Interview 1711 – James Corbett Redpills the Dutch

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RECORDED ON JANUARY 21, 2022: Elze van Hamelen of De Andere Krant interviews James Corbett about 3D chess and geopolitical struggle and what it tells us about the larger struggle for societal control, from vaccine passports and pandemic treaties to central bank digital currencies and the digital ID grid.

VIDEO COURTESY ElzevH BitChute Channel

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  1. reowen, this perspective really comes down to the dichotomy of Nature vs Conditioning. I think you’re correct in associating predation and exploitation in the instantiations of academia, marriage, business, religion, government. Perversions of human knowledge, relationships, exchange, pursuit of higher truth, and desire for justice. The prescribed solution to these problems is essentially the foundation of the issue. Civilization is the institutionalization of predation and exploitation, rooted in coercion which all societal ills ultimately stem from. Man determining right and wrong for himself instead of recognizing the truth of right and wrong thus the need for the fictions of religion and government to exist as basic pillars of civilization rooted in coercion. These institutions cannot exist without it.

    Civilization acts as an operating system through culture creating the conditioned man and thus the internalization of these fictions amplifying vice on a mass scale that are only potential expressions of the natural man. Not necessarily to say that man cannot create systems of organization free of coercion that can create the accoutrements of civilization, far from it and there would be far more abundance and access to resources through free exchange. This world could be a veritable paradise for all people aligned to basic principles instead of “law” which is how coercion enforces itself and centralizes resources creating artificial scarcity.

    The fundamental issue is not human nature but human conditioning.

    • Here are a few definitions from Webster’s 1828 dictionary, which may be helpful and/or somewhat amusing:

      Civil – (4) civilized; courteous; complaisant; gentle and obliging; well-bred; affable; kind; having the manners of a city, as opposed to the rough, rude, coarse manners of a savage or clown.

      Civilization – The act of civilizing, or the state of being civilized; the state of being refined in manners, from the grossness of savage life, and improved in arts and learning.

      I am currently, and have been for years, experiencing how “not everyone wants to or is willing to play nicely or fairly.” Two men (apparently with low self-esteem) have harassed, bullied, intimidated, and mistreated our family for years. They have both done things to us that they would never have put up with if someone were to do it to them.

      I recently heard someone say, “If bullies were really big and strong, they wouldn’t need to be picking on you.”

      I completely agree with your list of problems in the world. Also about kids bullying, tricking, and taking advantage of one another. Unfortunately, some people don’t outgrow that or get into the habit and continue to do it as adults. Some people seem to feel better about themselves if they can push others down.

      In 2020, I hired a man I thought I could trust to do some dirt work for me. He slipped up on the last day he worked for me and said he had worked 4.7 hours when I knew he had only been here for less than 3.6 hours. When he realized what he had said, he tried to talk himself out of the hole he was in, but was unsuccessful. I had already paid him for the previous week’s work, but can’t help but wonder if that was overcharged as well.

      I have many stories like this, even from just the past few years …

      The logger who took the burls from my land that I had told him I wanted when he logged my land.

      The woman who offered to pay me for work I did in items she had and assigned prices to. Years later, when I finally insisted on receiving my “pay,” when I went to pick up the items I had selected, she changed her mind and raised the price on an item I had told her I wanted, despite the fact that I had a written list in her writing with prices.

      A woman (trained as a teacher) who got extremely angry with me when I took a globe to a meeting to demonstrate a geographical reality, waving her hand at the globe and saying, “you can’t tell on that… it’s too small” and walking angrily toward me so quickly that I had to dodge out of her way to avoid being knocked over.

      There are nice people in the world, but there are plenty who are not nice.

    • I disagree, laws are not required to pursue justice. Do you need a law to demonstrate if an individual has been injured by the actions of another? I don’t. All that is necessary is preponderance of evidence and the language to articulate the subject matter. The United States has millions of laws, code and statute, do we see a positive correlation in accountability and justice corresponding to the amount of laws? I argue absolutely not, we see rampant criminality and the deprivation of rights, justice and immunity for naked criminality run amok. Particularly among the class of people employed by the government purported to be our “servants” and the industrial complexes.

      What we have is a fundamental conflation between “Principle” and “Law”. Principle is a truth that creates freedom. A law is a lie that creates slavery. Principles describe reality. They are knowledge that help you make sense of your world. Laws are artificial ideas created by men to restrict thinking and understanding of people. Laws mask themselves in authority so they can impersonate principles.

  2. Fascinating on sustainable development.

    I have long suspected that an orchestrated global war would be used to generate the fear that would give rise to a one world order.

  3. Your explanation is quite adequate, since it’s based on reality.

  4. A very interesting discussion. I appreciate the ideas that were discussed.

    I think there is another level as well – a demonic/satanic level. I am convinced that the elite of the elite are also pawns (or knights or rooks or bishops) being moved about and used by powers greater than them.

    James mentioned the generational aspect of the involvement of some of these people. Many of the people who have helped to move this agenda forward have not benefited from (in the fullest sense), or seen the culmination of, their efforts in their lifetimes, yet they were willing to give their wholehearted commitment and their time and effort to it. Were/are they fully aware of what they were/are doing – of the greater agenda? Were-are they deceived? Did/do they realize the consequences of their alignment? Did/do they think they are truly free people? Did/do they understand whose side they have chosen and the implications of their choice? It makes one wonder…

    I have been thinking for some time that Fauci (81), Gates(66 – he seems older), and also Klaus Schwab(83), are getting older and if they are going to experience the power they seek in their lifetimes, they have to push this quickly and hard.

  5. RE: Interview 1711 – James Corbett Redpills the Dutch
    where Elze van Hamelen of De Andere Krant interviews Corbett on JANUARY 21, 2022.

    This was a stellar, easily assimilated interview. Corbett well explained so many fundamental aspects which likely cloud the minds of normies.

    The concepts which James discussed are crucial for normies to understand.
    I wish there was a Corbett Report episode packed with visuals which ties all these points together. It would be a nice dissemination tool.

  6. Traditionally it has. But it no longer has to. Most of the violence we see is caused by war. Most of the social violence by poverty. Something we, as a species, could solve in the blink of an eye. The reason our oligarchic overlords don’t is because poor people are much easier to control/exploit. And because of their own fears of not staying on top of the economic pyramid.

    We can, in fact, create a post-scarcity economic model that would ensure every person on earth has the basics met. And still maintain private property rights and a stratified economic landscape. Just because we havent done it, does not mean it cannot be done. People are not inherently cruel or greedy. Indeed, we are the most highly socialized animal on the planet. We need to change our values and our economic model. The one we have is woefully outdated and formed in response to a world that is very different than the one in which we now live, and trending rapidly towards.

  7. I generally, of course, agree what you have provided, but I don’t think they need digital “money” to control the economy. Much of the economy has been completely zombified for a while now (Japan has been in that kind of state for decades) and I trust the controllers in chief could run that circuits for decades to come.

    After all, what is economy but a dogma that only requires masses to blindly believe that things are going to improve? I would say the key aspect for “success” of these methods is the struggle. Without the struggle the house of cards would probably come down a lot sooner.

    The main point I wish to put forward here is that the only reason they want to go full digital is control. Complete and utter, 100%, balls to bones, dependence. That’s the game and the prize is the world.

  8. Why do you describe the force that drives creation as chaotic? How does a chaotic force increase complexity?

  9. Really good point made by Elze (36 minutes in ) about how those sustainably programs operate.

    It’s like saying to children imagine 10 of your favourite fruits, now pick your most favourite fruit, it can be any fruit as long as it’s yellow, has a bend in it and starts with the letter B!

    Unfortunately most of the people that attend these conferences are not intelligent enough to realise how they are being manipulated.

  10. You make some excellent points in this video, but your fundamental thesis is wrong. People trust the government not because of their trusting nature, but because they have been programmed by the mass media to do so. The WHO and other organizations have spent billions on perfecting the art of programming people. Until you see this point your solution to the direction this globalist scam is going will not work. Nothing will change. Change will only come when people realize they have been programmed to support and accept the government’s plan. Programming people is initially an art, but today the WHO and other criminal organizations have turned it into a science.

  11. You make some excellent points in this video, but your solution to this scam is superficial. People support their governments not because of their trusting nature but because they have been programmed by the mass media to do so. The WHO and other criminal organizations have spent billions on perfecting the art of programming people. Until we realize this point nothing will change. The real problem is that this scam is global in structure yet the people’s response to it is reflexive rather than thoughtful and conscious. They have been turned into robotic clones. Initially programming is an art, but today it has become a science and we have become its victims.

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