Interview 1721 – Declare Your Independence from the Financial World Order

by | Apr 9, 2022 | Interviews | 22 comments

via Every week, James joins Ernest Hancock on the Declare Your Independence radio show. This week they discuss the incredible monetary moves that are taking place on the global chessboard and what options we have for dealing with them.


Declare Your Independence radio show

Putin decree on paying for gas in Gazprombank

China, the Quad, and the Next “Great” War

America, China, and the Battle for the “Indo-Pacific”

U.S., U.K., Australia to expand AUKUS cooperation to hypersonics

“SWIFT” search on

Multiple CBDC (mCBDC) Bridge

Jack Dorsey regrets helping create a centralized Internet


  1. Great show! JEP and Ernest together would be a dream come true.

  2. I kind of understand Earnest sometimes – there are also times when it seems obvious that the left think he is a ranting kook. That said, I think the far left are mentally ill. I think the same of the far right. Anyone else feel stuck in the middle?

    • I’ve listened to Ernie for more years than I’ve listen to James, which is about 10, so maybe I am just accustomed to his verbiage. He still cracks me up. I do wish he had stopped that ‘trump train’ goings on by now…and he seems to be a little more conservative than years past however he brings in a lot of fence-sitters conservatives that are considering taking the plunge to libertarian/voluntarist/anarchist side of the equation. I always liked his slogan…Freedoms the answer, whats the question…yeah, ya just kinda learn his language I guess to understand him!

      • I like the guy. Ernie is real. He is full of enthusiasm and vigor, and he shows it. This is the kind of guy who makes things happen in the real world.

    • If there is anyway out of this it is leaving the political paradigm all together. It is simply a Byzantine organizational system of human farming. Both political parties are unbelievably compromised by the worst crimes against nature and human beings imaginable. The fact of the matter is that human beings cannot have freedom as long as government exists for it is antithetical to human existence as it can not produce anything on its own without taking rights and resources and redistributing them as benefits, privileges and liberty. I’d recommend not being in the middle of any political fracas but getting as far outside as possible.

    • Jake
      “… That said, I think the far left are mentally ill. I think the same of the far right. Anyone else feel stuck in the middle?…”

      The kind of people who are currently the Left-Tards would have been the Conservi-Tards 20 or 30 years ago… they are just NPC bots who will follow the power and have no real conviction or values of their own.

      I dont feel stuck in the middle because nutters on both sides are really more like each other then actual thinking humans

      That said the weird Left DOES have a greater tendency to mental illness and is usually odder then the weird Right who at least tend to see the world in somewhat more realistic(but often brutal) terms and value social health/strength and want behaviors that create this…as the guy who did The AntiHumans said on Dangerous History, you fear what Nazi’s do to GAIN power over you but you fear what commies do when they HAVE power you.

  3. “Left Alone”

    I like that phrase.

  4. boy is this guy annoying ….. good job James keeping things on track … sorta

  5. I don’t dislike Earnest, he’s kind of an old school small talk guy that can rant for hours about nothing ,conveying zero concise information. When he talked about property, dammit I was yelling at my screen. If you are paying taxes to property on a public registry by default you do not own it. Taxes are a claim of ownership or etymologically defined as rent. If you have the allodial title you need to challenge their claim of ownership which is the tax. You have to refuse the offer of taxation. If you’re doing this as an experiment why would you not fight them on this?

    • According to the chain of logic established by the body of the trust contract, the Constitution you should be able to. I know Ernie is using some form of Trust claim of ownership on his property but it’s my understanding that if you’re able to procure or create the allodial title which constitutes ownership of real property (land, buildings, and fixtures) that is independent of any superior landlord(the state). Theoretically if you have properly paid off the property you can then create this claim and remove your property from the public registry. I think the capacity is there, you give the tax authority notice of your claim and a fee schedule for any violations. You may have to sue them. Which I think Ernie should have done, it’s only an acre of rural property with a $60.00 annual tax rate he bought as an experiment. He has very little to lose and would be a perfect opportunity to create a template or at least a precedent other property owners can follow. I think it could be relatively easy in this instance to get them to buckle.

    • ethanms

      “..You have to refuse the offer of taxation….”

      But they make it “an offer you cant refuse” , lol. If you don’t pay they are pretty much gonna take your stuff and the courts will rule in favor of the government pretty much every time

      • Duck, Ernie specifically says it’s an experiment. So why wouldn’t you take it to its logical conclusion? I think many Americans are under the impression they do own property and don’t fully understand or think about the full implications of taxation. If we can get simple court transcripts showing through questioning that nobody actually owns their property and were living under the conditions of crypto feudalism, don’t you think that’s valuable to get on the record and expose?

        • Ethanms

          I guess it could be interesting but the fact is that it does not matter WHAT the law is because they courts will rule that you have to pay tax… plenty of people have arguments as to why they don’t have to pay the IRS and no matter how good,true of convincing they may be courts will rule they do without even spending much time on it

  6. Corbett mentions Russia and the Economy – History

    Jim Rickards talks about 1998 and the “long term capital management fiasco”.
    “We were hours away from closing every market in the world… …It started with Russia….” says Rickards.

    I know nothing about this.

    Start listening at the 17:37 minute mark.
    Jim Rickards: Russia and Ukraine Explained

  7. Unfortunately I’ve had to go down the path of adopting Musk’s skynet myself. Only other alternative was to stick with the government run 3rd world style Internet that doesn’t really work outside the city areas. At least Starlink is sending the death rays upwards unlike 4G/5G which is beaming them through the windows.

    Ideally a community mesh network would be the way to go, but it would need lots other people to set up nodes and most of the people who may be open to that kind of thing are preoccupied with electing new lizards to rule over them at the moment.

    • Octium

      “…At least Starlink is sending the death rays upwards…”

      And then DOWNWARD upon your head 🙁

      Mesh might get big if people start getting patchy internet and want a local solution for local needs, we can always hope .

  8. Goddam, ernest likes to hear himself talk. Very annoying, low info… sorry to say

  9. Ha! Ha! Ha! James is too young to remeber Daniel Boone serie! Or it may be me who are old 🙁

    Thanks for the analyse.

  10. They interacting by the eurodollar system. In fact the Soviets and JP Morgan (I think) created the eurodollar system which is collapsing now

  11. The greatest problem with crypto is that people still think about it as investment. As long as people don’t use it to sell, buy, pay rent, etc; it is worthless and truly fantasy money. I hope that people begins to use private crypto such as monero, but I’m afraid that won’t happen. When people finally figure out how to use crypto it will be CBDCs and they will ditch anything else. Humans are stupid af.

  12. And twitter does suck. But it is an ego machine, that’s why the low self-esteem people flock to it: It makes them feel important. And politicians and companies adore it because it is actually a marketing tool rather than an actual ‘social’ media..

    Again: Humans are dumb af.

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