Interview 1702 – James Corbett on The Subtlecain Podcast

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via The Subtlecain Podcast (RECORDED FEB 17, 2022): James Corbett of The Corbett Report joins us for an important conversation on the biosecurity ssate and the implications of some of the trends we are seeing in society in general. We also discuss his Solutions Watch endeavor and how important it is for us all to be actively engaged in our resistance to tyranny.


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  1. “Bio security” goes back as far as the plagues in Europe.
    Here’s a quote from Foucault,regarding what they did at that time. Details in his works. They basically locked down the population, with constant surveillance.

    “You know that there is an extremely interesting body of literature in which the plague appears as the moment of panic and confusion in which individuals, threatened by visitations of death, abandon their identities, throw off their masks, forget their status, and abandon themselves to the great debauchery of those who know they are going to die.
    There is a literature of plague which is a literature of the decomposition of individuality; a kind of orgiastic dream in which plague is the moment when individuals come apart and when the law is forgotten. As soon as plague breaks out, the town’s forms of lawfulness disappear. Plague overcomes the law as it overcomes the body. Such at least is the literary dream of the plague.
    But you can see that there was another dream of the plague: a political dream in which the plague is rather the marvelous moment when political power is exercised to the full. Plague is the moment when the spatial partitioning of a population is taken to its extreme point, where dangerous communications, disorderly communities, and forbidden contacts can no longer appear. The moment of the plague is one of an exhaustive sectioning of the population by political power, the capillary ramifications of which reach the grain of individuals themselves, their time, habit, localization, and bodies. Perhaps plague brings with it the literary or theatrical dream of the great orgiastic moment. But plague also brings the political dream of an exhaustive, unobstructed power that is completely transparent to its object and exercised to the full. You can see that there is a connection between the dream of a military and the dream of a plague stricken society.”

    Michel Foucault, “Abnormal: Lectures at the College de France, 1974-1975; pg. 47

    Forced vaccines were fought about during the UK smallpox, and they had a place called the Temple of Vaccinia. Suzanne Humphries research and books. Jenner killed his own son “experimenting” on him.

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  3. 8:00
    “The formation of the Global Pandemic Treaty, which late last year they’ve already started preliminary talks to hold a conference to start talking about the idea of outlining a global pandemic treaty because as we’ve seen from the haphazard nation-state response to Covid-19 there’s so many different countries that are passing different laws and nothing’s harmonized and some places are shutting down borders and they all have different restrictions.

    No we need a global system for this type of scenario.”

    Right, instead of learning from the countries/continents that fared the best during the plandemic (cases/deaths) let’s implement a top-down one-size-fits-all draconian approach instead!

    Africa is the elephant in the room that even some MSM have been forced to acknowledge!

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