmen Square which reminded me of one of Babe Ruth’s old podcasts:

    “Do not take any source at face value!”
    “Basic information hygiene!”

    If you really wanna look Macron level at it… major economic calamities and monetary changes…

    Money Masters marked me too before I became a Corbett acolyte.

    The domino effect in “waking up”, exactly.

    Yea, have to get through Venus project Zeitgeist sibel edmonds chomsky Qanon stuff to start developing info war muscles and info hygiene. Getting kicked off Information Clearing House helps.

    we all need the lesson, the crucible…

    hopium Synthetic substitutes like aspartam and monosodium glutamate

    posterity needs ritulin?

    late for hamsterwheel

    ps: gotta look up claude lemieux… un pote à proudhon?

  8. Your message regarding trust and personalities vs. triangulation of information at 29:00 is why I trust you 😉

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