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via Holding the Line: Journalists Against Covid Censorship (RECORDED FEBRUARY 28, 2022): Independent journalist James Corbett and HTL’s Rusere Shoniwa discuss war, Covid-19, climate change and the economy and how those four themes are being used to erode human freedoms on a global level.

Enjoy..what can I say..the best interview you will hear in this year of 2022.

Interview carried out in Feb 2022 as time stamped within the video itself.

Hope this is still being viewed in 50 years 🙂


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  1. Interesting conversation. I too am confused over the true meaning behind the Ukraine crises.

    What keeps coming into play for me is the Ukraine war is a tool for economic collapse of the West and the implementing of digital currency. When you look at the MSM headlines, always an indicator of where they want you to look, it’s all about hardship created by the war.

    Economic sanctions lead to default of payment, energy crises in Europe compounded by Ukraine war, food shortages in store globally due to war….etc. But still, seems to be some infighting going on?

    Playbook to me, but I would love to hear other opinions on this.

    Comes back to solutions, create community and create your own independence from the system.

    Sounds easy, because it is!! Just say no.

    In Lak’ech

  2. As I watch updates regarding the freedom convoys and the statements from the participants, I feel sad hearing from the folks who say they just want things to go back to normal or back to the way things were. As James made very clear, infrastructure has been laid for increasing globalist control and that progression will continue. There is no “way things were.” That doesn’t exist anymore. Even if we could go back, we would be returning to the very control structure that plans to dominate or eliminate us. The way forward is to break the machine. It will be painful, but if we start now to develop our own support systems, it will help ease that transition. Where will we get water and food? How will we communicate? Who will we turn to when ? Plan now. Because TPTSNB will not be coming to rescue us.

  3. While typing my comment above, I got a pop up for Vivaldi browser saying: “Take a Break – Vivaldi is fading content and pausing media. Focus elsewhere for a while.”


    Browser recommendations anyone?

    • My bad. Apparently, Break Mode is a feature of Vivaldi that I activated inadvertently. It took me by surprise and was phrased so strangely that I assumed the worst. Apologies.

  4. So not much of a comment really, guest looked familiar to me, well actually the host as Corbett is the guest on this one, but I didn’t remember where I might have seen him before and then about 15 minutes in I remembered about a decade ago I was a regular viewer of the Keiser Report on RT and Max used to have Rusere Shoniwa on regularly as a guest to talk about things going on in Asia. He didn’t go by that name at the time, I think he might have been known as “V”, I don’t really remember. I didn’t recognize him as he used to wear a headset and well, we have all aged a little bit over the years. Nice to see him again.

  5. Did James pop his cherry with the f bomb? Well, well, I gueas this destroys his journalistic integrity according to you know whom.

    Somewhat realted to the topic at hand, I prefer the term “legacy media”. It sounds accurate (and it is) while being a technically apt term. Unlike the dinasour media which is likely a rabbit hole in a rabbit hole in a rabbit hole.

    There is just one feature about being legacy: you are going away.

  6. Starting around halfway through the interview, James gives the audience a more balanced understanding of Ukraine-Russia.
    When important, relevant information is deliberately omitted from the official narrative, it becomes a treasonous act.

    REUTERS did this recently.
    Reuters deliberately deleted very important script from their early morning first rendition of an article.

    EXCERPT of deleted script from article
    …Russia had been forced into taking decisive actions to force the demilitarisation of Ukraine, he said, rather than just recognising the independence of the breakaway regions.

    This was in order to protect the 3 million Russian-speaking population in these republics, who he said were being threatened by 100,000 Ukrainian troops.

    “We couldn’t just recognise them. What were we going to do with the 100,000 army that was standing at the border of Donetsk and Lugansk that could attack at any moment. They were being brought U.S. and British weapons all the time,” he said.

    In the run-up to the Russian invasion, Ukraine repeatedly and emphatically denied Moscow’s assertions that it was about to mount an offensive to take back the separatist regions by force.

    Peskov said the situation in Ukraine had posed a much greater threat to Russia’s security than it had in 2014, when Russia had also amassed 150,000 troops at its border with Ukraine, prompting fears of a Russian invasion, but had limited its action to the annexation of Crimea.

    “Since then the situation has worsened for us. In 2014, they began supplying weapons to Ukraine and preparing the army for NATO, bringing it in line with NATO standards,” he said.
    “In the end what tipped the balance was the lives of these 3 million people in Donbass. We understood they would be attacked.”

    Peskov said Russia had also had to act in the face of the threat it perceived from NATO, saying it was “only a matter of time” before the alliance placed missiles in Ukraine as it had in Poland and Romania.
    “We just understood we could not put up with this any more. We had to act,” he said.

  7. During the last half of the interview, they discuss the global agenda.

    I posit…
    The First Target is the Destruction of Europe

    In order to install a new “governance”, the old system must be quietly and deceptively destroyed, where the new rulers can “save” society.

    EUROPE and its coming intentional destruction.
    People should realize that The European Parliament is impotent. Nation Members of EU Parliament have no real powers…look at its structure. This was by design.
    Another aspect: Tied to the EURO currency there have been negative interest rates, but there are also regulations that Pension Funds must own these type of bonds. (the imminent destruction of pension funds)
    The insane Energy Policies of Europe have not been ordained by rational thinking, but by deceptive influence from powerful interests.
    The U.N. is a dynamic tool of the World Economic Forum.

    It doesn’t take much thought to forecast the coming decade…
    What will happen to European currency and the economy when The Federal Reserve raises interest rates?
    What will happen to prices when the European energy sector is in shambles?

    The famous quote of the 4th Industrial Revolution of the World Economic Forum for predictions of the year 2030 is
    “You will own nothing and be happy”.

    This Ukraine-Russia crisis, emphasized by the United States, is designed to facilitate the destruction of Europe.
    In the beginning, the U.S. will appear to benefit especially as the dollar currency remains dominant with no threat from trading partners such as Germany and Russia who might exchange mutual currencies.
    The Ukraine-Russia crisis needs to occur now, prior to the destruction of European currencies when The Federal Reserve raises rates.
    Europe will be in shambles during the coming years.

    • The Euro land mass contains the most densely populated land on the planet, and uses the most resources per size. Brazil, a Portuguese colony, is 92 times the size of Portugal, yet they have nearly the same population.

  8. Is this easily shareable? I’m looking 🙂 I suppose I need to find it on odyssee or some such? Good stuff!

    • openlens: thanks for sharing that. based on what he says Ukraine is being torched and not by Russia. i wonder, if the segment of the population that will physically fight is killed fighting each other, does that allow the globalists to do whatever it is they have planned next with less citizen opposition? hmm, seems like a good argument for non-violence.

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