Interview 1704 – The War is Actually Begun! on Declare Your Independence

by | Mar 3, 2022 | Interviews | 20 comments

James joins Ernie for his regular weekly appearance on the Declare Your Independence radio show to discuss the incredible revolutionary times we are living through right now. From the protests in Canada and the government response to the Russia/Ukraine war to the coming crackdown on the internet, James lays out how and why we’ve reached our era’s Patrick Henry moment.

Video courtesy Declare Your Independence or Watch on Odysee

Declare Your Independence radio show

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  1. I always love when James wears his Freddy Krueger shirt!

  2. Love this!!! Applause for that speech! Wonderful and offcourse 100% correct. What a powerful conversation this is. You 2 work together very well. Love these episodes and obviously this is the true way to go.

    Thanks Ernest! Thanks James! Now in for a second viewing! sharing this and doubling my efforts to locally build what I/we need. Holy smoke the MSM and gov’ p*ss me off… new energy after this!

    • Also I listen to Ron Paul a.o. daily so nice to see that connect. Honored and grateful to be able to see and hear this conversation.

  3. Mr Corbett
    A good Educational DVD set is School House Rock…Did they get that in Canada?
    If not the Times Tables and Grammar Rock is pretty useful and this song legit had me rolling around laughing first time I saw it.


    They even have Conspiracy Theory spin off’s Lol
    Pirates and Emperors

    JFK rock…

  4. James Corbett looks good in his Pirate style, striped sailer shirt.

    Around the beginning of the interview, I particularly liked the family anecdote which Corbett described about the story of American independence, and the “lessons learned” from that story.
    Those lessons learned come full circle again around the 54 minute mark.
    “They are all bad guys” is stated and Corbett emphasizes “the only way forward.”

    IPFS and the internet and also the future of James Corbett on the internet is discussed during this conversation.
    Also brought up was…
    …Some of the so-called Independent Media pundits who have deliberately avoided looking at “conspiracy reality” in the past and who are just now talking about The Great Reset.
    …writing is no quick, easy trick.
    …the first 10 episodes of Corbett Report.

  5. James: As always, Great Stuff. Let me add; people, please wake up!!! The Canadian truckers did not loose. They won! They forced Castdreau (I guess my tin foil is showing) to show us, in living color, the “Great Reset” and we are sooooooo happy!

  6. Listening to this guy interview James is beyond irritating. Somebody needs to get him on some Ritalin. Ask him to calm the F down and stop SHOUTING

  7. Sorry !
    Can not stand this Ernie super star !
    What a blabber mouth.
    He is an super idiot in my eyes.
    The whole interjuv, turned me off.

    So sorry, can not stand an interjuv, with, ye-ho, what was I talking about.

    Maybe he is a knowleging person, but I am not going to find out.

    James ! you did well, as to keeping a tread trough this mess.



    • Roy

      Enjoy boomers while we have them 😉

      More seriously, you must recon that information needs to disseminate thru all levels of people and I promise you that there is a large group of people that prefer This guys energy and blather to Mr Corbetts calm methodical way, just because thats HOW THEY THEMSELVES ARE and they will enjoy and relate to him more then to solid, slow and (to them) boring people.

      • I prefer, the calm way !
        I want info, not blabbering !


        • me too 🙂
          Thats why I listen to CR

  8. Mr Corbett is such a good listener.

  9. I thought Qortal was where it was at? decentralized internet using blockchain technology, a totally separate digital infrastructure.

    • haha…thats cool!

      Reminds me of the big Treadmill’s Victorians had in prisons though this one avoids the title those one’s earned, “CockChafer”) I read that they still call prison wrderns in the UK “screws” becuase back in the day the guy had to screw the nuit on the shaft when it got too easy…. I read that it was never actually used for doing useful work though because water power was cheaper and then steam arrived

  10. Funny to hear the mention of Elon Musk… a church related person I know ran for local election a while back and, after they got enthroned as mayor, got flown at to listen to Musk talk- I think in California.

    He was all excited to get a free trip and felt very important but I was struck how the Globalists were willing to spend money propagandizing their ideas down into the tiniest corner of the power structure.

  11. “You will own nothing and THEY will be happy!”

  12. Good Show!
    I like the line “You will have nothing and they will be happy”.
    However I would modify it to; “You will have nothing Because they will not be happy until they have everything”. (it’s a little more antagonistic, eh!)

    I am also a long time fan of the “Whatever works” Philosophy.

    If there is one thing that the Oligarchs have taught us, it is that Fear can get people to act. It is a means of control which can be used against them.
    For example; the Emergency Order by Trudeau to freeze Convoy Donor Bank accounts is a great opportunity to publicize the fact that no one’s money is safe in the Corporate Banks and that everyone needs to get their money out of these Government/WEF controlled Banks.
    I had an incident about 20 years ago where a Bank out in WA stole my money for an unpaid Seat-belt ticket which I had taken as far as I could through the Court system. (The Court never even notified me, they just turned the matter over to a collection agency). Like an idiot, I actually talked to the low life Bill Collector and told him that I would gladly pay the $86 fine if I could get the $250.00 back that I paid for a Court Hearing which I never got. The Bill collector asked me if I could prove that I paid $250.00 for the Hearing and I said that I could. I then went to the Bank and got a copy of the money order I used to pay it, which I sent to the low life collection agency. The next thing I know my Bank account is overdrawn because they stole upwards of $186.00 from my account This made several checks bounce which the Bank charged $20 each for ($120 in all). Not only did I not get any credit for the $250.00 I paid for a Court Hearing I got punished with another $306.00. Needles to say I was pissed, and I made a real scene at the Bank as I demanded that my account be closed immediately. I have been using Credit Unions ever since.
    Indeed, it was about 20 years ago that I learned not to put my money in the Bank. Perhaps it is time everyone else pulls their money out.
    Yes, I am calling for a “Bank Run”!

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